The Pope to be the Head of the Coming World Church

What every Protestant must know about the Anglican (including the Church of Ireland) Church's sell-out to the Church of Rome.

In March, 1966, Pope Paul and the Archbishop of Canterbury set as the goal of the Anglican-Roman Catholic dialogue -"THE UNITY IN TRUTH FOR WHICH CHRIST PRAYED."

An International Commission was set up and the joint chairman of that Commission is, none other than the Church of Ireland Bishop, Dr. H. R. McAdoo of Ossory, Ferns and Leighlin.


Bishop McAdoo has publicly declared the goal of the exercise is "the ultimate objective of organic unity." In a paper presented at Malta in 1967-68 entitled, "UNITY - AN APPROACH BY STAGES?" he sets out the way towards reunion with Rome, (See "Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue"

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Report and Observations by REV. JAMES McCLELLAND

A few weeks ago the Charismatic movement held a two-day conference on, "Charismatic Renewal" in Londonderry City. When it was discovered that the venue was Thornhill Convent and the principal guest none other than Dr. Edward Daly, Roman Catholic Bishop of Londonderry, a protest seemed essential.

Accordingly the picket boards were prepared and a dozen or so men from Londonderry Free Presbyterian Church made their stand for truth outside the gates of the convent. Reaction was guaranteed on account of the slogans displayed boldly on the picket boards. They read "Charismatic movement counterfeits the work of the Holy Spirit" - "Charismatics put experience before Scripture" - "Dr. Daly attacks Protestants - Charismatics honour him" - "Daly's Mass blasphemous says 39 articles" - "Charismatic movement enjoys Pope's blessing."

The reference to "Daly's Mass" was included because it was announced that Dr. Daly would celebrate the eucharist, in other words the mass, at the Sunday evening meeting of the conference.

Our protest was certainly successful and received more attention in the local press than the actual conference did. But it was not the main purpose of this article to give a mere report of another protest meeting. The real reason for writing is to present some personal, first hand observations on the Charismatic movement and to issue a further warning to any of God's people who may be in danger of being caught up in this subtle deception.

My first impressions were gained from discussions with some of those who were attending the conference. There is an old saying that, "First impressions count" and in this instance it is certainly true. The sight of women, professing an experience of the Holy Spirit's power, arriving for a meeting with faces painted and heads uncovered did not present a very hopeful picture of their spirituality. Add to that the fact that many of those attending, both men and women, were cigarette smoking and you get the general picture. Not of a group of spiritual believers gathering to worship their Lord, but of a worldly group desirous only of an experience. Charismatics attach more importance to experience than to anything else. This was very evident in our discussions with them. It did not matter what weight of Scriptural proof they were confronted with, experience to them was all important.

That brings me to the main observation of the Charismatic movement, its attitude to the Word of God.

It is quite clear that the members of this movement do not believe in the authority of Holy Scripture. Several of those attending this [3] conference entered into discussion with us on account of the slogans printed on our picket boards. They raised objections to some of the things we said about the movement and, of course, argument ensued.

I immediately referred to Scripture and asked one lady to produce her Bible so that we could settle the point. She had to confess, "I don't have a Bible with me." When pressed further why this was so she replied that it wasn't necessary because she had studied the Bible from cover to cover. A scruffily dressed, cigarette smoking man who came to her defence told me, "You don't need to have a Bible at this meeting, the preacher has one." With that kind of attitude to the Scriptures it is no wonder that the charismatics swallow all the pernicious teachings of the movement, hook, line and sinker. They obviously don't believe in checking out the preacher's message in accordance with Isaiah 8:20, "To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them." Certainly they know nothing about trying the spirits to see if they be God. (I Jon. 4:1).

Ignorance of the Scriptures always leads to error and deception. Insufficient knowledge of the Scriptures often leads to the distortion of truth, i.e, the emphasising of one truth at the expense of others. The members of the charismatic movement are guilty of both evils at the same time.

To quote one example. Their ignorance of what the Bible teaches about the, one, all sufficient sacrifice of Christ for sinners means that they see nothing blasphemous about the Roman Catholic Mass. Indeed, this very conference was brought to a close with the celebration of Mass by Dr. Edward Daly. When I confronted some of those who were attending the conference about this, they could see nothing wrong.

The fact of this ignorance is corroborated by the reaction of one lady, obviously a Protestant, who vehemently denied that the Charismatic movement enjoyed the blessing of the Pope. When I quoted from the January 1977 issue of Readers' Digest as proof she did not know, and furthermore, she did not want to know. That Readers' Digest article states that on Whit Monday, 1975, Pope Paul greeted a gathering of 10,000 Charismatics in St. Peter's. It continues, "Startling Vatican officials, he permitted Cardinal Suenens, Archbishop of Malines-Brussels in Belgium and a noted Charismatic leader, to celebrate Mass from St. Peter's Central Altar, normally reserved for the Pope himself." Truly, "the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ should shine unto them." (2 Cor. 4:4).

But I said that they were also guilty of distorting the truth - emphasising one truth at the expense of others. This is a master stroke of the Devil. It produces the counterfeit which diverts attention from the genuine and beguiles the innocent. The Devil does not want sinners to experience saving faith in Jesus Christ for that ensures their eternal salvation. So he gives hem a counterfeit experience. That experience professes to be the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit. But it will not stand up to the [4] searchlight of God's Word. The Bible teaches that the Holy Spirit's work is to testify of Christ Jon. 15:26, and to guide into all truth, Jon. 16:13. It is the Holy Spirit who convicts of sin, leads sinners to Jesus, produces repentance and saving faith in the heart and gives the assurance of salvation. When the Holy Spirit deals with individuals they are led to recognise Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. But I did not hear one of those who attended that conference ever make reference to, "the Lord." The only persons of the Trinity whose names I heard were, "God" and "the Holy Spirit." I am very sure that God is not in any movement which exalts one person of the Trinity to the diminishing of another, Surely God the Father cannot be in that which dishonours His Son. Surely God the Son cannot be in that which permits and justifies the insulting of His, once for all, sacrifice for sin. And surely God the Holy Spirit cannot be in that which disregards His inspired Word and puts experience in its place.

We are living in the age of Satanic counterfeit, when, if it were possible even the very elect should be deceived. But thank God for a more sure word of prophecy, enlightening US.

Let us continually watch and witness against this current delusion and let us pray that the Holy Spirit may be outpoured in such power that this province will be rid of this and all other such deceptions. [5]

A Narrative on the Revival in Ravenhill

LORD'S DAY, 26th DECEMBER, 1976.

How I looked forward to this Sabbath. There was a holy expectancy in my soul that the Lord would make Himself known to us in a new way. I was not disappointed.

The 10.30 prayer meeting was better attended than ever before. The tide of blessing was evidently still running and the praying intimated a God created soul-thirst for even greater blessings. The old dry formal praying had died. A new reverent yet bold supplication had taken its place. This was revival - an enlivening - a quickening of the people of God.

The attendance was excellent for a Christmas Lord's Day. The people were expectant and I had unusual power in the opening prayer with a unique sense in the pulpit of the fulfilment of the promise of the great commission, "Lo I am with you alway" Matt. 28:20. A breath of God thrilled my soul. Hallelujah!

The singing of the words to the tune "Nearer my God to Thee"

"Wash me, O Lamb of God, Wash me from sin!
I will not, cannot rest
'Till pure within.
All human skill is vain,
But Thou canst cleanse each stain
'Till not a spot remain
Made wholly clean"

No. 349 in "Our Own Hymn Book."

was a wonderful experience. As the congregation with bowed heads and broken hearts sang the words again as a prayer the goings of God on the tops of the mulberry tree was heard by every perceptive ear. 2 Samuel 5:24. GOD IS HERE that was the solemn yet joyful affirmation of our hearts.

I preached on "The Star of Bethlehem a type of the Witnessing Christian" Matt. 2:2 - "His Star."

I said simply that every Christian should be a shining one. Jesus bids us shine. It was said of John the Baptist that he was "a burning and shining light" John 5:35. We are to "let our light so shine before men" Matthew 1:16. That is our Lord's command. Paul exhorts us that "we are to shine as lights in the world" Philippians 2:15.

There were seven things about this star of Bethlehem which ought to characterise each one of us.

1. It shone at the right time Right in its MANIFESTATION.
2. Its ownership was unquestioned - "His Star" - Right in its ILLUMINATION.
3. Its magnetism was irresistible - Right in its INVITATION.
4. Its lustre was undimmed Right in its CONTINUATION.
5. Its testimony brought joy Right in its IMPARTATION.
6. It led to Jesus - Right in its DESTINATION.
7. It led no farther than Jesus Right in its LIMITATION. [6]

It was a blessed time. We had a sweet season of prayer afterwards and a young married woman responded to the appeal. She wanted to be out and out for her Lord.

In the afternoon I preached on "Fishers of Men" in Bangor Orange Hall to the Free Presbyterian extension work there. Nearly twenty minutes after the service started a lady and man came into the service. I directed my message to the saints. God was present in power. I told of the testimony of Sam Smith. At the end I addressed a short invitation to sinners. When I appealed, the lady in tears responded. I spoke to her husband and he also responded. What a thrill it was to point both of them to the Lord.

After I had led them to Christ the lady related the following. She said that they had both been watching a magic show on TV at 3.20 (the service commenced at 3.30). She said to her husband that they should be at the meeting to hear me preach for she said it was announced in the paper. He replied that it was now too late. She said that it was not and urged him to get ready. They both dashed down to the service - hence their late arrival. Praise God they were not too late to get saved. May they be the first fruits of a revival harvest in the town of Bangor.

The prayer-meeting preceding the evening service was anticipatory. There was passion and power and pleading in every prayer. A large congregation for a Christmas Sunday evening was in attendance. The singing was good and I felt liberty in prayer. I spoke on the subject, "When God came into the world." The text was "Emmanuel, God with us," Matt. 1:23. I said simply that it was the sweetest of all words - fit for angelic lips and the discourse of seraphim and cherubim. It was a Hebrew word in the vocabulary of the chosen nation of Israel. Yet in order that we Gentiles might be assured we were not excluded it was graciously interpreted for us that we might also partake of its saving message - "God with us."

I took three points,


2. GOD CAME INTO THE WORLD IN A SPECIAL SENSE IN THE INCARNATION. Here is (a) Infinite Condescension (b) Immeasurable Power (c) Instructive Demonstration.


The Word was with power. I called an after meeting, souls responded. What a conviction! What heart searching! What tears! What rejoicing!

A young man, his first time at the gospel service, stepped forward. The young daughter of one of the church committee members was another. The daughter of folks who live beside the church was yet another. A young woman who had attended the church for ten years was another. Another young woman received Christ is she sat in the gallery. The Lord was present to heal. Another man had a tremendous battle but weeping he pressed forward. Another well-built man after a struggle also came. And so I could go on.


Two young men shaken but resisting persisted in their Christ rejecting ways. A backslider whose wife was beside him weeping, hardened his heart and refused to return. I challenged the people of God with those indicting words of Holy Writ. "This day is a day of trouble and of rebuke and of blasphemy: for the children are come to the birth and there is not strength to bring forth" II Kings 19-3.

O for strength to deliver!

The Communion service which followed I will never forget. It was the largest we have ever had. I spoke a little on the Song of Songs, "Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth" Song of Solomon 1:2. Only the language of the Canticles can express Our desires for our Lord when the soul is bathed, as we all were, in the deep deep love of Jesus. His kiss is a kiss of Blood for it is the kiss of life. The Blood is the life! Two brethren returned thanks for the bread and we partook. The whole congregation burst forth in praise as we sang,

"Man of Sorrows, what a name
For the Son of God Who came
Ruined sinners to reclaim
Hallelujah! What a Saviour."

Then two gave thanks for the cup. Mr. Newman, one of our elders, had special liberty in prayer! We then stood as the Israelites did on the night of the Lord's passover - the Lord was passing over us indeed and in truth - and drank the cup together. We were proclaiming the Lord's death. We were remembering His Person. We were expecting His return. "Hallelujah He's my Saviour" we sang together.

Footnote. A little girl came to tell that she had led her little brother to the Lord at home.

The elders prayed for S.C. and anointed him with oil according to James 5:14 and 15. I believe - all I have is naked faith - that a healing work was done.


I preached to a full church in Coleraine on "Fishers of Men." The Lord broke in. God's people were broken. The front of the church was crowded with seeking saints kneeling and crying for blessing.

We turned the meeting into a prayer meeting. God gave liberty. May God revive His work in Coleraine.


A great spirit of prayer at the 7 am prayer-meeting. O Lord bring in the foam capped billows of blessing. My son Kyle and daughter Rhonda joined me. Kyle prayed. Oh make him a winner of souls! Thank God for household salvation.


Prayer meeting night. Thank God, the night for prayer has come again. The old church was crammed out downstairs in spite of the holiday. What a time we had. We sang, "Let me hear you tell it over, tell it over once again" and then by request the hymn that was such a blessing on the

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[8 and 9]


The International Commission has issued three agreed crucial documents.

(1) EUCHARISTIC DOCTRINE. (Windsor 1971).

In this document the Church of Ireland Bishop led the way in surrendering the Scriptural and Protestant Doctrine of the Lord's Supper and accepted the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Mass (Transubstantiation) that the bread becomes the Body of Christ and the wine the Blood of Christ.

"Through this prayer of thanksgiving, a word of faith addressed to the Father, the bread and wine becomes the body and blood of Christ by the action of the Holy Spirit, so that in Communion we eat the flesh of Christ and drink His blood."

(Para. 10 of the Agreed Statement on Eucharistic Doctrine).

The 39 Articles of the Church of England by law established state that this doctrine of the Mass is "blasphemous fables and dangerous deceits" - See Article 31.


(2) MINISTRY AND ORDINATION (Canterbury 1973).

In this document the Church of Ireland Bishop led the way in surrendering the Scriptural and Protestant view of the Gospel Ministry and accepted the priestly caste of the Roman system. (See para. 13 of the Agreed Statement on Ministry and Ordination).



In this document (just released) the Church of Ireland Bishop led the way in surrendering the Scriptural and Protestant Doctrine of the Sole Headship and Authority of Christ over His Church for the Headship and the Authority of the Pope of Rome.

"The only see which makes any claim to universal primacy and which has exercised and still exercises such episcope is the see of Rome the city where Peter and Paul died. It seems appropriate that in any future union a universal primacy such as has been described should be held by that see." (Para. 23 of Agreed Statement on "Authority in the Church").


It can be clearly seen that the Anglican Church has surrendered down the line to Rome. Rome has triumphed and has surrendered nothing.

In the document issued by the Holy See on "Ecumenical Collaboration" (22/2/75) Rome re-asserts that she is the sole Depository of Truth and the Only Church of Christ. "The unique Church of Christ constituted and organised in the world as a society subsists in the Catholic Church which is governed by the successor of Peter . . . " (Page 26).

Acceptance of the Authority of Rome and recognition of the Pope strikes at the British Constitution and undermines the Revolution Settlement, the Monarchy, and the Protestant Succession.

"The Pope of Rome has no jurisdiction in this Realm" is a firm constitutional principle and its subversion will lead to the destruction of the Monarchy and the Nation.


The World Council of Churches (WCC) has been closely involved in this sell-out to Rome.

A WCC representative Dr. G. Gassmann is an official observer to the Commission and his name appears on each document.

The Council itself is committed to "the goal of visible unity in one faith and in one Eucharistic fellowship" (1975 Constitution of the WCC).




The Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland
Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland
The Church of England
The Church of Ireland
The Church of Scotland
The Church of Wales
The Congregational Union of Scotland
Episcopal Church in Scotland
The Methodist Church
The Methodist Church in Ireland
The Moravian Union
The Presbyterian Church in Ireland
The Presbyterian Church of Wales
The Salvation Army
Union of Welsh Independents
United Free Church of Scotland
The United Reformed Church of England and Wales.

(Pages 171-172 Work Book of Nairobi '75).


1. Was the Reformation a mistake?

2. Did the Martyrs die in vain?

3. Did the Covenanters contend in vain?

4. Is the Presbyterian Westminster Confession of Faith a lie?

5. Are the 39 Articles of the Church of Ireland false?

6. Are the sermons of John Wesley untrue?

The Reformation and the historic Confessions of the Protestant Churches true to the Bible, rejected [10] the Church of Rome and called for separation from her.

"Controversy and religious strife, no doubt, are odious things; but there are times when they are a positive necessity. Unity and peace are very delightful; but they are bought too dear if they are bought at the expense of truth. There is a vast amount of maundering, childish, weak talk nowadays in some quarters about unity and peace, which I cannot reconcile with the language of St. Paul. It is a pity, no doubt, that there should be so much controversy but it is also a pity that human nature should be so bad as it is, and that the devil should be loose in the world. It was a pity that Arius taught error about Christ's person; but it would have been a greater pity if Athanasius had not opposed him. It was a pity Tetzel went about preaching up the Pope's indulgences. It would have been a far greater pity if Luther had not withstood him. Controversy, in fact, is one of the conditions under which truth in every age has to be defended and maintained, and it is nonsense to ignore it." (Bishop J. C. Ryle).

THE CLEAR COMMAND OF THE WORD OF GOD (II Corinthians Ch. 6 vs. 14-18): "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

"And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

"And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God: as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God and they, shall be my people.

"WHEREFORE COME OUT FROM AMONG THEM, AND BE YE SEPARATE, SAITH THE LORD, AND TOUCH NOT THE UNCLEAN THING AND I WILL RECEIVE YOU, And will be a Father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty." [11]


Lord's Day morning, "Wash me O Lord of God."

I read and commented on the Psalm of Revival, Psalm 29 - The Voice of the Lord and the Demonstration of its power.

We then had a joyful time of testimonies. Oh the fervour of rejoicing saints as one by one they testified to the transforming power of free grace in their lives. Some recorded, how long they had been listening to the gospel but now, Praise the Lord, at last they had been smashed by the hammer of the Holy Word. Some of the revival-touch which had come to their souls on December 12th. Others rejoiced in the great things the Lord had done in their lives. Some simply turned their testimonies into prayer. There was joy unspeakable and full of glory. Then we got down to prayer again. I experienced once more that glorious liberty. One by one God's people prayed. Some broke down as they cried for the salvation of their loved ones. There was real supplication. The kingdom of heaven was suffering violence.

I called for all wives with unsaved husbands to raise their hands. I then called on a brother to pray especially for those unsaved husbands.

I called for all husbands with unsaved wives to raise their hands. I then called on another brother to pray for those unsaved wives. I called for all parents with unsaved children to raise their hands. I then called on another brother to pray for those unsaved children.

We were doing business - transacting important matters - with the God of heaven. We were trafficking in precious souls.

Finally I called for those with unsaved parents and brothers and sisters to raise their hands and I prayed for them.

There was power - there was blessing - there was joy - THERE WAS VICTORY. We had naked faith. It was all we needed.


There were nineteen persons at the prayer-meeting at 7 am. It was freezing cold outside but our hearts were warm. My children Rhonda, Cherith and Ian were up at 6.30 to join me. Thank God for grace in the facility. Young Ian prayed. Make the lad a man of God and a mighty preacher of the Word.

FRIDAY, 31st DECEMBER, 1976.

The last day of 1976. How many opportunities have been lost in the year yet how good God has been.

The watchnight service was at 11 pm. When I arrived at the church the prayer meeting though called for 10.30 had commenced before the time. How wonderful to hear the voice of prayer as one approaches the threshold of God's house. The praying, was powerful and faith, naked faith, was evident.

Over 700 were in attendance at the service even although the hour was late and a heavy freezing fog in parts made travelling difficult.

We commenced with the old 100th Psalm. Then we sang, "Nearer my God to Thee."

Again I felt great liberty in public [12] prayer. There was a spirit of powerful penitence, pleading and praise. It was a harbinger of blessing to come. Wave after wave of "Amens" seemed to carry the prayer right home to God.

I called my message, "The Untraversed Way of 1977."

I took three points


God knows the way of 1977. It is all in His plan. His all-seeing eye has mapped it out. We have not as yet traversed it but He knows the end from the beginning.


The foot of the priest trod the path before the Israelite pilgrim set his foot on it. That is how the way was made known (See rest of verse 3). Christ's Priestly footprint marks the way for me.


The ark was the symbol of the Lord's presence. The Lord will be with us. In the darkest hour we can reach out and touch Him. There's not an hour that He is not near us. We will never travel alone.

Not so with poor sinners. For them there is no companion, no solace, no hiding place and absolutely no hope in 1977.

God gave power in pleading with souls although there was no outward response at the appeal. There was however blessed assurance as we sang "My Jesus I love Thee."

As I stood at the door shaking hands Fred C approached me. He first heard me preach over thirty years ago and had been attending on my ministry off and on since that time. He said, "I'm still a sinner." I asked him, "Will you not settle it tonight?" He said, "Yes."

We went to my room and after reading the Holy Word, in prayer, Fred came as a sinner to Jesus. Hallelujah!

What a blessed way to enter the new year, kneeling at the Cross with a new born soul. The tears were there but triumph was there too. What joy and rejoicing when his daughter-in-law who brought him to the service threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. Oh there was such a hallowed sunblink of the gospel. I take Fred as the first fruits of the great revival of 1977. Lord hasten to do wonders amongst us.


The first Sabbath of the New Year. A beautiful winter morning with sunshine. May the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings in Ravenhill today.

10.30 am Morning Prayer Meeting in the Minor Hall, the Upper Room of the church. Coming up on sixty persons in attendance the largest ever in our whole ministry.

What a spirit of expectancy! What a spirit of love for Christ and precious Souls! What a spirit of power! There were many tears shed and many of the prayers simply ended in a sob. Broken and contrite hearts abounded. No wonder the Lord drew blessedly near and went with us. [13]

11.30 am The First Session of Public Worship.

A fine congregation. I read some scriptures and we sang Psalm 124, "Another of the same," "Now Israel may say and that truly." I had most unusual liberty in public prayer. There was a real melting of heart and I wept as I pleaded for the blessing. The congregation seemed to be melted into one and the sense of the presence of the Risen Lord intensified.

When we sang Rutherford's hymn, "The sands of time" we all bowed our heads and sang softly with the hush of heaven upon us the last two verses again,

"Oh! I am my Beloved's
And my Beloved's mine!
He brings a poor vile sinner
Into His house of wine:
I stand upon His merit
I know no safer stand,
Not e'en where glory dwelleth
In Immanuel's land.

The bride eyes not her garment
But her dear bridegroom's face;
I will not gaze at glory,
But on my King of grace:
Not at the crown He gifteth,
But at His pierced hand:
The Lamb is all the glory
Of Immanuel's land."

No. 465 "Our Own Hymnbook"

We were all getting a special glance of the glory of Immanuel's land and best of all the King of that blest country, Immanuel Himself.

Before the sermon we sang, "I need Thee every hour" No. 297. We changed the chorus at the last and sang in blessed appropriation,

"I have Thee, Oh I have Thee,
Every hour I have Thee,
Oh bless me now my Saviour,
I come to Thee."

I preached on the Motto Text which we had taken for 1977. "Call unto me and I will answer thee and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not" Jeremiah 33:3.

I said that only the Bread of Life could really satisfy the hungry child of God. Carnal meats cannot fill the true believer. He must have angels' food, the heavenly manna. Our text had the precious preface, "Thus saith the Lord." Here was the Bread of God indeed.

I took three points,

"Call unto Me" - The Plan of Prayer.

"I will answer thee" - The Promise of Purpose.

"and shew thee great and mighty thanes which thou knowest not" - The Place of Power.

I stressed plainly the need for wholehearted dedicated, consistent, insistent and persistent praying. It must be penitential and powerful. All our soul and heart and mind must go into every sentence of prayer. Our whole beings must plead.

God has promised to answer. His purpose is already being fulfilled as the burden of prayer comes upon us. The burden for Revival is the commencement of Revival.

The word in the Hebrew says astonishing things will happen and secret things will be uncovered.

The preaching was plain. I am [14] being brought to depend on the naked Word of God not on the Word dressed up in the garments of human oratory. God was pleased to give His power.

We had a very large Communion Feast and a further intensification of the Lord's Presence. I spoke on the little phrase in Isaiah 63:1. "Mighty to save."

Mighty to save me from sin, and self and Satan. Mighty to save our loved ones. Mighty to save our Province. Mighty to save our nation.

Two brothers offered thanks for the bread and two for the cup. The brethren serving at the table were especially moved in prayer. The Lord was with us in His own feast and His Presence is a feast indeed.

We continued all day in prayer. At the height of the afternoon, coming up to 200 persons were in prayer together. Fred who had been saved at the Watchnight service was among them. It was a most unusual time. Two folks prayed at the same time yet there was no discord. It had as much harmony as a sung duet - It was indeed a hallowed prayer duet. It was at times most difficult to get in so many were hastening to supplicate.

What a thrill to hear some praying in public for the first time. One person after over thirty years being on the way to, heaven. What liberty they had. It seemed they had spiritually grown up overnight. What spiritual freedom! The bands had been cast asunder and the soul was free.

To see big strong men weep over their parents and amidst their sobs to cry aloud for their salvation was a meeting experience. For a time almost every prayer ended in a sob. Zion was in travail and the bringing forth was bound to be at hand. "For as soon as Zion travailed she brought forth her children" Isaiah 66:8. Lord speed the birthday or as the saintly Alexander Peden the Covenanter used to say "the bairn time."

5.30 pm came very quickly, the time simply fled away. We adjourned to the Minor Hall, which for the first time for a pre-evening service prayer meeting was almost filled.

Again praise and prayer were married together in almost every supplication. It was a BLESSED AND HOLY TIME.


A fine congregation had gathered. Lord fill up the pool with fishes large and small for the gospel NETTING.

We commenced with the hymn, "There's power in the Blood" No. 201 in "Our Own Hymn Book." As the song re-echoed through the vast meeting house we felt the power of the precious Blood, cleansing, covering and clothing our inmost souls.

Again I had a melting experience in public prayer. The tears ran freely and God gave me words to plead with Him for the souls of my hearers.

I preached on "Beginnings - Good and Bad."

1. The Beginning of Creation - Gen. 1:1 and Jno. 1:1.

2. The Beginning of Sin - Micah 1:13.

3. The Beginning of the Gospel - Philippians 4:15.

4. The Beginning of Wisdom - Psalm 111:10.

5. The Beginning of Months [15] - Exodus 12:12.

6. The Beginning of Confidence - Hebrews 3:14.

7. The Beginning of Sorrows - Matthew 24:28.

I urged the people to press into the Kingdom of God. The power of God was manifest. A holy awe and solemnity was upon the place.

I called an after meeting. About half the congregation remained. I tested the meeting and the sinners and backsliders started to come. Souls melted under conviction came down from the galleries and from the ground floor.

A young girl whose father, a dear man of God had died with heart trouble came to be saved. Her father's dying prayer was that she should come to Jesus. That prayer was being answered. We were on holy ground. We discovered afterwards that this girl having heard of the little girl leading her little brother to the Lord had a desire to be saved so that she too could win others. She phoned her grandmother when she got home - to tell her the good news.

A young man once a zealous church member but for 5 1/2 years a terrible backslider came down the aisle weeping. The prodigal was returning to the Fathler's house assured of a wonderful welcome.

And so we could go on. Each case had its own peculiar story. One woman whose husband had been shot in the troubles came. Thank God there's healing at the Cross.

When the appeal was over as I was uttering a few final remarks a young man was seen bringing an older man down the aisle. It was a son, who himself a few weeks before had come to Christ, bringing his father to Jesus. What a thrill to see the father kneel and weep his way to Jesus while his son wept with joy for his father's conversion. This was BETHEL, THE GATE OF HEAVEN, INDEED.

Of course there was opposition. Some don't like the after meetings. Some Christians don't like their carnality being disturbed, their respectability being shattered. I told them to go if they were not going to enter into the blessing. It was a solemn warning and I made it with tears.

What a day it has been. "A day in Thy courts is better than a thousand" Psalm 84:10.

MONDAY, 3rd JANUARY, 1977.

7 am. A great prayer meeting thirteen present. A real spirit of intercession and glorious liberty. We all with one accord could say the Lord was there.

1 pm. The lunch hour prayer meeting had an attendance of nine. The bookie who had been converted and his wife were both present and she had wonderful power in prayer. So Mr. Heyburn informed me. I was not present. How I regret I missed that time of prayer.

8 pm. one hundred and forty persons gathered for the prayer meeting in the old church. The young man so graciously restored the night before, with joy in his soul, gave out hymn No. 79 "How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds in a believer's ear." What rapturous singing. Then we sang "There is sunshine in my soul today" No. 253. Yes and the heavenly sunshine was there alright. It was streaming into all our hearts. Of that there [16] was no doubt. I gave my first message on "Fishers of Men." I spoke on the five pre-requisites,

1. PARDON - The Fisher of men must Enjoy Pardon. He must be rejoicing in present perfect pardon in his own life.

2. PASSION - The Fisher of men must be Energised with Passion. Passion for souls is a work of the Holy Spirit. It can only be acquired by keeping close to Jesus. It results from vision and a constant reviewing of our own salvation.

3. PERCEPTION - The Fisher of men must Exercise Perception. He must perceive in the Holy Book
(a) The need of Man exposed
(b) The Work of Christ expounded.
(c) The Way of Salvation explained.

4. PRAYER - The Fisher of men must Excel in Prayer. We need to pray to be led to the right person, to say the right thing, to follow up the work in the right way.

5. POWER - The Fisher of men must be Endued with Power. Acts 1:8 and Luke 24:49.

The Word was drank in with deep joy. The people shewed a deep thirst for the Word.

Then what an hour of prayer we had! Some praying publicly for the first time. Some breaking forth twice, unable to contain the urgency within their breasts. There were sobs and shouts, tears and triumphs, prayers and praises, sighing and songs. The King was enthroned on the flood. The cedars of Lebanon were crashing down at His Royal Voice. Saints rejoiced in household salvation. Others wept for the uniting of their families in grace. There was urgency, solemnity, importunity and humility all rolled into one. This was praying indeed. Oh what an answer is on the way for us. He will shew us astonishing and hidden things which we know not yet of. The breezes blow but we long for the tempests.


7 am. Coming up to twenty people made the early morning prayer meeting. It was a blessed and joyful time. How those who have recently opened their mouths in prayer are developing fast! The hand of God can be seen upon them. One man said my heart has only been a little cup, Lord make it a big mug to hold plenty of Thy joy and power. "Oh for a greater capacity to know God. There was joy and real rejoicing and pleading and tears as well. What will the answer be?

1 pm. Coming up to twenty persons again engaged in the lunch hour prayer meeting. It was a time of shouting, sobs and songs. Revs. Ken Elliott, of Portadown, Fred Buick of Banbridge and Norman Green of Cloughmills joined with us. Oh what a happy time when heaven touched earth and glory crowned the mercy seat.

8 pm. About 140 again met for prayer in the old church. The singing was uplifting. "Hold the fort" rang out with all the joy of the church militant singing.

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