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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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The United States' Debt To Ulster

A Call to Remembrance and Action
Professor C.A.M. Noble in association with Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

1. "Righteousness exalteth a nation" (Prov.14:34)

It is not for nothing that our two nations almost instinctively speak of the "Special Relationship" between them. If, as cousins, we parted company on July 4th, 1776, our family origins, our ideas of democracy, of freedom and justice, and above all our unswerving faith in the God who so richly blessed us, have bound us together in brotherly love and sustained us through two World Wars and many other adversities.

The forefathers of the great nation called the United States of America acted with a sense of divine destiny in their quest for liberty and democracy. America's unparalleled historical rise to greatness within two centuries following its birth defies every materialistic explanation. The source is inscribed on her legal tender - "In God we trust" - and reminds the world that the lifeblood of America's integrity stems from the great religious revival for which she became renowned. The incontestable reason for America's prosperity is found in the Bible, and it is that God still does bless nations who obey Him, as He promised Eli of old: "Them that honour me I will honour." (I Samuel 2:30)

The most familiar symbol of another great nation - the one from which the Pilgrim Fathers set out to found the Puritan colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 - is Britannia, who holds an open Bible in which is written: "HIS WORD - HIS DAY". Lest we too forget, the Britannia adorning some of our British coins seeks to remind us of the same source of Britain's Greatness at the height of Empire. "The English Bible," King George said in 1911, "is the first of national treasures, and in its spiritual significance the most valuable thing that this world affords."

The pre-eminent guardians of that Biblical truth in the United Kingdom today are the Protestant Ulster-Scots. The pre-eminent guardians of that Biblical truth in the United Kingdom today are the Protestant Ulster-Scots, or, to use the American term, the Scotch-Irish. The blessings which were to be bestowed on the one million Ulster Protestants of Northern Ireland who, like Americans, placed their trust in God and lived according to His laws, were symbolically embodied and predicted in a scripture read at the laying of the foundation stone of Parliament Buildings in Belfast on May 19th, 1928: "The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands also shall finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you." (Zech. 4:9)

2. "When you speak of history say my name with pride."

The National Opinion Research Centre at the University of Chicago has produced statistics which demonstrate that 56 per cent of adult modern Americans can trace their origins to Ulster Protestant ancestors. Today there is a fallacy that the United States is under an infinite debt to the Southern Irish for its foundation as a nation. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr. Bob Jones III
Bob Jones University
As Dr. Bob Jones III has said: "For too long the fabric of American history which is interwoven with that of Ireland has been coloured green, when [...] the colour of America's Independence should be orange as much as red, white and blue. [...] With the help of certain prominent political Irish-American families, Southern Ireland has received more favourable propaganda than is warranted, to say nothing of the contraband weapons for the Irish Republican Army." [Quoted in Foreword to Ian Paisley: America's Debt to Ulster. Belfast, 1976.]

Though very little about Ulster per se is taught in American schools and universities, Americans cannot fail to be aware of the momentous contribution of Ulster Protestants to the building of their nation. Lord Rosebery described Ulster Protestants as "without exception the toughest, the most dominant, the most irresistible race that exists in the universe at this moment". [Paisley: Ibid.] The story of their vital contribution to the mighty achievement that we call America was evidenced in plantation, emigration, colonisation, liberation and elevation.


Many of the original Presbyterians became Methodists and Baptists according to conscience.. Ulster supplied to the American Colonies the founder of the first presbytery in the New World, Rev. Francis Mackemie, through whom Ulster Presbyterianism became the mother church to American Presbyterianism. Many of the original Presbyterians became Methodists and Baptists according to conscience, especially under the influence of old-time preachers whose traditions also lived on the American Black Community to be personified by Martin Luther King.


It was through emigration in the eighteenth century for religious and economic reasons that the Ulster-Scots became the Scotch-Irish - tithing and persecution by episcopal clergy belonging to a high church which favoured Roman Catholics and ordained their priests; and the crop failures and potato famine of the first half of the century. Hansen remarks that this emigration from Ulster was a much a feature of American history in the eighteenth century as Irish-Catholic emigration in the next and "had a much greater effect on the development of the country". [Paisley: Ibid., p. 20]

It is important to note that the Southern Irish, contrary to their avid exponents, could have made no vital contribution to American Independence, simply because they were not there. Emigration to the USA from Southern Ireland in the real sense did not commence until the nineteenth century.


Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, the famous Indian scouts and fighters, were of Ulster Stock. It is reckoned that well over three quarters of all Ulster emigrants entered America through Pennsylvania, whence they penetrated to the western frontier. Pennsylvania was their Promised Land. As President Theodore Roosevelt wrote: "It is doubtful that we have fully realised the part played by this stern and virile people. They formed the kernel of that American stock who were the pioneers of our people in their march westward." [Paisley: Ibid., p. 26] They swept through the valley of Virginia, proceeded to Kentucky and the two Carolinas. Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, the famous Indian scouts and fighters, were of Ulster Stock. Their mark is visible in American place names: there are 18 towns named after Belfast, 7 Londonderrys, 9 Antrims and 16 Tyrones, to cite but a few examples.

The Anglican Minister Rev. William Tennent, who returned to the Church of his fathers, founded the "Log Cabin" school which came to supply the Presbyterian Church of America with a galaxy of able ministers of the Word who aroused the church in the New World to a great awakening and revival.


The whole weight of evidence goes to prove that the Scotch-Irish were foremost in the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. Their Calvinism had taught them that tyrannical rulers must be resisted and that Constitutional Rights must be defended. President McKinley said of the Scotch-Irish: "They were the first to proclaim for freedom in these United States." [Paisley: Ibid., p. 38]

"I will make my last stand for liberty," he said, "among the Scotch-Irish of my native Virginia." (General George Washington) General George Washington had the highest possible regard for those of his troops of Ulster origin as soldiers of the American Revolution: "I will make my last stand for liberty," he said, "among the Scotch-Irish of my native Virginia." [Paisley: Ibid., p. 39] Not only did they finance the war; they were prominent among Washington's Generals: Knox, Wayne, Lewis, Morgan, Scott, Thompson, Clark, Baine and Irvine. As soldiers they distinguished themselves.

Those who drew up the Declaration of Independence were men of religious conviction stepped in the Calvinistic tradition. The Declaration itself is in the handwriting of an Ulsterman, Charles Thompson of Maghera, Perpetual Secretary to the Congress.


For forty-six years Presidents of direct Scotch-Irish descent occupied the White House. They are featured on the cover of this document: Andrew Jackson (President 1829-1837), James Knox Polk (1845-1849), James Buchanan (1957-1861), Andrew Johnston (1865-1869), Ulysses Simpson Grant (1869-1877), Chester Alan Arthur (1881-1885), Stephen Grover Cleveland (1885-1889 and 1893-1897), Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893), William McKinley (1897-1901), Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921).

In the field of education, too, the Scotch-Irish made their mark. John Know gave to Scotland a National Church and also a national system of education. That heritage was brought to America by the Scotch-Irish. It has been recorded that ninety per cent of the primitive religious, educational and university work done in America was done by the Scotch-Irish. [Paisley: Ibid., p. 67]

3. "Think it over, Uncle Sam!"

There are two poems which speak more poignantly than any history lesson:

To America, by Deirdre Speer

Remember me.
My sculptured glens where crystal rivers run,
My purple mountains misty in the sun,
My coastlines little changed since time begun.
I gave you birth.

I watched you go.
You saw me fade into the distant sky,
You sailed away from me with tear-filled eye,
You said you'd ne'er forget though years passed,
But time rolled on.

Your young land grew,
And new sons fought to keep their country fair,
And at the Alamo and Shiloh they were there,
And with pride they filled the Presidential chair,
My Ulstermen.

Remember me.
Though battle-scarred and weary I abide,
Though Americans their heritage denied,
When you speak of history say my name with pride.

Ulster Sails West, by W.F. Marshall

Hi! Uncle Sam!
When freedom was denied you,
And Imperial might defied you,
Who was it stood beside you
At Quebec and Brandywine?
And dared retreats and dangers,
Red-coats and Hessian strangers,
In the lean, long-rifled Rangers,
And the Pennsylvania Line!

Hi! Uncle Sam!
Wherever there was fighting,
Or wrong that needed righting,
An Ulsterman was sighting
His Kentucky gun with care:
All the road to Yorktown,
From Valley Forge to Yorktown,
That Ulsterman was there!

Hi! Uncle Sam!
Virginia sent her brave men,
The North paraded grave men,
That they might not be slavemen,
But ponder with this calm:
The first to face the Tory
And the first to lift Old Glory
Made your war and Ulster story:
Think it over, Uncle Sam!

4. "You said you'd ne'er forget..."

Brothers and sisters and sons and daughters of America! It was upon our two nations in particular that God most abundantly bestowed His richest material and spiritual blessings! He has joined us together by race and by grace. Your Ulster forbears carried the torch of Liberty across the ocean and rested not till its flame had illuminated the whole Continent of North America.

The Land of your ancestors, the Land that gave so many of you birth, is under attack by a dastardly enemy. Ulster today is beset from without and within by traitors and murders. A great betrayal is afoot. The hand of evil and destruction is wrongly raised against the people of God. Sinister forces are battling in loyal Ulster today to extinguish that same Torch of Freedom which our sons and daughters proudly bore across your Land.

"You said you'd ne'er forget..."; but your President Clinton has forgotten! "You said you'd ne'er forget..."; but your President Clinton has forgotten! He has breached the principles of the United Nations Charter by his unwarranted interference in the internal affairs of our Province. He has sided with an ideal which is also that of the rebels and the murderers of the people of Ulster. He granted a visa to Gerry Adams, the Leader of IRA/Sinn Fein, which has the largest killing-machine of any terrorist organisation in the world, to visit the United States and spread his vicious, lying propaganda and abhorrent, anti-democratic ideals.

President Clinton has been part of the conspiracy to impose upon us a government by consensus and not by consent. He has bribed us with promises of money if we will comply. He has done so because of his political dishonesty, political chicanery and political immorality, to buy the votes of Roman Catholic Irish-Americans in elections.

He has been disloyal to one of the greatest principles on which America was built. He has breached the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries which his country swore to uphold in the United Nations Charter and the Helsinki Accord. He has departed from the Bible-based principles of America's revivalist heritage: integrity, honesty, freedom and democracy. He has been disloyal to the ideal of self-determination for the people of Northern Ireland.

Self-determination is a basic human right: it is incorporated as a principle of the Charter of the United Nations, and the people of Northern Ireland must be unflinching in their fight to see that it is upheld in how they are governed in future. Although Northern Ireland is de facto and de jure indisputably part of the United Kingdom, it is a universally established principle that the inhabitants of any territory subject to claim by another country will decide their own future. The bandit Constitution of the Irish Republic - the only country in the world not to recognise Northern Ireland - illegally, criminally and immorally lays claim to our territory and to jurisdiction over us.

Consent through the ballot-box must prevail in Northern Ireland over consensus by interference from without and the bomb and the bullet from within. The freely expressed democratic will of the people of the Province must be respected and implemented. We will not compromise with the terrorists of IRA/Sinn Fein, and we will not bow to any imposed solution. Neither will work. The former is morally unthinkable; the latter, already tested in principle through direct rule and the Anglo-Irish Diktat, has had nothing but disastrous consequences. Both conceptions breach the right of the people of the Province to decide their own future democratically without pressure or outside interference.

We call on you, Brothers and Sisters of America! In our time of need, when a great wrong is being done in Northern Ireland in the name of a counterfeit peace process, let me ask you: Have you forgotten us? We cannot believe that you could conspire with this President to betray us in such a despicable manner. We cannot believe that you would desert us in our hour of need. We cannot believe that the part played by our fathers in the history of your great Nation could be rewarded by indifference and - worse - by the treachery of an American President.

"Many Americans," said Dr. W.F. Marshall, "are misled by Republican propaganda. We ask them to remember to whom it is that they largely owe their freedom; we ask them to remember the first to start and the last to quit; and when appeals are made to them, with reminders of services said to have been rendered, let them remember that these reminders rest on no basis of fact, that Southern Ireland was no more in that war than she was in the last one, and that she made no mark on the United States till the 19th century. [...] We ask that American opinion on the Ulster question should be guided by knowledge and understanding rather than by Republican clamour, [...] that the American people should thoughtfully and fairly consider the facts, the facts of our position here, and the facts of their own history over there. Knowledge brings understanding, and the child of understanding is sympathy. We ask for all three, and it is we who have the right to ask." [Paisley: Ibid., p. 73]

We ask above all for your prayers that Almighty God will speedily intervene and deliver us. We ask for your action against the Clinton conspiracy in the fight of your forbears in their dark struggle against the forces of evil in Ulster today, that we might, with God's help, prove ourselves worthy of our heritage and both defend and maintain its Flame. Woodrow Wilson, that great American President of Ulster stock, said that he believed most sincerely that the Scotch-Irish had "made this country".

May God reveal to President Clinton the truth of the Woodrow Wilson's words to Clemenceau at the end of World War I, and may President Clinton weigh up and apply this great moral principle in his relations with Ulster:

"It is not right to do wrong, even to make peace."


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