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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
The History and Falsehoods of Romanism
by Professor CAM Noble
We have dealt in this series with a several of the traditional unscriptural errors of the Roman system, and we have covered only a comparatively small area of all the traditions, superstitions and pagan adaptations which have accumulated throughout the ages. This has been intended as an introduction only, and from time to time readers will find on our Web site other analysis of Roman doctrinal errors.

Meanwhile we thank God for His grace and pray that He will open the eyes of those spiritually blinded by the falsehoods and darkness of this evil system so that they may see the glorious Truth and Light of the finished work of Christ on the Cross.

  1. Introduction
    In accordance with its motto semper eadem ('always the same'), and availing itself of modern sophisticated communication techniques, it is once again vigorously pursuing its ultimate goal of subjecting every living human being to its doctrine, authority and domination.

  2. The Origins and Nature of the Church of Rome
    Roman Catholicism is the most powerful, widespread and subtle of all un-Biblical religious movements. It claims to be the only "true" church, and everything outside of it is labelled false and branded as heresy. All Protestants are "heretics" according to Romanism.

  3. Basic Differences between Romanism and Bible Christianity
    The basic difference between the Roman Catholic religion and Evangelical Christianity may be summed up in one word - authority. Evangelical Christians accept the Bible, and the Bible only, as the authority in all matters of faith, doctrine, and practice.

  4. The Origin of False Doctrines
    The ignorance of the average Protestant concerning the teachings of the Roman Church is astonishing. Many Protestants express surprise at some of the errors that can be pointed out in this unscriptural system.

  5. Mariolatry
    Of the scores and scores of doctrines taught by the Roman Church without one shred of authority from the Scriptures, the exaltation of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, is one of the most prominent, and certainly one of the most unscriptural.

  6. Purgatory and Indulgences
    Rome teaches that purgatory is an intermediate place between Heaven and Hell where the soul spends an indeterminate length of time, depending on the gravity of unpardoned sins and the number of indulgences granted on the soul's behalf.

  7. One Error Begets Others - Supererogation and Confession
    One error always leads to others. When the Church of Rome began tampering with the Scriptures, it started on a road of error and false doctrine which calls constantly for new errors to support the former ones. Thus, purgatory called for indulgences, and indulgences called for works of supererogation.

  8. Papal Infallibility
    In our series on Romanism we come to one of the gravest and most damning errors ever taught by the Roman Catholic Church. It is called the doctrine of Papal Infallibility.

  9. Christ the Rock - Peter the Little Stone
    The ridiculous dogma of the infallibility of the Pope when he speaks as the Head of the Church is closely associated with another tradition, also entirely without scriptural or historical proof. It is the doctrine of the Succession of the Apostle Peter.

  10. Rome's Monopoly on 'Salvation'
    How can a person not born into the Roman Catholic Church become a member? You cannot join it by giving your testimony of your new birth and personal acceptance of Jesus Christ by faith. It is not so simple. Here is the profession of faith that all who are not born in the church are required to sign...

  11. All non-Romanists declared 'Heretics'
    According to the Church of Rome, all Protestants are heretics and anathema. Rome claims it alone is the true church and that there is no salvation outside it. This is sometimes denied by Roman Catholics, but is abundantly documented by the statements and decrees of Popes and Church Councils.

  12. Mystery - Babylon the Great
    The first sign of the end of the age was the sign of increasing deception. It heads the list of all the other signs of the end of the age and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. No other age of history has seen so much deception as ours.

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