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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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EU: (2) Destroying our economic independence and executing Britain's nationhood

The European Union
Professor Arthur Noble

The Stratagem

Both Europe and Britain's Europhiles lied to the British public from the start. The promised 'free-trade area of sovereign nation-states' that would bring unparalleled prosperity was a blatant cover-up for a secret agenda of ever closer social and political union in a federal European superstate designed to destroy the very concept of national independence.

The economic 'Benefits'

The so-called 'benefits' of joining were quickly exposed as a rip-off. By 1995 the annual net cost of Britain's membership – promised as 'negligible' – had risen to £8.9 billion. The £4.1 billion poured into Brussels coffers after a £4.8 billion was squandered on subsidising food surpluses and fraud, and frittered away on preposterous projects such as the rehabilitation of prostitutes in Spain and Austria. EU membership added over £1,000 a year to every family's food bill.

Europe's war on Britain's industries


By 1995 every British family was paying £20 a week into the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). By 1996 the crazy rules of CAP were subsidising Europe's inefficient farmers to the tune of £30 million. Some were enabled to grow weeds on millions of 'set-aside' land so that farms in poor countries could be ruined by the dumping of the EU's unwanted surplus meat and grain at knockdown prices. Greek fruit-growers could produce 650 tons of peaches a year for bulldozing into the ground. Meanwhile, British farmers received handsome subsidies to grow acres of unwanted flax for burning in the fields.


Under international law, four-fifths of all Europe's fish are in British waters, but in 1971 the EEC decreed that these should be surrendered as a 'common resource'. Brussels proceeded to kill off our fishing industry by handing over fishing-rights to other countries. Fraudulent, quota-hopping Spanish fishermen collected £30 million compensation after the so-called European Court of Justice ruled that our Parliament was wrong in attempting to prevent them from registering in the UK to exploit our fishing quotas.


In rejecting the 1996 Florence agreement that scientific advice alone would determine the lifting of the ban on our beef exports, the EU demonstrated its premeditated destruction of Britain's beef industry by linking the ban to Britain's veto of EU business. The fact that the EU continued to refuse easing the embargo proves that it is driven by commercial considerations which discriminate against Britain; yet Government policy continues to be capitulation to everything which the EU wants while winning nothing in return.

The single currency trick

The final noose in the economic rope is the plan to destroy the Pound and replace it with the Euro. In 1992, with the Pound already tied to the Deutschmark, the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM) inflicted punitively high rates on Britain's depressed economy. Recession deepened, the dole queues lengthened, taxes rocketed, interest rates and public borrowing soared, and the property market collapsed. The Bank of England squandered £17 billion of its reserves in the fruitless attempt to keep Sterling in the ERM. Only when Britain left the ERM did exports revive and the economy become more competitive.

Now Mr Blair wants us to repeat the gross blunder on an even greater scale – by joining the Euro; but exit from the Euro will be impossible.

Momentous and irreversible implications for Britain

The monolithic socio-political Euro-Colossus now nearing completion cannot be finalised without the basis of the single currency. Joining such a project would be a fatal step for Britain. The result would be the end of Britain as a nation-state and the subsequent destruction of our national, social, cultural and religious heritage and our traditional way of life.

Monetary union would be an irreversible step towards the complete destruction of national sovereignty. Ex-Chancellor Norman Lamont warned that there is "no example in history of a single paper currency not linked to a single government". Dr Hans Tietmeyer, President of the German Bundesbank, said of the consequences of monetary union: "A European currency will lead to member nations transferring their sovereignty over financial and wage policy as well as in monetary affairs. It is an illusion to think that states can hold on to their autonomy over taxation policies."

A Europe with one currency and interest rate, harmonised fiscal policies, common employment and social policies and centralised control over justice and home and foreign affairs will have stripped Britain of ancient traditions and freedoms and enslaved our Nation to corrupt European institutions that command little respect and have nothing in common with our British way of life.

On June 10, vote against this national genocide.


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