Great play is being made, and rightly so, upon the World Council of Churches' sin against humanity in its continued support of terrorist groups in Africa who have carried out the most diabolical murders of their fellows and of Christian missionaries.

The fact that the World Council of Churches seeks to justify support of these murderers and continues to give them financial succour and aid is but a symptom of the vile disease from which that corrupt and corrupting ecclesiastical body is suffering.

The real evil of the World Council of Churches is its blasphemies against the Son of God and the Book of God.

The World Council of Churches presents in its window through its brief credal statement a representation of itself as a body upholding the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ. When one, however, scratches beneath the surface one finds that its credat statement takes the same place in its operations as the historical credal statements take today in the great apostate denominations. It is merely there for show, and not for belief and practice.

Within the World Council of Churches there are those who hold that the Lord Jesus Christ was an illegitimate child, for example, Nels Ferre held that He was the child of a German

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Pope Paul VI, archpriest of Satan, a deceiver, and an antichrist, has, like Judas, gone to his own place. This blunt statement will undoubtedly shock some of our readers and bring floods of mail accusing the writer of being unkind, unloving., etc., but it is time Christians face up to the fact that a pope, by very reason of his office, claims, and purpose is, indeed, these very things. He may be a man of great personal charm - so -, indeed will be the great and final Antichrist - a smooth, ecclesiastical politician speaking honeyed words with lying lips to deceive many; but that does not make him any less the servant of Satan.

A pope claims to be Christ's vice-regent on earth; that is, he blasphemously and arrogantly claims to have the divine prerogative to forgive sins, to assign his enemies to hell, to be overlord of all the civil princes and governments, and to speak on matters of faith and morals with the some infallibility as the Holy Bible. Like Antichrist., he sets himself up in the temple to be worshipped as God. Oh, Catholic defenders and apologists will say that he is "reverenced" and not worshipped; but when men bow before him while he is living to kiss his shoe and, when he is laid out in death, reach out to touch his corpse in expectation of virtue and blessing, this goes beyond "reverence." When men accept his words as divinely inspired, infallible, and inerrant, then this is worship. Popes claim the power to place a curse upon a country, a city, or an entire nation. Under the terms of such an interdict, people are denied Christian burial and all of the sacraments which the Roman Catholic Church claims are necessary to salvation. In other words, a pope, who claims to be God's vice-regent on earth, condemns, according to his own doctrine, a multitude of people to hell.

Under penalty of excommunication, every Roman Catholic must obey and believe completely every papal dogma. According to Catholic teaching, any Roman Catholic who even in his own heart questions, for example, the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary, her assumption into heaven, or the papal claim to infallibility, is lost and damned. The Catholic Church has never hesitated to hurl edicts of excommunication against individuals and interdicts against nations to enforce her rule of tyranny. No more satanic system has ever cursed the earth than the Roman Catholic Church.

Our heart goes out to the multiplied millions who are today being deceived and damned by its teachings. Frankly, we hate the Roman Catholic system, as we hate all the works of the devil; but we love the poor victims of the system; and it is because we love the souls of the multiplied millions that Romanism would destroy that this article is being written while Pope Paul VI lies in state. [3] By the time it appears in print, he will have been buried and another pope will have been elected; and the tyrannical and deceptive Roman apostasy will have taken advantage of the opportunity of Paul's death and the election of his successor to get additional worldwide publicity as a force for peace and unity, picturing itself as the church that Christ founded and that has endured through all of the centuries with an unbroken line of papal rulers. We do not have time or space in this article to deal with all of the proofs to the contrary; but any man who reads even a Catholic history of the popes with its endless volumes will find in the historical record, as set down by Catholic writers and apologists, how untrue such claims are. Pope John XXIII, for example, was the second pope to bear the name John and the number XXIII. The first Pope John XXIII was deposed at the Council of Constance in 1450, the same Council that burned Jon Hus, the Czech reformer; but even church authorities admit that he was a properly elected and duly constituted pope. The 20th century Pope John XXIII, therefore was in reality Pope John XXIV. There have been times when as many as three popes all made their claims to the papal power at the same time, and each had arguments as valid as the other and all were alike - deceivers and ministers of Satan.

The power and prestige and influence of the Roman Catholic Church is apparent when the Queen of England has the British flag flown at half most in mourning for a Roman pontiff, when the self-styled, "born-again" Southern Baptist Jimmy Carter pours forth fulsome praise of Pope Paul, and when Billy Graham adds his verbal incense. "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil" (Isaiah 5:20).

It will be interesting to see what course the new antichrist on the so-called "Throne of St. Peter" will follow. Catholic writers and historians are prophesying that he will throw the lot of the church in with the Communists and the so-called "emerging third world." Recently in an interview on a nationwide television network, a confessed Roman Catholic authority stated that the papacy has always "ridden on political powers;" and since many of the cardinals feel that Communism is coming to be the dominant world political philosophy, it may very well be that the new pope will try to ride that power. In other words, popes have never hesitated to change their political horses. They will ride whatever animal gets them where they want to go; that is, to increased power, prestige, and world domination. Papal promises and the commitments of the Roman Catholic hierarchy are no more to be relied upon than those of the Communist leaders who regard treaties as political instruments to be broken whenever it will benefit their purpose to do so. While the church claims it has been unchanging through the years, it has changed constantly, resisting when its power was great enough to do so, bending under the high winds of opposition when it seemed discreet and expedient to do so but always with a single purpose of advancing papal power, Romanist world domination, and a complete tyranny over the minds and souls of men. A pope must be an opportunist, a tyrant, a hypocrite, and a deceiver or he cannot be a pope. Bernard Berenson, in his "Rumor and Reflection" (a sort of notebook which he kept while hiding from the Germans in the hills above [4] Florence during the Second World War), tells about the death of an early 20th century pope as described by his personal physician. When they came to give him the last rites, the pope ordered the priest and acolytes from the room, crying, "Get out of here. The comedy is over." Well for Pope Paul VI, the comedy is over - but another performer takes his place and the curtain rises on another act in the tragicomedy of Roman Catholic Christianity. The old harlot church still sits on the seven hills of Rome, drunk with the blood of the martyrs and fornicating with the political leaders of the world. It would be interesting if the great Reformers, the Protestant warriors like Calvin, Knox, Luther, Hus and others, could comment on Pope Paul. I am sure their comments would be quite different from Billy Graham's; but we do not need the comments of the Reformers; the Bible tells us what God has to say about the entire papal system and all of the blasphemers who hove occupied the seat of iniquity falsely called the "Throne of St. Peter."

The above article was an editorial appearing in the "Faith for the Family" magazine, October, 1978. We thank God for this faithful exposure of Rome by Dr. Bob Jones.

It shows up the falsehood of those who have slandered this dear man of God as being Pro-Rome. - Editor.


Spain is, of course, a predominantly Roman Catholic country; think for a moment of these figures: there are 35 million Roman Catholics in Spain and there are 35,000 Protestants. Thirty-five million to 35,000! So for every million people you find in Spain there are only 1,000 Protestants, that shows you what Spain is like.

Spain has been under the heel of the last Fascist dictator of that unholy trinity - Hitler, Mussolini and, Franco. The last nation to be freed by the great king of terrors and terror of kings, death itself, for Franco was not conquered by man but death finally conquered Franco. I visited his grove and had the joy of standing upon it. He is buried in the Valley of the Fallen, one of the "wonders of the world." It is a huge building, I would say, almost as big as our Stormont Parliament Building, cut out in the rock face right under the rock. It cost millions to construct, and who constructed it? The prisoners he took in the civil war, and there under the lash of [5] slavery they died in their hundreds as they built this great and famous hall of the fallen to the memory of Fascism and the memory of Franco. But there he is buried, and since his burial and the coming of the new king to Spain I am happy to report there has been an immense relaxation as far as civil and religious liberty is concerned. And the proposed new constitution if it is ratified, will give full religious freedom to the Protestant community. Of course it is one thing in Spain to have the law in your favour, it is an entirely different thing to have the law keepers in your favour. The law might say you can worship God whatever way you like, but the police authority in the village under the direction of the priest might take an entirely different view. But still we should thank God for what God has wrought in His mysterious way.

About 40 years ago there was a young man who was a Roman Catholic and God saved him. Of course all the Christians in Spain are converted Roman Catholics. There is no first generation Protestants or second generation. They are all Christians who have been saved out of Romanism in Spain, as I will show you. But this young man, God saved him. He read the New Testament. He was convinced of the doctrine of free and sovereign grace, the necessity to establish churches in the Presbyterian faith and order and he started to preach. God blessed his ministry, and before he was 35 he had organised eight churches, and then Franco imprisoned him. He was tortured, and he died in prison one of the martyrs for the faith. But the blood of the martyrs is always the seed of the church. And about five or six odd years ago a young man by the name of Thearney came to Christ. He also was brought up in Romanism. He come to the Bible Training Institute in Glasgow to study. There he was introduced to the doctrines of grace, and become convinced of their Scriptural authority and he went back to Spain with a vision to found churches adhering to those principles and under the order of Presbyterian church government.

This was a difficult task for this young man. He is looked upon, he told me, as the black sheep of Spanish Protestantism. I said, "Shake my hand, I'm the black sheep of British Protestantism." He said, "I know that. We have many things in common." But this young man prayed. He got in touch with others, he spoke to them; he laboured. Some of like precious mind, saved out of Romanism, come together and a little over a year ago the National Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in Spain was formed. They had just three churches. But, of course, we in this church know exactly how they felt as they formed this little group to stand for the faith.

The two other ministers and our brother Thearney, all of them were saved out of Romanism. All the members associated with them were saved out of Romanism, and God started to bless them. He gave them property. They have a beautiful church building in Barcelona where brother Thearney is the pastor. They have a beautiful church building on the borders of Madrid, where I ministered. They have another church building for their other church, and this week on Thursday and Friday their National Presbytery had its bi-annual meeting; and I had the privilege of attending with the Rev. David McIlveen.

How did these brethren get in contact with the Free Presbyterian Church? Let [6] me explain. Our Presbytery, for some time, has been very concerned about many of the faith missions, those missionary societies, not attached to church fellowships, but in the past had taken a strong gospel and fundamentalist line, but today on the mission field their missionaries are compromising. You have on the mission fields today WEC missionaries who are sold out to the ecumenical movement and the charismatic movement. One missionary of a very well known missionary group recently attended a national dance organised by ecumenicalism in one of their countries where they were working. The lines are down. Compromise has set in, and we are becoming more and more aware of this and we decided to form our own Mission Board. And the first couple to volunteer on that Board was Mr. and Mrs. John Hanna, and they felt called to Spain.

We had no contacts in Spain other than some missionaries that were there, whom we knew from some of our contacts. But the Presbytery felt we should go ahead and send our brother to Spain. Our brother Hanna, God has given him the language. I had the joy of listening to him preach in Spanish, and he was more fluent in Spanish than I ever heard him in English. It was a thrill to hear him. His wife has become a fluent Spanish speaker as well. And I thank God for those two ambassadors of our Church; to hear those Christians saying "We love the Hannas. They have brought the Lord's Word to us. They have been a source of inspiration. We love them." This brought joy to my heart that there are our first two missionaries to Spain and God has blessed them. And, of course, when our brother and his wife were learning the language they found out that there was this small Presbyterian church. It is the only Presbyterian church in Spain. Because the old Presbyterians, and the Congregationalists and the Wesleyans all got together to form an Ecumenical church called the "Evangelical" Church of Spain, and that Church is in the World Council of Churches. So there is just this tiny Presbyterian Reformed body standing for the truth. And our brother got in touch with the pastor and the pastor immediately recognised him as a man standing for the some things as he stood for, and they have had great fellowship and brother Hanna has been a means of blessing. When the pastor is away evangelising, brother Hanna takes the pulpit, preaches to the people and he is now integrated into that church and is looking forward to a great ministry.

We had a blessed time at that Presbytery. We told them of how our church was formed, and those Spanish brethren rejoiced with us. They said "This is just the way we started." And when we told them of the growth of our church, their eyes [it up and they said, "May the Lord increase our church." And I pointed out to them, and they agreed., they needed a training school. I said how very important that was. And I said we would be glad to help them with some gifts from God's people towards the setting up of a training school for their ministers, so that they can bring in their young men and that they can train those young men in the principles of the Gospel, send them out throughout Spain. And I trust that some young people in our congregation will hear the cry from 35 million darkened Romanists in Spain "Come over and help us." Thank God, here we have a church that we can support because it stands for the truth as we stand [7] for the truth. Here we have a church that has no compromise with Popery, is looked upon as a black sheep, I want to go and stand beside him, I want to say, "Brother, you are the type of man I want to be with." Here we have a church that is contending against apostasy and the World Council of Churches in the same way as this church is contending. And how glad we were when that Presbytery said, "Can we open up friendly relationships with you? Can we join together? And when you send us men we will be glad to welcome them in our Presbytery. We will be glad to even let them vote in our Presbytery, to take part in our own church work here when they are ordained to the Gospel. We will be happy to have you supporting us, strengthening us. Thank God for you."

I had the joy of ministering in that church on Thursday evening. I, of course had to preach through an interpreter and that is not a pleasant job, but I'm getting used to it having preached in Japan, in Korea, in Singapore, and Hong Kong and India with interpreters, I'm getting used to it. I can even stand up to heckling I am so used to it. But I preached and how our hearts rejoiced. I felt the presence of Christ. Here is a little group. I said to them, "You remind me of one little text in God's Word 'Fear not, little flock, it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.' " A little group, all converted Romanists, some of them steeped in Romanism for years, that never knew how to be saved or that there was power in the Blood. Oh, to see them standing up and singing those old hymns. I did not know the Spanish but I knew the tunes, so I sang in English and they sang in their own tongue. What a thrill to hear them sing "Crown Him Lord of all." And when I said to them "Our church looks upon the Church of Rome as the Church of the Antichrist, and the Pope as the Man of Sin," to hear them saying, "Amen, Amen," that thrilled my heart. Here are people who live in it. They have been brought up in it, who see nothing but Mass houses and priests, and 35 million of their fellow countrymen steeped in it. Here is a little group not prepared to bow the knee to Baal, but to stand. That is the people we want to support. That is the people we want to strengthen their hands in the Lord, and by God's grace we will strengthen their hands.

The World Council of Churches, of course, is mad, absolutely mad. The leader of the Evangelical Church of Spain, the World Council Church, said, "It is disaster that Paisley has come to Spain." I said, "Well he knows it. It was disastrous for the Free Presbyterians to start in Ulster, and it is certainly disastrous for them to have a militant Protestant come to Spain."

God is working. God has a great thing for that land of Spain. You are going to hear more. And I trust that, as a Church we will be praying for those men.

What a thrill it was at the Presbytery to receive in their fourth little church. One of the elders came and presented the report how these people had heard the Word of God, how he had gone into their homes and instructed them in the things of God in the Bible; how they had received the Saviour and trusted in the Word of God. And they do not receive them into membership for a year until they are thoroughly grounded in the Word of God, and then they are received. And that was the fourth church and how those other churches delighted that here was a fourth church coming [8] in, and they have three extension causes that God is blessing, and they hope that they too. will grow into churches that they can receive. May God bless these brethren!

Could I also say to you that when I arrived in Spain I got a ring from a dear brother who is an American Baptist missionary, and he said, "I know you have come to visit the Presbyterians, but we Baptists would like you to preach for us." I said, "I am prepared to preach for all the people of God." He said "I have organised the meeting." And when we got out to his church, the little church room that he has was absolutely packed, and then another room was packed as well. And he said, "Now I want you to preach." So I had the joy of preaching there. And he introduced me and said, "When we opened this door we had nobody. We did not know anybody. We visited, and this man came through the door," (and he introduced me to this man, a man about 50 years of age). And he said, "That man got saved and through him every other person has been brought into that church." That man went to his wife, neighbours, brothers, sisters, cousins and he brought them all in. And one by one they have all been saved. And today when we are worshipping here there will be a group of about 70 or 80 out from Rome in that church worshipping God in the beauty of holiness. And the pastor, s name is Sparks. I said, "Brother, you certainly made the sparks fly in this area."

Is it not wonderful how God can work and how God can bless? Are you not glad you are saved? Are you not glad you are out of the World Council of Churches? Are you not glad that we are free to serve the Lord? Free to serve the Lord and to work for the Lord? I trust that today the Lord will touch our hearts. I want you to pray about this.

Our Missionary Board will be meeting to confirm the report that brother McIlveen and myself will be giving, and I am glad to say that brother Hanna is really thrilled with what is happening, and we are looking forward to a time of real refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

Thirty-five million Roman Catholics and only 35,000 Protestants. You keep that in your mind and say "Lord, what would You have me to do to reach those 35 million?" For Jesus' Sake!


Free Presbyterian Missionaries


"We had our half-yearly Bible Conference, lasting a week. God blessed His people during those days. Four Conferences were in session around the same time. These were attended by 250-300 believers each, and in one over 1,000 believers gathered. Emphasis was laid on the need to be prepared for persecution, which we feel is on its way. Liberia has been spared, but for how long we do not know. Many African countries have said, "It won't come to us," but it has; and it could happen overnight here as it has in many other places. May His people be so walking with God that the hour may not take them unawares.

"Our hearts have been gladdened to see a break amongst our teenage Students. Some of the most unexpected among them have been captivated by Christ and have boldly testified before their fellow students.

"On August 5th, Maud and I had our Silver Wedding anniversary. I have spent 40 years in Liberia, 25 of them with Maud. Thank God for His goodness to us all these years."


"I was supposed to start work in our Mission office as a missionary couple were going home on an early furlough; but because they did not get their documents through in time they decided to stay rather than delay their furlough longer, so I am back again working in Amazon Valley Academy.

"Edmund was really busy over the holidays with Conferences, Youth Camps, etc. The Lord blessed particularly in the Youth Camp for Japanese teenagers held at our Mission School. Among those teenagers were 27 unsaved young people and during the Camp 24 of them trusted the Lord, and many others dedicated their lives to Him. So it was tremendous encouragement to us and all who were involved in the Camp.

"As you know, we came out to the field for a 3-year term. But Edmund's heart is more in pastoral and evangelistic work than in the type of work he is doing at present. Owing to this, and other factors too, we may go home a year earlier than planned. Please pray with us that the Lord will guide us very clearly and definitely in the pathway of His choice, as we want His perfect will for our lives."

JOHN & LEENA BROWN (Martyrs Memorial) INDIA

"We want to thank our faithful friends at home who have been praying for us. We have been very conscious of the Lord's presence and care.

"As to our future ministry in India, we are not sure of the details. We do not feel we ought to continue in the 'Study programme' ministry as we previously did but rather to be involved in evangelism in fellowship with a growing local church. We are in correspondence about various possibilities but will not be able to decide until the All India Conference."

The Fascination of the Four Gospels By IAN R. K. PAISLEY

There is something fascinating about those four fundamental Books of the New Testament, The Gospel of Matthew; The Gospel of Mark, The Gospel of Luke and The Gospel of John.

We do not need to trouble ourselves with the dating of these Gospels or at what particular time in the first century they were written because we are convinced that there is a Divine supervision in the order in which they appear in our New Testament.

God not only overrules all things generally but He overrules the things pertaining to His written revelation especially. So the order of the Books in the New Testament, as they appear in our English Version, are the subjects of Divine supervision. Mark does not come first. John does not come first. Luke does not come first, but Matthew comes first. The Lord Himself so ordered it to be.


Open your Bible at the Gospel of Matthew, and let me show you one of the fascinating things of the Gospel. Matthew 1:1, "The Book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham," underline the word, "Book."

"The Book." That is the opening word of the Gospel. Then come to the last verse of John's Gospel, and notice the relationship between the first verse of Matthew and the lost verse of John.

"And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen."

The books are not written, but, thank God, the Book is written and we have got the Book of the generation of Jesus Christ in the Gospels that are before us.

Not only is there a fascination between the opening verse of Matthew and the concluding verse of John, but there is a relation between the opening verse of every Gospel and the closing verse of every Gospel.

Look at the opening verse again of Matthew, "The Book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham." Then look at the last verse of Matthew's Gospel, Matthew 28:20, "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you. "

Where do we find the "all things" that we have to teach? We find them in the Book, "the Book of the generation of Jesus Christ."

Turn to Mark's Gospel chapter one. It starts off with "The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God." Then turn to the lost verse of Mark's Gospel, "And they went forth, and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the Word with signs following. Amen." So the Gospel of Mark shows us the beginning of the Gospel and it ends with the unending ending of the Gospel, men going everywhere across the globe. The Gospel [11] has begun, but, praise God, the Gospel will never end. They go everywhere, the Lord working with them.

When we get to Heaven, we are still going to go everywhere because we read that the Lamb is going to lead us by rivers of living waters. We are going to go on to greater heights in Glory than we have ever reached down here before.

Luke's Gospel tells us that it is a declaration of those things which are most surely believed amongst us. Luke was a fundamentalist and he believed in those things most surely believed amongst us. He had no doubts about them. Then look at verse five of Luke chapter one. It starts off with a king and with a priest. Where is this priest? He is in the temple.

Turn to the last verse of Luke's Gospel and when you come to the last verse of Luke's Gospel there is a parallel. There are kings and priests. Where are they? They are "continually in the temple praising and blessing God. Amen."

Turn to the first verse of John's Gospel, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Turn to the last verse and it tells us that there are no books that could contain this Word. This Word cannot be contained in all the books that ever were written. Who is the Word? The Word is God.

It is a good thing to see that in the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew and the end of the Gospel of John there is a parallel. It is a good thing to see that in the beginning of Matthew and the end of Matthew, in the beginning of Mark and the end of Mark, the beginning of Luke and the end of Luke, the beginning of John and the end of John there is a link, a connection, a parallel with much spiritual teaching and demanding careful meditation thereon.


Now we come to the Gospels and there are not five Gospels. It is the Gospel of Grace. Five is the number of grace, but there are not five Gospels. There are not seven Gospels. Seven is the number of perfection, of course it is, and the Gospel is perfect. There are not however, seven Gospels. There are just four Gospels. Four is the number of the world. We read in the Bible about the four corners of the earth. We read in the Bible about the four great seas. We read in the Bible about the four great world empires, starting off with Babylon, then Persia, then Greece and then the great Roman empire. So four is definitely the number of the world. And, thank God, the Gospel is the Gospel for the whole world. That is why there are four Gospels. "Go ye (listen!) into all the world and preach the Gospel." So there are four Gospels because the Gospel is directed to the whole world.


How shall I find out what these Gospels are about? I will have to dig into the Word to find out what these Gospels are about and why is it they are set forth in four distinct Books.

I turn over to the prophecy of Ezekiel at the chapter one and there we have a manifestation of the living creatures or the cherubim. That is a very fascinating subject. The cherubim are God's manifestation in Glory. Do you remember when God manifested His glory in Eden's Garden? After man's fall He put a cherubim with a flaming sword to keep [12] the way to the tree of life. Here again we have the cherubim. Notice verse ten in Ezekiel chapter one, "As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the likeness of a man." The man's face gets the priority. For when God was going to finally manifest His glory it was in the face of Jesus Christ. So they all had the face of a man.

Linked to the face of the man however is the face of a lion on the right side, and the face of an ox, and the face of an eagle. They are linked together, but the predominant face is the face of a, man, anticipating the Incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Keeping that Scripture in mind, let us turn to Revelation chapter four and we have the living creatures again, translated in our Authorised Version with the word "beast" or "living creature." In verse seven we have not their overall likeness linked together but we have their distinct nature separated. Verse seven of Revelation chapter four, "And the first beast was like a lion." (Keep that in mind!) "and the second beast was like a calf" (Keep that in mind!) "and the third beast (It does not say "was like a man") had a face as a man" (Keep that in mind!). We should notice the very intricacies in Scripture for they are important. "And the fourth beast was like a flying eagle." Notice the order, "A lion, a calf, the face of a man," then "the flying eagle."

When you look at the Gospels you will find that the Gospel of Matthew is the Gospel of the lion. The Gospel of Mark is the Gospel of the calf or the ox. The Gospel of Luke is the Gospel with the face of a man, and the Gospel of John is the Gospel of the flying eagle.

What is the lion? The lion is the king of beasts. It stands for majesty and sovereignty.

What is the first question in Matthew's Gospel? "Where is He that is born King?" So the Gospel of Matthew is the Lion Gospel, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the King, the Sovereign!

Come to Mark's Gospel. There is no genealogy in Mark. There are no particulars about the Birth of Christ in Mark, because Mark is a Gospel which is filled with these words "Straightway," "immediately," "Forthwith." Read the first chapter and mark how many times we read these words. It is the Gospel of a Sacrificial Servant, a worker. He is working overtime. He is busy. Of course that is the Gospel of the ox, the Gospel of the Servant. "He came not to be ministered unto, but to minister ' and to give His life a ransom for the many." That sums up Mark's Gospel.

Turn to Luke's Gospel and you will find the angel saying, "Unto you is born this day in the city of David a 'king'?" No sir, "A Saviour." "A Saviour Who is Christ the Lord." "The face of a man" - The Saviour of the world. Luke's Gospel is the Gospel of the Saviour.

When we come to John's Gospel we are not in earth at all. The eagle does not live on earth. The eagle has its lair in the heights. It flies up into the face of the sun. It rises higher than any other creature. Its eyelids are so created that it can look into the very face of the sun shining in its strength.

John's Gospel carries us into the heights of Eternity. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." They are all linked together and they are all about the same face, the wonderful face of [13]Jesus. So in John's Gospel there is something about the Kingship, and the Servant and the Saviour, but John majors on the Son.

In Mark's Gospel similarly there are things about the Sovereign, and the Son, and the Saviour, but Mark majors on the Service of Christ, and so on.


Of course there is only one Saviour. Four aspects of the One Saviour. Now that brings me away back to Eden's Garden. When we come to chapter two of Genesis we find that the river in the Garden went into four streams. "There is a river" (one) There is one Christ. "The streams thereof (four) make glad the city of God" (Psalm 46:4). But when the river runs out of Paradise it parts into four heads. A beautiful type of the four Gospels in the one Christ. And you will notice that the Holy Spirit has His order right, and each of these rivers, the four rivers represent the four Gospels. The Holy Spirit did not make any mistake for He that moved the quill pen of Moses to write Genesis chapter two had already the whole Book written in Heaven. He knew what John was going to write in Revelation chapter four.

The first river was called Pison (verse I 1). Pison means "extending." It means "doubling up." Now that is exactly what the Gospel of Matthew is. It shows us a King in Heaven, but that King is extending His dominion personally. "Emmanuel - God with us." The King of Heaven is now the KING on earth. "Born King of the Jews."

Notice something more, "It encompasseth the whole land of Havilah." You know what Havilah means? It means "joy."

Thank God, what a joy is in our hearts today because the King has come down and dwelt upon earth. And, thank God, there is joy in my heart today because the King is Coming again, Hallelujah! He is going to come whose right it is to reign.

Notice a peculiarity here. It is only in the River Pison and the land of Havilah we find the minerals of the land are mentioned. Look at it. Verse 12, "Gold, bdellium and the onyx stone." (I have not time to deal with it, but let me tell you they are badges of Sovereignty, the treasures of the King). The River Pison is Matthew!


Turn to the second river. The second river is Gihon, and you will notice the meaning of Gihon is "grace." Notice where it encompasseth, The whole land of Ethiopia.

I sat with my Bible and I said to myself, "Why does it mention Ethiopia?" I will tell you why. The first Ethiopian to be saved in the New Testament was a great servant, the Ethiopian eunuch, the servant of Queen Candace, in charge of all her treasures. A beautiful type of One Who is the great Servant of God and in charge of all His treasures. Ethiopia speaks of service. So the second river is the river of service.

You take your Concordance and look at every reference to Ethiopia and you will find every reference in the Bible to Ethiopia has a reference to service. The Holy Ghost did not make any mistakes when He wrote the Bible.

The River Gihon is Mark! [14]


Look at the third river, Hiddekel. You know what Hiddekel means? "A loud voice." That is what the Gospel of Luke is. It is the Gospel that tells all men, whether they be Jew or Gentile, Greek or Barbarian, bond or free, that "Jesus is the Saviour of the world." He is not the Saviour of one section of the world. He is the Saviour of the whole world.

He can save all who come unto God by Him.

Notice where it runs to. It runs to Assyria. You know what Assyria means? "Happy."

Thank God, when the Gospel comes to a poor Gentile, who has no relationship to the Abrahamic covenant, who has not the mark of circumcision in his body. who has not got the oracles of God through Moses, he gets a happy day experience through Christ. We are not judged by circumcision or uncircumcision. We are judged by being new creatures in Christ.

That is the Gospel of Luke! The River Hiddekel is Luke's Gospel!


Notice the fourth river. The fourth river is the river Euphrates. It is the only river here, that does not mention where it compasses about.

You notice that the first river runs into Havilah.

The second river runs into Ethiopia. The third river runs into Assyria. The fourth river's compass is undefined.

You cannot define the Godhead, and that is what the Gospel of John is about.

This river Euphrates has a very important place in Bible prophecy. It is a prophetic river. I dare not start to venture into that prophetic territory, but keep your eye on the river Euphrates, and there is one day when it is going to dry up. Read the Bible. It is an undefined river. You cannot define it. For who shall define the Most High God? "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."


Let me give you a little suggestion to ponder for our next message on this subject. There are things in Matthew's Gospel which you will not find in Mark. There are things in Mark's Gospel which you will not find in Luke. There ore things in Luke's Gospel which you will not find in John, and vice versa, but there is one subject which is mentioned in all the Gospels. That subject is not the Birth of Jesus, for the Birth of Christ is only mentioned in two of the Gospels. It is not the age of Christ, for the age of Christ is not mentioned in the whole four Gospels. It is not the baptism of Christ, for the baptism of Christ is not mentioned in all the four Gospels. It is not the fasting of Christ for that is not mentioned in all the four Gospels. It is not the transfiguration of Christ. There is however one subject which is mentioned in all of the four Gospels. I want you to find out what that subject is, for that subject is the all important subject.

May God give us grace to study His fascinating Word and to dig deep into this mine of the riches of His revelation to the sons of men.


"Trespassers Beware" By C. H.

In proclaiming the gospel we endeavour to set forth both its fulness and its freeness. We put up no hedge, fence, or barrier; we raise no question and utter no prohibition, for the invitation runs thus - "Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." We sometimes meet with the opposite of this in the world without, and the contrast serves to enhance our idea of divine liberality. This afternoon I saw a large board, conspicuously lettered and elaborately printed, which bore the following inscription, "Trespassers will be prosecuted. No Dogs allowed in these waters." The waters were a little miserable stagnant pond, green with duckweed, and the estate into which no trespassers were allowed to enter was about a half an acre of what would have been a meadow if the grass had not been too much trodden down. I was cheered by the reflection that the dogs of the neighbourhood must have been highly intelligent, and that there was no need for the School Board in that region, for of course it would have been no use to put up the notice, "No dogs allowed in these waters," unless the dogs could read. I have before heard of learned pigs, but reading dogs are even more an evidence of the culture of the district. The exclusiveness of the notice is not altogether new, but being placed so prominently, it struck my attention.

Frequently we are warned that "trespassers will be prosecuted," but there is no sentence of the gospel which breathes such a spirit. You cannot trespass there, for the rule is, "Whosoever will, let him come." You may come to the richest banquets of the gospel; you may walk up and down through all the length and breadth of the land of promise, but you shall never be questioned as to your right to be there, for the Lord says, "Him that cometh unto me I will in no wise cast out." An open door is set before us which no man can shut, and we may enter freely. I know an hotel in a continental town in front of which there is a fine garden, and at the gate you may read this notice, "Strangers not residing at this hotel are invited to enter and enjoy the garden at all times." Now that is generous, and deserves all praise; it is indeed after the manner of the gospel - enter and enjoy yourselves, "Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness." "Come in, thou blessed of the Lord, wherefore standest thou without?"

The Lord draws men to Him with the cords of a man, and with the bonds of love, but He never did drive a soul from Him yet, and He never will. So long as this dispensation of grace shall last, no trespassers can ever be found on the domain of grace, for all who come are invited guests. The Queen permits certain favoured persons to drive through her private park, but the Lord sets the gate of mercy open to all comers and gives all believers a golden key which will admit them at all hours to His own palace. Who then will refuse to come?

The bocard also said, "No dogs allowed in these waters." But no such intimation is given concerning the living waters of divine grace, for the poorest dog of a sinner that ever lived may come to drink and swim, and wash here. No doubt it is advisable to keep dogs out of little shallow pools, for the water would soon [16] become defiled, and the cattle would refuse it; but we do not need to preserve a great river, and no one cares to put up a notice informing the dogs that they may not wash in the sea, because there is no fear whatever that however many dogs may come they will never pollute old Father Thames or defile the boundless sea. Where there is infinite abundance there may well be unlimited freeness. The vilest dog of a sinner that ever ate the crumbs which fell from the Master's table is invited to plunge into the river of the water of life, which is clear as crystal still, though thousands of uncircumcised and defiled lips hove drunk of it, and myriads of foul souls have been washed whiter than snow in its streams. "Come and welcome, come and welcome," is the note which sounds from Calvary, from the wounds of the expiring Saviour; yea, it sweetly comes upon mine ear from the lips of the glorified Christ, who sits at the right hand of the Father. "Let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely." No one can be an intruder when the call is so unconditional, and whoever tries to keep any sinner back is doing the devil's work. They are trespassers who keep away from Jesus, and not those who come to Him. Some are afraid that they would be presumptuous should they believe on the Lord Jesus, but presumption lies in the opposite direction: it is the worst of presumption to dare to question the love of God, the efficacy of the blood of atonement, and the saving power of the Redeemer. Cease from such proud questionings, and trust in Jesus.

Come hither, bring thy boding fears,
Thy aching heart, thy bursting tears;
'Tis mercy's voice solutes thine ears
O trembling sinner, come.


soldier and Mary, conceived out of wedlock. What is more, the World Council of Churches in its leadership has continually refused to define its position and attitude to the Bible as the Word of God.

It not only rejects the Incarnate Word, the Saviour, but the Inspired Word, the Scriptures of Truth. Its programme is now in top gear for bringing about a union with the Roman Catholic Church and an acceptance of the Mass which is the greatest blasphemy ever conceived in religious circles by the Devil to insult the finished work of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ upon the cross.

The General Assembly of the Irish Presbyterian Church will be considering the attitude of their church to the crimes of the World Council of Churches against our Lord Jesus Christ. What the General Assembly of the Irish Presbyterian Church is being forced to do is simply a cosmetic exercise when the need is for radical surgery. Dealing with pimples when the body is diseased with cancer cannot bring about any remedy.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster is the only church body in Ulster that has carried a militant fight against the Christ-blaspheming policies of the World Council of Churches and it calls on those Presbyterians who love the Saviour and honour His Word to obey the scriptural command concerning religious apostasy and separate themselves unto the Lord. As to bodies such as the World Council of Churches the Bible injunction is clear: "From such withdraw thyself."