Cardinal Hume to take part in the Royal Wedding Service

Since the Reformation the Church of Rome has worked unceasingly for the subverting of the Protestant Throne of the United Kingdom. Jesuit plots have been put in motion with attempts on the Monarch's life, like the Gunpowder Plot, the conspiracy in James I's reign, and the treachery of James II who ascended the Throne as a papist.

Since the Williamite Revolution Settlement the Church of Rome has plotted and planned to destroy the keystone of that settlement - the Protestant Monarchy. The changing of the Coronation Oath when Edward VII was crowned was a great victory for Rome. No longer has the Monarch to repudiate the idolatry of the mass.

Rome had great plans for the marriage of Prince Charles to a Romanist. In fact it is now known that the Vatican thought they had almost succeeded and that the visit of her Majesty the Queen to the Pope was going to bring matters to a head. In answer to the prayers of faithful Protestants the Prince chose a Protestant bride and the nation rejoices in that choice. Rome, however, never gives up. Cardinal Hume, a most sinister figure as far as intrigue, both ecclesiastical and political, is concerned, has been able to force his way into the marriage service. Enquiries have now brought the response that the Cardinal will be taking part in the marriage service in St. Paul's Cathedral. This is a most serious matter and flies in the face of the whole Constitution. it is just another undermining of the Protestant foundations of our nation. The future king of this United Kingdom with its dominions across the seas, who will have to swear at his coronation 'I am a faithful Protestant' is to have the blessing of a Roman Cardinal officially pronounced upon his marriage. The blessing of Rome has always turned to be a curse. [3]

For the first time since the Reformation the whole procedure is to be altered and Rome is to have a public position in the marriage of our future King. If this happens at the marriage what will happen at the Coronation? Rome, after four hundred years has gained a tremendous advantage and chalked up another success in her conspiracy to subvert the Throne of this Realm. Moreover, to add insult to injury, the Cardinal has made it clear that he does not recognise the ministerial orders of the Church of England clergy, but stands by the papal non-recognition of the same. To him the Church of England is not a true Church of Christ. In these circumstances, I have informed the Lord Chamberlain that my wife and I cannot accept the gracious invitation from Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip to attend the service. We do this with great sorrow and regret but the Protestant faith and heritage and the principles for which our forefathers died are far more important than any earthly honour. Faithfulness to God and truth must always come first.

The Way of Life: How to Enter
By Rev. Wm. P. Nicholson
Three Steps Into the Way of Life

First Step: Realise that you are a sinner. - That is not so much a matter of FEELING as it is a matter of FACT. God's statement about you is in Isaiah 53: 6. You are included in the "all"; your present spiritual condition is that you "have gone astray" from God; your sin is that you "have turned to YOUR OWN way." You are not charged with drunkenness, or theft, or adultery, or murder; you are charged with governing your life in your OWN WAY, which is opposed to God's way. You have driven God from the throne of your being where He has a right to reign. Living in your own way; THAT IS YOUR SIN. You are guilty of high treason against the government of God.

Second Step: Repent of Your Sins. - Repentance is described in Isaiah 55: 7. In that verse is revealed your duty, and God's desire. God's desire is to HAVE MERCY, and ABUNDANTLY PARDON. If you desire pardon, three things are required of you, and they constitute repentance: (1) "Let the wicked forsake his way"; (2) "and the unrighteous man his thoughts"; (3) "let him return unto the Lord." Repentance means that you are to reverse the programme of your life. You must forsake your way: you must give it up for God's way. That God's way is better is proved by Isaiah 55: 8-9. Are you ready to make that reversal? You have had wrong thoughts about God, about Christ, [4] about sin, about yourself, and about other people. Are you willing to forsake all thoughts that are not God's thoughts? You learned from Isaiah 53: 6 that you had gone astray from God; your back was turned on Him. Are you ready and willing to return unto the Lord, i.e., turn your face toward God, and let no barrier stand between you and Him? The centre of all your trouble is that you are away from God. If you return, God will surely pardon.

Third Step: Receive as your Saviour and Lord, John 1: 12. - This is having faith. Your sin is in having your own way; repentance is forsaking your way for God's way; faith receives Christ as the only Saviour from sin, and the Lord of the daily life. Faith is not the consent of the mind, but the obedience of the life. Its language and experience are written in Proverbs 3: 6. You may take the first and second steps in the way of life in a moment; the third step can be begun in a moment; but takes a lifetime to complete. Faith gives Christ the supremacy in every department of life; faith abandons itself to God for salvation and service, for character and conduct, for work and worship, for time and eternity. Make Christ Master; let Him be Lord; crown Him King.

Take These Three Steps and Take Them Now.
Next Issue: Counsel to Converts by Mr. Nicholson

Christ First, and Christ For Ever
By T. S. Henderson

Make this the motto of your life. Take Matt. 6: 33 as your life text, placing emphasis on "first".

(1) Christ First in your Intellectual Life. Pass over into His keeping the keys of your intellect. Let Him decide what books you are to read, what studies you are to pursue, what form your education is to take. Let Him be Teacher, and do you consent to remain His pupil for ever.

(2) Christ First in your Emotional Life. Love what He loves, hate what He hates. Your conscience is NOT a safe guide unless it has been educated by Christ. Never argue with your Christ-controlled convictions of right. Do your DUTY in defiance of death.

(3) Christ First in your Domestic Life. Christ should [5] preside over your home. Erect a family altar in your home; never eat a meal without acknowledging Christ's kingship by asking His blessing on what you receive; let the Bible be studied and honoured; let Christ be the theme of conversation as much as any friend of the family. Do not crowd Christ into the cellar of your domestic life; give Him the best room, and the highest honour.

(4) Christ First in your Social Life. Ask Christ where you are to go; you need not ask your minister. Ask Christ what pleasures are profitable and safe; do not ask your conscience. If Christ cannot be invited to preside over your social pleasures they are not fit for you to engage in. Give Him the FIRST invitation, and the FIRST place. That will decide all about your amusements.

(5) Christ First in your Commercial Life. If you are in business, take Christ not only as adviser, but as King. He WILL NOT defraud or bankrupt you. He WILL cut out all questionable methods in business, all duplicity, all dishonour. Never undertake a business venture without the approval of Christ.

(6) Christ First in your Civic Life. Politics do not belong to the devil. Be a Christian citizen. Meet your civic obligations. Put Christ before party, prejudice, or preferment. Be supremely loyal to Christ when the crowd is disloyal. If others in civic life would crucify Him, do you crown Him as your King.

(7) Christ First in your Church Life. Be a member of some Christian Church. The Church is not perfect; neither are you. The Church is God's representative on earth; it is the best society God provides for His children. He is malting it better every day. Put Christ first in every function of the Church. Live one Christ-controlled life in the Church; leave the others for Christ to control.

(8) Christ First in your Personal Religious Life. Christ superior to prayer; Christ superior to the Bible; Christ superior to experience; Christ superior to testimony; Christ superior to service. Test character and career by Phil. 1: 21. CROWN HIM LORD. CROWN HIM LORD OF ALL.

Christ First, and Christ For Ever.

"The Infamy of Jesus"
A sermon preached by Dr. Paisley in the Martyrs Memorial Church Belfast (electrically recorded)
"Ye do dishonour me". John 8: 49

There is no subject so solemnizing as the subject of the Humiliation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a vast subject. I want to limit our view of it to the Lord Jesus Christ in His preaching ministry, the three years that He preached prior to His Death upon the Cross. As we look at Christ in His preaching ministry we will be amazed at the concentrated attack which was poured upon Him. The Gentle, Longsuffering, Tender, Merciful Christ, going about His Father's business, healing the sick, raising the dead, comforting the suffering, helping the bereaved, sustaining the hungry, giving strength to the weak, and yet in all His [22] errands of mercy as He preached His sweet and glorious Gospel message, infamy was poured upon Him, the rising currents of blasphemy hatred and scorn overwhelmed Him, and He stood among the sons of men in fulfilment of Isaiah's definition - a man of Sorrows and the Acquaintance of Grief.

Open your New Testament and let us trace the sad and terrible story - the story of the hatred of men - the story of the bitterness of man - the story of the corruption of man - the story of the debauchery of man, against the Holy, Harmless, Spotless, Flawless, Crimeless Son of God. The first passage I would draw your attention to is in Matthew chapter 27, verse 63: They called the Son of God a deceiver. They said, after He was dead, "We remember that that deceiver said", that was an attack on the integrity of the Lord Jesus Christ His integrity.


Who was Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ was Truth Incarnate. He was the personification of Divine Truth. There was no spot of falsehood about Him. Everything concerning His Person, everything concerning His relationships, everything concerning His preaching, everything concerning His Character had not one spot of falseness or deception about it. He was Divine Truth, and Divine Truth came from Heaven and was Incarnate in the flesh. What did men say about Him? They said, "He is a deceiver, He is deceiving the people. He is a preacher and purveyor and propagator of deception".

Think of it, He Who was Incarnate Truth, He Who had not one spot, or one suggestion, or one taint of falsehood about Him, was put into the public pillory and labelled a deceiver. The Humiliation of the Son of God. "ye do dishonour me, Ye have called me a deceiver".


Turn now to Luke's Gospel chapter 23. Men not only attacked the Lord's integrity but they attacked the Lord's responsibility. Verse 5, "He stirreth up the people". Not only did they launch their attack against His integrity, but they launched their attack against His responsibility. They said, "This man is a mere political agitator. This man has no responsibility whatsoever. His idea is to ferment subversion among the people. He stirs up the people from Galilee in the North to Judea in the South, going forth without responsibility, stirring up bitterness in the hearts of the Jewish people".

Such was their attack against the Son of God. They could not see His integrity, without putting their sacrilegious hands to it and seeking to destroy it. They could not see the Lord Jesus Christ being hailed by the people as a responsible person, so they launched their attack against the responsibility of the Lord Jesus Christ. They slandered Him. They libelled Him as a fomenter of [23] sedition, a rabble rouser, a riot raiser, a stirrer of the people.

When I read what my Lord endured I take comfort. I draw from the well of my Lord's experience. If they have called the Master of the house Beelzebub what will they not call His servants?

Let me say something now, if a preacher of the Gospel is never attacked, you may be perfectly sure he is not a preacher of the Gospel. If I am going to be a preacher of Jesus Christ, the reproaches that fell upon Him, says the Book, will fall upon me, and the very charges which were put against the Son of God will be put against me the servant of His son. Yes, men attacked His responsibility!

Open the Book further and in Matthew chapter 9, verse 3, we read of another attack upon the Lord Jesus Christ. "This man blasphemeth". Now they are attacking His Purity - the Purity of the Son of God.


There was not a part of the Lord's Character which was not under attack from the enemies which He had and from the depths of Hell which He stirred as He walked upon this planet. Everywhere the Lord went, enmity was stirred up, the forces of evil were aroused, the powers of darkness assaulted Him, and the hordes of the satanic underworld got together to stir up the people against Him. He was under attack. Having attacked His integrity, having attacked His responsibility, they then attacked His Purity. "He is a blasphemer". He is blaspheming when He claims to forgive men their sins".

Jesus turned and He said to them, "I have a question to put. Is it easier to say, Thy sins be forgiven thee, or to say, Rise up and walk? I can heal this palsied man who cannot walk. He has been brought into this house and let down through the roof. Here he is at my feet - a palsied man. Not one of you can help him. If I were not here, that man would be carried out of this house the way he was carried in, but in a moment of time I am going to heal him physically, but before I heal him physically I am going to heal him spiritually. His heart is paralyzed with sin. His heart is corrupted with evil I not only can deal with his physical complaint but I can deal with his spiritual complaint".

That day the palsied man took up his bed. He came in carried on the bed. He went away carrying his bed. That is what the Lord Jesus Christ does. He is a wonderful healer and a wonderful Saviour. "He is a blasphemer", they said. They attacked His Purity. Think of it. He Who was in the Father's bosom before all worlds, He is of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, He Who is Immaculate in His Holiness, and Spotless in His Eternal Purity. Men, wicked men, evil men, sinful men - men led by the Devil - men corrupted by Hell, men debauched in their own lusts pointed their finger at Him.

The Immaculate Son of God, the One Who did no sin, the One Who spoke no evil, the One in Whom there was no sin, the One Who could not commit sin for [24] He was God Himself - the God that cannot lie, evil men pointed at Him and they said "He blasphemeth". Oh, the hatred and depravity of the human heart!


They attacked His Integrity, His Responsibility, His Purity, and then they attack His Credibility. John chapter 8, verse 48, And as He is speaking to them concerning their relationship to Abraham, they turn upon Him and they say "Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan". Who were the Samaritans? They were people that were transferred and transported by king Nebuchadnezzar to occupy that part of Palestine which had been depopulated by the carrying away into captivity in Babylon the children of Israel. They adopted a false religion. It was partly the Jewish religion and partly the religion of the old pagans of Palestine, and God cursed them. We read He sent lions among them to destroy them because of their sinfulness and perversions. The Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans because the Samaritans had perverted the true religion of Jehovah, yet here they turn on Christ Who stands among them, of the tribe of Judah, of the house of David, and say "Thou art a Samaritan". They are attacking His Credibility, for everything the Lord spoke was only true if He spoke as the Son of David, if He spoke as the fulfiller of all the Old Testament prophets. If Christ is not of the seed of Abraham, if He is not of the household of David, if He is not of the tribe of Judah, then He is not the Messiah, He is not the Christ.

Thank God, He is of Abraham's seed, thank God He is of David's household. Thank God He is the Lion of Judah's tribe, and, bless God, He is the Immaculate Christ. The attacked His Credibility.

Oh, the infamy they poured upon Him! "Ye do dishonour me". He said. Dishonouring His Integrity; Responsibility; Purity and Credibility.


Look with me at Mark chapter 3, verse 22: Here they attack the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, and bracket Him with the devil. This is the blasphemy of the unpardonable sin. Mark 3: 22: "And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth He out devils". The One Who was in intimate relationship with God is here slandered as being in relationship with and a companion of the Devil himself. The One came from Heaven, they said came from Hell. The One Who was the Mighty God of Heaven is now called a lackey of the prince of darkness. How far deeper could they go in their hatred of the Son of God? That day the Lord lifted up a warning finger and said, "There is a sin that has no forgiveness in time, there is a sin that has no forgiveness in Eternity-that is the unpardonable sin; and as you are attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to the Devil, as you are [25] saying, that which is Divine is diabolical, that which is evidently of Heaven is of Hell, let me tell you you are putting yourself forever beyond the reach of the grace of God and the power of the Gospel".

Oh, the depths of infamy that they poured upon the Son of God! "Ye do dishonour me". They dishonoured His Integrity. They dishonoured His Responsibility. They dishonoured His Purity. They dishonoured His Credibility. They dishonoured His Deity. Then, finally, in the twenty-first verse of Mark's Gospel chapter 3 they say something more about the Lord Jesus Christ. Here is the final infamy that they pour upon the Blessed Son of God, and what do they say concerning Him? They say that "He is mad". What else could they say about Jesus Christ? That was the final thing that they said about the Blessed Son of God. They said, "He is mad". His friends came down. His near kinsmen saying Mark 3: 21: "He is beside Himself, He is a madman and he is insane".


How evil to attack His integrity How evil to attack His Responsibility! How evil to attack His Purity, and Credibility and Deity! But to the depths of those shameful words they added yet another, they said, "The Son of God is a madman".

I see the gentle, tender, compassionate Christ, and, as His enemies thus accuse Him, He stands in silence. The despised Christ! The hated Christ! The scorned Christ! The blasphemed Christ! Ah, but there is something more. He is the rejected Christ. What were they doing when they were attacking.His Integrity? They were rejecting Him. What were they doing when they were attacking His Responsibility? They were rejecting Him. What were they doing when they attacked His Purity? They were rejecting Him. What were they doing when they attacked His Credibility? They were rejecting Him. What were they doing when they attacked His Deity? They were rejecting Him. What were they doing when they attacked His Sanity? They were rejecting Him.

And you say, as you sit in this church this night, "What awful debasement! What terrible debauchery! What awful blasphemy!" But as the gentle Jesus walked among the sons of men, touching the eyes of the blind so that they saw, touching the ears of the deaf so that they heard, touching the poor diseased lepers and immediately they were cleansed, standing in the room of the death chamber of Jairus's daughter and raising her from the dead, stopping funeral procession at the gate of the city of Nain and raising up the widow's son, standing at the open sepulchre of Lazarus and calling him forth from the grave, feeding the five thousand, doing works of power, and works of grace, and works of love, and works of comfort and works of help, instead of receiving Him they hounded Him to a Cross and nailed Him to the tree.

You say, "Preacher, it was terrible infamy". No wonder the Son of God said, [26] "Ye do dishonour me". I have something to say tonight to every Christ-rejecter in this meeting. Every man and every woman that has not come and received Christ as their own and personal Saviour, I want to say that you stand tonight lined up with this crowd of blasphemers who blaspheme the Holy Name of the Son of God. That is the side you are on, the side of the men and women that attacked His Integrity, His Responsibility, His Purity, His Credibility, Deity and Sanity. That is the side you are on. You are lined up with those who hounded Him to the Cross, who called for His Blood, who called for a murderer to be released in His place. Think of it, that in this house of God, this night, that in this place dedicated to the preaching of the Gospel, that in these pews built for men to hear the Words of life there are men and women dressed respectably, honoured by their friends, and in their hearts they are saying the very same things about the Blessed Son of God. They are Christ-rejecters!

I went to a home once to speak to a person, who was unsaved. One of the family said to me, "But the person is a very good person". I turned and said, "I admire you honouring your parent, I admire you speaking well of your parent, but let me tell you, as a minister of God, your parent is not good. For years your parent has rejected the Christ of God". There is nothing good about a Christ-rejecter. There is nothing good about a man or woman who turns his back upon the Son of God.

Now, hear it tonight. I would be unfaithful to the Master whom I serve, I would be unfaithful to the God who has called me to be a preacher of His Word, I would be unfaithful to the One who hung upon the middle cross and wore a crown of thorns and bled and died for the salvation of my soul if I did not tell you in solemn words that you are as guilty of this sin by rejecting Christ as the men who spoke those awful words against His Blessed Person when He was down here on earth. So this night, as this meeting draws to a conclusion, and as the Gospel sermon is almost through, I wonder how many Christ-rejecters are going to persist in saying "No" to the Son of God?

You have said it many times. You have gone through the doors of this church saying "No" to Jesus. Are you going to say another "No" to Christ tonight? Are you going to line up with the blasphemers - the men who say Christ has a devil, the men who say that Christ is a madman, the men who say Christ is a Samaritan, the men who say He is a deceiver and the men who say that He blasphemes? Is that the crowd that you are going to go out with? If you do, friend, let me tell you solemnly and with love, breaking my heart, you will go out to Hell with that crowd. That is the crowd who frequent the broad road, man. That is the crowd, woman, whose footsteps go down to the pit. That is the crowd who end in the blackness of darkness for evermore. How many times have you refused the Son of God.

There is a day when this very congregation will re-assemble. There is a day when every man and every woman in this house, preacher and hearer alike, will [27] all be re-assembled, at the great judgement throne of Almighty God. There is one thing which terrifies me more than anything else. At night, when I cannot sleep, it comes to me in the midnight hours, it is the terrible responsibility of the judgement day when I will have to give witness against men and women who listened to my preaching.

When God Almighty will summon Ian Paisley and you, I will be called to witness, my dear woman, my dear man, that you sat under my preaching, that I pled with you, that I wept for you; that I pleaded as best as I could that you should come to Christ, that I prayed for you earnestly, that I spoke to you solemnly, that I warned you sincerely, and yet with all the prayers, and all the tears and all the pleadings you said "No" to the Son of God. I shall stand to bear witness against you, and that terrifies my soul.

I know you as a friend. I know you as a supporter. I love you . I respect you, but how will it be on that dread day when, as God's ambassador, I will have to discharge my last solemn duty in regard to your soul, and bear witness before angels, devils and men that you were a Christ-rejecter. Preached to, prayed for, wept over, pleaded with, exhorted and warned, and yet a Christ-rejecting soul.

May God save me from having to discharge such a duty, and may God bring you to Christ, the only Saviour of the world, this very night.

Amen and Amen!



by the Editor

New Presbytery

A Presbytery has been constituted in line with the above statement of the Confession of Faith which is known as the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, and the elders installed and the Minister inducted were installed and inducted by the authority of that Presbytery. The elder was not ordained by Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley, but by the Presbytery concerned. This was clear to all who attended as the words "the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster" were clearly used in the service.

Who is the Rev. George Stears? they ask. They very well know. What are his credentials? The Presbyterian authorities did not question his credentials when he preached as a pulpit supply in Fivemiletown, and when he ministered in Oldpark Presbyterian Church, Belfast.

All the arguments which the [28] Down Presbytery and the Synod of Belfast have used against the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster are absolutely identical with the arguments which the Roman Catholic Church used against our forefathers, the Reformers, at the time of the Protestant Reformation. No wonder they are weak and erring.

The statement issued by the Belfast Synod on 21st March was another complete failure to either deceive the public or tell the truth. They received with great sorrow the news of the Lissara developments. Did they receive with such great sorrow the fact that five hundred people were drenched to the skin on the Saturday evening when the Down Presbytery closed the Lissara Church Hall to the adherents of the Old Time Gospel Campaign Movement?

They conceive it necessary to appeal to their Kirk Sessions and congregations to cherish the heritage and discipline of their church. Well may they do so.

Does the Very Rev. Dr. Moody know the facts of the case when he actually states that the secession is the result of a minority in the congregation wanting to call a minister against the wishes of the congregation? Does he know that we who were the evangelical section of the congregation polled a comfortable majority for our candidate at the aforesaid election? Is it because we were the evangelical congregation that he finished by saying that we may not be much of a loss to the church?

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster still stands by the challenge issued by the Rev. Ian Paisley at the opening of the Crossgar Congregation to debate in public with any leader of the Irish Presbyterian Church the fact that they have betrayed their position as an evangelical Protestant Church and have allowed modernism and rationalism to take the seat of authority and rule with ecclesiastical dictatorship.


And so the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster was born and we firmly believe that by God's grace a light has been kindled in Ulster which shall never be put out.

Ravenhill Free Presbyterian Church Opened April, 1951

Professor Wilson from Assembly's College attends to spy out the land. Seven souls gloriously saved at evening service. Hallelujah!

On Sabbath, April 22nd, what was formerly Ravenhill Evangelical Mission Church was re-opened as Ravenhill Free Presbyterian Church, the Ravenhill Evangelical Congregation becoming the Ravenhill Congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. God's seal of blessing and approval was evident right from the very beginning of the 8 a.m. prayer meeting. The ground floor of the [29] church was well packed and the gallery comfortably filled for the morning service. Professor Wilson from the Assembly's (Irish Presbyterian) College held a watching brief for the modernists and crypto-unitarians of his church. The Editor, Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley, preached in the morning on "Free Presbyterian - Why?" and in the evening on "The Grand Old Gospel." In the evening time the church was filled and best of all seven precious souls sought and found Christ. Hallelujah!

The Free Presbyterian Church, a Soul Saving Church

The Free Presbyterian Church has not seceded from apostasy to stagnate like many other secession churches both in the British Isles and U.S.A. in a defunct and lifeless orthodoxy. We want revival. Our constant cry is,

We don't want to live
Within the sound of church or chapel bell,
Lord help us run a rescue shop
Within a yard of hell. Amen.

To this end we are working. The following from the Revivalist of May, 1951, shows the Seal of our God on the work.


God's power was manifested right from the beginning. Although the weather was severe the attendance was excellent as the mission got under way. The first week was a time of searching for God's people almost fifty of whom came into blessing. The break came the second Lord's Day and in the two weeks following ninety souls walked out for Jesus. Glory! Hallelujah.


47 souls have come to Jesus as we are running in our third week. God is blessing, many being unable to get in on last Sabbath evening. We have our eyes on our God who cannot fail. Praise His Name!


Since December, 1950, we have had the joy of receiving into church membership almost 70 new members. Empty seats are filling up around the Lord's table and it is a real joy to see so many of our own spiritual children in membership with us. Like Paul amidst much persecution, we thank God and take courage.

Cabra Old Time Gospel Campaign

As can be gathered from the report an Old Time Gospel Campaign was held in the Cabra Old School House. [30] The mission was a time of real awakening and many souls some of whom are now with Christ in glory found mercy through the precious shed blood of the Lamb. The people of God were brought to see their need and the challenge of God was responded to and obedience was given to His commands. To God be the glory! Whilst this mission was going on two important events took place.

June, 1951 The Magherahoghill Presbytery

This Presbytery was having an uneasy time. There was serious trouble in Rasharkin and in order to keep Free Presbyterianism from gaining any ground in that neighbourhood members of the Presbytery visited Rasharkin. They tried to force the session and committee of that Church to ban Mr. Paisley from the church buildings. This they were unable to do. They then violated their own Code and banned Mr. Paisley by a Presbytery resolution. Unable to force the people to do this they took the legal right from the people and passed an illegal law.

This ban was fruitless.

Not so long ago this Presbytery issued a summons to Free Presbyterian elders to answer for their conduct before them as a church court. Of course if they want to rave as the old Pope did when Protestantism was born let them rave, but no Free Presbyterian acknowledges them as a court of Christ's Kirk, but rather as men who have departed from the truth and are in apostasy.

The General Assembly, 1951

The General Assembly met in 1951 and was not in a very happy condition. Since their last meeting the Free Presbyterian Church had been formed and the rumour was abroad that a big secession in Co. Antrim was under way. This rumour became actual fact. The Convenor of the Home Mission warned about wolves who had invaded the Presbyterian folds whilst the Moderator talked of disloyal elements in the Irish Presbyterian Congregations. The first Free Presbyterian protest leaflet was distributed entitled "Irish Presbyterians, save yourselves and your children" and caused rage and anger at the Assembly.


Revs. Leitch and Hemphill from the Route Presbytery attend in mufti to spy out the land

On Saturday, the 23rd of June, at 3.30 p.m. the third congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster was officially constituted by the Free Presbytery of Ulster.

The meeting place was a large tent erected in Mr. Stevenson's field in Cabra. The tent, holding about four hundred people, was well filled for the constitution service. Just before [31] the sermon, the Rev. J. G. Leitch, M.A., and Rev. W. J. Hemphill, B.A., ministers of the Route Presbytery, arrived in mufti to spy out the land for that ecclesiastical court. They looked very bewildered as they saw the large crowd gathered, and seemed not too comfortable as they took their seats just directly below the platform. During the service when all the congregation shouted a hearty Hallelujah they, carried away no doubt by the intense zeal of a free people, joined in the shout. We trust that the visit of these two Irish Presbyterian ministers to the opening of the Cabra congregation will lead them to consider the solemn issues that are involved in this controversy, and that the Free Presbyterian Church is lifting aloft the old blood-stained banner of the Cross, which for so long the Irish Presbyterian Modernists have trampled in the gutter of heresy.

Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley delivered the constitution sermon and showed by many quotations from official Presbyterian publications that the Irish Presbyterian Church is now apostate and has allowed Professor Davey's teaching to become the accepted doctrine of the Church.

The fact that the two Route Presbytery representatives were unable to challenge the statements made only goes to show that the undeniable truth was spoken by the preacher.

At the close of the sermon the congregation was constituted by prayer, and the whole future of the work in Cabra committed into the hands of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the great King and Head of the Church. Then Mr. James Atkinson, Mr. Alexander McAuley, Mr. Wm. Stevenson and Mr. Albert Hanna, the elders elect, after answering the prescribed questions and subscribing the Confession of Faith, were inducted into their offices and given the right hand of fellowship by Rev. Geo. E. Stears and Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley.

Rev. Geo. E. Stears then delivered a solemn charge to the Elders and the congregation, after which the service, which lasted for two hours, was brought to an end by prayer and the benediction offered by Rev. J. Kyle Paisley, from Ballymena, Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley's father. The congregation then partook of a sumptuous tea.

After tea was served, greetings to the new congregation were conveyed from our other congregations of Ravenhill and Crossgar, and from Ballymena, Dundonald, Rathfriland, by friends from these centres.

Rev. Ian Paisley conducted the opening Sabbath services the following day, and in the evening four souls came to Christ. Hallelujah! Meanwhile the congregation continues to grow. The membership at the moment stands at 75, with an average attendance of 100 in the morning and 200 in the evening each Sabbath.

Extracts from "The Revivalist," September, 1951.