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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Blair, Haider and Hitler: What do they have in common?

Let it be recalled that in 1936, when the appalling exposure of monastic vice began, the Pope made a desperate effort to get an alliance with Hitler.

Jörg Haider is the Leader of Austria's Freedom Party (FPÖ, Freiheitspartei Österreichs), the far-Right partner in the country's coalition Government that has provoked mass demonstrations in Vienna and the Provinces. Now he claims to share "amazing similarities" with Tony Blair. The Daily Telegraph of February 22, 2000, reports Haider as saying that he and the Prime Minister are "ideologically two of a kind".

Under the slogan "Blair and me versus the forces of conservatism" (p. 22) Haider first draws parallels between the employment policies of the two parties and then asks: "Are Blair and Labour on the extreme Right because they do not accept the Schengen Agreement and advocate stricter rules on immigration?" Harmless it may seem, but the sham is evident in the duplicitous language that refers to deeper issues: "[…] the FPÖ, like Labour," Haider claims, "stands for equal opportunity, fairness, responsibility and trust." Ask the Unionist people of Northern Ireland whether they trust Mr Blair, even when he puts his pledges in writing. Again, Haider claims: "[…] the FPÖ and Labour support 'law and order'; […] today it is the Labour Party which in Britain is the party of law and order."

Fortunately, Mr Hitler is kidding no one. What are the facts?

The FPÖ is a movement hated throughout the Continent for its neo-Nazi policies. Haider has been ostracised for praising Adolf Hitler's "orderly employment policy", for calling veterans of the Waffen SS "decent people of good character", and for his numerous anti-Semitic statements utilising holocaust terminology or legitimising Nazi policy and activities. By appearing to express "regret" he has attempted to cover up his personal past and his Party's present ethos under the cloak of its being "a living movement, not a historic monument". As The Daily Telegraph puts is, he deploys the language of New Labour in response to foreign leaders who have condemned him for his alleged extremism.

Embarrassing as it must be for Mr Blair to be lauded as an ideological partner by a man who still puts Adolf Hitler on a pedestal, significant points of comparison do emerge. The single-minded, patronising arrogance of a Presidential-style Prime Minister is reminiscent of the comportment of the Nazi dictator, just as seemingly harmless manuflections can be a substitute for the vigorous fist-thumping of the mad fanatic: and no democrat devoted to "equal opportunity", "fairness" and "responsibility" would treat those associated with terrorism, as Mr Blair has done, in the same manner as Mr Haider – as "decent people of good character".

Haider claims that the FPÖ is "an Austrian patriotic movement" and Blair purports to be doing "what is best for Britain". That is exactly what Hitler said. In reality, Blair is selling Britain out to Europe, appeasing those whose aim is the destruction of the British Constitution, the British way of life, and Britain's prosperity, while pretending to do the opposite. In doing so, Hitler admired the structure of the Roman Catholic Church and modelled the Nazi Party on it. In Mein Kampf he describes the hierarchical structure of the Roman Church as "splendid" and states that there were "quite a few things" that he "simply appropriated from the Jesuits" for the use of the Nazi Party (Mein Kampf, p. 478).

It is interesting to note that when on holiday in Italy Mr Blair expressed his "closeness" to Roman Catholicism, and that he has regularly been attending Roman Catholic Mass at Westminster Cathedral both with and without his wife and children, fuelling speculation that he might become a convert to Popery. No wonder he is a leading instrument in the drive to destroy the Protestant Christian Constitution of the United Kingdom, whether in the Scottish Parliament or the House of Lords. Hitler destroyed the German Constitution and set himself above it as dictator; 'Führer' Blair is on a similar path.

Let it be recalled that in 1936, when the appalling exposure of monastic vice began, the Pope made a desperate effort to get an alliance with Hitler. The Pope wanted privileges for Catholic schools and organisations, and probably a cessation of the arrests of priests and monks for sodomy, in return for his full support. Today the Vatican is desperate for an alliance with Blair – and for reasons which are very similar.

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