General Assembly Smears Strike As "Fascist"

The liberals in the General Assembly of the Irish Presbyterian Church after being soundly defeated on the burning issue of power-sharing (mainly through the intervention of Mr. John Taylor) made a comeback by getting passed a resolution which smeared the strike for "Fascist manifestations."

Rev. R. R. Davey of Corrymeela fame moved an amendment which read:


In supporting the amendment the infamous Dr. Alfie Martin condemned the whole strike. He said it defeated democracy. "Never before," he stated, "has so much power been in the hands of the few - the hands at the switches." He deplored the intimidation that he stated had taken place during the strike."

Rev. John Morrow from the Irish Republic who seconded the amendment labelled the strike as "TRIBALISM." He said it had silenced the Roman Catholic voice in Ulster and the Assembly should not accept its tribalism. He called for a reassurance to the Roman Catholics completely ignoring the fact that the Ulster Workers' Council had given that assurance.

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The Churches and Terrorism

The decision of the World Council of Churches, meeting in Geneva on 20th February to donate 300,000 South African Rand to 29 "liberation movements" throughout the world, including Frelimo (Mozambique) and Swapo (South West Africa), has sparked widespread condemnation in South Africa's newspapers.

Papers labelled the WCC's donation as "foly," "inexplicable . . . beyond the capability of mere man to forgive," "its murder and destruction 'crusade' " and "puzzling."

On 21st February, the Prime Minister of South Africa, Mr. B. J. Vorster, commented in Cape Town on the WCC's step, "As I have said many times in the past, I want to again state my strongest condemnation of this type of donation."

Homeland leaders and South African churchmen also strongly condemned the donation.


The World Council of Churches has done it again. With the terrorist threat mouinting in both Rhodesia and Mozambique, with the South African Government pushing harsh internal security legislation through Parliament on the eve of a general election, the council has, with exquisitely maladroit timing, announced grants totalling over R300,000 to "liberation movements" throughout the world, including Frelimo and Swapo.

South African churchmen, as on previous such occasions, have been both embarrassed and appalled by the council's action. They have criticised the naivety of the council's belief that the money will, as intended, be used solely for medical, educational and social services. The council has no control over the expenditure of the money and one needs to be a most unworldly clergyman with simple childlike faith to imagine a guerrilla band in the African bush using it for anything else but warlike purposes.

But is the council so naive? It probably deserved to be given the benefit of the doubt when it made the first of these grants some years ago, but the most devout men, commendably anxious to give succour wherever it might be needed, should have realised from the shocked reaction by equally devout churchmen in South Africa and elsewhere that they had erred most grievously.

Such persistence in folly is almost inexplicable unless the truth of the matter is that the World Church Council, seeing itself as the Church militant, is prepared to condone recourse to violence of the most terrible kind as a legitimate means of righting wrongs.

If this is so, it is, ironically, flying in the face of secular opinion, for the governments of the West have made it clear that they do not regard violence as a solution [3] to Africa's racial problems. They believe that the answer lies not in the horrors of guerrilla war, bloodshed and revolution, but in peaceful evolutionary means.

It is an argument that should appeal to the Church. It is tragic that it apparently does not. - 22-2-1974.


The first South African voice to be raised in condemnation of the latest action of the World Council of Churches in allocating nearly a third of a million rands to terrorist organisations which operate in this country, was that of a leading churchman. He is Bishop Zulu, who is himself a vice-president of the Organisation. And he is black. Bishop Zulu has expressed the dismay of South Africans, many of whom are asking why South African Churches still retain their tenuous link with this world body whose methods of promoting their Programme to Combat Racism include providing funds for this most horrific form of warfare. Why is it that, one after the other, top level church assemblies and synods oppose the policies of the WCC on terrorism, on economic sanctions against us and other issues, yet vote in the end to retain an affiliated membership? [4] - 22-2-1974.


With Bible in hand and a dagger under its cloak, the World Council of Churches is obviously intensifying its murder and destruction "crusade." Or was the Bible totally absent from its hand when this confederation of churches decided in Geneva to donate R300,000 to 29 terrorist organisations during the course of the next year?

It is the biggest single donation which this Organisation has yet made to the so-called liberation organisations. It happened in a week in which those bloodthirsty powers which it succours, committed their most abominable misdeeds in Rhodesia and in the Portuguese areas of Southern Africa.

As before, these religious leaders will now announce to the world that their donation is for "humanitarian" purposes. And its alarming that such a large part of the Western World not only accepts this explanation, but, by means of similar contributions, instigate terrorism in Africa.

Under the cloak of waging a struggle against oppression, the WCC has in fact forgotten the Christian message of love and neighbourliness. - 22-2-1974. [5]


The most puzzling thing about the World Council of Churches decision to give another substantial donation to African terrorist movements is that it persists in the face of strong opposition from churchmen on the spot. One can argue at length about terminology - terrorists, guerrillas, freedom fighters etc. - but there can be no argument that the money is supporting a violent cause in which the blood of innocent people is shed. That remains true even if the money is spent on medical supplies as some clerics are simple enough to believe.

This suggests one of two things. Firstly that the Christian church in southern Africa has failed to communicate the real problems to its brothers elsewhere, who are therefore acting in ignorance, Or, which is more likely, the militants are determined to purge the failure of their religion and its declining influence, in the blood of Africa. Whatever the cost, they must be able to show one success. The end result can only be to hasten the decline of that brand of Christianity. If the WCC aid is intended to buy converts it will be an even more spectacular failure. - 20-2-1974.


Chief Wessels Mota of the Basotho-Quaqua probably expressed the feelings of many black people when he said: "I deplore the maiming and murder of innocent people by so-called representatives of Christianity. This is a serious charge to lay at the door of the World Council of Churches, because of its gift of R300,000 to the terrorists.

It is time for the WCC and those who share its views to ask themselves with equally deep seriousness this question: "What impression must the WCC's action create on the black man in regard to Christianity and the Christian religion?" 22-2-1974. [6]

What is wrong with "The Living Bible"?

From time to time we are asked what is wrong with "The Living Bible" by Ken Taylor. The quotation below from I Samuel 20: 30 should answer the question.

"Saul boiled with rage. 'You son of a bitch!' he yelled at him. Do you think I don't know that you want this son of a nobody to be king in your place, shaming yourself and your mother? As long as that fellow is alive, you'll never be king. Now go and get him so I can kill him."'

Yes, that's a direct quotation from "The Living Bible." II Timothy 3: 15 says, in the King James, "All scripture is given by inspiration of God." To translate the Word of God as Ken Taylor has above is to make God he user of gutter talk. This is not only unthinkable but the very thought is offensive to true Christians. Some will argue that "The Living Bible" is not a translation, only a paraphrase, but that doesn't make things any better. Most people who own one look on it as the Bible in modern language.

In the second place, it is not even an honest paraphrase. The King James Version reads, "Then Saul's anger was kindled against Jonathan, and he said unto him, Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman. . ." "Perverse rebellious woman" certainly doesn't mean the same as the gutter talk used by Mr. Taylor. Had he said, "You're as hard headed as your mother," it would have been nearer the true meaning.

When Kenneth Taylor began to paraphrase the Bible I understand he was a director of 'Moody Press.' Even though he was their director they declined to publish it and he had to find another publisher. Is it any wonder why?

I, for one, intend to make a mental note of "I Samuel 20: 30" and when I see any responsible adult with "The Living Bible" I want to turn to this passage and let them read it for themselves. I hope others will do likewise. [7]

The Preacher and Bible Teacher: GENESIS Part Eight

Six is the number of man in the Scriptures, one short of the number of perfection, seven. It therefore signifies failure. Man at his best never reaches perfection. He always comes short of the Divine Standard. The sixth chapter of Genesis records the tragic shortcomings of early mankind and the terrible apostasy of the human race in Noah's Day. It bears the right number Six.

Seven is the number, as we have already seen, of perfection, and the seventh chapter of Genesis records the story of a perfect salvation from the outpoured wrath of God with Noah safe in the Ark of God's provision.

Eight is the number of resurrection and in chapter eight we have the new earth resurrected from the grave of the deluge. In II Peter 2: 5 Noah is referred to as the eighth person, seven others and himself being saved from the flood. He is the type of resurrection.


"And God saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."

"And it repented the Lord that He had made man and it grieved Him at His heart." (Genesis 6: 5-6).

These verses sum up the antediluvian apostasy. Man on the downgrade soon goes direct to the lowest hell. Noah's age is a direct parallel to our own. As we study its apostasy we hear the warning voice of our Lord Jesus Christ, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days o the Son of man."

G. H. Pember in 'Earth's Earliest Ages' notes the following seven great causes of the antediluvian apostasy.

1. A tendency to worship God as Elohim, that is, merely as the Creator and Benefactor, and not as Jehovah the Covenant God of mercy, dealing with transgressors who are appointed to destruction, and finding a ransom for them.

2. An undue prominence of the female [8] sex, and a disregard of the primal law of marriage.

3. A rapid progress in the mechanical arts, and the consequent invention of many devices whereby the hardships of the curse were mitigated and life was rendered more easy and indulgent. Also a proficiency in the fine arts, which captivated the minds of men, and helpful to induce an entire oblivion of God.

4. An alliance between the nominal Church and the world which speedily resulted in a complete amalgamation.

5. A vast increase of population.

6. The rejection of the preaching of Enoch and Noah, whose warnings thus became a savour of death unto the world and hardened men beyond recovery.

7. The appearance upon the earth of beings from the Principality of the Air, and their unlawful intercourse with the human race.

We can see the same characteristics of the leavening of apostasy in our own day.


Amidst the apostasy there shone brightly one gleam of light, Noah the man of God. Noah's light contrasted strangely with the darkness around. Noah's holiness contrasted strangely with the hellishness around. Noah's righteousness contrasted strangely with the riotousness around Noah's purity contrasted strangely with the putridness around. Noah's life contrasted strangely with the licentiousness around. The source of Noah's righteousness was not in or of himself. He was in himself not a whit behind the chief of sinners of his day. Verse 8 gives the secret "Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord." Grace, sovereign grace, is alone the secret of any acceptable righteousness with God. "It was God's goodwill to him that produced this good work in him, he was a very good man but he was not better than the grace of God made him. God looks down upon those with an eye of favour, who look up to Him sincerely with an eye of faith." - Matthew Henry.


The manner of judgment in Noah's Day was by the flood, but the manner of judgment in our day will be by fire.

Noah prepared for the flood as he had before viewed it in the prophetic foresight which God had given to him.

"By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith." (Heb. 11: 7).

Behold Christ! Behold Him! What is the Ark of old to us, but the emblem of His full redemption? He is the one deliverance from all peril. He is the heaven high refuge. He is the all-protecting safety. He is the building of enduring life; the foundation of which was laid in the counsels of eternity; which was reared in the fulness of time on the plains of earth; and head of which towers above the skies. He is that lofty fabric of shelter which God [9] decreed, appointed, provided and sets before the sons of men. He is that sure coverts. which is so fortified, that all the thunderbolts of the almightiness of divine judgment play harmless around it; and all the raging storms of wrath only consolidate its strength. It must be so. For our hiding place is the almighty God. Our salvation is Jehovah's Fellow. Our glorious sanctuary is the glorious Jesus. - Henry Law.


"And God said unto Noah, the end of all flesh has come before me, for the earth is filled with violence through them; and behold I will destroy them with the earth." (Genesis 6: 13)

"And all flesh died that moved upon the earth, both of fowl and of cattle and of beast and of every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth and every man;

"All in whose nostrils was the breath of life, of all that was on dry land died.

"And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground, both man and cattle and the creeping things and the fowl of the heaven and they were destroyed from the earth." (Genesis 7 : 21-23)

"Now these mockers behold that ark with envy that first they beheld with scorn; they wish themselves in the darkest corner of it, that lately laughed at it and perhaps did what they could to hinder the furnishing of it. Yea, some likely to save them from drowning, caught and clung as fast to the outside of the ark as Joab for the same cause did to the horns of the altar, but all in vain." - John Trapp.


"I do not set my bow in the cloud and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth."

"And the bow shall be in the cloud and I will look upon it that I may remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the earth." (Genesis 9: 13 and 16).

When God looked down upon earth He saw first of all the bow in the cloud which came between the earth and Himself. He saw in that bow His covenant and the result was peace on earth.

When God looks on the saved sinner He sees first of all the Lord Jesus "for the saved one is in Christ" and so all is peace for those hidden in the cleft Rock of Ages. [10]


The complete resolution which was passed read as follows:

"Democratic government cannot be exercised nor human rights defended by coercion for any length of time. While recognising widespread support for the recent strike we must condemn the Fascist manifestations which it took on a number of occasions. As a Church with a non-conformist tradition we must ever defend the rights of individuals to act according to conscience. Democratic opposition, too, must be constructive, seeking always for wider agreement and co-operation with those of different viewpoints and traditions. Inflexibility of attitude on either side is dangerous: the need is for discussion, consensus and consent, involving not only elected representatives but also community leaders and unofficial groups."

The victory for the liberals reveals once again the power of the modernist hierarchy in the Irish Presbyterian Church.

Spreading the Word

June Rev. William Beattie is visiting the Christian Admiral Centre at Cape May in Florida from 8-22 June.

July Dr. Paisley will be paying a brief visit to Brazil, South America, in connection with the International Council of Christian Churches.

August Rev. John Douglas is visiting Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. A full itinerary has been worked out but further requests for meetings are being received.

"And they went forth, and preached everywhere" Mark 16: 20.

Full Itinerary of Rev. John Douglas's Australian Visit in our Next Issue. [11]

Shades of Antichrist

The leaflet of the above title was written by Moses David. Points made in this leaflet are as follows:

THE super powers, America and Russia are vying with one another for possession of the world (Para 10).

OPPOSITION to this is embodied in the Third World Power, the up and coming figurehead of this seeming to be Mu'ammar Gaddafi (Para .15).

GADDAFI may be the man or preparing for the man who will save the world from destruction before Christ comes (Para 16-18).

UNITED Europe (EEC) is drawing closer to the Third World (Para 20).

THE Logical thing (especially in view of the oil crisis) for Europe is to join with the Arab world to be strong against all comers (Para 22-28).

THE only answer to the godless materialism of Capitalism and Communism is being offered in Socialism and God by Gaddafi - and he is the only one offering it (Para 32, 33).

GADDAFI claims to work according to God's Book and does not discriminate between Christians, Jews, Moslems, or any other religion. His Third Theory (Socialist by nature) is founded on the Koran, which recognises the Bible of the Jews and Christians and modernises them (Para 35-37).

HE aims at unifying the Arab nation, and supporting people struggling for peace and freedom (Para 38).

In recognising other religions, Gaddafi claims all must worship God, not idols. He does not trust anyone without a religion (Para 43, 44).

TRUE Jews and true Christians according to Gaddafi are really Moslems, for Islam is acceptance of God's will (Para 46).

MOSES David, in conclusion, calls the godly youth of the world to unite against "Christless capitalism" and "Godless communism," and prays that "Allah" may bless the obedient and bless the prophet Gaddafi (Para 57, 58). [12]

The Origin of the Free Church

In 1950 Mr. George K. Gibson approached the Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley on behalf of the Committee of the Crossgar Mission Hall to ascertain whether he would be willing to conduct an Old Time Gospel Campaign in the town. After careful consideration and prayer, plans were eventually finalised and the date fixed for February, 1951.

The Campaign Committee, wishing to have as commodious a meeting place as possible, decided to ask the Kirk Session of Lissara for the use of the Church hall for the campaign. This was unanimously granted at a meeting of session over which the Rev. Matthew Ballie, B.A., B.D., the interim moderator of Lissara, presided. Mr. Bailie voiced no protest to the proposal, although he subsequently voted against the grant of the church hall at the Presbytery. Such is typical of the man who now has sought the vaster country of Canada in which to carry on his pastoral ministrations.

These two facts (1) that the campaign was arranged before any vacancy occurred in Lissara and (2) that the Kirk Session unanimously granted the church hall, need to be borne in mind as the Presbytery of Down tried to suggest that the mission was planned during the vacancy when the congregation was in a fluid state and was arranged at a time when no mission was necessary.

The Scriptures declare we are to be instant in season and out of season, but to such a Scripture the Presbytery of Down hearken with wax plugged ears.


The Presbytery of Down of the Irish Presbyterian Church held a special meeting called an hour and a half before the Old Time Gospel Campaign was planned to begin in Lissara Church Hall.

The Lissara Kirk Session, who had previously granted the Church Hall unanimously for the Old Time Gospel Campaign, were summoned to attend. The Down Presbytery, Rev. Boland, Moderator, dictated to the Kirk Session that they must change their decision and directed that the Church hall be dosed and that Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley and those who had gathered including many members of Lissara be kept out in the pouring rain.

No gospel was to be preached in the hall.

Mr. Hugh James Adams, elder, refused to bow the knee in subjection to these gospel haters and he was unceremoniously suspended by a vote of the Presbytery.

Mr. George K. Gibson, elder, also refused to obey these little popes and he too was unceremoniously suspended. Such professed evangelicals as Rev. Orr, Saintfield and Rev. Dremam, The Spa, took part in these anti-evangelical proceedings.


Hundreds of people who had gathered for a march of witness joined in the protest against the popery of this so-called reformed and Protestant church court. The members of [13] the Down Presbytery ran to their cars for truly the wicked fleeth when no man pursueth. Rev. Matthew Bailie, Convenor of the vacancy, who has since gone to Canada, on receiving the protests of the Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley and some of the folk gathered around, hastened away as a man fleeing from the battlefield in dire defeat. Poor Mr. Bailie. He has now crossed the ocean in order that millions of cubic feet of water might separate him from the place where he ecclesiastically ran amuck. Even in Canada his thoughts shall trouble him.


After a march of witness the crowd thronged the mission hall and a protest against the Presbytery's dictatorial attitude was unanimously passed. Mr. H. J. Adams and Mr. George K. Gibson, the two suspended elders, addressed the meeting. It was agreed to conduct the mission in the mission hall.


On the morning of Sabbath, the 4th February, the Moderator of the Down Presbytery, was, instructed to read the suspension order of the two elders to the Lissara congregation.

"Gospel Pickets" led by Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley protested outside the church building before and after the service where this "papal bull" was read. The placards carried the following headings: "Church Elders suspended;" "Down , Presbytery refuses to stand by Crossgar Session's decision;" "Campaign will continue in Mission Hall;" "Down Presbytery bans Gospel Campaign," "I am not ashamed of the Gospel."

Those who took part in the protest entered the church and listened to the service after which the moderator read the ultimatum of the Presbytery suspending Hugh James Adams and George K. Gibson until they showed signs of repentance. This ultimatum reminded one of the "pope's bull" to the champion Luther calling him to repent on his Protestantism. Thank God he did not shirk from the pathway of truth Thank God in 1951 the two elders in Crossgar did not deviate one inch from treading where the saints have trod.


The Old Time Gospel Campaign Commenced in the mission hall. God's hand of blessing rested on the preaching of the gospel which the Down Presbytery did not want proclaimed in the buildings over which they had any jurisdiction.

The mission continued until Sabbath, 25th February, God working mightily, ninety-four souls having been dealt with during the campaign. Hallelujah!

The dictatorial, anti-evangelical and anti-evangelistic attitude of the Presbytery of Down caused much heart searching amongst the Evangelical members of the congregation. As the mission continued conferences were held and prolonged seasons of prayer engaged in and the face of ' God earnestly sought for grace and wisdom to know and to do His will.


A special day of prayer and fasting was held in Ravenhill at the conclusion of which the way of God was plain as day and the brethren knew that God had called them to tread where the saints had trod outside the camp and then by the way of the cross, to the upperlands of God.

Each individual fought a personal battle but the victory was a united one, and each brother rejoiced together. That day of days the Free Presbyterian Church was born and brought forth in tears, agony and passion. [14]

MARCH, 1951

At a public service in Crossgar on the evening of Sabbath, 11th, a public announcement was made concerning the formation and constitution of the new church and the following manifesto released. This manifesto was forwarded to all members of Lissara and ministers of the Down Presbytery.


"Our Presbyterian forefathers, zealous for the Truth of God as contained in the sacred pages of our Protestant Bible were prepared regardless of the cost, to stand true to God and to their consciences. That cost was the staining of the heather bells of Scotland with their blood. Shall we as sons and daughters of such men dare to be any less true in our day to the same cause.

The Session of our Church, loyal to this cause, unanimously granted our Church hall for the preaching of that message for which our forefathers died. The Presbytery of Down, regardless of the facts that the Session represented the people, and that the congregation wrought and gave their money to build the hall, closed this, the property of the congregation, to the proclamation of the Gospel, and suspended two elders who refused to be mere yes-men and to join hands in such an action. This has brought to light the real character of Irish Presbyterianism.

Facing these facts we are forced to ask ourselves the question - What is wrong with the so-called Presbyterian Church that she can act in such an unworthy manner? We go to the fountain head, the Assembly's College, and there we find the answer.

Professor Davey, Principal, and others of the professors, both in their teaching and writings deny the Truths we hold so dear, reduce the Scriptures to the level of mere human writings make little of our Confession of Faith and Shorter Catechism, deny the very Deity and Virgin birth of our Saviour, and place the Protestant doctrine that Christ bore our sins on the Cross on a level with the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Mass.

Even the heresy trial of 1927 failed to unseat these heretics who stilt have the reins of the college in their hands. To use Professor Davey's own words, in Elmwood Presbyterian Church, he said: "Modern scholarship has rescued the Church from the powerlessness of a propped-up religion, using the Bible as a crutch;" and that certain of the Old Testament stories are "utterly damnable."

The Irish Presbyterian Church took a leading part in the forming of the World Council of Churches, which betrayed the Protestant Reformation, by extending a welcoming hand to the Church of Rome. You will be interested to know the Belfast Presbytery upheld those who invited Unitarian ministers to preach in their pulpits.

You say it is the Church of our fathers. It is NOT the Church of our fathers. THEY were made of sterner stuff than to tolerate men who betray their trust, and violate their solemn ordination vows. Let us listen to one of these men, the sturdy Presbyterian and saintly Rutherford, who said, "Give not a hair's breadth of truth away, for it is not yours but God's."

Is this any new state of affairs? No! For generations now there has been a growing discontentment with the State of things in our Churches, and Christian people today have grave contempt for the dead and stagnant, powerless and fruitless religion of our day, and for the camouflaged modernists in our pulpits who seem to be void of any conviction and who read their half-baked essays with half-hearted zeal, and whose daily lives prove many of them to be mere gossip mongers, rather than soul winners. Fathers and Mothers! These men care not for the never-dying souls of your boys and girls, but rather for financial security, material comforts, and a congregation who are foolish enough to pay for the tobacco they [15] smoke, and the worldly pleasures they pursue.

Fellow Presbyterians! 'What shall we do? To reform the present Church has been the -desire and ambition of years, but the Irish Presbyterian Church has proved that she will adopt every measure to see that such will not happen, and clear thinking Christian people are beginning to realise that the only course to pursue is to save that which is worth saving, and like Sodom and Gomorrah, leave the rest to the flames of God's wrath and judgment.

After prayerful consideration, we feel that the real need is the rekindling of the embers which for years have been smouldering under the damping and deadening effects in our Church. In this effort I am proud to say that Crossgar has raised a leading hand, and happy to relate that she is already being joined by other congregations, now in the process of being formed. These will form what will be known as The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Free because it has struggled out from under the heel are tyranny of the Church which sails under the flag of Presbyterianism, but which is in reality Unitarian; Presbyterian because in constitution, government and worship it will be identical with that of our Presbyterian forefathers.

We believe that under the wind of heaven these embers will once again be fanned to a mighty flame all over our beloved Province, and that this Free Presbyterian Body will lift again the Banner of the Cross, which has been dragged in the gutter of heresy and modernism.

This manifesto sets out briefly the reasons for our secession from the Church which has betrayed us, and the reason for our establishing in Crossgar a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, which will by God's grace bear on the Banner of Truth carried aloft for centuries by our Presbyterian forefathers."

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, which was born in the midst of controversy has grown, over the years, to forty thriving congregations. God has blessed the faithful preaching of the gospel by those who have taken a militant stand against the apostasy of the World Council of Churches.

Joint WCC Activities

The World Council of Churches and the Roman Catholic Church will continue their ecumenical pursuits when a joint Working Group meets in Venice, Italy, at the end of this month. Major agenda items for the meeting include: the possible contribution of the WCC to the Roman Catholic Synod of Bishops and the Holy Year proclaimed by Pope Paul VI for 1915, the participation of the Roman Catholic Church in the Fifth Assembly of the WCC and a study of Roman Catholic-Protestant ecumenism on the local level.

The Group will also look at specific areas of collaboration between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches for the coming year.

The joint Working Group, created in 1965, has 12 -members from the WCC and 12 from the Roman Catholic Church. Its purpose is to improve co-operation and dialogue between member churches.