The Irish Presbyterian Church and the World Council of Churches

The Irish Presbyterian Church has once again to consider its relationship with the World Council of Churches. The faithful and forceful witness of the Free Presbyterian Church is bearing fruit. The exposure of the WCC apostasy has not been in vain.

To hear certain evangelicals in the Irish Presbyterian Church however one would think that if the Irish Presbyterian Church left the WCC all would be well again within the church. This is not so.

The British Council of Churches is just as pro-Roman and Apostate as the World Council of Churches, yet not a word is spoken about withdrawing from that unholy amalgam.

The Irish Council of Churches which is being more and more dominated by the overshadowing influence of Cardinal Conway is also an apostate ecumenical body yet there is complete silence with regard to membership in that body.

The Irish Presbyterian College has for years been the sounding board for infidelity and has sent forth to the pulpits of the church men whose teaching deny every fundamental truth of the Holy Scriptures. Yet there is no protest about this.

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The World Council of Churches By REV. DR. W. TAYLOR

"If the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness."

It is essential to be well informed as to the truth, and import of a matter, if we are rightly to appraise it. The more so, when one may be involved, however unwittingly, in its pronouncements.

The World Council of Churches came into formal being in Amsterdam', in the Fall of 1948, when delegates of approximately 140 denominations, churches and religious groups, throughout the world took part. One of its earliest claims, to the effect that:

"Eight out of every ten Christians, of the Protestant and Orthodox Churches, are in the World Council of Churches by virtue of their Church's membership," should be sufficient to make the most indolent "turn aside and see this great sight," in order to examine it and carefully weigh its claims. However, as we shall see, so far as the Bible Christians are concerned this colossal mirage of religious pretence, is rather more shadow than substance.

Implicit in the aforesaid statement of the World Council, is the fact that a member, say of the United Church of Canada, or the Baptist Church in the British Isles, would automatically be included in the World Council of Churches by reason of the membership of the respective secretaries of these two church groups. The same is true of all the other churches and religious groups with regard to the members of same. Bible believers will undoubtedly find such conditions repugnant, and indeed in the light of Scripture absolutely untenable. Many will be confused when they see the names of ostensibly fundamentalist preachers, of some standing and repute, in evangelical circles in America and the British Commonwealth, appearing alongside those of notable Modernists, as adherents of this new Organisation. Some folk have said, "Surely such servants of God would not easily be deceived?" Alas! such seems to be the case that due possibly to ignorance of the true facts of the matter some actually are being deceived, as the Word of God so explicitly foretells (I Tim. 4:1 ), With Jesuitical casuistry and cunning, this World Council is being used by the enemies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as a [3] veritable spear-head of action for the re-union of Christendom in our time. This unholy amalgam is to be made up of the Protestant Churches, the Greek Orthodox, and the Roman Catholic Churches, with Modernism, Unitarianism, Fundamentalism, Liberalism, etc., welded by the alchemy of evil genius, into one unifying faith.

How any sincere Bible believer can fail to apprehend the true nature of the World Council of Churches seems almost incredible. Could the position be stated with greater clarity than that of Dr. C. F. Nolde, who, as delegate of the United Lutheran Church, and of some importance in the hierarchy of the Council, said prior to the original gathering:

"In a popular sense, the first meeting of the church council could be spoken of as a reversal of the trend which began at the Reformation."

Such a statement, so frank and open should leave us in no doubt as to the sinister designs and features of this new Organisation.

Dr. Douglas Horton, chairman of the American committee for the World Council, goes further, when addressing the gathering at Amsterdam, he said:

"An effective welding of the Christian Churches of the world into a single unit, characterised by. Roman Catholic continuity and Protestant freedom in Christ, is the burden of our hopes."

Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam, a modernist of the first rank, and one of the chief promoters of the World Council from its inception, has said, with commendable frankness:

"The Church universal is divided into many churches, among them are the Protestant Churches, the Eastern Orthodox, the Roman Church, and other communions. The first step towards union must be taken by the Protestant communions. When the full union of Protestantism and the Eastern Orthodoxy is fully accomplished, and Christians of the world belong to but two churches, the leadership of that day may be great enough and creative enough to kneel before a common altar, beg forgiveness of Christ for dis-unity and sharing in the bread and wine of holy communion, rise in His Spirit to form the holy Catholic Church, to which all Christians may belong."

These statements and others like them emanate from the leaders of the Council of Churches, purporting to be men of God, giving God's Word to the people. They fall into the common error of Modernism, that of confusing the material with the supernatural, "For the natural man receiveth not the things of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned."

However, if these men are carnal, and without spiritual faculties, nevertheless, because of all its pomp, plant and power, its many noble high sounding [4] academicals and ecclesiastical intelligentsia, who strut and fret their little hour upon this stage of religious travesty and farce, the World Council commands the attention of many churches throughout the world.

But there can be life without health union without communion, movement without progress, possession without enjoyment, and there can be religious activity barren of spiritual life. This state of affairs was never more true than in the case of the World Council of Churches. It has no soul-saving, God-glorifying, Church-reviving pronouncements to make. The leaders of the World Council of Churches, with lots of religion and ritual are trying to build the city of God with the debris of hell. They act and speak as though they have never heard of the fall, and the total depravity of man, or of the need of spirituals regeneration. The Word of God has much to say on these things, but then these men openly discount God's Word and lampoon those who do not do so.

Evidence is not wanting that the Roman Catholic Church while not taking any direct part in the World Council of Churches, is keenly interested in the Organisation. The International News Service from the Vatican City reported at the commencement of the gatherings that:

"The Holy Father was following with assiduous interest the providential movement for the return of dissidents to the unity of the Church," and that "those who have torn away from the unity, though still labelling themselves with the name of Christ, may come to realise where the centre of this unity has been set by the Divine Master, and will feel the supreme desire to be composed in the ranks under the sole pastor."

The Roman Catholic Church obviously regards the World Council of Churches favourably, and if this is the case it must be suspect.

One of the outstanding features of this new World Council of Non-Roman churches, pontificating as it assumes to do on behalf of large numbers of Protestants all over the world is its avowed intention of making the Holy Catholic Church its one supreme goal. Paradoxically, it takes along with it, Fundamentalists and Modernists, and incidentally Rome has no sympathy for either. Rome never changes, and any concessions that have to be made will be made, not by Rome, but by the World Council of Churches. Since the grandiose scheme of the Council is one Holy Roman Catholic Church for the Universe, would it not save a tremendous amount of good American money if the advocates went over en bloc to the Roman Catholic Church without any further delay? What more logical step could one expect than to see communists going to their true envi-

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The Charismatic Movement, The WCC and the Roman Catholic Church

Open your Bibles at Second Corinthians chapter eleven and verse thirteen: "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel: for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

Only the Holy Spirit would dare to write such, words as these. Do you see their significance? Do you plumb the depths of what their meaning is? That false apostles, deceitful workers will so present themselves and so present their message that men will say "These are the apostles of Christ." And not only so, the arch-fiend of hell himself Beelzebub the prince of devils, the dragon, that old serpent Satan and the Devil will so present himself, will so present his message that the world will say, "This is an angel of light." Such is the greatest deception of all time. It is the deception of the last time.


I want to refer you to the scriptures. It does not matter what Ian Paisley thinks about this subject. It does not matter what Ian Paisley's conclusions may be upon this subject. What matters is what God in His Book has got to say upon this subject. The Blessed Book must be the sole Arbiter.

Revelation chapter thirteen and verse eleven. This chapter presents the two beasts. There are of course three great beasts in Revelation.

There is the Dragon, that old Serpent called the Devil. If you want to find him you will find him in chapter twelve and verse three: "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon." If you read down a little farther you will discover that that dragon is Satan the serpent, the Devil himself. That is the first beast.

Then the second beast you will find in chapter thirteen and verse one. The beast coming out of the sea. That is the anti-christ. If you compare that chapter with chapter seventeen you will find that the Harlot rides upon that beast. She is astride that beast. [6]

Then we come to the false prophet. He is also called a beast. He comes up out of the earth. Verse eleven of Revelation chapter thirteen, "and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed." (Verse twelve).

So as the Holy Spirit of God leads me out to worship the Lord Jesus, leads me out to bow in submission and subject my life to the Lord Jesus, so the second beast leads to the universal worship of the anti-christ. He is the anti-Holy Ghost. He is the counterfeit Spirit.

I am going to show you tonight that the Charismatic Movement is the counterfeit Spirit.

Look with me at verse thirteen of chapter thirteen of the book of the Revelation and you will notice that the false prophet is in the field of miracles.

The Charismatic Movement pretends to have the supernatural power of the Holy Ghost to do miracles.

What does this second beast do? Look at it. "He doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men."

Learn the truth tonight that all fire which comes down from heaven is not of God. Learn that important and vital truth.

If this spirit of the anti-christ appeared at the City Hall, surrounded by the modern ecumenical movement and the Charismatic false prophets and false apostles called fire from heaven, how many people in Belfast would be deceived? Thousands would flock and they would say "This is surely of God, for fire has come down from heaven."

They thought that, did they not, when Job's flocks were burned up when fire came down from heaven? But it was false fire, satanically originated fire. It came from hell and not from God.

I am glad I have got the Bible in these evil days. I am glad I have got a safe compass by which I can sail my frail barque amidst the reefs of satanic and end time deceptions. I am glad I have got an anchor which keeps the soul. It is the Book of God. For in the last days, if it were possible, the very elect of God, genuine New Testament Spirit born believers, would be deceived. What an age of deception we are living in today.

Revelation chapter thirteen and verse fourteen, "And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast: saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life." (resurrection; it is not the true resurrection of God, it is' a [7] counterfeit resurrection).

So be warned tonight that in the end time (Brethren it is the end time) there is going to be mass deception in the spiritual world. It is going to be so plausible for false apostles and deceitful workers will be "transformed into apostles of light." The Devil himself will be as an angel of light. God give us discernment in an evil day. "For what is the chaff to the wheat? saith the Lord God of Israel."


Turn to Luke's gospel chapter thirteen and verse twenty-six. (I want to get you to the Word of God. It is this Word that is all important). We will read verse twenty-five for the connection: "When once the master of the house is risen up, and has shut to the door, and ye begin to stand without, and to knock at the door, saying, Lord, Lord, open unto us; and He shall answer and say unto you, I know not whence ye are." I want you to notice that Christ disassociates Himself from the origin of these individuals. He says "I know not whence ye are." They reply, and I want you to notice something, that they put their whole religious emphasis, that their priority, ecclesiastically, religiously and spirituality, in what? Upon what ought to have been the Table of the Lord. They said "We have eaten and drunk in Thy presence."


I want to tell you that the Church of Rome and the Charismatic Movement put great emphasis upon the Mass, or upon what they say is the Lord's Supper. That is one of the priorities of the Charismatic Movement. That is one of the essentials of the Charismatic Movement.

I want to tell you that there is no Eternal Life at the Communion Table. There is no Salvation in the bread of the Sacrament. There is no Redemption in the cup upon the Table. These are but symbols. Reminders. These are but representations of something which is spiritual, eternal and divine. Do not pin your faith on any ordinance no matter how Scriptural, or in any Sacrament no matter how Biblical. You will be lost. Salvation is not by eating and drinking at the Table of God. Salvation is by simple faith in the finished work of Christ. "What can wash away my stain? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, What can make me whole again? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus."

Look at verse twenty-six again, "And Thou hast taught in our streets." They claimed that Jesus was among them. That is the claim of the Charismatic Movement. "Jesus is among us'." "Do not say anything about us," they threaten. "Jesus is with us."

What did the Lord say to these people? The Lord said "I know you [8] not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity."

Compare that scripture with Matthew's gospel chapter seven and verse twenty-one, "Not everyone that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." Could you tell me where I will find what the will of God is? Will you tell me where I can find the will of God? The will of God is found only in this Book. The will of God is found only in God's Word. God's Word and God's will are one. God's Word is God's will revealed.


The Charismatic "apostles" say, "We will not leave the Church of Rome. God has told us to stay in and witness." But God in His Word has said, "What fellowship hath light with darkness? . . . The Temple of God with idols? . . . Wherefore, come out from among them and be ye separate." (Second Corinthians chapter six). But they say "No! God has told us to stay in." Is God a liar? Does God contradict Himself? Does God order one man to do one thing, and another man to do different? Does He? Never!

When a man comes along and tells me that God has told him to do something directly in opposition to the Word of God, I say, "It is not God that has told you, it is the Devil. The Will of God and the Word of God are one."

Matthew chapter seven and verse twenty-two, "Many will say to me in that day." (Would you underline the word many for before this Age finishes there is only going to be a tiny little remnant of people that are going to stand. There is not going to be many). Look at the Word of God, "Fear not little flock, it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." Just a little flock.

"Many will say to me in that day." The Charismatic Movement, the Church of Rome, the Ecumenical Movement are going to increase in power and domination. Look at it, "Many shall say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Thy Name, and in Thy Name have cast out devils? and in Thy Name done many wonderful works?" Yes! "prophesied" - speaking in tongues. They prophesied in the Lord's Name, did they? They claim to have the Holy Ghost in all His fulness and apostolic power. "False apostles transformed into apostles of Christ." "And in Thy Name have cast out devils." That is what the Charismatic Movement is claiming today. That it has the power to cast out devils. And it has the name of doing many wonderful works. This old Book is right up to date is it not? That is the best description you could get of the Charismatic Movement. They claim that they prophesy in the Saviour's Name. That they cast out [9] devils in the Saviour's Name. And that they do wonderful works in the Saviour's Name.


Listen to what the Lord says. This is not what some fighting, fundamentalist preacher says. This is not what some church body has decided. This is not a matter for theological speculation or doctrinal argument. This is what the Book says. Let me tell you friend, this Book guides my ministry and gives me the verdict on all things. I do not go by some experience that I have had or that anybody else has had. I go by this Book. If this Book is true, and it is, then that is not true which does not come up to the standards of this Book. Matthew chapter seven and verse twenty-three, "And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you." God never knew them!

If a man came to Belfast and prophesied in the Name of Christ, many people would run after him as they are running after the Ecumenical Charismatics of today.

One member of this Charismatic Movement said "Is it not terrible that Ian Paisley would dare to oppose the Holy Ghost?" Sure! If Ian Paisley were opposing the Holy Spirit, that would be terrible. But let me tell you friend, the Holy Ghost and this Book are one. There are three that bear record on earth, the Blood and the water (the Word) and the Holy Ghost, and these three agree in one. There is no disagreement between the Holy Ghost and the Book. I am preaching the Book. I am proclaiming what the Spirit of God says!

They say "We have prophesied. We have prophecies in our meetings Mr. Paisley. We all speak in tongues and see wonderful works done. Devils are expelled. People are healed." Yes!

The Lord did not say, "You did not do wonderful works." The Lord did not argue whether they cast out devils or not. I want you to notice that. The Lord did not say anything about the prophesying. He said "I never knew you." It is not of God! "I never knew you: depart from me." (Look at it. What an indictment) "ye that work iniquity."

That is similar to what the Lord said through Paul: "False apostles, deceitful workers. Ye that work iniquity."


Now having brought to your attention those scriptures, I want to leave down a vital principle. The principle is this. For everything that God has, the Devil has a counterfeit. For Truth, the Devil has the untruth or the lie. For God's Doctrine the Devil has his Dogma. For Divine revelation the Devil has in its place the satanic counterfeit. God has the true Christ, The Devil has the anti-christ. God has the true Church. The Devil has the bride [10] of the anti-christ. Read Revelation chapter twelve and you get the woman, the true Church. Read Revelation chapter seventeen and you get the Harlot, the false church. The Devil has a counterfeit spirit. The Devil has a counterfeit Pentecost. The Devil has a counterfeit Calvary. The Devil has a counterfeit peace. How do I know? Because I have read the Bible. The Bible says, "When the strong man armed keepeth his house, his goods are in peace." Who is the strong man armed? The Devil! But when a stronger than the strong man binds the strong man, He robs him of his goods. Who is the stronger than the strong man? Jesus Christ! The Devil has peace. He can give you peace. The Devil can tell you that you are saved and make you believe you are saved w,ien you are not saved. The Devil can tell you that you are on the road to heaven and make you believe it, when all the time you are on the road to hell. Yes! The Devil has counterfeit pardons. That was what raised the fire and anger in old Martin Luther, was it not? When Tetzel came along beating his drum and selling the sin dockets of Rome Martin Luther said "By the grace of God I will knock a hole in Tetzel's drum and I will defeat this counterfeit pardoning crusade of the Pope." Thank God, he did it. You have a Bible in your hand tonight, and you are a Protestant tonight because Luther saw through the counterfeit pardons of Rome. The Devil has got a counterfeit pardon. He has counterfeit miracles. You say, "How are you so sure preacher?" Because I have read the Book. That is why I am sure.


I am leaving down a scriptural principle. If you apply this scriptural principle you will never go wrong. Of course if you tell me you have got an experience and that settles it for you, then you are putting your experience above the Word of God and you are putting your will above God's Will, and your word above God's Word. That is the folly. Galatians chapter one and verse six, "I marvel that ye are so soon removed from Him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel. Which is not another; (There is only one gospel. But there is a counterfeit) but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. (Mark it). But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." So if Paul stood up in the church at Galatia and preached a different gospel, what would happen? How many people would follow him?

If an angel from heaven appeared in some church in Belfast tonight, they would be queuing from one end of Ulster to the other to have a look at him. Yes, and if he preached against [11] the Blood Atonement they would welcome him and say he was of God.

"But though we, or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed." Anathema let him be damned in the lowest hell. That is what he says. That is what the Spirit of God says. Yes! So there is another gospel! A counterfeit gospel!

Turn to Second Corinthians chapter eleven and verse four, "For if he that cometh preacheth another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if ye receive another spirit." Yes! Another Jesus. And you can receive another spirit. You can speak in tongues and have the charismatic signs. But that does not say it is the Spirit of God you have got. It says here "or another gospel which ye have not accepted." Learn, there is another Jesus, and another Spirit and another Gospel.


Having laid the scriptural foundation, could I take you back into history for a moment or two.

The Reformation happened in the sixteenth century. How did it happen? It happened because the Word of God was released. That is how it happened. This Word was corrupted by Rome and tied up in the Latin language. It was unknown among the masses of the people. Then with a Luther in Germany, with the martyred Bishops in England, with John Knox in Scotland, with a Calvin, first in France, and then in Geneva and before that with a Huss in Bohemia aye and before that with the morning star of the Reformation of England, John Wycliffe, the Word of God was released. This Word is light. And when the light shineth the darkness is dispelled. This Word is Eternal Truth. When the Eternal Truth is revealed, the eternal falsehood is destroyed and overthrown. Yes! What happened? Popery, priestcraft, idolatry, deception, false religion was overturned, and overturned, and overturned again. Whole nations stepped from bondage to liberty. The Dark Ages gave place to the Ages of the Reformation, the Ages of Gospel Light and Gospel Emancipation.

Did the Roman anti-christ readily admit defeat? Did the Roman antichrist declare that the battle was lost? Nay, verily, powers within the bosom of the anti-christ Church were stirred into fury. They made war with the Lamb and they made war with the remnant of the woman's seed that had the witness of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. There was the great harvest of the martyrs. The blood of God's people flowed, and Rome waded thigh deep in the blood [12] of the true Christians, in order to stamp out, in order to destroy, in order to overcome, in order to finally put down God's children and Christ's Church. But, Hallelujah! you cannot put out the light which God has lit.

"Play the man," said old Latimer to his co-martyr Ridley. "Play the man, Master Ridley, for this day by God's grace as we burn here in Oxford we shall light a candle that shall never be put out." The candle still burns, Hallelujah! Yes and it will burn to the end of time for God Almighty has originated the kindling.


The Devil decided that if he could not win the battle by a frontal attack, he Would subtly, satanically, destroy men's faith in the Book. Having discovered he could not destroy the Book, he decided to destroy men's faith in that Book and so there was launched the counter-Reformation. It is still going on. The Ecumenical Movement is the twentieth century development of the Counter-Reformation. into the Colleges of Protestantism, into the Universities of Protestant Germany the Jesuits set their false teachers and false apostles. Slowly and surely they undermined the faith of men in the Bible. Protestantism was taught that this Book was full of myths and contradictions, that Christ was not Virgin born, that the historicity of the Bible was questionable and that the reliability of the Bible was questionable. As a result Protestantism had no Book, had no Infallible Word, and Protestantism had no preachers of the Infallible Word.

You and I have lived in a day when our eyes have beheld a Protestantism which knows not the authority of the Book. When it has no Book it loses the power of the pulpit. Protestantism's power rests in preaching because, praise God, through the foolishness of preaching them that believe are saved. A Protestantism without powerful preaching is a Protestantism that falls an easy prey to Rome. In our day Protestantism has fallen ecclesiastically, and from the organisational viewpoint right into the hands of Rome, in the Ecumenical Movement. But the Ecumenical Movement itself is not sufficient. There must be some spiritual flame. There must be some false motivation. just to have the Ecumenical Movement would not deceive the elect of God. So there are two things the Church of Rome has taken as the masterpiece for the inspiration of the unity movement with herself. One is prayer and the second is the Charismatic Movement.


All Christians believe in prayer. You know I heard people this week [13] who said "Is it not a good thing that Cardinal Conway, and Moderator Lundie, and President Morris and Archbishop Simms have all called us to pray? Do you not believe in prayer, Mr. Paisley?" Sure I believe in prayer! "Well is it not nice that we have all to pray?" Yes! But I want to tell you friend that "Not everyone that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven. But he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven."

I have here a little book entitled "Praying for Unity." It was written by Michael Hurley, SJ, Jesuit Priest. He is the man who gives the last touch now to the Presbyterian, Methodist and Church of Ireland ministers in his School of Modern Ecumenics in Dublin. They go down to Dublin and this Jesuit Priest gives them the final rub off, so that they will be ready to forward the unity with Rome movement in the Churches of Apostate Protestantism. Yes and so much is the Presbyterian Church taken up with this priest Hurley that they had him lecture in Assembly's College, so that the young Methodist and Presbyterian ministers in their joint classes there might have the experience of this mature priest of Rome.

Now if that is not enough to condemn the ecumenical movement in the minds of the decent Bible thinking Protestants I do not know what else you would want. I do not want to listen to a minister who has been taught by a Jesuit priest.


I have in my hand a copy of the New Creation. It is the journal of the Charismatic Renewal Movement in Ireland. This is their magazine for January to March of last year. They have printed an interview with David Du Plessis. Who is David Du Plessis? He is a very eminent Pentecostal pastor. He is called "Mr. Pentecost," he is so eminent in Pentecostal circles. He talks about Ireland. He says "One of the most serious things that can happen in a spiritual movement is what happened to Jesus Christ Himself when the Spirit came upon Him. He had a wilderness experience. And there is no spiritual movement, as I have studied them in history, that does not come into a wilderness experience as soon as life or a new direction became evident. So I trust that if they are the children of God they stand firm on what is written, as Jesus did, there is no fear of going astray." (You say "Mr. Paisley, there is nothing wrong with that. That is scriptural." Yes, of course. If I wanted to poison you sir, I would not put "poison" on the cup. I would make a nice dose with honey and make all things nice and put the few drops of poison in! You do not label the poison if you [14] are a deceiver. You only label it if you are truthful! Let us go on). He continues "A novice may interpret what he thinks is right. That is why it is always good to have mature leadership. The priests I have met here in Ireland I think are well able to guide. They have enough spiritual and religious training." So "Mr. Pentecost" the eminent Pentecostal preacher says that the priests in Ireland are mature. They have got spiritual training and they are the people to guide the Charismatic Movement. Out of his own mouth he stands condemned.

I have in my hand the text book that every priest of Rome must study. That text book is by Francis Ligouri. It is called "The Dignity and Duties of the Priest." Here is what this book says: "Were the Redeemer to descend into a church and sit in a Confessional to administer the sacrament of penance, and a priest to sit in another Confessional. Jesus would say over each penitent 'I absolve thee.' The priest would likewise say to each of his penitents 'I absolve thee.' And the penitents of each would be equally absolved." So the priest stands on a par with Jesus. Any man who claims to be another Christ is an anti-christ. The anti-christ priests of Rome may be mature in the Devil's doctrine, but they have no part nor lot in the Church of Jesus Christ.

In this same article Mr. Du Plessis says "Another thing that to me is very encouraging is the fact that I was in Rorne from June 18th to June 23rd for a second season of a five year annual dialogue between Pentecostals and Roman Catholic Theologians. This dialogue has been very helpful, if not to the whole of society as yet, then at least to some of us. Because in the sixties came the evidence of a spiritual renewal within the church. And we know that the late Pope John the Twenty-Third had prayed for a renewal of the church. For a new Pentecost. The Pentecost in Jerusalem which launched the church on its mission. And the church needs that power today, I say (Now mark these words of "Mr. Pentecost") the 'Holy Father' spoke as a prophet."

My Bible says "Call no man Father on earth. For One is your Father, even the Lord Jesus Christ." "Not everyone that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of God; but he, that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven." What is the will of the Father? The will of the Father is that I call no man "Father" in the spiritual sense.

"Mr. Pentecost" said "I say the 'Holy Father' spoke as a prophet." and encouraged the church in the direction of renewal. So there is, according to Mr. Du Plessis, revival, a renewal, a Holy Ghost Pentecost in the [15] Roman Catholic Church today. And it has come in answer to the Pope's prayers. And the strange thing is this that if you go to Rome you will find that they are still saying Masses to get the soul of this so-called holy Pope out of purgatory. So this holy Pope, so-called, who according to their own teaching is burning in purgatory, his prayers have brought a Pentecost to the church. Who says it? "Mr. Pentecost." It is not a Roman Catholic priest, but the leader of the Charismatic Movement. A so-called Protestant. He goes on to say "I found prayer groups in the Georgian University and in other institutions. They got on wonderfully with the co-operation of some of the leading professors. It is quite evident from his message on the 21st February, that the "Holy Father" Pope Paul is aware of what is going on since he mentions the Charismatic Movement of which we hear so much about."

Turn over to Matthew chapter twenty-three and verse nine: "And call no man your Father upon the earth: for One is your Father, which is in heaven." But he does not only call him Father, he calls him Holy Father. There is only one place in scripture where that title is given. It is given to the Father by the Lord in John's gospel chapter seventeen. The Lord addresses His Father and He says "Holy Father." So David Du Plessis testiying in the face of scripture attributes the title of God, strictly forbidden by the Lord Himself, to the Roman anti-christ, the Pope of Rome.

I am going to continue this message next Lord's Day. We are going to print it and circulate it. We are going to get into a lot of trouble, but that is the lot of the prophet of God. For if a man speaks the truth of God in his day and generation he will be stoned. And when they cease to stone the prophet, he ceases to be a prophet. Let the stones come. We will continue with the prophetic ministry in the sense not of foretelling but forthtelling the Blessed Word of the Living God.

If there is someone in this church tonight and you are trusting in the Charismatic Movement. You are trusting in Ecumenism. You are trusting in the Lord's Table or trusting in Baptism. Let me tell you it is vain your sitting where God's people sit. Vain is your standing where God's people stand. Vain is the Baptism and Confirmation of your youth. Vain is your Baptism in deep waters when YOLI were older. Vain is your sitting at the Lord's Table. Vain are all things but a living faith in the living Christ.

God grant you will have that faith tonight.



ronment in Russia, and pro-Romanists to Rome? But, strange as it may seem such is not the case. In the Epistle of John he sums up the apostasy of his day thus: "They went out from us because they were not of us." It is quite clear that the policy of these unregenerate fanatics has changed somewhat, for now, although they are not of us, they are determined at all costs to stay with us.

The paramount reason for this strange wooing of the fundamentalists on the part of the apostasy is the beguiling of the Bible believing churches from their strong position, entrenched as they are in the Word of God and in the God of that infallible and indestructible Word.

However, the World Council of Churches apparently seems to have had some measure of success in this connection, and undoubtedly "If it were possible would deceive the very elect." Nevertheless, we who know the Lord in all His saving power are cautioned against flirting with the workers of iniquity. Indeed we are sternly warned to "Come out from among them." And this must inevitably be the abiding decision of every true Bible believer in relation to the World Council of Churches.


Simple withdrawal from the WCC will not do. There must be a withdrawal from all who by their words have withdrawn themselves from God. The words of C. H. Spurgeon are timely in the present crisis hour.

"Numbers of good brethren remain in fellowship with those who are undermining the Gospel, and they talk of their conduct as if it were a loving course which the Lord will approve of in the day of His appearing. We cannot understand them. The bounden duty of a true believer towards men who profess to be Christians, and yet deny the Word of the Lord and reject the fundamentals of the Gospel, is to come out from among them. Complicity with error will take from the best of men the power to enter any successful protest against it."

"When will Christians learn," said Spurgeon, "that separation from evil is not only our privilege, but our duty."

Surely, dear reader, you should not remain, content or discontent, in a Church where Modernist unbelief is in control.