Editorial: New Church of Ireland Archbishop - an Ecumenical United Irishman!

Belfast born John Ward Armstrong has been elected the Church of Ireland Primate of All Ireland and Archbishop of Armagh.

The 65 year old churchman has been Bishop of Cashel in the Republic for the past eleven years.

He is a Declared and Committed United Irishman

The following is from the Belfast Telegraph 26/2/80. "The new head of the Church of Ireland, the Rt. Rev. John Armstrong, once said he looked forward at some stage in the future to a united Ireland. It was in 1972 that Archbishop Armstrong made the statement, addressing a church leaders' conference in Birmingham. He said: "I am an Irishman, born in Belfast. I love the Irish language. I look forward to the day when Ireland will be a nation once again." He said they had been moving towards a united Ireland, but the present troubles had put back the clock."

These words of the Archbishop elect are most revealing and are an ill omen to the unionist majority of Northern Ireland. Henceforth in Armagh the two Archbishops, Roman and Episcopal will both be politically united against the Ulster Protestants - a very sinister development indeed. Flowing from these political sentiments it comes as no surprise that this prelate has held discussions with the I.R.A.

After his election he said, "Anything I could do to bring reconciliation I will do. My greatest wish is that we shall see a happy and peaceful Ireland before I cease to be Primate of All Ireland.

"My whole energies have always been for peace and reconciliation in our divided community and I have tried to work for it in my small way. I believe that we can reach an understanding and I hope we will reach an understanding so that we can live in peace and harmony together." [3]

The 65-year-old churchman, who has been Bishop of Cashel in the Republic for the past 11 years, disclosed that he had had a previous experience of dealing with the Provisional I.R.A.

He said: "I had an experience once in Waterford when they came to see me and talked about a purely political matter in regard to rents where I was quite happy to help them.

"There was a bit of rack-renting going on over flat rents in Waterford and a small group of Provisional I.R.A. took it up and appealed to both bishops - we had a very happy association in Waterford, both the Catholic bishop and myself - and we said we would do anything we could to help them. And we did help them. We got a better system of rents and we got flats for young people."

The Primate said he hoped he had a point of communication with the I.R.A. - Belfast Telegraph 26/2/80.

A Protestant Bishop who enters into talks with the diabolical murderers of the Northern Ireland people and the security forces can only be viewed with grave suspicion but whenever he goes on to say that he hoped he had a point of communication with the I.R.A. one is left to wonder what is really afoot in the Church of Ireland.

The Archbishop elect also tried to sell the colossal lie that Charles Haughey greatly loved Ulster.

The Archbishop said that Mr. Haughey was born in Derry and was still a Derry man at heart and "because of that he has a great love for Ulster, as I have."

He went on: "We share that together because I have known Mr. Haughey for many years and he feels that one of his fundamental priorities in his life is to try and seek for a solution to the Northern problem. And I think he will leave no stone unturned until he finds some way in which some solution can be found."

"In his address to the Ard Fheis (annual conference) this became quite clear and also in his answers to questions in the Dail it has become clear too that he means to go ahead with it." - Belfast Telegraph 26/2/80.

We all know the great love which Charles Haughey has for Ulster the love of the wolf for the lamb, (you'll be warmer in my stomach" - the love to gobble us up.

Of course the new Primate is deeply committed to the Romanising Ecumenical Movement. He was the Church of Ireland clerical representative to the World Council of Churches meeting in Kenya although because of ill health he was unable to attend.

Ulster Protestants had better know the type of man who has come amongst them - a United Irishman, a contact man with the I.R.A. and a Romanising Ecumenical man who hailed the Ballymascanlon talks for, Church unity as "a new era" [4]

Rev. Alan Cairns installed as Minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, S. Carolina, U.S.A.

The General Presbytery of Ulster appointed a commission of Presbytery to take care of the installation of the Rev. Alan Cairns as the minister of our Greenville congregation.

The commission consisted of the Moderator, Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley, M.P., the Clerk of Presbytery, the Rev. John Douglas, the minister of our Lisburn congregation; Rev. David McIlveen, minister of Sandown congregation Belfast; the Rev. Frank McClelland the minister of our Toronto congregation; the Rev. Victor Maxwell, the licensed minister of our Philadelphia congregation and the elders of the Toronto congregation and the Ballymoney congregation. The congregation of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, and the commission of Presbytery duly convened on Saturday 23rd February 1980 for the purpose of installing the Rev. Alan Cairns as the minister of the church. This service was an historical milestone in the history of our church. It was the installation of the first ordained minister in the United States of America and, of course, the Greenville Church was the first church formed in the United States of America. The nucleus of this church had come out in the secessions that took place in the Presbyterian Church after the great modernistic fundamentalist battle, and so the church is in true Presbyterian secession history. [5]

The Rev. Cairns was duly called to the Church at a meeting convened with the approval of the Presbytery and presided over by the Rev. Frank McClelland the minister of the Toronto Church. The call was duly sustained and placed in the hands of Mr. Cairns at a meeting of the General Presbytery of Ulster, and at a further meeting Mr. Cairns indicated his acceptance of the call. [6]

The church was well filled for the service of installation, and we had the privilege of having in the congregation Dr. Bob Jones III, the President of Bob Jones University which is also located at Greenville, S. Carolina.

It was a happy and blessed time of fellowship as the various ministers of the church took part, and the two elders, Mr. Albert McAuley and Mr. Nevin Carson of the Ballymoney Church brought greetings. Dr. Paisley preached the installation sermon. The questions were duly put to the minister elect by the Clerk of Presbytery, after which Mr. Cairns having answered the prescribed questions subscribed the Articles of Faith and the Westminster Confession of Faith. Mr. Cairns then outlined the wonderful way in which the Lord opened the door for him and his wife and little boy to come to the United States of America. There had been divine intervention in regard to the entrance visa for his son, and they looked upon this as a definite sign that God would have him come and minister in the United States of America.

Dr. Paisley preached at the Sabbath Services of the Church the following Lord's Day, and then the Rev. John Douglas had a series of meetings in the church all the nights of the incoming week. All these meetings had upon them an evident unction from the Spirit of God, and we believe that the best has yet to be in our Greenville Church, and the end is not yet, praise the Lord!

The message from our Greenville brethren is the apostolic one, "Brethren, pray for us!". Let us not fail to pray for our brethren in Greenville. [8]


"Take us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes." Song of Solomon 2:5

The text of course also refers to heretics in the church. The Targum, that is the Rabbinical Notes on the Old Testament explains that the little foxes are the Amalekites of whom it is written, "Remember what Amalek did unto thee by the way when you were come forth out of Egypt, how he met thee by the way and smote the hindermost of thee, even all that were feeble behind thee when thou wast faint and weary and he feared not God." And the Targum states that this gives the key to the mystical sense of this verse. Accordingly the primary interpretation is that heretics spoiling the vineyard of the church but not actually striving to root up the vine like the wild boar of paganism or open unbelief are intended here. They are called foxes for their craft and deceit; little foxes because of their external show of humility. They assign as another reason for the simile that a well known trick of foxes is to simulate death, lying stiff and extended "till their prey taking courage approaches near enough to be seized", resembling heretics who make a special show of sanctity and witness to the world in order to deceive the unwary. Note that the command is not to kill them or even to drive them out but to take them.

One old commentator said, "We must convince heretics of error. We must convert them, and not only for their own sake but for that in the church in general. If the heretic be truly convinced of his sin and so repent and be converted, we have gained him for God. If not, at any rate the weaker members of the church have been put on their guard by his detection and are stablished in the true faith".

It was Saint Ambrose who quoted this text along with that other text of Christ 'the foxes have holes', and he commented that heretics are aptly compared to foxes for this among other reasons because they do not dwell in a house but [9] prefer a burrow of their own making where they lie in wait for that hen of the gospel which gathers her chickens under her wings (See a commentary on the Song of Songs from ancient and medieval sources by Dr. Richard Frederick Littledale).

So we might well ask ourselves, what are these little foxes as well as heretics? They are foxes of vanity; of pride; of envy; of evil speaking; of impurity; of carelessness; of neglect of the Bible; of neglect of prayer; of neglect of fellowship with the people of God. These are the things that spoil the vine, that hinder spiritual growth.


I was not long in the Christian ministry until I learned in the school of bitter experience that the little foxes sought to overrun the vineyard and to destroy the fruitfulness that ought to result from the preaching of the Word of God. In verse 11 in this 2nd chapter of Solomon's Song we have a period of revival, "The winter is past, the rain is over and gone". Fruitfulness is manifested with the flowers appearing on the earth. There is rejoicing for the time of the singing of birds is come, and there is peace, for the voice of the turtle dove is heard in our land.

Then we read, verse 13, "The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grapes gives a good smell". Those tender grapes are the fruitfulness of a period of blessing in the church and the object of the hatred and destructive tactics of these little foxes.

We had a choir in the church. The Rev. W. P. Nicholson once warned that the choir was usually the War Department of the church, the place where all the battles were commenced, and the place where agitation was carried out. This certainly was true as far as the choir with which I had to contend was concerned.


It was not very long until I discovered that the little insidious fox of envy had burrowed its lair into the church choir, and from there it was issuing out with its companions to destroy the vine with the tender grapes. Two women in the church, one I would call Mrs. Self Opinionated and the other I would call Madam Domineering, had two daughters. These daughters were members of the choir. The daughter of Mrs. Self Opinionated I would call Miss Pert, and the daughter of Madam Domineering I would call Miss Prim.

Now, of course, when Miss Pert and Miss Prim came to the choir on the Sabbath Day they each sought to outdo one another in regard to dress. Mrs. Self Opinionated thought that no one knew how to dress like herself, and, of course, she dressed her daughter according to her taste. The dress was not to [10] be characterised by modesty or by decency or by subjection to the scriptures or holiness, but rather to make an impression. Madam Domineering was not to be outdone by Mrs. Self Opinionated, so when Miss Prim turned up to the church she also to use an Ulster colloquialism was "dressed to kill". Well, it was not only a matter of a fashion parade at the choir each Sabbath between Miss Pert and Miss Prim, but it was the comments that were made by both mothers concerning how the daughter of each of them dressed. Mrs. Self Opinionated was sarcastic in her criticisms of the dress of Miss Prim, and Madam Domineering was equally sarcastic about the dress of Miss Pert. In any choir there are times when one member is picked to sing a solo piece, and this, of course, led to a head on collision between Mrs. Self Opinionated and Madam Domineering. If Miss Prim was called upon to sing the solo piece then Madam Domineering gushed with pleasure, and her looks around the church as her daughter was singing, and her smiles, as her daughter did her piece in the choir, were absolutely exhilarating, like the sun in its zenith. But if one looked at the face of Mrs. Self Opinionated when Miss Prim was singing one would see the exact opposite picture. Her face was dark and shadowed with criticism; the eyes were flashing with envy, and the countenance was the replica of jealousy. But how suddenly both women changed places, for when Miss Pert was called upon to sing the solo piece then all was different. Mrs. Self Opinionated was gushing; her face was like the sun in meridian and she was smiling lavishly around the congregation and returning to everyone who smiled back a broader look of approbation and deep appreciation. At the same time the face of Madam Domineering turned colours, became literally green with envy and her eyes became fired by jealousy.


After the performance of both Miss Pert and Miss Prim, the tongues of both women, which were strung in the middle and wagged at both ends, got busy. You talk about "busybodies in other people's matters". Well a battle royal between these two gossips went on. Mrs. Self Opinionated knew that her daughter was really a singer. That is why she was taking special lessons, and her tutor had assured her mother that there were no heights to which she could not ascend because "she had a wonderful voice, and not only a wonderful voice but a wonderful ability to use that voice in the best possible manner".

On the other hand Madam Domineering saw that Miss Prim's case was not lacking. "She had natural talent. She did not need to pay for voice lessons because she had that natural talent which would come to the fore anyway, and there was no need for any artificiality to try and improve the gift that was undoubtedly her daughter's".

The battle of the two women could not be kept out of the church, nor could it [11] be kept out of the homes of the people, nor could it be kept out of the choir, and neither could it be kept away from the preacher. So the preacher was faced with the need to take the little fox - the little fox of envy that had grown into a wolf of jealousy and a tiger of hatred, to take that little fox and choke it to death. At the end of the day the choir was abolished. Every member joined the new choir which consisted of the whole congregation.

Yes and when the preacher was asked, when we entered into our new church building, would we not have a choir he sang the line of an old gospel hymn. No doubt, his singing as usual, was out of tune but the lines were certainly in tune with the will of God:

"No, not one!
No, not one!"


No wonder C. H. Spurgeon wrote, "A little thorn may cause much suffering. A little cloud may hide the sun. Little foxes spoil the vines. Little sins do mischief to the tender heart. These little sins burrow in the soul and make it so full of that which is hateful to Christ that He will hold no comfortable fellowship and communion with us. A great sin cannot destroy a Christian, but a little sin can make him miserable. The sea is made of drops. The rocks are made of grains. The sea which divides thee from Christ may be filled with the drops of thy little sins, and the rock which has well nigh wrecked thy barque may have been made by the daily working of the coral insects of thy little sins. If thou wouldst live with Christ, and walk with Christ, and see Christ and have fellowship with Christ take heed of the little foxes that spoil the vines for our vines have tender grapes. Jesus invites you to go with Him and take them. He will surely, like Samson, take the foxes at once and easily. Go with Him to the hunting."


I have been told by some of my brethren that they have never had any trouble with their church choir. I am glad to hear their testimony. This was not my experience! I would say to those churches that have had no trouble with their choirs, write over the choir, "A notable miracle has been done by them" Acts 4:16. Alas, no such notable miracle was done as far as my ministry was concerned. I was like John, of whom it was said, "This man did no miracle", but I trust that I will have had the same testimony as John had when it was said of him, "All that John spake of this Man, (That is of Christ) was true".

We will continue our fox hunting next month. - Editor [12]


"It is the book of God. What if I should
Say, God of books!
Let him that looks
Angry at that expression, as too bold,
His thoughts in silence smother

Till he find such another."


"GOD" mentioned 35 times. 7 perfection multiplied by 5 grace 35

Verse 1

Gen. 1 - How the world was created.
Gen. 3 - How the world was cursed.
John 1 - How the world was converted.
Rev. 21 - How the world was constructed again.

This first verse of the Bible can only be understood by faith. Hebrews 11:3, "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

46 Direct Acts of God from Gen. 1:1-Gen. 2:3.

In verse 1 we have God the Father. In verse 2 we have God the Holy Ghost. In verse 3 we have God the Son - God said - The Word - The Light of the World.

Verse 2

This verse depicts the chaotic earth, "without form and void". There is mystery here. See Isaiah 45:18, Jer. 4:23-25. "The World that then was" 2 Peter 3:5,6.

Verse 3

The old creation was by God's breath.
The new creation was by God's blood.
He spoke to accomplish the first.
He suffered to accomplish the second.

Verse 4

Word and Light. Cp John 1. "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."

Verse 5

Man's day starts with morning and ends in evening. God's day is different. It starts with the evening and ends in the morning.

Verse 8

No "good" pronounced on second day. Satan took up his domain in the firmament. He is prince of the power of the air. "Good" pronounced twice on 3rd day, twice on 6th day making seven times in all, in the chapter. [13]

Verses 9-13

The first day with "good" twice repeated v. 10, v. 12. It was a day of resurrection. The earth re-appeared. 3 number of resurrection. First mention of "seed". Corn of wheat must die for fruitfulness - Christ the true seed.

Verses 14-16

No names given for the sun and moon. Called the "greater" and "lesser" lights. They had a four fold purpose. 1. Signs. 2. Seasons. 3. Days. 4. Years.

Verse 22

God's first blessing upon the fish-gifts of God without repentance. Fish only creatures which did not perish in the flood. 5th Day 5 the number of grace.

Verse 29

Making of man in God's image secured man's redemption. Possible for God to come in the likeness of a person made in His own image. He who was Himself the express image of God was able thus to restore God's image in us. Heb. 1:3.


Verse 1 - A finished work - in six days - the sixth cry from the Cross "It is finished" Verses 2 and 3 - First mention of 7 in Bible occurring 3 times - 3 completeness - 7 perfection.

Verse 4

Made in a day, but not on first day of Genesis one. Light was made on first day chapter 1:4, 5.

Verse 7

Man's maker - The Lord God.
Man's material - The dust of the ground.
Man's mystery - The breath of life.

Verse 8

Eden name occurs three times, v. 8, v. 10, v. 15. 3 Gardens in the Bible. Eden - signifying death in sin. Gethsemane -signifying death for sin. Sepulchre - death to sin.

Verse 9

Tree of the Cross - pleasant in God's sight. Tree of Life - Note things of life - light of life, river of life, prince of life, bread of life, water of life, breath of life all spoken of in the Bible.

Verse 23

Eve's first name given by God was "Adam" Gen. 5:2. First name given by Adam, "woman." "Eve" occurs only four times in the Bible. Gen. 3:23, 4:1, 2 Cor. 11:3, 1 Tim. 2:13.

Verse 25

Naked yet clothed with glory.


Verse 1

Satanic hatred of God's Word. Note his first recorded words. First derides it v. 1, then denies it v. 4. Satan's offspring have their father's characteristic. [14]

Verse 6

Eve fell first, being deceived, Adam fell deliberately out of love for his wife.

Verse 8

Sin always runs for cover. Trees of God's planting put to sinful use.

Verse 9

God's first words to the first sinner.

Verse 10

The voice of God always makes sinners fear.

Verse 12

Sin is a brat no-one wishes to own.

Verse 14

God's menu for the devil - dust for breakfast, dinner and tea.

Verse 18

The Crown of the Fall was Thorns - The Crown of Christ was Thorns.

Verse 22

Trinity of Godhead. "as one of us". First "behold" in the Bible one of judgment. Cp. with Behold the Lamb of God.


Verse 1

"I have gotten a man, Jehovah". She thought Genesis 3:15 had been fulfilled.

Verse 2

Abel second in man's order but first in God's. "The last shall be first". The second birth always first, Abel instead of Cain, Isaac instead of Ishmael, Jacob instead of Esau.

Verse 3

Within all men there is the urge to worship. This makes man different from the beasts. Note Cain didn't even bring God the first fruits - he kept those to himself.

Verse 4

Blood sacrifice alone acceptable. "The firstlings" Abel brought.

Verse 5

The anger of false religion always the worst of all angers.

Verses 6 and 7

Three questions asked of Cain by the Lord.

Verse 8

Cain unable to get at God direct, so gets at Him indirectly through Abel. Abel becomes the first martyr for God's truth, the forerunner of a mighty and glorious army.

Verse 10

The voice of the martyrs blood is so loud that the highest heaven hears.

Verse 11

Cain cursed upon earth. Adam cursed from Eden.

Verse 13

No back broad enough to bear the punishment of sin except the back of the Lord Jesus.

Verse 14

The greatest condemnation of all - to be hidden from the face of God. Man's own choice becomes his chain. Cp. 3:8.[15]

Verse 15

Seven is the number of perfection. Brand mark of the unpardonable sin - sin in its fulness.

Verse 16

Cain went out. Adam driven out.

Verse 16

Going east in scriptures is always typical of sin. Coming from the east typical of salvation.

Verse 17

City building in the line of Cain.

Verse 18

No length of days mentioned in Cain's line as in Seths. Seth's line sojourners here below.

Verse 25

The seed royal preserved. Eve now recognised that Cain was not the promised seed.

Verse 26

The beginning of prayer.

Preachers who have influenced me: MY BELOVED FATHER (continued from last month)

I would, finally, conclude this article with the words that I used when my father's coffin was laid to rest in the cemetery in Ballymena: "Farewell, dear father, thou wast a beloved partner and thou art now united with thy loved one my mother. Thou wast a loving and kind parent and thy sons and daughter and grandchildren rise up this day and call thee blessed. Thou wast a true patriot, a lover of thy country, a defender of its soil, an interceder for its people. Above all thou wast a zealous preacher of the gospel of the free grace of God. The many souls saved under your ministry, some now in heaven and many still in the way will shine as stars in your crown for ever and ever. Thou wast a faithful pastor and didst tend diligent [16] the flock of God over which the Holy Ghost made thee an overseer. Dear father, beloved partner, gracious parent, true patriot, zealous preacher, faithful pastor thy race is run, thy crown is won. Your Bible is my Bible. Your God is my God. Your Saviour is my Saviour and, blessed be the Name of Jesus, your heaven will be my heaven some day.

I found among his papers a favourite poem which he often quoted and with this poem I would bring to an end my tribute to him:

The Fire Upon the Hearthstone

Have you built a family altar,
On the hearthstone of your home?
'Tis not built of bricks and mortar,
But of lovely, living stones.
'Tis where father reads the Bible,
And where children lisp a prayer,
And where mother's heart is lifted
Far above her load of care.

Little feet are kept from stumbling
As they go their earthly way,
And their hearts with love are lifted
As they journey through the day.
When they meet with fierce temptations,
Can you hear your children say,
"God will help me in this battle,
For He heard my father pray"?

Oh, the fire upon that altar
Will come down from heaven above,
And the One Who blessed the children
Will enfold you in His love -
Till those cords of love will bind you
To the home beyond the skies,
And the family be united
By far sweeter, closer ties!

Precious mother dear, and father,
Can you pray your children through?
Have you brought them to the Saviour
Who can keep them clean and true?
They must face the world's fierce conflict,
There's so much depends on you,
Build, Oh, build that family altar;
'Tis the least that you can do!

Oh, that precious family circle
Might be broken any day,
And the ones whose love we cherish,
From the home may pass away;
But we'll meet them in the morning,
In the land of fadeless day,
If around that family altar
We have taught them how to pray!

- Eleanor Ruth Stephens

Below I have reproduced a sermon outline which illustrates the solid type of Biblical preaching which my father engaged in during his ministry.


I Corinthians 3:11. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 28:16. Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

I Peter 2:6. Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. [17]

Foundations -

The final word in the Sermon
on the Mount is Foundations

I Matthew 7:13. Two gates.

II Matthew 7:14. Two ways.

III Matthew 7:15, 16. Two kinds of Prophets: False and True.

IV Matthew 7:17, 18. Two kinds of trees.

V Matthew 7:21, 23. Two kinds of profession: one says, one does God's will.

VI Matthew 7:24, 26. Two Houses.

VII Matthew 7:24, 26. Two Men.. Wise and Foolish.

The wise man hears not externally but internally.

Faith cometh by hearing. John 5:24, 25, 28.

The wise man does God's will. the wise man has understanding in the knowledge of Christ, The wise man has received grace.

The wise man is clothed upon with righteousness. He has had true repentance and blessed assurance.

I The foundation of all hope of eternal life and salvation is the Rock of Ages.

I Corinthians 3:11. For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:19 and 20. Now therefore, ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God; and are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.

II The foundation is the Person, Blood and Righteousness of Christ

That rock is sure and certain. It will bear your whole weight.

It is infallible, it is immovable; it is impregnable; it is unbreakable; it is everlasting; it is unshakable.

There is something holds which can never give way.

Hebrews 6:19. Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into that within the veil.

Philippians 1:6. Being confident of this very thing that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

III The foundation tested

Matthew 7:25. Rain, floods, winds.

1. Temptations.

2. Testings.

3. Persecutions of the world.

4. Tribulation in the world.

5. Corruption of heart.

6. Perversions of the gospel.

7. False doctrine.

8. The Devil.

IV The foundation stands

John 19:36. For these things were done, that the scripture should be fulfilled, a bone of him shall not be broken.

V A false foundation

1. Wisdom of the world.

2. Pride. [18]

3. Natural descent.

4. Religious education.

5. Morality - good works.

6. Self-effort.

7. Form of Godliness.

8. External ordinances. 

From all such a man is kept who is built on the rock of ages. Isaiah 32:2. Psalm 2, 3.

Acts 4:12. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other have under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

"Will your anchor hold in the storms of life?
When the clouds unfold their wings of strife,
When the strong tides lift and the cables strain,
Will your anchor drift or firm remain"?

Next Month - Rev. W. P. NICHOLSON

Here and There Amongst the Churches

Report of Old Tyme Gospel Campaign by Rev. Wesley McDowell

On the 3rd February, 1980 we commenced in Limavady Free Presbyterian Church an "Old-Tyme Gospel Campaign". "Old-Tyme" it was indeed, for we saw old fashioned tears of repentance, old fashioned conviction and, bless God, old fashioned conversions. Let me recount, in brief, the story of this campaign.

I have stated that the Campaign began on the 3rd February. Actually, its beginnings, as far as human agency was concerned, was before this. Let me explain. Since I came to take up the pastorate in Limavady back in November last, I have been tremendously encouraged. There was a tremendous spirit of fellowship and unity and each Wednesday night the prayer meetings were full. It was in these prayer meetings that we brought the need to the Lord and pleaded for His intervention. Then as time drew near to begin the campaign, we had a week of prayer meetings and at each of these meeting the subject of, "Dealing with inquirers" was enlarged upon. Thank God we had more than the theoretic - we did deal with inquirers, we did have the tremendous privilege of pointing men to Christ.

The campaign lasted for three weeks. The Rev. William McCrea was evangelist for two weeks and the Rev. David Gordon for one week. How thrilling it was on the very first day of the mission to see three precious souls won for Christ. Rev. McCrea deal with a young woman - just entering that very day on a Police training course - and she came through for the Lord. I myself spoke with two young ladies in the minister's room, and, oh, what a joy it was to see them both profusely weeping their way to Christ - Hallelujah! In the first week of the mission nine people came to the Lord, among whom was a young policeman who had been attending our church services for some time and was long prayed for. How thrilling it was to see prayer answered in this respect.

After the first week was over, there seemed to be a terrible hardness set in. Even though the meetings were packed, even though the Rev. McCrea preached his heart out yet there were nights when no one responded at all. From then on it was a real uphill climb but, bless God, we did have more breaks. In the end twenty precious souls came to the Lord. Among these was a dear lady who after hearing the gospel in our meetings, could hold out no longer, and just had to get right with God. This she did at her own bedside on a Saturday night. [19]

Highlight of the campaign for me was an unforgettable meeting on Tuesday 19th February in Limavady Town hall. I might add here that the crowds were so big that our little church was and so for some nights we bursting at the seams - and so for some nights we had to move into the Town Hall and what a joy it was to see it filled with men and women listening to the gospel. The night in question however Tuesday 19th, was unforgettable because five precious souls came to the Lord. We had been finding it tremendously hard. We were seeing some results, but longed and yearned and agonised in prayer for more. Many were noticeably concerned but they were not responding. No doubt the Devil was at work. On the Tuesday night however the Rev. McCrea's voice was not very strong, to say the least, but he battled on - and the Lord gave him great assistance - and as he preached with all the effort he could muster, the Spirit of God moved, the meeting was extended and five precious souls came through for the Lord. The hardness and opposition of hell still lingered, but for the balance of the mission the Word was faithfully preached and men and women were without doubt, challenged.

Pray for the new converts and the follow-up work that will take place in the incoming days. Pray that the seed sown in many hearts will germinate, and that we will see more fruit.

Tribute must be paid to many - to the Limavady congregation who worked so hard in many ways to make this mission the success that it was - to those who ministered in song - and not least to our evangelists, who, "laboured in the gospel" as faithful ministers of Christ.

All glory must be given to the Lord for making bare His arm in the salvation of precious souls. However, our cry is still, "But what are these among so many"? Oh for the floodtides of revival in Roe Valley! God help us as a church to evangelise lest we fossilize, to be a movement and not a monument and to be not only evangelical but evangelistic. The need is great in Roe Valley, but the Lord whetted our spiritual appetites, and we hunger for more of His wonderful saving power in our midst. God grant it us as we labour on - here in Limavady.

- Wesley McDowell


On Monday 25th February, Dr. Paisley and the Rev. David McIlveen flew from Greenville, after taking part in the installation services there of the Rev. Alan Cairns, to Toronto for a special service in the Toronto Free Presbyterian Church. The church was packed to its utmost capacity with standing room only and with people crowded in the porches and in all anti rooms and sitting in the choir stalls of the church. There was also an overflow downstairs. Coming up on 500 people were in attendance.

The meeting was filled with a spirit of expectancy and a spirit of power. Dr. Paisley had unique liberty as he ministered on the subject 'The History, Tragedy and Mystery of Samson'. Everyone who attended the service was conscious of a real sense of God's presence and a great portion of His power.

The work of Toronto goes from strength to strength with increasing attendance at Sabbath School and at the Lord's Day Services. At the moment the Toronto Church are considering the start of another church at the other end of the great city. Pray that our brethren may be guided as far as this matter is concerned, and pray much that our brother Mr. McClelland and his wife and family may know the continual leading of the Holy Spirit and the continual enduement with power from on high.

As Dr. Paisley concluded his tour of the American and Canadian work he said, "This is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous in our eyes. To God be all the glory"!


During a ten day visit to the United States and Canada Dr. Paisley had the privilege or visiting the church in Philadelphia and having a special meeting with them.

On his arrival, accompanied by the Rev. David McIlveen, in Philadelphia he went immediately to the church property at Newtown Square. The ladies of the congregation had provided a sumptuous supper, and it was a time of renewal of fellowship and a time of joyful anticipation concerning the future of the work. 

The property being too small for the proposed meeting, the meeting was held in a hired hall. One hundred and twenty people were in attendance, and the Spirit of the Lord was manifested with great power. The I.R.A. picketed the service, making the usual Republican slanders and lying propaganda upon their picket posters, and as they never got into the grounds of the hall or near to where the meeting was taking place their protest was absolutely abortive and no publicity whatsoever was given to them by any section of the media. There was a real spirit of power and praise in the service. The Word of God preached and expounded brought blessing to many hearts, and there is no doubt about it that the future of the work in Philadelphia is bright.

The Rev. Victor Maxwell, the licensed minister of the church, and his wife and family have settled in. Mr. Maxwell is doing a great work on door-to-door visitation, and as we go to Press we have just heard [20] that an opportunity has come the way of the church to purchase a substantial property which would mean that they would have proper facilities for going forward in the way and will of God. Pray much that this property may be acquired and that we might see the outpouring of God's Holy Spirit in the great city of Philadelphia. Philadelphia certainly needs a strong, militant fundamentalist, separated work, preaching the doctrines of the Reformation; contending earnestly for the faith and evangelising 'till Jesus comes or calls. Pray for the church there as they continue to expound the Book, exalt the Blood and expect the Blessed Hope of the Coming of the Saviour.


Chancellor, Bob Jones University

The reaction to the pope's visit reveals how easily a final Antichrist will someday gain power.

When I was a boy growing up, and even as a young man, I used to ask myself how it would be possible that the world would welcome Antichrist the man of [26] sin, with open arms. I am sure there are many others who have puzzled over this. I never doubted the Scripture; and I knew if the Bible said it would happen, it would happen; but I simply could not imagine men willingly throwing themselves down before this evil personality and becoming subject abjectly to his rule. However, these last years have demonstrated how easily the Beast will assume control of the restored Roman Empire after the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit through faithful believers has been removed at the rapture of the Church.


Hitler, in spite of a ludicrous appearance and silly little moustache, had a charismatic force that captivated and hypnotized the German people. Any man of spiritual perception has only to watch an old news film of Hitler speaking to multiplied thousands of people to be aware that the source of his power was satanic. The same thing was true in the case of Mussolini.

In our own country we have a less obvious example of the power of a satanic charisma as it was manifested in the personality of John Kennedy. His brother, the Senator from Massachusetts, who lacks to a large degree the personal charm and force of his late brother, is able to sway thoughtless multitudes even after Chappaquidick and a political record that demonstrates how completely he is lacking in any economic or fiscal sense. He is a man who has demonstrated that he is either a murderer or entirely without the ability to react logically and courageously in a crisis. Nevertheless, multitudes (particularly silly women charmed by what they consider his good looks and the glamour of the Kennedy name) turn to him as the potential saviour of the country.


It is very obvious, therefore, that under the sway of a certain type of personality and publicity build-up, deceitful and dishonest though it may be, a great mass of people cannot think logically or make reasonable decisions regarding people who offer themselves as leaders and political saviours. The world has, particularly within the last century, been conditioned to this by the exaltation of sports personalities - baseball players, football heroes, boxers, Olympic champions, etc. - to the level of idolatry. Fan clubs have been organised for no other purpose than to worship at the shrine of some Hollywood harlot or symbol of masculine sex whose personal life and character are as shallow and valueless as the brittle celluloid of the film in which they appear.

Where God is not enthroned in men's hearts and Christ is not worshipped, men turn to their idols and worship their false gods.

Nowhere has this been so apparent as in the reception accorded the antichrist figure known as Pope John Paul II on his recent visit to America. (Let us not forget that the Bible indicates there will be many antichrists before the final Beast who takes over the rule of the Western world during the time of the Great Tribulation). [27]


Let us look first at this man himself. Until his election to the papacy a little more than a year ago, he was unknown outside of his native Poland except to a few Roman Catholic Church historians and the hierarchy itself. His background is more or less veiled in mystery.

According to rumour, he was at one time an actor, and this rumour is substantiated (as we shall point out later) by the showmanship he manifests as the Roman pontiff. As one American aptly stated, "This is a pope who sure knows how to pope". It is said that before he entered the priesthood he was a married man; but this is, of course, only an unverified rumour; and it is not likely that the Catholic Church will ever throw light on its accuracy. Idols are most effective when veiled behind smoke, whether it be the smoke of incense or sacrifice or rumour.

The Catholic press machine, than which there is none more effective, exercises an almost stifling control over the new media of the western world. According to Vatican sources, John Paul, when Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, Archbishop of Cracow, proved himself a strong force in defending the Catholic Church in Poland against the Communist rulers of the country. The fact that he was allowed to exercise the archiepiscopal power and got along so well with the Communist leaders would seem, on the contrary, to indicate not only some kind of covenant of agreement and understanding between them but, more emphatically, that he was a useful tool of Communism, which certainly in Poland recognised the necessity of holding the people in subjection through the co-operation of the Church.


Poland is more than 90 per cent blindly and bigotedly Catholic, and its Communist rulers are wise enough to know that they cannot effectively rule the country without some understanding with the Roman hierarchy. Communism and Roman Catholicism have this in common - they are both adaptable enough to adjust themselves to and use whatever means will advance their Cause, and neither is hesitant to destroy the instrument it has chosen when it proves no longer useful. Just so, Antichrist will not hesitate to destroy the harlot church of apostasy when he turns against it as described in Revelation 18.

Because of the leftist bias of Pope John XXIII and the hatred of Giovanni Batista Montina, Pope Paul VI, for the Protestant West, and because of their conviction that Communism was the wave of the future, the papacy has in recent years become more and more alienated from the Church of America. (The popes, incidentally, have never been able to comprehend or to any significant degree understand the American thought process or the independence of the American people which is a part of our Protestant and democratic heritage. Even American Catholics have been affected by it to the place where they never hesitate to disregard the dictatorial commands of the hierarchy and, particularly, those of the papacy, though they are superstitiously reverential of the pope himself). [28]


This reverence was never more apparent than in the build-up for the pope's coming to this country and in the reception accorded him when he arrived. The principles of separation of church and state were largely ignored, and Protestant and other non-Catholic American taxpayers were robbed of their rights of religious freedom in being compelled to pay much of the expense of the papal visit. Though protests were made by the American Civil Liberties Union and a few other voices were raised against the spending of public funds for the erection of papal altars and crosses in the public squares and parks of this country where masses were said, the cost in police protection, security, crowd control, etc., ran into millions.

The visit of no other individual to these shores (whether he be a ruling sovereign, a religious figure, or some sort of triumphant hero) has ever received so much attention. Television networks re-organised their entire schedules; newspapers gave page after page not only of news but also of Roman Catholic propaganda and nauseating adulation to the pontiff. Indeed, if there were any feeble protests against the papal visit, they were ignored entirely; while demonstrations against the pope's personal stand on doctrinal matters and Catholic practices, which he enforces with all of the outdated and medieval authority of the head of a totalitarian church, were given relatively small coverage.


Never before has any religious system in America received this kind of free publicity or its head such paeans of praise. The language was the language of Catholicism. The terms were the terms of superstition and legend fostered by the Catholic Church through the centuries and they were offensive and disgusting to any true Protestants who may be left in this country.

A surprising number of people have said of their contact with Karol Wojtyla, "I felt like I was in God's presence" or "it was just like God Himself was standing there". The shallow and, possibly for that reason, popular song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" at least speaks of Christ; however, mobs everywhere applied it to the papal visitor and sang it in his presence.


Unnoticed by the thoughtless, the most important aspect of the papal visit is this: Apostate Protestantism, from Billy Graham through the entire wicked and evil officialdom of the National Council of Churches, as well as leaders in the Jewish community, raised their voices in praise of this pontiff. Graham, who lacks all restraint in praising those who are unscriptural and ungodly, according to the Religious News Service dispatch of September 27th, called the visit of Pope John Paul II to the United States "an event of great significance not only for Roman Catholics, but for all Americans - as well as the world". While we agree that the visit was of significance, we would have preceded it by the word "tragic." [29]

Listen, however, to Billy's fulsome praise that follows. "I believe his visit will cause many people who do not think often about religion to reflect on spiritual matters, and to realise that the deepest yearning of the human heart can only be satisfied by God. A new interest in spiritual matters could be the beginning of a new wave of spiritual revival in our nation, which we desperately need. I hope his visit also will call attention to some of the great moral issues which face us today - issues of family life and world peace, for example. The pope's visit comes at a critical time in our world. All around us there are signs of confusion and fear about the future. As a world, we seem to have lost our way, and are groping blindly for answers to the complex dilemmas we face". He concludes with the statement that John Paul II has become the moral leader of the world and states, "My prayers and the prayer of countless other Protestants will be with him as he makes his journey".


A generation ago a Roman pontiff would not have dared visit Protestant America, knowing he would be at least rejected and insulted and perhaps even stoned and attacked. One apostate leader and one outstanding heresy are almost entirely responsible for the depreciation of American character and conviction to the point that this papal visit was permitted. Billy Graham is the man and the charismatic movement the heresy that have told compromising and unbiblical Christians that Roman Catholicism is a respectable Christian denomination.

The only protests reported during this papal visit were on the part of priests who demanded the right to marry (evidently believing a legal wife is better than nun) or on the part of Catholic nuns and other women demanding the ordination of females.

Carter, the professed "born-again" tenant of the White House and betrayer of biblical faith, sent Rosalynn, "the stell magnolia" as she is called by members of the White House staff who have fallen afoul of her arrogance and bad temper, to receive the high priest of Satan on his arrival at Boston Airport. Later, Carter himself gave him an obsequious and groveling reception at a White House party. Politicians and political leaders fought for invitations to this White House reception for the Polish impostor.

The impact of John Paul's personality served well the cause of Satan. One of the photographers for a national periodical, a man known as a complete cynic where any kind of religious demonstration is concerned and an unbeliever to the core, said, "When I got close to the pope and took his photograph, I was tremendously moved by a sense of his intrinsic goodness and holiness". A man sitting next to me on a plane recently said, "I am a Roman Catholic. I was watching one of the papal masses on television with a friend of mine who claims to be an atheist or an agnostic, and I noticed that his eyes were full of tears; and he said, 'I've never been so deeply moved". [30]


The question might well be asked, "By what are these men really moved genuine goodness and the presence of the Holy Spirit"? To believe this is to believe that God moves in blessing upon that which He has declared He hates and upon which His curse rests. God has stated as one of the marks of the Antichrist that he sets himself up in the temple and seeks to be worshipped as God. Karol Wojtyla does this when he claims to be the vicegerent of Christ and to speak with His authority on earth. Even his pious showmanship in kneeling to kiss the ground is, in fact, an act of claiming for himself, his authority, his church the soil of the country he visits.

Thoughtless people taken in by the apparent piety of the man - the way he slobbers over little children and talks of morality and decency - are prone to say, "Well, this is a good man"; but his very life, his very office, his very claims are satanic. Remember that the devil is not an enemy of morality per se. He is an enemy of God, the Bible, and truth. He would much rather destroy the souls of men than merely to wreck their bodies by drunkenness, lust, sex, or any other type of sin. Satan transforms himself into an angel of light; he does not appear as the prince of darkness which he really is.


The Republic of Ireland - certainly, with the exception of John Paul's own homeland, the most priest-ridden, superstitious, and impoverished of European countries and perhaps for that very reason able to evaluate the moral standards of the Church - was to a great extent unimpressed by John Paul's talk of peace and morality. The IRA announced publicly that they did not intend to stop or even to decrease their bombings and other terrorist actions. On a telecast from Dublin, the capital, a group of Irish teenagers in an interview described the pope as "a silly old man" and announced their intention to continue the use of contraceptives and their total disregard of the papal injunction to morality and chastity.

The American public, more gullible because of somewhat less exposure to Romish hypocrisy, seemed to have been more readily duped. After all, what is all the pope's talk of morality and decency worth when in Italy the Church itself owns brothels and has its fingers in all kinds of wicked and ungodly enterprises? That the pope speaks of these matters so piously is merely another evidence of the deceitfulness of this vicious system and of its ruling personalities. Clothed in white like the sun, he beamed upon his idolaters as a benign God.

The truth is he is a god who rejoices in human sacrifice of human lives, human souls, and human bodies to the power of the Roman Church. Those who speak of the blessings he brought to our shores demonstrate neither spiritual perception nor ordinary common sense.


What did he bring? He came with empty hands and a foul heart full of deceits [31] and wickedness. He gave pompous, high-sounding, and empty words. Nothing more. The smile of the pope was the seeming smile of an angel but the eyes on television were those of a demon. As a result of his visit, the church's coffers were swelled, its influence greatly increased, and new chains forged for the people of this free land.

How many of those who worshipped this antichrist and who continue to sing his praises noted how infrequent were his references to the authority of the Word of God, how little appeal was made to Scripture for the doctrines he preached and the so-called morality he pretended to defend? Though he preferred to speak of himself with apparent humility in the first person singular rather than with the usual pompous papal "we", his claims were all based upon papal authority, pagan tradition, and Romanish arrogance and lies.

Though dogmatically conservative on such questions as the celibacy of the priesthood and the fact that women cannot be ordained, John Paul's whole social emphasis was radically socialistic or Communistic. He had a great deal to say about the failure of America to take care of her poor (hardly appropriate from the mouth of the man who is the head of the world's richest Organisation, controlling banks, real estate, art treasures worth billions, and precious stones and jewels of countless worth). Obviously, he did not care to point out that the grossest poverty prevails in the countries of southern Europe and Latin America, where the Roman Catholic Church for centuries has had a virtual monopoly on religion.


We need not only a great revival of old-time Christianity in America, we need also a revival of Protestantism in this country. Apostasy does not produce conviction. Apostasy produces slavery and satanic control of men's hearts, minds, and thoughts. The papal visit did not only indicate the sad state of Christianity in America; but it also proved again, to any who has the eyes to see, the accuracy of the prophetic Word of God in giving a preview of how readily the final Antichrist will be welcomed and worshipped by a world from which all Holy Ghost restraint and influence have been removed.