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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Pre-Reformation Period

The History of the Early Christian Martyrs
Foxe's Book of Martyrs, 1/21/98
History of Christian Martyrs to the First General Persecutions Under Nero. Persons include: Stephen, James the Great, Philip, Matthew, James the Less, Matthias, Andrew, Mark, Peter, Paul, Jude, Bartholomew, Thomas, Luke, Simon, John, Barnabas.

Reformation Period

Thomas Cranmer
By Professor C.A.M. Noble, 2/2/98
Cranmer said that he was troubled because his hand had offended, writing contrary to his heart, and that, should he come to the fire, his right hand should first be punished. He was immediately hurried off to the stake already set up. When the fire was lit he thrust in his right hand, holding it there and saying again and again: "That unworthy right hand." At the end, raising his eyes, he was heard to say: "Lord Jesus, receive my spirit."

Faithful Unto Death - Chapter 4
By Rev W St Clair Taylor, Adapted By Professor Arthur Noble

Among the first to suffer were William Wolsey and Thomas Pygot, and Bishops Ridley and Latimer. Nicholas Ridley had been Bishop of London, and Hugh Latimer had been Bishop of Worcester "of whose famous doings and memorable learning [...]all the realm can witness".
Latimer and Ridley
Then they brought a faggot, kindled with fire, and laid it down at Ridley's feet. To whom Latimer spoke in this manner: 'Be of good comfort, Master Ridley, and play the man; we shall this day light such a candle by God's grace in England, as I trust shall never be put out.'
Cranmer and Hooper
When Cranmer had signed his recantation, he discovered that he had signed away his peace and joy. Prayer was no longer the joy it had been, and fellowship with God seemed impossible. On a certain day, however, he was brought before the public in St. Mary's Church, Oxford, to utter his recantation, so that all might hear it.
The Young Girl Rose Allen
When called before the judges, she proved too much for them, with her Scriptural answers and fearless bearing, and the court was only too glad to pass hurried sentence upon this faithful witness. This dear young girl, who had done no wrong and nothing to be ashamed of was condemned to be burnt alive.
William Hunter The Boy Martyr
"The Bishop then sent him to a convict prison and commanded the keeper to lay irons upon him, as many as he could bear; and asked how old he was. Hunter said he was nineteen years old. "'Well,' said the Bishop, 'you will be burned ere you be twenty years old, if you will not yield yourself better than you have done already.'
The Trend of Events Today
There are some people today who believe that such persecutions and even such circumstances which led up to these persecutions will never again be witnessed in our beloved land. Therefore, in order to impress upon my older readers the modern trend, I am including here a statement taken from the Book God's Unsettled Controversy by the Rev. Murdoch Campbell, M.A.:

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