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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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"E(uro)cumenism": The European Union and the Ecumenical Movement (Part II)

"But there is a God in Heaven that revealeth secrets, and maketh known [...] what shall be in the latter days." (Dan. 2:28)
Professor Arthur Noble

In the first part of our examination of the Vatican's latest conspiracy to promote its power worldwide we considered the role of the European Union in the overall Papal plan for world domination and exposed its links with that other Vatican building-block – the Ecumenical Movement. Having succeeded in dismembering all of the socialist nations of Eastern Europe, with the exception of the Serbs, whom the Romanist-dominated media continue to hound and malign, the Vatican is now pursuing in earnest its carefully concealed assault on its other traditional opponents – Britain and America.

To the already mentioned doctrinal treachery of the Church of Ireland must be added that of the other nominally Protestant Churches in the Province. Their cringing to Rome was manifest in their reaction to the Pope's recent beatification and canonisation of two notorious murdering thugs – the Nazi Archbishop Stepinac who ordered, directed and condoned Croatia's slaughter of the Serbs in the 'forties and declared that Hitler was "an envoy of God"; and notorious anti-Protestant priest Jan Sarkander (1576-1620) who was executed for treason in 1620 after he brutally converted Czech Protestants to popery and arranged the slaughter of those who resisted. This elevation of Papal war criminals did not draw as much as a solitary squeak of protest from the leaders of any of the ecumenical churches in the United Kingdom. One by one these pathetic dupes have appeased the apostate system whose head their confessions of faith declare to be the Antichrist. They have without exception treacherously and shamelessly renounced their solemn ordination vows to uphold the Protestant faith and are thus willing collaborators in the planned destruction of the British Constitution. Today in Northern Ireland, instead of preaching the Gospel, they publicly strut around in their stupor with the emissary of the Vatican, desperately seeking compromise and unity with a 'Church' whose murderer-beatifying Pontiff recently re-declared its dogmas to be "unalterable". As George Steiner once said in Language and Silence: "Men are accomplices to that which leaves them indifferent."

British and Continental Law

Having succeeded in the task of perverting the Reformation faith of these Churches, the Vatican, through the EU, its declared "[Roman] Catholic Confederation of States", is now turning its attention to the undermining of the legal structures which established the very basis of the constitutional freedom of the Church of England from the Roman See – the Magna Carta of 1215.

Significantly, this "Great Charter" began by confirming: "The English church shall be free." Its terms, which were written into British law, were achieved through a rebellion against exploitation and corruption by the Romanist Angevin Kings Henry II, Richard I and John. Concepts such as "trial by jury", the "due process of the law", "innocent until proven guilty" and "liberty and freedom of the subject" actually revert to the Magna Carta. They differ intrinsically from those of the Romanist Canon Law that obtains in many Continental European countries. They represent established rights and freedoms which later became a symbol and a battle cry against oppression by Rome.

Each successive generation read into the Magna Carta a protection of its own threatened liberties. For instance, in the debate on the Petition of Right (1628), Magna Carta was advanced as the origin of Habeas corpus, and in 1641 it was used to justify the prerogative Court of the Star Chamber. At that time the common-lawyer opponents of the Romanist Stuart kings, led by Sir Edward Coke, identified the Charter with individual liberty and argued that economic monopolies were against the "liberty and freedom of the subject". Notably, such economic monopolies are one of the prime constituents of the EU.

The Daily Telegraph of November 30, 1998, carried a revealing article on "How Magna Carta may be rewritten", together with an accompanying editorial describing moves to establish a common European Union juridical area – known as corpus juris. The Editor did well to describe this as "a criminal proposal". To date the British people have heard nothing of a referendum on such a vital matter concerning their political, civil, economic and religious liberties.

The US Constitution and religious freedom

In the United States both the National and the State Constitutions show ideas and even phrases directly traceable to Magna Carta, which came to America with the colonists, initially to Virginia where the first Charter (1606) granted settlers the liberties they would have enjoyed in England, and, through the influence of Coke's commentary in his Second Institute, to the foundation of the New England colonies. Magna Carta subsequently provided the historical precedent for the powerful stream of thought emphasising the natural rights of the individual expressed in the US Constitution and the State constitutions. The concept of "due process" in particular was embodied in the 5th and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution.

Hence it is not for nothing that Britain and the United States almost instinctively speak of the 'special relationship' which exists between them and which is enshrined in the spheres of both religion and law. As quarrelling cousins we may have parted company on July 4th, 1776, but our family origins, our ideas of democracy, of freedom and justice, and above all our unswerving Biblical faith in the God Who so richly blessed us, have bound us together in brotherly love and sustained us through two World Wars and countless other adversities.

Circumstances in the United States may appear to differ vastly from those in Britain, because the American Constitution actually prevents any single church from being legally established; but the aim is the same – the safeguarding of the freedom of religion established by the Founding Fathers of the American State. None of them did more than Thomas Jefferson to frame the context in which the concept of freedom of religion is used. The author of the Declaration of Independence, a determined fighter for religious freedom, wrote in 1802 while President of the United States to some New England Baptists that the nation had erected "a wall of separation between church and state". More appropriate is the language used thirty years later by James Madison, who had been associated with Jefferson in the struggles in Virginia to win religious freedom and had a major hand in drafting the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights with its First Amendment support of churchly disestablishment and religious freedom. Madison spoke of a "line of separation between the rights of religion and the Civil authority". In other words, he conceived it as more of a distinction than a wall.

The Framers of the American Constitution deliberately avoided any national establishment of religion in order to guarantee complete freedom of religious belief and practice. When drafting the First Amendment, they came up with a classic sixteen-word formula: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

The forefathers of the great nation called the United States of America acted with a sense of divine destiny in their quest for liberty and democracy. America's unparalleled historical rise to greatness within two centuries following its birth defies every materialistic explanation. The source is inscribed on her legal tender – "In God we trust". It reminds the world that the lifeblood of America's integrity stems from the great religious revival for which she became renowned. It stems from her Constitutional freedom from Romanism. The incontestable reason for America's prosperity is found in the Bible, and it is that God still does bless nations who obey Him, as he promised Eli of old: "Them that honour me I will honour" (I Samuel 2:30).

Undermining the American Constitution

The Vatican, which has historically been no friend of the Bible, has nevertheless inveigled a much more highly regarded status in the United States than perhaps anywhere else in the world today. In the US, Roman Catholics are more prosperous and the so-called evangelicals much more pro-Romanist than in many other countries of the world.

Rome has systematically taken advantage of the religious freedom guaranteed by the US Constitution to promote her own doctrines while scheming to undermine those of American Protestantism. The more recent open assault by the Vatican on the freedom of religion guaranteed by the US Constitution is the culmination of a conspiracy launched when overwhelmingly Protestant America elected Roman Catholic John F Kennedy as President. At his funeral we had the cunning exposure of Protestants through television to the paraphernalia of Papist propaganda and the rigmarole of Romanist ritual.

The advent of ecumenical evangelism also made the false doctrines of Rome acceptable to millions of misled American fundamentalists. At the end of 1953, before he turned to apostasy, Billy Graham spoke out against Roman Catholicism. The United States was at that time one of the most Protestant nations on earth; now, on the contrary, its leaders support the cause of the Vatican in many areas of the world. Consider for instance the actions of the ecumenical Kennedy-Carter-Clinton clique which supported a united Ireland through the Irish-American lobby, facilitated Sinn Féin/IRA fund-raising, and thus assisted the Vatican in waging its war of aggression against Britain on another front.

Such policies, of course, are treacherous to the American Constitution, for those who drew up the Declaration of Independence were not Roman Catholic Irishmen; they were men of deep personal religious conviction, steeped in the Calvinist tradition. The heritage of the Scottish National Church and the Scottish national system of education founded by John Knox was brought to America by the Scotch-Irish, whose role and existence President Clinton belittled and ignored in order to elevate the Republican terrorists whose ancestors did not land in the USA until two centuries later and largely acquired the reputation of undesirables.

In 1995, no less than US 53 lawmakers sent a letter to House speaker Newt Gingrich asking him to have the Pope give an address to a joint session of Congress in October of that year. Representative John Boehner, the sponsor of the letter, said that such an invitation was "highly appropriate for the Vatican head of state and spiritual leader of 900 million [Roman] Catholics world-wide and 60 million American [Roman] Catholics. Both numbers were, as usual, grossly exaggerated.

Resistance to the Vatican's subversion of Protestantism in America was profoundly symbolised in 1997 when an Alabama Judge refused to remove a plaque inscribed with the Ten Commandments displayed in his courtroom. By the same token, the need for such resistance underlines the huge strides which Romanism has made in America in the last decade.

When the Pope visits the US this year, Americans should remember that he has been dubbed "the last great critic of capitalism", one of the systems which his predecessor said would have to be "deprecated" before Rome could achieve her aims. Americans must remember, too, that the Roman hierarchy has formally announced its intention to destroy their country, where she is entrenching herself with strength and promoting herself with subtlety. In L'Aurora of December, 1950, 'Father' Patrick O'Brien announced: "We, the Hierarchy of the Holy Catholic Church, [...] if necessary, shall change, amend, or blot out the present Constitution so that the President may enforce his, or rather our, humanitarian programme and all phases of human rights [!] as laid down by our saintly Popes and the Holy Mother Church. [...] We are going to have our laws made and enforced according to the Holy See and the Popes and the canon law of the Papal throne. Our entire social structure must be rebuilt on that basis. Our educational laws must be constructed to end the atheism, the Red peril of totalitarianism, Protestantism, Communism, Socialism and all other of like ilk and stamp, be driven from this fair land. [...] We control America and we do not propose to stop until America or Americans are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so."

The Union and Echo, the official diocesan organ of the Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, declared in December 1950 that at the rate of 126,000 converts a year in the United States it would take too long to "convert" (i.e. Romanise) America: "We must convert [...] Politics, Economics, Sociology, Business, Entertainment, Labour and Management, the Department of State and the Executive Branch of our Government to Christian and hence Catholic principles." There are already signs of a trade war being conducted by the EU against the US. Europe first, America next, tomorrow the world! Christians beware!

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