THE TRAGEDY OF APOSTASY - Carey's Baptist Church Now a Hindu Shrine

The name of William Carey is honoured amongst all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth.

His story as the father of modern evangelical missions is one which glorifies God and inspires us, to quote his own words, "'to expect great things FROM God and attempt great things FOR God."

Carey's biography can be summed up thus:

CAREY, WILLIAM, a Baptist missionary and Orientalist; born at Poulerspury, Northamptonshire, England, August 17, 1761; died at Serampore, India, June 9, 1834. By baptism a member of the Established Church, he was early in life convinced of the scriptural authority for the Baptist views, and joined this body, in which he soon become a preacher. His congregations were very poor, and he supported himself and family by shoemaking. But his thirst for knowledge was strong; and he managed, notwithstanding the pressure of poverty, to acquire Latin, Greek, Hebrew and a goodly amount of other useful learning, especially in natural history and botany. Thus, unknown to. himself, he was being prepared for the great career God had planned for him. His attention was turned unto the heathen, and he saw, plainly his duty to go to them. On October 2, 1792, largely through his exertions, the first Baptist missionary society was founded; and on June 13, 1793, he and [2] his family sailed for India, accompanied by Mr. John Thomas, who had formerly lived in Bengal. On reaching Bengal, Carey and his companion I lost all heir property in the Hugli; but, having received the charge of an indigo-factory at Malda, he cut off his pecuniary connection with the missionary society, and began in earnest what, instead of regular missionary labour, was to be the work of his life - the study and translation, both from and into the languages of India. In 1799, the factory was closed; and he went with Thomas to Kidderrore, where he had purchased a small indigo plantation. Here, joined by Marshman and Ward, he started under bright hopes, a mission, but soon encountered the opposition of the Indian Government, which forbade the mission's enlargement, and compelled its removal, at a great pecuniary loss, to Serampore, a Danish settlement (1800) where it took a fresh lease of life. For some time Carey and Thomas had been diligently at work upon a version of the New Testament in Bencalee. In 1801 it was published by the press Carey instituted. About the same time the Marquis of Wellesley appointed him processor of Oriental languages in the Fort William College, which the Marquis had founded at Calcutta for the instruction of the younger members of the British Indian civil service. Carey held this position for thirty years and taught Bengalee, Mahratta and Sanscrit. He wrote articles upon the natural history and botany of India for the Asiatic Society, to which he was elected, 1805, and thus made practical application of tastes cultivated in former years; but this was only a part, and by far the less valuable part, of his work. That which has given him his undying fame was his translations of the Bible, in whole or in part, either alone or with others, into some twenty-four Indian languages. The Serampore press, under his direction, rendered the Bible accessible to more than three hundred million human beings. Besides, he prepared grammars and dictionaries of several tongues; eg "Mahratta Grammar," 1805; "Sanscrit Grammar," 1806; "Mahratta Dictionary," 1810; "Bengalee Dictionary," 1818; and a Sanscrit dictionary which unhappily was destroyed by a fire in the printing establishment. Later students have discovered errors and omissions in these works; but all honor is due to Carey for "breaking the way," and every inhabitant of India is his debtor.

It was when he was pastoring a Baptist Church in Leicester that the Baptist Missionary Society was formed.

Carey went forth to win Hindus to the only Saviour of the World.

The Baptists in England have now so apostatised that a tragic example of the dark results of that apostasy has now been exposed to public scrutiny.

Carey's old church in Leicester has become a Hindu shrine to serve the Hindus of the city.

Apostasy having profaned the House of God turns it into a temple of pagan idolatry. What a sad commentary on our times.

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Sword Thrust: Correction, Please!

Item: From an article in the 'Boston Herald American' for March 18th, 1974:

"Rev. Billy Graham . . . predicted that unless moral integrity is restored to all facets of life, then the free way of life as we've known it in America is doomed and will not survive this century and maybe not this decade."

CORRECTION: If the Reverend Graham is truly concerned about moral integrity he should practice what he preaches and stop covering his ears at the mere mention of the International Communist Conspiracy.

Graham has not always been so deferential. Ten years ago he was properly warning that "history will judge the United States harshly for its silence during the 1956 Hungarian rebellion. Also I think history will condemn America for failing to aid the Cuban freedom fighters in the Bay of Pigs." And in 1956 he said: "Communist China is the most dangerous enemy of freedom in the world."

But then came 1966. It was the year of the first World Congress on Evangelism, of which Billy Graham was honorary chairman and to which he gave a series of speeches. Graham and his colleagues invited "religious leaders" from Communist countries to attend the meetings in Berlin, and the Communists obliged by sending quite a number of official churchmen.

The Reverend Wurmbrand was also invited. You will recall that he had spent fourteen years in a Communist prison in Romania for the crime of being a Christian minister. He has been in the United States since 1966, has authored several best-selling books, and is well known as an authority on Communist exploitation of religion. When the Reverend Wurmbrand learned that "religious leaders" from Communist countries would be at the Congress, he wrote a letter to Billy Graham in which he said: "I come from behind the Iron Curtain and it is unimaginable that from these countries anybody should be able to attend such a Congress if he is not an informer of the Secret Police. You know that Cardinal Wyzinsky in Poland is treated as an international burglar and is not allowed to leave his country. How can you imagine that Communists will allow evangelists to attend a World Congress? Their evangelists are in prison, I have given you their names and I can give you hundreds of other names. Now, if they keep their [4] evangelists in prison, who will be the ones who will come as evangelists to our Congress?"

The Reverend Wurmbrand still bears the marks on his body of hideous Communist tortures. Again and again he has related from his personal knowledge the stories of Christians who accepted death and worse at the hands of the Communists rather than renounce their faith in Jesus Christ. He is an internationally respected author, lecturer, and evangelist. Yet, instead of being grateful for the Reverend's warning, Graham's World Congress responding by withdrawing his invitation and told him in writing that "no delegate is allowed to speak against Communism."

It was not an isolated incident. According to the 'Chicago Tribune' for April 7, 1970, "Graham said that he also refused to discuss communism, although he had once been known as a great foe of the system. 'For years I have not spoken about that,' he said. 'I cannot go around the world and say who is right and who is not right'." Bear in mind that Billy Graham is refusing to say it "is not right" that the Red Chinese have murdered nearly 64 million of their own people, or that the Soviets have killed 35 million of their people, or that the Vietcong boast of driving sticks into the ears of young Christians who insist on hearing the Word of God, and on an on. As the late J. Edgar warned (ironically) in a religious magazine Graham helped to found: "If a minister can be influenced to keep silent about the dangers of communism, the Party has gained."

But, sadly, evangelist Graham has gone beyond the sin of Pontius Pilate. Imagine the propaganda value to the Communists of the following report in 'Christian News' for March 13, 1972: "Evangelist Billy Graham said in Melbourne, Florida, this month that President Nixon's visit to Communist China gave 'millions of people throughout the world new hope for peace' for at least a generation. In an interview with the newspaper 'Today' and in a later broadcast the Evangelist said 'seemingly more was accomplished than most people dreamed possible'." Perhaps, but for whom? Certainly not for the 700 million Chinese who have been kept in a terrible and total slavery by their Communist overlords! And certainly not for the many thousands of victims of Red China's worldwide opium war. And certainly not for the thousands upon thousands of Chinese Christians brutalised by the Maoist regime.

Perhaps even more shocking was the statement by Rev. Graham which appeared in the May 28, 1973, 'Mainichi Daily News' - a respected English language newspaper published in Tokyo. Graham declared: "I think communism's appeal to youth is its structure and promise of a future utopia. Mao Tse-tung's eight precepts are basically the same as the Ten Commandments. In fact, if we can't have the Ten Commandments read in our schools, I'll settle for Mao's precepts."

When 'The Review Of The News' asked the Rev. Graham if he had been quoted correctly, one of his aides responded in writing that Billy Graham had been quoting from a speech given in [5] Peking by 'New York Times' editor James Reston. To clear up the matter we asked for a copy of the Graham address. Now the story was: "We are not in the practice of disseminating these." Concerned, we pressed the issue with the Graham office and were told: "Mr. Graham never made that statement you suggested regarding substituting Mao's precepts for the Ten Commandments in our schools."

'The Review Of The News' contacted sources in Japan and quickly obtained a photographic copy of the newspaper article containing the Graham declaration that Mao's precepts are the same as the Ten Commandments. It included a picture of the journalist who had interviewed Billy Graham, who had carefully noted the remark and who reported it. Billy Graham's office was quick to explain that "Dr. Graham speaks no Japanese, and the reporter did not speak very good English. Hence, he missed some of the thoughts that Dr. Graham was trying to express." We soon obtained a statement from the journalist concerned. She is not a male Japanese who does not speak very good English but Miss Maureen D'Honau, who declared: "For the record I am a native born American. English, despite my efforts to the contrary, remains my only language. Your specific concern was about Rev. Graham's comments on Mao Tse-tung's precepts and the Ten Commandments . . . I quoted him accurately."

Little wonder that Graham has so often been criticised by co-religionists for equivocation and compromise. For example, in 1966 fundamentalist leader Dr. Bob Jones Jr. issued a statement in which he said: "I have in my files a telegram which Billy Graham sent to the people of Shreveport paper, recommending Bishop Kennedy, approving him when he was coming there for a crusade. Bishop Kennedy denies the virgin birth and the infallibility and authority of the Word of God. He is known religiously as a left-wing, liberal preacher." Dr. Jones was referring to Methodist Bishop Gerald Kennedy who, in addition to his membership in Communist Front organisations has been active in the Churchman Associates, a radical group known for its support of pro-Soviet propaganda. Kennedy was, no doubt for his own good reasons, a long-time foe of any Congressional investigation of Communist subversion in the United States.

Dr. Jones continued: "Billy has recommended Bishop Pike. He congratulated the people of California on this 'great spiritual leader.' He has had Bishop Pike pray over his crusade. He appears consistently on the National Council and World Council of Churches. Billy calls these men 'great Christian leaders.' He says the World Council of Churches can bring a 'second Pentecost'."

The World Council of Churches is not working for a Pentecost but a holocaust, and Billy Graham cannot help but know it. At its founding in 1948 the World Council elected Dr. T. C. Chao as its president for all Asia. Dr. Chao was a Communist who later welcomed the armies of Mao Tse-tung, and who was eventually given a position in the Government of Communist China. It also elected two Communists from Iron Curtain countries [6] to its Central Committee - Dr. Joseph Hromadka of Communist Czecho-Slovakia and Bishop Albert Bereczky of Communist Hungary - who constantly pushed Red propaganda.

In 1961, during the World Council of Churche's meeting in New Delhi, the delegates voted by secret ballot to welcome to full membership the Soviet approved officials of the Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish Orthodox churches. This action was taken in arrogant disregard of the well-known fact that these "churches" are totally controlled by the Communist secret police. And in more recent years the World Council has sought blatantly to support the use of bloodshed and violence to achieve its revolutionary goals. It has, for example, channeled hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of military supplies and equipment to Communist guerrilla groups in Africa.

Yet Billy Graham has since at least 1960 been a regular, friendly participant in meetings of the World Council of Churches. In 1966 the Ecumenical Press Service carried an interview with Graham in which the evangelist is quoted as follows: "The World Congress on Evangelism does not want to be understood as being in opposition to the World Council of Churches . . . many of those at the Congress belong to member churches of the World Council, some holding prominent positions in the World Council." By 1969, Billy Graham was actually writing for the shameless World Council of Churches.

Gravely concerned about Graham's collaboration with the apostate and revolutionary World Council, Dr. G. Archer Weniger, chairman of the board of the Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, has observed: "Dr. Billy Graham is involved in a disobedient ministry that has resulted in much deception, confusion and division, and which has fractured more fundamental churches than any other one man in this day."

Here, from among far too many in our files, is a final illustration of why we are concerned about Graham. At his 1969 Congress on Evangelism one of the featured speakers was the "Reverend" Ralph Abernathy, president of the subversive Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He is an avowed Marxist revolutionary who has declared that Communist East Germany "embodies what we aspire to in the world." One news report of the event stated that Abernathy's "presence was a surprise and shock to many of the delegates because of his well known radical stand." Graham, however, had no objection, and offered no apology to the 5,000 delegates after Abernathy unleashed a predictably vicious tirade against the Christian churches and the United States.

A short time after Billy Graham's 1969 Congress on Evangelism, the distinguished author and theologian Dr. Gary North said what was on the minds of many a less outspoken observer, declaring that "by any standard of biblical orthodoxy Graham's association with apostates is immoral." That charge may be applied with equal concern to Graham's reported, shilling for the precepts of Mao Tse-tung and his continued silence in the face of the evils of Communism, the greatest enemy the gospel and human freedom have ever faced. [7]

Dr. Slade Called to the Highest Service

Dr. Harold Slade the Pastor of Jarvis Street Baptist Church, was called to the Highest Service of His Lord on Thursday, 16th May, .1974.

Harold Curtis Slade was born in Oxford, Nova Scotia on 9th September, 1902.

A young man while in the dry goods business in his home town heard the Gospel through a visiting evangelist in a Modernistic church. A year after his conversion he sold his business to attend Toronto Baptist Seminary. It was through 'The Gospel Witness' that his godly parents learned of the stand of Dr. Shields and the founding of Toronto Baptist Seminary. The fact that a promising young man was leaving town to attend "Shields' Seminary" made local headlines.

While at the Seminary Dr. Slade served the Baptist Church of Westport, Ontario, for four years. During his last year as student pastor Viola Prevost, a young lady was converted and baptised by Dr. Slade and later became Mrs. Slade.

After Graduation from Toronto Baptist Seminary in 1930, Dr. Slade accepted the call to First Baptist Church, Timmins, where he served faithfully twelve years and became generally known as "Bishop of the North." After four years in Timmins he was married in 1934. During the war he resigned from Timmins Church in 1942, and while awaiting an appointment in the Chaplaincy he served nine months as Pastor of Briscoe Street Baptist Church in London, Ontario. While in London he taught Greek in London Bible Institute.

In April 1943, he accepted the appointment of Secretary of the Union of Regular Baptist Churches, where he served with distinction for six years.

On October 6, 1946, the Jarvis Street Baptist Church called Dr. Slade to become the Associate of Dr. Shields. Upon the death of Dr. Shields on April 4, 1955, he became the Pastor of the church, which he served faithfully until his sudden death on May 16, 1974.

When in Jarvis Street Dr. Slade became a key figure in the International Council of Christian Churches, Canadian Council of Evangelical Protestant Churches and the Fundamental Baptist Congresses.

Two great Fundamental Universities recognised Pastor Slade as a mighty man of God. Faith Theological Seminary bestowed upon him the decree of Doctor of Divinity in 1955, and in 1962 Bob Jones University honoured him with the degree of Doctor of Laws. He was serving as a Member of the Board of Bob Jones University at the time of his death. [8]

Dr. Ian Paisley brought the following tribute at the funeral service in Jarvis Street Baptist Church, Toronto, on Saturday, 18th May.

I come today to leave, with loving hands, a tribute from the Old World to the New World on this great servant of the Lord. I would just like to leave one verse of God's Word, which I believe sums up the life and the ministry and the fidelity of our departed brother. It is found in the Book of Acts 11 : 24. it is the Word of God concerning Barnabas, the son of consolation, "For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith: and much people was added unto the Lord."

Three great truths lie on the face of this Scripture. We have, first of all, a reference to the character of Barnabas. We would take this as a reference to the character of our departed brother. He was "a good man." Even the enemies of our brother must pay tribute to that fact, that he was "a good man." We come not today to eulogise our brother, but rather to magnify the grace of God that made him what he was. His goodness was known in this Church of which he was Pastor. His goodness was known also among his brethren to whom he gave leadership in the international field. His goodness was known throughout the world, and today we can say of him, concerning his character, "he was a good man."

His wife, his family, his loved ones all today can respond and say, "Yes, it is surely so."

But, we have secondly, a word about his consecration. He was "full of the Holy Ghost and of faith." Today in certain circles there is much mention of the Spirit of God, but they do not mention the fact that the Spirit of God never moves in any operation contrary to the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. Our brother was a contender, he threw away the scabbard many years ago, and drew the sword and stood steadfast unto the end. He was not ashamed to be identified with the ignominy of being outside the camp for Jesus Christ. As Paul said of one of the servants of the Lord, so I can say today, "He was not ashamed of me, the Lord's prisoner." When I found myself behind prison bars for my fidelity to the great truths of the Gospel, loving messages and encouragements came from this faithful man of God. He was not ashamed to be identified with those who contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints.

Last of all, we have in this verse a word concerning his coronation. What is the crown of our brother? The crown of our brother is this great Church and the souls he won for Christ through his ministry in this pulpit. His crown is the Seminary students, who are going to the ends of the earth to preach Christ and Him crucified. His crown are those who read the Gospel of Christ through the faithful messages in 'The Gospel Witness.' Today our brother is no longer wit h us, but we say from the depths of our heart, "He was a good man, full of the Holy Ghost and of faith: and much people was added unto the Lord."

Dear Brother Slade, you have gone [9] from us, but One day, as we now praise God for you, we will praise God with you. Amen.


Alas for him who never sees
The stars shine through the cypress trees;
Who hopeless lays his dead away,
Nor looks to see the breaking day
Across the mournful marbles play!
Who hath not learned in hours of faith
This truth to flesh and sense unknown,
That Christ is ever Lord of death,
And love can never lose its own.

Our eyes are dim today because of the loss of a loved one and a friend and a fellow-warrior in the battle. But, as Dr. Vick so beautifully pointed out, "Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints."

A strong runner never ceases from his labours until he breasts the finish tape, and Dr. Slade was a mighty racer for God. A warrior bold in battle never lays down his arms till the night comes, and the battle is over; and wound and bruise of bloody warfare shall the oil of gladness heal. The worker, having laid his hand to the plough, never looks back until the sun sets and the night cometh when no man works. Dr. Slade ploughed a straight furrow, and he was faithful in all things. The watchman on the tower never shuts his eyes in sleep until the sun begins to rise above the horizon and the night is over. Our brother had an eye keen for the approach of the enemy, and a voice to lift in warning, lest men sleeping be taken unawares. The shepherd never leaves his flock to the wolves until another shepherd is appointed, and he is called to stand before the Great Shepherd and hear, "Well done." What a good shepherd was this Pastor! The head and father of a family never ceases to love and be concerned for his own. Of all things, love is immortal. Prayer will turn to praise and faith to sight, but love abideth forever, and how great was his heart to love He who loves and serves Jesus Christ can find no greater joy than opening his eyes to behold Him, whom having not seen he loved, and waking in His likeness, knoweth satisfaction that nothing else can bring.

Sometimes I shall not care
That wanton spring breathes fragrance in the air;
I shall not care that mountains high
Lit shadowed beauties against the sunset sky,
Or flaming eye of dawn
Has put to flight black-visaged night.
For I shall see His face,
And all earth's wonders, all of nature's grace
Shall fade before the beauty of that sight,
As candle flame grows dim when day burns bright.

Monuments of granite crumble, and bronze green with age, but the monument erected in a heart, that has known the love of a friend and dear one, is a monument that lasts as long as souls stand in God's presence, rejoicing together in Him who hath washed us from our sins in His blood and called us to be priests and princes unto God. We today pay a tribute of tears to one who has gone before, and whose mantle is now dropped, but whose God is eternal. [10]

Shall We Name Them? By the late DR. J. MOUNTAIN


The Modernism of today is the old Infidelity of Thomas Payne, with a new name of German invention - die hohere Kritik - or Higher Criticism. It is sapping the faith of thousands of our young people, disorganising our Church life and service, paralysing missionary work and dishonouring our blessed Lord.


Certain good people say: "Do not enter into controversy." Others remark: "Well, if you feel that you must expose the Modernist plague, do not mention names; for some of these who are spreading it are such nice men; and you ought to spare their feelings." On the other hand many say to us: "You have revealed the Theological Plague; but unfortunately, we are not theologians; and we want to know who are the men who are propagating these deadly errors; so that we may be put upon our guard and may also warn our friends not only against the false teaching, but also against the false teachers."


Needless to say, we believe in complete publicity, but always with fairness, and with due regard to the principles of honourable journalism.

The Apostles, and even our Lord Himself, have left us an example of personal exposure in the presence of personal wrong. And, of course, public men, as well as public opinions, are public property.

If this had been recognised and acted upon by Evangelical leaders 30 or 40 years ago, the Modernist Plague would have been arrested, or, at all events, prevented from reaching its present alarming proportions. In our judgment, it would be a good thing if something like the healthy independence and publicity of the secular press were imported into some of our religious journals and committees. There is too much partisanship and hushing up of unpleasant facts; and personal friendship too often takes the place of loyalty to Christ and His Truth. Such an unprincipled policy never pays in the end.


On the general question, as to whether [11] public error should be met only by private prayer, a Correspondent sends us the following extract from 'The Overcomer.' It is part of an article by the able editor, Mrs. Penn Lewis. She says: -

"Controversy, as such, we avoid, but in the battle which is developing between the Faith and Modernism, it is impossible to be neutral. 'If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?' Ps. 11 : 3.

"The apostasy is penetrating the churches to such an extent that it is impossible to ignore it. Alas! many dear children of God do not - any more than some of the Modernists - see the issues at stake.

"'Peace and Unity' is the cry in Britain today; and many forget that, had not Paul the Apostle taken his stand for the truth of the Gospel, the Christian Church would have been but a sect of the Jews at the present time.

"Let us take heed that the 'truth is spoken in love,' and that the 'war' is not conducted 'after the flesh' - but 'war' it is bound to be, wheresoever error is found."


All the world knows how nobly and vigorously the late C. H. Spurgeon protested and how he withdrew from the Baptist Union, rather than be identified with the Modernism which was then just entering its ranks. He passed through a time of deep sorrow, and felt keenly his need of the prayers of his friends.

Writing to Major Liebenrood, on January 26th, 1888, he said:

"Dear Sir, - Hearty thanks for your kind sympathy in the present struggle. I have so many notes to answer that I beg you to accept this poor card as-an acknowledgement.

"Please pray for me; for I have great need of your guidance and help. The Lord be with you. Yours very thankfully, C. H. Spurgeon.


No layman has taken so prominent a position in the Present conflict as Mr. Benjamin 1. Greenwood; and he has expressed himself as follows in the current "Bible League Quarterly":-

"I have no sympathy with those who, in a controversy, religious or otherwise, nervously say: 'Whatever you say, do not mention any names' . . . When one publicly expresses certain opinions he can have no valid objection to the association of his name with such opinions."

In this conflict we need much prayer, patience, forbearance and love; but let there be fidelity as well. And how can there be fidelity, if we deliberately and persistently refuse to disclose to a bewildered public the names of the men who are the source of the deadliest theological plague which has ever afflicted the Christian Church? [12]

Churchgoers Support Violent Guerrillas by Andrew A. Woolsey

Two articles which appeared in the national press in recent months when viewed together form a very disturbing picture, with grave responsibilities for those involved.

A report in the 'Daily Telegraph,'.15th April, 1974, told of 200 African children having to be evacuated from a mission school in Rhodesia. The reason: a gang of terrorists operating from within Mozambique raided the school, killed the chaplain, shooting him in the back, and then proceeded to batter the boarding master to death with a pole in front of onlookers.

(Add to this the distressing news that I read three weeks ago in a letter from an Evangelical Alliance missionary working on Chironga Mission Station in Rhodesia. He describes how three head teachers in one of their schools were brutally murdered in a guerrilla raid, and says that because of constant harassment they are having difficulty in finding teachers for their Mission schools).

Obviously the "liberation" fighters of Mozambique and Angola have other objects of hatred as well as the Portuguese Army! Trained and armed as they are by communist governments it is not surprising that those who are seeking to teach the Word of God to African children should be included in their terror campaign.

The really surprising thing is the other report referred to, also in the 'Daily Telegraph,' 6th May, 1974, in which the British Council of Churches has admitted that some British churches are giving financial assistance to guerrillas fighting with "liberation" movements in Africa.

According to the article the World Council of Churches has created a "special fund" to combat racism, and from which grants are made to "liberation" groups. Already this year the WCC has given 24,997 to Frelimo, the guerrilla organisation operating in Mozambique, and substantial sums have also been given to other terrorist groups fighting in Southern Africa.

The secretary of the British Council of Churches, Rev. Harry Morton, said that among the churches and bodies which had contributed to this "special fund" were the Methodist Church, the Methodist Missionary Society, the Congregational Union of Scotland and the Iona Community. While stressing that these funds were sent direct to Geneva and not channelled through the offices of the BCC, he did admit that "the fundamental aims of the British Council are very similar to the World Council." The twenty-two churches [13] and bodies which comprise the BCC are all members of the WCC.

Whether or not there is any moral justification for any form of apartheid, which is what these organisations are purported to be fighting, is not the question here (although we might ask, what has the terrorising of black schoolchildren and murdering of black schoolteachers to do with apartheid?) The thrust of this article is to state clearly that there is no justification whatsoever for anyone claiming to be a Christian or for any so-called Christian Organisation to support or be affiliated in any way with, a body which openly and actively fuels the fires of guerrilla warfare and terror campaigns.

The World Council of Churches has consistently rejected fundamental aspects of the gospel of Christ, and has now unveiled its true character, by propounding its so-called "revolutionary theology" and financing terrorist movements, which as Ruth, Lady Crawford has said, "are subjecting hundreds, nay possibly thousands, of innocent Africans to death by murder, abduction of children and women and threats of terror on countless more, which make their life unbearable."


I ask, are those churches and organisations in our land which are members of the World Council of Churches prepared to disassociate themselves immediately from this body which has so disgraced and debased itself? If not, then I solemnly declare that the blood of innocents will be on their hands in the Day of judgment, and their damnation will be such that it were better, as Jesus said, that a millstone were hanged about their neck and they were drowned in the depths of the sea.

'Life Indeed.'

HINDU SHRINE - Continued

Thank God the Free Presbyterian Church is opening churches for the preaching of the gospel William Carey loved.

This is the greatest protest which can be made against error, the opening of Christ centred, Bible defending, Gospel preaching, Missionary minded, Fundamental, Separated, Evangelistic Protestant New Testament Churches.

In our next issue we will be carrying reports of the opening of Hillsborough New Church and the laying of Foundation Stones at Coragarry, Co. Monaghan. The Bush Burns but is not Consumed. [15]

Dr. Soper 's Perversion of the Gospel

"There be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ." (Gal. 1:7).


"I don't believe in the Virgin Birth." - Ballymena Fair Hill Meeting.

"Jesus began as I began. He does not come to me as a supernatural being from another sphere . . ." - "Christ and Tower Hill" p. 104.


"Christ didn't walk on the sea, He only paddled in the shallows." - Ballymena Fair Hill Meeting.


"I believe in a spiritual one not a bodily one." - Ballymena Fair Hill Meeting.


"I have been acquitted by the highest court of the Methodist Church of the very charges you raise against me therefore I am entitled to hold the views I do." - Ballymena Fair Hill Meeting.


"The literal interpretation of the Bible as supported by fundamentalist Christians is an insult to the intelligence of the ordinary person." - 'Belfast Telegraph' 1-8-59.

"The people who hold fundamentalist views are guilty of intellectual dishonesty" - 'Belfast Telegraph' 1-8-59.


"The men in the Kremlin are doing more to advance the Kingdom of God than you fundamentalists." - Ballymena Fair Hill.


Dr. Soper praised the murderers who [16] control the destinies of the Soviet's millions.

"Dr. Soper went on to declare that those who reigned in power in the Kremlin were very able men. 'If we did have World government, the first Prime Minister would be Mr. Kruschev - and I can think of others who would give me more dubiety and fear'." In Carlisle Methodist Church - 'Belfast Telegraph' 3-8-59.


Prescribing for the situation of today in reference to Russia, Dr. Soper said: "The answer is not, miles away to organise weeks of prayer for enslaved peoples." Carlisle Methodist Church - 'Belfast Telegraph,' 3-8-59.

"It was 'the greatest gaff' having a week of prayer in the United States for enslaved peoples to coincide with Mr. Nixon's visit to Russia. There are just as many enslaved people in the United States as in Russia." - 'Belfast Telegraph' 1-8-59.


"I've some people in my church get converted every Easter. It's a holiday for them . . . a kind of seasonal occupation." - 'Belfast Telegraph,' 1-8-59.


"Because I'm a Christian I'm a socialist. Jesus Christ never once spoke of the souls of men" - Ballymena Fair Hill Meeting.

"The Welfare State has been the greatest single expression of Christianity in my lifetime." - Carlisle Methodist Church.


"It is plain to all that revival as we have held it is totally failing even to meet the need of the many" - 'Belfast Telegraph,' 3-8-59.


"We must say Christianity is the fellowship of those who realising and confessing their sins and failures have pledged themselves to Jesus Christ, the one Man who perfectly knew the meaning of life and just as perfectly lived it out" - "Christ and Tower Hill" p. 102

"A Christian is a man who accepts the teaching and standards of Jesus Christ and is seeking by His Spirit to live them out" - "Christ and Tower Hill" pIO3.


"For me His Divinity is something which belongs to the world of action and experience. He is the perfect human photograph of God" - "Christ and Tower Hill" p. 105.


"I was brought up to believe that the Kingdom of God was the place where you didn't drink, gamble or swear. They were the three great social evils. Mind you, I'm still sure of two of them and I don't make a habit of swearing. But negative morality is no real use" - "Christ and Tower Hill," p. 113.