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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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EU: (1) Destroying our ancient freedoms and eliminating our Common Law

The European Union
Professor Arthur Noble

The Stratagem

On April 13 the European Parliament voted to consider the introduction of Corpus Juris ['body of law'], a plan to establish a common judicial system throughout the European Union. This proposal was craftily dismissed by Euro-Federalists last December as a scare story, but it now stands clearly exposed as part of a concentrated drive towards political unification.

Corpus Juris has emerged from its original disguise as an instrument for combating EU fraud and has now been uncovered as a further building-block in the construction of a European Superstate. Commission President designate Romano Prodi has described it as part of his intention "to create a single European economy and promote full political union" [emphasis ours].

The Implications

The motion passed in Strasbourg called for "the gradual establishment of a European criminal law system" and proposed that EU law should be "harmonised".

Such harmonisation will inevitably mean the adoption of the European inquisitorial model to replace the trial by jury system that applies in the United Kingdom. This will seriously undermine the principle of presumption of innocence. Plainly speaking, it means that an accused person will no longer be treated as innocent before being proven guilty, but that the onus will now be on anyone accused of a crime to prove his or her innocence.

Inquisitorial Structure

Under Corpus Juris there is to be a European Public Prosecutor (EPP), similar to the Prosecuting Magistrate of the Continental model, to work "in parallel" with prosecuting chiefs in member States. In time, the EPP will acquire responsibility for initiating prosecutions and bringing court proceedings.

The European Superstate will be empowered to initiate criminal proceedings against British citizens for any reason whatsoever under a system which will bypass British law altogether, in practice placing on British citizens the burden of proof of their innocence without recourse to the system of British justice.

British Law rendered powerless

A designated prosecutor from each member country is to be attached to the Office of the EPP, but the Office will be independent of national authorities and judicial control will be exercised by a "Judge for Freedoms".

Even worse, the EPP may "request" the draconian measure of detention without trial for up to six months, renewable for three months at a time, with no maximum limit. Detention across borders will be permitted and arrest warrants valid across the EU, and there is to be a federal European police force, unaccountable to national governments, to enforce the new pan-European criminal law.

Destruction of the Magna Carta

The basis of our British law reverts to the Magna Carta of 1215, which was the origin of our Common Law system of Habeas Corpus. The Great Charter not only guaranteed the freedom of the English Church from Rome, but established the principles of 'trial by jury', 'due process of the law', 'innocent until proven guilty' and 'liberty and freedom of the subject'.

In the Federal European Superstate, professional judges, not jurors, are now to decide questions of guilt under the Continental Napoleonic system and suspects will be detained without right of Habeas Corpus during investigations. Effectively, this means the replacement of British Common Law by Continental Canon Law which was never before introduced into or legal system.

Last chance to defeat a criminal Proposal

The Nazis unsuccessfully tried to steal the Magna Carta manuscript in order to destroy it and demoralise the British Nation. The Daily Telegraph of November 30, 1998, has warned that the European Federalists are now trying to rewrite it and that Corpus Juris is being "heaved onto the launching ramp and its motors revved up" – a clear vindication of the DUP's warning that what European nations could not do for centuries by war they can now achieve by a stroke of the pen.

The British people have had no say on changes in such a vital matter concerning their cherished political, civil, economic and religious liberties which have been whittled away in secretive deliberations in successive European treaties.

In the European election of June 10 the people of Ulster have one last chance to say a resounding 'no' to the plot to destroy the freedoms guaranteed under their British legal system.

Please pray for Dr. Paisley as he leads the fight.

Origin of the Magna Carta:
The Pope's Legate kicks the Crown off the head of the kneeling King John

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