TV Film Attacks the Deity of Christ

The TV film on the life of Christ which is receiving such wide publicity is an attack on the Divinely Revealed Christ of Holy Scripture. Bob Jones University and Dr. Bob Jones Jnr., and Dr. Bob Jones III in the US have led a successful attack against this, yet another blasphemy of Christ.

Dr. Bob Jones III, has been out in the forefront of a battle against a General Motors sponsored film to be aired on TV a six hour long film on the life of Christ. As a result of the widespread Fundamentalist protest against the blasphemy of this film, General Motors has withdrawn sponsorship, but NBC pressed ahead. Now we find that a 285-page book "Jesus of Nazareth" which is based on this Franco Zeffrelli film, is the newest bestseller in the world of religious publishing at 14 dollars 95 cents a copy. "Christian News" for March 21, 1977, states on page 3: "The text of the book, written by New Testament translator William Barclay, is closely based on the screenplay by Anthony Burgess . . . Dr. Barclay writes in the introduction that 'This book will bring the life of Jesus into the lives of many, which could not have been brought in any other way. The eye-gate to learning has always been stronger than the ear-gate, and this film has been designed to appeal to the eye-gate through the remarkable film stills which accompany the text.' " This film is a direct attack upon the Deity of Christ. Zeffrelli states: "The public has never wanted to accept Jesus as a man but only as a god . . . of course, the public is going to be annoyed that

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The Fragrance of the Open Tomb

(Excerpts from a sermon preached by Dr. Johnston at the Portland Civic Auditorium on Easter Morning, March 24, 1940).

Now, men will accept the historicity of the ancient "great" upon little evidence, and upon the testimony of few witnesses indeed; and yet there are those who will cavil at the teachings of our Lord and His Person and work, all of which are attested by a great mass of evidence.

There are very few facts of remote dates that are supported by so great a mass of evidence as is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ "from among the dead".

Eleven appearances of Christ are recorded, involving more than 500 eye witnesses, during the 40 days prior to His ascension.

All agree that Jesus was crucified and actually died, and that His corpse was given to one Joseph of Arimathea, who tenderly laid it in his own new tomb. Loving hands gently washed the blood-stains from the bruised and blood-blotched body; tightly they wrapped it in the spiced linens and reverently laid the un-coffined form in the newly made sepulchre. "With the rich in His death". Carefully they placed the stone at the entrance and sealed it. The drama ended.

Reluctantly they turned away. No rude hands can touch Him now! The mocking mob, the ruffian rabble, will never again profane that sacred temple of human flesh, now concealed in the rock-sealed tomb. Jesus rests!

It was a funeral without a service and no royal procession. There were possibly four at the interment - Joseph, Nicodemus and the two Marys.

How many hopes were sealed in that tomb when they rolled up the stone - who knows? Has death? No, the tomb of Joseph could not hold Christ's body!

Contrast this with the gloomy prospect of humanistic philosophy, ancient and modern, which says, "Let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die".

What? Man, whom God hath made the lord of creation, the apex of His creatorial power, whom He endued with a mind to think the thoughts of God, an heart to be swayed with emotion, an intellect to know, and a spirit that links him with God, and capable of worship - that at last the crown of His creation in death should lie dreamless dust forever? Never! Because He lives, I shall live also!

When we speak of the death of Christ (apart from what men did in relation to His crucifixion), from the Divine side, it was an infinite transaction of the infinite God in the person of the infinite Christ in relation to sin - your sin and mine.

His death was not the death of a martyr! Martyrs died in the happy consciousness of God's presence, and they welcomed death. Stand at the cross once more and hear Him cry, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

Christ died for our sins, and was raised again for our justification. There is no danger of a discharged debt. Infinite justice cannot be paid twice! Never will He demand at my [3] bleeding surety's hands the price of the payment of that moral debt in its infinite value, and then demand it again at mine!

The word resurrection means "rising - to make stand up". It implies that something that has been dead is to rise once more. What was it that was laid in the grave? The body - nothing else! For the believing dead it is "absent from the body, present with the Lord". It is evident that only the body is laid in the grave!

The body that is committed to the grave is not the body which will be raised. In the language of the Apostle, "Thou sowest not that body that shall be". That which is sown - mark the word sown - in the burial act, is not the same that will come up out of the grave.

And yet, my friends, we are reminded that there will be preserved identity. In that hour of consummation, to which all life is moving, the return of Christ, the bodies of those who are by faith united to Christ as their Saviour, and have passed through death's portals, shall rise from the slumbers of death and be quickened into His likeness.

How identity is preserved is not stated. You and I could not understand the resurrection body, any more than we can understand the body of twelve years maturing to be a man of forty - not a particle of his boyhood in the body of his manhood - yet, it is the same body. But the pattern and form of the resurrection body of the believer in Christ is found in the glorious risen body of our Lord Himself, and that is sufficient for me!

In the "Vesper hymn of death" (I Corinthians 15), reference is made to the order of resurrection : "Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ's at His coming. Then cometh the end". As the moral Governor of the universe, government must inhere in Him.

Now, what about the days in which we live? Nigh two thousand years of international and national discord, confusion and war. Was there ever a darker hour than this in history? The world is a more savage place than it has been for a thousand years!

But, my friends, the darkest hour precedes the dawn! To the anti-God movement, as represented in Bolshevism, "Thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I am against thee, O Gog". The totalitarian ideologies are against God, but let us not forget that God is against them!

In view of the imminency of His return, and the optimism which is ours because we believe in the living Redeemer, who is coming to "put down all rule and all authority and power", we urge upon all to close in with God's offer of salvation and to be saved from a lost state now and forever.

Before we pray, if there are those this morning who would like to be remembered in such a prayer and will indicate it by the raising of the hand, though I shall not know your names perhaps, I shall be very happy to pause a moment and for you pray. In the semi-darkness of this great building I see many hands, and there are doubtless many more hearts who say, "Remember me". [4]

Far Eastern Tour: 400 SOULS FOR CHRIST (Continued from our last issue)

We went on to Hong Kong and met missionaries there. We had a time of blessing there. When I arrived I had a letter from an Irish Jesuit priest. He said that he hoped that I was not there to make trouble. He pointed out that there was a great Roman Catholic Congress in operation, and wondered why I should come to Hong Kong at that particular time. The Press asked me did I come because the Roman Catholics were holding the Congress. I said it would be a good opportunity for them and hear the Gospel. And I invited them to come. The Jesuit priest turned up at the meeting. He asked a few questions. I said to Dr. Jones, "That is a priest." He said, "How do you know?" Says I, "An Ulster Protestant would know a priest anywhere. Even although he is in Hong Kong and dressed in civvies." And after the meeting he came up and introduced himself and he said, "You know this is an ecumenical age. Here in Hong Kong they are blaming the Roman Catholic Church for the trouble in Ulster." I said, "Thank God somebody is getting the story right anyway, even if it is in Hong Kong." I said, "Now friend, I want to show you the Word." And I turned him over to the tenth chapter of Hebrews. And I pointed out that great text in this tenth chapter of Hebrews where it says, "This man, having offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God." Do you know what that does? That blows the Mass sky high. I said, "Jesus paid it all. No room for the Mass. No room for priests. No room for Popery. Jesus Christ is the only Saviour." He said, "Good-bye, goodbye." Dr. Jones said that maybe he would come back. I said, "He has got so much he will not return." And he never returned to the service.

From Hong Kong we flew to Singapore. There again we had a great reception and we met our brother Peter Ng. Peter Ng is the apostle of Singapore, a man who has given his life unsparingly and unstintingly for the Gospel. Singapore has a slum population. It is a beautiful city. But down in the ghettos and in the back streets there is poverty, and drink, and drugs, and vice and evil of the vilest kind. Peter Ng, after this young man had studied in the United States and graduated with honours from Dallas Theological Seminary. He came back to the city of Singapore and decided that he would make slumland his parish. He went right down into the heart of the slums of that city. The only place he could get was a haunted house. It was so filled with evil spirits that nobody would live in it. He went into the house and he applied the Blood of Christ in prayer. He chased out the powers of hell. He said, "The next thing I had to get out, after the devil, was the dirt. I had to get hot water and get my sisters on their knees, and we not only prayed but we scrubbed. We made that place [5] absolutely and spotlessly clean On one side of it there is a Buddhist shrine, and on the other side of it there is the headquarters of the Communist Party. And there in between is the Jesus Saves Mission. In that place multitudes have been born again. Young people, dope addicts, people going down the broad road to Hell have been gloriously converted to God.

I preached on Sabbath morning in that place. There were so many there they could not get them in. The stairs were packed. To see those shining faces of people singing the praises of the Lord, singing in their own tongue "There's power, wonder-working power in the precious Blood of the Lamb." I visited his other mission stations in Singapore. He has also opened mission stations in Korea. And also in Malaysia and Thailand and around that whole area of the Far East. Brother Peter is hated by the apostates but he is loved by the people of God. He had the whole of Singapore covered with posters, "Paisley and Jones visit Singapore." I never saw more posters. And they were up in all the influential shops. I said to Peter, "How did you do it." He said, "I just went in and I said 'We have two very distinguished gentlemen coming and it would be a terrible thing if you did not announce their visit.' And the people said 'Oh that is lovely, just put the poster up in the shop."' So they were in every shop window. I never saw more posters!

We were in the great Victoria Theatre for two nights. And we preached in the great International Conference Hall on the last two nights. We had forty people each night came to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some wonderful conversions, people long prayed for. It was great to see them come down those aisles and to stand with them at the front of the hall and shake them by the hand, bring them into the inquiry room and see them kneeling down and calling on Jesus for pardon and life everlasting.

The Prime Minister of Singapore was busily engaged in negotiations with the Malaysian Government. He was not able to see us, but the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, met us in the Parliament Buildings. We had a long interview with him. He was brought up among the Brethren. He was of evangelical Biblical background. He knows the issues. I never met a man that knew more about Northern Ireland than that man. He knew the whole story. He said to me, "The British Government is weak. It will not fight Communism. It will not fight the enemies. We have found out in this land that you cannot fight the guerrillas who kill the police officers, who kill the people the way they do, by normal methods." He said to me, "When the Communists start their nonsense in our country, we just sweep them into jail right away." And of course, there is capital punishment for capital crime. He said, "We believe in exercising our authority." He had us pray with him and we had a great time of prayer as that Deputy Prime Minister knelt with us. It will be a long time in this country of ours before the Deputy Prime Minister would ask men of God to kneel down [6] and pray with him. Thank God for people that know that this struggle can only be fought not with the weapons of carnality but by the power of the Spirit of God.

Then we went on to India and there we took part in the commencement exercises of the Berean College in Bangalore. And we also had a time of real blessing. We took part in the opening of a new men's dormitory on the College compound. And the night before that dormitory was opened the building contractor, (I think he was a Hindu) came to the service. To the surprise of Brother Chelli and the men there he got gloriously converted. He was so happy in finding Christ he actually came out to the airport to say goodbye to me. And there he was standing grinning from ear to ear and rejoicing. He said, 'I will never forget this visit. I have cot my faith now in Jesus Christ." And so the Lord blessed us and thank God for the Privilege of preaching the Everlasting Gospel of Christ.

My text says, "Now God commandeth all men everywhere to repent: Because He hath appointed a day, in the which He will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom He hath ordained, whereof He hath given assurance unto all men, in that He hath raised Him from the dead."

You will notice three things in this great text. First of all there is the commandment, "God commandeth all men everywhere to repent." Secondly, you will notice there is the judgment, "Because He hath appointed a day, in the which He will judge the world." And last of all there is the argument, "whereof He hath given assurance unto all men, in that He hath raised Him from the dead."

I want you to notice that this commandment is an immediate commandment. What does it say? "But now." Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month but now. And dear sinner friend, we do not know what a day may bring forth. The Gospel of Christ calls for immediate decision.

You are in this service and you are not converted, or perhaps you are a Backslider. Let me tell you friend, there is pardon, and there is peace, and there is salvation and there is grace. But there is no salvation promised tomorrow. "Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth." Young person, youth is no guarantee that you ill not die. Older person, you are nearer to that confrontation with death than ever you have been before. The Bible says, "Now you must be saved." "Now you must trust in Jesus Christ."

Notice something else. This commandment is universal. "All men everywhere." And as I stood before that great crowd of Koreans and thought of the darkness in which they had been brought up, thought of the paganism in which they had been cradled, and when they had heard the Gospel, and as they were turned towards the old Cross of Christ, how readily they turned from idols to serve the living God. I said in my heart, "Back at [7] home, men have heard the Gospel from their infancy, they have been brought up in Gospel light and Gospel liberty. The Name, of Jesus is the most familiar Name that has ever rung in their ears. And yet with all the preaching they are lost souls. There is no response in their hearts.

"All men." It is a universal commandment!

Then you will notice it is a vital commandment. It is a commandment concerning repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. And this brings me to the very heart of the Gospel. Jesus Christ's forerunner, John the Baptist, appeared with that leathern girdle and that camel coat skin round him. And what did he cry? "Repent, repent, repent." And that message echoed and reechoed round Jordan, Galilee and Samaria, "Repent." And when Jesus Christ came, He preached His first sermon, what do, we read? "Then Jesus began to preach and to "Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand."

Dear sinner friend, you stand in need of Gospel repentance tonight. There can be no pardon without repentance. There can be no salvation without repentance. There can be no mercy without repentance. There can be no grace without repentance. The soul that does not repent is a lost soul, lost in time, lost at death and lost forever. Unrepenting sinner, hear me tonight, there is no hope for you without Jesus Christ.

What is repentance? Let me tell you that before a man or woman repents, sin is a delight, sin is a pleasure, sin is something to be embraced, sin is something to be desired after. Sin is something that the unrepenting sinner clings to, and embraces and loves. He lives to enjoy his sin. He lives to indulge in his sin. He lives to have sin as a sweet morsel under his tongue. But when the Spirit of God works repentance in a man's life, thank God he begins to hate sin, he begins to loathe sin, he begins to turn away from sin, he begins to hate this thing called sin. He finds no pleasure in it. He finds no hope in it. He finds no relaxation or luxury in it. It becomes a hideous thing, and has darkened his life, ruined his mind, blighted his home, blighted his body and will damn his soul. And he turns from sin. Thank God for the power of the Gospel that turns men from sin.

Let me ask you a question. Have you repented? Can you say, "Yes preacher, it is true, there was a time when I loved my sinful companions and my sinful pleasures. There was a time when I lived for them. But, oh preacher, something happened in my life. I had to leave my old companions. I had to leave my sinful path, my way of living. I had to turn my mind to Christ and to Christ alone. Sin became a hideous thing. What wrought the change? I will tell you what wrought the change. A visit to the old Cross of Calvary is what wrought the change. When I walked up that hill called Calvary and I gazed upon the bleeding, battered, bruised Body of the Son of God, and I saw that that crown of thorns was made by my sin. And it pierced His temples and [8] His brow until rivers of precious Blood flowed down His blessed face. I saw my sin use a hammer and punch nails through the palms of the blessed Son of God, and curse Him as they put those nails through His quivering bleeding flesh. I saw my sin take that hammer and take two bits of iron and pierce His feet. And I saw sin take a lash and scourge His blessed back until His back ran rivers of crimson gore. And as I stood back and watched the bleeding, suffering, tearful passionate dying of the Son of God realised that sin did this awful deed. Sin guilty of deicide, killing God the Son upon the Cross. How can I love sin that put thorns in the brow of Jesus? How can I love sin that put iron spikes through the hands of Jesus? How can I love sin that ruptured the side of Jesus with a cruel spear and cursed Him as He hung upon the tree? That night God changed my heart and chanced my soul. God changed my inward self. I repented, Hallelujah! I turned from sin."

"It was you my sin, my cruel sin
His chief tormentors were,
Each of my crimes became a nail
And unbelief the spear."

How can you hold onto sin, my dear woman, that put Jesus on the Cross? How, young person, can you cling to sin that put Jesus on the tree? How can you go on down the dark highway to Hell loving sin that cursed the Son of God, and hung Him on a Roman gibbet?

"O, turn while the Spirit
In mercy is pleading
And steer for the Harbour bright,

For how do you know but your soul may be drifting
Over the deadline tonight."

There is not only commandment here but there is judgment. There is a great day of judgment coming. Men and women, this world is nearer to the judgment than ever it has been before. The judgment day is coming. What a terrible day that is going to be. "It is appointed unto man once to die, but after this the judgment."

And some day the trumpet will sound. Some day the God of heaven will summon you and me to stand before His Throne. He will judge the world in righteousness. You would not meet Him tonight for salvation, but sinner friend you will meet Him in condemnation in the day of judgment, "And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them." May God have mercy upon you sinner friend! May you not stay another moment on the broad road to Hell. May you turn tonight to the Cross. And ere this meeting closes, may you trust the Saviour and be washed in the Blood of the Lamb.



Freedom of Religion Exists in Korea

The question of freedom of religion in the Republic of Korea was a matter of prime interest to Dr. G. Archer Weniger, who returned to America on March 4, 1977, after a visit to Seoul and other points in Korea including the Demilitarised Zone. In an audience with the Prime Minister of Korea, in company with other Christian leaders at his office in Seoul, he was informed that in 1965 Korea had 7,000 churches. Today Korea has a total of 17,000. This report is borne out by visual observation by anyone visiting Korea, with the existence of churches to be seen everywhere, marking Korea off from all other Far Eastern nations. In checking on hostile reports in the American Press concerning expulsion of missionaries from Korea, we found some revealing information from Dr. Daniel Wooseai Kim, founder and pastor for 16 years of the Bible Baptist Church of Seoul. Of 2200 missionaries of all groups working in Korea, only one has been expelled in his knowledge. This one was a Methodist who was a lecturer, who seemed to specialise in labour agitation at Seoul National University, encouraging students to demonstrate against the government. Every pastor we contacted adjudged this as a justifiable action by the government which is seeking to maintain stability with the Communist forces of North Korea less than 35 miles distant from Seoul. When we inquired about those who had been jailed we were informed by Dr. Kim that of 12,000 preachers in Korea, only four were sentenced to jail. Here again, it was for anti-government activity on the part of those left wing ministers who were agitating for "civil rights" action against the government. Dr. Kim, who was born in Korea, said he knew of no minister who had been investigated by the Korean counterpart of the CIA.

Dr. Weniger carefully questioned Rev. Kenneth Johnson, a youthful ordained missionary who spent most of his life in Japan and Korea and who was a Professor in New Testament and Systematic Theology at the Bob Jones Seminary in Seoul, that he has been able to freely engage in giving out tracts, holding street meetings, using public address systems, utilising sound trucks, holding inter-church gatherings, staging youth rallies, conducting evangelistic meetings, promoting Sunday schools, sponsoring visitation programmes, engaging in bus ministries, proselytising members of other faiths, and holding open air meetings - all without the slightest government interference or police harassment. He is the son of Dr. Gerald Johnson, who has spent 28 years as a missionary in the Orient, and who gives the same testimony, concerning complete religious freedom in Korea.

Another prominent Christian educator in Korea, Rev. David Crawford, vice-president of the Korean Bible College in Seoul, likewise indicated [10] that in seven years in Korea he has never heard of any incidents of police investigation, terror, harassment or opposition by authorities to the preaching of the Gospel, either public or private.

Dr. Weniger was a speaker, along with Dr. Bob Jones, and Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley, at the Korean Congress of Fundamentalism, which was held in downtown Seoul at the Citizens' Hall, former location of parliament. A broad canvas streamer over the doors of this prominent building on one of the leading thoroughfares less than four blocks from the Presidential Office advertised the Congress. All of this was without the slightest government or police investigation, interference or obstruction. The conclusion is quite obvious: the charge by the liberal American Press of restriction on religious liberty is a consummate lie and the world must be so informed in the interest of truth and accuracy.

TV Film Attacks the Deity of Christ (Continued)

I am destroying their myths, which were propagated and strengthened over the centuries by artists like Michaelangelo and Bernini. Yet in view of the constant reinterpretation of Jesus' life and the tone of the contemporary society, I believe the changes which I have made are valid" (Baptist Bible Tribune, 3-18-77, p. 1). It must be pointed out in warning that Dr. William Barclay is one of a score of liberals, which the New Evangelicals have tried to dress up for evangelical acceptance. Dr. Billy Graham had one of Barclay's books given out to every convert in his Belfast Crusade several years ago. Dr. Donald K. Campbell reviewed Barclay's autobiography in the Jan.-Mar. Dallas Seminary "Bibliotheca Sacra."

He observed: "Evangelicals will, however, be greatly disappointed to note the extent of his divergences from orthodox Christianity. For example, Barclay is a universalist, he states that the New Testament never identified Jesus as God (p. 50); he fails to affirm the bodily resurrection of Christ (p. 108); he equates the Holy Spirit with the Risen Christ (p. 109); and he declares that 'the miracles were often not so much stories of what Jesus once did, but symbols of what He still can do' (p. 450)." We are amazed at the appalling ignorance of one who claims to be a New Testament scholar. For starters he might read: John 1:1; Heb. 1:8; Romans 9:5; Titus 2:13; John 20:28. [11]

A Narrative on the Revival in Ravenhill


Just a month to the day since the Revival came. What a month of blessing! Thank God for scores of souls genuinely converted to Thee, for God's people wondrously quickened and the whole church stirred up in prayer. In the next month, O God, let the river burst its banks as Jordan of old did all the time of harvest. Joshua 3:15.

At 7 am we had another prayer time. Again there was fervency and fire, concern and consolation, and passion and power. Over forty present and the 90 minutes simply fled away. Surely there is "a sound of abundance of rain." I Kings 18:41.

8 pm. Mid-Week Prayer Meeting at night with much fog. Nevertheless over 250 persons met for prayer. There was an eager expectancy upon the people. I continued to teach them on how to deal with the excuses offered by those whom they witnessed to about coming to Christ. There was a holy relish for the Scriptures of Truth. Each scripture seemed to be devoured as a hungry soul would snatch a morsel of food. God has indeed created a soul thirst for His Word.

The report from the Outreach Work was good. A young man just saved had been out with the workers and in one of the homes visited gave an impressive and glowing testimony. There was a real thrill in hearing of the progress of this work. Many of the young converts were present.

The joy of the evening came when Miss Q. who works in the Church Office rose with overflowing heart to praise God for the salvation of her grandmother. Her grandmother had been at the service the previous Sabbath night. She had stayed to the after-meeting but resisted the Gospel call. I had a word with her but she refused to come. However, the Omnipotent Spirit of God was at work and on Wednesday morning she threw down her arms of sinful rebellion and closed with Christ freely offered in the Gospel. Her granddaughter poured out her heart in a glow of gratitude which sat fire to the whole meeting.

Then the joy was increased as J.T. praised God for the salvation of his mother. It was two hours gone before we realised. We felt that it will take eternity to be adequate enough for the Praising of the Saviour. Surely a great answer is on the way. Oh give a cloud burst of blessing!

SATURDAY., 15th JANUARY, 1977.

J.T. called to tell me that his dear mother just saved last Sabbath died tonight. How we praised God that she was ready. May the fear of man not dampen our fire to win souls by whatever means God directs. Thank God this dear woman 77 years old made it in time. [12]

LORD'S DAY, 16th JANUARY, 1977.

8.45 am. THE PRISON SERVICE. The basement where we meet was well filled. Rev. David McIlveen led the meeting. The singing was good and I felt real power as I read the fifteenth chapter of Luke's gospel. I spoke simply on "This man receiveth sinners" (Luke 15:2). I took the text as

1. An Explanation.
2. An Encouragement.
3. An Exhortation.

There was a good hearing.

Afterwards we spread the Table and sat down to the feast. Eight dear men saved by grace joined with us. Oh what a sweet time it was! The Lord was at the head of His Table. We saw Him for a moment and what a blessed moment that was. To hear those prisoners pray in thanksgiving for the sacramental emblems rejoiced our inmost souls. It was a foretaste of Emmanuel's Land.

10.30 PRAYER AT THE CHURCH. The upper room filled up rapidly and the spirit of prayer was upon the place. There was a holy urgency and a joyous expectancy. Our eyes were directed to the hills. Ps. 121. Our vision was of God Himself. The prayers of young converts are unique. There is something precious about them. It is the refreshing dew of Hermon.

11.30 am MORNING SERVICE. There was a fine congregation. I told of the sudden death of Mrs. T. who had been converted the previous Sabbath night and had died suddenly last night.

I pointed out the need to urge men to flee from the wrath to come. We must redouble our efforts to press on our hearers the need for immediate repentance in coming to Christ. Those who would try to dampen a passion for souls must be rebuked in the light of this solemn visitation of Divine Providence.

We sang Watt's great hymn, "God moves in a mysterious way. The verse,

"His purposes will ripen fast,
Unfolding every hour;
The bud may have a bitter taste
But sweet will be the flower"

- No. 10 "Our Own Hymn Book"

came home to all our hearts with fresh meaning and blessing.

I recalled one of the unique Christians of the past generation BILLY HUTTON.

Billy had a piggery at the Arches, Upper Newtownards Road. It was overcome with rats. Billy prayed and the rats disappeared and went next door. Billy's neighbour complained. "Ah," said Billy, "You ought to get saved and then you could pray and get rid of the rats too."

A friend told me how one very wet afternoon he spied, from the top of a tramcar, Billy standing under a lamp post on the Bloomfield Road, Belfast, with head uncovered and water running, out of his clothes singing at the pitch of his voice in joyous praise,

"In tenderness He sought me,
Weary and sick with sin,
And on His shoulders brought me
Back to His fold again;
While angels in His presence sang
Until the courts of heaven rang.
Oh the love that sought me!
Oh the Blood that bought me!
Oh the grace that brought me to the fold!
Wondrous grace that brought me to the fold!"

What a blessing came to our souls as we sang those joyful words. It was [13] heaven's song begun down here below. The new song. The best song. The lover's song. The sweetest song. Because it was all about Sweet Jesus.

I spoke on "This Man." The testimony of the people about the witness of John the Baptist to Christ. John 10:41 and 42, "And many reported unto Him and said, John did no miracle; but all things John spake of this man were true. And many believed on Him there."

I pointed out that John spoke about the Lord in seven great aspects and each one of these aspects had a parallel text in which the word "This Man" occurred - so wonderful is the organic unity of the Holy Bible.

  2. Jno. 1:34 "I saw and bare record that this is the Son of God." Parallel Text Mark 15:39 "Truly this man was the Son of God."


    John 1:36 "Behold the Lamb of God." The Passover Lamb Sinless, Spotless, Stainless and Scarless. Parallel Text. Luke 23:41. "This man hath done nothing amiss."


John 1:29 "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world." Parallel Text. Hebrews 10:12. "But this man after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God."


Jno. 3-30 "He must increase." Parallel Text. Hebrews 7:24 & 25. "But this man, because He continueth ever, hath an unchangeable priesthood. Wherefore He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession for them."


(a) His Increasing Priesthood - "unchangeable"

(b) His Increasing Life - "ever liveth."

(c) His Increasing Salvation - "to the uttermost."

(d) His Increasing Intercession - "to make intercession."


John 1:16 & 17. "Of His fulness have all we received and grace for (upon) grace - full of grace and truth." Parallel Text. Luke 15:2 "This man receiveth sinners."


Luke 3:17 "Whose fan is in His hand and He will throughly purge His floor, and will gather the wheat into His garner; but the chaff He will burn with fire unquenchable." Parallel Text. Luke 19:14 "We will not have this man to reign over us."


John 3:29. "He that hath the bride is the bridegroom." Parallel Text. Genesis 24:58. "Wilt thou go with this man?"

It was a blessed time. How sweet to sit at Jesus' feet and learn of Him. Mary's part is always best.

Around the Table again we had a large gathering. I pointed out that [14] the emblems preach to us of the three "No Mores" of Revelation.

1. No More Sea. Rev. 21:1. The sea speaks of (a) Separation; (b) Storm; (c) Sin.

2. No More Death Rev. 21:4. As Aaron's serpent swallowed up all the other serpents and became a rod again, so the Cross has devoured all the serpents of death. The Death of death in the Death of Christ.

3. No more Curse. Rev. 22:3. The curse is removed in the Cursing of Christ upon the tree. The curse is drowned in the Red Sea of the Redeemer's Blood as the Egyptians were in the Red Sea itself.

It was a holy and happy time, an oasis in the desert - the shadow of a great Rock in a weary land.

In the afternoon I attended the funeral of Reserve Constable W. J. Greer, brutally murdered by the Provisional IRA. As I watched 3,000 walk with their faces towards the graveyard I thought of humanity all headed for the land of death and how many with no hope. There was no gospel from the Bishop of Londonderry's lips. Not a word about salvation in Christ by the free grace of God. Oh that those bereaved might have this blessed consolation!


5.45 PRAYER MEETING. A large gathering and glorious praying. There was faith and joy mingled together and ascending heavenward like incense in each cry of petition. Glorious freedom dominated the place. There was no room for unbelief. We expected God to work. A young woman followed me out of the meeting and told me how she had been broken after last Sabbath night's service. She knew she was not really totally the Lord's. Pride however was conquered during the week and she had entered into glad and full surrender and was now joyfully proving, the good, the perfect, the acceptable will of God. Hallelujah!


A large congregation had real power right from the commencement. The Lord was present to save. There was a wave of power in the hymn singing and a blessing as we read the Scriptures of Truth. I spoke on how to be DEAD ON SURE that you are saved. My text was Roms. 10:13, "Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved."

I said I was convinced that it is the simple way of salvation set forth in the plainest of language which will save the soul. We need to return to Naked Faith in the Naked Truth of the Gospel. I pointed out five steps in the Gospel Way of Salvation,

1. Realise you are not saved

2. Recognise that Christ alone can save.

3. Respond to the Command.

4. Receive what is Offered.

5. Rest on God's Word.

God gave great liberty in utterance. The way of salvation was made as plain as midday. The after-meeting was larger than ever. Fifteen souls responded to the invitation to seek the Lord. What a coming it was. Three young men all from one family. A husband, a young man with a great problem, and his young wife came. A lady who had sat under our preaching since 1966. A wife whose husband had [15] long prayed for her. A sister who had been the subject of many prayers and tears. And so we could go on and on. One man cried like a child over his sin. A young man poured out his heart to be really dead on sure that he was saved. Some were born easily. Others had long soul travail. Others wrestled until the full assurance dawned. I had to miss the Carryduff meeting I was so engaged dealing with souls.

Our hearts were filled and thrilled. We believe the TIDE IS COMING IN. God is surely nursing in His bosom a cyclone of blessing for His supplicating church.


A good morning prayer meeting. The spirit of prayer and supplication still prevails. Oh Lord increase it more and more. Lunch hour prayer meeting had the same spirit. Members of session and committee met for prayer at night. A blessed time of glorious liberty and victory.


I flew back from London to be present.

The largest crowd so far, more than 350. Rev. Norman Green gave his testimony and what a testimony! There was real blessing. A great spirit of prayer afterwards. The time simply flew by. What prayers! What rejoicing! What pleading! The new converts certainly are leading the way.

The outreach report was thrilling. A great reception to the gospel by the Roman Catholics in the Rosetta district. New Testaments are freely requested and are being received with thanksgiving. The entrance of Thy Word O Lord giveth LIGHT. Dispel the darkness of Romanism in their lives.

We had a love gift for Brother Green. It came to 200 and a brother gave 100 towards the minibus which Norman needs for the church at Cloughmills. At the end we gave two of the "Plain Man's Guide to Salvation" to each member and with hands upraised to heaven implored God to bless this special sowing of the seed. I believe there will be a great harvest. Each member has pledged to sow the seed prayerfully and carefully. "He that goeth forth and weepeth bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicinps bringing his sheaves with him." alm 126 verse 6. There's absolutely NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Oh what will the harvest be!


Again two good prayer meetings in the morning and at lunch-time.


Presbytery meeting in Tandragee. I had great blessing in relating what God has been doing in the Martyrs. The news had been getting around as the young converts had been testifying.

One of the converts of last Sabbath had been a notable drunkard - a hardened old boozer. The neighbourhood had been astonished at his salvation. His wife too was converted last Sabbath.

To be continued