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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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The Conspiracy Behind The European Union: The Task before us

A Lecture delivered at the Annual Autumn Conference of the United Protestant Council in London on Saturday, November 7, 1998
Dr Ian RK Paisley, MP, MEP

If you have your Bible with you, I hope it is an Authorised Version you have. If it is one of these perversions of the Scriptures, put it under the seat and don't bother to take it home [Laughter], and get yourself an Authorised Version of the Word of God. We couldn't be too grateful for our English Authorised Version. Mr Spurgeon said - I was reading a sermon by him the other day - that the Revised Version can never take the place of the old Authorised Version in God's people's hearts; and I trust that there will be a return to the reading of the Authorised Version. I find it quite amazing that people say to me it needs to be modernised: they don't modernise Shakespeare, do they? I tell you this book can only be understood anyway by the power of the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God can of course open a Book that is faithful in its translation to the text of Holy Scripture. It's great to have the Bible: I'm glad I have the Bible to go to: it would be a terrible thing if you had to ring up some old ecclesiastical rascal and say 'How do we go?' I'm glad I'm saved out of Popery. I tell you, I could never be a Papist, for I could never bow before an old priest in a confessional box and ask him to forgive my sins, knowing he had more sins than I ever committed myself [Laughter]! How could you do it? I couldn't do it, so I'm glad there is such a thing as Protestantism, and I'm glad there's such a thing as Biblical Christianity. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

The twelfth chapter of Luke's Gospel - I want to read a few verses to you. It is about the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. From verse 35:

"Let your loins be girded about and your lights burning; And ye yourselves like unto men that wait for their lord, when he will return from the wedding; that when he cometh and knocketh, they may open unto him immediately. Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that he shall gird himself, and make them to sit down to meat, and will come forth and serve them. And if he shall come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants. And this know, that if the goodman of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched, and not have suffered his house to be broken through. Be ye also ready also, for the Son of man cometh at an hour when ye think not."

God shall stamp this reading from the infallible Book with His own divine and blessed power.

It has been my task to speak about the task ahead, and thinking upon this subject today I want to bring before you what I think sums up in the truth of Scripture what the task ahead is. I have more than five points - I have six points, so that the Calvinists don't fall out with me [Laughter]!

1. The Blueprint

I believe that the great truth of the absolutely sovereignty of God needs to be captured again by the Church of Jesus Christ.

Let me just say this, that the first thing that we must do is to look at the blueprint. The blueprint needs to be studied for what's going to come. Of course, God is sovereign. I believe that the great truth of the absolutely sovereignty of God needs to be captured again by the Church of Jesus Christ; and I believe that it was that truth that gave the martyrs the steel in their blood to stand true to the test of fire. I believe in all ages of the Church it is that great doctrine that has buttressed the Church in its true testimony when it has faced days of apostasy and days of evil. All things are pre-planned; all things are pre-determined; all things are pre-destined. You say: 'Are you a Moslem?' No - wait for the end of the story. All things are pre-planned, pre-determined, pre-destined by the Triune Jehovah God. I am not a fatalist; I am a believer in the one true and living God; and He has pre-determined and pre-planned and pre-destined all things; and He has given us His own blueprint, a Self-revelation of Himself. You could know nothing about God if God had not given you the Self-revelation of Himself in the Bible.

We have an imperishable Word. God has given us His blueprint.

That's what the Bible is. God has been pleased to reveal Himself, to reveal His heart and His mind and His purpose and His will and all He has planned for His creatures; and He has written it down, He has 'inscripturated' His revelation; and so I don't need to run here, there or yonder: I can go to the Book. Take up and read, and we can go to a Book that cannot lie, because it's written by a God Who cannot lie. We can go to a Book that cannot die, because it's written by a God Who cannot die. We have an imperishable Word. God has given us His blueprint. That plan that is revealed is like God Himself: that plan is unchanging and unchangeable: and it doesn't matter how many Popes come to the Vatican's throne; it doesn't matter about the awful state of apostate Christendom; it doesn't matter what new weapons the Devil forges to fight against the people of God. God is on His throne; all things that God has planned will come to pass. Thank God we as believers know the end of the story; we have read the last chapter already; and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. If you're an Arminian, dear believer, join the Calvinists today and get great peace in your heart that all is well, for God is on the throne.

I was blamed when I was a young preacher for preaching near to Calvinism, and I thought I was preaching Calvinism [Laughter]! - and they suggested that I was only preaching near to it. I was quite annoyed at that particular comment. The lesson that we all need to be taught was taught to Nebuchadnezzar in a very hard way, when he was driven out, you will remember, from his throne, when he became as a beast of the field, and when his nails grew and his hair grew and he was deranged and demented; and in that state God taught him a lesson. If you open your Bible at Daniel you will find what he was taught and what a testimony he gave to what he was taught. Daniel 4, from verse 34:

Daniel 4:34

"At the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation: And all the inhabitants of the earth are reputed as nothing: […]".

Hallelujah! The Pope's a nothing. It's a good thing to look at him and say: 'Pope Paul II or XXII, I don't know what number you might be, but there's one thing about you: you're nothing before God. You can wear what you like, call yourself what you like, parade and dance about with your cardinals, but you're nothing. That's what the Bible says.' Isn't that wonderful? "[…] and he doeth according to his will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: and none can stay his hand, or say unto him, What doest thou?"

Peter, you will remember, in the first chapter of his second letter, had something to say on this matter also; and in II Peter 1:19 and 20 we read:

II Peter 1:19,20

"We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts; Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man; but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."

You know what's wrong with the churches and with God's people? They don't know the Book.

God has called us in the days ahead: our first task, the blueprint, has to be studied. You know what's wrong with the churches and with God's people? They don't know the Book. That's why there's apostasy; and that's why, when someone comes and preaches some strange doctrine, they are caught away - because they don't know the Book. If you knew the Book and hid it in your heart, the truth would make you free. Would to God our people would return to the Bible - the Bible only, the religion of Protestants. I wish we would read it, I wish we would study it, I wish we would hide it in our hearts, and I wish instead of preaching sermons about the wonder of the Bible we would start reading the Bible and praying that God would open our eyes to behold wondrous things out of His Word.

Now, believer, you're worth nothing if you don't read your Bible at least once every year. I had a man who came and joined our fellowship recently. He was the superintendent of a Sunday school for years, and he said: 'There's one thing that struck me about this church: everybody reads the Bible through once a year.' He said: 'I've been a Christian for years, and I've never read through the Bible altogether.' Isn't that sad? Then he got started, and to the end of his day he read through the Bible every year.

The Bible has to be read: God's people need to study the blueprint.

The Bible has to be read: God's people need to study the blueprint. That's the task before us - to get down to finding out what the Bible really says. If you're a preacher you need to do even better than that: you need to get through it at least twice every year, or if you're a good boy you should get through it three times or even four times.

I have bad habit - my wife rebukes me - I'm glad she's with us today - when I go into a minister's study I always lift his Bible, and when I go into some studies I have to blow the dust off it, and I'm nearly breathless [Laughter], because the pages are never opened. My wife says that's a scandalous thing to do [Laughter]. I say: 'No, it's rebuking the preacher. He should have a Bible that's well thumbed, well marked and well read, and he should know it; and the pages should open; and if the pages are torn and underscored and there's a drop of a tear on them you'll know that he's reading the Bible.' Man cannot live by bread alone, but "by every word that proceedeth out of the word of God".

Of George Muller

One of the longest-living preachers of the past generation was George Muller, the man of God and the feeder of the orphans. One day he was preaching; in fact when he became seventy years of age he said he was going on a world tour and God would look after the orphans, and he was preaching in Canada. He had a wonderful time going over the great Ocean, because he was to preach in a certain city, Quebec, at a certain time, and there came down a terrible fog, and the shipmaster made an announcement to say that they couldn't keep their schedule; they were going to be days late if this fog didn't lift. He went up to the wheelhouse and said to the captain: 'I have a meeting in Quebec at a certain day and a certain hour, and I have to be there.' The captain said to him: 'Well, Mr. Muller, you'll not be there.' He said: 'I will be there. I want to tell you, Captain, I'm in touch with God, and I'm now going to pray.' The shipmaster said: 'I'll pray with you.' Mr. Muller said: 'You'll do nothing of the kind; you're not saved; you can't pray. You need to pray that God will be merciful to you, a sinner.' He got down on his knees, and he said: 'Lord, You know I have to be in Quebec on a certain day at a certain hour. Lift the fog." Then he opened his eyes and said to the captain: 'Captain, would you like to go and open the wheelhouse door?' - and the captain opened the wheelhouse door; and there wasn't any fog - it was completely clear; and he kept his appointment. A man who knew God, a man who believed God! Why? That's only part of the story. When he got to Quebec a man said to him: 'What age are you, Mr. Muller?' - and he told him: 'I'm ten years younger than you.' '…But, said the man, 'I don't feel well at all.' 'Ah,' said Muller, 'you're on the wrong diet.' 'Oh, you have to diet?' 'Is it a vegetarian diet?' 'No!' 'Is it a meat diet?' 'No!' 'Is it a milk diet?' 'No! It is that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the word of God. If you want to live long and feel well and get on in life, start reading the Bible.'

If some person in this meeting started reading the Bible, it could be the beginning of a revival: that man or woman could be so touched by God that they could be an instrument as a channel of blessing. May God give us an appetite for His Word.

2. There is a baptism that has to be sought.

Mr. Spurgeon once said people were more interested to know what the toenail of the Beast means than what God's precious will for their lives is.

If you turn to Acts, chapter 1, you will see that there were people there greatly troubled - the Apostles - and they were wondering about how it was all going to work out. They had debates about eschatology, and they wanted to know when the Kingdom was going to come to Israel, and they were told it was not for them to know these things. If half the time was spent by God's people in praying and witnessing and reading the Bible that is spent in argument over things that are in the eschatology field, the Church would be a lot more healthy. Mr. Spurgeon once said people were more interested to know what the toenail of the Beast means than what God's precious will for their lives is; and I think he was right. Let me tell you this: the Lord had something to say. He said: "But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth." (Acts 1:8) "And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit." (Eph. 5:18)

What we need for the task ahead is a mighty infilling of the Spirit of God. We need to be filled. We had a great old preacher in our country, W.P. Nicholson, a very good friend of mine, and "W.P." used to say to me: 'I want to tell you: the Christian alternative to getting drunk is to be filled with the Spirit.' Christians never ask the Lord to fill them with the Spirit today. You can go into a prayer meeting: a prayer meeting is a most interesting thing for taking the temperature of a Church; for when you hear what they pray for, you have an idea of what their spiritual life is like. We need the spiritual life of God, the endewment of God upon our souls. We need to be filled with the Spirit. I trust, my friend, you don't think that you can fight this great battle with the Antichrist because you have knowledge of the Word of God alone. You need that knowledge of the Word of God set on fire with the blessed fire of the Holy Spirit.

...a prayer meeting is a most interesting thing for taking the temperature of a Church...

You remember the Apostles came to the Lord, and the Lord asked if they could be baptised with the baptism with which He baptised, and they said yes, and He said to them that they would be baptised with that baptism. God wants His people to know the gracious infilling of the Spirit of God. That's the only thing that will give us power. People complain to me and say: 'Every time you preach you're always talking about getting filled with the Spirit of God.' I say: 'Yes, and I couldn't say enough about it.' We need to be filled with the Spirit of God - and then, brother, you'll have the roar in your voice. You'll be like the lion. You'll get the roar in your voice, and you'll get the fire in your soul, because a power greater than eternity will be driving you. Oh, may God give His people, if they're going to face the future, not only to study the blueprint, but to look for that baptism, the baptism that needs to be sought to be filled with the Spirit!

3. The building of apostasy needs to be identified

We need to have a look at some things that we're seeing all round us, and we need to ask ourselves if God has something to say about these things.

Then we have to look at the building of apostasy. That needs to be identified. We need to have a look at some things that we're seeing all round us, and we need to ask ourselves if God has something to say about these things. Have these things a significance? Over against the truth there is always the false. You know, the Devil is the greater master of counterfeit. He's in the counterfeit business. Now you don't counterfeit something that is worthless. It's always something that is precious, and valuable, that is counterfeited; and the Devil is in the business of counterfeiting truth. The old Puritan was right when he said: 'The Devil is the ape of God.' He apes God; and the Devil today is aping God.

Nothing is so clearly seen in the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ than an exposure of the Devil's counterfeit. Now if you take up the Book of Revelation, you're not very long in that Book until you see the only true Father - God the Father. You're not very long in that Book until you see the only true Son - God the Son. You you're not too long in that Book till you see the only true Spirit - God the Holy Spirit. The sacred Trinity, the undivided Trinity, the Blessed Three in One, and the blessed One in Three! I don't understand it, but, praise God, I believe it from the depths of my soul. I knew a wee woman and the Jehovah's Witnesses came to her home, and they started to argue against the Trinity, and they said to her: 'Explain the Trinity.' 'Oh,' she said, 'there would be another member of the Trinity if I could explain it!' Man, they went away with their tails cut off! She was quite right. Can you by searching find out God? Can you find out God to perfection? Praise God for the blessed revelation of the Book of the undivided Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost - and there are not three Gods, but one God. They are one in essence, equal in power and glory.

The Holy Spirit directs our thoughts, our worship, our desires - all to Jesus, that in all things He might have the pre-eminence.

Before you read very much further, you get the Devil aping the Trinity, and you have a Satanic trinity in the Book of Revelation. You have that old serpent the Devil - there's the Anti-God the Father. Then you have the Beast - there's the Anti-God the Son - the Antichrist. Then you have the false prophet, the Anti-God the Holy Spirit. Everything that God does, the Devil apes. God gives the glory of the Kingdom, the seat of the Kingdom, the authority of the Kingdom to His Son. Satan gives his seat and his authority to the Antichrist. You just read the Book and find how many places you have where that is set forth in plain, unmistakable language. Then what does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit leads men out to worship Christ. The Holy Spirit directs our thoughts, our worship, our desires - all to Jesus, that in all things He might have the pre-eminence. That's what the false prophet does: he makes the people worship the Beast. The Anti-Holy Spirit, the false Holy Spirit! Of course, we read that out of the mouth of the Father the truth comes; out of the mouth of the Son the truth comes; out of the mouth of the Holy Spirit the truth comes. What comes out of the Satanic trinity? We read of three unclean frogs. Those unclean frogs bring pollution. The words that come from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit bring purity. That's the difference. The Devil counterfeits the blessed Trinity of God.

My sins are all paid for: Jesus died: He did not do a salvage job; he did a salvation job.

Did you ever notice the emphasis on the Beast that the false prophet gets people to worship? It's the Beast whose deadly wound was healed. What is the emphasis on the second Person of the Trinity? The emphasis is about His wounding unto death - the slain Lamb, the One Who has the wound. Here we have the Devil; and we have of course counterfeits of the Cross of Christ today preached all over. You know, there's a theory that's very popular today, and it's this - that man is a sinner, he's going to go to Hell, but because God's Son did something it's possible for the Father to receive that person and wink at his sin. That looks very like the Gospel in this age when people don't know the Gospel. That's not the Gospel at all. The Gospel is this - and let me tell you - maybe it will shake you: God does not pardon any sin whatsoever that is not already punished. Just think about that! God pardons no sin that is not already punished. My sin, if it is not punished, God will not pardon it. Now thank God it's not going to be punished in me, because I have a great Substitute. I have One Who took my sin and my sorrow and made them His very own, One Who bore the burden to Calvary - Hallelujah! - and suffered and died alone. My sins are all paid for: Jesus died: He did not do a salvage job; he did a salvation job. I was saved, but he cried: "It is finished." The work was done, and oh, my friend, if we only got that truth we wouldn't be carried away with the luvvy-duvvyness of ecumenism!

I heard a fellow on the other day, and he said: 'As Mr. Clinton has now repented, all is well.' I was in America this last week, and Clinton says he has nothing to apologise for: the American people have cleared him, he's doing nothing more, he has withdrawn the million pounds he was going to pay the girl Paula, and he says he's completely cleared. Is that repentance? Is it? Not at all! There's only one thing God saves from and that is sins punished in his Son on the Cross. The Devil is the counterfeit.

Then of course when you read a little further you will find that the Lord Jesus Christ has a bride. It's a virgin bride, and the Devil has a woman too, but the Devil's woman, the Antichrist's woman, is a harlot. What a difference! You contrast Revelation 17 with Revelation 21, and you have a description of the bride, the Lamb's wife, and you have in Revelation 17 the description of the harlot, and you'll see the difference between the bride of Christ and the harlot of the Antichrist. Of course you're not allowed to say that today. That is a terrible thing to say - that any church is a harlot - but, my friend, I have the authority of the Holy Ghost to say it. I didn't write Revelation 17. I was blamed once by a woman in the newspaper for writing the Westminster Confession of Faith. [Laughter] She said Ian Paisley wrote the Westminster Confession of Faith. I was offended, because I didn't think I looked as old as that! [Laughter] … and then I was very gratified, because I knew I hadn't the brain power to do any such thing! [Laughter] Oh, but let me tell you, friend, the Holy Ghost pulled back the skin of the woman and pointed to her forehead! "Upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY; BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." (Rev. 17:5)

George Whitfield said of works that you could as easily make a rope with sand as climb to Heaven on a rope of works. Works are at the heart of every false religion.

Now if you know anything about the Bible you will know that the Old Testament deals with types, and the New Testament deals with the fulfilment of the types, known in theology as antitypes. In the Old Testament we read about the beginning of Babylon, and its beginning was Babel - Babel in the Hebrew, Babylon in the Greek. It was an attempt by man to build a gate to God. Fallen man wants to work to get saved. At the heart of all false religion are these works. George Whitfield said of works that you could as easily make a rope with sand as climb to Heaven on a rope of works. Works are at the heart of every false religion. You can test all false doctrine by 'grace or works'. I was talking to Viscount Hailsham one day. I read his book, and of course away back in the early days his father was associated with Moody; and he was telling me how his father towed him out of bed to go to early morning prayer meeting. I told him I had read his book and wanted to ask him a question: 'Do you know anything about grace?' He said: 'Paisley, what do you mean?' I said: 'I just would like to know your view of grace. You see, what you need, Sir, and what I have got, is grace. Grace means I'm a rascal, a dirty, filthy, Hell-deserving wretch, fit only for the dungeons of the damned; but God has had mercy upon my soul because of grace.' He said to me: 'That's something to think about.' I trust he will think about it.

Let me tell you something: grace is what men need. There's no man-manufactured way to Heaven - so at the heart of Babylon is this system: 'We can build a gate to God.' They attempted to do it, and the Lord went down, and the Lord changed their language. I would love to have been there. Here's a fellow up there on the row, and he's laying bricks. You know, an interesting thing about it is that it was a counterfeit building, because they always built in stone; but it said they had bricks for stone. It was counterfeit. The true Church is built of living stone; the false Church is built of bricks. That's the difference, so you can tell the owner of this church he shouldn't have built it of bricks - he should have built it of stone! [Laughter] … and I'd better go home and pull down my church and rebuild it! [Laughter] Let me just tell you this: there's the counterfeit; counterfeit runs all through man's religion. There's a fellow up there and he says: 'Bring up more bricks!' and the other fellow says: 'Wa-wa-wa-wa!' They thought he had gone nuts, and the whole thing broke up, and they left off building the tower. Ah, but they haven't left off building it today: they're back on it! They're back on the tower today, and they've got the electronic devices, and the fellow up there has automatic interpretation, so he can get on with the building job. That's what they're doing today, yes.

The Babylon that they were building was a material Babylon. That Babylon God destroyed. Read the Book of Isaiah - He destroyed it for ever. The idea that Saddam Hussein is going to rebuild Babylon is rubbish - total, absolute bosh. That's what it is - rubbish. God says it will never be inhabited again. You know why? Because the type was finished. Now we have the antitype, and it's not material Babylon that we need to be worried about: it is mystery Babylon. That which was represented materially at Babel and Babylon is now is now mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth. What a thing! Here we have this great Babylon being erected.

...the woman riding on the beast has now been officially taken as the sign of the European Union.

Now, can we see anything about that around the world? I said that we have a task: we have to look for the building of apostasy. Yes, we have, especially in regard to the woman riding on the beast, because the woman riding on the beast has now been officially taken as the sign of the European Union. That's the official symbol that's emerging over and over again. Now it was interesting to read on our brother's book - I read your book, Sir, coming back one day from Strasbourg - I really enjoyed it, I did indeed - and I then lifted up Evangelicals Today and I saw that the son-in-law of Martin Lloyd Jones has some nice things to say about your book. Ah, but I'll tell you a story about the same Knight of the Realm! I was in Europe, and I went down to the Council of Europe's Headquarters. That's not the European Union but the wider Council of Europe's Headquarters, and they had a poster out, and do you know what the poster was? The Tower of Babel, and this was a picture of the European Union; and I came up to Sir Fred, whom I know very well, and I said: 'Sir Fred, I want to tell you I've been preaching this to you, but you don't believe it; but here I have it in my hand' - and I spread it out to him. 'Babel!' he said; 'I'll get that poster withdrawn.' Well, I said: 'I've already had a terrible row down there. The woman said I couldn't take that poster because they were in very short supply.' Said I: 'I'm taking it, and I'm going to expose it with all my might.' Then he went down, and he had to follow up on what he said, and the poster was withdrawn. They withdrew the poster. He should have told him that when he was criticising your book, Sir; it would have made a nice addendum to the criticism he offered of your book. It is a fact.

Parliament Building in Brussels ... there is a dome right up at the top, and on the dome there is a colossal painting. What is it? The Woman riding the Beast!

Let me tell you, eight billion Pounds were spent in building a new Parliament Building in Brussels. That building is just completed now. It's a glass house. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. It's a great glass house, and in the end where the Parliament meets there is a dome right up at the top, and on the dome there is a colossal painting - I suppose it's three times life size. What is it? The Woman riding the Beast! The Woman Riding the Beast! Well, if I kicked up a row about the other, I had another row to kick up then, and I took some visitors in the other day, and I wasn't allowed into the room with them. I was told: 'Oh, that room's closed at the moment!' I don't know what they're doing in it now. I want to tell you, friends, there, right on the dome, is the Woman three times life size riding the Beast.

Then in Strasbourg they are spending another eight billion Pounds on another Parliament Building, because the French are determined that Strasbourg must be the seat of the Beast, and the Belgians insist it must be theirs - they're building another kennel - it's a very expensive kennel for a beast [Laughter] - at eight billion Pounds! I went in the other day and I had another row. They had a huge painting on PE1 - that's the Parliamentary offices part of the Whore - a practical naked woman riding on the beast.

Before the last election there was a booklet put out with a picture of the painting, and I said: 'Could you get me a copy of that?' 'No,' the man said, 'you can't get a copy of that.' There were thousands of those made for the election and there was such a row that broke out in Germany that they had to burn them, incinerate them; but I pulled out one because I know it's going to be valuable.

I was in Brussels this week, and they have just opened a new building for the Council of Europe, and outside that building there is a bronze statue. What is it? The Woman riding the Beast! - and it's not only the Woman riding the Beast, but the Woman riding the Beast and the Beast is riding the waves. The Woman is sitting on the Beast, and the Beast is upon the waters.

Then I was coming home with my good wife just yesterday from Brussels, and we were too early for our flight, and we went into the Diners' Club lounge, and on the wall of the lounge of the Diners' Club in Brussels were the Woman and the Beast together! - and then they had a separate picture of the Beast with one horn, the unicorn Beast. They had it on their stamp, and they're going to continue to have it.

...this day this Scripture is fulfilled before your eyes.

You know what I'm saying to you today: this day this Scripture is fulfilled before your eyes; and if anything points the way to what is coming it's the fact that they have taken that to be their sign - the Woman riding the Beast.

There was a great Church of England Bishop called Christopher Wordsworth, a great man of God. He maybe was a bit High Church. If I had been around I might have lowered him a bit [Laughter], but I'll say this: he was a great Bible expositor, and even Spurgeon paid tribute to him. He wrote a book on Union with Rome, a tremendous book; in fact, it's very hard to get, because I'm sure the Roman authorities have bought that book and burned it, and it has never been answered. It's written to prove - and it does prove conclusively - that the Woman is the Church of Rome. It proves it conclusively. If you get a copy of that book, Union with Rome, and have a look at it, you will see immediately what this whole economic union is about, as the Professor told us today. The great smokescreen is: 'You'll have more jobs, you'll have no unemployment, you'll have a society of equality' … and so on. That's the bait. That's what the Devil said to Eve: 'Take this fruit and you'll have wisdom and be satisfied.' The bait has been held out, but behind this, tear away the smokescreen, tear away all the talk, and what is it? The scaffolding is up, and one day soon the scaffolding is coming down, but part of the scaffolding has already come down and it's the Woman riding the Beast.

God's people would need to go back to Daniel 7 and have a look at the little horn. God's people would need to read Second Thessalonians, chapter 2. It was A.J. Gordon, one of the founding fathers of American fundamentalism, who said that after he read Second Thessalonians, chapter 2, he demanded: 'Immediately arrest the Pope on suspicion that he is the Man of Sin, and never give him a bail bond to let him out again.' [Laughter] I want to tell you, the Man of Sin is clearly discerned there, but with the Man of Sin is the Woman of Sin - the ecclesiastical and political agency - because, remember, the Woman rides the Beast, and what is seen is the Holy Mother Church, but what is not seen is the Beast that is controlling her and bringing her the way he wants her to go.

Yes, we need to have a vision of this false Church. A system of government dominated by the Church of Rome is being prepared for us all. You know, in Roman Catholic countries the diplomatic corps is so ordered that the head of it, the Doyen of the corps, if it's a Roman Catholic country, is always the Pope's representative. He is the Doyen of the diplomatic corps in every Roman Catholic country. Who is the Doyen of the diplomatic corps in Europe? The Pope's representative, because it is a Roman Catholic confederation of nations. That's why.

They have changed the prayers in the House of Commons. I thought the Book of Common Prayer couldn't be changed except by a regular Government process, but they've already changed it.

You remember when the Pope came to Britain - you remember the underhand work they did, and I tried to get a question asked in the House and they wouldn't take it in the Table Office - they wouldn't let it be discussed, and they elevated Rome's diplomatic status to an ambassadorship. It was only a consul that the Vatican had in Britain, but the consul was elevated to be an ambassador; and now you have the Pope's ambassador in London; and vice-versa we have our ambassador, not a consul, in the Vatican - a full ambassador in Rome for the first time since the Reformation. It has all been done very carefully. They have changed the prayers in the House of Commons. I thought the Book of Common Prayer couldn't be changed except by a regular Government process, but they've already changed it. There are people for whom they don't pray in the Royal House. They just cut them off. It reminded me of the days when there was a row over one of the Queens who was married to one of the Georges, and they decided they shouldn't pray for Queen Caroline any more; and an old preacher got up and said: 'Well, if she's a great sinner according to the Government I'd better pray harder for her instead of cutting her out.'

That's only by the way. Let me say to you: all this shows what is really happening in Europe, and there is going to be a fiercer attack now, because we're going to have the Euro. Now one would have thought, if one had been a voter here for a Labour candidate, that Labour was going to do nothing about this till after the next election. Mr. Blair gave us a promise that there would be a referendum; but they're now spending millions of Pounds on advertisements. Have you seen them in the paper? Write in and find out about it. In fact, they have overspent the money, and they sent a deputation to Europe to see if they could get more money, and Europe said: 'No, there's no money for advertising. We're not paying you to join us. If you don't want to join us, that's all right.' There are people in Europe for their own ends who don't want Britain to be there.

Let me say to you: we are going to see the money of our country rapidly invaded. I am old enough to remember when decimal coinage came in, and I found something - that my new penny bought just as much as the old penny, no more; and the old penny was not even half the value of the new penny, so we lost, because it shouldn't have been a Pound with twenty shillings in it, as of old, reckoned to be our Pound, and a hundred pence in it: it should have been a ten shilling note converted into our Pound, and then we would have had the same value. We lost out, and we're going to lose out when the Euro comes. I tell you: there are people who are going to look at the Euro and they're going to see how poor it is. You know why? If the powers in Europe can't control us by fighting us as they fought us in the past, they're going to get us by the neck and they're going to choke us with their economy and their actions, and that's what's happening.

The Bible tells me there's going to come a time when monetary power will be the greatest, because you'll not be able to work your economy except you have the money; and that money must be a common currency.

The Bible tells me there's going to come a time when monetary power will be the greatest, because you'll not be able to work your economy except you have the money; and that money must be a common currency. Then when you ask Members of Parliament what they think about it, they shrug their shoulders and say they don't know much about the Euro. They don't want to know anything about it, and Mr. Blair wants to introduce it in a nice way so that it's a foregone conclusion - and then when you have it in your hand there's not much you can do about it. It's going to be done.

We need to get our eyes opened today and we need to make sure that the building of apostasy is identified. We can see it in the World Council of Churches. They're having their big conference out there in Africa, in Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwe has a law against homosexuality. In fact, Mugabe says every person who practises sodomy should be shot like a dog. What happened? They had to ask for a special law to be passed that in the place where they are meeting the Government will no prosecute any homosexual. Think of it! You know, they shouldn't call it the World Council of Churches: they should call it the World Council of Sodomites. Imagine a church body asking a government to wink their eye at anybody committing an act of sodomy where they're attending a church conference! How vile these churches have become - and you know, we see only the tip of the iceberg. Man, if you went in and looked underneath, dear knows what you would see! I tell you, the wickedness that is abroad today, he's called the Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition, and you'll find the marks of sin upon everything where the Antichrist puts his finger.

We have seen the exposure of paedophile priests, haven't we? I was talking to a Roman Catholic the other day, and he said: 'I have grave doubts about my Church now.' I said: 'You'd be well to have, because you're pinning your faith on the assumption that that man can change the wafer into the Body of Christ and offer it for you upon the altar, and now you have found him out to be a rotter.' I'm glad many Roman Catholics are turning to the truths of Christ. I have seen more Roman Catholics saved in the last ten years of my ministry than I have seen in all the past forty years. God is moving. May God make it a Reformation. May they move out. That's what happened, you know, in the days of the Reformation. It was the putredness of Rome that got her followers to leave her. May God turn the tide on Rome and give us a mighty revival!

Popery is contrary to Christ's Gospel. It is the Antichrist. We ought to pray against it.

Are you praying for the downfall of Rome? I go into very few churches, and when I even mention the name of the Pope they open their eyes and say: 'What's he talking about? If it's Paisley he'll have something to say about the Pope!' […] I want to tell you this: that was not the act of the old men of the past. Mr. Spurgeon said: 'We are not praying against Babylon, we are not praying against the Man of Sin, we are not praying against the real foe of Britain: it is time we started to pray again. It is the bounden duty of every Christian to pray against Antichrist, and as to what Antichrist is, no sane man ought to raise an objection. If it be not popery in the Church of Rome, there is nothing in the world that can be called by that name. If there were to be issued a hue and cry for Antichrist, we would certainly take up the Roman Church on suspicion, and it would certainly not be let loose again, for it so exactly answers the description. Popery is contrary to Christ's Gospel. It is the Antichrist. We ought to pray against it. It should be the daily prayer of every believer that Antichrist might be hurled like a millstone into the flood, and for Christ, because it wounds Christ, it robs Christ of His glory, it puts sacramental efficacy in the place of His atonement, it lifts a piece of bread into the place of the Saviour, and a few drops of water into the place of the Holy Ghost, and puts a mere fallible man like ourselves up as the Vicar of Christ on earth. If we pray against it, because it is against God, we shall love the persons though we hate their errors; we shall love their souls though we hate and detest their dogmas; and so the breath of our prayers will be sweetened because we turn our faces to Christ to pray this prayer.' How I wish we started praying against popery, and if we did, the walls of Jericho would fall, and we would see a great Reformation in our land.

Back in 1949 the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Armagh, the Primate of all Ireland of the Roman Church, was celebrating his anniversary, and the priests in Ireland sent him this message - a most interesting message:

"We, the Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland, prostrate at the feet of Your Holiness, humbly offer you our warmest congratulations on the occasion of the golden jubilee of your ordination to the priesthood. Our thoughts go back to that great event fifty years ago by which Your Holiness was taken from among men and appointed for men in the things that appertain to God, was made a minister of Christ, a dispenser of His mysteries, received power over the real and mystical body of our Saviour, and became a mediator between God and man - another Christ."

That's what they think of the Pope - "another Christ". If any man preach any other Gospel unto you, let him be anathema. If any man preach any other Christ unto you, let him be anathema.

4. There is a battle to be fought.

We have to fight a battle, brethren.

Revelation, chapter seventeen: the followers of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings are called and chosen and faithful. We have to fight a battle, brethren. This is not some church picnic party to which we are called, and when there is a battle, people are hurt, and their garments are rolled in blood, and the wounds and scars after the day of battle are upon the bodies of the saints of God; and I tell you, we need to waken to the fact that this is the fight - two great thrones at war - the Throne of God and the throne of the Antichrist, locked in deadly struggle. On whose side are we? Have we unfurled the flag and said like David's men: "Thine are we, David, and on thy side, thou son of Jesse." (I Chr. 12:18) Gave we said: 'Thine are we, Lord Jesus, and on Thy side, Thou Son of God!' Have we? Have we declared ourselves?

There are too many people far too silent today. We need to be vocal in our witness for Christ.

There are too many people far too silent today. We need to be vocal in our witness for Christ. We need not to preach in such a way that people run to the dictionary to understand what we're saying. The person must need no dictionary. The best thing John Major ever said to me was this: 'Ian, when you write me a letter, I don't need any explanation.' [Laughter] He said: 'I always say to my staff: "Boy, Paisley puts it the way it is!" [Laughter] You don't need to write back and say: "What do you mean by this?" [Laughter] He said: 'You're the only man who writes to me from across the world and just puts it on the line; you don't need any explanation.' I said: 'That's what it's about, John. You've got to be straight.' My friends, we need to be straight in our wits. I want to tell you, young preachers come to me and say: 'We have bother, you know, in our district. Ecumenicals have these prayer breakfasts, and they invite us.' I say: 'Well, it's a funny thing they never invite me!' [Laughter]… 'and they have these united Gospel endeavours, and they invite us.' - 'You know why they never invite me?' I said: 'Young man, if you have to put up on your chest what you are, you're not really what you are. If you are consistent, a Bible-believing Protestant, a preacher of the fuller Gospel, you'll not be invited anywhere.'

I want to tell you, it's not the postman who tears up the invitations: they never come [Laughter], they're never sent. There was some years ago in the park opposite my Church a united Gospel campaign, and they had all the churches in the area gathered in, and at the first meeting of all the ministers a fellow got up at the back seat and said: 'Well, it's a strange thing: Mr. Paisley is the Minister of the largest Church in this area. Why was he not invited?'… and the chairman said: 'You couldn't invite him, for if he came here the first thing he would ask is whether we believed in the virgin birth, what was our attitude to the Pope, what was our attitude to the mass, did we believe in the Blood of Christ for cleansing.' He said: 'He would have us wrecked.' [Laughter] He said: 'We can't have him. He's a divider.' Of course I would ask the most questions! The man was absolutely right. You see, if you take a stand, you've no trouble. You don't need to give any explanation: it's never asked for. My, I'm telling you, the miracle would be if they ever invited me!

"Why I don't eat breakfast with Billy Graham - Ten Reasons"

The only time I was invited to a prayer breakfast was by the British Government, who set up a prayer breakfast for Billy Graham, the Irish Cardinal and myself. [Loud laughter] They asked me if I would attend it. Think of it! I told that Government Minister a thing of two, and I'm telling you, he was glad to get me out of his hands. [Laughter] I gave him a book Billy Graham and the Church of Rome, and I said: 'If you want reasons why I'll not be eating breakfast with Billy Graham or the Cardinal, just read that book!' … so the Ecumenists thought they would bring him to the nearest church they could get - a church from which my congregation seceded: Ravenhill Presbyterian Church - so they brought him to that church, and that night I preached on the subject "Why I don't eat breakfast with Billy Graham - Ten Reasons" [Laughter], and I'm glad I did. It's the first time, I suppose, ever in the world that a preacher in one church had such a big crowd as Graham had. He sent a man to the meeting to record it. He didn't need to record it as I record everything I say. I would have given him a complementary tape anyway. He got it, and when he went home from the meeting he said to the people: 'Give me a room: I want to go in and hear Paisley preach.' He listened to the whole thing, and when he came out a man said: 'What have you to say?' He said: 'Nothing.' He didn't even make a reply, because in that tape I reminded him of his past. I read some of the statements he made when he was President of the Northwestern Schools, and he said there: 'I can't sit down with a man who denies the virgin birth, because my Saviour is virgin-born, and if I did I would be selling my Lord.'

Graham sits down with everybody today - everybody. What a tragedy!

Graham sits down with everybody today - everybody. What a tragedy! My friends, I'm glad that the Queen is not inviting me to the Palace to make me a Knight. She's going to invite Billy Graham to get an honorary knighthood. I just said when I heard that: 'I'm glad there's no invitation coming to me for selling my Lord.' I want to get the 'Well done' of God. I want to be able to look my Saviour in the eye when the judgement day comes, and say: 'I never denied you, Lord. Many things I did that weren't right. I'm only an old sinner saved by grace, but I've tried to be faithful unto death, and thank God I'll get a reward then, and every old devil in Hell will see it, and every old Pope of Rome will see it. Even the fellow I called the Antichrist - he'll be there to watch it the day when God makes up His jewels.

We should see to it that we engage in this battle.

Then could I tell you this: the blood of the martyrs is still to be shed. The full martyr roll is not made up yet. That's the task that's before us. Some of us here could be martyrs before it's all over - go the same way as Tyndale, the same way as the five great Bishops of the Church of England. I think often of those men - faithful unto death; and yet poor Thomas Cranmer had doubts and fears, made decisions and then reversed them because of the fear of the fire; but when the day came for the final test he was like a lion. He had got back his courage, his grace, his strength, and it was his words that I printed upon my poster and erected before the Pope in Strasbourg: "I refuse you as Christ's enemy and Antichrist."

I knew immediately I erected that poster that it would be pulled down. In fact Mr. Hapsburg, whom you were hearing about, came over and pulled it down and beat me, hit me, and I said to him: 'Sure you're old predecessor would have murdered Martin Luther. It's no wonder you're getting at me, because I'm just saying the same things.' … but I had posters in every pocket, and so when one came down I took out another and opened it up again. [Laughter] Then they took it down, but I had one here, and there, and in my side pockets, and in my breast pockets - every pocket stuffed with posters! There was a wee woman over in Ulster and she was saying: 'Oh, Mr. Paisley - he's like a juggler; he's bringing them out of every pocket. This is about the firth one, and he seems to have about ten more still. [Laughter]

Cranmer: "I refuse you as Christ's enemy and Antichrist"

You know, you get wise when you go into these protests. I remember the first protest to which I went: my poster was pulled down, and then I could do nothing, so I decided I'd bring a lot of ammunition the next day, and I would know what to do. Yes, and you know, the great thing about that protest was that what the Pope said was never mentioned in the press across the world; but the statement of Cranmer ("I refuse you as Christ's enemy and Antichrist") was in every paper across the world. I got papers from across the world, and I'll tell you what's more: I got letters from Roman Catholics who were converted through my protest. There was a man sitting in a television service in the South of Ireland, and he saw it, and he said: 'I have always thought there was something wrong with my church, but Paisley has put his finger on it'; and he got down in front of the television and he said: 'Lord, save me'; and he wrote to me to tell me that he had got gloriously saved.

There were twenty-one ex-Roman Catholic priests who phoned up my wife at home while I was in Strasbourg making the protest, and they said they were all on their knees praising the Lord. They said they wished they were in Strasbourg to stand me as I made my protest. I want to tell you, it did good. For the first time on a world stage since the Reformation the Pope was called his rightful name; and there were more explanations in Roman Catholic newspapers about what it meant to call the Pope an Antichrist, and how it started, and who first called him an Antichrist, and how it came about. My, I'm telling you, God makes the weak things to confound the mighty.

Martyrs' rolls still to be made up! Those that are under the altar! Revelation, chapter six: "Rest awhile." Your brothers are going to come here. They're going to wear this crown.

Then finally, and one of the most important things that God has been blessing to my heart these days:

5. We need to beam in continually on the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus is coming again. I found out something the other day as I was reading the Bible. I never knew it before. It's the most interesting thing about the Bible that there's always something new. You go into a home, you know, and a Christian's dead, and the people say: 'Well, he's gone to his reward.' It's not true. He hasn't gone to his reward at all. He's gone to be with Christ, which is far better; but there are no rewards till Jesus comes. "[…] behold, I come quickly; and me reward is with me." (Rev. 22:12)

Paul was going to die a martyr's death. Did he say: 'I'm now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord will give me the very minute I'm decapitated'? He never said anything of the sort. He said: "Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing." (II Tim. 4:8) What did Paul say of the Corinthian converts? He said that our rewards are going to be given by Christ.

I'll tell you what's going to happen. We're going to be crowned along with Him. When He takes His Crown to rule, we're going to be crowned along with Him. The crowning day is coming.

Well, let's get on with the job. More power to our elbows! Let's get down to being good servants of Christ.

You know, the only thing that I want is to have a crown to lay at His feet. I want to be able to cast my crown at the Saviour's feet. That's the task ahead. Well, let's get on with the job. More power to our elbows! Let's get down to being good servants of Christ.

I started this service with reading you that great portion from Luke's Gospel. I would draw your attention to it now. Let our loins be girded up. Let us be ready, for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. It was the founding father of American fundamentalism who said: 'Saint Sepulchre is not going to put the crown on my head: it's going to be King Jesus Who will crown me; and death is only a stop on the way.' If I die, it'll only be a stop on the way. When people say I'm finished now, I'm gone, yes, I am, but I'll be living better than I ever lived before. I'll be skipping over the hillside of Heaven in a place where I can write on the wall "No Pope here, and it's absolutely true!" [Laughter]

God bless you. Let's have a word of prayer.

Father in Heaven, we thank Thee for this good time we've had this afternoon around Thy precious Word. O God, keep us faithful unto death, and then give us a crown of life. Bless the work of this United Protestant Council, we pray, and Lord, bring us closer together in the battle. Help us, our God, to have time to cheer on men and other regiments of the Lord's work and get on with the job of fighting the battle that He has appointed us to do. We thank Thee, Lord Jesus, for loving us and coming for us and living for us and dying for us and shedding Thy Blood for us and lying in the tomb for us and rising again for us and ascending to God's right hand, and at this very moment, while we are here, praying for us. Blessed be Thy lovely Name, Thy coming again for us. O God, make us faithful unto death, that we may get the crown of life, for Jesus' sake… and everybody said: 'Amen'.

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