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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
John Calvin (1509-1564) His Life and Work
Translated from a Swiss booklet published in French by Professor C.A.M. Noble

His Youth
John Calvin was born on July 10, 1509, in Noyon, Picardy. His father, Grard Cauvin, recognising the child's exceptional talents, intended him for the ministry. Having begun his studies in his native town, the young Calvin was sent to attend La Marche College in Paris at the age of twelve...

First Sojourn in Geneva
"You have no other excuse for refusing than your professed attachment to your studies, but I warn you in the name of Almighty God that if you do not share with me the holy work in which I am engaged, He will not bless your plans, since you consider your rest more important than Jesus Christ." (Farel to Calvin)

In Strasbourg
Calvin's reply delighted Luther: "There," he wrote in a letter to Bucer, "is a document which has hands and feet! I rejoice that God raises up such men. They will continue the work that I began against the Antichrist, and, with God's help, they will finish it." The exchanges with Calvin lasted about a year.

In Geneva
On May 27, 1564, an improvement seemed to be coming about, but, at eight o'clock in the evening, the signs of death suddenly appeared on his face. He passed away peacefully and was able to talk to those present until he breathed his last breath. "That, " said Bze, "is the way the greatest light in the Church was extinguished at a time when the sun ceased lighting up the universe."

Scottish Covenanters
An Outline Of Scottish 'Covenant History' In The 17th Century - [Purves' Fair Sunshine]

The story of religious covenanting in Scotland covers a long period, beginning in 1557 when certain men did 'band thame selfis' to maintain 'the trew preaching of the Evangell of Jesus Christ'.

Donald Cargill
Cargill stood ready waiting, the first to die. He stood with his back to the gallows and asked the multitude for their attention. He sang the 118th Psalm, beginning at verse 16.

Hugh MacKail
A thin wasted limb of weak Hugh MacKail was placed within this hell-invented instrument, and the brutal wedge was driven home eleven savage times till the leg was smashed and pulpy, but no word of betrayal or of accusation of his brethren stained the lips of the young Covenanter.

James Guthrie
Taking five-year-old William on his knee, he said to him, 'Willie, the day will come when they will cast up to you that your father was hanged. But be not thou ashamed, lad. It is in a good cause.'

Jonathan Edwards -- Theologian of Revival
From a book published by Dr. Ian Paisley

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Lineage and Childhood
Chapter 3 - College Days and Conversion
Chapter 4 - New York Ministry
Chapter 5 - Teaching At Yale
Chapter 6 - Settled and Married - Northampton
Chapter 7 - Progress of Religion in the Soul
Chapter 8 - The Early Rain

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