Editorial: The British Council of Protestant Christian Churches

Some years ago the British Council of Protestant Christian Churches was formed and carried out an aggressive and militant witness against the Ecumenical Movement and especially the treachery of Archbishop Ramsey (arch-traitor would be a more appropriate appellation).

While the Council was an autonomous body it affiliated itself to the International Council of Christian Churches I.C.C.C. For many reasons the Council ceased to operate effectually although the majority of its constituent members continued to fight the battle against apostasy. Now that the announcement has been made that the Pope is to visit Britain the majority of the foundation members of the Council, felt compelled to reconstitute the Council and go forward again together as an end time witness against all that God is against and for everything that God is for.

At a recent meeting in London representatives from the Strict Baptists, the Free Presbyterians, the Reformers Church, Liverpool and Jock Troup Memorial Church, Glasgow convened and the Council was reconstituted and reorganised and officers were appointed. The Council will be an autonomous British body unaffiliated on the International level.

As one of the constituent churches of the International Council of Christian Churches. The C.M.S. Anglican Church Diocese of Travancore and Cochin has recently in sending greetings to the I.C.C.C. declared that "THE MASS IS A TONIC" to its leader Bishop Steven the British Council in no way could associate itself with such a Council. It believes in clean cut separation with no compromise with popery or churches which go a massing. Events connected with the World Congress of Fundamentalists [3] brought out this difference. While opposition was experienced within the I.C.C.C. to a strong anti Rome stand the World Congress on the other hand unanimously condemned Rome and all her works.

The stand of the British Council will be the same as before and that stand will remain by God's help unchanged.

The following statement of the aim of the Council, published many years ago will be its aim in the coming days.

The Apostasy is Great

Every thinking Christian who holds the Bible to be the Word of God will realise that we live in days when a serious departure from the true faith has taken place in the professing Christian church. Liberalistic and modernistic teachings have infiltrated our theological colleges so that many in the pulpits of the churches of Britain deny the full inspiration of Scripture and the efficacy of the substitutionary death of the Lord. Almost every important fundamental doctrine which we hold dear has been questioned by the religious leaders of the large denominational churches. This grave departure, declension and apostasy has brought a blight upon our land the cloud of unbelief has covered the sunshine of the blessing of God.

The Rise of Ecumenism

When historians record the ecclesiastical history of today, no doubt this period will be called the age of unity or the era of ecumenism or perhaps the time of reconciliation. Since 1948, when it was formed, the World Council of Churches, expressed in this land by the British Council of Churches, has worked towards the establishing of a super-church with all denominational barriers abolished. On the surface of things it would seem that this might be a good thing, but the diligent student will find on examining the W. C. C. and the B. C. C. in the light of the Word of God that it is a modern tower of Babel rather than a temple of God and instead of expressing and enjoying the true unity of the Spirit, it only has a counterfeit of the devil. With its loose basis of faith it has a shaky foundation and its platform is so low that it can include all shades and opinions of men. Thus its leaders are men who deny much of the faith and declare plainly their ultimate objective is the inclusion of the Roman Catholic church together with the great religions of the world to make one great syncretistic system having great control and power. In Britain half of the local councils have Roman Catholic priests in membership.

The Serious Aim of Roman Catholicism

The Roman Catholic church is a strong and subtle foe of true Protestantism. Ever since the glorious Reformation, Rome has [4] been working to reverse its effects and to bring back to its own fold the 'straying Protestant sheep'. In recent years in our land there has been an acceleration in Rome's attempt to guide the religious affairs of our nation and to absorb Protestant denominations into itself. This has been, in effect, a subtle takeover bid unannounced by Rome, unnoticed by ecclesiastical leaders and unheeded by so many evangelicals.

Compromise is Dangerous

Compromise with any form of error whether in a personal life or church sphere is always dangerous. Therefore we call Christians to sever connections with the W.C.C. and those who would lead us in a path of betrayal to Rome.

THE PURPOSE of the British Council of Protestant Christian Churches

To Defend the Faith

With Paul we can say that we are set for the defence of the gospel and by all means in our power we intend to defend the Word of God with its glorious truths, as a precious jewel given to us as a sacred trust by the Lord.

To Expose Error

Christians need to be alerted and informed concerning the erroneous teachers of our day. We intend to expose them and their pernicious errors.

To Speak with a United Voice

Because of the urgency of the crisis hour in which we live, it is necessary that evangelical Protestants be able to unite for common action and to speak with one voice to the authorities of our land. The B.C.P.C.C. will be able to do this.

To Provide an Opportunity for True Bible Fellowship

Christians of various denominations who believe the Bible to be the totally inspired Word of God ought to be able to enjoy and express their unity and fellowship in Christ. The B.C.P.C.C. endeavours in its literature, arrangement of meetings and rallies, conferences, etc. to bring together Christians who love the truth and who are concerned to express fellowship on a true understanding of the doctrines of the Word of God.

Elsewhere in this edition you will find an announcement of the first public meeting of the Council. Give that meeting your full hearted support. We believe that the Council has come to the Kingdom "for such a time as this". [5]

First Free Presbyterian Church in Australia Opens

September 20th marked a new milestone in the history of the Free Presbyterian Church. That day the first ever Free Presbyterian Church in Australia was officially opened. With over 160 people packed into the new building, the largest number ever recorded in the church was reached. Praise God for His blessings!

The meeting was chaired by the minister, the Rev. Fred Buick, who has been pastoring the little flock there for almost three years. Pastor William J. Chinnery from Knoxville Jubilee Bible Christian Church opened the meeting in prayer and prayed for the blessing of the Lord upon the work in that part of South Australia. All the congregation was out in force that day including one family of members who travelled 600 miles from Keith to be there. Many friends from near and far joined us for that memorable occasion, and our hearts are full of gratitude to God for His mighty hand upon us.

Both the opening ceremony and the preaching of the Word of God was in the hands of the Clerk of Presbytery, the Rev. John Douglas. It was refreshing and upbuilding to hear the Word of God faithfully preached as Mr. Douglas spoke on the subject of true Christian love, basing his remarks upon Galations 5:22.

God was certainly in the midst that day, and speaking with power to our hearts. On the next morning, our first Lord's Day meeting in the new church, two precious souls were wonderfully saved. This certainly put a seal upon the whole occasion, and the following week was a time of good things for the people of God as Mr. Douglas preached the Word with power night by night.

As we look to the future, we pray that the Lord will bless the testimony in the Port Lincoln district. Already, new people have been in under the sound of the Word of God, and we look to the Lord in the future days to pour out His Spirit upon the work. Our sincere thanks go out to all our friends everywhere for the way they have encouraged us in many ways. May the Lord richly bless His work whether it be Uster, Canada, America or the mission fields to which His servants have gone. Thank you one and all for your help. Special thanks are offered to the Rev. John Douglas for his faithful and inspiring ministry amongst us. God's Word to us at this time is "The Lord is able to give thee much more than this." (2 Chron. 25:9).

Offerings for the day amounted to $2047.17 which when added to the gifts from other churches came to the sum of $12,547.17 cents. [8]

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The Minister and Congregation
Martyrs Memorial F.P.C.,


Wanilla 5606


Greetings in the precious Name of Christ our Saviour, and may the Blessings of the most Triune God rest upon the work of the Lord at Martyrs Memorial.

It is with grateful hearts that the church here at Pt. Lincoln in South Australia says "Thank you indeed!" for making it possible both financially and physically, for the Clerk of the Presbytery, the Rev. John Douglas to come to Pt. Lincoln to officially open the church building. The Lord will prove faithful to His Word 1 Cor. 9:7 ". . . GOD LOVETH A CHEERFUL GIVER", so may you experience that Love as the work goes forward in Northern Ireland.

We must tell of the strengthening of Gods people here as Rev. John Douglas has ministered the Gospel, and we rejoice in the Lord again sealing the work with the saving of two precious souls on the Lords Day 21/9/80.

Yours in the Gospel of Saving Grace

MR. ROBERT C. PARKER (secretary) [9]

Beautiful New Church Opened in Rasharkin

On Saturday 6th of September a beautiful new Free Presbyterian Church was opened in Rasharkin. The day was a red letter day in the history of the 4th Congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Rasharkin Congregation was formed in the early days of the Free Church's witness and was the fourth congregation to be constituted.

The Rasharkin congregation came into being amidst the fire of intense opposition and resistance. Violence was threatened and actually used against its members. Shots were fired at the Clerk of Session, Mr. Daniel Wallace J.P. by the Irish Presbyterian minister and dogs were set on the children attending the Free Presbyterian Sabbath School. The Free Presbyterians because they renovated a barn as a Meeting House were called and ridiculed all round the country, the Irish Presbyterian minister leading the campaign, as the Paisley barn rats.

Through good report and ill report the congregation thrived. Dr. Paisley held an evangelistic campaign in the new church when God graciously moved with revival power. Some forty precious souls publicly professed Christ as Saviour. One of the converts of that campaign is now the Clerk of Session of the Rasharkin congregation. Thank God for fruit that remained.

The congregation down through the years was ably pastored by Revs. Cecil Menary, S. B. Cooke, Gordon Cooke and now Rev. John Long.

The congregation under his leadership has erected the beautiful new building which is now their new home.

The opening meeting was an historic one and the evangelistic campaign which followed was a season of divine refreshing with a number of precious souls being gloriously saved. The congregation and its new Meeting House stand forth as living witnesses to the goodness of our faithful God.

Amidst much tribulation we enter the kingdom and there is no discharge in this war. We will carry a full report next month of the opening, with photographs, illustrating the amenities of the new Meeting House. [10]

A Sermon preached in the Martyrs Memorial Church on Lord's Day
15th September, 1980 by Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley. (Electrically

I want to speak to you this morning upon a very timely subject, 'How to set the church on fire'. I have three scriptures. One of them is an exclamation, one of them is an interrogation and one of them is an affirmation.

The exclamation you will find in James chapter 3 verse 5, "Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth".

The interrogation you will find in Luke chapter 24, verse 32, "Did not our hearts burn within us, while He talked to us by the way, and while He opened unto us the scriptures"?

The affirmation you will find in Matthew chapter 3, verse 11, "He shall baptise you with the Holy Ghost and fire".

We had a week of prayer preceding our winter's work, and as I was kneeling at the Communion Table, as those prayer meetings went on, like a flash this topic of setting the church on fire came into my mind. Immediately seven simple things which are necessary to setting the church on fire were impressed upon my mind. I am going to take those simple points today.

If you are going to light a fire in your home there are certain things you do, and if we are going to light a fire in this church, and God knows we need it, and every believer needs it, from the pulpit to the pew, then we have got to follow these same simple rules. What do you do when you want to light a fire?


You get into your working clothes. That is what you do. You do not set about lighting the fire in your Sunday best. You do not set about lighting the fire when you are all dressed up and ready to go and make a social call. No sir! You light the fire when you first of all get into your working clothes.

Mr. Nicholson used to say, "God is not looking for loafers. God is looking for labourers in the church". I would add to that and say, God is not looking for wasters. God is looking for workers in the church today. I would like to set every believer to work. Of course, in the church of today the majority of members are sleeping partners. You know what a sleeping partner is in a firm? He is somebody who does no work, but on the day when the dividend is being paid he is there with both his hands out for the share. That is what a sleeping partner is.

The vast majority of God's people are sleeping partners. They have never [11] taken off their coats. They have never rolled up their sleeves. They have never attired themselves in the labourer's overalls and said, 'With all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind I'm going to work for Jesus Christ'. Oh yes, when the church is doing well they are there for the dividend, but when the church is not doing well, when things are hard, (and things often become hard) when the tide goes out, when the old gospel plough is hitting the rocks and bouncing out of the furrow, and there is not much progress being made, then they sit back in the critic's chair and they say, "We could do with a change of preacher". Of course you could! The preacher needs to be changed by the mighty power of the Holy Ghost.

An old woman went to John Wesley one day and said, "I think, Mr. Wesley, we need a change of preacher". He said, "I am sure you do, Madam", "Now", he said, "I will tell you how you change him. You pray him on fire and the people will come out to see him burn". John Wesley was right! It was Spurgeon who said, "If there is a fireman in the pulpit, there will not be many snowmen left in the pew. They will melt". How true it is!

Did you ever think of getting into your working suit in this church? Did you ever think of rolling up your sleeves? Did you ever think of saying, "I come and go from God's house twice on a Sunday, I'm very seldom at a prayer meeting, I have never been to the outreach work. I have never even visited the Sunday School, nor have I ever asked could I do anything, but, God, today forgive me for my laziness, Forgive me for loafing so long. Forgive me for wasting so much time. God, this day I will put on my working clothes and start working for Thee". If you say, "What will I do"? Come and see me, I have a hundred jobs in this church which need done. I could do with a hundred volunteers today. I will give you plenty to do. The trouble will be I will give you so much to do you will say, "You will work me to death preacher". Yes! Will you think of doing it? Are you going to sit back in the critic's chair? Are you going to sit back in the loafer's seat? Are you going to sit back in the place of inactivity and be a sleeping partner?

I can remember not long after coming to this city, parts of the County Down Railway were sold off. There was a great big advertisement in the Belfast Telegraph, it read like this, "Thousands of old sleepers for sale. Will make good firing". I would like to hang that outside our church: "Thousands of old sleepers for sale". Have we not slept while the enemy has sowed the tares amongst us. That is the first thing you do, you get into your working suit.


The second thing you do if you are going to light a fire. You clean the chimney. That is what you do.

What is the chimney? That is the road up to the sky. You know what has [12] happened in God's people's lives, in your life? That road to heaven has been sooted up. It has been blocked up. The wind and the draft has no through road to the heavens.

How many Christians here today, and the Holy Ghost - the wind of God has no through way to the heavens? Blocked up, sure! Blocked up with the soot, and the grime, and the backsliding, and the prayerlessness and the worldliness of years. Yes sir! You could not light a fire in those circumstances. Every time you get it kindled it goes out. There is no draft. You need the chimney cleaned.

I remember in the old days when the chimney sweep used to come to our house. I tell you it was a terrible time. There is nothing upsets a house like the chimney sweep cleaning the chimneys.

You know what God's people need? You know what this church needs? We need to be upset. Yes! You know what your life needs? The upsetting of the purging of God in your soul. If God starts to cleanse you to get a clean sweep right up to heaven, things will happen. The home will be upset. The business will be upset. The church will be upset. The people will be upset. God's people do not want to be upset today.

I was talking to a man and he said to me, "We have a lovely church. Never any trouble in it. Everything goes well. We have two services on Sunday. We meet once during the week for prayer and it only lasts an hour. We never have the prayer meeting after 9 o'clock. We are sure to get home exactly on the minute of nine. We have an arrangement with the preacher. He never goes five minutes over, and it is wonderful". I said, "Is it? How many souls do you get saved"? "Oh, we do not go in for that sort of thing. We have an odd mission occasionally and then we get a few souls". I said, "You know what you have? You have got the peace of the graveyard. Wonderful peace there". Death will give you peace, peace in the shroud. What about cleaning the chimney today? What about getting the brush up the chimney? What about asking God to get into your life where the cobwebs, and the soot and the filfth are? Would you like your heart to be laid open to this church this morning? Of course you would not. If your heart is cleansed by the precious Blood you would not care, because "The Blood of Jesus Christ, God's Son, cleanseth us from all sin". What about cleaning the chimney? You will never light the fire until that is done. There are a lot of churches and they are busy trying to kindle the fire but there is no draft, no way to heaven.

"If I regard iniquity in my heart God will not hear me". Go on praying. Go on shouting in your prayers. Go on getting worked up in your prayers. At the end of the day there will not be an answer. But a whispered prayer and a clean chimney will be a prayer that will go straight to heaven and get God's answer. What about it today? I wonder how many believers are saying, "Brother, I need the brush, I need the hyssop. I need the cleansing. I need the purging. I want God to do it". [13]


The third thing you do. You never light a fire until you get down on your knees. You try getting the fire set without kneeling down and you will hurt your back, and then you will have more difficulty getting on your knees the next time.

That is what God's people are trying to do, trying to kindle the fire without getting on their knees in prayer.

We have a morning prayer meeting in this church. The room should be filled. I was thrilled last Sunday. I was in Ballymena. They had sixty to eighty people in the prayer meeting before the service. No wonder God is blessing them! About time we had our prayer meeting absolutely filled. Did you ever think that this church starts at half past ten, not half past eleven, as far as God is concerned? Now if you were a Romanist, the old priest would have you out for seven o'clock Mass, and dear help you if you did not come and pay up.

I ask you to come, as God's servant, at half past ten. If this church caught fire you know what would happen? We would have to have the prayer meeting here in the outer building. That is what happened in the old church down the road. The prayer room was so small we had to meet in the outer church building for prayer.

You could not start your own business at half past ten. You would be clocking in at nine o'clock, and dear help you if you didn't! Maybe it would be eight o'clock. So what about clocking in some morning at half past ten. It would be a wonderful thing if next Sunday morning a hundred people decided to come to the prayer meeting. You know what would happen? There would be a message sent to Hell. The Devil would be telephoned, Something has happened on the Ravenhill Road. They are turning up for the prayer meeting. Yes! You know, the Devil sends a battalion of devils to this church every Sunday to look after us; to hinder the preaching of the Gospel. Maybe you did not know that but you better know it. I wonder what sickly little devils he sends here? 'There is not much going to happen in that church, do not send too many'.

I remember telling them down the road, he used to send a little sickly devil to our church and we gave that little devil such a beating up one morning, when God filled us with the Holy Spirit, he went back and said to Satan, 'I'm never going back there, They nearly killed me this morning'. The Devil sent a few more the next Sunday and we cleaned them up, and a few more the next Sunday, and then he came himself and then we cleaned him up. It is about time the devil realised that this church means business. Do you mean business? Do I Mean business? Do we really mean it? All right, get down on your knees. Never light a fire until you get on your knees.


In the old days before they had central heating, when I was in Bible College I [14] used to light the fire in the College, and I rose at 5 o'clock, and every morning at 5 o'clock I was on my knees cleaning out the ashes. Never light a fire until you clean out the ashes. That is the next thing you have to do, clean out the old burnt out ashes.

I wonder how much old burned up stuff is still to be found in our lives and is clogging the grate. Maybe some old bitterness that we have in our hearts. You know the Bible says, 'Any root of bitterness'.

Some Christians, you know, away down in their hearts have a root of bitterness against some other brother. Now, of course, that brother may have offended them, and they might even be in the right. But, my friend, if you are in the right and you are bitter, then you are in the wrong. I want you to know that. There are so many of God's people and when you dig into their lives there is an old root of bitterness. I have prayed for years that God will keep me sweet. Sometimes it is very difficult! I will tell you how you keep sweet. You eat the honey of the Book every morning and that will keep you sweet, but if you go off the honey you will get sour. So keep on the honey, it will keep you sweet. Yes, they have become bitter and they have allowed the ashes to clog the grate. Brother, bring the ash bucket in this morning and get the whole lot cleaned out. It will do a good job for you.

You say, 'I have not been feeling too well' No wonder. You will never be healthy until you are holy. The best and most healthy people are the people that are holy. I am not talking now about physical disability, because some of the most healthy saints live in weak bodies but they are still healthy as far as God is concerned. Yes! What about getting the ash bucket in this morning. Maybe you will have to take two ash buckets, maybe three, four, five or six. Maybe you will need a skip before you are over. Come on, up with the ashes this morning. Yes! Oh, you are laughing, but you know perfectly well there are a lot of ashes around your soul.

Would it not be wonderful if God brought in the ash buckets this morning and God's people said, "Yes, I am willing to let go. I am not going to hold on to that old bitterness any more. I am not going to allow it to rule in my life. I am making a clean sweep for God Hallelujah! All the ashes are going this morning. I am going to have a clean job". Yes, clean the grate. Get on your knees to do it. Mean business!


What is the next thing you do? You secure good kindling. Yes! Now there are some things which won't burn too well, so you don't put them on the fire first. You have a bit of sense and titter of wit.

I went into a house some time ago and there was a man trying to light the fire [15] and he put the coals on first, the sticks on second, and the paper on next, and he worked at it, and he said to me, "It will not light". I said, "Never, it will never light". "Now" I said, "I will show you how to light a fire". So I pulled everything off that fire. Raked the ashes down onto the hearth. He said, "You are making a mess". I said, "I am making a fire. That is what I am making". I raked the ashes down onto the hearth, and then came the lady of the house, she said, "What are you doing, Dr. Paisley"? I said, "I am going to show this man how to light a fire. That is what I am going to do". First of all I got paper for kindling, then I rolled up the papers tightly in order that they might kindle. Then I put the wood on the top of it, and then I put the coals on the top of that. I said, "Get me the paraffin oil", and I soaked it in paraffin oil and then I put the match to it. The man stood back, he says, "It is actually going". I said, "Sure, that is the way you light a fire".

Let me tell you this morning in this meeting that we need to get material which will kindle.

You do not put on old hard wood first or lumps of coal. You get something that will kindle. I was asking myself could God use me for a kindler, or would I need a furnace going white hot before I would ever catch fire. Would you ask yourself that question, "Could I be one of the kindlers? Does the furnace need to be white hot before I would ever burn"? Ask yourself that question. Search your heart. Could God use me to be a kindler for a great revival? Is my heart subdued? Is it soft? Is it tender? Is there any passion for souls within my breast? Do I really love God with all my heart? Or am I such hard wood, such tough coal that I would never burn until the furnace is red hot?

God is looking for kindlers in this house today. God make me a kindler of the fire! That is my prayer. God help me to be in on the ground floor of revival! God help me to be like one of those four men in the old Kells Meeting House who were kindlers! What a fire they lit. A hundred thousand souls in one year in 1859 because four men prayed. They were kindlers!

Evan Roberts attended the prayer meeting for 12 years. His mother said, one night, "Evan you are not well. Do not go". He said, "What if the Holy Ghost came tonight? I would miss". So he went, and the Holy Ghost came, and he lay over the pew in that Presbyterian Meeting House, and with his arms outstretched, he said, "Lord, bend me! Lord, bend me! Lord bend me"! And the Holy Ghost came and the 1904 Revival swept the Principality of Wales, for God had got a kindler, God is looking for kindlers in this church today. Is He going to get them? Or are we just going to run this winter's work as we always run it, hum drum, few people saved, content if eight or nine people get saved on a Sunday night. We think it is wonderful. God could give us eighty souls every Sunday night. It is nothing to Him. God did not give us this house to have half the pews empty. God gave us this house to fill every one of them. [16] What about it? Are you going to be a kindler? Are you? Secure good kindling. Oh, that God would give me a few men, a few women in this church who will be good kindlers, who will pray this preacher through with all his responsibilities and all his labours! It seems to me, as I go forward, my responsibilities are ever increasing, and the weight is more heavy. I tell you, it makes it easy for me to do God's work when this church is burning and blazing for God. It is easy to do it. Will you be a kindler today?


Then you build the fire, and you build it in the ordered manner, with the kindling first, then the wood and then the coals. You say, "What do you build a fire with"? I tell you what you build the fire with, With your whole body, Soul and spirit. "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your body a living sacrifice":

O, see me on the altar lay,
My life, my all, this very day;
To crown the offering now I pray,
Send the fire!

God is looking for your bodies!

As R. B. Jones the great Welsh preacher said, Christians do not understand what their spirit and soul is, but they know what their body is. No difficulty about that. You put your body on the altar today. Would you? Build the fire! I wonder how high the fire will be built in this church today? I wonder how many presentations God will have today? I wonder how many people will say, 'Yes, Oh God, here is my body. I want to build this fire'.


Then you pour on the oil. Soak it in the oil. Thank God for God the Holy Ghost! Thank God for the third Person of the Blessed Trinity! Thank God for this wonderful experience of being filled with the Holy Ghost!

When I am talking about that I am not talking about the Charismatic itch. I am not talking about jabbering in incoherent speech. Nicholson used to say that neither God, woman nor barnyard fowl would know what they were croaking about. I am not talking about that. I am totally opposed to the Charismatic Movement. It is a deception of the Devil, a move in the Ecumenical Movement to take people to Rome. It is the False Prophet Movement. I believe in the genuine infilling of the Holy Ghost. I believe men and women could be filled with the Holy [17] Ghost, and when they are filled with the Holy Ghost you know what they receive? They receive power, "Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you" (Acts 1:8). That is what we need. We need power. The preacher needs power. This pulpit needs power. The pews need power. Thank God we can be soaked in the oil today. O, Blessed Spirit, come and soak us!

John Bunyan, in his Pilgrim's Progress, tells about the House of the Interpreter. Christian went in and there was a fire in the wall. He went round the side of the wall and there was the Devil with buckets of water trying to put out the fire. The more, however, the Devil poured water on the fire the more the fire blazed up. He turned to the Interpreter and he said, 'What does it mean'? The Interpreter brought him round the other side of the wall and there was the Holy Ghost putting on buckets of oil.

I want to tell you, if you have the Holy Ghost the fire will never be put out. If you make up your mind to burn for God there will be plenty of people to pour buckets of water upon you, yes, and filled with ice blocks as well to cool you down.

I remember when I started preaching very roughly down the road, certain officers of my church came to me and said, 'You are getting too extreme'. I said, 'I will never be extreme enough to set you on fire. You are as dry as the dust on Pharaoh's mummy, and I will never stop until I get you on fire'. Some of them caught fire, others were blistered and left. It did not make a bit of difference, for if the fire does not bless you it will blister you.

Tell me, are you prepared to ask God to soak you in the Holy Ghost? Oh, there is a price to be paid. It takes time to make a fire. You just don't make it in a few seconds. There is work to be done.


You could have your working clothes on. You could have the chimney cleaned. You could get down on your knees. You could get rid of the ashes. You could get the good kindling. You could build a fire and soak it with oil, and it would not be a fire, until you apply the torch. You have got to get the touch of the flame on it. The touch of the flame. 'He shall baptise you with the Holy Ghost and fire'. 'Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth' - 'Did not our hearts burn, burn, burn within us'.

Brother, sister, you need that flame today.
Thou Christ of burning, cleansing flame,
Send the fire!

God can send it now! I trust that men and women in this church will experience the fire. If this sermon is any good the prayer meeting tonight will be filled out. You will be building a fire. If this sermon is any good there will be vast [18] increase of people on Tuesday and Thursday at the early morning prayer meetings. There will be a big crowd of men here on Friday night for the power house. If this sermon is just another sermon it will only for a moment disturb the placid, stagnant waters of this church, and then it will be forgotten.

Please God, God will write this truth in our hearts! My prayer is, Lord, make me a kindler! I want to be a kindler for Thee, in on the ground floor of the great revival which the church needs and which I believe God will send in answer to our prayers!



PULPIT CLASSIC - The Chorus of Christ

"To behold my glory which Thou has given me" John 17.24

A Sermon by Rev. Robert Murray McCheyne of Dundee.
Preached at the Communion in St. Peter's Dundee on January, 19th, 1840.

First, The original glory of Christ. - This is His underived, uncreated glory, as the equal of the Father. It is spoken of in Prov. viii. 30: "Then I was by Him, as one brought up with Him; I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before Him". And again, in this prayer: "The glory which I had with Thee before the world was" (vers. 5). Of this glory no man can speak, no angel, no archangel. One thing alone we know, that we are to honour the Son, even as we honour the Father. He shared with the Father in being the all-perfect One, when there was none to admire, none to adore, no angels with golden harps, no seraphs to hymn His praise, no cherubim to cry, Holy, holy, holy. Before all creatures were, He was - one with the infinitely perfect, good, and glorious God. He was then all that He afterwards showed Himself to be. Creation and redemption did not change Him. They only revealed what He was before. They only provided objects for those beams of glory to rest upon, that were shining as fully before, from all eternity. Eternity will be much taken up with praising God that ever He [24] revealed Himself at all; that ever He came out from the retirement of His lovely and blissful eternity.

Second, When He became flesh. - "The Word was made flesh". Christ did not get more glory by becoming man, but He manifested His glory in a new way. He did not gain one perfection more by becoming man; He had all the perfections of God before. But now these perfections were poured through a human heart. The almightiness of God now moved in a human arm. The infinite love of God now beat in a human heart. The compassion of God to sinners now glistened in a human eye. God was love before, but Christ was love covered over with flesh. Just as you have seen the sun shining through a coloured window, - it is the same sunlight still, and yet it shines with a mellowed lustre, - so in Christ dwelt all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. The perfection of the Godhead shone through every pore, through every action, word, and look, the same perfections, - they were only shining with a mellowed brightness. The veil of the temple was a type of His flesh, because it covered the bright light of the holiest of all. But just as the bright light of the Shechinah often shone through the veil, so did the Godhead of Christ force itself through the heart of the man Christ Jesus. There were many openings of the veil when the bright glory shone through.

1. When He turned the water into wine - He manifested forth His glory, and His disciples believed on Him. Almighty power spoke in a human voice, and the love of God, too, shone in it; for He showed that He came to turn all our water into wine.

2. When He wept over Jerusalem - That was a great outlet of His glory. There was much that was human in it. The feet were human that stood upon Mount Olivet. The eyes were human eyes that looked down upon the dazzling city. The tears were human tears that fell upon the ground, but oh, there was the tenderness of God beating beneath that mantle! Look and live, sinners. Look and live. Behold your God! He that hath seen a weeping Christ hath seen the Father. This is God manifest in the flesh. Some of you fear that the Father does not wish you to come to Christ and be saved. But see here, God is manifest in flesh. He that hath seen Christ hath seen the Father. See here the heart of the Father and the heart of the Son laid bare. Oh, wherefore should you doubt? Every one of these tears trickles from the heart of God.

3. On the Cross - The wounds of Christ were the greatest outlets of His glory that ever were. The divine glory shone more out of His wounds that out of all His life before. The veil was then rent in twain, and the full heart of God allowed to stream through. It was a human body that writhed, pale and racked, upon the accursed tree; they were human hands that were pierced so rudely by the nails; it was human flesh that bore that deadly gash upon the side; it was human blood that streamed from hands, and feet, and side; the eye that meekly [25] turned to His Father was a human eye; the soul that yearned over His mother was a human soul. But oh, there was divine glory streaming through all! Every wound was a mouth to speak of the grace and love of God! Divine holiness shone through. What infinite hatred of sin was there when He thus offered Himself a sacrifice without spot unto God! Divine wisdom shone through: all created intelligences could not have devised a plan whereby God would have been just, and yet the justifier. Divine love; every drop of blood that fell came as a messenger of love from His heart to tell the love of the fountain. His was the love of God. He that hath seen a crucified Christ hath seen the Father. Oh, look on the broken bread, and you will see this glory still streaming through! Here is the heart of God laid bare, - God is manifest in flesh. Some of you are poring over your own heart, - examining your feelings, - watching your disease. Avert the eye from all within. Behold Me, - behold Me! Christ cries. Look to Me, and be ye saved. Behold the glory of Christ! There is much difficulty about your own heart, but no darkness about the heart of Christ. Look in through His wounds; believe what you see in Him.

Third, Christ's glory above - I cannot speak of this. I trust I shall one day soon see it. He has not laid aside the glory which He had on earth. He is still the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. But He has got more glory now. His humanity is no more a veil to hide any of the beams of His Godhead. God shines all the more plainly through Him. He has got many crowns now, - the oil of gladness now, - the sceptre of righteousness now.

Heaven will be spent in beholding His glory - We shall see the Father eternally in Him. We shall look in His face, and in His human eye shall read the tender love of God to us for ever. We shall hear from His holy human lips plainly of the Father. "In that day I shall no more speak to you in parables, but show you plainly of the Father". We shall look on His scars, healed, yet plain and open on His hands, and feet, and side and heaven-bright brow, and shall read eternally there the hatred of God against sin, and His love to us that made Him die for us. And sometimes, perhaps, we may lean our head where John leaned his, upon His holy bosom. Oh, if heaven is to be spent thus, what will you do, who have never seen His glory?

Oh, beloved, if your eternity is to be spent thus, spend much of your time thus! If you are to be thus engaged at the table above, but thus engaged now at the table below.

"As certain also of your own poets have said" (Acts xvii. 28).


"My days are in the yellow leaf;
The flowers and fruits of life are gone;
The worm the canker, and the grief
Are mine alone". -Byron

If ever man was able to speak from experience of the disappointments and dissatisfaction to be found in "the pleasures of sin", that man was Lord Byron. While yet a young man, to use his own words, he "awoke one morning to find himself famous", and soon became the idol of the gay circles of London. Time, money, and health were recklessly sacrificed as he plunged into the vortex of pleasures and vice - if enjoyment is to be found at all in these things, Byron's cup must have been full.

The touching lines at the head of our tract give his own opinion of it, penned ere he died in a distant land. Like many another man before and since, he found out that "the way of transgressors is hard", that even in time, sin brings its remorse, to say nothing of the sufferings of the sinner in eternity.

Possibly the lines may meet the eye of one bent as Byron was in extracting as much pleasure from this poor world as possible, regardless of the cost to body and soul. Reader, remember the Word of God has said, "Be not deceived, God is not mocked: whatsoever a man soweth that also shall he reap". What will the harvest be to a life such as you are leading?

When your days are "in the yellow leaf", when your life on earth draws near its close, when the summer of your careless, God-forgetting, though perhaps jovial career, becomes merged in the shadows of eternity, what then? With poor Byron, your bitter remorse will be:

"The worm, the canker, and the grief Are mine alone".

And not only so, but what about meeting the God whose love you have slighted, and the Saviour whose atoning work has been ignored by you? What about the Great White Throne before which you must stand to hear the dread sentence from the Judge of all the earth? Have you taken this into account in your life? [28]

Prophecies of Centuries Fulfilled in a Day By Herman Newmark

IN THE NEW TESTAMENT (Matthew 26,56) we read: "But all this was done that the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled".

What are these "Scriptures of the Prophets"?

Reference to the Old Testament shows that these prophecies were written by Jewish prophets some 1,000 to 500 years before these events occurred.

WE HAVE SELECTED TWENTY-FIVE SPECIFIC PROPHECIES concerning the sufferings of the Messiah, all of which were fulfilled in Jesus of Nazareth during the 24 hours leading up to His crucifixion.

WE INVITE THE READER to look up these Scriptures for himself and draw his own conclusions therefrom.


1. He was to be sold for thirty pieces of silver. Prophecy: Zechariah 11, 12. Fulfilment: Matthew 26, 14, 15.

2. He was to be betrayed by a friend. Prophecy: Psalms 55, 12 to 14; 41,9. Fulfilment: Matthew 26, 47 to 50; John 13, 18.

3. The money obtained was to be cast to the potter. (a) silver, (b) 30 pieces, (c) thrown down (d) in the House of the Lord, (e) used to purchase field. Prophecy: Zechariah 11, 13. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 3 to 10.

4. His disciples were to forsake Him. Prophecy: Zechariah 13,7. Fulfilment: Matthew 26, 56 and Mark 14, 27.

5. He was to be accused by false witnesses. Prophecy: Psalms 35, 11; 109, 2. Fulfilment: Matthew 26, 59, 60.

6. He was to be smitten and spat upon. (a) smitten, (b) on face (c) spit upon (d) upon face. Prophecy: Isaiah 50, 4 to 6. Fulfilment: Luke 22, 64; Matthew 26, 67, 68.

7. He was to be dumb before His accusers. Prophecy: Isaiah 53, 7. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 12 to 14, and I Peter 2, 23.

8. He was to be wounded and bruised. Prophecy: Isaiah 53,- 51. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 26, 29.

9. He was to fall under the cross. Prophecy: Psalm 109, 24. Fulfilment: John 19, 17, and Luke 23, 26.

10. His hands and feet were to be pierced. Prophecy: Psalm 22, 16. Fulfilment: Luke 23, 33; John 20, 25 to 27. [29]

11. He was to be crucified with thieves. Prophecy: Isaiah, 53, 12. Fulfilment: Mark 15, 27, 28.

12. He was to pray for His persecutors. Prophecy: Isaiah 53, 12; Psalm 109, 4. Fulfilment: Luke 23, 34.

13. The people were to shake their heads. Prophecy: Psalm 109,25; 22, 7. Fulfilment: Matt. 27:39.

14. The people were to ridicule Him. Prophecy: Psalm 22, 8. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 41, 43.

15. The people were to be astonished. Prophecy: Psalm 22, 17; Isaiah 52, 14. Fulfilment: Luke 23, 35.

16. His garments were to be parted and lots cast for His vesture. Prophecy: Psalm 22, 18. Fulfilment: John 19, 23, 24.

17. He was to cry: "My God, My God. Why hast Thou forsaken Me"? Prophecy: Psalm 22, 1. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 46.

18. They were to give Him gall and vinegar. Prophecy: Psalm 69, 21. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 34; John 19, 28, 29.

19. He was to commit Himself to God. Prophecy: Psalm 31, 5. Fulfilment: Luke 23, 46.

20. His friends were to stand afar off. Prophecy: Psalm 38, 11. Fulfilment: Luke 23, 49.

21. His bones were not to be broken. Prophecy: Psalm 34, 20; Exodus 12, 46. Yet were to be "Out of joint" (crucifixion pangs). "I may tell all my bones". Psalm 22, 14, 17. Fulfilment: John 19, 31 to 36.

22. His side was to be pierced. Prophecy: Zechariah 12, 10. Fulfilment: John 19, 34 to 37.

23. His heart was to be broken. Prophecy: Psalm 22, 14. Fulfilment: John 19, 34.

24. Darkness was to cover the land. Prophecy: Amos 8, 9. Fulfilment: Matthew 27, 45.

25. He was to be buried in a rich man's tomb. Prophecy: Isaiah 53,9. Fulfilment: Matthew 27,57 to 60.

These events were all fulfilled in detail in 24 hours in the experience of Jesus of Nazareth. According to the law of compound probabilities, the chance that they all happened together by accident is 1 in 33,000,000.

The conclusion is inevitable, that the Bible is what it claims to be, the Word of the Living God, and that Jesus Christ is the true Messiah.

Since these prophecies of His sufferings have been so literally fulfilled, we are justified in expecting as literal a fulfilment of the any other prophecies of Messiah's glorious reign.

"These are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing, ye might have life in His Name". - John 20, 31.

"Those things, which God has already showed by the mouth of all His prophets, that Christ should suffer, He hath so fulfilled". - Acts of the Apostles 3, 18. [30]

Notes from my Bible by Dr. Ian R. K. Paisley


Verse 1

Only woman in the Bible whose age at her death is recorded.

Verse 2

Question. Had Abraham been away from home when Sarah died? Hebron - first mention.

Verse 4

He had God's title deed to the whole land yet he did not actually own one inch.

Verse 6

A man's character will in the end be acknowledged.

Verse 15

The coin of redemption, silver.

Verse 16

The blood was the universal coinage of our redemption.

Verse 17

The dust of the saints made sure until the resurrection morning.

Verse 18

The gate of the city-the place of authority see ch. 19:1.


Verse 1

No limitation to God's blessing. Eph. 1:3.

Verse 2

The secret place of life.

Verse 4

Separation must be maintained in the marriage bond.

Verse 6

On no account can there be any going back.

Verse 7

The faith of Abraham rested on the promise of God.

Verse 8

Separation again reiterated.

Verse 10

Eliezer, a type of Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes to the sinner first in the ten commandments of the word. Holy Spirit the Execution of the Godhead.

Verse 11

The Holy Spirit is at the Well of Salvation.

Verse 14

The Eternal Election of God.

Verse 16

The Church beautiful in the eyes of Christ. Eph. 5:27.

Verse 20

The sinner hastened under the bidding of the Spirit.

Verse 22

The ear of the sinner first receptive to the Spirit and then the Lord. The ten commandments are a delight to the sinner saved by grace. Ps. 19:1 1. [31]

Verse 29

The haste of the sinner under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Songs 1:4.

Verse 31

The welcome of the sinner to Christ. John 1: 12. Room for God's commandments.

Verse 50

Salvation is of the Lord.

Verse 53

Redemption riches
Precious promises, precious, precious blood of Jesus.

Verse 58

The ready response of the believing heart.

Verse 60

The saved sinner will be a producer.

Verse 61

We come to Christ on His commandments.

Verse 62

Christ at the well. See John 4:6.

Verse 63

Christ first sees the sinner.

Verse 64

The sinner next sees Christ.

Verse 65

The enquiry and humility of the coming sinner.

Verse 67

The love of Christ for His Church. Is. 53:11.


Verse 1

Abraham's third wife Keturah: Obedience to God gave Abraham a new lease of life.

Verse 2

Abraham's six sons by Keturah - 6 number of man - these six were sons after the, flesh. Ishmael was also after the flesh but Isaac was after the Spirit.

Verse 5

'All' to Isaac. The child of promise is blessed with all spiritual blessing. Ephesians 1:3; Romans 8:32.

Verse 6

The concubines - Hagar and Keturah. Eastward - travelling eastward never rich with blessing. Travelling from east always blessed indeed.

Verse 7

Abraham's 175 years. 1 is a perfect number, it stands for unity, it cannot be divided. Seven is the perfect number. 5 is a perfect number, the number of grace.

Verse 8

Abraham's threefold description at his death: 1. Good old age. The old age of a sinner is never good but the saints have this goodness. 2. An old man - old in labour, experience and faith. 3. Full of years - filled up with years, all the years his body could take. 'As thy days so shall thy strength be.' 'gathered to his people' - a wonderful description of death, entirely meaningless if the saints don't know one another in heaven.

(To be continued)