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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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EU: (4) Destroying our Protestant Heritage and enslaving us again to Rome

The European Union
Professor Arthur Noble

British History – a constant struggle against the Papacy

From the Magna Carta through the Gunpowder Plot to Hitler's Concordat with the Vatican, British history has been a constant struggle for the freedom of our Nation from the domination and jurisdictional claims of the Papacy, pursued through numerous plots and in various guises. The Reformation finally won for us liberty of faith and conscience, freedom of discussion and freedom of the press; and when the principles of the Bible regulated all our actions and legislation, unparalleled social blessings and political greatness followed. The ensuing Williamite Revolution Settlement enshrined the Constitutional principle of the Monarch as Defender of the Protestant Faith.

Rome is attacking us again

Today an apostate England, the "Mary's Dowry" freed from the Vatican in the sixteenth century, is being reclaimed by a resurgent Church of Rome with a new face but unchanged dogmas. She lurks behind the so-called Ecumenical Movement which is inextricably linked with the present attempt to set up a United States of Europe. Developments in Europe were not planned to end with merely economic and political union. Their ultimate goal was revealed in the Papal encyclicals of Pius XII and John XXIII: Europe would become "the greatest [Roman] Catholic superstate the world has ever known", "the greatest single human force ever seen by man", united within the ancient boundaries of the Holy Roman Empire by the common spiritual bond of religion. The Papal Nuncio in Brussels describes the EU as "a [Roman] Catholic confederation of States".

The coming Euro-Theocracy

The Vatican plans to give its ecclesiastical guarantee to this new Europe, which will be the dynamic opposite of Churchill's post-War vision of a democratic association of nation-states. The stage is set for the greatest politico-religious revolution ever witnessed in history. In his 1951 Christmas message Pius XII envisaged a Europe dependent on "an order guaranteed by the Church according to her office and in her own field of action". This traditional claim by Rome to the right to exercise her mandate over civil governments is to be enforced through the demand of Leo XIII that it be made "a public crime" to resist the power wielded by the Church in the name of God. These arrogant claims still bear the hallmark of implied infallibility together with the consequently claimed right to suppress dissent – a crime punishable in the Middle Ages by death.

Ecumenical collaborators

This Vatican task is aided and abetted by the apostate leaders of those so-called Protestant Churches which have jettisoned the principles of their Reformation-based articles of faith. They associate, compromise with and condone the beliefs and practices of the very Church whose Head their Articles of Faith proclaim to be the Man of Sin. Their treason was profoundly symbolised at the 1997 Church of Ireland Synod in Dublin when Archbishop Robin Eames, under the watchful eye of a portrait of King William of Orange, advocated the separation of the Church of Ireland from the fundamentals on which it was founded. These spineless ecumenists have never uttered a word of condemnation against the blatant sectarianism, false doctrine and historical massacres perpetrated by the Church of Rome because they are actively working for unity with Popery.

Ulster the Object of Rome's Attack

Nowhere is the Romanist attack on Britain so conspicuous and intense as in Northern Ireland, where the entrenched mediaeval Gaelic mind-set of a Rome-dominated minority is violently hostile to a way of life rooted in the ethos of the Protestant Reformation. Behind the new guise of 'parity of esteem' – the latest phrase for pretended discrimination – Rome and her Republican terrorist allies are dedicated to expunge by falsehood, murder and ethnic cleansing the civil and religious liberties constitutionally enjoyed by the Protestant and Unionist majority. Inter-Church dialogue – especially the activities of the World Council of Churches and the Ecumenical Movement – has been the major method of deceit employed by Rome to shepherd her victims into her fold.

Biblical Prophecy being fulfilled

Roman Catholic imagery is endemic in Europe and has been enthusiastically embraced by the European Parliament. It has startling similarities to the prophecies of Daniel chapter 2 and Revelation chapter 17 which theologians from Wycliffe to Spurgeon have consistently identified as representing Papal Rome. They depict a latter-day political union which, in its final form, will consist of ten nations or groups of nations dominated by a power which sits upon seven hills. The vision is of a "great whore" riding a beast with "seven heads and ten horns" and bearing the name "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH". Today this prophecy is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Europe is Vatican-inspired and Vatican-controlled.

The Woman riding the Beast

The European Parliament sits in Strasbourg, a city which symbolises the dream of Franco-German integration and was the heart of the Holy Roman Empire of Charlemagne. Its flag was inspired by the halo of twelve stars around pictures of the Madonna that appears prominently on Strasbourg Cathedral's Council of Europe stained-glass window, unveiled to the world on 11th December 1955 co-inciding with the Roman Catholic feast of the Immaculate Conception. Pope John Paul II dedicated the EU to the Virgin Mary. On the dome of the new £8-million Parliament Building in Strasbourg there is a colossal painting of the Woman riding the Beast. In the Parliamentary Offices building PE1 there is a huge painting of a practically naked Woman riding the Beast. Outside the new Council of Europe building there is a bronze statue of the Woman riding the Beast which is riding the waves. On the wall of the Diners' Club lounge in the EU's administrative capital Brussels is a picture of the Woman and the Beast together! This image has appeared on EU postage stamps, including the British one issued in 1984 to commemorate the second election to the European Parliament. It is the sign and symbol of Europe and points the way to what is planned.

Our Protestant Constitution under attack

The Catholic Herald recently stated: "The days of the Anglican Church are numbered, and most of its worshippers will return to the true faith [!] of their distant mediaeval forebears." It is almost a symbolic fulfilment of that claim that the 20-pence coin of the British colony of Gibraltar, issued by Parliament and approved by the Queen, bears an engraving of Mary crowned 'Queen of Heaven' and titled 'Our Lady of Europa'. The head of the British Queen on the other side is simply titled 'Elizabeth II - Gibraltar', without her usual titles of D.G. REG., F.D. – Queen by the Grace of God, Defender of the Faith. These are the fruits of association with modern European Papal superstate. While preaching ecumenical love to her "separated brethren", Rome, the greatest mass-murderer in history, has the slanderous audacity to vilify Ulster Protestants as espousing "the religion of murderers" [The Catholic Herald, October 13, 1998].

By visiting the Pope, Mr Trimble has demonstrated both his gullibility and his concurrence in the planned destruction of Ulster by the Vatican-led EU. The Bible warns of perilous consequences of such associations. "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins […]." (Rev. 18:4.)

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