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Monday, September 25, 2017
Date Posted:

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Let The True Church Of The Papacy Stand Up!

Has Rome changed today or remained "semper eadem"?
Professor Arthur Noble

"Our absolutist system, supported by the Inquisition, the strictest censorship, the suppression of all literature, the privileged exemption of the clergy, and arbitrary power of bishops, cannot endure any other than absolutist governments." - Dollinger: The Pope and the Council, London 1861, p. 23.

"No civil government, be it a monarchy, an aristocracy, a democracy ... can be a wise, just, efficient, or durable government, governing for the good of the community, with the Catholic Church; and without the papacy there is and can be no Catholic Church." - Dr Brownson, 19th-century Roman Catholic journalist, quoted in his Brownson's Quarterly Review, January, 1873, vol. 1, p. 10.

Has Rome changed today or remained "semper eadem"?

Stunned by the staggering growth of evangelical 'sects' in Brazil, leaders of the Roman Catholic Church have threatened to launch a 'holy war' against Protestants unless they stop leading people from the Catholic fold. At the 31st National Conference of the Bishops of Brazil, Bishop Sinesion called evangelicals a serious threat to the Vatican's influence in his country. "We will declare a holy war; don't doubt it. The Catholic Church has a ponderous structure, but when we move, we'll smash anyone beneath us." - Peter de Rosa: Vicars of Christ: The Dark Side of the Papacy. Crown Publishing Inc., 1988, p. 194.

"Jesus is alive on our altars, as offering. We become one with Christ in the Eucharist. ... As Catholics we have Mary, and that Mom of ours, Queen of Paradise, is praying for us till she sees us in glory. As Catholics we have the papacy, a history of popes from Peter to John Paul II. ... We have the rock upon which Christ did build His Church. ... As Catholics - now I love this one - we have purgatory. Thank God! I'm one of those people who would never get to the Beatific Vision without it. It's the only way to go. ... So as Catholics ... our job is to use this remaining decade evangelizing everyone we can into the Catholic Church, into the body of Christ and into the third millennium of Catholic history." - "Father" Tom Forrest, quoted in "Roman Catholic Doubletalk at Indianapolis '90", Foundation, July-August 1990.

"While the state has some rights, she has them only in virtue and by permission of the superior authority ... [...] of the Church." - The Catholic World, July 1870, vol. xi, p. 439.

By her own admission, Rome intends to destroy America... By her own admission, Rome intends to destroy America, where she is entrenching herself with strength. An article in The Union and Echo, official diocesan organ of the Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo, in December 1950, declared:

"At the rate of 126,000 converts a year in the United States it would take us too long [to Romanise America]. We must convert [...] Politics, Economics, Sociology, Business, Entertainment, Labour and Management, the Department of State and the Executive Branch of our Government to Christian and hence Catholic principles."

This was put in no uncertain terms by "Father" Patrick O'Brien quoted in L'Aurora of the same date:

"We control America and we do not propose to stop until America or Americans are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so." "We, the Hierarchy of the Holy Catholic Church, [...]if necessary, [...] shall change, mend, or blot out the present Constitution so that the President may enforce his, or rather our, humanitarian programme and all phases of human rights [!] as laid down by our saintly Popes and the Holy Mother Church. [...] We are going to have our laws made and enforced according to the Holy See and the Popes and the canon law of the Papal throne. Our entire social structure must be rebuilt on that basis. Our educational laws must be constructed to end the atheism, the Red peril of totalitarianism, Protestantism, Communism, Socialism and all other of like ilk and stamp, be driven from this fair land. [...] We control America and we do not propose to stop until America or Americans are genuinely Roman Catholic and remain so."

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