Editorial: NAIL THAT LIE

The Protestants of Ulster have been slaughtered by the IRA. At times one Protestant a day has been left wallowing in his or her blood. Successive British Governments have done nothing about it and indeed have severely handcuffed the security forces so that they can do nothing effective about it either.

Isolated Protestants in the border areas are being left to die.

Now that the Protestants have risen up and are determined to protect themselves the ecumenical clergy, all for surrender to Rome, are most vocal in seeking to aid the IRA murderers.

A conspiracy is now abroad which would take from the Protestant population their inalienable right to defend themselves. According to the Moderator of the General Assembly to defend oneself against a would be killer is unchristian and to kill the killer is not judicial killing but criminal murder.

I have made it clear, without apology, that the Protestants are completely within the law to defend themselves and if they cannot disarm and apprehend the IRA murderers then they must maim or kill them.

I have never called for any one to go out and murder. Dr. Gervan knows that and so do all the ecumenical clergy but they all want to put words into my mouth for their own evil ends.

The Belfast Telegraph, a paper which denied this church the right to advertise and which has practised "fascist" principles for years, put out a headline on Paisley's 'Call to Murder'. This was deliberate misrepresentation and is typical of the gutter journalism in which that paper indulges from time to time against the Free Presbyterians.

When priests of Rome cheer on IRA gun men at the graveside of a terrorist the Belfast Telegraph is strangely silent. The same paper has also sought to undermine the plan to counteract, in U.S.A., lying IRA propaganda. Any stick they can get to beat that endeavour they are prepared to wield.

Their praise and apology for the Roman Church excusing its support for the IRA is nauseating in the extreme. They paint Cardinal O'Fee ever as a saint and all Bible Protestants as evil men. In a recent editorial their utter ignorance of the Bible revealed how filled with blinded hatred they are against the truth of God.

Finally I stand by my call to the Protestants of Ulster to resist to the very death the IRA. The ecumenical clergy want you to submit to Rome. To submit would be slavery. To resist is your right and let no clergyman or priest take it from you.

Ulster's 'Day of Action' was a complete success. Comment next month.


The photographs show the excellent progress made on Londonderry's new Free Presbyterian Church. Work commenced in April of this year and the building is now ready for roofing. Normal seating capacity for the building will be about 250 but for special occasions it can be easily extended to approximately 500. There will also be extensive facilities for Sunday School and Young People's work.

The foundation stone laying ceremony took place on Saturday, November 28th at 3.30 p.m. Stones were laid by Dr. Paisley, Rev. Wylie and minister, James McClelland. A warm welcome was extended to all and tea was served later in Lisnagelvin Primary School.


On Sat. 14th November, Rev. Robert Bradford M.P. was murdered by the Provisional I.R.A. All Ulster turned out to mourn his passing.

The following tribute to the Rev. Bradford, written by Dr. Paisley, was read throughout the Province at the various memorial services.

"We are come here today in quiet dignity and solemnity to salute the memory of a great Ulsterman, the Rev. Robert Bradford M.P. and the memory of a great army of loyal Ulstermen and women who have fallen at the hands of Ulster's traditional enemies. We come to mourn, we come to remember, we come to unite, we come to dedicate ourselves to God and Ulster in the battle for our very existence. Bob Bradford was not only a Unionist but - in the highest sense of the word he was a Protestant."

"Born and brought up in our Province, serving a hard-pressed congregation as a Methodist minister, he knew what ordinary Protestants had to face, he saw them driven from their homes by the IRA murder gangs and brutally butchered in the streets and when the opportunity was given to him to put his life on the line to represent them, he was willing to pay the price as a Unionist representative. He served those who elected him with steadfastness and courage. Every one knew he was dedicated to the unity of the Unionist family and his last hours were spent in preparation of the joint Unionist visit to the United States of America. He has been done down. His voice is silent in the grave but he being dead yet speaketh. The best way we could honour his memory is to forge this day an unbreakable link among all the Unionist people who are prepared to fight and if needs be die to save Ulster from the IRA terrorists and the treachery of the Thatcher administration."

"No words could describe in a brief tribute the qualities and talents of Robert Bradford but it must be said that the one thing which made him what he was was his saving faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. His conversion was the foundation of his life of service. He has gone from us like a Valiant for the Truth to the Father's House. If we would follow him there we too must have our faith in the Saviour. To Norah his wife, and Clair his little girl, to the Campbell family whose brother Ken died with him we sincerely extend our sympathy and we would include in this remembrance service all who have fallen at the hands of the IRA terrorists."

"They shall not old grow even as we that are left grow old,
Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn,
In the morning and in the going down of the sun
We will remember them."


On Thursday evening, the 22nd October, our Garvagh church was full to overflowing for the ordination and installation of Mr. Ian A. Goligher, formerly student minister of our Kesh congregation. Rev. Wesley McDowell, minister of Limavady Free Presbyterian Church, led the congregation in their opening praise-singing the 23rd Psalm to a rousing tune. After the Rev. George Whyte (Coleraine) opened in prayer, the Rev. T. A. Dunlop (Newtownards) preached the installation sermon. Rev. Dunlop dealt with the story of the rich young ruler in a forthright manner, bringing out with clarity and simplicity, some basic gospel truths and inviting the unsaved, present in the large congregation, to consider their relationship to the Lord. [7]

After this, Rev. McDowell, interim moderator of the Garvagh church for the past thirteen months, gave a warm welcome to all present. People from near and far had come, including folk from Mr. Goligher's home church, Omagh, and former congregation, Kesh. Quite a number of our ministers were present and Rev. McDowell expressed appreciation for their presence also.

Rev. Leslie Curran (Ballymoney) acting clerk of Presbytery, then put certain questions to Mr. Goligher and asked him to subscribe the Westminster Confession of Faith, as the confession of his own faith. Mr. Goligher was then duly ordained by the laying on of the hands of the Presbytery.

The Moderator, Dr. Paisley, then brought the charge to the minister and congregation, taking for his text, Col. 3 v. 2/3. The large congregation sat enthralled and enraptured as they were fed on "the finest of the wheat", being brought to them in Dr. Paisley's own inimitable and heart-warming fashion.

After this, the new minister, Rev. Goligher, gave testimony of God's calling and expressed heart-felt thanks to all who had helped him since he was saved and more especially, since he began training for the ministry. Mr. Roy Watley, secretary of the Garvagh committee, on behalf of the committee and congregation, then welcomed Rev. Goligher to the church. He further spoke of the help and guidance and ministry of Rev. McDowell during the period of his interim moderatorship and on behalf of the committee and congregation, presented him with a cheque for a substantial amount. Rev. McDowell thanked them and said it had been a joy to minister and be of help to the Garvagh congregation for the past year or so.

Other ministers were then called to say a few words in congratulating the church and its new minister. These were, Rev. D. Gordon (Larne) former minister of the Garvagh church, Rev. R. Cranston, Rev. Goligher's spiritual father and last but not least, Rev. John Wylie, founder of the Garvagh church. After Rev. Wylie closed in prayer the ladies of Garvagh congregation served a sumptuous supper to all who had travelled to be at this historic meeting. Without doubt, everyone present really enjoyed the evening, as a tremendous spirit prevailed right throughout the meeting.

Do please pray for Rev. Goligher as he takes up his ministry in Garvagh. We are looking forward in eager anticipation to hearing good things from Garvagh. Remember also to pray for the Rev. Goligher's wife and son, that the Lord would richly bless them also, as they share in his life and labours in this part of God's vineyard. Our warmest congratulations go to the Garvagh congregation and their new minister, praying that the Lord will make bare His mighty arm in their midst in the days to come.

Rev. Wesley McDowell.

NEXT MONTH: Report on Rev. John Morrow's ordination and installation at Ballynahinch.

by Dr. Bob Jones

Is Child Evangelism taking a separatist position in line with their announced position?

In the April 1981 issue of FAITH for the Family, we published a statement by the Child Evangelism Fellowship to the effect that they were going to take a strong, separatist position. For along time we had been so critical of Child Evangelism that when they came out with this statement, we felt we ought, out of fairness, to publish it. The reaction to their statement as published, however, was one of considerable incredulity; and we received a number of letters from various sections of the country stating that Child Evangelism was not taking a firm and scriptural stand on ecclesiastical separation. From time to time since, we have had letters and newspaper clippings which indicated that they were not living up to their professed statement on separation. In the beginning when such inconsistencies were called to our attention, we sent the President of the CEF Board copies of letters which we were writing to the people who had contacted us. We never received the courtesy even of an acknowledgment, much less any attempt at explanation from this official of Child Evangelism Fellowship.

The Vice Chairman of the board of Child Evangelism Fellowship, however, contacted this editor, asking if he could arrange a meeting; and we got together with him in Indianapolis the last of July. He assured us that the board was trying to clear up the weaknesses and bring the organization into line with their statement on the issue of separation. He further assured me that the President of the board was to be replaced in the next few weeks with a man of strong character and conviction on the issue of Biblical obedience, and I requested this Christian brother (a member of a separatist, independent, fundamental church) to write me fully as to what they proposed to do. That article is published herewith-

Several months ago, Bob Jones University gave Child Evangelism Fellowship a commendation in FAITH for the Family. This commendation was based on information given to a staff member at the university and subsequently to the editor. In fact, both the article and the commendation came as a complete surprise to Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Since that time, several questions have arisen concerning the validity of the information, and following a meeting with Dr. Bob Jones Jr., we were invited by Dr. Jones to give our presentation in this way.

Child Evangelism Fellowship was founded in 1937 and has tried through the years to work with people and churches of like mind. Our statement of purpose is as follows: "Child Evangelism Fellowship is an interdenominational, worldwide, [9] faith organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and the local church for Christian living."

It is necessary for CEF to be non-sectarian in its outlook and to be sufficiently encompassing to include more than one group with which it will work. At the same time, CEF does not desire to work with each and every group, denomination, organization, church, or individual.

CEF will work only with Bible-believing churches and individuals which are in agreement with our doctrinal statement, which are practising separation from the world in doctrine and practice, and which do not work with any group or individual in a ministry context that would be contrary in doctrine or practice and would in any way cause compromise to the Fellowship.

For example, CEF does not work in any way with those who participate in what is commonly known as the charismatic movement; CEF is not associated with the National Council of Churches; CEF is not involved in what might best be described as the ecumenical movement by sponsorship, cooperation, or participation; CEF is not working in any way with the Roman Catholic Church. (The CEF Home Office is purchasing its property from an order of the Catholic Church, but this is strictly a business arrangement.)

However, because of our organizational structure, it is very difficult to enforce such a high standard in every unit of CEF. Although every unit is chartered by the Home Office, each is an independent work, complete in its own right. Thus, short of recalling the charter which we grant to our units and forbidding the use of trademarks and registered names (both of which are severe, last-resort measures), the overall control of the Fellowship is limited. In fact, the control which Child Evangelism Fellowship inc. has over its individual units is similar, for example, to that which some Baptist associations or fellowships have over their member churches.

At the present time, we are examining ways to improve this situation and to strengthen our organizational structure. When we learn of violations of CEF standards as described above, we do attempt to deal with them.

Our desire is to serve the Lord and accomplish the purpose for our existence, that is, to win boys and girls to the Lord Jesus Christ and to disciple them in the Word of God and in sound Bible-believing churches. Our desire is to work with all those of like mind and like faith, not to "have fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness," but to "reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine."

We appreciate the opportunity provided by Dr. Jones and FAITH for the Family to set forth this statement, and we appreciate all those who stand with CEF for the sake of the Gospel and for the sake of the children.

B. L. Boatright, D.O.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Reese R. Kauffman
Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees

(Corporate Seal)

The Editor's reaction to the above statement is that it indicates that Child Evangelism Fellowship is so organized that it is going to be [10] impossible for it to live up to the declared position. In fact, the Board admits this is the case when they say, "Because of our organizational structure, it is very difficult to enforce such a high standard in every unit of CEF." Furthermore, I am afraid they are unwilling to exercise the firmness of leadership it will take to enforce compliance by local Child Evangelism units. They say, "Short of recalling the charter which we grant to our units and forbidding the use of trademarks and registered names (both of which are severe, last-resort measures), the overall control of the Fellowship is limited." We hold that they should, in every case, resort to these "severe measures" and not hold them off as a "last resort." In fact, how many times must a local unit act contrary to the professed purpose and stand of the national CEF organization before they revoke its charter?

The reader will note that at the present time they say they "are examining ways to improve this situation and to strengthen our organizational structure."

I am afraid this indicates a very slow and long, drawn-out process; and I have observed that in cases like this, it is rare that anything is finally accomplished. We recommend to the officials of Child Evangelism Fellowship International that they simply notify their people that if they find anyone who does not live up to the standards of the organization, he will be immediately dropped.

I have great respect for the sincerity of the Vice Chairman of the board, with whom I talked, and I do not question the sincerity of his associates on the Executive Committee; and we would not discourage them in their efforts to clean up the weakness and compromise that has so long characterized Child Evangelism Fellowship in almost every section of the country. Whether they are going to be able to do it or whether they are willing to get tough enough to do it is another matter altogether.

It is always easier to start a new organization than it is to clean up one that is in the mess that Child Evangelism Fellowship has been in now for a number of years. So while we hope for the best and wish the members of the Executive Committee well in the undertaking, we frankly cannot have much hope that there is going to be any permanent and lasting improvement in an organization that has "limited control" over its local units, especially in view of the long history of compromise and unscriptural conduct by many of these units.

A Sermon Preached in the Martyrs Memorial Church by Dr. Paisley
Exodus ch. 3, vs. 2.

"And the angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of the bush. And he looked and behold the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed. And Moses said, I will now turn aside and see this great sight why the bush is not burned"

Fire consumes but what consumes the fire? Fire destroys but what destroys the fire? Fire devastates but what devastates the fire? You reply, "Water will consume the fire". Yes, but what the fire has already destroyed is destroyed. But here in my text the fire is burning, the fire is kindled, the flame is rising to Heaven, yet there is no waste, there is no destruction, there is no smoke, and no man shall see the ashes of this burning bush. Why? A little thorny shrub of the wilderness, a common sight in the Sinai desert, and from root to its top it is kindled in a mighty flame. Its centre stem is burning. All its branches are burning. Its foliage and thorns are all burning, and yet that bush is just as whole as if no flame burned in its bosom. Here we have something that is supernatural, something that is mysterious, something that is majestic and something that is mighty. So with Moses we would turn aside this morning and see this great sight.

The Bible is true from the very beginning, but not only true, the Bible is ,always right. There is a rightness about every Word it uses, in every context in which ft is placed.


That is a great word this word 'sight', - "This great sight". I wish I had time this morning to deal with the 'sights' of Scripture, but when I was studying my text I was surprised, and yet I should not have been surprised, at the Eternal Wisdom of this Everlasting Book, for the first time the word 'sight' is used in the Bible it is used of the tree.

Turn back to Genesis and in chapter two and verse nine you will read there the first time 'sight' is used in the Bible. "And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight (mark it!) and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil". So the word 'sight' first occurs in reference to the tree.

If you turn to Luke's Gospel chapter 23, in that great passage, verse 48 we read that when the people looked at the old tree of the Cross, and the Saviour hanging there (the same word is used) 'And all the people that [12] came together to that sight'. It was not man that wrote this Book, it was the Holy Ghost! In Genesis the word 'sight' is related to the tree. The tree of life is the tree of the Cross. The tree that burns and is not consumed is the tree of the Cross, and there in Luke's Gospel they turned to see that old tree of Calvary and they beheld the Wondrous Lamb of God there sacrificed for our sins. So there is a wonder about this tree.

Of course this tree is a type. This tree has a message that affirms. It has a miracle that astonishes. It has a magnet that attracts, and it has a monitor that alarms. This tree, it is a wondrous tree!

If you turn to Mark's Gospel chapter 12 and verse 6 you will discover that the Lord Jesus Christ endorsed the tree. He Himself underscores its historical reality, and its spiritual teaching. What does this tree represent? Bless God it represents Christ Himself. Bless God it represents the church of Jesus Christ. Presbyterians have taken this bush for their symbol, The Bush that Burns and is not consumed, and, thank God, it represents the individual Christian. So this morning, very briefly, I want to look at this tree as a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then as a type of the church of Christ, and then as a type of the Christian.


This tree, as I have said, is a shrub - the hawthorn bush - a despised growth of the sandy desert. That bush represents the Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to Isaiah chapter 53, "He is a root out of a dry ground. He hath no form nor comeliness, and when we shall see Him there is no beauty that we should desire Him".

The weary, parched, suntanned pilgrim of the desert doesn't draw aside to look at the little thorn bush growing in the sand. He passes it by, he is looking for the oasis, he is looking for the palm tree, he is not looking for the little thorn bush by the way.

The Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ has ever been despised and has ever been hated. But in the centre of those thorns there flames celestial fire. From out of that bush there appeared the angel of the LORD - the Messenger of the LORD.

When you are reading the Old Testament mark carefully those words 'The Angel of the LORD', not 'An Angel of the LORD', and every time you read of 'The Angel of the LORD' it is a reference to Jesus Christ, for He is the Messenger of the LORD. "The Angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear Him". Who is the Angel of the LORD? None other than the LORD Himself.

If you turn to the next chapter you will find right down chapter 4 the Angel of the LORD is referred to as the LORD Himself.

Praise God, into our humanity came the Everlasting Lord. "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us". If He had not become flesh He would have had no Blood to shed for us. If He were not God that Blood would have no power within it to redeem us. It took His Deity, it took His [13] Humanity brought together in His Wondrous, Glorious Person - forever God, yet truly Man, He Whom Heaven and earth could not contain, now a Babe scarce a span long lying on the straw in the crib, He was born in order to bleed. He was cribbed in order to be Crucified. His Incarnation was in order to His Propitiation on the tree. As I look on that bush I see my Saviour. - The bush attacked, in flames. Of course we can learn also the attacks on the Blessed Person of the Son of God.

As I was meditating I thought upon the Satanic campaign wielded by the Devil to destroy the Body of Christ. Did you ever think about that?

His mother was about to give birth to her firstborn son. She needed warmth. She needed comfort. She needed protection. She needed help. She needed aid. But men closed the door of the warm inn, closed the door where she could get the necessities for her childbirth; shut her out, and the Christ of God was born among the cattle. Why? Satan planned to kill Him from His Birth, but with tender hands the Virgin mother took that Babe and wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a manger. He was wrapped and laid when He was born, and the same words are used of His Burial, They wrapped Him and laid Him, for He was the King that was born to die.

Then Herod said, "I will destroy Him", and I hear the marching feet of the bloody soldiers of Herod, and they stick their spears and swords through infant bodies, and mothers cry and wail and 'Rachel will not be comforted, bereft of her children'. Satan intended to destroy the Christ Child, but He was taken down into Egypt that it might be fulfilled by the prophet, - that glorious prophetic scripture, "Out of Egypt have I called My Son".

When He preached His first sermon in his home town of Nazareth what did they do? They tried to cast Him over the cliff edge, but He withdrew Himself from their midst.

At the Cross the Body of Christ became the battleground when the Paradise lost was eventually Paradise regained. Yes!

How many times did they take up stones to stone Him? Then yonder amongst the olive groves in Gethsemane's Garden the Devil tried to kill Him before He reached the Cross, and the writer to the Hebrews tells us, the apostle Paul, that "He cried out with strong crying and tears to Him that was able to save Him from death". Then upon that Cross the artillery of Hell came from the armouries of perdition and rolled their cannons up that old Hill called Calvary, and pointed their guns in the bosom of the Son of God, and all the artillery of Hell exhausted its weaponry on His Precious Body, and He was torn and He was broken, and He was bleeding and He was bruised, but, praise God, they couldn't kill Him. He had power to lay it down, and He had power to take it again. He died, not as a martyr, He died a victorious Redeemer. He died, not because men took His life from Him, He died because He gave His life a ransom for the many.

Then when the Devil got that Body in the tomb he intended to chain it [14] forever, and they put their soldiers at the tomb and they sealed the stone, and the world religious and the world political made an unlawful satanic alliance to hold the Body of Christ in the grave, but, praise God, the Bush burns and the Bush is not consumed, and from that tomb He came forth, and He stood there triumphant over the ruins of Hell, and He is the Mighty Conqueror and He has rent the vail in twain, Hallelujah! What a Saviour! The Bush burns! And He Who burned on earth and shewed forth His Glory, and He Who had that frame of mind wears that glorious garment of Humanity forever, and today, my brethren and sisters, there is a Man in the Glory Who knows us, Who feels for us, Who sympathises with us. "We have not an high priest Who cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities, but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin". There is a Man in the Glory - The Bush burns but the Bush is not consumed!


Let us glance at the church, and the church is a burning bush.

In man's eyes the church - (I'm talking about the true church, I am not talking about cathedrals with gothic pillars and stained glass windows. I am not talking about the paraphernalia of the church establishment which knows not God and has turned from Christ) the remnant - the body of believers, those whom church establishments despise and church governments sneer at; the church which is His body, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all, and that church inclusive of every redeemed soul - the church of the firstborn ones whose names are written in Heaven, how that church has been attacked, and never quiver, and never tremble, and never fear when the church has been attacked. When the church is attacked, I kneel down and I bless God that the church is going places when it is attacked. What did the Lord Jesus Christ say? He said, "I will build My church" (One of the 'I wills' of God. Sovereignty is there. All power is there. All wisdom is there. All omnipotence is there.) "I will build My Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it". The religious establishments would like to crush out the remnant testimony. "Hear them not! See them not! Give them no place. Let not their testimony be known", but Christ says-the Great Glorious sole KING and only Head of the church says, "I will build My church". Pope, take notice, Christ will build His church! Archbishop Ramsey, take notice, Christ will build His church! All apostates, blasphemers and Bible-deniers take note, Christ will build His church. Beelzebub prince of Hell take notice, Christ will build His church! Yes, and it cannot be stopped.

After this meeting, go out and try to stop the sun With a lollypop stick, and you will work hard at it all day, but the sun will still take its course. Go down to the Lagan with a teaspoon and try to stop its flowing into the tide, and you will work at it all day, but the river will flow. Thank God, the River of the church flows on! Thank God the sun of the church still rises, clear [15] as the sun, fair as the moon, terrible as an army with banners! Thank God, I am not fighting for the victory, I am fighting in the victory!

I was reading, last night, what old Archbishop Leyton said, he says, "The church has sometimes been brought so low and obscure, that if you will follow her in history, It is by the track of her blood, And if you would see her, it is by the light of those fires in which her martyrs have been burned. Yea, has she still come through and survived all that wrath, and shall still until eventually she is perfectly triumphant". Trace her history and it is a history of blood. Trace her light, it is the light of the martyrs' fire.

This Friday at Oxford I will be laying a wreath at the Martyrs' Monument to Cranmer, the first Protestant Archbishop of this Realm; to old Hugh Latimer and Master Nicholas Ridley, and as I stand in that sacred spot and lay that wreath, those words will fire my soul, "Play the man, Master Ridley, for this day, by God's grace, we shall light a candle in England that shall never be put out".

I declare this day that the fire of the church can not be extinguished! Raise all the powers of Hell, Raise all the battalions of the pit; Let the whole world combine; Let Governments, and men, and Parliaments and Assemblies seek to stamp out the church, this church cannot be stamped out if within it there pulsates the Everlasting Life of the Eternal God. And when you read in the Everlasting Times the Obituary Notice of the Almighty God, only then will you read of the demise of the church, but that is an Obituary Notice that will never be written, for, thank God, He lives and He lives for evermore. The bush burns! Praise God it burns and it is not consumed!

I have got a word for you this morning, "Fear not, little flock, it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". Don't be afraid!

Oh, the forces against us are terrible. They have money. They have influence. They have political power. They have strength and scholarship and intellectualism, and brains, and the geniuses of the world, but you have not to fear. "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". His it is and He giveth it to whom He will, and He gives it to the little flock.


Finally this bush is like the believer himself. Moses is a perfect type of the believer. What happened to Moses? At his birth they tried to kill him. Isn't that what the Devil does when a dear young man or woman, boy or girl, older person comes to Christ? My, from the very day of one's spiritual birth the Devil attacks.

Moses' mother put him in a little ark and sent him sailing on the flood. Why did Jochebed his mother make a little ark? Because she knew about Noah and his ark, and she said, "if God could save the world through an ark. God could save my little boy". What tenderness was in the mother's [16] touch as she made that little ark! I believe there were mother's tears dropping down upon it as she prepared it and made it thoroughly watertight and laid the precious infant in it, and covered it over and set it on the flood. Christ, my friend, has given a burning flame that burns and is not consumed. And Jochebed became the first woman to be paid by the State to bring up her own son. She got her wages from Pharaoh's palace. How wonderfully God works! Then the Devil said, "I could not swamp him in the flood of the Nile but I'll swamp him in the luxury of the palace, and Moses became the son of Pharaoh's daughter, and all the pleasures of Egypt, and all the lusts of Egypt, and all the riches of Egypt were showered upon him, but the flood, at his birth couldn't kill him, thank God the flood of Egypt couldn't kill him either, and I tell you the flood of worldliness will never extinguish the light of the true child of God, for amidst it all he says, "Take the world but give me Jesus".

Then there came a day of the great decision. With whom will he side? With whom will he align? He chose the reproaches of Christ greater riches than the pleasures of Egypt, and he fled and for forty years he was alone on the backside of the desert, working for his father-in-law for forty years. What an affliction, to work for your father-in-law for forty years! No wonder he went to the backside of the desert to get away from the homestead! There in an ordinary day's work, doing the ordinary chores of a shepherd, standing beside an ordinary little bush, God reveals Himself. (I would love to preach a sermon upon the God Who works through ordinary things. The extraordinary He brings out of the ordinary because He is the Supernatural God).

Don't despise that way you go. Don't despise that menial task. Don't despise that job that no one thinks about or cares about, for God can meet you in the midst of your labours. See how He met Moses, and the man Moses was preserved for 120 years. They thought they would kill him at his birth. They thought they would kill him in Pharaoh's palace. They thought they would kill him when he killed the Egyptian. They thought they would kill him during the time of the plagues. They thought they would kill him at the Red Sea. They thought they would kill him in the wilderness with the children of Israel, when they rebelled against him, but God kept him and God took him up and shewed him the Promised Land, and in the New Testament we find him in the Promised Land. Why? Because he is with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, for it is only Jesus can bring you into the Promised Land.

One thing I must say and I mustn't miss it, it was a thorn bush. It should have been consumed but it wasn't. You know what the Bible says? "Our God is a consuming fire", but in this instance He wasn't a consuming fire. You know why? He is a consuming fire in judgment, but He is a fire that warms and comforts and blesses in grace. The thorns! Why a thorn bush? The thorn is a type of the curse. "Thorns and thistles shall the ground bring forth unto you" fallen Adam was told. That thorn bush is a type of [17] me an accursed sinner, but, thank God, He burns me not, He consumes me not, but, thank God, He warms me, He cheers me, He redeems me, He pardons me, He pledges Himself to be ever with me. There is a wonderful thing there. What does He say? He makes a Divine statement, "I am that I AM". He feels Divine sympathy, He says, "I know thy sorrows". He gives Divine salvation, He says, "I am come to deliver you", and He sends out in Divine service, He says, "Moses, go down to Egypt and deliver my people".

The bush burns, but, praise God, no man shall see its ashes!

If you are here today and you know not the Son of God, thank God you can know Him in His house today, and you can be saved by His matchless grace.


KEEP THE POPE OUT OF BRITAIN: British Council of Churches Meetings

On Saturday 17th October the Council convened at 2 p.m. in Hounslow Free Grace Baptist Church under the chairmanship of its National Chairman. After the reading of Psalm 106 and a season of prayer the Council deliberated.

At four o'clock the first public meeting of the day was held in the church. Although the weather was inclement the church was well filled for the service. Rev. Brian Green, the General Secretary of the Council and minister of the church, presided.

The meeting opened with the hearty singing of the hymn, "O Christ in Thee my soul has found".

Rev. Stephen Scott-Pearson led in prayer and Mr. Stephen Teems, the Secretary of the Bible Spreading Union, read the sixth chapter of Ephesians, verse 10 to the end of the chapter.

Rev. Gordon Ferguson B.A., recently graduated from London University and a licensed minister of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, the National Organiser of the Council, then addressed the meeting on the subject, "Why Christians should pray that God will keep the Pope out of Britain".

"The honour of Christ, the defence of the Protestant monarchy and the evangelization of Roman Catholics were reasons which should spur believers on to seek God on this vital issue of the proposed visit of the Roman Antichrist," Mr. Ferguson urged.

An offering was taken up for the work of the Council and then Dr. Paisley preached on the text 1 Chron. 12:32.


After a sumptuous tea served by the ladies of the church the second session of the conference was held. The church was again filled and there was very hearty singing. The editor of the English Churchman, Rev. Mr. Hill, led in prayer.

The first sermon was preached by Pastor David Cassells, the Minute Secretary of the Council and minister of the Jock Troup Memorial Church, Glasgow. His subject was the glory of Christ in John's Gospel chapter seventeen.

Dr. Paisley brought the final message on "The Bush Burns but no man shall see its ashes". The testimony of all was that, "The Lord was there". The offering for the day came to 1,305.


Old Hugh Latimer was one of the martyrs of famous memory who laid down his life as an aged servant of Christ for the gospel's sake in the time of "Bloody" Mary. Tied to the same stake as Bishop Ridley, they went to be with the Lord from Oxford. While in prison he wrote a number of letters: this is a portion of one addressed to "all the unfeigned lovers of God's Truth". (Taken from the Parker Society's edition of Latimer's "Remains".)


And let men beware that they play not wilily, beguiling themselves, as I fear me they do that go to mass. And because they worship not, nor kneel not down, as others do, but sit still in their pews, therefore they think rather to do good to others than hurt. But, alas! if such men would look on their own consciences, there they shall see if they be very dissimulers; and seeking to deceive others, they deceive themselves. For by this means the magistrates think them to be of their sort. They think that at the elevation time all men's eyes are set on them, to mark how they do; they think that other, hearing of such men's going to mass, do see or inquire of their behaviour there; and thus they play wilily, beguiling themselves. But if there were in these men either love to God or to their brethren, then would they, for one or for both, take God's part, admonishing the people of their idolatry. But "they fear men more than God, that hath authority to cast both body and soul into hell-fire." They halt on both sides; they serve two masters". God have mercy on such men, and anoint their eyes with salve, that they may see, that they which take not part with God are against him, and they that gather not with Christ scatter abroad! The counsel given to the church of Laodicea is good counsel for such men.


But now, dearly beloved, to come again, be not ashamed of the gospel of God; "for it is the power of God unto salvation to them that believe it." Be therefore partakers of the afflictions of Christ, as God shall make you able to bear; and think that no small grace of God, to suffer persecution for God's truth sake; "for the Spirit of glory and the Spirit of God cloth rest upon you. Therefore if any man suffer as a Christian man, let him not be ashamed, but glorify God on that behalf:" for "whosoever," saith Christ, shall lose his life for my sake and for the gospel, the same shall save it." Yea, happy are you if that come so to pass, as you shall find one day, when "the fire shall try every man's work what it is." And as the fire hurteth not the gold, but maketh it finer, so shall ye be more pure in suffering with [20] Christ. The flail or the wind hurteth not the wheat, but cleanseth it from the chaff. And ye, dearly beloved, are God's wheat: fear not the fanning wind, fear not the millstone; for all these things make you the meeter for God's tooth. Soap, though it be black, soileth not the cloth, but maketh it clean: so doth the black cross of Christ help us to more whiteness, if God strike with the battledoor. Because you be God's sheep, prepare yourselves to the slaughter, always knowing, that in the sight of God our death is precious. The souls under the altar look for us to fulfil their number. Happy are we if God have so appointed it.


Dearly beloved, cast yourselves wholly upon the Lord, with whom all the hairs of your head be numbered; so that not one of them shall perish without his knowledge. "It is appointed unto all men that they shall once die." Therefore, will we nill we, we must drink of the Lord's cup which he hath appointed for us. Drink willingly therefore, and at the first, whilst it is full; lest peradventure, if we linger, we shall drink at the last of the dregs with the ungodly, if we at the beginning drink not with the children; for with them His judgment beginneth. And when he hath wrought his will upon mount Sion, then will he visit the nations round about. "Submit yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God." No man shall once touch you without his knowledge; and when they touch you, it is for your profit: God will work thereby to make you like unto Christ, here or elsewhere. That ye may be, therefore, like unto him, acknowledge your unthankfulness and sin, and bless God which correcteth us in the world, because he would not have us condemned with the world. Otherwise might he correct us than to make us suffer for righteousness' sake: but this he doth because he loveth us. Call upon God through Christ for the joy and gladness of his salvation. Believe that he is our merciful Father, and will hear us and help us; as the Psalmist saith, "I am with him in trouble, and will deliver him. "Know that the Lord hath appointed bounds, over which the devil and all the world shall not pass. If all things seem to be against you, yet say with Job, "Though he kill me, yet will I hope in him."


Read the tenth Psalm; and pray for me your poor brother and fellow-sufferer for God's sake: his name therefore be praised! And let us pray to God that he of his mercy will vouchsafe to make both you and me meet to suffer with good consciences for his name's sake. Die once we must; how and where, we know not. Happy are they whom God giveth to pay nature's debt (I mean to die) for his sake. Here is not our home; let us therefore accordingly consider things, having always before our eyes that heavenly Jerusalem, and the way thereto in persecution. And let us consider all the dear friends of God, how they have gone after the [21] example of our Saviour Jesus Christ; whose footsteps let us also follow, even to the gallows (if God's will be so), not doubting, but as He rose again the third day, even so-shall we do at the time appointed of God, that is, when the trump shall blow, and the angel shall shout, and the Son of man shall appear in the clouds, with innumerable saints and angels, in his majesty and great glory, and the dead shall arise, and we shall be caught up into the clouds, to meet the Lord, and to be always with him. Comfort yourselves with these words, and pray for me, for the Lord's sake, and God be merciful unto us all! So be it.

Hugh Latimer - Reproduced from "The Rock"