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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Billy Graham -- Ally of Rome

This article was first printed in The Revivalist May, 1972.
Dr. Ian Paisley

Dr. Billy Graham the well known evangelist is visiting Belfast. He has been invited by those who profess to be evangelical, and loyal to the Lord Jesus Christ.

One wonders how far these gentlemen know the activities in which Dr. Graham participates, or how far they are prepared to condone such activities.

Dr. Graham has departed completely from the Reformation viewpoint concerning the Church of Rome. He looks upon that church as a Christian church, and when Roman Catholics profess conversion at his campaigns he directs them back to the Roman Catholic Church. He has called the second Vatican Council the work of the Holy Spirit, and in Pittsburg spoke of his intention to attend a Roman Catholic Mass, and added, "Many of the people who reach a decision on Christ at our meetings have joined the Catholic Church, and we have received commendations from Catholic publications for the revived interest in their church following our campaign."

In his Berlin Congress of Evangelism he opened negotiations with the Roman Catholic Church, and as a consequence two Roman Catholic priests were present.

In 1967 Dr. Graham received an Honorary Dr.'s degree from the hands of a Roman Catholic priest at the Roman Catholic Belmont Abbey. On that occasion Dr. Graham claimed that he preached the same gospel as the Church of Rome. His actual words were, "Finally the way of salvation has not changed. I know how the ending of the book will be. The gospel that built this school, and the gospel that brings me here tonight is still the way of salvation."

...but notorious modernists who deny the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Graham not only has prominent Roman Catholics co-operating with him in his campaigns, but notorious modernists who deny the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the power of the precious blood of Christ alone to save. In a letter from his evangelistic association one of his colleagues had this to say, "MR. GRAHAM BELIEVES THAT WE ARE SAVED THROUGH THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, HOWEVER, THIS ASPECT OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE HE DOES NOT EMPHASISE IN HIS MESSAGES. THIS IS THE DUTY AND PREROGATIVE OF THE PASTORS."

For these reasons the ministers and members of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster will not be fellowshiping with Dr. Graham when he comes to Ulster, as it is, ecumenism and Romanism which has brought this Province into the sorry mess in which it is today. Loyalty to Christ is far more important than popularity. Compromise is of the essence of betrayal. Faithfulness must be the watchword of our preaching, and the governing principal of our lives.

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