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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The British Church Newspaper
" ..for such a time as this.. " Esther 4:14

  • The British Church Newspaper is a new, unashamedly Protestant, fortnightly newspaper designed to fill a major gap in the media.
  • It reports news of the churches in our country and worldwide.
  • It comments on the controversies of the day, spiritual and political, in outspoken terms but also in a charitable spirit, speaking the truth in love.
  • It is non-denominational and offers the hand of brotherly fellowship to Bible Christians of all denominations.
  • It is opposed to Romanism, Ecumenism, Liberalism and Humanism.
  • It seeks to advance spiritual religion, giving space in each issue to Biblical exposition and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Particular features include the Belfast correspondent, Europe correspondent, readers letters, book reviews and Dr Clive Gillis on Rome past and present.
  • It uses and advocates the Authorised (King James) version of the Bible only.


  • OPPOSES Romanism, Liberalism, Humanism

  • EXPOSES The dangerous leaven of Ecumenism

  • ADVOCATES Spiritual, Scriptural religion

  • GIVES Reports of events in the UK and the world

  • COMMENTS Faithfully and independently on the spiritual, ecclesiastical and political questions of the day

  • Directors of Timely Publications Ltd: Dr Brian Green (Chairman), Mr Peter Gray (treasurer), Rev Mark Biddle, Mr Maurice McCaughey, Dr Napier Malcom (Hon. editor).

  • Subscriptions: 12 months 20 (average 24 issues); 6 months 12 (average 12 issues). Cheques should be made out to `British Church Newspaper' and sent to 21 Thrift Close, Stalbridge, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 2LE. Phone 078 188 65680

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