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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

Tony Blair

Architect Of European Union Advancing To R C Sainthood While The U K Is Prepared By Blair To Surrender Her Birthright

Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley

In the ‘Catholic Herald’ of 23rd May 2003 it has been announced that the much vaunted Robert Schuman, one of the founders of the European Union, is on her way to Roman Catholic Sainthood.

Robert Schuman was the French Foreign Minister from July 1948 - December 1952.  Jean Monet sold to Schuman his plan of placing the entire Franco-German coal and steel output under a common High Authority, an organisation open to participation by the other countries of Europe.  War would be impossible between Germany and France under the operation, and hence the result would be (i) Reconciliation, and (ii) European Union.

Although the plan was originally Monet’s, it became known as the ‘Schuman Plan’.  Schuman sold the plan to his European colleagues, and on April 18th 1951 it was signed up to by six founder members – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – France also signing on behalf of the Saar.   From this the whole European Union has developed.

Writing in the ‘Catholic Herald’ on 23rd May 2003, Luke Coppen stated:

“The intellectual architect of the European Union may be proclaimed a saint, it emerged this week. 

“The diocesan stage of the cause of the French politician Robert Schuman is likely to end this year, postulator Jacques Paragon said.

“Mr Schuman, who was born in 1886 and died in 1963, was the first President of the European Parliament.  Pope Paul VI described him as ‘an indefatigable pioneer of European unity.’

“According to Mr Paragon, Mr Schuman’s political convictions were informed by his Catholic faith.  ‘For the father of Europe, Catholicism was not only a faith but a social doctrine’, he said.  ‘His double Franco-German culture is key to understanding his whole view of Europe, on reconciliation and European Union.  His life shows that political activity is compatible with fidelity to Christian values’, the postulator said.

“The news that Mr Schuman was on the path to sainthood came as EU member states wrangled over the contents of a proposed European constitution.  The Pope has called for the constitution to recognise the Church’s contribution to Europe’s unity.”

Rome has always had her eye on controlling Europe, and for years the Vatican has been given the privilege of being the leader and president of the Diplomatic Corps of all the member governments of the European Union.  That was the recognition which declared that the EU was reckoned to be an alliance of RC states.

Now the row has been carried into the Constitutional Conference, and Rome has been thwarted in proceeding to grasp control diplomatically of the machinery of public national preference in the governance of the European Union.

The Vatican is now starting to squeal about the undermining of her pre-eminence as it was hitherto in the European Union.

The editorial in the same ‘Catholic Herald’ attacks the views expressed in the present Conference for the new constitution of the EU and brands them a move towards ‘a Godless Europe’.  Its large banner headline reads: ‘WILL THIS BE A CONSTITUTION FOR A GODLESS EUROPE?’

Rome equates popery with godliness.  The question is written with the implication that Europe at the moment is in some way godly!

Of course, this has always been the reasoning of Rome.  Where she reigns and sells her dogmas she equates godliness with herself.  If she is accepted and obeyed, then the result is godliness.

Where her errors are exposed and her lies and deceits condemned and rejected, according to herself there can be no godliness.

The facts are that the young children of Europe are not safe physically or morally when they are within reach of the Pope’s paedophile priests.  Rome has to manufacture her saints, and according to her own statements, she is the sole authority in heaven and on earth who has the power, ability, and sovereignty to do so.

When she calls good evil and evil good, all must kneel in subjection to her teaching.  None dare challenge her integrity.  She is the Infallible One and there is none like unto her. The fact is, the more Roman a nation becomes, the more ungodly it will be.  By her fruits she shall be known.

The only answer to the ungodliness of today is the proclamation of the glorious gospel of Christ, without money and without price.  That gospel turned a wicked and ungodly Europe upside down, and so turned it right side up in the sixteenth century and it can do so again in this twenty-first century.

It is not by popish might or by popish power, but it is by the Spirit of the only true and living God, who has yet to do great things for and by His own true people.

The tide of ungodliness can, even in dark Europe, be turned again unto the light and immortality of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On the other hand, Mr Blair is seeking by one great colossal effort, to sell out the United Kingdom’s heritage on the altar of the rottenness of political expediency.  The European Presidency lures him down the road of capitulation.  What the traditional enemies of this United Kingdom failed to make her do – surrender to Europe’s dictatorship – Mr Blair is seeking to accomplish on his pathway of sin and spin.

This is why we must all strive to see that the voice of our nation is heard in a nation-wide referendum.  I believe that such a referendum would powerfully record the reverberating defiance of the past, ‘Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves. Britons never, never, never shall be slaves!’  From European serfdom we pray ‘Good Lord, deliver us.’

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