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Monday, September 25, 2017
Date Posted:

Pope makes "apology"

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The Pope's 'Apology' – the first great laugh of the new Millennium

Mankind must beware of being fooled by the crocodile tears of the Roman Church's seemingly regretful reminiscences and contrite apologies: they are contrived for a specific purpose, like her faked miracles – to lure the unsuspecting into her fold.
Professor Arthur Noble

The Pope has made what Vatican propagandists and the Ecumenical spin-doctors are calling an historic request for pardon for the past sins of the Roman Catholic Church, including its treatment of Jews, 'heretics' and women. He has sought forgiveness for "violence in the service of truth" – a reference to the Inquisition, the Crusades and the forced conversion of "native peoples".

During the "Day of Pardon" Mass at St. Peter's on March 12, however, the Pope failed to mention specifically such infamous crimes as burnings at the stake, the slaughter of Muslims, and the silence of the Church during the Holocaust. Nor did he cite any names. It is particularly interesting to note that the statement contains no specific reference to the slaughter of the Protestant martyrs, and no mention or condemnation of the atrocities perpetrated by Pius XII, whose Nazi sympathies and associated actions were recently exposed in Cornwell's book Hitler's Pope.

It is also striking that the false basis of this so-called apology is still that the Roman Church was acting on the premise that it is the only true Church ("in the service of truth"), for this excuse is carefully followed by asking pardon "for the divisions among Christians".

In fact, this 'apology' is no apology at all: it contains no statement of wrongdoing by the Roman Catholic Church as such, but only for the excesses committed by "some". The wrongs and evils instigated, authorised and committed by Popes themselves receives no mention whatsoever. NBC News put it well: "The Church […] is not admitting guilt – the sweeping apology is for human sins by the Church's sons and daughters, not by the Church itself."

The subtle language of the Pope's statement reeks of Jesuitical equivocation. The word 'apology' has a double meaning: besides signifying an acknowledgement expressing regret or asking pardon for a fault or offence, it can be the opposite – a statement justifying or defending an action or policy. Now combine the two definitions, and you have a perfect example of the Vatican's language of equivocation as professionally taught and practised by the Jesuits. What is said is not what is meant, and vice versa. Deceit is the name of the game.

The very idea that the Vatican would apologise – i.e. acknowledge as an offence and repent, e.g., for the atrocity of murdering the millions of Bible Christians who refused to bow the knee to the Roman Antichrist – is totally incompatible with the arrogant claim of Papal 'infallibility'. If Rome is 'infallible', she cannot admit that what she did in the past was wrong, for that would expose the inherent falsehoods of her whole system. Therefore she can only pretend to express regret. The claim of being semper eadem is thus ironically the worm which will ultimately gnaw out the heart of her pernicious system.

Let us consider the Pope's real views on forgiveness. The Los Angeles Times of December 12, 1984, quoted John Paul II as saying: "Don't go to God for forgiveness of sins: come to me." What unforgivable blasphemy! The Pope is telling the world not only that he is God, but that he is above God! This fulfils prophecy according to the book of Revelation. It explains why his request for "pardon", ostensibly addressed to God, is in reality directed to the victims of his Church. It is to God that all sins must be confessed; for He alone has the power to forgive. Now if the Pope presumes that he has no need to get down on his knees to the Creator, how much less convincing and sincere must be his humbug request to the unfortunate victims of his Church's dastardly persecution?

Those who worship a leader, whether he be Hitler or the Pope, no longer have the ability to recognise when they have been deceived. If the Pope were truly to repent of Rome's sins, the Bible would require him to renounce his blasphemous position, change his title from "Holy Father" to "Lowly Sinner", reject all the heretical dogma of his Church, and confess with joy that salvation is the free gift of God to every one who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

That, however, is precisely what Papal Rome cannot do, not only because she cannot change, but because, as we enter the third Millennium, she is preparing for a spiritual war of great magnitude. While presenting a mask of friendship and reconciliation to the world outside, in the secret recesses of the Vatican she is gathering her forces to re-establish the Inquisition (for which she feigns an apology), using modern technology to her full advantage, and acquiring information to track down her enemies and obliterate all who do not comply with her religious dogmas. By this means she is laying plans to control not only Europe, but the whole world.

Mankind must beware of being fooled by the crocodile tears of the Roman Church's seemingly regretful reminiscences and contrite apologies: they are contrived for a specific purpose, like her faked miracles – to lure the unsuspecting into her fold. Should she then succeed in regaining sufficient power and influence, she would commit again in the future the atrocities that she committed in the past. As the English philosopher F. H. Bradley (1846–1924) very eminently put it in one of his Aphorisms: "True penitence condemns to silence. What a man is ready to recall he would be willing to repeat."

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