Free Presbyterian Forward Movement:
Over 3,000
attend Opening of New Church at Magherafelt

These last weeks have been historic ones for the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster.

The beautiful new Free Presbyterian Church at Magherafelt was opened with over 3,000 in attendance. The church which comfortably seats in the pews seven hundred was packed with over one thousand in attendance. A two thousand seater tent was also packed and many hundreds did not gain admittance at all.

The building fund offering taken up at the weekend opening services reached over 23,000. To God be the glory.

The following week another forward step was taken by the Free Presbyterian Church when foundation stones were laid for an 850 seater church in Ballymena. About 800 people attended the stone laying ceremony and stones were declared well and truly laid by Dr. Paisley, MP, in memory of his father who first raised, defended and maintained the banner of separation in Ballymena, Mrs. Margaret Beggs on behalf of her mother, Mrs. Isabella Paisley: Rev. James Beggs on behalf of the Kirk Session and Congregation and Miss Jeannie Clark the first convert 38 years ago of Rev. J. Kyle Paisley's faithful stand.

We hope to carry full reports and pictures of these great events in our next issue. [2]

The Murder Triangle By REV. WILLIAM BEATTIE

All the ecumenicals in the World Council of Churches are affording both moral and financial support to communists and terrorists. In 1969 the World Council of Churches launched a Programme to combat racism by donating 200,000 dollars from their reserve funds. Since 1970 the World Council of Churches has donated approximately 500,000 to groups actually engaged in guerrilla warfare. The World Council of Churches have indicated that this financial support represents their moral support for the terrorists which have been trained by Russia and use the tactics of the IRA.

On the 19th of February, 1976, The Times newspaper records that a tribesman, aged 30, had his ears cut off and was forced to eat them. The guerrillas then made his wife fetch an axe and they then used the axe to hack off his fingers and toes. The hypocrisy of the Presbyterian Herald is revealed when it calls for the introduction of Capital Punishment for the IRA and does not advocate that the ecumenicals in Ireland should abandon the World Council of Churches which supports morally and financially the Zanu terrorists who butchered 27 African labourers to death in December, 1976, using communist weapons.

The communist takeover of Africa is being promoted by the World Council of Churches, e.g. 19,000 Cuban troops and 4,000 civilian advisers were involved in the communist takeover of Angola.

Communist ships unloaded hundreds of tons of arms in Luanda harbour for the Marxist MPLA - another terrorist Organisation supported by the World Council of Churches.

Further evidence of the promotion by the World Council of Churches, is found in the Bangkok Conference organised in 1972 by the World Council of Churches Commission on World Mission and Evangelism.

Dr. Phillip Potter, General Secretary of the World Council of Churches, advocated that the churches and missionary agencies should be "liberated to the revolutionary nature of the Gospel."

Mr. M. M. Thomas, Chairman of the World Council of Churches. stated that "the mission of the church is to participate in the movements of human liberation in our time."

The Conference recommended a moratorium on the sending of funds and missionaries to overseas missions and pointed out that churches which did this would then be "free to give financial support to those struggling for freedom," which is the World Council of Churches' manner of referring to terrorists like the IRA.

World Council of Churches missionary societies are now giving financial support to terrorists, e.g. the Methodist Missionary Society. Within two years of the Bangkok Conference every major mission society in the United Kingdom had accented the theology of terrorism. Terrorists supported in their murder campaign by Communists and [3] Ecumenists have now replaced the Old Fashioned Missionary of the Gospel as the World Council of Churches' frontline on the Foreign Field, yet no local denomination has taken a decision to withdraw from the Murder Triangle of Ecumenists, Communists and Terrorists. The moral decay in the local Ecumenical Denominations is appalling. It is highlighted by the relationship that now exists between the IRA and the Irish Council of Churches, which has provided a platform for a United Ireland. Rev. Arlow, who is the Secretary of the Irish Council of Churches is apparently promoting the terrorist theology of the World Council of Churches. He gave assistance and credibility to the IRA, when he acted as intermediary in setting up the Feakle ceasefire which gave the IRA the breathing space they needed to organise and mount a further campaign of violence.

Is the Roman Catholic Church Christ's Church?

"Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of Hades shall not Prevail against it." (Matt. 16:18).

The Roman Catholic Church cannot be the Church which Jesus Christ founded. It is not Scriptural in name, nor in origin, nor in teaching, nor in practice. While the Roman Catholic Church claims to have been established by Christ, then her claims are examined in the light of the Scriptures, they are found to be false. We would remind our readers that audacious claims or assertions of the Roman hierarchy are no more authoritative than are the promulgations of Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph Smith. The Bible is our guide, and unless we can be convinced by Scripture, we shall remain unconvinced! (I Pet. 4:11; II Tim. 3:16, 17; II Pet. 1:3; Gal. 1:7-9; Psa. 73:24). We shall note a few examples which will show the differences, in the points selected, between the Roman Catholic Church and the New Testament Church.

(1) Although the Roman Catholic Church claims to have been established by Christ, no one knows her birthday. In all probability, she had no birthday, for, according, to Scripture, she is the result of an apostasy which Jesus, Paul, and John foresaw (Matt. 24:11, 24; II Thess. 2:1-11; I Tim. 4:1-4; I Jno. 2:18; 4:3; II Jno. 7; Rev. 12:9; 13:11-18; 19:20. 21; 20:1-3). The Lord's Church was established in the city of Jerusalem, in the year 33 AD, by Jesus Himself (Isa. 2:1-4; Dan. 2:44; 7:13, 14; Matt. 3:2; 16: 18: Mark 9:1; Acts 1:8; 2:1-4, 36-41, 47; 11:13, 14; Col. 1:13, 14, 18, 24). As the years went by inventions and [4] corruptions. Organisational departures and doctrinal corruptions, wholly unknown to the New Testament came to be accepted. The "Catholic Encyclopedia" does not hesitate to say "At the end of the fifth century the Roman Church was completely organised." (Vol. 9, p. 61).

(2) The Roman Catholic Church has a Pope which rules her. The New Testament is silent regarding this office. In apostolic times each church had a plurality of presbyters or bishops (Acts 14:23; 20:17, 28; Phil. 1:1); but the Roman Catholic Church has one bishop over a plurality of churches. The idea of a universal bishop grew out of the idea that the bishop in the largest city should be accorded the greatest power and influence. In Acts 20:30, Paul speaks of departures that would arise among the bishops or elders. Gradually, in the course of many years, the bishops of Jerusalem, Alexandria, Rome, Constantinople and Antioch, came to be called Metropolitans, then Exarch, and afterwards Patriarchs - all standing on the same level equal in authority. Because Rome was the capital of the world, it is not difficult to see how the Patriarch of Rome would come to think himself more important than the other four Patriarchs. History tells us that the first man to wear the title of Universal Bishop of the Church was John the Faster in the year 588 AD. But Gregory, the Patriarch of Rome, denounced John the Faster as antichrist because of his arrogant and blasphemous assumptions. It was in the year 606 AD. after the death of Gregory, that Boniface III persuaded the Emperor to make him head or Pope of the Roman Catholic Church - the first Pope of Rome who claimed to be the Universal Bishop of the Church! It was not until 1870 - just 92 years ago - that the Pope was declared to be infallible. Hence, popery is unknown to the right way of the Lord. Jesus is the head of the, Church (Eph. 1: 22, 23; Col 1:18); he has not surrendered His position to any Pope or Vicar who claims to be a substitute for Christ. It is blasphemous to assert that Peter was the first Pope, (Lk. 22:24-26; Matt. 8:14. I Cor. 9:5; Gal. 2:11-15). In Paul's letter to Rome, he mentions the names of many members of the Church at Rome but no reference is made to the Pope. If Peter were the first Pope and if he were in Rome, how can we account for Paul's negligence in not putting him first in his catalogue of names?

(3) The Roman Catholic Church is an ecclesiastical-religio-political organisation which seeks to achieve her purposes through threats, boycotts, pressure groups, even force of arms, where and when she can have her way. Even now the Pope claims to be a ruler of a sovereign state, having his own diplomatic corps and his own army which would be expanded into a mighty force set on conquering the world if the Pope could but have his way. The Pope argues his right to rule the world, but he says that this right is now held in abeyance. The doctrine "Unam Sanctam" teaches that "'both swords, the spiritual and the material, are in the power of the Church, and the latter is to be wielded for the Church, and the former by the Church; one by the hand of the priest, the other by the hand of kings and magistrates, but at the pleasure and sufferance of the priest." (Cath. Dic., p. 280). Hence, the Roman Catholic Church blushes not to say: "In [5] regularly organised dioceses and parishes the bishops and pastors have charge of all people who live within their territory not excepting non-Catholics." (Administrative Legislation in the New Code of Canon Law, p. 231). The record of the Roman Catholic Church is a record of wars, inquisitions, crusades, persecutions, religious and civil tyranny, for her own self-aggrandisement.

Jesus organised no military movement in order to force people under His sway; nor did He try to drive the Roman soldiers from Palestine. Rather, He taught: "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's." (Matt. 22:21). Jesus, taught His disciples non-resistance (Matt. 5:38-42), warning that, "they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."

William Huntington S.S.
A record of a visit to hear
the Coalheaver preach By his biographer THOMAS WRIGHT

NB - The visitor to Huntington's church is one George Blunt, of Buckinghamshire

The vestry door opens and all eyes are directed to the minister as, portly in form, with broad shoulders and solemn face, he slowly, and, it is judged, painfully, ascends the toilsome steep leading to the pulpit, which finally swallows him. The clerk gives out hymn No. 100:

Come ye sinners, poor and wretched,
Weak and wounded, sick and sore

George stands to sing, but, to his surprise, finds that, following custom, all. the others remain seated. So he sinks down in some confusion. The hymn concluded, the minister rises from his pulpit (1), and George is struck with his massive face, and his solemn, earnest; and statuesque appearance. When he commences to pray, the whole congregation rises and remains standing. He prays with eyes couched, as if an illuminated seer - every sentence in his prayer being a verse of Scripture, or part of one, for it was a maxim with him that in prayer we should strive to, encompass the Almighty with His own promises. Then there is another hymn and when it is concluded he gives out his text. Luke 13:24, "Strive to enter in at the strait gate." "I showed you this morning," he begins, "that there was a gate or door, into the sheepfold."

In a moment every eye is strained towards him, necks are craned, hands placed to ears, while some persons in their anxiety not to miss even a syllable rise from their seats.

George, who had expected to see what he had so seen in the old parish church at Little Slumberly - a snuffy old gentleman prosing and droning over a sleeping congregation - can scarcely believe his senses. The preacher uses no action except crumpling a white handkerchief in his hand, though he marks by a significant nod any observation which he desires to be [6] particularly noticed. He avoids levity and everything that even verges on the histrionic. He never exerts his voice, which is clear and agreeable. He lays great emphasis upon the concluding words of his sentences. He speaks from the heart to the heart; not, however, as a dying man to dying men, but as a man who will never die to men who also will never die.

After some general remarks on the strait gate, he says that "at this gate we always find a pulling two different ways," and he dwells on the cruelty of men to each other. "You often hear of hundreds of men quarrelling and fighting and cursing each other, but you never heard of two devils disagreeing." He quotes the passage from Paradise Lost, Book 2, beginning,

Oh shame to men! Devil with devil damn'd
Firm concord holds.

He then touches on the subject of false teachers, and tells the story of Ahab, Jehoshaphat, and Micaiah. "But the false prophets prophesy smooth things. So do the Socinians and the Deists of the present day. They gallop into God's presence like the unthinking horse into battle and thus rush upon the thick bosses of God's buckler. Christ is the way to the Father, and if we embrace Him we shall find favour with the Father. We may see men who are fellow-soldiers and yet not of one heart with each other; we may see in noblemen's families fellow-servants, but you cannot say of them, as John saith of the saints, 'He dwelleth in God, and God dwelleth in him.' This is higher than any fellowship that is found among men, for there is something of God in lodged in us and something of us lodged in God'." After other remarks on human frailty, the preacher pauses to take breath, and a hum of approval circulates round the chapel. The young woman at George's side is deeply moved. "All my sins are before me!" she mutters.

Then the preacher goes in. "What is that lodged in us? It certainly is His most Holy Spirit, for He hath given unto us His Spirit as an earnest of our inheritance; and we in return give unto Him the greatest thing that we have; but what is that? Why it is what the Lord Himself asks for: 'My son, give Me thine heart'."

Here the preacher's eyes fix themselves in the neighbourhood of Mr. Keyt's pew, and he exclaims, "Take care of your pockets!"

George promptly slips one hand on the fob containing his fat pinchbeck watch and the other on the pocket where his fatter purse should be; and the fact occurring to him that there are female pick-pockets as well as male, he glances sideways at his fair companion, who, noticing his actions and reading his thoughts, blushes to the brow-locks. But his watch and his purse are safe. The pick-pocket is evidently some pews behind him.

The preacher having given the warning goes on as if nothing extraordinary had happened. "Christ says, ' I am the door;, no man can come to the Father, but by Me."' After some remarks on the subject of grace, he says, "Come, I will ask you a question. 'Do not you with all your heart believe that you shall, sooner or later, find grace and favour with God, through Jesus Christ?' 'Yes,' say you, 'sometimes I do really believe I shall.' Well, then, hear [7] what Christ says, 'He that believeth hath everlasting life.' And do you find the saints the objects of your sincere regard and love? If so, then John says, 'We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.' Do you see these things? If you do, I will despatch this part of my text."

Here George, supposing that the sermon, which by his computation must have lasted over an hour, is finished, takes out his pinchbeck and turns his head to compare it with the clock in the gallery. But while he is in the act a voice comes from the pulpit, "We do not preach by the hour, sir."

It suddenly dawns on George that the words are addressed to him, and that upon him two thousand pairs of eyes are for the instant focused. Now it is his turn to redden; but the preacher then goes on to speak of those who seek to enter in at the gate and yet are not able. "The reason is because they were never enlightened to see the glory, the beauty, the excellencies, and the preciousness of the heavenly Saviour; nor were ever drawn by the Spirit of love to Experience the spirituality of things above. And if they are not enlightened to see the preciousness of the Saviour, nor quickened by the influence of the Holy Ghost to know the unutterable joy, the influence of love, the heavenly glory, the sweet enlargement and liberty of soul, the glory and beauty of Christ's righteousness, of the spiritual fulness of grace that there is in Him" - I say, "if they are not influenced by these things, then there is nothing under the sun so charming to them as sin, or else there is something of earthly treasure to outshine in their view the glories of heaven." Then he tells the story of the young man in the gospel; and urges upon his hearers the importance of caring for the poor and needy. "It will be impossible for you," he adds, "to enter the gate with the love of money and the love of the world in your hearts. I know what it is to enter in at this gate, and to enjoy my God, as much as any man in this world; and I tell you hoard up in your affections anything of this world, for that will keep Him out. God bless the hints I have dropped. I add no more."

After a hymn and the benediction the chapel empties itself, and many of the people wait outside to get a glimpse of the minister as he walks through the courtyard to his carriage, George and John Keyt among them.

(1) Huntington's pulpit is now in the chapel at Thane Villas, Finsbury Park. The minister, the Rev. W. Sinden, tells me that it has undergone only trifling alterations.

NB - I have heard that the reading of Huntington's testimony brought the assurance of salvation to one of our readers last month. [8]

Letter from Australia

Dear Dr. Paisley,

Greetings to you from the Free Presbyterian Church of South Australia.

Last year marked the beginning of the Uniting Church of Australia. This year marks the beginning of the Free Presbyterian Church of Australia, and so we reflect upon the promise of God with renewed interest - "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.," (Isa. 59:19). Our Easter Separatist Convention has been signally blessed and owned of God. At the commencement of the special week of prayer for the Convention a young lad of 11 was gloriously saved, and this set the seal of God upon our step of faith.

Since Australia is cursed with Ecumenism, we felt that the time was ripe for us to launch out and commence (hopefully) an annual Easter Convention, where the Word of God could be preached and defended. We also felt that there was a great need for an honest exposure of the diabolical falsehoods and blasphemies of the World Council of Churches. Thank God the stand has now been taken and we can truthfully say that the Lord was in it from the beginning. The entire Convention was attended by an encouraging number of people, some of them having travelled from as far away as Adelaide, Whyalla and Lock.

Beginning with the Praise Service on Easter Friday night, it was evident that the Lord was in our midst, many of the people speaking of personal blessing received. Saturday night was a special prayer night for our needy Country, and many sincere prayers were offered to the Lord for a nation-wide Revival. The Lord greatly encouraged, us through the faithful ministry of Pastor W. J. Chinnery of Knoxville Jubilee Bible Church in Adelaide. Praise God, He is at work in our midst!

Easter Sunday is a day which will be long remembered those who had fellowship with us. The morning message on, "Ecumenism in the light of John 17," the afternoon baptismal service when seven Christians witnessed publicly for the Lord Jesus Christ, and the evening message on the "Raising of Lazarus" were clearly used of God to the guidance and blessing of His people.

The final day of meetings (Easter Monday) began early for some. A number of the brethren decided to wake up properly by going down to the sea for a swim at 7.30 am!!! We greatly rejoiced as the Lord spoke to, us through His servants on "Paul's prayer for the Colossian Church" and "Separation Why?" Thank God to be "outside the camp" of apostasy. Thank God for the lifting of the standard against the devil in this land. May He give us revival soon, and may He also revive His work over there in Ulster.

God bless you brother we never cease to pray for you and His people over there. Please pray for us. Thank you and may the Lord bless you indeed.

Yours sincerely in Christ Jesus

Fred Buick. [9]


"Jesus only." Brethren, it is all the gospel we have to preach, it is all the gospel we want to preach. It is the only ground of confidence which we have for ourselves. It is all the hope we have to set before others. I know that in this age there is an overweening desire for that which has the aspect of being intellectual, deep, and novel; and we are often informed that there are to be developments in religion even as in science; and we are despised as being hardly men, certainly not thinking men, if we preach today what was preached two hundred years ago. Brethren, we preach today what was preached eighteen hundred years ago, and wherein others make alterations they create deformities, and not improvements. We are not ashamed to avow that the old truth of Christ alone is everlasting. All else has gone or shall go, but the gospel towers above the wrecks of time. "Jesus only" remains as the sole topic of our ministry, and we want nothing else.

"Jesus only" shall be our reward. To be with Him where He is, to behold His glory, to be like Him when we shall see Him as He is, we ask no other heaven. No other bliss can our soul conceive of. The Lord grant we may have a fulness of this, and "Jesus only" shall be throughout eternity our delight.

I do desire for my fellow-Christians and for myself that more and more the great object of our thoughts, motives and acts may be "Jesus only". I believe that whenever our religion is most vital, it is most full of Christ. When it is most practical. downright and common, sense, it always gets nearest to Jesus. I can bear witness that whenever I am in deeps of sorrow, nothing will do for me but Jesus only. I can rest in some degree in the externals of religion, its outward escarpments and bulwarks, when I am in health; but I retreat to the innermost; citadel of our holy faith, namely, to the very heart of Christ, when my spirit is assailed by temptation, or besieged with sorrow and anguish. Whenever I have high spiritual enjoyments, enjoyments rich, rare, celestial, they are always connected with Jesus only. Other religious things may give some kind of joy, and joy that is healthy too, but the sublimest, the most inebriating, the most divine of all joys, must be found in Jesus only.

In fine, I find if I want to labour much, I must live on Jesus only; if I desire to suffer patiently, I must feed on Jesus only; if I wish to wrestle with God successfully, I must plead Jesus only; if I aspire to conquer sin, I must use the blood of Jesus only; if I pant to learn the mysteries of heaven, I must search the teachings of Jesus only.

The Christian life is begun, continued and perfected, altogether in connection with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a very great blessing.

Sometimes when you go a journey, you travel so far under the protections of a certain company, but then you have to change, and the rest of your journey [10] may be performed under very different circumstances, upon quite another kind of line. Now we have not so far to go to heaven in the guardian care of Jesus Christ, and then at a certain point to change, so as to have somebody else to be our leader, or some other method of salvation. No. He is the author and He is the finisher of our faith. If we begin aright, we begin with "Christ is all" if we go on aright, we go on with "Christ is all" and if we finish aright, we finish with "Christ is all."

It was a great delusion of some in Paul's day that after they had begun in the spirit, they hoped to be made perfect in the flesh; and there are some nowadays who begin as sinners resting upon Christ, but they want to go on as independent saints, resting on themselves. That will never do, brethren. It is not "Christ and Company," anyhow. The sinner knows that it must be Christ only, because he has nothing of his own; and the saint ought to know that it must be Christ only, because he has less than nothing apart from Christ. I believe that if we grow out of Christ, we grow in an unhealthy mushroom fashion. What we need is to grow UP into Christ in all things, knowing Him more and more, and being more and more satisfied that He is what we need. This is really a healthy growth, and may God send more and more of it to us as long as ever we live! Blessed be His holy name, with us it is Christ in the morning. when we are young and full of strength; it is Christ at noon, when we are bearing the burden and heat of the day; and it is Christ at eventide, when we lean on the staff for very age, and the shadows lengthen, and the light is dim. Yea, and it shall be Christ only when the night settles down and death-shade curtains our last bed. In all circumstances and conditions we took to Jesus only. Are we in wealth? Christ crowns it. Are we in poverty? Christ cheers it. Are we in honour? Christ calms us. Are we in shame, Christ consoles us. Are we in health? He sanctifies it. Are we in sickness? He relieves it. As He is at all times the same in Himself, so He is the same to us. To the same Christ we must come and cling under every new circumstance. Our heart must abide faithful to her one only Lord.

Heaven itself, although it be a fertile land, flowing with milk and honey, can produce no fairer bower than the Rose of Sharon. Its highest joys mount no higher than the head of Jesus. Its sweetest bliss is found in His name alone. If we would know heaven, let us know Jesus; if we would be heavenly, let us love Jesus.

When you get to heaven, ye children Of God, will ye praise any but your Master? Calvinists, today you love John Calvin; will you praise him there? Lutheran, today thou dost love the memory of that stern reformer; wilt thou sing the song of Luther in heaven? Follower of Wesley, thou hast a reverence for that evangelist; wilt thou have a note for John Wesley? None. none, none! Giving up all names and all honours of men, the strain shall rise in undivided and unjarring unison: "Unto Him that loved us, that washed us from our sins in His blood, unto Him be glory for ever and ever." [11]

Missionary News


"We have three men staying with us for a few days. Two of them are language consultants. Ron's language test lasted all day, and mine a whole morning! I did all right and I believe Ron did very well from what I could gather. The fellows gave us lots of helps to keep us on the right track. Keep praying for us that we would give of ourselves to get this language. It is so easy to slack off especially when it is hot and you are tired. This morning's devotional was about how Satan, and the Papists, and the false cults give their all, and why should we not give our all to get the gospel out and serve the Lord with all our hearts.

"The Seventh Day Adventists have moved up near to us, which is a big surprise, as we never thought any other Mission would come to such an isolated spot as this. They have a national 'Teacher boy.' He has started services on Saturdays in Pidgin, which very few men understand. I have questioned some men who have been going, and they sure have not got any idea of spiritual truth. It has emphasised to us the need to learn their language and culture."


"Peter and I are now in the last phase of training in Camdenton, Missouri. Our schedule is a busy one, so please pray with us that we will have continued good health and strength to keep up. We study language every morning (except weekends) from 8.00 am to 11.30 am. We were able to learn six weeks of Spanish, as the Pidgin English course did not begin until March. We also have classes from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. These include a 4-week course of field medicine; a 4-week course of literacy; and then into more language study. There is work detail 3.30 pm to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, and Saturday 8.00 am to 12 noon.

"The course finishes on May 26th, and we are looking forward to being home all summer and fall. We both hope to get jobs, so this is a prayer request that the Lord would provide for us. Short term jobs are not easy to come by.

"We are planning on a visit to Northern Ireland on our way to the field, so it will be good to renew friendship again and for many of you to meet my husband. We do appreciate your support in various ways."


"We have entered into the fellowship of Faith Free Presbyterian Church. The folks of this congregation have received us in a very kindly and warm hearted way. They have really gone to great [12] lengths to help us get settled and to make us very welcome.

"We have commenced studies in the Institute of Christian Service at Bob Jones University. Here the work is very hard indeed, but a very good balance is kept between the spiritual and the academic. Many of the subjects are of a very practical nature, but at the same time they are so very necessary. We do in deed praise God that He has brought us to a place where we can be built up spiritually as well as mentally. Brethren and sisters, continue to pray for us as the devil is a very real foe and he never ceases to attack us.

"Pray that the Lord will continue to give to Ann enabling grace to carry on with her studies as this is all so very new to her."

(John is now out of hospital again. Pray that God will heal him).


"I felt I should send an African pastor some of the articles that had helped me to come out of the Africa Inland Mission. This pastor is doing missionary work among the Pokot, a more primitive tribe in Kenya. I got a reply, as follows:-

"'The Africa Inland Church, as I and other men of God are seeing, seems to be going in the wrong direction, especially on the question of ecumenism. The church seems to be getting more and more in the National Council of Churches of Kenya. Recently, the AIC took a loan from the WCC and this makes it hard for me to keep silent.

"'Having spoken to one of our AIM missionaries, we have agreed to bring up the issue in the Conference of AIC ordained ministers in May. I will use any opportunity to speak, but my very decision right now is that if things do not change, I will have to pull out.

"My prayer is that God would show me what I should do when that happens. Be praying with us in I this issue.It needs guidance from God.

"I enclose this so that you could bring it before the prayer meetings."


"Sales of Christian books continue to be slow, but we are thankful for those that have gone out. It does not matter a great deal regarding the quantity of books that are sold, so long as the Lord blesses and uses the few that go out.

"On Easter Sunday the family went down to Port Lincoln and we met Fred Buick and his wife. It was good to have fellowship, with them and his group and to see how the Lord is blessing the work. I have not met Fred before. On the Sunday afternoon there was a baptismal service down at the sea front when seven people were baptised. My wife Clare happened to know one of the women who was baptised. It was a happy occasion for them to meet again. In a few months time we plan to go again to Port Lincoln and spend several days to have fellowship with the group. [13] Port Lincoln is about 170 miles from Whyalla.

"Our son Jamie had a bad attack of asthma in January when he was visiting his grandmother, and had to be taken to the hospital. He has been under treatment by a specialist and I am glad to say he has not had any further attacks. I trust the improvement continues."


"Classes seem to have left us all behind. We are that busy! Exams are in a short 5 weeks again! This is a very busy time of the year as many requirements have to be turned in and deadlines have to be met. I really would appreciate your prayers concerning term papers, exams and deadline dates.

"Also on Monday we have a 12 minute run which we must pass by running at least just over a mile. In 80 degrees that is hard! Many of us have been going out at night for this past week or so to try and get in shape by running. But it eats up valuable study time and leaves you pretty tired for the next day. However - it all helps build character."


"We have had quite a bit of sickness in the past few weeks. Our two younger children, Angela and Paul, have just recovered from infections; and I have been told by a Specialist that I should have my tonsils removed as soon as possible. I am not looking forward to this at all, but as I am just recovering from tonsillitis and an ear infection, I think I will go ahead and have them removed in May. We would value your prayers concerning this.

"Edmund is kept busy in Language School. Some of his students have all ready graduated and are now serving the Lord in various places. They really need prayer in these days when the devil will be doing everything in his power to hinder the Lord's work. Edmund has just finished a series of meetings in one of our churches here in Belem over the Easter weekend. We praise the Lord for the two young people who trusted the Lord. He is flying to Santarem next Wednesday for an Evangelistic Campaign, and we are looking to the Lord to work there in the lives of the believers and also in the salvation of many precious souls.

"I am working in our Mission School teaching Bible, Health and Science. I really enjoy the work among the boys and girls. There are many opportunities as quite a few of them do not come from Christian homes. Three children from the school trusted the Lord during the Easter week, one of them our own little boy Paul, who is six.

"We would like to thank all the folk at the church for their prayers for us and also their financial support. We do appreciate it so much, and know the Lord will reward them for their faithfulness to us and to Him." [14]

Here We Stand

In 1948 a missionary wrote a series of articles dealing with the progress of unbelief in churches in various parts of the world. The articles were so clear, so incisive, and so compelling in their conclusions as to the cure for this problem that the Board published the articles in a 38-page pamphlet entitled


One section of the pamphlet discussed Modernism in the United States. The author stated that Modernism has gone through three distinct phases: "There is no question in my mind that many Bible-believing Christians have become confused and still see Modernism in the light of the first phase or of the second, forgetting that Modernism is no longer in either of these, but in the third." The first phase was described as the "Tolerate Me" phase, wherein the Modernists then in the minority, continually said to those who were truly Christian, "Tolerate us - show love toward us." The missionary concluded, 'The doctrine of the puritv of the church was placed in abeyance. The Modernists cried 'tolerate us,' and the calamity of the church was that they were tolerated. Separation was forgotten."

The second stage of Modernism in the United States was termed, "The Battle." The writer said this came in the 1920's. Baptists, Presbyterians and other true Bible-believing Christians became alarmed. They "stirred themselves," and the battle was on. The missionary wrote, "At firzt there were many Bible-believing Christians who rallied to the call of battle. They stirred themselves to bring to pass Bible separation, but when they found that the Modernists were so thoroughly entrenched that they could not be put out, they were not willing to continue with the Biblical teaching of separation, for separation would now mean leaving their denominations.

"Separation is written into the Book of Discipline of every Christian church, but those in leadership in those days from 1900 to 1920 had not brought to pass normal separation by putting out the unbelievers. Because of this failure, we now have separation in reverse. The historic stream of the Church of Christ is now outside the old established institutions. The prestige which bad been built by true Bible-believing Christians through the centuries had been squandered by 20 years of lethargy.

"Let us notice that we find a distinct parallel here to the Reformation of 400 years ago. This situation is very different from those waves of unbelief which have arisen between the time of the Reformation of 400 years ago and our Reformation today. In those intervening years there have been waves of unbelief, and often the churches grew weak as for example in the Deist deflection, but even though the churches became smaller they remained pure. The unbelief was outside the church. When individuals became unbelieving they withdrew from tile church.

"There are three similarities between the Reformation of 400 years ago and our own. First, the whole church is done. It is gone to the place where it is impossible for true Bible-believing Christians to stay in the established [15] churches except by casting from their minds the Biblical and historic Christian concept of the purity of the church, based on the absolute holiness of God.

"Second, in both the Reformation of 400 years ago and our own today the established church was lost because the battle was pitched too late. Four hundred years ago it was not just 20 years too late but centuries late, but the effect was the same.

'Third, the third similarity is a very sober one. In the time of the Reformation there were many who came to agree with Luther, but who held that while Luther was right in principle, he was wrong in the way he was trying to solve the problem. History tells us their cry was, 'Reform, not revolution.' When we read church history it is as though we could hear these men say, 'Luther, you know we agree with your principles but you're going about this whole matter in the wrong way. What you should do is to stay in the church and clean it up from the inside. What is needed is reform, not revolution.' The efforts of these men led to the 'Counter Reformation.' The Counter Reformation led to three specific things: 1. The Inquisition. 2. The Jesuit Order. 3. The Council of Trent. The Council of Trent strengthened the papal supremacy in the church as it had never been strengthened before, firmly placed tradition on an equality with the Bible, and finally led to a full rejection of the Protestant beliefs. The final total effect of the Counter Reformation was the keeping of half of Europe in the Roman Catholic Church. Let us say it with tears, the Counter Reformation's contribution was the most terrible thing that had occurred up to that time in Christendom.

"I am not saying that those staying in the denominations today, in which the battle is irrevocably lost are going to provide any such tragic results. Only God knows, and we can only know by subsequent history. But this I say, up to this particular moment in our current history, the parallel is similar. The church is gone, the historic stream now runs outside the channel of the old established churches, and there are those who are staying in saying that their principles are the same as ours, but that we are going about the solution of the problem in the wrong way. They, like the Counter Reformation, want reform, not revolution. I mean it with all my soul - I hope that their effect is not to be read in subsequent history as appalling and tragic as the Counter 'Reformation at the time of Luther. However, to this moment. the parallel is strikingly similar."

This is an excellent article. The truths declared throughout the 38 paces were Biblical truths which do not change. The basis for morality was and continues to be the infallible, inerrant, fully inspired Word of God. There is a tragedy here, however. The writer of Here We Stand was the Rev. Francis A. Schaeffer who, in the intervening years, has done as so many other promising Christians have done before him - he has not stood. Today the name of Dr. Francis A. Schaeffer is featured in all major neo-evangelical magazines, schools. and Christian book stores as the leading theological voice on the [16] American scene.

The great need today is for Christian leaders 'Who will stand against the flood of Modernism, liberalism, and all other forms of unbelief, including the charismatic movement. This is no time for Christians to compromise and pull down their flag. The hour is very late. We firmly believe the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is very, very near!

Rev John Wylie

Rev. John Wylie has retired from the active ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church and has given up his Lurgan pastorate. Mrs. Wylie has had a long spell of illness and Mr. Wylie himself has suffered from ill-health. The Presbytery of Ulster had a dinner in Mr. and Mrs. Wylies' honour and the Lurgan church had a farewell. A fullI report of these two meetings will be in our next issue.