When Men Shall Revile You

The extent to which a person's ministry is effectual can be measured by the extent of the opposition that is engendered against it - opposition which can clearly be seen to be unscriptural, and in its nature antagonistic to the cause of God and truth.

During the last days, as the battle to preserve Northern Ireland from inclusion in an all Ireland settlement - a settlement which would bring Ulster under the domination of the Church of Rome, there has been raised a whole current of anger, antagonism and opposition. That opposition has come from different quarters. We have had an attack from Professor MacLeod of the Free Church of Scotland College and the Editor of his Church's Magazine. The Free Church of Scotland was the Church that Thomas Chalmers founded and which continued its stand and witness when the great mergers took place at the turn of the century. Alas, today, there are forces within that Church which reject the strong Protestant stand of its founding fathers, and staunch resistance to the Roman Catholic apostasy. Professor MacLeod who at his ordination swore to believe and to defend the doctrines of the Westminster Confession of Faith, one of which brands the Pope as the Antichrist and the Man of Sin, has now gone on record that he fears me more than he fears the Pope. That is, he is prepared in his hatred of my strong, unapologetic Protestant stand to brand me as worse than the Roman Antichrist. This is a most serious indictment and for it Professor MacLeod will answer to his God. He bases his indictment of men upon my resistance to the surrender of Ulster in an all-Ireland settlement which would put the Ulster people under the heel of Roman Catholicism and under the direct rulership of the Roman Catholic hierarchy from Maynooth. So incensed is he against me that he blames me for the [3] destruction of Sunningdale. The Sunningdale Agreement to set up a Council of Ireland so prepared the way to destroy Ulster's position within the United Kingdom was rejected overwhelmingly by the three strands of the Unionist family at that time - the Official Unionists, the Democratic Unionists and the Vanguard Unionists. Yet Professor MacLeod pours the blame, if blame it be, upon me, showing that he is not even prepared to find out the facts of the situation, but in his haste to condemn those that stand for Biblical truth he hastens to print, and with the plaudits of the enemies of the Gospel on his ears denounces Paisley as worse than the Pope.

Not content with that indictment he goes on to indict my integrity as a Christian minister. My work in the Church and in the field of evangelism can stand up to the closest scrutiny. The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster with its growing churches, with its Independent School, with its Whitefield College of the Bible, with its missionary arm, with its worldwide Gospel Broadcasting Outreach is a testimony to the ministry in which I am engaged, and the flock over which the Holy Ghost has made me overseer on the Ravenhill Road stands also as a testimony to God's blessing through His free grace alone that has been poured upon the preaching of the Gospel from my lips.

To make a comparison between what Professor MacLeod has been engaged in during his ministry and its results, and what I have been engaged in during my ministry and its results completely annihilates any substance whatsoever to this charge that he has made.

I regret, like Paul, I have to become a fool in glorying, for I would rather glory in my necessities than in my successes.

Then we have had this attack from the Alliance Party in their foursheet propaganda publication. The interesting thing about this attack is again that it is largely based on a tissue of lies, representing happenings which never actually took place. To indict a man as someone opposed to civil and religious liberty because he defends and practices the right of protest within the law is really laughable.

Of course, the Alliance Party is the pro-Popery Party of Northern Ireland, and one is not at all surprised at the enmity and bigotry of this Party in its defence of the idolatry of Rome and especially of the wafer in the Mass. This Party, whose leader each Sunday bows down before the wafer and worships it as Almighty God, could not be expected to do anything else but oppose the Protestant who totally rejects what even the Queen's own Religion calls "a blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit". What the Alliance Party is really saying is this, that Protestantism should not be given any right to protest. Basically the Alliance Party has the same spirit as the Roman Inquisition, and would silence and put to death all who would raise their voices in protest against the errors, pernicious [4] doctrines and idolatrous practices of the Roman Catholic system. It is also laughable to read this document and to discover the accusations they make concerning me being opposed to law and order, and yet the three photographs that they produce as evidence are photographs of protests and of meetings and marches entirely within the law and held with police permission, except the last photograph which they produce. It was our protest at Ballymena, and when brought before the Courts the magistrate dismissed the case, making it clear from the Bench that we had not done anything that violated the law of this country.

We will leave the Alliance Party to carry on their campaign of Popery, but undaunted we will continue to campaign for what is true and right, and for the cause that our forefathers died for and which we, in our dedication, are also prepared to lay down our lives for. We too want to be faithful unto death!

Then we have the Church of Ireland delegation to America. The leading member of that delegation is non other than the famous pro-IRA supporter Canon William Arlow.

The delegation itself has eulogised Ted Kennedy, Friends of Ireland. That Organisation The Friends of Ireland could rightly be called the enemies of Ulster. But these Church of Ireland clergymen have called upon the Protestants in America to liaise with the Friends of Ireland. It is interesting to note that in giving evidence to two members of the Judiciary of the United States of America Mr. Arlow had these things to say about the Irish Republican Army:-

Page 115 of the Report commenting on the IRA's fight, Mr. Arlow says: "What they are fighting for seems to me to be eminently reasonable".

In question 51 of the Congress, when concerning his views, Mr. Eilberg, "It seems to me that you are saying something that is very close to their position". That is the position of Provisional Sinn Fein.

Rev. Arlow: "It is close to their position".

Further questioned about the IRA Mr. Arlow is on record as saying: "I don't like them (that is the IRA) being regarded as the villians of our community".

Further questioned about what he thought the British Government should do with the two Unionist Parties of Northern Ireland, Mr. Arlow said: "The only way to move them is as I say to take the base from under their feet". The base being the British Government guarantee of Ulster's Constitutional position.

Such propaganda channelled against Northern Ireland by the Church of Ireland delegation shows clearly that that Church is politically in the business of bringing about a United Ireland. This should cause us no surprise as its present Primate Archbishop Armstrong is on record as being himself a United Ulsterman.

The Ulster people can however rejoice and so can I personally, for [5] when one thinks of these slanders against us one returns to the Scriptures and to the Words of the Lord Jesus Christ, "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake, rejoice, and be exceeding glad; for great is your reward in heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets that were before you". (Matthew chapter 5, verses 11 and 12).

Dr. Paisley Opens New Church Building

Upwards of 300 people gathered in a marquee in Antrim, Saturday afternoon 31st January 1981 for a service to mark the opening of the building which will house the first Free Presbyterian Church in the town.

The temporary hall adjacent to Parkhall shopping centre is the forerunner of a permanent church on this two-acre site, but it is thought that work on the church will not be started for another couple of years.

To put even the temporary hall on [6] the site and provide the necessary services has cost the local congregation a staggering 24,000. Buying the site from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive accounted for 12,500 of that, and now the 60-strong congregation are faced with a huge bill by any standards.

However, even before the hall was opened collections and donations brought in 6,300, and then there was news of 100 donations from the congregations at Martyr's Memorial, Dunmurry, Ballymena, Hillsborough, Lisburn and from one Antrim member, along with a 50 donation from Free Presbyterians at Loanends and Rev. Dr. Ian Paisley, who officially opened the hall, announced that retiring collections would be taken up at his Belfast church at the Sunday services next day.

It was back in December, 1974, that Free Presbyterians in Antrim started to meet in Muckamore Orange Hall. During the sojourn in Muckamore Orange Hall gospel meetings were conducted every Sunday evening by Rev. William Beattie. These meetings were greatly blessed of God and about 100 souls accepted Christ as Saviour during the four years at Muckamore. Then in March, 1978, the venue was changed to Antrim Protestant Hall, and it was there on December 28 of that year the congregation was officially constituted.

It is a great encouragement to the Antrim congregation that since moving to the new premises the average attendance has increased by 20 and a number of souls have professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The key for the official opening of the temporary hall was handed over to Dr. Paisley by Mr. David Garrett, a Dunmurry congregation member who supervised the work. Dr. Paisley said it was good to see the site being obtained in Antrim and he said the congregation would be going forward towards the erection of a permanent building.

The marquee service was conducted by Mr. Beattie, who highlighted the work being done in Antrim and pointed out that the Sunday School now had 60 children on the roll.

In a comprehensive vote of thanks, he paid tribute to everyone who had helped the progress of the Free Presbyterian Church in Antrim and thanked those who had presented gifts of a communion table, clock, a water carafe and an organ for the new building.

Appealing for a generous offering, Dr. paisley said he was confident that the work for God already started in Antrim would have the blessing of the Lord in the future. This was, he said, an historic day for the Antrim congregation.

Dr. Paisley preached the sermon, and also taking part in the service were Mr. Linden and Rev. John Long, minister of Rasharkin, who is originally from the Oldstone area. [7]

OBITUARY - The English Churchman
The Rev. Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Rev. Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Minister of Westminster Chapel, London, from 1943 to 1968, died in his sleep on March 1 at the age of 81. From 1938 he was associate minister with Dr. G. Campbell Morgan.

From any point of view David Martyn Lloyd-Jones had a remarkable career. He was born in Cardiff, but his boyhood was spent in the village of Llangeitho, Cardiganshire, where the great Welsh preacher, David Rowland, ministered for 50 years. This period was believed to have had a profound effect upon his life, leading him in 1927 (when he was 28) to leave his career in medicine for the Presbyterian ministry.

Lloyd-Jones was educated at St. Marylebone Grammar School and St. Bartholomew's Hospital. he qualified MRCS, LRCP, MB, BS, in 1921, gaining distinction in medicine, and in 1923 became MD (London). All seemed set for an outstanding medical career. He was a chief clinical assistant to the hospital medical unit under no less a person than the great Lord Horder, did research work on endocarditis, and then began to practise as a consultant physician. But he was a Christian first, a doctor second; and the call to preach the Word which had been with him from Llangeitho days was insistent. At weekends the "young doctor" was often in Welsh pulpits in the then great preaching centres. Indeed all his life he was at his happiest when preaching - usually to great and appreciative congregations - in his native Wales in the Welsh tongue.

In 1927 he became full-time minister at Sandfield Church, Port Talbot. Eleven years later he accepted the invitation to Westminster Chapel. His outstanding gifts as teacher, preacher, writer and pastor ensured that the Chapel was always full to hear him when he succeeded Campbell Morgan. He had a tremendous knowledge of the Scriptures and theology, though not specifically trained in them, and was a gifted expositor. His medical and scientific brilliance enabled him to preach and teach with persuasive clarity and simplicity. When "the Doctor" (as he was widely known by students everywhere) was speaking time stood still, and heart and mind were enriched. He had been in poor health for some time, but continued until comparatively recently to draw [8] vast crowds wherever he was announced to speak.

Many organisations owed much to him, notably the Inter-Varsity Fellowship and the Evangelical Library. Many theological students and younger clergy in the Church of England found inspiration and guidance from his unique leadership. The Protestant Evangelical cause is the poorer for his passing. But his influence lies on in vast numbers touched by his ministry in Westminster Chapel, and in the Universities and Colleges of the land. He played a leading part in the establishment of the London Theological Seminary, housed at present in the Kensit Memorial Bible College, Finchley. Demand for his books was "unprecedented".

Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones married in 1927, and is survived by his widow, Bethan (nee Philips), and their two daughters, one of whom, Elizabeth, is married to Sir Fred Catherwood. The funeral was held at Bethel Chapel, Newcastle Emyln, Dyfed, on March 6, and a memorial service is being arranged in Westminster Chapel.

The English Churchman - SHAME

Last weekend the Archbishop of Canterbury entertained the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Malines at the Old Palace, Canterbury. During the weekend the two ecclesiastics had discussions about strengthening the links between the two churches. On Sunday Dr Runcie attended Mass celebrated by the RC Archbishop in a Roman Church. Later the Roman Archbishop preached at "the Eucharist" in Canterbury Cathedral.

"The Darkening Shadows of Thatcher's Ulster"
A Sermon preached in the Martyrs Memorial Church Lord's Day 8th March 1981

The sixth chapter of the second epistle of Paul to the church of Corinth. I want to expound with you this great passage of God's Precious Word.

"We then as workers together with Him", and I am glad we are in the Union and we are workers in this Union and the Boss is the Lord Jesus Christ "Workers together with Him". Jesus Christ tells us how to work. He tells us the material we have to work with. He tells us where to work, and He also tells us who we are to work with. You remember certain men came to Nehemiah and they said, "We will help you to build the wall". Nehemiah turned on them and he [9] said, "You have no part nor lot in this matter". There are some people that we don't want to work with. In fact it is our business to work against them. You cannot build the wall with the forces of light and the forces of darkness. You cannot build the wall with the forces of truth and the forces of deception. There must be cleancut Biblical separation in the building of the wall in the work of Christ.

Then he goes on to say that we ought not to receive the grace of God in vain. What is grace? God's free, unmerited, undeserved favour. We don't deserve anything that we have. Spiritually, all that we have we got it by the free gift of Almighty God. If you are saved you are saved by grace. If you are pardoned you are pardoned by grace. If you are justified you are justified by grace. If you are sanctified you are sanctified by grace. If you are filled with the Spirit of God you are filled with the Blessed Spirit by grace alone. You cannot work for it. You cannot earn it. You cannot attain to it, but, thank God, you can obtain it by the gift of the Lord alone.

Then he comes to this second verse, and he said, "For I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee, Behold, now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation". You can be saved now, not tomorrow. We cannot offer you salvation when the benediction is pronounced. I can offer you salvation now. You have got to be saved now. God's time is now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow's sun may never rise to light your long deluded eyes. Dear sinner friend, close with Christ now. Take Him as your Saviour now. "For whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved".

Then we come to verse 3, "Giving no offence in anything, that the ministry be not blamed". But, Paul, you gave a lot of people offence! You were the most offensive and offending preacher that ever preached. How can you sit down and write such a statement, "Giving no offence in anything, that the ministry be not blamed". Ah, but Paul is not talking about giving offence to men. He is talking about giving no offence to God. He is looking for Divine approval, not human, mere man's or the world's approval. I tell you, if you are going to be approved of God you will not be approved of man. "Woe unto you when all men speak well of you". Glory to God that curse will not fall on me! That is one curse that I have escaped and escaped well!


Now we come to the very heart of my message tonight. We come in this next verse to that little expression, "All things". Mark it carefully. Mark it in your Bible. It is very important! "But in all things" Come to verse 10 and you find that expression re-occurs in this verse, "All things". Between the "all things" of verse 4 and the "all things" of verse 10 there is a series of three sevens. This is most interesting chapter, because 'seven' in the Bible is the number of perfection. [10] 'Three' in the Bible is the number of completion. So there is a completion here and a perfection that is gloriously complete in three sets of sevens. Now let us look at them. "But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God in much patience" (Count them) That is the first one, "In afflictions". That is the second one. "Necessities". That is the third one. "Distresses". That is the fourth one. "Stripes". That is the fifth one. "Imprisonments". That is the sixth one, and "in tumults". That is the seventh one.

I want now to look at that first seven. Let me remind you in scriptural sevens, the one to look for is the fourth one, for that is the centre of the seven. Three on one side and three on the other side, and the fourth one standing in the middle. What is the fourth one in this set of sevens? It is "Distresses".


The church of Christ is going to know a period of distresses. I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but this United Kingdom of ours is going to have a whole series of distresses. We are going to have a parallel nationally what we have had provincially, in the trouble that we have passed through. When Terence O'Neill was Prime Minister in this land we had the start of these problems. Why? Because Terence O'Neill decided to take a line of action that was totally destructive to the well being of this Province. He sowed the wind in his policy, and the Lord knows we have reaped the whirlwind in this last decade of killing and bombing and destruction. I want to tell you something, Margaret Thatcher is just doing the same in the United Kingdom, and you are going to see nationally what we have seen provincially. It has happened in Scotland already. You remember how it started here? You remember the fiftieth anniversary of the 1916 Rebellion? And the rebels should never have been allowed to demonstrate in our land. They should have been told, "This is Ulster. If you want to celebrate the Rebellion, keep in the South, but don't come up here". But they were permitted, and Terence O'Neill sponsored them and allowed them to celebrate, and now what has happened? All the trouble stemmed from that because the IRA thought they could get away with it.

Now in Scotland we have had the same thing. The IRA walked through the streets of the great city of Glasgow. Remember that there is an Irish Catholic Mayor of Glasgow today! Remember there is an Irish Roman Catholic Chief Constable of Glasgow today! So as a result they get away with it. When Protestants seek to protest they are dealt with in a very disastrous way. In fact the whole book has been thrown at them, and very shortly these men are coming up in charges accused of breaking through lines of policemen.

It reminds me of what they said about the Europa Hotel. I was reading in the Daily Telegraph that I broke through a police cordon. You know I would never do such a thing! I would not be guilty of such a thing! [11]


I want to tell you, I was invited into the Hotel by Mr. Harper Brown who is the Manager of the Europa Hotel. I was at the door, and the police said "You can't get in", and Mr. Brown said, "Certainly Dr. Paisley can get in." But the Press tells us that I broke in, and then the Press tells me that I punched and kicked and poked the Lord Mayor of Dublin. I never even spoke to the man. He was not in my presence in the Hotel when the protest was going on. Then they said, that accidentally a Councillor collided with me. It is all in the Daily Telegraph. The greatest bundle of rubbish I ever read in all my life. Then they said that I shouted like a madman, and I said "Provost (Whoever they are). Blood will flow before Protestant blood". An expression I never even used. Oh, it is all here in the Daily Telegraph! - "Paisley started talking to the Lord Mayor of Dublin, poking him in the chest and calling him murderer". He was not there when I was knocked over, but the man who knocked me over boasted that he had knocked me over. So he confessed. I never go to confessional! He must have been used going to confessional, so he confessed. Then another man called Michael Collins took off his coat and he said, "You are a bigot, and I will teach you". So I reported it to Superintendent Turkington and he took his name. In the Daily Telegraph it says, "When Paisley reported to the police, the police wanted nothing to do with it but escorted Paisley out of the Hotel". I have had since two police officers with me taking a witness statement from me about what took place, and I hope to meet the Chief Constable tomorrow and I'm sure it will be an interesting meeting because it is reported that he went and apologised to them. (Well, he has had to apologise to me before, and I'm going to tell you that I'm not going to let this go by.)

If you saw the report of it on the Television you will have seen that Paddy Devlin struck a D.U.P. man. The D.U.P. man wasn't doing anything. He was just talking to him. But they want to cover it all up. If you are a Romanist and you come at a Loyalist with an iron bar, like this one here, it is all right!

When I read this chapter of 2 Corinthians, this chapter six, I got blessed in my soul. We are going to have distresses.


In every Scriptural seven the first and the seventh are linked; the second and the sixth are linked; the third and the fifth are linked. You just look at this linking up. Look at the seventh one, "tumults". Oh, I am glad Paul had tumults in his ministry. I wonder how many churches would welcome Paul today? Man, he had a bad prison record. He was always in trouble. he did not like the clergy. He was always getting into trouble with the clergy. He had been put in prison. he had sit-ins in prison. Paul was the first man that had a sit-in in prison. They said to Paul "Come out". He said, "No, you put ire in wrongfully", and he sat down [12] and would not come out until they came and brought him out. Paul was a fighter! Some people think that Christians should be soft-voiced cissies, and they should just do what they are told, namby pamby types. I want to tell you, the Lord Jesus Christ was not a soft-voiced cissy. You know what He said to Herod, he said, "Go, tell that fox". I think I should say, of Mrs. Thatcher, "Go tell that vixen." That is what I should say. That is real Scriptural you know! Oh, people would get offended! But I have been offending people all my days, so offending a few more will not worry me! I want to say tonight, we need to get back to what the Book says. A few old-fashioned preachers is what Ulster needs, who will preach the truth without fear or favour.

What do you need when you are in a tumult? You need patience. That is the first one. The first one and the seventh one are linked together.

Then the sixth one and the second one. The second one is "affliction", and it goes with the "imprisonments", and I tell you, my friends, some of us will be imprisoned again before all is over. I have an inkling that I will be going up the Crumlin Road shortly, I have that sort of inkling in my toes. They are getting itchy for going up there again! Brother Jack, I hope you will join me in the woodyard this time when we go in! (Addressed to one of the congregation who was in prison with Dr. Paisley in 1969).

Yes, there are the "necessities" and "stripes". They are always together.


You see, Mrs. Thatcher says, "The Pope must come to Britain", and she said she is delighted that she has persuaded the Queen that the Pope should come to Britain. Well, I trust the Pope will never set his foot on the soil of our country and I hope you are praying every day that John Paul Antichrist (call him his full name. Every time you mention him give him his full title - John Paul Antichrist, for that is what he is!) will never set foot in this country.

You know what he said recently in Japan when he was there. Do you know what he said? He visited the Emperor, and he said, "For the first time in 2000 years I have stepped over the threshold of a Royal palace". Just think about that statement, "For the first time in 2000 years". What was he claiming? He was claiming he was Christ on earth, for that is what Rome claims the Pope to be "Christ on earth". He says, "For the first time for 2000 years I have stepped over the threshold of a Royal palace". - John Paul Antichrist!

Mrs. Thatcher, she is all for getting him to Britain, and getting him to preach in Canterbury Cathedral. Thank God they are not going to have a Mass in Canterbury Cathedral. There is too much opposition already. Thank God for that! Runcie says, "we cannot have a Mass." Then they said to him, "Is there Protestant opposition?" "Oh, no, but we are not having a Mass". Well, thank God, the opposition is rising! [13]


I took the Chair in the British Protestant Council of Christian Churches this week, and I am glad to tell you there are a lot of young preachers in England who have joined this Council and they are on fire. I heard one of them praying yonder and I said, "Praise God this fellow has got the Spirit of the Lord in him". One of them said, "My people never marched in their life, but we are going to march against the Pope". I said, "Praise God for this, they are getting stirred up". So we are going to see something of opposition. Maggie Thatcher wants to bring distresses upon us. The Lord knows she has brought enough distress on the land already with her monetary policy, wrecking our economy, enlarging our dole queues, and closing down our factories, and dear knows what that fellow Howe has in his Budget on Tuesday! The Lord alone knows that! You know what I believe? The Lord will blow on the whole Conservative Party because of what Maggie Thatcher is trying to do to sell out the last Protestant bastion in Europe. This is where the fight is going to be, but, thank God, we are going to get the victory!

That is the first seven!


Let us look at the second seven. It starts with "labours". That is one. "Watchings" - two. "Fastings" - three. "Pureness" is four; "Knowledge" five; "Longsuffering" is six, and "Kindness" is seven.

Have you got the fourth one of this second set of sevens. It is "Pureness".

There is only one way to meet the distresses of the nation and that is by a pure church walking in all the light of God. You will never fight Popery or Apostasy with a mixed multitude. You will never stand against the Devil's crowd with the arm of the flesh. It is only by the power of God that you can do it.

Now look with me at the tie-in of these. The first one is "labours" and the last one is "kindness". The way to labour for Christ is to be filled with the kindness and compassion of the Son of God. I want to tell you, we need that kindness when we go seeking sinners that are tied up in the chains of sin and tied up under the machinations of the evil one. God give us that kindness that will motivate us in our labours for Christ! Then "watchings" and "longsuffering" go together. I like that!

Friend, if you are going to watch with God for a night of prayer you need longsuffering. You need it tied in with the watching.

Then the "fastings" must go with the "knowledge". There is no use fasting if you have not the knowledge of the will of God to know what you are fasting for. There are a lot of people go on a fast like the papists but they have no scriptural knowledge and it is all in vain. "Fasting" and "knowledge" must go together. And notice the middle one "Pureness". [14]

So there is going to be distresses, but, praise God, God is going to get a pure church to stand for Him. That is what this Free Presbyterian Church is about. It is a pure church standing up for Christ amidst the distresses.


Let us come to the third seven, and it starts off (This is a wonderful seven!) One - "The Holy Ghost"; Two - "Love"; Three - "The word of truth"; Four - "the power of God"; Five - "the armour of righteousness"; Six - "honour and dishonour", and Seven - "evil report and good report".

Look at the fourth one and you will notice that the fourth one (Look at it carefully) is "the power of God". "Distresses"; "Pureness . . . The power of God". Is that not what the church needs today - the power of God?

Now I want you to notice that "the Holy Ghost" is linked with the "evil report" and the "good report". You know, if a man is filled with the Holy Ghost people will give him an evil report. They will say he is a madman. They will say all manner of evil against him falsely for the Lord's sake. You show me a man that is filled with the Holy Ghost and I will show you a man that is in trouble; I will show you a man who will get a bad write up in the Daily Telegraph; I will show you a man that the world will tell lies about, but I will show you a man that has a good report with the people of God. They will bless God for him. They will bless God for his ministry. They will bless God for the way he stands up for the truth of the Lord.

"The Power of God" - "The Holy Spirit" - "The evil report and good report".

There was a prominent man came to this town, I will not mention his name. He came under a Committee, and the Committee were a bunch of compromisers. I would not touch them with a ten foot pole! When he arrived he said, "There is only one man in Belfast I want to meet and fellowship with, and that is Ian Paisley, for he is always making trouble for the Pope and the Devil". These fellows nearly died! They said, "What have we got on our hands? Here is a fellow and he want to get in touch with Paisley. We don't want anything to do with a man like that". I went to see him (he sent for me) and he said to me, "My heart has been warmed with your ministry down through the years", and he said, "I just want to shake hands with you, Ian, let us pray together, for I get the same criticisms as you do, and it is good to meet a man in the battle.

You show me a man that has an evil report, of the world, and I will show you a man who is filled with the Holy Ghost. He has got the power of God on him.

Thank God there is the good report - the good report among the people of God, sinners saved by grace alone.

Then "love unfeigned" goes with the "honour and dishonour". And I tell you, you need love in your heart to face all the dishonour that you have got to face. [15] Only love for Jesus will keep you going. When you get the whole machine turning and churning out its dishonour upon your head, how lovely to know that God's machine is working and turning out upon you that love unfeigned.

Then "the word of truth" goes with the "armour of righteousness", for is not that armour the armour of truth - the girdle of truth - the Sword of the Spirit - the breastplate of righteousness by which we conquer. Have a look at God's Word. God has power for you. If you are in distress. If the old Devil is getting at you; putting thoughts into your mind and into your heart and telling you you are not saved, and telling you you have committed the unpardonable sin; telling you that you are a poor sinner and that there is no hope for you, thank God the power of God can deliver you! There is deliverance through the Blood of the Lamb. Thank God for the power of God.

So you have three sevens!


After these "all things" I want you to notice there are labels that are put on you, and there are seven labels that you will get if you stand for God. Oh, this is a great chapter, a wonderful chapter! What are the labels? Start there at verse 8, "Deceivers". You will be called a deceiver. That is the first thing that you will be called.

Secondly, you will be called "unknown". Thirdly, "as a dying person". "Oh he is dying".

I read an extract from a newspaper, they said "Rev. Willie McCrea was dying in two weeks". I saw him last week, and if that is the way you die it is a wonderful way to die!

"Chastened"; "Sorrowful"; "Poor"; "Having nothing". These are the labels they will stick on you! But is it not wonderful to see the contrast. The Devil puts on you "You are a deceiver", but God says "You are true". Thank God for God's labels. The Devil says "You are unknown". God says "You are well known". The Devil says "You are dying". God says, "You are living". The Devil says, "You are chastened". God says, "You are not killed. You are not going to die yet". The Devil says, "You are sorrowful". God says, "You are always rejoicing". The Devil says, "You are poor". God says, "You are making many rich". The Devil says, "You have nothing". God says, "You possess all things". Is that not wonderful? These are great labels are they not?


That is only the introduction to the sermon (we will not preach it tonight, but let me show you) It comes down to the enlargement of the church. "O, ye Corinthians, our mouth is opened unto you, our heart is enlarged. Ye are not straitened in us, ye are straitened in your own bowels. Now I speak for a [16] recompense of the same, Be ye also enlarged". How do you enlarge the church? I will tell you how. Practice the principle of separation. It is only a separated church that is going to meet the need of the hour.


Now Maggie Thatcher was in Hillsborough and I said, "We must go to Hillsborough and disturb her dreams". So we went to Hillsborough, four or five hundred of us, but when we got there the police were there and they had Hillsborough completely blocked off. You could not have got into it anywhere. It was taken over by Maggie. She was like the king, if you didn't pray to her you were not going to pray to anybody else in that little village, all blocked up. So I approached Chief Superintendent Jack McConnell and I said to him, "Chief, I want to go up into the Square and I want to make a protest". He said, "You are not doing it". I said, "Well, that is just too bad".

I did not argue with him. (The Belfast Telegraph said I argued for hours) I would not argue with a policeman for hours. I might have done that when I was a foolish young man, but I am now old and mature, and I don't believe in arguing with the police. It is no use. If a policeman says something and he is not going to see sense, you couldn't knock sense into him, so there is no use worrying! I said, "My friend, I am very glad we have a Church in Hillsborough. I am going to have a church service in my church in Hillsborough". He said, "You are doing nothing of the kind at this hour of the night". I said, "I am". I said, "This is a free country, and, thank God, there is a Free Presbyterian Church in Hillsborough and it is just a pity it was not under the eaves of Hillsborough House. "We are going to have a service". He said, "You are doing nothing of the kind". I said, "You will see", and I said, "What right have you to tell me when I will worship God in my own church. Is that the sorry state that the police of this land have come to? When they are going to tell Protestant people when they will worship God?" He says, "It is an unusual hour". I said, "Free Presbyterians are unusual people". He said, "Do you ever have services in your church at this hour?". Says I "Certainly, this is an early time. We have all nights of prayer in our churches". "Well" he said, "I don't like it and it is not going to be".


Well, we had loud speakers from Enniskillen there, and they were up on a big stand and I went down to the owner and said, "Screw them up". So we screwed up the big loudspeaker, and I said, "As Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church I want to announce a service in our church in Hillsborough right now' , I said, "I am getting into my car and if the police stop me I am going through the police for I am going to establish the right of civil and religious liberty to worship God in my church in Hillsborough at any hour of the day or night". Man, you never saw policemen getting out of the way as quick in all your life. The whole [17] police cordon faded back, and we got up to our church and we had our service, and I will tell you something. We had the press in the front seat, and I said, "What I want to do with you, my friends, is get you to the penitent form now", I told them that I had a text for them, "You couldn't see Jesus for the Press". So I had a good time with those Pressmen. I got them in under the sound of the truth. May the Word be effectual to their hearts!

Then we went down to the village and I said to Chief McConnell, "I want to go in and give our letter in". He says, "I will only let three in" I said, "No, we will have five". he said "You will have three". I said, "We will have five", eventually he let us have five, but then he let all the Press in as well. He did not argue with them, but he argued with us. Of course we put in our letter of protest. We told Maggie Thatcher that she was a liar; that she was guilty of treachery.


I want to ask you one question, Do you know anything more about the Dublin summit now that you did not know before she came? Did she tell anything? No, not a word! But the Irish Press which is the official organ of the Fianna Fail Government Party, in its paper yesterday reported they were talking about a United Ireland, and they are busy trying to find a way whereby they can have a United Ireland. I am utterly disgusted with our Press. The Belfast News Letter tells us, "It is all at rest. You don't need to worry any more - if only Harold Wilson and Ted Heath had come over and said these things ten years ago, what Margaret Thatcher said, if they had come and said them ten years ago, all would have been well". What utter nonsense! Didn't Ted Heath send a telegram to the Official Unionist Party telling them that all was well, and wee Faulkner came in and waved it, he said, "All is well". But all was not well and all is not well.

I never had more peace in my soul than I have tonight, because I believe that God is going to make a way in the sea and a path in the great waters. God will raise up antagonists to Margaret Thatcher. She will not get away with it, because God will take up the cudgels on behalf of the Protestant people of our land, and on behalf of the God-fearing people of this Province. Friends, they may try to sell us, but at the end of the day you and I will have the final decision to make, and by God's grace and help we will make it right, and we will stand and save this Province by the power of God.

May God bless His Word and strengthen us in our hearts. If you are not a Christian tonight, if you are not on the side of Christ then come unto the side of Christ, confess your sin.

A young man came last Sunday night and confessed his sin, and got gloriously saved.

May the Lord save souls this night, for Jesus' sake.


Sod Cutting and Gospel Rally at Newtownabbey

The first step was taken on Saturday 21st March to erect a new Church Building at Newtownabbey, when Dr. Paisley cut the sod which marked the commencement of the building programme.

A large one thousand seater tent was erected for the occasion, on the new site, at Corr's Corner, Ballyclare Road, Glengormley. People began arriving for the service, long before it was due to begin, and when the service began, the tent was filled to overflowing.

The service began with the singing of Psalm 124, with Rev. David Gordon, minister of Larne Free Presbyterian Chruch, opening in prayer. Mr. Sam Houston and Rev. William McCrea were the soloists. Rev. Austin Allen, one of the previous ministers of the old Whiteabbey congregation, read the scriptures.

After Dr. Paisley cut the sod, Rev. Reginald Cranston, minister of the Newtownabbey congregation, said that on the new two acre site, which cost 10,400, would be built a church to seat 450 people, with additional accommodation for another 150. Joined to the main building by a short corridor would be a Sabbath School complex, which would also be used for all mid-week meetings. The proposed cost of the project, which was designed by Mr. Jack Cassidy, is 250,000. But it is hoped with voluntary labour from the congregation, 100,000 could be saved.

At this stage of the service, Dr. Paisley was presented with a set of gold pens by the minister and members of the Newtownabbey congregation, as a token of their affection for him and in appreciation of his leadership and stand for Christ, Church and Country. [19]

Dr. Paisley then preached the Word and he took for his subject, the theme of "Digging" in the scriptures. He showed the need for a good foundation to be laid in the work of God.

The offering, which was for the Building Fund, totalled 1,141.00. The Rev. Michael Patrick, who had laboured as student minister in the Whiteabbey Church, brought this historic service to a close with prayer and the benediction. Tea was then served by the ladies of the congregation.

The big tent was again the venue on Sunday night 22nd march, for a great After Church Rally. Some 900 people gathered to hear the Word of God being preached by Dr. Paisley, Mr. Sam Houston was again the soloist.

Taking for his text, Isa. 45:22 "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am god, and there is none else". God's servant preached with great power, and the presence of the Holy Spirit was evident in the meeting. When the appeal was made for men to come to Christ, ten precious souls put their trust in the Saviour.

The month of March will long be remembered by the minister and congregation of Newtownabbey Free Presbyterian Church, as a time when God visited His people in answer to prayer. Praise the Lord's wonderful name. [21]

The All Time Low in Bible Perversion

The National Council of Churches USA, the American counterpart of the British Council of Churches has produced a non sex Bible in relation to God. This perversion of scripture is the all time low in Bible Perversion. It is the apostate Council of Church an affiliate of the World Council of Churches with which the Church of Ireland delegation to the United States is at present fellowshipping. We reproduce below an article from the Nashville "Tennessean" by its religious news editor which shows the contrast between the Authorised Version accepted by Fundamental believers everywhere and the new language of this Bible perversion.

National Council to Delete He References to God in Bible
By W. A. Reed,
Tennessean Religious News Editor

The National Council of Churches has voted to revise its published Biblical literature by eliminating many references to God as "he" and substituting words with no sexual differentiation.

This is being done, the council said, to "expand the Creator's range of images". The goal is to use fewer references such as "God the Father" and more that have a neutral tone such as "Creator".

A special committee will publish a lectionary consisting of a three-year cycle of weekly Old Testament, Epistle and Gospel readings, without gender references to God in its language. It will be available in 1983.

The committee said it wanted to "strive for a style of language which expresses inclusiveness with human beings and which attempts to expand the range of images beyond the masculine to assist the church in understanding the full nature of God."

The project is experimental. Responses will be solicited from churches before it is printed.

The work will be done by a committee of scholars headed by Dr. Bruce M. Metzger of Princeton Theological Seminary. The approximately two dozen scholars donate their time. Only expenses to meetings are paid.

Here is an example of the variations from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible which will appear in the NCC lectionary: [22]

Proposed version: 'God loved the world, loved it so much that the beloved child of God was given to the world, and all who trust in this unique being will never perish but have eternal life.'

Proposed version: 'I am returning to the Source of my being, for my Source is greater than I.'

Proposed version: 'Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Teacher".'

Proposed version: 'And because you are sons and daughters, God has sent forth the spirit of the Child of God into our hearts, crying, "My loving parent".'

The Revised Standard Version of the Bible is the most widely used English version of the Christian scripture. Protestant in origin, it is approved for use by Roman Catholics and widely distributed by the American Bible Society.

The National Council of Churches is composed of 32 Protestant and Eastern Orthodox Churches and such denominations as the Christian Church, the Episcopal Church, the United Methodist Church and two National Baptist denominations are members of the council.

Reaction to the proposal here was mixed.

"I don't see the need of this," said the Rev. Charles E. Winfrey, minister of the Capers Chapel Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Winfrey, whose denomination is a member of the NCC, added:

"Anyone who takes the Christian faith seriously doesn't worry about whether God was of a certain gender. You are not talking about a human being when you are talking about God, and God transcends all this kind of thinking and the faith in God negates these topics."

"The problem with this sort of thing is that in some instances the Bible does translate the verse as masculine or physical, and if we are not interested in what the Bible text says, we may end up substituting one of our own," said the Rev. Donald D. Rieder, pastor of First Lutheran Church, which is affiliated with the Lutheran Church of America, a member of NCC.

Rieder said he would not have an objection to a phrase like "Child of God."

"I think any move that would make language more inclusive is a move in the right direction," said Dr. Donald Treese, assistant general [23] secretary of the division of the ordained ministry of the United Methodist Church's Board of Higher Education and Ministry. "We want to include all persons in worship."

"The church has to come to grips with the fact that God is not a male," said the Rev. Gay Welch, United Methodist chaplain at Vanderbilt University. "God is beyond gender and it is idolatrous to equate God with maleness or femaleness."

"It's a difficult problem for people who are committed to equality of sexes and also committed to a religious tradition whose Scripture reflects the male bias of a particular culture and social structure."

The Rev. Kelly Miller Smith, assistant dean of the Vanderbilt Divinity School and pastor of First Baptist Church, Capitol Hill, said he "can personally identify with what I understand as the motivation of the translation."

"However, I have a true concern that the reading of what was written in a certain historic setting reflect that time. There are often some dangers in comtemporizing in this way."

1681 -1981 DONALD CARGILL Covenanter and Martyr

Donald Cargill was born about 1619, the son of Laurence Cargill, in Rattray, Perthshire. After he had been some time in the schools of Aberdeen he went on to St. Andrews University where he perfected his course of philosophy. His father pressed upon him much to study divinity and go on for the ministry; until one day Donald Cargill made the subject a matter of prayer and the words of the prophecy of Ezekiel 3: 1, "Son of man eat this roll and go speak unto the house of Israel". From that he deemed himself "called" of God. In 1655 he was licensed and got a call to Barony Church of Glasgow. It was a church that had in its midst a powerful faction opposed to the Covenanters. When the call to the Barony was presented to him he determined to decline it as something too lofty and high. He was in the act of leaving the town when a woman arrested him, and said to him, "Sir, you have promised to preach on Thursday; have you appointed a meal for poor hungry people and will ye go away and not give it? If you do the curse of God will go with you". He at once dismounted and settled down to his work as a minister for seven years, receiving much kindness from those who were of the Covenanting interest and enduring much bitterness of soul through the Royalists.

After he became minister of the Barony Church of Glasgow, Cargill [24] married in 1655 Margaret Brown widow of Andrew Bethune of Blebo. To Bethune she had two daughters and three sons. She died 12th August 1656 less than a year after her marriage with Cargill.

In the year 1661, the first anniversary of the restoration of Charles, on the day when he usually delivered a lecture, great crowds flocked to hear Cargill. They had come to hear something which would commended the King but what they heard was something quite different.

The text was announced from Hosea 10:1 , Rejoice not, O Israel for joy as other people". The preacher's opening words were stern, "We have come he said "to keep this day upon the account for which others keep it. We thought once to have blessed the day wherein the King came home again, but now we think we have reason to curse it, and if any of you come here to the solemnising of this day, we desire you to depart". Later in the sermon he said, "The King will be the woefullest sight that ever the poor Church of Scotland saw. Woe! Woe! Woe! unto him his name shall stink while the world stands, for treachers, tyranny and lechery".

On the following Monday the troopers were out searching for him Cargill, by this time, had gone into hiding for his own safety. Coming to his landlady the troopers declared their mission, but they were already foxed for Cargill had donned the good lady's apron and answered the soldiers without being recognized in his disguise. He then fled to the home of his friends in the city. The next few months were not idly spent, for we find Cargill engaged in evangelistic work in the city of Glasgow preaching in the courtyards and streets, under the watchful eye of sentries posted at the various corners. Some today would regard it as a waste of time and talent for a preacher of Cargill's calibre to hold forth to small groups of people in !his way, but he did not judge it so. The very fact that he escaped is evidence of the loyalty of the people among whom he ministered. Such a ministry, however, was to be short lived for with the passing of the Middleton Act of 1662, Cargill could no longer continue to teach and preach in Glasgow. He was declared to be an outlaw and banished to the North of the Tay.

Eventually Cargill declared to the Council that he would not reside in Glasgow or Edinburgh if they in turn agreed to withdraw their order of Banishment to North of the Tay. Without knowing what it all meant the council agreed. This of course gave Cargill a much freer hand, but it was with this expulsion order hanging over him that Cargill's true ministry began.

It was in private houses and in the conventicles of the fields his ministry was. With the exception of a short time spent in Holland, he was never away from the place of duty and jeopardy. The hill-folk loved him for the messages he brought and for the unfailing presence of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost. [25]

He was at the Conventicle which ended as the battle of Bothwell Bridge. He was not a preacher only but a fighter and was severely wounded in the head. After the rout a dragoon made him prisoner, but, on finding he was a minister Cargill was at once released.

The "Queensferry Paper" the forerunner to the Sanquhar Declaration, was one proof of his courage. It was recognised by the Covenanters and was adhered to by the Martyrs and the banished as in all things agreeable to the Word of God. The document is the most advanced of all the Covenanting manifestos. But it was never published by the Covenanters themselves; it was stolen from them by their enemies; and when that happened Donald Cargill came near meeting his death. It was 3rd of June 1680; and he was in Queensferry with Henry Hall who had been much with him in his many wanderings. Hearing of their presence, the Governor of Blackness Castle took a single servant and discovered them in an inn. He hoped that soon his soldiers would come to his assistance; but when they procrastinated, he threw off all disguises and told the two that they must regard themselves as his prisoners. A struggle followed; and in the confusion Cargill escaped but Hall was wounded and made captive; and on the road to Edinburgh he died. It was when his clothes were searched that uncompromising paper was found.

(To be concluded next month)