Over 400 Souls in Far East Evangelistic Tour

Below we print a Message delivered by DR. PAISLEY in the Martyrs Memorial Church on Lord's Day, 13th March, after his return from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and India.

Acts chapter fourteen and verse twenty-seven, "And when they were come, and had gathered the church together, they rehearsed all that God had done with them, and how He had opened the door of faith unto the Gentiles." And I want to take that part of the verse, "all that God had done with them." Whatever I say this morning, I want to emphasise and re-emphasise, and if it is possible to over emphasise, then I want to do it, I want to give God all the praise and all the honour and all the glory for His Great Nome's Sake!

I never left this pulpit so reluctantly as I left to go to the Far East, because we were having and, thank God, it is continuing, revival blessing and the salvation of precious souls. But I believe that this was in the will of God. I went away with one great desire in my heart, that somewhere in the For East the Lord would give us precious souls. So that in the day when we stand at the judgement seat there will be souls from that area meeting us at God's right hand and then our Heaven will be two Heavens in Emmanuel's Land! I never expected that we would have such an outpouring of God's Spirit. Nor did I expect to be able to return to tell you of over 400 souls won for Christ through the preaching of the Word. It has been the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes! How good is our God!

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Massage Parlour Protest

On Monday, 19th February, 30 members and friends of our Sandown congregation held an open air gospel witness outside a recently opened "Massage Parlour." One of the objects of this witness was to highlight the great concern on the part of the church and many of the residents in the area at the "immoral reputation" that such "parlours" have throughout the City of Belfast. The Rev. David McIlveen who led the witness related that a part owner of a "massage parlour" in the South Belfast area had openly admitted that his centre was a common brothel. Mr. McIlveen also referred to a married lady who quite innocently answered an advertisement to become a masseur. At her interview she was questioned about her relationship to other men and left in disgust before the interviewer had completed her prescribed questions. With these facts in their possession, the Sandown congregation felt it was their responsibility to give voice to the many fears expressed that this "massage parlour" on the Sandown Road would be used for such immoral and God condemning purposes.

During the service, members of the RUC who had previously been informed about the purpose of the meeting arrived at the premises. After they had returned from the building to the Landrover the lights in the building went out which confirmed in the minds of the protesters that their purpose was justified.

At the end of the service, which carried the theme of God's hatred for sin and God's remedy from sin, the Rev. McIlveen along with other brethren from the church went to the parlour and handed in a petition which placed on record their deep rooted concern about the use of the building. The petition was received by three young girls who stated they would pass it to their manager.

The following day the Rev. McIlveen had the opportunity of putting the protesters points of view through the news media, with interviews both on the Radio and Television.

Since February, 14th the "Massage Parlour" has closed down and just recently a "To Let" sign has been put up at the premises. TO GOD BE THE GLORY. It is hoped that throughout our Province there may be a great drive against the lowering of the moral standards and that very soon all manner of sin will be confronted and dealt with in the Mighty Name of Christ. Righteousness exalteth a nation. [3]

Against South Africa

The NCC has stepped into a place of leadership in the Communist drive to take over South Africa. A special conference has been announced on the church in southern Africa in which the National Council of Churches and the US Catholic Conference plan to bring from the Communist countries of Angola and Mozambique leaders who themselves are Communists to the US. The Paul Scott report issued in Washington discusses the Eucharistic conference as follows The National Council of Churches (NCC and the US Catholic Conference (USCC) are now completing plans to bring some thirty people from Angola, Mozambique, South West Africa, Rhodesia, and South Africa to the US for a March conference, titled "The Church and Southern Africa."

Among those invited to the conference are Oliver Tambo, president of the South African Communist party-controlled African National Congress and who is a member of the presidential committee of the Soviet dominated World Peace Council; and the wife of the Marxist-Leninist President of Angola, Josepha Luis Antonio Meto.

The conference, which will be held at the Bergamo East Conference Center in Utica, New York, on March 7-11, will be preceded by a meeting in New York City at which Ambassador Young will speak.

In other words, while Castro steps up his training of black nationalist guerrillas in southern Africa, a third front is being opened up in the US to clear the way for the Carter Administration to work for the establishment of Marxist type governments in the region.

Amin Shot Archbishop

Idi Amin, President of Uganda, according to some reports has massacred over 300,000 persons since he has come to power in that mid-African republic. Now the Tanzanian Daily News says that the recent death of Anglican Archbishop Janani Luwum was not caused by an auto accident as he and two others tried to escape from their government guards, but that he was shot in the mouth by Amin himself when he denied having a part in a plot to overthrow Amin. The Kenya government has appealed to its sister African states to join in protest against Amin's brutal terrorism. It's about time too, that there were more protests, protests against Communist terrorism in other states, some of which have been financed by none other than the World Council of Churches, on whose Central Committee Archbishop Luwum, ironically, had served.

According to a UPI report from London, Bishop Leslie Brown of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich, who preceded Luwum as Archbishop of Uganda, said "that he believed the Amin government had begun a persecution of Christians. 'Since the assassination, prominent Christians in villages and towns have been picked up and disappeared,' the bishop added." [4]

A Canon Searching for African Jesus

Canon Burgess Carr, General Secretary of the All African Council of Churches, appears to be the only African churchman who presumes to speak for Africa. He has now called for an African Jesus. In a story reproduced from the Standard, November 17, 1976, Carr called for a search for it this hidden African Jesus." He said that the "African Church must push for an authentic African Christianity based on the religious experiences of our ancestors." He indicated that when they find this new Jesus or as he said, "Our own Jesus," they will be his missionaries.


The Rev. Solomon Muthukya, General Secretary of the East African Christian Alliance, affiliated with the International Council of Christian Churches, devotes the editorial of the Morning Star to Carr's appeal. He says this "should not only cause concern, but it should serve as a warning to every born-again believer in the shed blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ." Solomon calls Carr's appraisal and appeal a rejection of the Christian faith and says, "That is why the East African Christian Alliance is committed to preach and defend the Gospel." Solomon rejects Carr's characterisation of "a British Jesus," "An American Jesus," and points out that Jesus was a Jew who offered Himself to the whole world as "the universal Jesus Who saved the British, American and German Christians." He can also save the Africans. Since these men do not believe the Bible and do not preach the Gospel, they are supporting revolution, they are calling for war.


ROBERT MUGABE, Communist guerrilla leader, is quoted in the Chicago Tribune, February 10, 1977, as saying that under majority rule, all land in Rhodesia will be nationalised and the black majority will not give a penny in compensation to the white landowners.

FIDEL CASTRO, Communist prime minister of Cuba, has announced in response to President Carter's statement that he desires normal relations "I will with pleasure talk with him." Cuban soldiers in Africa are training the Communist guerrillas in Mozambique to participate in the Communist fermented war.

MOHAMMED ALI, missionary for the Mohammedans, according to the Philadelphia Tribune, voice of the black community, will take "a third wife." His first wife was barren, his second wife bore him four children, three girls and a boy. Before his union was dissolved, he had a daughter by Veronica Porsche. The third marriage was announced by Ali at one of President Carter's inaugural balls. [5]

African Ecumenist Calls for War

Canon Burgess Carr, Secretary General of the All African Conference of Churches, has called upon all the countries of Africa to declare outright war on Rhodesia. According to a release by Religious News Service, January 26, Carr issued his pronouncement in Nairobi. He is quoted as saying, "If war were declared, Rhodesia would be defeated in three days and procedures could start to transfer power to the black majority in Rhodesia."

Carr heads the WCC's African affiliate. Funds have been funnelled through the All African Conference directly to the guerrillas who are making the attacks upon Rhodesia. Carr also is quoted as saying, "The US and its NATO allies have a grand design to ensure that Rhodesia and Namibia (Southwest Africa) become vassal states of South Africa at best." Carr does not refer in any way to the present policy of the Rhodesian government to arrange for black African rule within two years in carrying out the details of the American plan as presented by former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger. Neither does he refer in any way to the activities of the Communists, both the Russian and the Cuban, in providing and supporting black minority Communist rule in Angola and Mozambique.

In the United States the confirmation of the position that it is not majority rule which is being sought came last week from George F. Kennan, a former ambassador to Russia. He was quoted in The New York Times, February 11, by James Reston, their top columnist, as saying, "It is not majority rule. It is ruling in the name of majority by self-appointed black dictators or oligarchs." Canon Carr reflects the position of the World Council of Churches.


Church groups in both Britain and America continue to try to use their influence against South Africa supposedly because of its apartheid policies, but they seem to be totally blind to the danger of total Communist takeover of Africa by the Cornmunist guerrillas and terrorists. Fifteen US church organisations issued a joint statement on January 24 asking five major US banks to prohibit loans to South Africa. These groups included: United Methodists, Presbyterian Church in the US, United Presbyterians, United Church of Christ, Episcopalians, Lutheran Church in America, and a number of Roman Catholic orders. [6]



As you know, we left the shores of this land and we travelled East and then came home by the West. So we circumnavigated the whole globe in our travels. Our first flight was a very long one of some ten to ten and a half hours. That was right over the North Pole, over the North Western territories of Canada and into Anchorage in Alaska, right opposite to Russia. It was a wonderful flight. I never was in such a smooth flight. I praise God that every hour of that flight that the Lord kept it smooth. One of the officers of the flight came to me. He said, "The Captain would like you to go up to the flight deck." So I was taken up to the flight deck and talked with the pilots for quite a time and had that beautiful panoramic view right across the ice of the North Pole and right down into that beautiful land glimmering with snow and ice-capped heights, Alaska. We had the joy of telling those men why we were going out to Japan and the Far East. We had a stop in Anchorage for quite a time and then we reboarded our flight and continued on to Tokyo, Japan. When we arrived, the first person I saw was a small man waving at me. I did not know who he was. He nearly waved his hand off. However, then eventually I saw Dr. Jones behind him. The man was a missionary. When he caught me by the hand I thought a vice had closed on me. He nearly broke every bone in my hand. He said, "I am glad that you are here." I said, "There is no one more glad than I that that flight is over." When you sit in an aeroplane for nearly twenty hours, you are glad to be on ground at last.


We waited for a few minutes and then Dr. Weniger from California, arrived and the three of us were brought together. We went into Tokyo which is a wonderful city. It is no wonder the Japanese are leading the world in many of the fields of Commerce. I never saw such a go-ahead city. The amazing thing is that not only is there the great centre for merchandise and shopping, but you go down underneath and there is another road underneath and just the same shopping centre as up above. The place, of course, is teeming with people. The amazing thing is the multitudes, and the multitudes and the teeming multitudes. Of course, Japan has very few Christians. It is filled with Buddhism and Shintoism. The altars are there, the temples are there, false gods are there, evil is there, the satanic influence is there and the devil is there.


The following day we travelled out in the bullet train which goes at two hundred and fifty to two hundred miles an hour right out to the Nagoya. That bullet express is a wonderful vehicle. You would not think you were travelling at all. We arrived in Nagoya where our missionary conference was held. This was a conference of fundamental missionaries in Japan. We had an attendance of [7] 150-200 at each session. I got them to start an early morning prayer meeting. So we had a real good old fashioned morning prayer meeting. Then the problems started for we had to preach through interpreters. We call them interrupters. You give a sentence and then you stop and they translate the sentence. Then you give another sentence and you stop and they translate the sentence. Now you do not know how they are translating it or what they are saying. I said I would take them by faith. I hoped they were telling the truth. Sometimes they got mixed up. In Nagoya one of the missionaries was translating. Dr. Jones was setting out what the modernists believe. He thought he was setting out what he himself believed. And he said, "Surely you do not believe that?" We had a bit of an interruption. Dr. Jones had to explain, "No, I am setting out what the modernist believes." We had, however, a great time of blessing among those missionaries.

I am glad to report that as a result of that missionary conference, among the fundamentalist missionaries of Japan a Joint Fundamentalist Fellowship was set up to give a basis for fundamentalist missionaries and pastors to come together and witness for the truth. So those days in Japan were days of blessing and days of strengthening. It is great to meet with missionaries who stand true to the Word of God, and to share fellowship and sympathy with them and also rejoice with them in the work of the Lord.


After we finished four days in Japan we moved down to South Korea to Seoul. South Korea as you know is under continual threat from the Communist North. The Government of South Korea is very sympathetic to fundamentalist missionaries, and to, those that stand true to the Word of God. When we arrived at Seoul in Korea we got the red carpet treatment. The red carpet was put out for us immediately we arrived off the plane. A whole host of officials were there. They carried our bags, they took us into a special VIP lounge. They said, "You do not need to present your passports or your baggage. We will look after it all for you." They had various officials from the Government there to greet us. Then immediately we got through the formalities and then there was a great welcome outside. There was a great host of Korean Christians with a great big banner: (It reminded me of an Orange Banner) "Welcome Dr. Paisley, Jones and Weniger to Seoul, Korea." They all sang, and immediately we stepped out through the airport lounge entrance they all shouted "Hallelujah." I thought I was at home. I thought I had woke up at home. There they were, their faces shining and they started to sing the praises of the Lord.

We shook hands with them.

There is a dear brother there, Dr. Johnston, he went to Japan as a missionary. He worked for fourteen years in Japan and' having established a work there he felt the burden to go to Korea. He went to Korea and formed the Bob Jones Seminary for the training of young preachers. He has seventy students, young men training for the ministry, in that seminary. As a result forty separatist churches have [10] come into being. Those forty churches are preaching the Word of God.


We had a great time in Korea. They took us to the hotel where we were staying and then they said, "We are going to have a banquet for you. All the preachers are meeting and we are going to give you this banquet." We arrived at this other eating place and they had a huge room and they were all sitting on cushions on the floor. They had a repast the like of which I never saw before in all my life. There was some scores of different meats, and we were given our chopsticks and told to tuck in. And tuck in we did! I learned very early in Japan to use chopsticks for I knew I would starve if I did not. I became quite an expert! In fact they said to me, "Were you ever here before? You use those chopsticks so well." I said, "No, I knew I would starve so I decided I better know how to eat." And. my, what a meal they had and then they all had words of welcome to us. They all greeted us and told us where they were from, the churches they were standing for, and what a time of blessing we had. To be continued. [8]

Graham Urges Unity in Diversity

The statements of Dr. Billy Graham in Urbana, III., were reported in Religious News Service. Up to the present Dr. Graham has not in any way challenged or denied them and they do reflect what is known to be his position on the questions involved. RNS reported, "Evangelist Billy Graham urged here that evangelicals 'accept unity in diversity' and avoid divisiveness over such matters as Biblical inerrancy, charismatic phenomena, and political activism."

Now that the Southern Presbyterians are putting out their new confession, Dr. Graham's statements are particularly relevant.

The one on "Political Activism" which he says must not cause divisiveness is pointed up in the Southern Presbyterians' new creed. It calls for just that. The United Church of Christ a political activist body, also has a new declaration of faith. One of the purposes of these new creed formulisations is to legitimise and underscore the revolutionary programmes in support of socialism and Communism.

It is under political activism that the churches support the Communist regimes and oppose the anti-Communist regimes.

Dr. Graham's specific reference to "political activism" gives to the radicals, the socialists and the Communists in the churches and in their use of the churches the recognition they desire. Though they are as Jude says, "ungodly" men with their "ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed," there is a place of security and comfort within the Christian Church for them. Their presence is not to cause division according to Dr. Graham.

His second point, "charismatic phenomena," is of equal importance.

For Dr. Graham even to recognise the phenomena as having a legitimate place within a true Bible Church places him on their side where they maintain that they are the "spiritual cement" of the WCC.

The third point, "divisiveness over the matters of Biblical inerrancy," leaves Dr. Graham totally defenceless. To deny inerrancy is to deny that the Bible is the Word of God. For God does not lie, deceive, or defraud His servants or His churches. The problem is that inerrancy was one of the issues with old Modernists. now it is the big issue with the New Evangelicals. Any man who does not believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures should have no place whatsoever in the fellowship of the fundamentalists, evangelicals, and Christians. If a man does not believe that all the Bible can be trusted, or that all of it is true, he is unworthy and unacceptable.

Billy Graham is in very serious trouble. His confusion also extends [10] to relationship to his own nation. He says, "When I reread some of my older sermons, I am fearful that I got America and the Kingdom of God all mixed up together."

No Christian has ever said that the United States is the Kingdom of God. Dr. Graham should know, as every born-again Christian knows, that the Kingdom of God is a spiritual order, and you enter it by a spiritual new birth.

America is, however, a land of liberty - God given. It is a land where "in God We Trust" is on every coin. It is a land where Christian principles and the commandments of God have been incorporated in its fundamental law and laws. Moreover, it is Graham's duty as well as every citizen's duty to see that Caesar maintains justice and righteousness.

But Graham is suffering; he is retreating; he is unwilling to speak against the Communist order, of their conspiracy to destroy the United States. And so RNS reports, "Mr. Graham stressed that 'God is not limited to one form of government. We have an idea that we need an American democracy to precede the Gospel, but that's simply not true'."

Here Graham reveals his own disintegrating concept of God's law and righteousness. There are some forms of government that are totally dishonouring to God - the Marxist and Graham ought to be willing to say so. He has more to say in reflecting against the United States, his own country, than he has against Russia and Red China. If Graham yields to the Communist attack upon capitalism, what is he doing to help America exalt the righteousness of God in her affairs? There is a text in the Bible which says, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."

Maybe Graham would be better off if he went back to his old sermons where he preached against drink and drunkenness, and take up the obligation of making America a Christian country.

What God's people must see is that the influence of the ecumenicals, with whom he associates, has made a powerful attachment to him, both from their side and his side.

One area where the Lord's people also must be sensitive is the evangelical's emphasis upon the Word of God. These neo-evangelicals do talk about the Word of God. And though they join in fellowship with so-called evangelicals who do not believe the Word of God, they put an emphasis upon the Word of God which misleads others because they do not accept it as their infallible rule of practice. When they talk about the Word of God, where is their obedience, their separation, their sufferings because of their uncompromising adherence to God's revealed will?

The listeners and followers of Billy Graham are being mislead to believe what he says about inerrancy, political activism and the charismatic pseudo-guidance activity. It must only be only Scripture, only faith, only grace. [11]

A Narrative on the Revival in Ravenhill


7 am. Another great prayer time. The tide is rising and a greater fervency is captivating our spirits. There is a holy urgency and a deep longing in every prayer for the salvation of souls. There is an increasing thirst and when it was quenched a little the thirst becomes greater. Our souls are having increased capacity for God. Our hearts are being enlarged. The unity of spirit is most blessed to witness.

1 pm. Another blessed time of prayer. Real old-time liberty is getting into our souls. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. The Spirit HAS come. New faces are being seen at these prayer meetings and new voices are being raised in fervent supplications.

8 pm. The ground floor of the old church was crammed out. Coming up on three hundred and fifty present. What a meeting. I answered the enquiry, "What do you say to a soul who says he does not believe the Bible to be the Word of God?" Great joy and liberty in the preaching of the Truth.

The first person to pray was a lady saved two days before whom I have already mentioned. David McIlveen led her to the Lord in her own home. She wept as she praised God for her newly found Saviour. What a melting time swept our souls and how the people sang in joyful triumph "I'm not ashamed to own my Lord."

One man prayed with special fervency. I heard afterwards that so overcome he had been at his work that day that he had to draw aside and spend a time weeping for souls. This is the hand of God indeed.

Many of the young converts were present. One brother asked me to sign his Bible and put on it the day when he was saved. This was the man who lay on the floor of my room at the church sobbing and writhing in the torment of conviction as the pains of hell got hold upon him. Psalm 116:3.

There were tears, shoutings, exceeding joy, heavenly praises and an exhilarating spirit of power. What a transformation in both pastor and people.

I met the congregational committee afterwards and they were going to take the meeting tomorrow night. What a happy spirit of unity and as I prayed with them we felt all one in Christ.


7 am. There was a food turn out at the morning prayer time. The spirit of prayer and supplication was once again outpoured. The fire was under the morning sacrifice, the altar fire [12] that is inextinguishable. I said if only a small percentage of answers were obtained there would not be room enough to contain them. But all these prayers will be answered by the One Who promises "if ye ask anything in my Name I will do it."

1 pm. Lunch hour prayer meeting. The lecture hall was well filled for most of the prayer hour. There was a great spirit of prayer with the church staff giving a good lead. Eagerness to pray is a prevailing characteristic of God's people at this time. Instead of pushing ourselves to pray, prayer is pushing us. We cannot cease from the holy art. Oh may this unceasing prayer continue to increase in volume.

8 pm. About 300 persons were present. The church committee took the meeting in my absence. Bob Gunning our church secretary, led the service. He said it would be an unusual meeting and so it was.

Bram Compton led in prayer, and then Jim Heyburn, Sam McCallum and Bob Allister testified. Bill Thomas then passed on a word on Ephesians chapter two, verse eight.

There was a great spirit of prayer, joy and praise, pleading and yearning characterised the whole meeting. Thank God for Revival in the church committee! The session ended as usual after ten o'clock.

FRIDAY, 7th JANUARY, 1977.

7 am. A good early morning prayer meetings. Attendance usual. The spirit of fervent prayer continues. Prayers clothed with faith MUST be answered.

1 pm. An exceptional time of prayer. The power of God came down about 1.50 and the praying went on to 2.15 although it usually is just the hour from 1-2 pm.

Great liberty and assurance of gracious answers was the characteristic of every supplication. Faith simply revels in that glorious fact of Revival that offered prayer is answered prayer. This is true praying. Unanswered prayer is the mark of a dying church. Answered prayer is the mark of a living church.

8 pm. About 700 gathered in the John Knox Memorial Free Presbyterian Church for the ordination of Mr. David Creane. What a holy and happy time. I led in the ordination prayer and had unusual liberty. The congregation responded with ever recurring waves of Amens. We were all melted into a glorious oneness of love and purpose. I brought the charge to the newly ordained minister on Ephesians 3:8. "Unto me, who am less than the least of all saints, is this grace given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ." I took three points,

1. The Title "less that the least of all saints."

2. The Task - "is this grace given, that I should preach amongst the Gentiles."

3. The Treasure - "the unsearchable riches of Christ."

There was a real Revival spirit manifested and blessing through the Word also preached by Revs. Roy Stewart and S. B. Cooke. The spirit of expectancy is abroad. Lord spread the flame!


8 pm. Monthly prayer meeting for the Jews. A real reviving time with almost an hour and a half of real [13] fervent intercession. The burden for 'the Jew first,' was upon us all. Those who did usually pray burst forth in liberty. The Revival spirit was mightily manifest and it was a pure delight to be in God's sweet presence. What a difference when the Lord is there!

LORD'S DAY, 9th JANUARY, 1977.

8.45 am. Prison service. I spoke on Isaiah 45:22 "Look unto me all ye ends of the earth and be ye saved for I am God and there is none else." I took four points,

1.The largest possible number - "all ye ends of the earth."

2. The greatest possible blessing - "saved."

3. The simplest possible command - "look."

4. The strongest possible assurance - "I am God."

There was rapt attention to the preaching. A solemn spirit prevailed Afterwards I spoke with five prisoners who had come to Christ through the services. Two prisoners had been gloriously saved before they were sentenced and these had both let their lights shine.

On Christmas morning after I had finished the service the last of the five had been converted. They had a baptismal service in the prison bath. Next Lord's Day we are going to spread the Table and remember our wondrous Lord together. May the Revival come with power to the prison and may many "prisoners leap to lose their chains."

10.30 am. Over forty gathered for the morning prayer meeting. It was a time of eager expectancy. One man converted on that memorable 12th December night took part for the first time in prayer. The maturity of the prayer was amazing. How these converts would outstrip all believers in love, service and prayer. The man saved at the Watchnight service was also at the prayer meeting.

These converts mean business. Lord Multiply their number.

11.30 am. A very large congregation for the morning service. One of the prisoners who had been recently saved gave out the hymn at the prison service, "Years I spent in vanity and pride." I got a real blessing watching that young man speak. When the singing of the hymn was over, I related the story of the hymn as related by Dr. R. A. Torrey:

I told what had happened in the prison and then we sang the hymn. What blessing we experienced as the congregation gave full throat to the verse,

"Oh! the love that drew salvation's plan,
Oh! the grace that brought it down to man,
Oh! the mighty gulf that God did span
At Calvary.
Mercy there was great and grace was free,
Pardon there was multiplied to me.
There my burdened soul found liberty,
At Calvary."

No. 202 "Our Own Hymn Book"

The singing of the Campbell family was specially blessed.

I spoke on the subject of "The Passion for souls" from Colossians 1: 24, "Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for His body's sake, which is the church." [14]

I spoke on three things,




It was a blessed time. We all had the right sort of heartburn. "Did not our hearts burn within us, while He (our Lord Jesus Christ) talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the scriptures?"

The Table of the Lord drew a large number of partakers once more. The great High Priest revealed Himself to us as we approached the mercy seat. I said a word on Hebrews 7:24,

"This man - hath an unchangeable priesthood."

1. Unchangeable in His anointing.

2. Unchangeable in His Sacrifice.

3. Unchangeable in His Supplication.

Once more two gave thanks for the bread and two for the cup.

The sweetness of the Saviour's love thrilled our souls and we partook of the cup standing praising the Lord. His Name was as an ointment poured forth amongst us. Song of Songs 1:3. What a blessed place this is "the feast of the Lord."

"Amidst us our Beloved stands,
And bids us view His pierced hands,
Points to His wounded feet and side,
Blest emblems of the Crucified.
What food luxurious loads the board
When at His Table sits the Lord!
The wine how rich, the bread how sweet,
When Jesus deigns the guests to meet."

- C. H. Spurgeon's Communion Hymn, No. 115 "Our Own Hymn Book.

3.30 pm. I preached to a packed Dungannon Church at the Memorial Service of Andrew McMullan. Andrew was ninety years old when he passed over the river. For 50 years he had been an elder in the Irish Presbyterian Church and a Sabbath School Superintendent. He however left the old Kirk to come outside the camp to be with the Blessed Saviour. He was a link with the great '59 Revival for his father was converted in that great movement of the Eternal Spirit.

Andrew McMullan was a man of God, a man of prayer and a man of strong character.

I spoke on the testimony of the Word to the man Barnabas in Acts 11:24, "For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and faith: and much people was added unto the Lord."

1 . His Character - "He was a good man."

2. His Consecration - "full of the Holy Ghost and faith."

3. His Coronation - "much people was added to the Lord."

It was a moving time. I could only weep in the pulpit as I confessed my own failure but gloried in the love of the Saviour. May God bless His Word and answer Andrew McMullan's prayers although his lips are now silent in death. [15]

5.43 pm. A great time of intercession and an eager expectancy. The burden of the supplications was that God was going to do wonders amongst us and so He did.

7 pm. A fine congregation. We started the service with that old and well-known Sabbath School hymn, "Jesus loves me this I know." How thrilling to hear the great congregation singing

"Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so!"

More and more I am being taught that the simple truths of the Gospel are the ones which release God's power upon sinners' hearts.

I spoke under the title of "The Greatest Reason Ever Given" upon the text I John 4:19 "We love Him because He first loved us."

I took three simple points.

1. The First of Divine Love - He first loved.

2. The Fact of Divine Love - He loved us.

3. The Fire of Divine Love - We love Him because.

I have felt greater liberty many

times in the pulpit but I have been taught it is "not by might nor by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord." The power was evident in the after-meeting when thirteen precious souls stepped out publicly to come to our Lord Jesus Christ.

There is a thrilling story behind each one.

A young man who had been down in earth's darkest valley, who had tried to finish with life its very self came to be delivered from wrath to come. He was joined by his wife. What a thrill to witness them calling on the Name of the Lord.

Another young man broken by the Spirit of the Lord also came. What a transformation the Lord works! But more of this young man again.

A man who came regularly to the early morning prayer meetings and cried to the Lord to save his mother had his prayer answered. Oh what a sight to see that man bring his mother forward to be saved! To behold mother and son embrace and mingle tears of joy together made one more readily understand the joy amongst the angels when a sinner repents. Here was celestial joy indeed, a heavenly and blessed visitant in our church. Truly the joy of the Lord is our strength.

The sister of the lassie, who wanted to be a fisher of men but found she must first be saved herself, was also numbered amongst the seekers. How wonderfully God is completing families. Grace, free grace, grace abounding and astounding is at work. We can only stand back and praise God for it all.

A dear woman from Ayr, Scotland, whom I spoke to along with her husband in the summer time on the Larne to Stranraer boat, was the first to respond to the call. Her husband had died suddenly and she had come back to Ulster for a short Christmas visit to her friends. She was booked to go back to Scotland on the previous Saturday but had postponed, at the last minute, her return having an inward urge to come and hear me preach. She came and God was gracious to her and she went home a new creature in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

And so we could go on and on. When God works none can stay His [16] hand or say to Him "What doest Thou?" His doing is always marvellous in our eyes. The soul winning work is the meat to eat which carnal Christians know not of, (John 4:32). Oh to ever feast on this diet!

I arrived at Killynure Old School at approximately nine o'clock. The place was comfortably filled. The last time I had preached in the school Mr. Sam Smith had been saved. He died twenty-two hours afterwards. That fact solemnised my heart. I spoke on the text I had used in the prison in the morning. "Look unto me all ye ends of the earth and be ye saved for I am God and there is none else" Isaiah 42:22. God blessed us there. Two local men who had earlier trusted Christ but wanted to be out and out for Him came for counselling and prayer. The Spirit of God is working and there is an urgency upon God's people to get right with God.

MONDAY, 10th JANUARY, 1977.

The ministers and students of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster commenced a week of prayer in Kilkeel. I preached in the evening to a full house with great liberty on "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men" Matthew 4:19. There was a great melting amongst the people. Tears flowed freely. Confessions were made. Hearts were broken. The Lord was at work. A dear woman weeping and greatly distressed came out publicly to seek the Lord while He was to be found. She was the last of a family of believers, and the first in her own family. Oh, complete the family too in the grace of God. I called a prayer meeting for 7 am in the morning.

TUESDAY, 11th JANUARY. 1977.

We commenced praying at 7 am. Over forty persons came. There was tremendous emancipation of spirit. The bondage had gone. Glorious freedom had replaced it. Here was real praying. The old worn out shibboleths were gone. A dew-like freshness characterised each petition. An hour and a half simply fled away.

We resumed praying at 10.30 and continued, with a short break at noontime, until approximately 5 o'clock. It was a blessed and holy time. Rev. Norman Green, Cloughmills, gave us a challenging word on the Example of Christ to the Christian minister from I Peter 2:21, "For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow His steps." He dwelt upon five particulars

1. Faithfulness

2. Compassionateness

3. Labourousness

4. Practicalness

5. Prayerfulness.

Oh to walk in the path my Saviour trod!

At 8 pm we had another full house. I spoke on "The Passion for Souls," the message I had delivered on the previous Sabbath morning from Colossians 1:24. God broke our hearts. Again we turned the meeting into a prayer session and the Lord came to His temple. There was a subduing of the flesh and the aweing of our souls before Him.

A man waited to be counselled. He could not come to Christ. We learned the salutary lesson that this kind cometh not forth but by prayer and fasting. Oh for power to deliver souls!