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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Date Posted:

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None Dare Call It Treason

Sermon preached in Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church. Lord’s Day, 22nd October 2000 (PM). Scripture Reading: II Thessalonians chapter 2:1-12.
Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley

"And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie." Let me make it clear that on the question of the Papacy I stand in the Reformation and Protestant succession. I have no apology for what I have to say. It needs to be said. It needs to be said not in the strength of the arm of the flesh but with the anointing of the blessed Holy Spirit of God.

The Teaching of the Bible

I stand by the teaching of this Book in regard to religious apostasy and where religious apostasy is going and where it is headed. I heed and obey the warning of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who told me that the dynasty of men calling themselves Christ would be one of the latter day deceptions.

Open your Bible at Matthew 24 and the Lord Jesus Christ tells us in verse 4 "And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you," for men will deceive the people of God. "For many" not a few "shall come in my name," and each one of these coming in His name. They don’t say, "We are the Christ" they personally say, "I am the Christ", "and shall deceive many." The majority are going to be deceived by a continuing dynasty of religious leaders who take the name of Christianity and claim to be Christ Himself.

Tell me, in the world tonight, where do we find this dynasty? Where do we find what Christ infallibly told us would take place? Where do we find an organisation claiming the name of Christ and yet usurping His Person, His Power, His Prerogatives, and His Message? It is only found in one place and that place is Rome and it is only found in one ecclesiastical establishment and that is the Church of Rome.

Read your Bible and you will understand what is happening in these last days. They come crying, "I am Christ". True Christianity in the world has done and is doing all it can to preach the true Christ. Most Christianity is doing all it can to forward the system of the false Christ – the Antichrist – and the majority will be deceived in the last days by Antichrist and all his works.

The Reformers were right

Now the Reformers were very outspoken men, they came out of hell’s pit of Popery. Out of the midnight of the darkness of the Papacy, which brought about the Dark Ages in Europe. They sought to be faithful in their exposure of Rome. By solemn warnings they were determined to save as many as they could from the darkness, and deception, and idolatry, and superstition and priest-craft of Rome.

What Martin Luther said

When his friends imprisoned Martin Luther in order to hide him from those who wanted to kill him, the great Reformer said many things. I want to read you some of those things. He said:

"When I reflect on these horrible times of blasphemy, I wish my eyes to weep rivers of tears for the unhappy desolation of those souls living under the reign of sin and perdition. The monstrous chair at Rome placed in the midst of the church affects to honour God. The Popes pretend to render Christ homage while the pretenders to piety outrage the very laws of Christ Himself. In short, according to them there is nothing which they would not undertake for his service meanwhile Satan is on the alert. His heart is yearning for the destruction of men and he opens wide his mouth of torment, he delights in the perdition of men."

Then he said:

"Here am I in this castle prison living in a desert but by the power of the pen I have created a great configuration. I have burned a hole in the pockets of the Papacy for I have attacked the confessional. What can I now do or what shall I hereafter do? Where will they find sufficient quantity of brimstone, bitchimun, iron and wood to burn the ashes of what they call a poisonous heretic. They will be hardly able to raise even the windows of the church to allow the saints to escape from the power of priest-craft because of my preaching of the Gospel. Poor people must hear the glad tidings of the Gospel that Christ really pardons and really forgives and then breaks the power of sin so that those that started to sin cease from it and seek after God. I hear a cry on every side "Kill Luther, kill Luther, kill Luther, kill Luther." He will, if he is not killed, overthrow the whole ecclesiastical state. He is endeavouring to erase and eradicate Christianity."

The very thing that Popery was doing, they accused their great opponent of doing.

Luther says, "I earnestly hope if I were worthy that they would come and entrust me with the measure of these fathers. But as yet my hour is not yet come. Before I die I must render that generation of vipers more furious. So as far as they are concerned I shall die gain. What is it to me whether the Pope slays me or condemns me to Hell. He cannot raise the dead and he may slay me as often as he pleases for I care little for his censures. In short I never wished them to be removed until Rome, that kingdom of abomination and perdition, is destroyed forever. There are many who think and complain that I am too fierce and keen against the Papacy. On the contrary, I lament that I am too mild. I wish I could breath thunderclaps against the Pope and Popery and that every word was a thunderbolt. The kingdom of Christ is a kingdom of mercy, grace and goodness. The kingdom of the Pope is a kingdom of lies and damnation. The Devil is like a farmer, he wrings the necks of the birds he catches and then he kills them. He preserves very few alive. Those which allure other birds to his snare and sing the songs he wants them to sing, he puts into a cage that by their seducings he may catch other birds. I hope he will not get me into his cage. When I write against the Pope I am not melancholy for then I labour with all my heart. One of my helpers said to me "You seem very jolly, Martin Luther, when you write against the Pope." I replied, "Neither the Devil, his Lieutenant, the Antichrist of Rome nor his followers can make me sad for I know that they are Christ’s enemies and therefore I fight against them with all my heart."

Luther was a brave man, he walked with death, he walked with martyrdom, but he never betrayed his Lord or sought by weak words not to expose evil that needed to be exposed.

He said: "I can hardly look on Popery without cursing." He said: "I pray hallowed be Thy name and when I pray that I add something. I add cursed be the name of the Papists and of all those who blaspheme the true God of heaven. If I say Thy kingdom come I add cursed be the Popedom and all the kingdoms that are opposed to the true kingdom of God. If I say that I am going to fight then I mean to fight for I want to be faithful daily, true and faithful, to the Lord Jesus. Nevertheless, I have a good and loving heart for all the world and my enemies themselves know this very well indeed."

Martin Luther - what a man! We need Luthers today with the same boldness, the same strength and the same anointing of God.
Queen visits the Pope

The Queen violates the Constitution

This week we witnessed the pathetic sight of the head of the Royal House of Windsor, our Queen, the Queen of this United Kingdom and the dominions beyond the seas, violating one of the most vital parts of that constitution - the rights and liberties of the subject and the settling of the succession of the Crown.

Let me read to you clause 9 of that Williamite Revolution Settlement:

"And, whereas it has been found by experience that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this Protestant kingdom to be governed by a Popish Prince or by any King or Queen marrying a Papist. The said Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons do further pray that it may be enacted that all and every person and persons, that is, are, or shall be reconciled to, or shall hold communion with, the See or Church of Rome, or shall profess the Popish religion or shall marry a Papist shall be excluded, and be forever incapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the Crown and Government of this realm and Ireland and the dominions thereunto belonging to any part of the same; to have, use or exercise any Regal power, authority or jurisdiction within the same; and in all and every case or cases the people of these realms shall be and are hereby absolved from their allegiance; and the said Crown and Government shall from time to time descend to and be enjoyed by such person or persons being Protestants as should have inherited and enjoyed the same, in case the said person or persons so reconciled, holding communion or professing or marrying as aforesaid, were naturally dead."

No communion with Rome! No flirtations with Rome! No abiding to the dictates of Popery! Please notice this was not done because of a religious principle. This was done politically because our fathers said those who became the servants of the Pope had to be excluded, not for their religious beliefs, not for their idolatrous worship however much it was detested, but because the safety and welfare of this kingdom shows that the kingdom is in danger when it is under the control of a person who is under the control of the Pope.

I told you before, let me repeat it. At the first talks that we had at Stormont Mr Mallon came out with a tremendous statement. He thought he had become the incarnation of Solomon. So he told us all that he had great concern and great sorrow of heart. Think if it, he said, the Prince of the Royal House, the Prince of Wales, cannot marry a Roman Catholic. He is prohibited to marry a Roman Catholic. He went on and on, and I let him go on and on. Then I said "Mr Mallon, you know our forefathers who drew up our constitution learned something by bitter experience from your Church. I am quite amazed at you saying that you are very sorry for the Prince of Wales because he cannot marry a Roman Catholic. The Prince of Wales can marry a Roman Catholic tomorrow. He could marry her tomorrow. But he then ceases to be heir to the throne and cannot inherit the throne. Where did we learn that? We learned it from the Pope himself. But the Pope, he is in a worse condition, he is not allowed to marry. And he is certainly not allowed to marry a Protestant and if he did you, Mr Mallon, would de-Pope him!"

Dear Seamus, he was in a bad way, he was in a bad way. He had taken his blunderbus and it had exploded in his face. To think it is bigotry that our forefathers wrote that into the law, it was for the safety of this realm and you can see today why it had to be written there for the safety of our realm.

The Church of Rome has not changed

Let no one be deceived in any way. The Church of Rome has not changed and will not change. Just a few weeks ago the Pope issued writings from Rome and he repeated as clear as the midday sun his audacious claims and usurping position. What were these claims? He told us there was no other Christian church on earth but the Church of Rome and the Orthodox Catholic Church. All other churches are not churches at all and he said to call them sister churches was wrong because this Church has no sisters, it is the Mother Church, the one and only Church. He said that just a few weeks ago.

Then he told us that salvation is within the Roman Church alone and acceptance of the Pope as its head on earth and successor of Christ. That is not debatable. You must be in his church if you are going to be saved.

Those statements alone should have halted any visit of the Queen to the Pope. They did not for Tony Blair was engaged, according to Downing Street, writing a letter which the Queen was to deliver to the Pope apologising to him for the way that Britain had treated the Catholics of Ireland. I don’t know whether the letter was ever written but it was definitely not delivered. Because the whole thing became radically unstuck and the Pope, as far as I could see from the pictures that were taken, he was just a doting old man and, we are told by the press, she was terribly sorry for him. She was not as sorry for him as I was for her, the fool that she was going there.

She was compelled to wear black. She was not allowed to go before him without a veil. She carried the veil over her neck and head. She was not allowed to wear white because he alone could sit there in white. Isn’t it outrageous that all the rascals that we have in the world today claim white? The Pope wears white. Clinton lives in the White House! What a terrible world we live in today!

Tony Blair directed the Queen to go to further the destruction of our nation and bring upon it God’s curse. Why didn’t the Queen learn that when she received the Pope in Buckingham Palace instead of blessing there was a curse? Her family torn with marriage uproars and divorces. Windsor Castle almost burned to the ground and a state of Divine retribution rested on her family and the House of Windsor.

No one ever got the blessing of the antichrist and prospered. No one could ever have that blessing and prosper.

What the Queen said to the Pope

What a tragedy it is that we see what has taken place today. It was not reported in our papers at home what the Queen said. But I read the Roman Catholic press. I get many of their papers every week. In fact the boy who used to deliver them to my home said I secretly was a Papist. He said he knew this because Mr Paisley reads all these Catholic papers. He could not really be a Protestant and read these papers. But, you need to read them. What did the leading Universe say? The Pope said to the Queen, the man that claimed his Church was the only Church, that he alone was the only saviour. He said, "There can be no turning back from unity"- that was the Pope’s message to the Queen. What did the Queen say? The Queen told the Pope that she hoped the two phases would continue to advance along the path which leads to Christian unity. Think of that! Then think of the law of the land and the Williamite Revolution Settlement. Here we have the Queen uttering something entirely different from the law that enables her to occupy the throne.

Attempts to alter the Williamite Revolution Settlement

There is a great agitation now in the Westminster Parliament to do away with the Williamite Revolution Settlement. During the Premiership of John Major there was a rumour that the Coronation Oath was going to be watered down and the part where the Queen said I am a faithful Protestant removed completely.

Now you cannot ask questions in the House of Commons about those matters. But if you are an old hand as I am after 30 years there is a way to do it. So I wrote to the Prime Minister and I said how could you change an oath, which the sitting monarch has taken. Are you going to make her a perjurer? You cannot do it. Surely, I said, there can be no change in the oath until the last person who tied themselves to that oath is no longer here. I got a letter written with the typical diplomacy of 10 Downing Street and you would not know whether the answer was yes or no. I got up with the letter in the House of Commons, this is the way I was able to ask the question, and I said "Mr Prime Minister, you wrote me a letter, I have it here, and you said this in the letter. Now can you confirm to this House that the Coronation Oath cannot be changed until the person who took it is dead." He was on the spot and he had to admit that the Honourable Member for North Antrim was right; you could not do anything about it under the present situation.

Let me tell you from this pulpit that there is a plan to destroy the Protestantism and freedom of this United Kingdom and it is working in Downing Street, it is working in Buckingham Palace, it is working everywhere. The power of the Church of Rome.

The Queen thanks the Pope for the help he gave in Ireland

Is it not interesting that the Queen was to thank the Pope, and did thank the Pope for the help he gave in Ireland. That is a bit of hypocrisy is it not? Where did the IRA come from? Out of the womb of Rome. Who blessed the terrorists? The Roman Catholic priests. Who buried them with full church honours? Did not the Pope send golden crucifixes that those who were on hunger strike could die holding on to the golden crucifix of the Pope.

I have never heard Her Majesty the Queen mention Protestants and say how much the Protestants of Ulster should be honoured for the way they have taken the vile handling of the IRA and still continue to be upright, law abiding citizens, giving their allegiance to the State and to those appointed by the State in the security forces. Never have we heard such a word uttered by the Queen because Downing Street will not permit her to offer such congratulations to the Protestant population.

The Pope’s gifts to the Queen

Then at the end, oh the farce of it! ‘They shall believe a lie’. They presented an illustrated New Testament to the Queen in latin vulgate. A corrupted testament. It was not the testimony that you have in your hand. No, no, it was the corrupted Bible that he had. Because the Pope only deals in corrupted Bibles and when he gets his hands on the true Bible he burns it and destroys it and reels against it. Rome is no lover of the Bible. Ah, but that was for the outward publicity. What happened? As he left he handed her a crucifix and a rosary. In one hand the Queen clutched a perverted version of the Bible and in the other hand a bauble of idolatry. You just think of that.

Yet a few days ago the Pope was telling the Queen that the church of which she is head is not even a church and it cannot be named as a Christian church. Oh the hypocrisy of it all.

Well I don’t need the Pope’s perverted copy of the Scripture. I have got the true Scriptures. I don’t need any bauble of Popery. I don’t need a crucifix. Jesus is not dead. He is living and is alive for evermore. I am not counting my beads; I am counting my blessings! The Lord knows when you are saved and you have peace in your heart, joy in your soul and grace abounding all around.

The battle is on

Brethren and sisters in Christ the battle is on. This week they tell me they are going to elect, for the first time since the Reformation, a Roman Catholic Speaker of the House of Commons. So the slide is on. The downgrade is about. Well thank God my Saviour sill reigns. It says He is consuming Antichrist. At this very moment what does He consume the Antichrist with? With the Words of His mouth, the Power of His Holy Word, for Rome cannot stand up to the Word of the Living God. That is the sword that penetrates even the entrails of the Pope and brings him down, the Word of the Living God.

He will destroy him, with the words of His mouth, He will consume him and He will destroy him with the brightness of His coming.

One day that old hoary Rome, hoary with sins and idolatries, will perish and a cry will resound in heaven "Babylon is fallen". There will be a hallelujah as that great deceiver of the nations comes to the day of final and total judgment by the true Christ whom I love and serve.

Make sure your allegiance is to Christ, the true Christ, and to Him alone. He alone can give you peace. He alone can give you life and He alone can give you joy unspeakable and full of glory.


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