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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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Rome’s Rejection of Christ’s one Offering

An Exposure by Joseph Irons
Joseph Irons

I hasten to say a word or two, and perhaps rather severely, relative to the sinfulness of either rejecting or mocking this one offering for sin. And I do not know whether I should detain you much here, were it not for the alarming signs of the times.

Who would have believed, thirty years ago, that England would have swallowed down Popery by wholesale as it has done? I remember Dr. Hawker, about as long ago as that, positively laughed at the idea –

"What! Think of entering into controversy with Popery now, at this late period; it is a thing never to be entered upon or thought of."

What would he say now, when, in the most plausible and Jesuitical forms, Popery is palmed upon millions in England and its colonies, in such wise as to be accounted a reasonable, and proper and excellent thing?

Now I want to show my hearers, in case they might meet with any of these Jesuits, that their religion is altogether a mockery of Christ and Christianity. The extolling of the merits of Masses is a blasphemous insult to Christ, whether I look at it among mock Protestants or among those deceivers that we commonly call priests. In either case, Christ is rejected and mocked. If there need any sacrifice of the Mass, which they tell us is continually offered up, then Christ’s sacrifice is not worth my accepting – I reject Him at once if I want any other. I cannot possibly look for merit in the creature without believing that the merit of Christ is not sufficient – I cannot look for merit in the creature doing without announcing, in that very act, that I am not satisfied that Christ spoke the truth when He said, ‘It is finished.’ If it is finished, an eternal redemption is obtained; any pretension to add to it, is nothing less than a blasphemous insult to Christ. I would use stronger language if I could find it; but I merely notice the facts, leaving you to make what God shall enable you, of them.

The whole farrago, of the free-will scheme is, in fact, abstract Popery and I believe all the Arminians will go over to Popery in the great crisis. They got their Arminianism from Rome – let them carry it back again, we shall be very glad to get rid of them.

If there be some saving efficacy in prayer or in repentance (or, as they call it, penance) then there is something incomplete in Christ – then He had not gone to the end of the law – then He had not satisfied justice – then He had not fully glorified the Father on the earth, which He declared He had done. Popery and Arminianism make Christ out to be a wilful liar. Nothing softer than this can I use.

My hearer, if you will only look at yourself as a guilty, ruined sinner as the Bible sets forth, you must come to the conclusion that nothing can meet your case but a perfect salvation, the redemption in Christ Jesus which can allow no addition. All attempts to add thereto are a rejection and a mockery of Christ.

Now having named these things as boldly as I can, I want just to remind you that negotiation with the Father is not attainable by any human power but in and by this offering: ‘No man cometh unto the Father but by me.’

‘Yes’, says the priest ‘you can come by me; or I will go for you if you will give me plenty of money.’ I will not believe those lying priests – I will believe my Lord who is a Priest forever after the order of Melchisedec. ‘No man can come unto the Father but by me’ and all that would stand in my way I would push on the one side and say:

‘Hinder me not my advocate is on high – His blood is sprinkled on my conscience – His offering is made once for all – I am coming direct to the throne to plead His merits and righteousness and I will not be hindered by mortals; I will go straight to the throne and name no other name but His for "there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved"’

Oh if my brethren in the ministry would but speak out these things we should heave Antichrist overboard, I do believe, even now. May God grant it!

Now what is our negotiation with God? Nothing by way of merit, nothing by way of righteousness, nothing by way of acceptance – that is all done. I do not know how it is with you but I am obliged to come day by day, with my empty sack, for a multitude of wants to be supplied. I want more grace, more life, more love, more activity in all the graces, more deadness to the world, more fellowship with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, more power of conquest over inbred corruption, the world, the flesh and the devil. I want supplies of all needful grace. Now I cannot get access to the throne to obtain any of these supplies but by virtue of this one offering. Do you want any other?

I have been pleading it between forty and fifty years, and I have never found it to fail, and I mean to go on pleading it so long as I stay upon earth; and my Lord has graciously told me, that those who thus come to Him shall have no good thing withheld from them. Go to the footstool of Divine mercy, guilt-burdened sinner, and name the blood and righteousness of Christ. Go and point the Father to His sufferings in Gethsemane and on Calvary. Go and tell what Christ has done – perfected for ever them that are sanctified, and dare assert under all the load of your guilt, ‘Lord I believe in the efficacy and power of that offering’; and go on till you are enabled to say ‘ I believe it was offered for me’. Then begins your peace and happiness.

I pray you to mark once more, that all negotiations must be successful when the name and merit and righteousness of Jesus are pleaded. This leads me to the last thought that the trust and confidence of all the elect of God will be found placed there.

"Let Papists trust what names they please
Of saints and angels boast;
We’ve no such advocates as these,
Nor pray to the’ heavenly host"

-- Watts

This marks the election of grace. Carry this one thought with you, that all the elect of God, wherever placed on earth, are invariably brought, sooner or later to this point of trust and confidence – to renounce all other hopes and dependencies and to rest not in frames and feelings, not in sensible enjoyments, not in sufferings, but to confide exclusively in the person, official character and perfect work of the Lord Jesus Christ. And whoever is brought there by the power of the Holy Spirit is an elect vessel of mercy, afore prepared unto glory and shall eternally enjoy the presence of that Christ, in His unveiled glory, who offered Himself once for all to redeem His Church. For it is written ‘He shall see the travail of His soul and be satisfied’ And again ‘He shall see his seed’. Therefore all who are brought by grace Divine to trust in this one offering to the exclusion of all others, most infallibly gain the realms of everlasting glory.

Judge then whether it be wiser or safer to trust to the fabulous teaching of sinful, self-interested priesthood, who tell you of a multitude of sacrifices and offerings of which they are the dispensers, at a very dear rate, and which after all, leave you entangled in contingencies and uncertainties, nay, in certain ruin, or to take the infallible word of God as your guide and trust that one offering, offered once for all upon Mount Calvary, for the expiation of the guilt of all the election of grace?

The former is the trap of priest-craft, the trickery of Satan, and the tribute of fools; but the latter is the truth of God, the triumph of faith and the testimony of real Christianity.

Now in matters of merchandise, every man’s common sense would immediately decide where such a wide disparity exists; but, wonderful as it may appear, in matters of the highest importance man uniformly decides in favour of delusion, until the grace of God opens his understanding to understand the Scriptures and creates in him a capacity to discover the difference between things spiritual and things natural, or between material things and things immaterial. Even the avowed Infidel, if he were only to use his boasted reasoning powers, would see that the help he is giving to the advancement of Popery must terminate in the destruction of his idol - The Liberty of the Press. For wherever Popery is ascendant in power, the liberty of the press is quite suppressed; then follows the liberty of principal; after that the liberty of property and the liberty of persons; so that the word liberty, which is the charm of the present age will be annihilated as soon as Popery obtains its full power; and the wild libertinism of modern times will be exchanged for the most degrading bondage and vassalage ever known on earth. Would to God that men would think!

But where spiritual understanding is bestowed and vital goodness is possessed, the Bible will be the lamp of the feet and the guide of the path, and consequently, the atonement of Christ will be the only object of faith to the utter rejection of priest-craft with all its lying wonders and unwarrantable pretensions. Being under the teaching of the Holy Spirit His testimony of Jesus is received and embraced with delight, which testimony the apostle was inspired to record thus:

‘By Him all that believe are justified from all things from which ye could not be justified by the law of Moses’ And ‘Being now justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him’

Faith receives these testimonies and sings ‘In whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.’

Oh may that infallible Testifier of Jesus perform His office among us now, applying these fundamental truths with power Divine and invincible to your hearts, and Israel’s Triune Jehovah shall have all the glory for ever and ever. AMEN

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