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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Ignominy At Number Ten

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, devout IRA/Sinn Féin sons of the Mother Church, have been received by British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street.
Dr Ian RK Paisley, MP, MEP

"Ireland is unflinching even to the shedding of blood in her devotion to the ancient faith and in her reverence to the Holy See." - Pope Benedict XV, 1920.

Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, devout IRA/Sinn Féin sons of the Mother Church, have been received by British Prime Minister Tony Blair at Downing Street.

"All through history mankind has been bullied by scum. Those who lord it over their fellows [...] are the most depraved kind of prostitutes. They will submit to any indignity." - P. J. O'Rourke: Parliament of Whores, 1991.

Mr Blair's refusal to revoke his Downing Street meeting with Gerry Adams on December 11 is not merely a reflection of his contempt for public opinion; it is a stark revelation of the depths of political and moral obscenity to which his Government has sunk. It epitomises the Secretary of State's pronouncement in the Belfast Telegraph on August 28 summarising the Government's political ethics in Northern Ireland: "Life is not about moral absolutes."

Besides dishonouring the men and women of Ulster who fell in two World Wars to secure the freedom of Britain, the Prime Minister's latest insult to the people of Northern Ireland demonstrates his disdain for those ruthlessly maimed and murdered by the terrorists of whom Adams is the godfather.

Mr Blair's suggestion that Sinn Féin/IRA should be treated in the same way as all other parties in the Talks is an astonishing blunder which he will live to regret. Sinn Féin have been, and will always remain, the band of unrepentant sectarian thugs and murderers who continue to commit the most barbarous crimes against humanity in the name of some unattainable Gaelic mediaeval myth.

...if the IRA does not get what it wants at the Talks it will return to "what we know best". (Sinn Féin Councillor) The tactic currently employed to force their fascist ideals on the people of Northern Ireland is to masquerade as peacemakers while in reality they are irrevocably committed and fanatical warmongers. Recent statements by both the Royal Ulster Constabulary and leading Republicans confirm that their current temporary and feigned cessation of violence, like the previous one, was conceived purely as a tactical ploy to extract a bottomless string of concessions from the Government. Their ceasefire is looking "distinctly less certain", in the words of the Chairman of the Northern Ireland Police Federation, while Sinn Féin Councillor Francie Molloy unambiguously announced on November 22 that if the IRA does not get what it wants at the Talks it will return to "what we know best". By retaining their killing-machine totally intact through the shelving of the decommissioning issue - facilitated by the pandering of the Government and the capitulation of the Official Unionist Party - they are both capable and by their own admission fully intent on renewing their violence when the concessions cease to flow.

The Prime Minister's folly in planning to talk to Adams at Downing Street signals his total failure to recognise these realities and that all talking, for Adams and his ilk, is a sham, manufactured for the sole purpose of extortion of concessions at a pace fast enough to keep the violence at bay. It is purely a diversion technique to hold the British Government to ransom. Ironically, Mr Blair cannot even see that the very meeting itself is but an instalment of that ransom.

...while law-abiding citizens are left increasingly unprotected... Having sanctioned Adams with the handshake of October 13, the Prime Minister is now being frog-marched into bolstering the Sinn Féin/IRA cause, even to the extent of announcing that bomb-proof homes will be provided for the bombers at the taxpayer's expense, while law-abiding citizens are left increasingly unprotected and the value accorded by the Government to the concepts of decency and democracy diminishes daily.

Having first been whitewashed by the White House, the commander of the Western World's largest terrorist murder-machine is next to be feted at Number 10 - once the home of every ideal of human dignity and integrity in the world, now a rendez-vous for those engaged in privy conspiracy and rebellion against those very ideals.

The pretense that Sinn Féin is separate from the IRA has been unmasked... No Prime Minister in the history of the Western democracies has ever degraded himself or insulted his people to the extent of elevating, decriminalising and facilitating terrorists with such shameless obstinacy. The pretense that Sinn Féin is separate from the IRA has been unmasked by the revelation by security sources that Adams and McGuinness, despite their denials, are currently members of the IRA Army Council. The new Davenport and Sharrock biography of Adams reveals his direct engagement in over 25 bombings and murders since his recruitment to the IRA in 1965; his devising of the 'economic targets' tactic in 1970; his becoming Quartermaster of the Ballymurphy contingent which in the next two years killed 3 policemen, 19 soldiers and 27 civilians; and the hypocrisy of his elevation by Clinton at a time when Adams already knew that the ceasefire was over.
Martin McGuinness [avowed] that Sinn Féin/IRA's purpose within the talks process was "to smash the Union". Mr Blair should realise that in welcoming this man on December 11 he will also be symbolically inviting his own destruction and that of the United Kingdom, for his guests will be the man who recently demanded that he be "the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom", and fellow-traveller Martin McGuinness who avowed that Sinn Féin/IRA's purpose within the talks process was "to smash the Union". So much for the commitment to exclusively peaceful means and the expressed allegiance to the Mitchell Principles, and so much for Mr Blair's pretence that they must be upheld.

The Prime Minister is set to join his infamous predecessor Neville Chamberlain whose futile policy of appeasement towards Hitler's Germany in 1938 soon led to World War II. By the Munich Pact Chamberlain naively collaborated in the sellout of the Sudetenland, futilely claiming that the agreement signalled "peace in our time", but blind to the fact that nothing but surrender would satisfy the ambitions of Hitler and Mussolini. The parallel of the Anglo-Irish process, with the Republic's historical collaboration with fascism, its unrevoked illegal territorial claims and the no-option threats of the pan-nationalist front, should serve as a most solemn warning.

Mr Blair has just been voted the "best dressed man" in the Government; but the outward and visible signs cannot conceal that inwardly he is committed to intrigue and appeasement. On December 11 he welcomed two other well-dressed men, both of whom are gunmen in suits.

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