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Monday, September 25, 2017

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Viewed 2,500+ times | Thursday, April 24, 2008

“Halting mosques is about defending the UK’s Christian freedoms”
Mrs. Alison Ruoff has spoken on halting new mosques in the United Kingdom to protect Christian freedoms. The former magistrate, member of General Synod of the Church of England and regular commentator on Premier Christian Radio told the station, “Halting the building of mosques in the United Kingdom is about preserving precious freedoms - both here and abroad.”

“Christians are being persecuted in many Islamic countries. In places like Indonesia and Pakistan, Christian churches are burnt down, pastors and Christian people are being murdered. If people in those countries were to convert from Islam to Christianity, the punishment is death.”

“We need to look at what is going on in the UK. We are still a predominantly Christian country, that was hard won by people giving up their lives hundreds of years ago and we need to hold onto it.” Mrs. Ruoff continued.

“As a still predominantly Christian nation we must guard our hard won Christian freedoms dearly. Many Muslim have come to this country in search of just this and to escape the tyrannical oppression of living under Shari’a Law.”

“Christian freedoms are priceless but if we allow more and more mosques to be built then we run the risk of creating purely Islamic areas which will surely become ‘NO-go’ areas for a non Muslim.”

“Struggling Christians in Islamic countries cannot understand our foolishness and indeed foolhardiness. They are under enormous opposition in Islamic countries and I believe that as a Christian Nation we should be doing all we possibly can to help and protect them. It must start with the withholding of planning permission in this country. We have enough mosques already.”

“If we don’t withhold planning permission to build more mosques in the UK, these Islamic countries will have no reason to listen to our pleas to stop Christian persecution.

A Premier spokesperson has said, “It’s essential to hear all elements of this issue, and not immediately jump to the conclusion that Christians are calling for a blind nationwide ban on mosques.”

   British Church Newspaper

   11 April 2008

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