At the November meeting of the General Presbytery of Ulster an application was received from a body of believers in Australia to be organised by the presbytery into a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.

After the Rev. John Douglas, the Clerk of Presbytery, (just returned from a two-month preaching tour of Australia) had commented on the application, the Presbytery unanimously acceded to the request.

A further application was then submitted for permission to call a minister to the Australian congregation. This was also granted as the congregation had already agreed the usual presbytery conditions.

It is expected that at the January presbytery the call from Australia will be tabled.

As a Church we give God thanks for the blessing which marked both visits of our Clerk to Australia and also the visit of the Rev. Fred Buick the minister of our Banbridge congregation.

Now the good seed has borne fruit and a cloud like a man's hand has signalled that the Free Church should enter that great continent. The Lord says, "Go." We dare not be stack in our going. The Lord says, "Occupy." We dare not fail to occupy. The "Go" is into all the world, the occupation until our Lord Jesus Christ returns.

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Sandown Re-opening: Report

"Though your beginnings may be small yet your latter end shall greatly increase."

This very appropriate verse of Scripture is found engraved on a beautiful plaque in the entrance hall of the newly extended Sandown Road Church. Throughout the reopening Service on Saturday, 9th October, this was often referred to, as it sums up the history of the church in a nut-shell.

A crowd of almost 1,000 people congregated in the church building and the large tent adjacent to the church to join in this special service to mark the re-opening of the church for the preaching of the glorious gospel.

Dr. Paisley, Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster and Dr. Bob Jones, Chancellor and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bob Jones University, were the special speakers.

In introducing Dr. Paisley, the Rev. David McIlveen, who as minister of the church presided at the service, recorded the thanks of the congregation for the way in which Dr. Paisley had taken such a keen interest in the work of the Sandown Road Church. "This interest was constantly and consistently maintained over the years," Mr. McIlveen told the assembled people.

Before reading from the 21st chapter of the Book of the Revelation, the Moderator recalled the day when he was sent for by Mrs. Campbell, a present member of the congregation, who told him that if he was prepared to build a church on the site that she would give the site for nothing and pay the ground rent herself. "A truly Free Presbyterian act," Dr. Paisley stated.

Taking as his subject the words of Revelation 21:22, "And I saw no temple therein" Dr. Paisley preached with great liberty on the following points:




The Lord greatly used this message as a challenge and a blessing to the people of God.

Following Dr. Paisley's message, Mr. McIlveen recorded the thanks of the congregation to Almighty God. "Without the divine help of the Holy Spirit this day could not have been [3] realised. It is a day of praise and thanksgiving to Him Who saves and satisfies," the Rev. McIlveen affirmed.

The closing speaker was Dr. Bob Jones who brought a very practical and helpful message on Jesus Christ in the midst of His people.

Others taking part in the service were, the Rev. James Beggs, the Rev. James McClelland and the Rev. Alan Cairns.

Mr. Roy McGimpsey spoke on behalf McGimpsey and Starrett, the builders of the extension.

Hillsborough Gospel Campaign

"The Lord hath done great things for
us whereof we are glad."

These words of the Psalmist expressed the feelings of the Lord's people at Hillsborough as they witnessed God's arm of salvation made bare during the gospel campaign held in the church in the month of October. The evangelist at the campaign was Mr. Victor Maxwell who preached each night in the power of the Spirit of God.

Attendance at special late nights of prayer and extended prayer meetings was an encouraging feature of the preparation for the mission. Also encouraging was the reception given to workers on door to door visitation in the various estates around the church. Each home received gospel literature supplied by "Every Home Crusade" and a personal invitation to come along to the mission.

On the Sunday morning before the campaign many church members publicly committed themselves to pray for the mission and to bring unsaved loved ones and friends along in an effort to see them won for Christ.

For the first week of the campaign Mr. Maxwell spoke to the Lord's people upon such subjects as revival and personal soul winning. The mission then continued for a further three weeks of gospel meetings. Altogether we know of at least eight people who were dealt with during the mission and who professed faith in Christ.

The congregation at Hillsborough would value the continued prayer support of God's people as we would seek to spread the gospel and stand for its defence in the district of Hillsborough. [4]

Talks on Unity

October 7th saw the first of five weekly talks and discussions at the Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre on the "Ten Propositions" for unity presented by the Churches' Unity Commission. The speakers are interdenominational, and include Bishop Knapp-Fisher and the Rev. Harry Morton, general secretary of the BCC.

Nor is the sponsorship of this series without particular interest to Anglicans: for the co-sponsors are the Atonement Friars, a Roman Catholic community, and the Catholic League, an Anglican society. The Friars have as their principal work the restoration of visible unity among all Christians.

In 1898, we read, in New York State, the Rev. Lewis T. Wattson, an Anglican priest later known in religion as Fr. Paul James Francis, and Sister Laurana White, an Anglican nun, founded the Society of the Atonement. In 1909 the small community entered into communion with the Roman Church.

The Catholic League, on the other hand, was founded in 1913 to provide a means, of fellowship for Anglicans who believe that the Church of England is committed to the Catholic

faith, and who work and pray for reunion round the apostolic see of Rome. The Church Unity Octave, they add, was started by Fr. Paul, founder of the Friars of the Atonement, when he was still an Anglican.

AUSTRALIA - Continued

Nineteen seventy-six has been a memorable year for our Church. It is our year of Jubilee. Twenty-five years we have laboured with both sword and trowel. How faithless we have been! How faithful our God has been! In this year God has opened up two continents to us, the North American continent in Canada and now Australia in New South Wales. With the old rugged Welsh revivalist, Christmas Evans, we would cry, "Drive On! Drive On!" [5]

Revival in Ravenhill
A Report by IAN R. K. PAISLEY

I would drop a tear onto the page as I write this brief statement, a tear not of sorrow but of joy. Yet there is mingled with that joy a sorrow, a sorrow over past sins, past supplication and past service.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster was born in revival. That is why its Official Organ is called "The Revivalist." To seek the origins of the Church one has to go beyond the actual constitution in Crossgar on 17th of March, 1951. A memorable prayer meeting in the old Ravenhill Church brings us closer to its source. That prayer meeting led to the gracious infilling with the Holy Spirit of four men and the subsequent outpouring of the Blessed Spirit upon the resultant evangelistic drive. The prayer meeting was held in October, 1949, and lasted a whole night and a day. I thank God I was privileged to call that prayer meeting, and take part in it.

The revival of New Testament fundamentalism which that prayer meeting ignited in Ulster was noted by the secular press when they wrote up the actual beginning of the Church. I quote: "Scenes reminiscent of an old time revival marked the opening of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster."

From the 17th of March, 1951, God has blessed the Free Presbyterian Church. It stands as a monument to the miracle working God in the 20th century.

Oftentimes however, with the passing of the years I have longed or another rich outpouring of the Spirit of God as in the beginning. At times I have been on the very verge of such a refreshing but somehow the tide failed to overflow the banks. As it receded there was a bitter pang of disappointment. I mourned my own apathy and sluggishness of spirit but was powerless to throw off the galling grip of spiritual deadness.

Still I longed and prayed and hoped for a blessed and gracious and divine visitation.

On Lord's Day, 12th of December, the Lord suddenly came to His temple. Oh, what a coming it was! No one can describe the mystery of the working of the Holy Spirit of the Thrice Holy God - the wind bloweth where it listeth!

I was led to discourse on Matt. 4:19. "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." [6]

I took four simple points.

1. The Position "Follow after me." The Lord must be first. If He is not given His rightful place there can be no real blessing.

2. The Progress "Follow me." There must be a going on. A going on in prayer, in service, in labouring, in seeking, in communion, in crucifixion, and in resurrection power.

3. The Power "I will make you." Only Christ can do this job on us, by us and through us. On our own we toil all night and catch nothing.

4. The Programme "fishers of men." A fisherman is a man of faith. He cannot see the fish but he lets down the net nevertheless. He is a man of courage. He goes out in the storm. He is a man of work. He labours and sacrifices even in the right season.

I simply said at the end of my sermon that if God had spoken to His people then around the Table of the Lord we could hold sacred tryst with the Beloved and renew our vows. I pointed out that the great revivals in Presbyterian history started on sacramental occasions.

The largest number of communicants I have ever witnessed in the new church remained, and best of all the Lord revealed Himself.

The service was unique. Instead of the usual one giving thanks for the bread we had a double thanksgiving, two brothers returning thanks.

Then as we ate the bread. Oh what brokenness! Oh what love! Oh what penitence! Oh what joy! Oh what tears!

Then we had a double thanksgiving for the wine the symbol of that, "Oh SO PPECIOUS BLOOD." As we partook of that emblem how we united in peace, pardon and power, singing and shouting redemption through the blood of the bleeding Lamb.

The singing of "My Jesus I love Thee" at the conclusion of the feast was a faint echo, but nevertheless a rapturous one of the Eternal Anthem of the Glorified in heaven. The Lord had visited His Temple. The refining fire burned. The silver was being purified.

The evening service was a demonstration of revival power. I preached on the Torment of Worry and the fact that only Christians could know deliverance from its pangs. I discoursed simply on 1. Unload your care on God I Pet. 5:7. 2. Worry over nothing but pray about everything Phil. 4:6. 3. God cares for you I Pet. 5:7.

Poor sinners had nowhere to take their cares, their worries and their sins. They knew not that Wondrous Friend Who sticketh closer than a brother.

When the appeal was made a strong man, a very long time ago a member of the church committee, but for many years away from God, came sobbing down the aisle to return to the Blessed Saviour. Oh what joy! What tears! What feeling! How loving, kind, forgiving, tender, is Sweet Jesus. No eye like His. No [7] Voice like His. No touch like His.

I announced a prayer meeting. I urged the Christians to stay. I pleaded with sinners to remain. I suppose some 400 waited. After two prayers I tested the meeting. The power of God was manifested. Strong men came under the lash of the Spirit's conviction. Tears flowed. Sobs were heard. The Spirit worked mightily. Down the aisles men and women and young people came to seek the Lord and to be found of Him.

What stories lie behind each case. A man and his wife broken down, sobbing together, came forward. They had waited on our ministry for some ten years. Another dear man who heard me first preach in the City 30 years ago and had been faithful in attendance ever since came. How he thanked God that the Spirit had not ceased to strive with him.

A bookie was numbered amongst the converts.

The angels burst forth in praise and we mortals had a blessed sun blink of the Shekinah Glory of Emmanuel's Lamb and Land.

Oh may this blessed work continue. May it spread to all our churches. May all the true people of God experience its fulness and freshness. May Ulster be saved. May our nation be saved. May Ireland be saved. NOTHING, NO NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH OUR GOD. Brethren pray for me.

Three Year Mission to Nation?

A three year campaign to treble the number of convinced Christians in the country by 1980 was proposed at a meeting of Evangelical and other interested bodies held in London.

It was suggested that the campaign should aim for a target of at least five per cent "active, informed Christians" in every area of society.

Appeals were made at the meeting that the Archbishop of Canterbury should lead the campaign. But it was made plain that he would not respond too such an appeal for leadership if it came only from the Evangelical constituency of the Churches.

However, in a message to the meeting, Dr. Coggan said he was delighted at the discussions now going on and hoped that "in due course all the Churches of our land will be able to join in a period of celebration of the faith."

The meeting was called to hear the report and proposals of a working group set up earlier this year by the Church of England Evangelical Council, the Evangelical Alliance and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to examine possibilities for a mission to the nation. [8]


Gwennap Pit in Cornwall, the natural amphitheatre near Redruth in which John Wesley preached over 200 years ago is in the news.

At long last the Methodist Church has purchased the historic site for 2,500. Heretofore that is since 1806 it has been leased at a rent of 10 per annum. The lease expires in 1979.

Wesley preached the gospel of salvation by the Blood of Christ, a gospel almost totally rejected today by the Methodist leaders, in the Pit to thousands of miners, their wives and their families.


The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Birmingham is the principal patron of a new British Council of Churches' Fund which is to be used to help towards "reconciliation in Ulster" ie, the swallowing up of Protestants in "Holy Mother Church" Rev. William Arlow probably will be financed for more jaunts to meet the Provisional IRA murderers and maybe even to wine and dine them.


The Church Times, 26/11/76, dogmatically announced that the Archbishop of Canterbury would be among the TENS OF THOUSANDS expected to attend the London Peace Rally in Trafalgar Square.

In fact no tens of thousands turned up.

If the Rally had been held in Ulster the News Letter, BBC, UTV, Belfast Telegraph and Downtown Radio would have vied with one another in exaggerating the attendance. The disparity between their reckonings in the past amounted to as many as 20,000.

The London police did the job and they were not on this occasion prepared to challenge it, 15,000 of whom many were sight-seeing.

The Rally had a strong "civil rights" ("We shall overcome"), ecumenical (Buddhists beating drums), Irish Republican (Reconciliation between the Irish and the English. The poor British forgotten!) flavour.

To Betty Williams it was, as always, "Simply fantastic." [9]


Rev. Alison Palmer, a priest of the American Episcopal Church, who is to have her "Orders" regularised in 1977 celebrated mass in Golder's Green Unitarian Church, London, on Friday, 26th November, 1976.


The All Africa Conference of Churches (AAAC,) a body of the World Council of Churches (WCC) backs the terrorists in Africa.

It has according to the Ecumenical Press Service commended, "THE BRAVE PEOPLE OF THESE COUNTRIES (Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia) FOR THEIR UNCOMPROMISING SUPPORT OF THE A ARMED STRUGGLE IN SOUTHERN AFRICA!!

No wonder the churches in Ireland in the WCC are now justifying and advocating dialogue with the Provo IRA.


For the first time since the eighth century the Orthodox (Eastern Catholic) Churches are to have a World Conference.

Most of the churches are situated behind the Iron Curtain and are dominated by the Russian KGB and other Communist infiltrators.

It is significant that the conference organisers have just announced that "no questions on political, dogmatic or theoretical" points would be countenanced.


The Anglican Church of Canada has ordained its first women priests. They are Revs. Joy Ruddock, Thelma Tanner, Kay Hill and Marjorie Kennan.

The Canadian House of Bishops rejected arguments from the Holy Scriptures opposing the ordination of the women and decided to proceed. The Church Times, organ of the Church of England, hailed the decision as "Trail blazing."


"One of the final stages leading to the canonisation of Blessed John Nepomucene Newman (who will be the first US male to be canonised) was completed on 13th November when Pope Paul formally certified a miracle attributed to his intercession: the cure from cancer of Michael Flannigan a teenager from New Jersey" - The Tablet, 22/11/76. [10]

The Dangers of Christian Complacency
A Solemn Warning and Exhortation by DR. J. C. RYLE, one-time Bishop of Liverpool.


"Now I do beseech all to beware of this undecided state of mind in religion. It is a pestilence which walketh in darkness, and a destruction that killeth at noonday. It is a lazy, idle frame of soul which, doubtless, saves men the trouble of thought and investigation, but it is a frame of soul for which there is no warrant in the Bible. For your own soul's sake, dare to make up your mind what you believe, and dare to have positive, distinct views of truth and error. Never, never be afraid to hold decided doctrinal opinions; and let no fear of man and no morbid dread of being thought party-spirited, narrow, or controversial, make you lest contended with a bloodless, tasteless, colourless, lukewarm, undogmatic Christianity.

"Mark what I say. If you want to do good in these times, you must throw aside indecision, and take up a distinct, sharply cut, doctrinal religion. If you believe little, those to whom you try to do good will believe nothing. The victories of Christianity, wherever they have been won, have been won by distinct doctrinal theology; by telling man roundly of Christ's vicarious death and sacrifice; by showing them Christ's substitution on the cross, and His precious blood; by teaching them justification by faith and bidding them believe on a crucified Saviour; by preaching ruin by sin redemption by Christ, regeneration by the Spirit; by lifting up the brazen serpent; by telling them to look and live - to believe, repent and be converted. This - this is the only teaching which for centuries God has honoured with success, and is honouring at the present day both at home and abroad

"It is doctrine - doctrine, clear, ringing doctrine which, like the rams' horns at Jericho, casts down the opposition of the devil and sin. Let us cling to decided doctrinal views, whatever some may please to say in these times, and we shall do well for ourselves, well for others, and well for Christ's cause in the world.

The times require of us an awakened and livelier sense of the unscriptural and soul-ruining character of Romanism. [11]


This is a painful subject; but it imperatively demands some plain speaking.

"The FACTS of the case are very simple. No intelligent observer can fail to see that the tone of public feeling about Romanism has undergone a great change. There is no longer that general dislike, dread, and aversion to Popery which was once almost universal in this realm. The edge of the old British feeling about Protestantism seems blunted and dull. Some profess to be tired of all religious controversy, and are ready to sacrifice God's truth for the sake of peace. Some look on Romanism as simply one among many forms of religion, and neither worse nor better than others. Some try to persuade us that Romanism is changed, and not nearly so bad as it used to be. Some boldly point to the faults of Protestantism, and loudly cry that Romanists are quite as good as ourselves. Some think it fine and liberal to maintain that we have no right to think anyone wrong who is in earnest about his creed. And yet the two great historical facts, (a) that ignorance, immorality and superstition reigned supreme in England 400 years ago under Popery, (b) that the Reformation was the greatest blessing God ever gave to this land - both these are facts which no one but a Papist ever thought of disputing a hundred years ago! In the present day, alas, it is convenient and fashionable to forget them! . . .


The causes of this melancholy change of feeling are not hard to discover.

(a) it arises partly from the untiring zeal of the Roman Church herself. Her agents never slumber or sleep. They compass sea and land to make one proselyte. They creep in everywhere, like the Egyptian frogs, and leave no stone unturned, in the palace or the workshop, to promote their cause. (b) It has been furthered immensely by the proceedings of the Ritualistic party in the Church of England. That energetic and active body has been vilifying the Reformation and sneering at Protestantism for many years, with only too much success. It has corrupted, leavened, blinded, and poisoned the minds of many Churchmen by incessant misrepresentation. It has gradually familiarised people with every distinctive doctrine and practice of Romanism the real presence - the mass - auricular confession and priestly absolution - the sacerdotal character of the ministry - the monastic system - and a histrionic, sensuous, showy style of public worship - and the natural result is that many simple people see no mighty harm in downright genuine Popery! Last, but not least, the spurious liberality of the day we live in helps on the [12] Romeward tendency. It is fashionable now to say that all sects should be equal that all creeds should be regarded with equal favour and respect - and that there is a sub-stratum of common truth at the bottom of all kinds of religion, whether Buddhism,

Mohammedanism, or Christianity! The consequence is that myriads of ignorant folk begin to think there is nothing peculiarly dangerous in the tenets of Papists - and that we ought to let Romanism alone and never expose its unscriptural and Christ-dishonouring character.

The consequences of this changed tone of feeling, I am bold to say, will be most disastrous and mischievous, unless it can be checked . . .

I warn all who read this, and I warn my fellow-churchmen in particular, that the times require you to be awake and be on your guard. Beware of Romanism and beware of any religious teaching which, wittingly or unwittingly, paves the way to it.

For Christ's sake, for the sake of our country, for the sake of our children, let us not drift back to Romish ignorance, superstition, priestcraft, and immorality. Our fathers tried Popery long ago, for centuries, and threw it off at last with disgust and indignation. Let us not put the clock back and return to Egypt. Let us have no peace with Rome till Rome abjures her errors and is at peace with Christ. Till Rome does that the vaunted reunion of all Churches, which some talk of and press upon our notice, is an insult to Christianity.


Read your Bibles and store your minds with Scriptural arguments. A Bible-reading laity is a nation's surest defence against error. I have no fear for Protestantism if the laity will only do their duty. Read your Thirty-nine Articles and "Jewel's Apology," and see how those neglected documents speak of Romish doctrines. We clergy I fear, are often sadly to blame. Too often we behave as if "giant Pope" was dead and buried, and never name him. Too often, for fear of giving offence, we neglect to show our people the real nature and evil of Popery.

I entreat my readers, besides the Bible and Articles, to read history and see what Rome did in days gone by.

Think twice before you give way to the prevailing tendency to favour Popery and go back to Rome.

The Reformation found Englishmen steeped in ignorance and left them in possession of knowledge - found them without Bibles and placed a Bible in every parish - found them in darkness and left them in comparative light - found them priest-ridden and left them enjoying the liberty which Christ bestows - found them strangers to the blood of atonement, to faith and grace and real holiness, and left them with the keys to these things in their hands - found them [13] bound and left them seeing - found them slaves and left them free. For ever let us thank God for the Reformation! It lighted a candle which we ought never to allow to be extinguished or to burn dim. Surely I have a right to say that the times require of us a renewed sense of the evils of Romanism, and of the enormous value of the Protestant Reformation!

We say a loud "Amen" to this great exhortation.

Which Jesus? By DR. BOB JONES

The most subtle and vicious Satanic attack that has been made on Christianity in recent years has been made by people who claim to be the friends of Jesus. So many people have been saying in recent years, "Jesus is the solution to our problems." But many of these people do not mean the Jesus of the Bible. They mean the Jesus that they have trimmed down to human level. They will say, "Jesus is divine. So are we. He discovered His divinity, and all we need to do is to discover our divinity." People have been deceived by these pious talking, supposedly friends of the Lord Jesus Christ in what the Bible says about Him; and if we do not have an authoritative Bible we do not have an authoritative Christ.

We have been preaching the Gospel for over sixty-five years, having started when we were just a country boy; and we want everybody to know that when we speak of Jesus and when Bob Jones University speaks of Jesus, we mean the Lord Jesus Christ set forth in the Bible. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus was virgin born. He was God incarnate. He died a vicarious death on the Cross. He bodily arose from the dead. He ascended into Heaven. He is at the right hand of the Father. He is coming again and there is no salvation in any other name except His Name.

When somebody speaks so sweetly about Jesus, ask him if he means the Jesus Who is set forth clearly in the Word of God. You had better be on your guard because we are facing a strange, subtle, Satanic influence, not only here, but all over the world. The devil is a deceiver. The devil usually talks in a very pious manner, and deception done in a pious way sometimes leads astray unsuspecting saints. [14]

Irish Move on Mixed Marriages

A circular letter on mixed marriages signed by the Primate of All Ireland (the Most Rev. George Simms) and by the four honorary secretaries of the Irish General Synod has been sent to all clergymen in the Church of Ireland.

The circular is designed to encourage the clergy to give instances of what is actually happening at parish level on the subject of mixed marriages (ie, between Roman Catholics and Church of Ireland members specifically' throughout Ireland, North and South.

This would enable the Church of Ireland members of the joint Standing Committee on Mixed Marriages - established as a result if a resolution at last year's inter-Church talks at Ballymascanlon - to play their part usefully within the terms of reference of the joint Committee.

The letter urges co-operation with the joint Committee representatives. "if they are given the information they will be able to make their assessment of 'trends,' be able to formulate their case, able to speak, and able (it is hoped) to produce results."

Loyalty to Christ and His Word

Dr. Arno C. Gaebelein in Our Hope magazine had some choice words: "If a true Christian supports professors and institutions, which deny the Bible and the Christ of God, that Christian betrays his Master and becomes a partaker of other men's sins . . . Dear readers! our consciences need to be stirred in these days. We have slept and slumbered too long. Loyalty to our ever blessed Lord is the demand of the hour. That loyalty must be expressed in a greater devotion to Him, a greater faithfulness in our [15] witness and confession of Him, a closer walk with Him and separation from all that dishonours the Lord. Loyalty to Christ. just think for a moment Who He is to Whom we are permitted to be loyal, whom we can exalt and confess! The Lord of All. He comes and His reward is with Him. And as He so graciously took notice of the faithful few in Israel's dark declension (Mal. 3:16- so His eye rests upon us . . . "And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels." Let our answer be to all the evil things about us loyalty to Christ."

(September, 1909, p. 138).

Gleanings from Matthew Henry

"The favourites of heaven are truly great."

"God never casts us off till we first cast Him off."

"There is no running from God but by running to Him; no fleeing from His justice but by fleeing to His mercy." Ps. 21:7 & 8.

"Blush at thy own folly and ingratitude."

"The prodigal came to himself first and then to his father."

"From every place there is the same way to heaven."

"There is nothing got by forgetting God."

"National repentance and reformation bring national plenty, peace and prosperity."

"Loth to part bids oft farewell."

"A coward will fight when he is sure to be a conqueror."

"The power of God - He can do what He has done. The purpose of God - He can finish what He has begun to do."

"The Bible is the rule for all and therefore should be read by all."

"Infinite wisdom has a vast reach and designs beforehand what is brought to pass long after." [16]


There are now two parties in the religious world. The party everywhere apparent has a faith fashioned for the present century - perhaps we ought rather to say, for the present month.

The 16th century Gospel it derides, and that, indeed, of every period, except the present most enlightened era. It will have no creed, because it can have none; it is continually on the move; it is not what it was yesterday, and it will not be tomorrow what it is today. Its shout is for "Liberty," its delight is invention, its element is change. On the other hand, there still survive, amid the blaze of 19th century light, a few whom these superior persons call "Fossils;" that is to say, there are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who consider that the true Gospel is no new gospel, but is the same yesterday, today, and forever. These do not believe in "Advanced views," but judge that the view of truth which saved a soul in the 2nd century will save a soul now, and that a form of teaching which was unknown till the last few years is of very dubious value, and is, in all probability, "Another gospel" which is not another.

It is extremely difficult for these two parties to abide in union. The old fable of the collier who went home to dwell with the fuller is nothing to it . . . How can his friend deal with him since he changes with the moon? If, after long balancing of words, the two parties could construct a basis of agreement, it would, in the nature of things, last only for a season, since the position of the advancing party would put the whole settlement out of order in a few weeks. One could hardly invent a sliding scale in theology, as Sir Robert Peel did in corn duties.

Nor is it merely doctrinal belief there is an essential difference in spirit between the old believer and the man of new and advancing views. This is painfully perceived by the Christian man before very long. Even if he be fortunate enough to escape the sneers of the cultured, and the jests of the philosophical, He will find his deepest convictions questioned, and his brightest beliefs misrepresented by those who dub themselves "Thoughtful men." When a text from the Word has been particularly precious to his heart, he will hear its authenticity impugned, the translation disputed, or its Gospel reference denied. He will not travel far on the dark continent of modern thought before he will find the efficacy of prayer debated, the operation of Divine Providence questioned, and the special love of God denied. He will find himself a stranger in a strange land when he begins to speak of his experience, and of the ways of God to man. In all probability, if he be faithful to the old faith, he will be alien to his mother's children, and find that his soul is among lions. To what end therefore, are these strainings after a hollow unity, when the spirit of fellowship is altogether gone? At any rate, cost what it may, to separate ourselves from those who separate themselves from the truth of God, is not alone our liberty, but our duty.