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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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‘Be the Soul of Europe’ - Pope Tells Bishops ... ‘The Church is the Key to the European Union’ - Pope has told the Continent’s bishops’

May God save us from coming under this dictatorship once again.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

John Paul II said that a purely economic concept of European integration would never lead to lasting unity.

‘We cannot simply conceive of Europe as a market of economic exchanges or a place for the free circulation of ideas but, above all, it must be a genuine community of nations, which want to unite their future and live like brothers, respecting the cultures and spiritual traditions, which cannot be on the margin of the common project or in opposition to it’,

the pontiff said in a letter to Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, Archbishop of Prague and president of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences, which met in Brussels last month.

So, once again, the Pope reveals that the agenda of the Roman Catholic Church is political and manipulative in its objective to be the dominant controlling force in Europe.

To appreciate Rome’s involvement in the politics and social policy of the European Union one must understand that the Roman Catholic Church is both a religious and political body and acts accordingly! The Roman Catholic Church considers it has the right to rule in the temporal affairs of the world, since the Church’s hierarchy represents the kingly rule of Christ on earth – that is, through the Pope, bishops and priests, the sovereignty of Christ is exercised in the affairs of nations and society.


The Roman Catholic Church is founded on a political dogma claiming that the Pope is a ruler, or rather claims that the Pope is the supreme ruler of the world. Throughout history royalty of all nations including our queen have been expected to be subservient to the Papacy. Nothing of the Roman church has been revoked, both the spiritual and temporal supremacy of the Pope being still very much fundamental dogmas of Roman Catholic teaching and social doctrine.

Deliberate engineering to create the coming about of the European Union provides an enormous opportunity to develop and extend the influence of the Church of Rome. Remember it is Roman Catholic laymen who, from the beginning were behind the formation of, and today continue to push the growth of, the European Union.

Let us not forget that as far as this country voted in 1973, Europe was simply to be a Common Market. After years of cold wars and recessions the idea of working in a more structured way in terms of trade and in a community sharing free circulation of ideas was sold by the Heath Government to be the way forward.

However, what the electorate didn’t know, was that the plan all along was to form a totally integrated state of nations, not the co-operation of nation states but their incorporation into a super-state, which would rise up with the power to overturn sovereignty and the nations identity. Hence the evolving from the Common Market to the European Community and then to the European Union. Overnight the media gave EU its credence.

The deliberate deception was hatched because the powers that be knew that this nation would not swallow such a pill as the EU with all its implications in 1973; less than thirty years after the war which had thwarted the very essence of that now being promoted. So stealth, engineering of events and misleading government and media statements were to be the way that would enable the EU to come about.

A stand can be made against invasion by an army; no stand can be made against invasion by an idea’.

-‘Histoire d’un Crime’, by Victor Hugo


Devolve everything to the European Council of Ministers, the Commission and the Parliament, and conclude with their coming under the domination of Rome. Since this began we have seen in our country the disintegration of everything of value, and of significant historical importance. The Biblical foundations of the country have been simply cast aside and the wellbeing of the nation has been blinded to the extent that we no longer have autonomy and people do not seem to have noticed! Under judgement we certainly are.

This letter shows that the Pope thinks that the time is right to push a little further the objective of becoming the supreme (spiritual & political) head of Europe.

When the Pope refers to the Church one must remember that he only means the Roman Catholic Church. No other church is valid in the eyes of the Pope as he again declared a few weeks ago just before the Queen’s visit to see him in Rome. So after forty years of ecumenism (since Archbishop Ramsey in the 1960’s) time and money have been spent playing with words in the name of unity. Truth is closed out. The Roman Catholic Church has not moved or given an inch in any matter. The other churches compromise and are beguiled into feeling that it is necessary to communicate with this evil and diabolical lie. Every time someone makes a gesture to the Pope, either in meeting him or accepting what he says, credence is given to his church claims. It beggars belief. People are just so far from God’s word.


Knowing the Bible should make us realise that it is pure folly to want to join (via ecumenism) this final apostasy of Babylon which is Biblically and historically wrong. Rome is unchanging, unrepentant and arrogant without change. People are striving for unity with this beast as though it was something required as a necessity in this life and for the next. Such folly when our gracious Lord brought us out of such bondage in the

Sixteenth century and given much blessing to this small island that has influenced and led the world. What folly to return. It is as if the Israelites returned to Egypt four hundred and fifty years after the Red Sea Rescue. How easily man forgets his God and the works He has done in his life.

When one observes the people and churches meeting and signing alliances and the like with the Roman Catholic Church one is amazed at how all the fuss and bother of such activities enters their minds to do such. Their eyes, and minds are blinded to the farce of the situation. They have been sent a strong delusion and think there is no harm, no danger, no consequence for themselves, or for future generations or for the nation as a whole. We see our country emerging as a most ungodly nation, where truths and fundamental principles of what is right and what is wrong have been eroded. Our legal system based on duties and responsibilities has, this month, been taken over by a foreign system from the EU espousing a rights based culture.


Two statements illustrate the strategy. The first is from the letters to the editor section of The Church of England Newspaper:

‘Cardinal deals blow to ecumenism’. Thank God is my reaction. I could not regard the Roman Catholic system a church anyway, so it is of little consequence that they have decided to reject more biblical churches.

However, the Vatican clearly knows the old communist tactic of hard/soft politics: first you are hard, then you appear to soften, then you suddenly go hard again…Result? Those who are looking to live peaceably with you are running around trying to please you either way. Pavlov discovered this with his dogs long ago.

Rev. Philip Foster 15th September 2000.

The second was heard in Parliament:

So that, I beseech you, what is there in all the parts of Europe but a consent, a co-operating, at this very time and season, ‘of all Popish Powers’ to suppress everything that stands in their way? But it may be said, ‘ This is a great way off, in the extreme parts of the world; what is that to us?’ – If it be nothing to you, let it be nothing to you! I have told you it is somewhat to you. It concerns all your religions and all the good interests of England.

Oliver Cromwell 25th January 1658

People today talk of peace, love and toleration of many things that previously would not have been considered acceptable. In the same Church of England Newspaper someone wrote a letter saying that we: must not fall into the trap of further division. On no account should we, through our human frailties, add to the devil’s armoury.

These false assumptions are being perpetrated widely in the process of ‘dumbing down’. Is the division between Catholicism and Protestantism wrong? They think that it is. The anti-historical lobby has brainwashed people into seeing history as unreliable and therefore irrelevant. They look upon the division as ungodly and only doing the work of the devil. In the Scriptures it is shown that the Romish church is built upon and is building error, traps and leading persons to the Broad Way. Why persist in bowing down to the dictates of such a church.

There is no meeting half-way and that any changes are one way. What the Roman Catholic Church stands for, maintains and is currently doing has not changed. Its motto is ‘infallibly’ reliable – Semper eadem (Always the same). We are told that this will be so, in the Bible, and it has been in the events surrounding the Roman Church at present and it has been true throughout its history. What more evidence could be required?


The Church the Pope is talking about in his letter to the Cardinal Miloslav Vlk is not the true church of Jesus Christ but his very own the Catholic Church. And when he says THE CHURCH he means the POPE!! So the Pope himself is the key to the European Union.

A former Belgian prime minister said:

We do not want another committee. We have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people and to lift us out of the economic morass in which we are sinking. Send us such a man and be he god or the devil we will receive him

Paul Henri Spaak

Spaak was a founding father of the Common Market.

The Pope in the letter also speaks of, ‘a genuine community of nations, which want to unite their future and live like brothers, respecting the cultures and spiritual traditions.’

The Pope cannot compromise or change. He will not compromise or change. After declaring that churches outside of his are not considered to be churches, he now speaks of respect, toleration and brotherhood. When he brushes aside dialogue between the Church of Rome and the Protestant Churches, as he has done recently, how can he ‘co-operate with’ this variety of spiritual differences, which he identifies?.


The Reformation represented a set back for the alliance between the Papacy and middle Europe and meant a defection of a large part of the European peoples from obedience to the Vatican. By whatever means (including that done by Hitler’s [infallible! - Vicar of Christ on Earth] Pope Pius) the influence lost is being regained.

People actually say that the Church of Rome has changed but when asked they can never quote a single change. From where do they get this misinformation? From the deceiver himself!

UNITY is the by-word on all ecumenists’ lips. Unity is an impossibility for the biblical-based Protestant Church. It would ultimately mean uniting with the Church of the Anti-Christ. How can there be unity with something where the fundamentals of the two parts are opposed? The issue is not a slight variation of interpretation on a small matter in the Bible, it is a dispute of great importance and a battle in opposing a false and blasphemous gospel and a political machine that leads many souls astray or one that destroys them if they won’t submit.

The social doctrine and teaching of the Church of Rome is a dangerous deceit.

When Dr Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury met with Jacques Delors (a Roman Catholic) when he was President of the EU Commission they agreed that it is a shared spirituality that is needed to bind us all together – BUT WE KNOW what kind of spirituality that will be.

In the Sunday Telegraph an article of July 21st 1991 under the title of, Hatching a new Popish Plot, informed us of the Pope’s plans for the ‘evangelisation of Great Britain and the whole European Continent’: ‘Karol Wojtyla is calmly preparing to assume the mantle which he solemnly believes to be his Divine Right – that of new Holy Roman Emperor, reigning from the Urals to the Atlantic.

May God save us from coming under this dictatorship once again.

The best thing I know between Europe and England is – the sea!

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