The H-Blocks Issue

As we go to Press, the I.R.A. Hunger Strike at the H-Blocks, the Maze Prison, is in progress. This is but another sinister plan of the Irish Republican Army to carry forward their propaganda war against the British Government and against the Ulster Protestant people.

The aims and objectives of the Irish Republican Army are well known. They are prepared either to intimidate the Protestant people of Northern Ireland into an All-Ireland Socialist Republic or, failing that, to carry on a campaign of genocide against them. The great emphasis on much of the media today is to highlight those that are on hunger strike, and to give as much prominence as possible to all who support them and all demonstrations called out in their support.

The Roman Catholic Church is deeply involved in this satanic propaganda scheme. Bishop Daly, in a recent Television broadcast, demonstrated his hatred of the British connection and British Government by declaring that the British Army were murderers, and by painting the situation in such a way that these men at the Maze - killers, assassins, bombers and gunmen are in some way to be justified.

As we go to Press there has come into our hands a document which has been circulated outside each Roman Catholic chapel at the Mass on Sunday morning. No efforts were made by the Church authorities to hinder the circulation of this leaflet, and there is no doubt about it that the Church of Rome, in this matter, has not clean hands and, in fact, is lending its weight to mobilise public opinion in order that the demands of the I.R.A. be capitulated to. Some extracts from the document are most interesting.

Quote: "The British Government needs you, if it is to defeat the hunger strike in the 'H' Blocks of Long Kesh Prison Camp. It needs you to bury your head in the sand, for you to keep your mouth shut and eyes closed so that it can get away with murder. Because if it can show to the world and satisfy itself that Irish people are turning their backs on fellow Irish people, then the hunger strikers are doomed."

Notice - the appeal made to the Roman Catholic people here is simply a racial and emotional appeal, an appeal that strikes a cord in every Irish Roman Catholic man's heart, and an appeal that we feel will not go unheeded.

Then we have the lie in which these men seek to justify their dirty protest.

Quote: "Until March 1978 the men were allowed to go to the toilet and wash outside their cells, but suddenly as an extra punishment this too was withdrawn. Prison warders then refused to let the men empty their pots, and refused to provide water for ablutions. Attempts by the prisoners to empty the overflowing pots whether out the door or out the window were thwarted when both were sealed. The Prison Administration though that this would break the men's morale and spirit of resistance, but they were wrong, instead the men turned this punishment around and used it against the Administration by turning it into a 'No wash' protest."

This of course is totally untrue. I was one of the first Members of [3] Parliament to visit when the dirty protest commenced. I was locked in a cell at my own risk with two Republican constituents of mine from North Antrim. No such complaint was made by them to me. They told me, rather, that they were plastering the wall with their excreta and pouring their urine on the floor simply as a mode of protest in order to gain political status.

Now we see in order to justify their filth, and in order to justify this abominable dirty protest they are trying to blame the prison authorities for denying to them proper and adequate toilet facilities. It is interesting to note that the document calls in Cardinal O'Fee in support of their protest, and points out that Cardinal O'Fee is on record with the following statement:

Quote: "The authorities refused to admit that these prisoners are in a different category from the ordinary, yet they are different. They were sentenced by special courts without jurys. The vast majority were convicted on allegedly voluntary confessions obtained in circumstances which are now placed under grave suspicion by the recent Report of Amnesty International".

So here we have the Cardinal and his statement. The Cardinal lined up behind and also in his negotiations as leading the I.R.A. in attempting to achieve their goal and their ends.

The British Government has absolutely no way in which it can [4] appease and give in to the demands of these strikers. If it does then it will be a direct signal to the whole Protestant population that the British Government will finally betray them into the hands of their traditional enemies in the Republic.

All Ulster Protestants should realise that we are entering into a very dark period in Ulster's history, and each citizen should let it be known to the British authorities that the stand must be clear and plain and upon that stand there can be no going back.

Unfortunately the British Government wrong-footed themselves at the beginning of this protest by dishonestly pretending that in an effort to bring in prison reform they were allowing the prisoners to wear civilian type clothing. Every person in the land knew that this was just an effort to placate and give in to the Irish Republican Army.

The time has come for the British Government, the Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher, the Secretary of State Mr. Atkins to confess to their dishonesty and appealing to the Protestant people for support, go forward with rugged determination, no matter what reprisals are taken, to defeat this bid by the I.R.A. to subjugate the Protestant people of Northern Ireland. There can be no compromise! There can be no capitulation! There must be no surrendering!


The Trinity of Suffocation
Mark Ch. 4

It was truly said of the Lord Jesus Christ that 'Never man spake like this Man'. How interesting were the sermons that Jesus preached. He made everything to preach. He gave eloquence - such eloquence to the lilies of the field. He said, 'consider the lilies of the field, they sow not, they toil not, they gather not into barns, yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them'. He took the little sparrow. He made it an eloquent pulpiteer, preaching one of the greatest sermons ever preached on the Loving Care and Omniscience of God. He said, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing, but not one of them falls to the ground [11] without your Heavenly Father knowing it. Are ye not better than many sparrows?"

What a preacher the Lord Jesus Christ was! One day by the seaside He made the familiar figure of the sower sowing his seed preach one of the greatest sermons ever preached.

Oh, yes, some of the seed falls by the wayside. It is immediately snatched up by the fowls of the air who wait longingly to take and seize it as their food. So He says the devil waits by the wayside to steal away the Word of God which the sower - the preacher sows. Then He said, Some fell on stony ground. There was not much earth for it, it was not properly buried, it did not fall into the ground and die. The heat of the rock, the heat of the sun upon that rock burst it forth prematurely if it grew up, but it had not root. Soon the sun that brought it forth scorched it and it died. He said, Some people's hearts are stony ground. They never get the seed of the Word really down into the depths of their soul. Oh, it has an immediate effect in an outward profession. There is outwardly a change but when the storm comes, the persecution of the world and the lightning flashes and the thunder clouds roll and they back away from their profession and surrender, compromise and sin.

Then He said, Some fall among thorns and the thorns choke the Word. They take the Word that is powerful and they choke it until it is weak. They take the Word that is saving and they choke it until it has not a saving effect. They take the Word which is a Word of grace and they so apply pressure to that gracious Word until it is squeezed into a place of death, and it ceases to be a Word of life to the heart.


You will notice in verse 19 that the Lord Jesus Christ lists this suffocation process, and He says there is a trinity of suffocation. There are three things which squeeze the life, which choke the Word, and which make the Word of God abortive. What are those three things? The Lord Jesus Christ lists them. Note them carefully; "The cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things". First of all, Care. Secondly, Cash, and thirdly, Crime. First of all, Worry. Secondly, Wealth, and, thirdly, Wickedness. That is the trinity of suffocation which chokes the Blessed Word of God.


Have you ever noticed that the Bible is filled with threes, because three is the number of completion. The complete Godhead has three Persons - The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

The Bible has three compartments. It is divided into history, doctrine and prophesy. The Old Testament is divided into three. The Lord Jesus talks about [12] the Law and the Psalms and the Prophets. The New Testament is divided into - the Historical Books, the Gospels and the Acts. The Epistles, taking right in all the epistles from Romans to Jude. Then the one last prophetic Book - the Book of the Revelation.

God's great scheme of salvation is threefold - The sinner needs to be justified - Justification. The saint needs to be sanctified - Sanctification. The justified sinner and the sanctified saint needs to be glorified - Glorification. The whole scheme of redemption is threefold.

The whole life of Christ can be measured in a threefold manner. His life before His Incarnation, His life after His Incarnation, and His life after His Resurrection. The Lord Jesus Christ has three Comings. He came temporarily in the Old Testament in His Christophanies - His pre-Incarnate appearances. He came permanently in His Incarnation, and, bless God, He is Coming Gloriously when He comes a second time without sin unto salvation. So three is the number of completion.

Here in this text of scripture the greatest of all preachers, the most wonderful expositor of celestial doctrine, He Who Himself is Truth Incarnate said there are three things which choke the Word of God out of a man's life, out of a man's heart, out of a man's experience. What are those three things? Number one, Care. Number two, Cash. Number three, Crime. I want to look at those three things.


First of all, care. We live in a world filled with worries. Everybody is worrying about something. Everybody in this meeting worries. Well, you ought not to worry! "Be anxious for nothing," says the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to tell you something, that all your worrying will accomplish nothing. You worry about what is going to take place tomorrow. It will not make a button of a difference whether you worry yourself until you are grey in your hair or you worry your hair off your head. It will make no difference whatsoever. The inevitable will come. You cannot alter it.

We had a dear caretaker in our church, the late brother Joe Black, but Joe was an eternal pessimist and he was always worrying about his health. I never liked to tell Joe that anything was physically wrong with me or with any member of the congregation, because he always knew somebody died of that particular thing. If I said to him, "Joe, I have a terrible pain on my left shoulder". He would say, "I knew a man died of that". Joe Black the eternal pessimist, always worrying, and you know he used to worry how he himself would die, and the very thing he worried that he was going to die of, he did not die of disease at all.

A member of my church came to me many years ago and said to me, "I am sure I have got cancer". I said, "Well, if you are sure, you should make doubly [13] sure. You should have all the tests". So this person went and had all the tests done and came back from hospital and said, "They say I am absolutely clear, but I am sure they have made a mistake, I must have cancer. I am not a bit happy about it".

Worries! We all worry. When you worry, friend, you disobey the Book, and when you worry you worry about what? Notice what the Lord says. "The cares of this world". They are not worth worrying about, for the glory and fashion of this world passeth away. Passing away quickly, hastening on to the oblivion of a past eternity, hastening on as fast as fast can be and you are worrying about this world here.

Jesus Christ said, "Do not worry about what you are going to eat, or what you are going to put on."

Do not worry about the future. Do not concern yourself with anxious care. Get concerned about the next world, not about this world. Get concerned about the thing that is really important, and the thing that is really important is the next world.

Some of you have great cares for this world, and you are thinking about tomorrow and next week, and you are planning ahead and you are filled with worries about this happening and the other happening. Alas, you have allowed that to choke the Blessed Word of God - to take away the life of God's promise from you, the power of God's grace from you, the strength of God's Word from you, and the Word falls among the choking thorns of the cares of this life. That is why you are not saved. Oh, you have had plenty of time to care for this world, and all your hopes and all your ambitions, and all your future planning pinned on this world. What happens when it ends? Is it chaff? What happens when you put on the shroud - when you lie down in your coffin - when your life finishes? What about the next world? What about the great Eternity?


The second one is cash, the deceitfulness of riches - the lust for materialism the craze to be better off - the love of money which is the root of all evil. Someone has said that money is far too dear to buy, and when they said that they said a truism. You know a man's character can be tested by his money. I have seen people who were in poor circumstances and then suddenly the time of poverty left them and a time of riches came, and I saw a sad change in their character. When they were poor they were God-fearing. When they were poor they were Sabbath-keepers. When they were poor they gave to God's work and gave gladly and sacrificially, and suddenly their financial situation changed and their character changed and they became selfish and they wanted all for themselves. I have seen other people and their circumstances changed the same way, but it did not change their character, for they said, "I am glad I am [14] getting a spell of prosperity now, I can give more. I am glad God is prospering me, I can work harder. I am glad that I am in a position to give something that will be really helpful to Gods work". Beware of the deceitfulness of riches!

I read a story just recently of a poor peasant and he had a little bit of land and he was absolutely happy and content with his little bit of land. He used to say "How much land does a man really need? I have got enough". But one day he was invited to visit a very wealthy friend, and when he got to the friend's house this man had acres of land, and the seed of envy was sown in the poor peasant's heart. He came home and he fretted and he said "I would love to have more land. I must have more land". So he sold his son into slavery. He sold his possessions, all that he could sacrifice and give up. He took all his savings and he put it into more land, and when he had purchased more land he said, "I am now content". How much land do you need? He said, "I have enough". Then he heard about a special offer some hundreds of miles away of good land that was going cheap, and he decided that he needed more land, so he sold his hard-won heritage that had cost the slavery of his son and he gathered all his silver and he made a long journey and he came to this place where the land was luscious and fertile. He then paid for another large stretch of land, and he built his house and he sat down. "How much land do I need? I have got enough now. I am content".

After some years he heard that more land and better land was available. He heard also that there was a special offer of land. So again he sold out everything, made his journey to the place where the special offer was made. The man who was selling the land said to him, "Yes, it is a special offer. All you need is a thousand pieces of silver". He said, "I have got that". "You can have all the land that you can walk around in one day, but you have got to start when the sun rises, but you have got to be back at the starting place when the sun is setting or you forfeit all your money, and get no land whatsoever". So the peasant said, "That is easy, I am strong and healthy, I will cover some ground in a day". So in the early dawning he appeared and he set off, and every mile that he measured he dug a little hole to indicate each mile he had covered. He walked on and on and he kept walking until he was running, covering a great amount of land. The sun rose to its height and reached its meridian, but he still walked on and a voice inside said, "You had better turn". So he turned to the left and he walked across a great track of land, and then he decided that he must make for the starting place before the sun went down. He started to race to the starting place, covering mile after mile. He got tired and weary. He cast off his robes so that his limbs could have free play. He kicked off his shoes so as to make it more easy for him to go, and he saw in the distance the starting place, and he saw that the sun was sinking in the sky. He made one great effort to take his wearied body to the starting place, and just as the sun was setting he threw himself across the starting line and he gasped, "I have just made it". But when they went to him it [15] was to much for him, and his life was gone. They dug a grave and they put his body in the grave. How much land do you need? You just need enough to bury yourself in. That is all you need, friend.

I hope you have got the message of that parable tonight. The deceitfulness of riches!

I have a friend who is a very important man in this world. (I will not mention his name). Through circumstances I have come to know him very well. I never like to know a person without witnessing for the Lord to them, so one day I wrote him a letter and I quoted him this verse, I said, "Sir, Jesus Christ said something which you would need to learn, (This man is in high position, he is very wealthy) 'A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things that he possesses'. The things that are seen are temporal. The things which are unseen they are eternal. Oh, hear it tonight, riches deceive, and they will deceive you and blind your heart and take you down to Hell. They choke! They suffocate the Blessed Word of God.


One final thought, crime the lust of other things. If it is not the cares of this world, if it is not the cash of this world, it will be crime the lust for other things. What sin is choking the life out of God's Word in your experience? What is it that keeps you back from Jesus Christ? What evil iniquity lurks with a rope in its hand to fasten itself around the Word of God and choke it and throttle it in your heart lest it would take effect?

As I was preparing this message I thought of the Cross of Christ. Three conditions of people at the Cross - The priests were there. You know why they crucified Christ? Because of the cares of this world. They were worried that Jesus Christ would replace them, replace the temple, do them out of their employment. For envy they delivered Him.

The cares of this world. What about those soldiers at the foot of the Cross gambling, gambling on the garments of the Son of God. The deceitfulness of riches!

What of the other thief hanging on the tree and refusing to repent? Crime, the lust of other things. A trinity of suffocation!

What are you going to allow suffocate the life of God's Word in your heart? I trust that somehow, by the grace of God, some tiny seed will get beyond the thorns of sin and get down into good ground this night and bring forth an abundant harvest.

May it be so, for Jesus' sake!



The nation has just remembered the dead of two world wars. Lest we forget the way the Roman Catholic Church acted treacherously in both, aided and abetted by one of her military wings the I.R.A. we publish the following too easily forgotten facts.

Fr. Michael Collins an Irish Roman Catholic Priest

The German Embassy in Washington, in February, 1916, stated in a Dispatch that John Devoy was their confidential agent in America for communicating between Germany and Sinn Fein. John Devoy therefore, as chief Sinn Fein organiser and paymaster, in America, knew Michael Collins, the notorious gunman, was a Roman priest. This news was published by the British Government in 1921 in Command Paper, No. 1108, but the British Press was silent! Whose hand was behind this suppression?

Here is the Dispatch from John Devoy through the German Embassy naming Michael Collins as a Roman Catholic Priest.

German Embassy, Washington, to Foreign Office, Berlin.
W. No. 172, 1/10/14.

Washington, Nov. 3rd, 1914.
"An Irish Priest (Sic.)' named Michael Collins and Sir Roger Casement are going to Germany in order to visit the Irish Prisoners.
"I have given the former a recommendation to F."
(R. 547). Command Paper, No, 1108, 1921.

' (sic) in brackets indicates a correct transcript from the original text.

On tracing Michael Collins' history, we find that there is a gap of six years, during which he cannot be definitely traced, after he left the London Post Office Service in 1909. It was during this period of six years, 1909-16, that he must have received his training as a Priest, as the following brief history shows. He was then 26 years of age. Roman Catholic Priests are ordained at 24 years of age. Collins was 24 in 1914, and 26 in 1916.

A Vatican Spy in 1917 Caught by Italy.

The White Paper, No. 1108,1921, produces a cable from Foreign Office, Berlin, to John Devoy, instructing him to send all possible literature to the irish R.C. College, Rome. Note Great Britain had an illegal Envoy at the Vatican at this very time. That is another reason why the Pope's Envoy should not have been received at the Coronation of King George VI.

[17] Some powerful personage in high circles had special seats prepared for the Pope's Delegation immediately outside Westminster Abbey. The Pope would not allow these delegates to sit in the Abbey and witness the Coronation of a heretic King of England!

The Vatican a Secret Enemy of Britain and the U.S.A.

May 26th, 1933. De Valera's Irish Press disclosed for the first time that in 1916, three weeks before the Easter Week Rebellion broke Out, Pope Benedict XV received at the Vatican in private audience, Count G. N. Plunkett, as Envoy from the Irish Rebels, and after hearing the plans for the coming revolt gave him his Apostolic Benediction on the Rebels. This Document was hung up in the Dublin Post Office when the fight began. De Valera's Irish Press of May 26th, 1933, tells the whole story.

The whole British Press except The Times kept silent. Why? The Times put it in an obscure corner without comment, editorial or otherwise. - The Irish Press gives a whole page to the disclosure. Here it is in brief.

The Editor of The Times for many years was a Roman Catholic. The Telegraph is strongly pro-Papal, hence the silence! Both refused to advertise books exposing these Papal plots, when the author called at their head offices during the 1938 Sinn Fein fires in England.

The Irish Press, May 26th, 1933, in its Editorial Article headed "Benediction," says:-

"To-day Ireland learns for the first time one of the most moving and glorious stories in connection with the Easter Week Rising. Before it took place Pope Benedict XV received a Mission from the Irish Volunteer Executive in the person of George Noble, Count Plunkett. The Count had a private audience of two hours with His Holiness, and disclosed to him the decision to rise and the date of the insurrection, and received from him his Apostolic Benediction on the men who were facing death for Ireland's liberty."

This Rebellion cost 2,700 killed and wounded British Soldiers and millions of damage. - Official. Command Paper, 108.

In 1916, two great Italian Battleships, the Benedetto Brin and the Leonardo da Vinca, were mysteriously blown up. The Italian Government was certain the Papacy was behind the plot, as the Pope wanted Italy to lose the War and thus restore the Pope's Temporal Power again. After months of Secret Service enquiries they traced the centre of the Spy system to Zurich, and traced to the Vatican the Messenger who carried the Plotters' plans out of Italy. He was Monsieur Gerlach, the Pope's Private Chamberlain. He fled to Switzerland, but was convicted and sentenced to [18] imprisonment for life. The others were shot. The Trial lasted from April 13th to June 24th, 1917. - Times, June 25th, 1917.

In 1917 after the great Italian defeat at the Battle of Caporetto when 300,000 prisoners and 2,500 guns were lost, 23 Roman Catholic Priests were shot as traitors to Italy by spreading disaffection amongst the troops.- The Catholic, Dublin, November 1918.

Sir Roger Casement's Letter from Berlin, 28th November, 1914, to Professor Eoin McNeill, Dublin.

Berlin, 28th November, 1914
"I am in Berlin. The enemy are going to try to get the Vatican on their side as in the time of Parnell. . . . Send to me here in Berlin, by way of Christiania, one or two Irish Priests - young men best. Men like Father murphy Of Vinegar Hill - and for the same purpose.
"Rifles and ammunition can be found and good Officers too. First send the Priest or Priests, as I need them for a special purpose, you can guess - for -
"If the Priest or Priests can get to Christiania, they can reach here through the German Legation at Christiania. Warn all our people too, of the present intrigue at Rome. Send Priest or Priests at all costs. India and Egypt will probably be in arms." - Command Paper, No. 1108, p. 5, 1921.

German Embassy, Washington, to Foreign Office, Berlin.
Washington, December 5th, 1914.
For Casement.
"The Priest starts as soon as the leave of absence has been granted.
"There have been purchased for India, 11,000 rifles, 4,000,000 cartridges, 250 Mouser pistols, 500 revolvers with ammunition.
"Devoy does not think it possible to ship them to ireland.
- Command Paper, No. 1108, p. 6, 1921.

Foreign Office, Berlin to German Embassy, Washington.
Berlin, January 28th, 1915.
To John Devoy.
"Send all possible literature to Collegia Irlandese, Rome."
- Command Paper, No. 1108, p. 6, 1921.

The British, United States and Allied Secret Services Cooperate, Discover the Plotters, Imprison Them and Prove the R.C. Priests were Spies in the Great War

The same terrible sabotage is being carried on in both the U.S.A. and Britain in the World War of today.

Foreign Office, Berlin, to German Embassy, Madrid.
Berlin, August 25th, 1917
"'A' should try to send Irish or other suitable people from America [19] for the destruction of the harbour at Archangel and the Kola Railway."
German Embassy, Madrid to Foreign Office, Berlin. W/T. 29/8/17.

Madrid, August 28th, 1917.
The following is most secret.
"The individual in question will endeavour to get into communication with the Sinn Feiners in Ireland, either through the readers of the Irish papers published in Buenos Ayres or directly through North America. I am seeking through Spanish circles for a suitable Priest whom I can send to him."
- Command Paper, No. 1108, p. 35, 1921.

Few of the plotters were captured during the first three years, until the United States came into the War in 1917. As soon as they did, their Secret Service co-operated with those of the British and Allies, and the great Spy System was unearthed, and the Spies arrested, convicted and sent to penal servitude. Capt. Von Rintelen, the German spy, received 5 years.

The United States Secret Service raided the Sinn Fein H.Q.'s in New York and Washington and seized Dispatches between the Sinn Fein leader in the United States, John Devoy, and the German Foreign Office. These Dispatches proved that a vast German-Irish Spy Organisation was in full operation, using the Vatican, Spain and the United States of America as bases for world operations. In Rome the Irish Training College for Priests was used as a distributing centre for literature damaging to the cause of the Allies.

Roman Catholic Foreign Office Officials winked at the Pope's hypocrisy, and maintain the illegal Envoy at the Vatican.

The British, U.S.A., and Italian Secret Services Disclose to Each other the Jesuit Plots, 1914-1918

In 1914-18 Irish and Spanish Priests did everything in their power to ruin the Allies and to incite disloyalty to Britain amongst the Irish prisoners of war in Germany, and to stir up rebellion in Ireland, India, Australia, Canada and the United States. The evidence has since been published by the British, U.S.A., and Italian Governments. The Press, however, hides it in both Britain and the U.S.A.

- Command Paper 1108, 1921.

In September, 1915, the Allies at a Conference in London decided to exclude the Pope and all of his representatives from any future Peace Conference. At the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919, at the end of the War, when the Statesmen of 15 nations met to settle the terms of Peace, no representative of the Pope of Rome was allowed in the Palace Hall. The Great Powers, led by President Wilson, Clemenceau, Lloyd George, and Orlando of Italy, [20] in substance said: "No! Your Church was the enemy of the Allies all through the War." Not one Roman Priest was allowed at the Conference.

R.C. Foreign Office Officials were held in check by Clemenceau and other foreign statesmen, who knew the danger from Rome at the Peace Conference.

Anglo-Roman British Statesmen, like Lord Halifax, have saved Rome from being bombed because they regard Rome as a sacred city! Why should London and British cities be bombed and Rome allowed to escape because the Pope of Rome has his H.Q. in that city?

What Cardinal Hinsley Said in 1935

Cardinal Hinsley, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster, in a sermon on Sunday, October 13th, 1935, said:-

"I have insisted and I insist again, that the Pope was expressly excluded by the secret Pact of London in 1915 from future deliberations in the Council of Peace. Until he is invited to intervene by both sides he cannot act as a judge."
- Daily Telegraph,
October 13th, 1935

The Pope was also refused a seat at the Hague Peace Conference in 1899.

The World Powers assembled recognised Rome as the real Power behind the Great War.

At the Trials of spies and traitors in each country during and after the Great War, the Secret Service of each nation proved to the hilt that Rome was the centre of the world trouble, just as she is to-day in the Mediterranean, Spain, Abyssinia and in the Far East, by linking up Italy, Germany, and Japan against China and the Democratic Powers of the West, including America.

Surrender of the Irish Ports by Appeasement Governments

On June 24th, 1914, a Treaty between the Pope and Serbia was signed at the Vatican by Serbian traitors on one hand, and Cardinal Merry del Val on the other. Serbia was a Greek Church nation, and this Treaty gave the schools of Serbia into the hands of the Roman Church at the financial expense of Serbia. This enraged the Serbian nation. They saw in it a plot to bring Serbia under the heel of Roman Catholic Austria, as had happened to Bosnia and Herzogovena in 1908. Four days later, on June 28th, the enraged Serbians shot the Austrian Archduke and his wife as soon as they entered Serbia, and the 1914-18 Great War began.*

All these facts prove conclusively that Britain and her Allies must sever [21] all relations with the Vatican and the Popes. There are far more than five reasons for keeping the Pope out altogether.

The tragic consequences of the surrender of the Irish Sea Ports to De Valera by the short-sighted British "Appeasement" Governments between 1922 and 1927 is now plain to all who have eyes to see. It has deprived the British Navy and the Royal Air Force of the whole of the Atlantic Naval Ports and Air Bases in Ireland. Germany in 1914-1918 had her spies in these Ports. Little doubt she has them there to-day. -See Times, July 8th, 1941.

God only can foresee what that Surrender may yet cost Britain in this World War. It may yet prove the greatest tragedy for 300 years.

It may yet cost Britain her trans-Atlantic merchant Fleet. Over 7,000,000 tons have been sunk down to July 21st, 1941, according to the B.B.C. Bulletin. These would equal 1,400 ships of an average of 5,000 tons each.

When the great fires and explosions engineered by the I.R.A. occurred all over England, it was a common practice of the Press to state that this was "no evidence of sabotage," that the fires and explosions were accidental!

* This Treaty has been kept a secret in all British and American Official Records. June 28th, 1914, is given in the Official Calendars, instead of June 24th, as the origin of the War. Rome dominates the British Foreign Office and little doubt the United States Foreign Department also

Constitution of The British
Council of Protestant Christian Churches


WHEREAS, It is the duty of all true churches of the Lord Jesus Christ to make a clear testimony to their faith in Him, especially in these darkening days of apostasy in many professing churches, by which apostasy whole denominations in their official capacity, as well as individual churches, have been swept into a paganizing stream of Romanism, false ecumenism and modernism under various names and in varying degree; and

WHEREAS, There has been a notable growth of autocratic domination on the part of civil and ecclesiastical leaders by whom the rightful powers of Protestant churches either have been usurped or are now being usurped; and

WHEREAS, The commands of God to His people to be separate from all unbelief and corruption are clear and positive; and also

WHEREAS, We believe the times demand the formation of an agency, [22] for fellowship and co-operation on the part of Bible-believing churches for the maintenance of a testimony pure and steadfast to the great fundamental truths of the Word of God as held by the historic Christian Church through the centuries, for the accomplishment of tasks which can better be done in co-operation than separately, and to facilitate the discharge of the obligations where inhere in the Commission of Christ to His Church,

THEREFORE, the constituent denominations form this Council, humbly relying upon God, do now establish it as an agency, without compromise or evasion, unreservedly dedicated as a witness to "the faith once for all delivered unto the saints."

Article I NAME

The name of this agency shall be the British Council of Protestant Christian Churches.

Article II

1. The Divine verbal inspiration of the Scriptures in the original languages, their consequent inerrancy and infallibility, and as the Word of God the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and practice. The Holy Scripture consists of the 66 Books, 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. We utterly reject the Apocrypha as part of the Canon of Scripture.

2. The Triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, one God the same in essence equal in power and glory.

3. The essential, absolute eternal Deity, and the real, proper and impeccably sinless Humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

4. His Incarnation and Virgin Birth by the miraculous operation of the Holy Spirit;

5. His Substitutionary expiratory death once and for all time in that He gave His life "a ransom for many" by His blood shedding.

6. His Resurrection from among the dead in the same body in which He was crucified and the Second Coming of the same Jesus in power and great glory.

7. The Total Depravity of man through the Fall so that he cannot will any good whereby he could merit salvation.

8. Salvation, the effect of Regeneration by the Holy Spirit and the Word, not by works, but by grace through faith alone.

9. The Everlasting joy of the saved, and the conscious everlasting torment of the lost in hell.

10. The real Spiritual Unity in Christ of all redeemed by His precious blood.

11. The necessity of maintaining, according to the Word of God the separation and purity of the Church in doctrine and life.

12. That it is the duty of a pure and separated church to "earnestly contend for the faith which was once [23] delivered unto the saints" and militantly to oppose Romanism, Ecumenism, Materialism and Communism and "any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine".


The Objects of this Council are:

1. To exhort the members to fervent love for our Lord and the Holy Bible, and to a burning zeal for the saving of lost souls (Heb. 10:24).

2. To encourage Christians and the churches in the fight for the faith (I Tim. 6:12) by prayer, fellowship, Bible study, church discipline, public meetings and testimony (Heb. 10:25).

3. To inform Christians, Churches and Missions of the development of the present worldwide struggle between true Christianity and Romanism, False Ecumenism, Modernism and all other forms of apostasy (Ezekiel 33:6).

4. To warn Christians, Churches and Missions of the sin of cooperation and compromise in the Lord's work with apostate churches, ministers and missionaries lest they be partakers of their evil deeds (2 John 11).

5. To urge upon sound Bible-believing Christians, Churches and Missions the duty to separate from all Churches, Church Councils or other organisations that persist in tolerating apostate leadership (2 Cor. 6:14-18; Rev. 18:4).

6. To promote the formation of uncompromising church councils and Bible-believing fellowships for a stronger united witness against apostate ecumenical domination.

7. To collect funds for Relief and Refugee Aid and to distribute such funds throughout the world where there is need and through agencies which maintain a pure gospel testimony.

8. To co-operate in Fellowship with like-minded organisations that God has raised up throughout the world, and to work for a Twentieth Century Reformation and Revival.


Membership shall be open to all Churches which accept the doctrinal statement and are separate from the World Council of Churches, the British Council of Churches, the Free Church Federal Council and the Irish Council of Churches. Christian Societies can, on the same basis, be affiliated to the Council. Applications by Churches for membership, and Societies for affiliation, shall be made on the appropriate form and presented, with a copy of its Articles of Faith and Rules, to the Council. If and when such application is approved by the Council, the appropriate certificate shall be issued. The Council does not seek the organic union of its member or affiliated bodies, nor will it trespass in any way upon their authority and autonomy.

[24] Associate membership shall be open to individual Christians who sign the doctrinal basis and are separate from the aforesaid Councils.


Meetings shall be held once in six months, or more often if necessary, for the transaction of business. The Officers shall consist of the National Chairman, General Secretary, Regional Secretaries, Minute Secretary, and Treasurer to be elected annually by the Council.

Representation on the Council shall be on the following basis:

1. Each affiliated Church shall be entitled to one member on the Council with full voting powers. The member for any affiliated Church must be duly notified to the Council by the appropriate Church Authority. The delegates of Groups of Churches will be able to cast the appropriate number of votes in keeping with their numerical strength and size. Churches with over fifty members will be entitled to a second voting delegate.

2. Representatives from affiliated Christian Societies and Associate members will be represented as determined by the Council.

3. The Council is vested with power to co-opt to their number from member churches, affiliated societies and associate members.

The expenditure of the Council shall be met by the free will offerings of supporting members and others. The Treasurer shall deposit all monies received by the Council with a bank designated. Withdrawals may not be made except with the signature of the Treasurer and one of two nominated signatories. The Treasurer shall submit a financial statement, approved by the Council, to the Annual Assembly and an interim report at each Council meeting. The annual financial statement shall be duly audited by a qualified accountant appointed by the Council. After defraying of current expenditure all surplus funds shall be applied exclusively to the furtherance of the Council's objects.


A Consultative Assembly shall be held once a year for the purpose of presenting a report of the work of the Council and the Statement of Accounts. All member churches and affiliated societies be encouraged to get their entire membership to attend. All associate members also to be invited.

100,000 Free Presbyterian Church Opens in Rasharkin

Moderator the Rev. Ian Paisley opened Rasharkin's new 100,000 Free Presbyterian Church on Saturday with the message that after 29 years of hardship and struggle the building was about to open a new chapter in the church's history.

He recalled how controversy and misrepresentation had surrounded the forming of a Free Presbyterian Church in the village.

"Many thought it would not last. They hurled all kinds of abuse on those going to the church and children walking to services were chased by dogs. But this new building is the proof that we are here to stay. It has come about because God has led us and guided us," he declared.

Dr. Paisley detailed the history of the Free Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland and also in Rasharkin.

Once, he said, the congregation had met in an old barn. Today their new church was a witness to the work done by the members of that early congregation.

The Moderator, who also looked at the work of the Free Presbyterian Church in countries around the world, took five verses from the Bible for his text with the central theme "ready".

He believed the "fire of revival" would burn in Rasharkin and the church would go forward in strength preaching the Word of God.

He added that it was time churches go back to the "old time style of preaching where a preacher was a preacher."

The opening ceremony began when Dr. Paisley received the presentation key to open the new building from architect, Mr. W. McCracken.

In his remarks, Minister of the church, the Rev. John Long paid tribute to the many people who had worked day and night to have the church ready for the September opening.

"I am amazed," he declared, "when I hear Christians say they have reached the end of the road. To hear them you would think God was dead. I believe the church should lift up its eyes to salvation first. It should move forward expecting nothing but victory because our God is a living God."

Mr. Long said he looked forward to a time when revival would sweep the country.

He spoke too of the many people who were instrumental in the building of the church and he made a number of presentations on behalf of [26] the congregation in appreciation of the work done.

Gifts were haded over to Mr. Samuel Logan, one of the founder elders; Mr. Thomas Scott; Mr. Willis McCracken; Mr. Roy Campbell and Mr. Jim Campbell. A picture of the first sod-cutting on the church site was handed over by Eric Stitt.

Clerk of Session Mr. Bobby Wilson presented a gift to Mr. Long and spoke of the minister's work in the area and his dedication to the church and congregation.

The site was given to the church by Mr. Andrew Wilson and the brickwork around the building done by Mr. John McCaughey.

Greetings on behalf of the home churches was brought by the Rev. Gordon Cooke, a former minister of Rasharkin, while greetings from the overseas churches was given by the Rev. Frank McClelland, who is home for a short while from Canada.

The offering for the church building fund topped 7,500.

Prayers were offered by the Rev. Jim Beggs, minister of Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church, and the Scripture reading by the Rev. Leslie Curran of Ballymoney.

There was special singing by the Ballymoney Youth Choir and guest soloist was the Rev. William McCrea.

Benediction was pronounced by the Rev. D. Lindon of Portglenone.

The church was filled to capacity for the service with people coming from as far away as Londonderry and Lurgan.

Ballymena Guardian - 11/9/80

The Enemy Within Our Gates

"The I.R.A. will soon show the British Government that its elaborate Air Raids precautions, on which it has spent millions, are at the mercy of scores of I.R.A. members who hold key posts."

"This, according to the New York Sun of June 27th, 1939, is what a young I.R.A. leader, at present in America, told one of the Sun reporters at a secret interview."

"This leader declared that hundreds of thousands of Irishmen were involved in the "war" against Britain."

"A training school in Dublin teaches volunteers how to imitate Englishmen in voice, dress and mannerisms, before [27] going to England to join the campaign." (*Some authorities declare that "Lord Haw-Haw" is an Irishman named Joyce who was a prominent London Fascist before the War. Many Londoners clearly recognize his voice on the wireless.)

The Sun newspaper stated that the leader - "a bitter-eyed man under thirty years of age," declared that the I.R.A. will abandon its policy of not taking British lives if one of their followers is sentenced to death, or dies in prison.

"If that happens," he said "our Expeditionary Force of secret agents in London and other English cities will blow up Power Stations, Underground Stations, Post Offices and other public buildings, regardless whether people are inside." Associated Press 28/6/39. Daily Mirror 28/6/39.

Suppressed by the British Press

This interview was published in the New York Sun on June 27th, 1939. On Friday, July 5th, 1940, President Roosevelt at a Press Conference in New York, stated amongst other disclosures that the United States Secret Service had discovered vast sabotage plots in the United States, and that explosives had been placed by plotters in the ships sailing from United States Ports. This news was broadcast in Britain in the 9 p.m. Home Service on Saturday night, July 6th, 1940. None of the British newspapers, so far as we can discover, published this disclosure! This same suppression happened in the 1914-1918 Great War. Nearly every one of the U.S. Irish Plots against Britain and British ships was completely suppressed in all British papers. This demonstrates the tremendous grip the Church of Rome has on the British Press. Mr. Duff Cooper in the Commons, July 17/40, stated that the B.B.C. was not subject to the same censorship as the Press. Rome has captured the British Press as this book clearly demonstrates.

Several Editors and Sub-Editors are Roman or Anglo-Catholics. They give great prominence to Roman Catholic news and personages. Note the Daily Telegraph and Times in particular.

Both the Times and Daily Telegraph refused to accept a paid advertisement for the first edition of this book in 1938! The very next day the first of the I.R.A. explosions occurred in the Midlands, on the Electric Grid system. The book was sent up to the Editor of both the Times and Daily Telegraph by the Author personally. The advertisement was refused on the ground that "the times are not propitious to advertise it"!


On January llth, 1939, Mr. [28] Neville Chamberlain, Prime Minister, and Lord Halifax, Foreign Secretary, in violation of the Act of Settlement, officially visited the Pope in the Vatican. Times, January 12th, 1939. Instead of the vainly hoped for appeasement, a most violent campaign of Irish terrorism broke out against England and has continued to swell in volume as the years pass by.

Two explosions occurred in London Tube Stations on Feb. 3/39.

The threat published in the New York Sun on June 27th, 1939, proves to have been no idle one, as the following list of Trials of Irish plotters in Britain, clearly demonstrates. The following are some of the principal Trials, as recorded in the Times and Daily Telegraph. Neither paper mentions the taking of the Sacrament by the Plotters. Sergt. Sullivan, the Irish R.C. Barrister, wrote the Press, deploring this. Times March 30/39.

March 28/39. Eight I.R.A. plotters sentenced at the Old Bailey to from 17 years to 7 years Penal Servitude, for conspiring to cause explosions. Several used false names. Times March 29/39. Names were Mason, Walsh, Casey, Preston, Healey, Lyons, Kane, O'Shea and Walker.

April 3/39. Seven I.R.A. plotters sentenced at the Old Bailey to from 10 years to 18 months for conspiring to cause explosions. Two others sentenced at Belfast on the same charge to 10 years. Times April 4/39.

The London Trials concerned explosions in Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff. The names were Wharton, Fitzpatrick, Mitchell, McCarthy, Ryan, Logue and Burns. Belfast Names were Walsh and McGivern.

April 4/39. Four I.R.A. plotters, and one Irish woman sentenced to 7 years Penal Servitude, at the Old Bailey for possessing explosives. Times April 5/39. Names were McGowan, Connolly, J. McCafferty, D. McCafferty and Molly Gallagher.

May 3/39. Two I.R.A. plotters sentenced at the Old Bailey to 20 years and 10 years for blowing up Hammersmith Bridge. Times May 4/39. Names were Connell and Browne.

May 4/39. An I.R.A. plotter named Martin sentenced to 10 years at Old Bailey for possessing explosives. Times May 5/39. His real name was Pearce McLaughlin.

May 17/39. Two I.R.A. plotters named McGillycuddy sentenced at Old Bailey for possessing explosives. Times May 18/39. Another Irishman named Murrihy sentenced to 5 years at the same Court. McGillcuddy brothers received 10 years.

May 18/39. Two I.R.A. plotters named Kelly and Foley sentenced at Old Bailey to 10 years and 5 years, for possessing explosives. Times May 19/39. They were associates of McGillycuday brothers.

May 19/39. Two I.R.A. plotters named Duignan and Campbell sentenced at Old Bailey to 10 years for possessing explosives. At Bow [29] Street Police Court on the same day 5 I.R.A. plotters charged with causing 4 explosions in London on May 3 and 4/39. Times May 20/39.

June 30/39. Five I.R.A. conspirators sentenced to 20 years at the Old Bailey for conspiring to cause explosions in London and Birmingham. Times July 1/39. Names were Dower, Murray, Kirk, McAleer and Lyons. Lyons justified his act as a Christian duty!

July 12/39. Two I.R.A. plotters sentenced to 20 years for conspiring to cause explosions in Manchester. Times July 13/40. Names were MacNessa and Duggan.

July 14/39. Two I.R.A. plotters named Clarke and Dunlea and 3 women sentenced to 20 years and 2 years respectively for possessing explosives and fire-arms. Times July 15/39. They were involved in the Birmingham explosion.

August 9/39. Two I.R.A. plotters named O'Hara and Carson sentenced at Glasgow to 10 years for possessing explosives. Times August 10/39.

September 21/39. Three I.R.A. plotters and 3 women accessories sentenced to 20 and 10 years respectively, for conspiring to cause explosions in London. Times September 22/39. Names were Nelson, Donaghy, Woods, McSweeney, Jones and Conway.

September 22/39. Two I.R.A. plotters sentenced to 10 years at the Old Bailey for conspiring to cause explosions in the U.K. Times September 23/39. Names were Moore and O'Regan.

October 27/39. Three I.R.A. plotters sentenced at Liverpool to from 7 to 20 years for conspiring to cause explosions in Liverpool. Times October 28/39. Names were Crompton, Kenneally and Carney.

November 17/39. One I.R.A. plotter and 2 Irish women sentenced at Caermarthen to 14 years and 5 years respectively for possessing explosives. Times November 18/39. Timmins and McSweeney.

November 23/29. A young I.R.A. plotter sentenced at Manchester to 20 years for conspiring to cause an explosion. Times November 24/39. His name was McCabe.

November 28/39. An I.R.A. plotter concerned in the Birmingham explosion sentenced at Leeds to 12 years, for possessing explosives. Times November 29/39, His name was McGowan.

December 14/39. Two I.R.A. conspirators sentenced to death at Birmingham for causing the Coventry explosion on August 21/39, killing or wounding 5 persons. Times December 15/39. Names were Barnes and Richards.

January 12/40. An I.R.A. plotter named Crotty sentenced at the Old Bailey to 10 years for conspiring to cause explosions in the U.K. Times January 13/40. Said to be the "brains" in England.

July 13/40. Government Food Depot in Belfast fired by I.R.A. Bacon, butter and eggs destroyed. [30] Times July 15/40.

Great numbers of explosions took place all over the country in Railway Cloak Rooms, Banks, Post Offices, Letterboxes, etc. Several innocent people were killed, including several Railway Officials. The perpetrators in most cases could not be traced; but the possession of explosives and fire-arms by I.R.A. sympathizers unerringly convicted the guilty.

The serious aspect of all this, is that these plotters were in many cases very ardent Roman Catholics, who went to Mass before perpetrating these explosion plots, which resulted in murder in several cases.

Sergt. Sullivan, K.C., an Irish R.C. Barrister, wrote: "The soldier of the Republic must be a Knight of the Blessed Sacrament. After a successful crime he must go to a shrine and burn candles and rattle Rosary beads that will impress recruits with the holiness of the cause." A. M. Sullivan. Times Mar. 30/39.

These men are a great danger today in our ammunition factories as they were in the United States in the Great War of 1914-18. They did 65,000,000 damage in the U.S. and Canada 1914-18.

An Irishman named Kelly was sentenced to 10 years Penal Servitude at Manchester on May 19/39 for stealing as a German Spy a Plan of the Royal Ordnance Factory at Buxton, Lancs. Times May 19/39.

New Church Opened At PORTGLENONE

On Saturday 1lth October, the new Free Presbyterian Church building in Portglenone was opened for the preaching of the Word of God.

Prior to the opening ceremony, which was conducted by the Moderator of the Presbytery, Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley, M.P., a March of Witness took place through the town led by the Covenanters Memorial Accordian Band.

The new building was packed to capacity with the overflow of the congregation gathered into the portable hall which was previously used for Worship. After the singing of the Psalm 121, the Rev. Gordon Cooke (Enniskillen) opened in prayer. The congregation were reminded by Rev. David Linden, the minister of the congregation, that the church was formed there as a result of a gospel campaign conducted by Rev. Cooke and Rev. Jim Beggs (Ballymena).

Mr. Beggs brought greetings from [31] the Churches. Among the other Ministers present were the Rev. Wm. McCrea who was the guest soloist, and Rev. Gordon Ferguson (London), who was formerly a student minister in Portglenone. Dr. Bob Jones, Chancellor of Bob Jones University, U.S.A., accompanied Dr. Paisley to the service and brought a word of greetings to the church. Rev. Hillis Fleming (Mount Merrion) read the Scripture and Dr. Ian Paisley preached the Word, taking for his text, Ezek. 43:1-9.

A Gospel Campaign commenced on Lord's Day 12th and continued for 3 weeks, with Dr. Paisley and Rev. Reggie Cranston (Newtownabbey) as the preachers. The convicting and converting power of God was evident. Four souls were saved and a backslider restored. To God be the glory.

The Minister and Congregation in Portglenone asks for the prayers of God's people, that the Lord's presence and power might be their portion to the saving of souls and the separation unto God of the people of God.