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courageous stand has been taken against apostasy, both papist and ecumenical, and the gospel preached to the salvation of multitudes of sinners.

"This is marvellous in our eyes".

The Bush is Burning and is Not Consumed


Miss Margaret Armstrong writes . .

I had a good holiday in Kenya, the warmth and waltz along the beach were all beneficial to me. I had much to thank the Lord for.

After staying sometime with my sister-in-law I flew inland to my aunts for a few days. Then we travelled upcountry by car to my old tramping ground. I am not able to describe or put on paper all the pleasure of it and joy I had and thanks to God for being able to go and see it all again. We arrived at Pastor George Kendagor's at 4.00 p.m. and after tea George showed us round. Every place was very dry and dusty. The Kendagors arrived home in November after a visit to N. Ireland and America.

Pastor George Kendagor writes . . .

Jonathan is still sick in hospital, his heart valve was replaced but another valve went bad. He has to undergo another operation. Nathaniel has a swollen neck and has to be operated on. Andrew had an accident in his vehicle, it overturned and several people in it were injured. Many cattle are dying with drought in West Pokot.

In the conference centre we have 20 children from Karapokot, some don't have parents. We have 16 women and 5 men. All these came because of famine some lost their relatives because of sickness, cholera, and some because of tribal wars.

Some of the present needs are:-

A second school teacher for our school. The number of pupils has risen to over 60. Also the Government has requested us to open 2 more schools in Karapokot, uniforms are needed for some of the children, by the beginning of April we will need funds to buy food for our pupils.

The Kendagors would like to thank the people in the Free Presbyterian Churches in N. Ireland for the warm welcome they gave them. We could not help feeling that N. Ireland was our home. The gifts we received were used for different things. Repairing my landrover, repairing Nathaniel's car, buying clothes for the children, buying and transporting food to the school. [4]

A sermon Dr. Paisley preached in Martyrs Memorial Church lst February 1981 (Electrically Recorded)

The fourth chapter of 1 Timothy: "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly". That word "expressly" in the year 1611 was the word that was used for "clearly" - "plainly" - "without controversy" - "crystal clear". So the Spirit speaketh in crystal clear language. I am glad every day I have got the Bible. If we had not the Bible what would we do? We would have neither a compass to steer by nor would we have a chart to go by. Thank God, we have got the impregnable Word of the Living God.

What does the Spirit say? The spirit says that "in the latter times some shall depart from the faith". That tern "latter times" covers the whole Gospel dispensation. Once in the end of the age has Christ appeared to put away sin. The latter times, we are in them tonight.

What is going to happen? Some shall depart from the faith. Departure or falling away from the faith is apostasy. That is the word in the Greek not translated but transliterated into English - apostasy, apostasize. They shall depart from the faith". That term "latter times" covers the whole Gospel definite article, it is "the faith". There is not other faith. "The faith once for all delivered to the saints" - Jude verse 3. "They will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrine of devils". Very strong language, is it not? That is the language of the Spirit of God.

It is about time our pulpits and preachers recaptured the language of God's Word and the language of the Holy Spirit. We have raised a lot of velvet-tongued pulpiteers who are not prepared to use the denunciatory vocabulary of God the Holy Ghost. That is our great trouble.


When I was in Rome many years ago with the Rev. John Douglas and the Rev. John Wylie, we visited that great centre of pagan and popish idolatry - the largest Church in Christendom erected to the honour of Mary. I was very interested. Outside that Church there is a Cross and upon that Cross there not only hangs a representation of the figure of the Lord Jesus Christ, but also a representation of Mary hanging there with Him as our co-redemptionist redeeming mankind along with Jesus. It is, my friend, a doctrine of the Devil. That is what it is. I went into that Church and there on the dome of that Church there is a magnificent painting. What is it of? The Lord Jesus Christ taking off [5] His crown in Heaven and crowning His mother as "the Queen of Heaven", and she is in a higher place in Heaven than Christ. What is it? It is the doctrine of devils.

I said to my companions, "You know, this is a unique Church for I have done a little bit of study about it. It is the only Church in Rome that you can get your sins forgiven by the touch of a fishing rod". They laughed and they said, "Have you taken leave of your senses?" I took them round all the confession boxes and sure enough at every confession box there is a fishing rod, a long thin pole. They asked, "What is that for?" I said, "Let us sit down and watch". The three of us sat down before a confession box and we watched. Soon three penitents came along and they kneeled down before the confession box. The top of the confession box suddenly opened the there was a priest all dressed up in red. He looked more like Father Christmas than a priest of Rome, and he was smiling and they knelt down. He took the fishing rod from the side of the confession box and he tapped them all on the head - "wood touching wood", and they went away thinking that they were pardoned from all their sins because a Pope decreed that in that Church if you are touched with the fishing rod your sins are all pardoned. At Easter time when the crowds come to that Church, those poor people are bumping their heads and saying, "Father, hit me on the head, and here is my head, please hit my head" Yes! You never know Rome until you see her outside the scrutiny of Protestantism.

I was reading in the Indian newspapers of a priest brought up and prosecuted and they discovered that he had four houses, and in the first house he had what he called his "mother wife". In the second house he had his "sister wife". In the third house he had a "nun wife", and in the fourth house he had his "would be wife". Yet he said, "It is not right for me to be married, but it is all right for me to have a mother wife, a sister wife, a nun wife and a would be wife". He was not a Mormon either. He was a Roman priest.

I tell you, if you want to see Rome what Rome is you have to see her outside the scrutiny of Protestantism. I stood outside that Vatican in Italy. We were not allowed over the Border. We had been arrested in the Vatican Square for giving out the Word of God, and so we stood across the Border. (I thank God for the Border!) I was in Italy and I saw the prostitutes of Rome lining up, and I saw with my own eyes the cardinals coming along and tipping these prostitutes on their shoulders and saying, "You come with me". There were two cardinals who had an argument and at the end of the day the one said to the other, "You take this one and I will take this one", then they both rode off in carriages with the women of their choice. Our Italian detective guard said, "They are off on their honeymoon, sir", and they laughed. This is the Church of Rome. I want to tell you, that is the doctrine of devils. Yes! [6]


You know what is wrong with our Protestant Churches? We have not got any Protestant preachers left. Sometimes I feel very lonely. I feel very lonely! When I see the compromise, when I see the pro-Romanism in the pulpits my heart trembles. I tell you, our nation is going back to this system, and it is going back very fast.

"Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron". Lying hypocrites!

Of course if they belong to the Church of Ireland and they are instituted as a Rector in charge of a Parish they solemnly obligate themselves to believe the 39 Articles of the Common Book of Prayer. The 39 Articles of the Common Book of Prayer are a fine exposition of good sound scriptural truth. The Article on Justification is as fine a definition of justification by faith as you will get anywhere. Those Articles say that the Mass is a blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit, and yet those very men and bishops who have given their pledge to the 39 Articles, go and take part in the Romish Mass. Not only do they do so but they invite the Massing priests to their Churches and they seek in all ways possible to paint Rome as a Christian Church - a sister Christian communion. Yet at their institution they have vowed that Rome's main doctrine is a blasphemous fable and a dangerous deceit!

Every Presbyterian minister in Ireland, in all the Presbyterian Churches subscribe the Confesson of Faith - The Irish Presbyterian Church, The Reformed Presbyterian Church, our own Free Presbyterian Church, The Evangelical Presbyterian Church all subscribe the Confession. Then what happens? These Irish Presbyterians go and practise the very opposite. You have evidence of that in the Presbyterian Moderator, Dr. Craig of Carrickfergus. Don't you mix him up with Dr. Craig of Portadown. When Dr. Craig of Portadown was Moderator he wouldn't go and meet the Pope. Thank God for that. He had honesty. He swore to the Confession and he wasn't going to go and meet the Pope and go to the Masses and meet the Cardinal. This present Moderator he is on the Rome express all right. He has got a first ticket in the Cardinal's carriage, and he is on his way, as we shall see as I develop my subject.

The Methodist President, Sydney Callaghan, he swore that he believed the system of doctrine taught by John Wesley. Did you ever read John Wesley's notes?


I remember Robert Cooper, the fellow that is the chairman of the Fair Employment Agency. That by the way is the Pope's agency to put Protestants out of work and give work to the Romanists. That would be the proper title for [7] that particular system. I have no time for it. I want to tell you I give Mr. Cooper a rough time, for every time a Protestant gets into trouble I am at him. I believe in using this system and hammering Ulster's enemies. I want to tell you something. Cooper said, in the Assembly, "Ian Paisley, in the Ulster Hall, said the dead Pope was in Hell. Wasn't that terrible?" All the old ecumenists there screamed, "It was terrible". I said, "I did not say that. I said, John Wesley said he was in Hell and I agree with John Wesley". The next day I went up armed with John Wesley's Notes on the New Testament, and I stood up at the Despatch Box. It was the first time they had a Protestant sermon in that House. I read what John Wesley said. John Hume said, "We don't want to hear it". I said, "You will hear it, and Mr. Cooper, will listen to it too" I made him listen to it. John Wesley said, "The Pope is the Man of Sin, the Antichrist, and he was in Hell and he was taking millions with him to Hell". That was stronger than I said. I say "Amen" to what John Wesley said.

I am just a Protestant in the true Protestant succession. I did not make up the Westminster Confession of Faith. I did not write the 39 Articles. I did not write John Wesley's Notes on the New testament. To hear some of those ecumenists you would think Ian Paisley did it all. Why? Because they don't want the people to know what the real Protestant message is. They would like to keep them in ignorance and blind our hearts.


Look a verse 3 of I Timothy chapter 4. Take a good sniff when you come to verse 3, and if you can't smell Popery in verse 3 then go and see the doctor tomorrow for there is something wrong with your nostrils. Look at it, "Forbidding to marry". That is the "celibacy of the clergy". Yes! I never understand why the Pope has over 300 bedrooms and he is a single man. Isn't it ridiculous? You never could understand that. I would think if he were a Christian he should see the Housing Executive and get on the points system. Do you not agree with me?

People have said to me, "You know, Ian Paisley, when you're preaching on these subjects you shouldn't have the people laughing". I have found this, that when people laugh at a thing they will not worship it. If people laugh at a thing they will not go a-whoring after it. That is what Elijah did on the Mount Carmel. He said to those old praying priests who were cutting themselves, "It is too bad, your god is sleeping, you better shout a bit louder. He is having a forty winks after-dinner snooze. You better shout a bit louder. Maybe he is in a journey, and the horses' hoofs are kicking up the dirt off the roads so noisily he can't hear, Come on, cry up." Elijah mocked them! I believe in mocking Popery. It is about time we had a few more men who knew how to mock Popery. That is what brought Popery down in England. Hugh Latimer, the wittiest preacher of the [8] Reformation laughed at Popery and the people left the Roman Catholic system.

Verse 6, "If thou put the brethren in remembrance of these things, thou shalt be a good minister of Jesus Christ". That is what I am aiming for. I do not want to be a bad minister, I want to be a good minister of Jesus Christ. That is why I must, fearlessly, take my stand, no matter how unpopular the path. I must go the way of the Cross, for it is the way of the Cross which leads Home. Yes, and it is good to know, as I onward go that the way of the Cross leads Home!


Now we have had some strange happenings on the Ecumenical Express in the past few days. We have seen Billy Graham at the Vatican having a two-hour chat with the Pope about, "How to evangelise the world". Isn't that interesting, that Billy Graham -'Mr. Evangelist' as he is called, (the papers say that he is the top ranking Protestant evangelist) should meet the Pope. I want to tell you, he is not a Protestant at all. No Protestant would be found at the Vatican seeking an interview with the Roman Antichrist, and, secondly, no Protestant would be discussing with the Pope how to evangelise the world. But, alas, Dr. Graham has gone far down the road since as a young man, a professed fundamentalist, a friend of Dr. Bob Jones, Senior, Dr. Bob Jones, Junior, and men like W. B. Rylie and T. T. Shields of Toronto, and J. Frank Norris of Fortworth, Texas, and other men of that fundamentalist standing, he came out of the South preaching the Gospel. He has gone down the road. How did it happen? It happened because Billy Graham started to broaden his platform. It used to be when he had a campaign he only had fundamentalists on the Committee, he had only had fundamentalists on the platform, he had only fundamentalists taking part in the enquiry rooms, but then he broadened the platform and he went under the auspices of the Church Council of New York, a notorious modernistic Romanising Council, for his great campaign there. Then he changed completely, and the first thing he did, he stopped preaching the Blood of Christ. You know, when you stop preaching the Blood you are finished.

I have here in my book, "Billy Graham and the Church of Rome" a photostat copy of a letter sent to a friend of mine by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, on his own notepaper, and this is what it said, "Mr. Graham believes that we are saved through the Blood of Christ. However this aspect of Christian doctrine he does not emphasize in his messages. This is the duty and prerogative of the pastors". So he preaches a bloodless gospel. My friend, a bloodless gospel is another gospel. You can't preach the Gospel without emphasizing the Blood of Christ. If you are going to be saved, sir, if you are going to be saved, madam, young boy, young girl, if you are going to be saved, it will be by the Blood of Jesus alone. [9]

"Nothing can for sin atone,
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus;
O, Precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus".

Having lost his bearings and given up preaching the Blood, Graham went down the river. The next step after that was to invite the Roman Catholic Churches to join with him officially in his crusades. So he had Roman Catholic Jesuit priests and others on his evangelistic committees in the various places where he went preaching. Then when Roman Catholics were converted, so-called, he sent them back to the Roman Catholic Church. He said, "If a man is a Jew, I send him back to the synagogue. If he is a Protestant, I send him back to his church. If he is a Roman Catholic, I send him back to Catholicism". My friend, let me tell you tonight, if you are a Jew, and get converted, you can't go back to the synagogue. You have got to separate. Did Paul go back to the synagogue? Paul went back to the synagogue to witness, and then to leave. I could tell you many sad stories of people who went to Graham's Crusades, responded to the appeal, signed their name and were directed into the Roman Catholic Church. (I have not time to deal with this tonight. Get a copy of my book, "Billy Graham and the Church of Rome". It sets out the whole position).

My book records Graham's downgrade to 1969. From 1969 Billy Graham has been going down the downgrade as fast as the Devil and Hell can take him. There was a great Roman Catholic priest - a great broadcaster in America whose name was Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, He won thousands of adherents to the Roman faith. He was an author, and for years the best known Roman Catholic clergyman in America. He was an outspoken Romanist and traditionalist and when he died Billy Graham said, "He is a great loss to the nation, both the Catholic and Protestant Churches. He broke down the walls of prejudice between Catholic and Protestant. I mourn his death and look forward to our reunion in Heaven".


My friend, let me tell you there is only one way to Heaven and it is by Christ and by Christ alone. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me". And Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen did not believe that. He believed that you got to God by Christ and Mary, by Christ and the Mass, by Christ and the Church, by Christ and Confession, by Christ and the Sacraments, and so on and so forth. No man can come to the Father (Listen to it) "but by me" (John 14:6). Yet Billy Graham says he is looking forward to having re-union with this man in Heaven. [10]

Now Billy Graham has almost run out of words to praise the present Pope. He said, "In a world dangerously poised on the brink of nuclear disaster the exhortation of Pope John Paul II must be heeded if our children and grandchildren have a future. The words of the Pope in his role as statesman must continue to challenge us and lead us to action. The Pope sought to speak to the spiritual hunger of our age in the same way that Christians throughout the centuries have spoken to the spiritual yearnings of every age by pointing people to Christ. As a statesman Pope John Paul also reminded us of another truth, we must work together to solve some of the problems which face us as a world. During his visit to America Pope John Paul II was indeed a bridgebuilder, and that is something our divided world desperately needs, in a world which often seems to have lost its way. His voice will continue to remind us of our responsibilities to each other and to God".

No wonder Graham was permitted to preach to the Roman Catholic trainees for the priesthood in Rome. Then the next day was received by the Pope.

Lot pitched his tent towards Sodom and then eventually went right into Sodom, and you can read the end of Lot's story how tragic it was.

I said this years ago about Graham and I got into a lot of trouble, but, my friend, I am sorry to stand and have to tell you tonight that Billy Graham is a false prophet preaching another gospel. He has turned his back on the way of truth and the fundamentalist faith that he once embraced and defended and today he is found with the Roman Antichrist - another worshipper at the shrine of the Man of Sin.


Let me come a little closer now. Let us come to the present Moderator of the General Assembly - Doctor Craig. What is Dr. Craig doing at the present time? He is busy running around at the coat-tail of Cardinal O'Fee. In the Catholic Universe of January 9th, Cardinal O'Fee was down in County Dublin visiting the Glencree Centre. (A Roman Catholic centre) He was accompanied by Dr. Butler, Church of Ireland Bishop of Feakle fame! He is the man that went with Canon Arlow to discuss with the I.R.A. He said he found them "very sincere men". He came back and almost told us they were members of the apostolic band. Such wonderful fellows - the Feakle I.R.A. men! Dr. Craig of Carrickfergus and Sydney Callaghan, and Dr. Butler the leaders of three Protestant Churches accompanied Cardinal O'Fee, and when they were there a cross was laid on a table. They asked the Cardinal to go through the ceremony of blessing the cross, and the three Protestant ministers, so-called, assisted him in blessing the cross.

Let me tell you tonight in case you don't know that Jesus Christ did not die on a cross bit of wood. He did not die on a piece of wood - with a cross bar. The [11] Bible tells me He died on a stake. Every time it is described in the Bible it is described 'on a tree'. "Who His own self bare our sins on His own body on the tree".

Where does this cross come from? It does not come from Christianity. It comes from Babylon. It is the worship of Tammuz. Who was Tammuz? The child god of Babylon. Babylonian religion is the worship of the mother and child. The child is Tammuz. You read about it in the Bible. Search the Scriptures and see where they worship Tammuz and take the eastern position. Read the Book if you would know it!

Of course Rome changed the names, but not the worship. She changed the name of Tammuz to Christ and the goddess of Babylon, she changed, of course, to the Virgin Mary. But the Mary that Rome worships is nothing to do with the Mary of Holy Scripture. It is Babylonianism. Of course Babylonianism is the worship of the sun. So when you see the saints they have all suns at the back of their heads - halos. That is where the halo came from. The Mass is always a circular wafer, and if you examine it it has the rays of the sun coming out of it. In the Book of Jeremiah you read that "they made cakes to the queen of heaven". That was the Mass of Babylon. That is why my Bible calls Rome, in, in Revelation chapter 17, "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS, THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH". That is why St. John Stevas, when I produced the Mass wafer in the debate at Oxford some years ago, went mad with rage. The Mass - the very centre of Rome's worship.


What do the worshippers of Babylonian do? They took the 'T' of Tammux and then cut it out in metal and wood and they put a chain around their necks and they wore it as a sacred charm. That is exactly what Rome is doing. So, young women, if you have got a cross on a golden chain, take it tonight and put it under your foot because it is Babylonianism. That is what it is - Babylonianism. Don't have any part or lot with it. It is the sign of the Antichrist.

Then you have these stupid people who come along and they say, "The cross is the sign of Christianity. It is the sign of the finished work of Christ".

There is only one sign of the finished work of Christ and it is Divinely ordained. It is the bread and the wine on the Communion Table. Don't dare to add to what God has ordained. That is what annoys me among the Churches in the U.S.A. They are coming down with their big crosses. I tell their preachers, "You better cut it down. It is the sign of Babylon". We bought our Church in Canada - the Free Methodist Church, and it had a huge twenty feet cross outside it. The first thing we did we sawed it down. They were all crying, "They're taking away the cross". I replied "I would like to put in on your shoulders and you could carry it". I want to tell you, friend, the cross in the New Testament has nothing to do with the wood of the cross. It is the work of the [12] cross. When Paul is talking about "God forbid that I should glory save in the cross", he is not talking about a wooden cross. He is talking about the work of the cross.

To think of Protestant ministers blessing a piece of wood or stone lying on a table, with the old representative of the Antichrist Thomas O'Fee. Man, he must chuckle, must he not? When he goes home at night he must have a good laugh. Do you know what he says "You know Paisley is right. These men are a lot of suckers". I want to tell you, I have more respect among the Roman Catholic than these old ministers have. Roman Catholic priests and people have come to me and said, "We respect you. You don't compromise". One man said to me the other day, "I wish you were on our side". I said, "Well, the best thing for you, my friend, is get converted and come on the Lord's side. That is what you should do. Then you will be on the right side". You never get anywhere by compromise, my friend!

God knows no man has worked harder in the political field for a fair deal for every man in this province. I sit in tribunals. I fight for my Roman Catholic fellow countrymen as I fight for Protestants, but I want to tell you, when it comes to my faith and my religion there can be no compromise. There can be no paring down the hard truths of God's Word to please anybody. I have got to stand fearlessly and faithfully for Jesus Christ.


The most disgusting thing of all was the statement made by the Dean of Armagh at the Strong's funeral service. He said that "the I.R.A. were desecrating the 'Week of Prayer for Christian Unity' and that was a terrible crime".

I want to talk about this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. You know where it started? It started through a man called Father Watson. (He should not have been called Father for he was not married. He was an old bachelor!) He belonged to the American Episcopal Church and he decided one day that "the Pope was right and Rome was right", so he thought he would start a Week of Prayer, and the basis of the Week of Prayer was this, that "the faith is the faith of the Holy Roman Church and the Chair of Peter at Rome was the divinely constituted centre of a re-united Christendom". That is pretty straight, is it not? Praying for union with Rome. That is the origination of the Week of Prayer for Unity, and the Presbyterian Churches, and the Methodist Churches and the Church of Ireland have been taking part in it during the past days. Some of them don't know what they are doing they are so blinded. They don't understand what it is all about.

Then a French priest said, "You can hardly get Protestants to pray for that. That is a bit brunt. Let us camouflage it a little bit better, and let us tell the [13] Protestants we are only praying for Christian unity - unity among Christians". He said, "When we get them thinking that way, then we'll direct their thoughts to the fact that the only unity can be in Rome and with the Pope". They have all swallowed the bait, so we have this octave of prayer for Christian unity, and then we have this Dean who tells us that the I.R.A. are desecrating something which is very precious. Well, it is not precious at all. I want to tell you, it has God's curse on it, for God never told me to pray for the unity between truth and falsehood. God says, "Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch not the unclean thing". Then they tell us they are going to have this prayer for Christian unity, and if the I.R.A. shoots somebody that week it is desecration of a holy thing. I want to tell you, the "week of prayer for Christian Unity" is an unholy thing.


I gave evidence some time ago from this pulpit about a large poster outside a Methodist Church at the Week of Prayer for Unity. It said, "This Church will close. Its Congregation in this Week of Prayer for Unity will attend the Mass in the local Roman Catholic chapel. The overflow service for the Mass will be held in the Baptist Church". That is the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. If you looked at the "Catholic Universe" for this past week you can see that engaged in this Week of Prayer for Unity are Charismatics - the "Full-gospel Business Men's Association". The whole thing is riddled with priests and nuns. It is part of the Ecumenical Movement, announced and approved by the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

It is the last days, brethren! It is the last days! And as the time goes on the apostasy will deepen.


You know there is only one Protestant bastion left now in Europe, and that is our own little province. This is the only place in Europe that there is any real Protestantism left. I want to tell you they hate us, and they hate our stand and they hate our protest. They tell us, "You are living 400 years ago". I tell them "I'm sorry, you have made a mistake. I am living in the first century with the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't put me back to the 16th Century. Put me back to the first Century. That is when this Book was written, this New Testament, in the first Century, and that is where we stand".

The Protestant faith is primitive Christianity. No more or no less! Alas, today, mighty men around us are failing, courage almost gone! We saw that when the Pope's visit came, several Irish Baptist pastors who were supposed to be great evangelicals wrote to the Roman Catholic papers and condemned anybody who would oppose the Pope's visit to Ulster. [14] Thank God he didn't get to Ulster! I'm blamed for it! I take the blame, glory to God, gladly and willingly with a Hallelujah on my lips! He did not get here. And now they are suggesting that as he is coming to the United Kingdom we should allow him to come to Ulster. Never! We want no Papal Antichrist here, no Man of Sin on these shores. He came and he cried down there in Dundalk, and his own followers never heeded him.

The British Government thought that he would convert the I.R.A. They were looking forward to a glorious season of peace. What utter fools! He stood there and he was very careful in his words for he never even condemned the I.R.A. because the man from Crossmaglen, O'Fee, wrote his speech and it was approved by old Bishop Daly of Londonderry, so you couldn't expect much from it. The Pope went away. Is Ireland any better? Even the Roman Catholics admit now that Ireland is worse. There are less people at the Mass now than ever there has been. There are more Roman Catholic mothers rebelling against the Pope's doctrine on Marriage and the Family than ever before. In the Church of Rome, after a visit of the Pope, there are always repercussions and a sad reaping.

I got into terrible trouble because I said that when the Pope visited America there would be a trail of disaster after he left. They said to me, "Do you really believe that?" I said, "I believe it, that is why I said it". Then they got at my friend, Rick Rigdon, and said, "Imagine you inviting a man who said that". He said, "I say the very same thing". So that was that! Thank God there are some people who see this issue and see what we are talking about. We are in a battle, and I tell you it is going to be a battle of life or death because Protestantism must survive. I am glad that old Desmond Wilson got his answer - "Father" Desmond Wilson. He said, "This is a battle between Fundamentalist Protestantism and Romanism and Rome must win, and the Pope must be brought to Armagh". Well, thank God, he didn't win. The Protestants won that round, and by the grace of God with Book in our hand we will win every round. We have got the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.


Tell me, what side are you on? Are you running around with the compromisers? Is that where you are? Not taking any stand. Just saying, "Now Ian Paisley is a nice fellow but if he would just lay off the Pope and the modernists and the ecumenists and just preach the Gospel he would be a very nice man". How many people say that? I wonder how many people in this Church tonight and they still belong to an apostate Church, still in membership with a Church whose leadership is tied up in this system? I want to tell you, God says, "Come out from among them, and be ye separate". God says, "Come out of her my people". Are God's people in the apostasy? Of course they are! God says, in [15] Revelation chapter 18, "Come out of her my people, that ye receive not of her plagues". You have a duty, friend. I am not asking you to be a Free Presbyterian. I never asked anybody to be a Free Presbyterian. I have asked thousands to become Christians. If God sends them to the Free Presbyterian Church well and good. I have trouble enough with the people God sends without doing recruiting on my own. I can assure you of that.

Let me tell you this, tonight, you cannot stay in apostasy and please God. You get that straight. It cannot be done. That is the Word of God. I trust you will face it, and you'll have no part nor lot with compromise, but you'll take a strong faithful uncompromising stand. If you are not saved, get saved tonight!

You know, these things are the signs of the Lord's Coming. His Coming is at the very door. Tell me, if the trumpet sounded tonight would you be ready, or would you be left for judgment and for Hell. Once the Master of the house is risen up and shut to the door there will be no entrance for you then. "And the door was shut" the Book saith. May it not be shut against you! May you come and be saved! May you trust Christ, for His Name's Sake!




1951 The Crossgar Old Time Gospel Campaign


In 1950 Mr. George K. Gibson approached the Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley on behalf of the Committee of the Crossgar Mission Hall to ascertain whether he would be willing to conduct an Old Time Gospel Campaign in the town. After careful consideration and prayer, plans were eventually finalised and the date fixed for February, 1951.

The Campaign Committee, wishing to have as commodious a meeting place as possible, decided to ask the Kirk Session of Lissara for the use of the Church hall for the campaign. This was unanimously granted at a meeting of session over which the Rev. Matthew Bailie, B.A., B.D., the interim moderator of Lissara, presided. Mr. Bailie voiced no protest to the proposal, although he subsequently voted against the grant of the church hall at the Presbytery. Such is typical of the man who now has sought the vaster country of Canada in which to carry on his pastoral ministrations.

These two facts (1) that the campaign was arranged before any vacancy occurred in Lissara and (2) that the Kirk Session unanimously granted the church hall, need to be borne in mind as the Presbytery of Down tried to suggest that the mission was planned during the vacancy when the congregation was in a fluid state and was arranged at a time when no mission was necessary.

The Scriptures declare we are to be instant in season and out of season, but to such a scripture the Presbytery of Down hearken with wax plugged ears.

In Lissara Session Room Saturday, 3rd February

The Presbytery of Down of the Irish Presbyterian Church held a special meeting called an hour and a half before the Old Time Gospel campaign was planned to begin in Lissara Church Hall.

The Lissara Kirk Session, who had previously granted the Church Hall unanimously for the Old Time Gospel Campaign, was summoned to attend. The Down Presbytery, Rev. Boland, Moderator, dictated to the Kirk Session that they must change their decision and directed that the Church hall be closed and that Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley and those who had gathered including many [25] members of Lissara be kept out in the pouring rain.

No gospel was to be preached in the hall.

Mr. Hugh James Adams, elder, refused to bow the knee in subjection to these gospel haters and he was unceremoniously suspended by a vote of the Presbytery.

Mr. George K. Gibson, elder, also refused to obey these little popes and he too was unceremoniously suspended. Such professed evangelicals as Rev. Orr, Saintfield and Rev. Dremam, The Spa, took part in these anti-evangelical proceedings.

Outside Lissara Church

Hundreds of people who had gathered for the march of witness joined in the protest against the popery of this so-called reformed and Protestant church court. The members of the Down Presbytery ran to their cars for truly the wicked fleeth when no man pursueth. Rev. Matthew Bailie, Convenor of the vacancy, who has since gone to Canada, on receiving the protests of the Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley and some of the folks gathered around, hastened away as a man fleeing from the battlefield of dire defeat. Poor Mr. Bailie. He has now crossed the ocean in order that millions of cubic feet of water might separate him from the place where he ecclesiastically ran amuck. Even in Canada his thoughts shall trouble him.

In the Killyleagh Street Mission Hall

After the march of witness the crowd thronged the mission hall and a protest against the Presbytery's dictatorial attitude was unanimously passed. Mr. H. J. Adams and Mr. George K. Gibson, the two suspended elders, addressed the meeting. It was agreed to conduct the mission in the mission hall.

Sabbath, the 4th February

On the morning of Sabbath, the 4th February, the Moderator of the Down Presbytery was instructed to read the suspension order of the two elders to the Lissara congregation.

"Gospel Pickets" led by Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley protested outside the church building before and after the service where this "papal bull" was read. The placards carried the following headings: "Church Elders suspended." "Down Presbytery refuses to stand by Crossgar Session's decision." "Campaign will continue in Mission - Hall." "Down Presbytery bans Gospel Campaign." "I am not ashamed of the Gospel."

Those who took part in the protest entered the church and listened to the service after which the moderator read the ultimatum of the Presbytery suspending Hugh James Adams and George K. Gibson until they showed signs of repentance. This ultimatum [26] reminded one of the "pope's bull" to the champion Luther calling him to repent of his Protestantism. Thank God he did not shirk from the pathway of truth. Thank God in 1951 the two elders in Crossgar did not deviate one inch from treading where the saints have trod.

Sabbath Evening the 4th February

The Old Time Gospel Campaign commenced in the mission hall. God's hand of blessing rested on the preaching of the gospel which the Down Presbytery did not want proclaimed in the buildings over which they had any jurisdiction.

The mission continued until Sabbath, 25th February, God working mightily, ninety-four souls having been dealt with during the campaign. Hallelujah!

Monday, 5th February

A meeting of the Kirk Session of Lissara was held, over which Rev. Matthew Bailie presided. The purpose of the meeting was to revise the poll list.

Protest Against Revision and Warning

The following letter from Mr. George K. Gibson was read to the meeting:-

Downpatrick Road

12th February 1951

Protest and Warning

Dear Mr. Morrison,

I want you to read this letter to the meeting of session and Commission in Lissara to-night, and then hand it over to the convenor of the vacancy.

As a member of this congregation, and one who represents the voice of the majority of its voters, I denounce the Presbytery's action in deciding to revise the poll list contrary to Church law.

Paragraph 333 of the Presbyterian Code reads as follows: "A poll list, after being lodged with the moderator of the commission, shall not be altered during the vacancy in the pastorate, unless twelve months; in which case the Presbytery shall have a new list of voters prepared in accordance with the preceding rules."

This is another glaring example of the Presbytery's determination to ride cold-blooded over the congregation, and can only be accepted as another subtle move to further split the congregation, prolong the vacancy, unseat the Evangelicals, and keep Rev. Jeffrey Chart out of the Church.

If the Commission dares to proceed further with this violation of our Church laws it will bear the responsibility for the drastic measures which will have to be taken in consequence.

Yours sincerely,


Mr. James Morison
Clerk of Lissara Session
Crossgar, Co. Down [27]

The "grave consequences" which Mr. Bailie thought so little of, which the Presbytery thought amounted to nothing and which were termed Mr. Gibson's private views were so grave that Mr. Bailie wrote a lengthy and whining appeal to the clerk, Mr. James Morrison, and after the formation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, himself sailed across the Atlantic rather than remain to watch the continued progress of the church which he thought never would come into being. The compromising attitude of those in the Presbytery who claim to be evangelicals is clearly portrayed by Mr. Bailie. Popular applause completely drowns for these Lots the voice from the hills of Abraham's God.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster

The dictatorial, anti-evangelical and anti-evangelistic attitude of the Presbytery of Down caused much heart searching amongst the Evangelical members of the congregation. As the mission continued, conferences were held and prolonged seasons of prayer engaged in and the face of God earnestly sought for grace and wisdom to know and do His will. The banning of the Gospel and the violation of church law and the feeble explanation of Rev. Bailie in regard to his actions, revealed further the depths to which the Presbytery were prepared to go in order to thwart the wishes of the majority of Evangelicals in Lissara.

Owing to the fact that certain brethren, both ministerial and lay, refused to yield full obedience to the commands of the Lord and even disregarded solemn promises made to their brethren, we feel that for the present, so that we may not be accused of jeopardising their position in the apostasy to which they still tenaciously cling, their names should go unmentioned.

Those of us who have paid the price and jeopardised all for the cause and rejoice in being counted worthy so to do, do not want any reluctant and compromising brother to suffer at the hands of the apostasy for actions with which at the time he agreed, but which he found he could not implement because of the price.

Perhaps at some distant future when personalities are forgotten, the revealing story will be told of those who started out but found the pathway too difficult and hard. In mercy, we will keep the curtain drawn over these misguided and compromising brethren. May God in His grace lead them back to the paths of obedience. At present, like Samson, their locks are shorn.

Day of Prayer and Fasting

A special day of prayer and fasting was held in Ravenhill at the conclusion of which the way of God was plain as day and the brethren knew that God had called them to tread where the saints had trod outside the camp and then by the [28] way of the cross, to the upperlands of God.

Each individual fought a personal battle, but the victory was a united one, and each brother rejoiced together. That day of days the Free Presbyterian Church was born and brought forth in tears, agony, and passion.

Public Declaration, Sabbath, 11th March 1951

At a public service in Crossgar on the evening of Sabbath, 11th, a public announcement was made concerning the formation and constitution of the new church and the following manifesto released. This manifesto was forwarded to all members of Lissara and ministers of the Down Presbytery.


Dear Friend and member of Lissara Congregation,

Knowing that you have a keen interest in our glorious Presbyterian and Protestant heritage we address to you the following appeal.

Our Presbyterian forefathers, zealous for the Truth of God as contained in the sacred pages of our Protestant Bible, were prepared regardless of the cost, to stand true to God and to their consciences. That cost was the staining of the heather bells of Scotland with their blood. Shall we as sons and daughters of such men dare to be any less true in our day to the same cause.

The Session of our Church, loyal to this cause, unanimously granted our Church hall for the preaching of that message for which our forefathers died. The Presbytery of Down, regardless of the facts that the Session represented the people, and that the congregation wrought and gave of their money to build the hall, closed this, the property of the congregation, to the proclamation of the Gospel, and suspended two Elders who refused to be mere yes-men and to join hands in such an action. This, has brought to light the real character of Irish Presbyterianism.


Further, the commission of the vacancy have violated the laws of our Church by revising the poll list, which thing they had previously and publicly stated could not be done. On February 12th last, the writer openly challenged them on this issue in a letter which was read at their meeting on that date, in which was quoted paragraph 333 of the Presbyterian Code, which read as follows:-

"A poll list after being lodged with the Moderator of the Presbytery or Convenor of the vacancy, shall not be altered during the vacancy in the pastorate, unless the vacancy extends beyond twelve months; in which case the presbytery shall have a new list of voters prepared in accordance with the preceding rules." [29]

In reply to this the writer received a six-page letter from the Rev. Matthew Bailie, of Downpatrick, as Convenor, in which he said that the writer appeared to be in the gall of bitterness, and continued that this revision was really the result of a muddle between himself and the Presbytery, ending by stating their avowed intention not to yield one inch. It is significant that our Clerk of Session, Mr. James Morrison, refused to sign the revised poll list against his conscience, and others of the Session also refused even to attend the meeting at which it was confirmed. Regardless of all this they trample on.

Facing these facts we are forced to ask ourselves the question - What is wrong with the so-called Presbyterian Church that she can act in such an unworthy manner? We go to the fountain head, the Assembly's College, and there we find the answer.


Professor Davey, Principal, and others of the professors, both in their teaching and writings deny the Truths we hold so dear, reduce the Scriptures to the level of mere human writings, make little of our Confession of Faith and Shorter Catechism, deny the very Deity and Virgin birth of our Saviour, and place the Protestant doctrine that Christ bore our sins on the Cross on a level with the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Mass.

Even the heresy trial of 1927 failed to unseat these heretics who still have the reins of the College in their hands. To use Professor Davey's own words, in Elmwood Presbyterian Church, he said: "Modern scholarship has rescued the Church from the powerlessness of a propped-up religion, using the Bible as a crutch"; and that certain of the Old Testament stories are "utterly damnable."

Is this not why many of the keen Christian lads who enter the College with a sincere desire to serve Almighty God, are in due course pitch-forked into our pulpits, discouraged and bewildered dupes, understanding neither what they teach, not whereof they affirm?

The Irish Presbyterian Church took a leading part in the forming of the World Council of Churches, which betrayed the Protestant Reformation, by extending a welcoming hand to the Church of Rome. You will be interested to know the Belfast Presbytery upheld those who invited Unitarian ministers to preach in their pulpits.

You say it is the Church of our fathers. It is NOT the Church of our fathers. THEY were made of sterner stuff than to tolerate men who betray their trust, and violate their solemn ordination vows. Let us listen to one of these men, the sturdy Presbyterian and saintly Rutherford, who said, "Give not a hair's breadth of truth away, for it is not yours but God's."

Is this any new state of affairs? No! For generations now there has been [30] a growing discontentment with the state of things in our Churches, and Christian people to-day have grave contempt for the dead and stagnant, powerless and fruitless religion of our day, and for the camouflaged modernists in our pulpits who seem to be void of any real convictions, and who read their half-baked essays with half-hearted zeal, and whose daily lives prove many of them to be mere gossip mongers, rather than soul winners. Fathers and Mothers! These men care not for the never-dying souls of your boys and girls, but rather for financial security, material comforts, and a congregation who are foolish enough to pay for the tobacco they smoke, and the worldly pleasures they pursue.


Fellow Presbyterians! What shall we do? To reform the present Church has been the desire and ambition of years, but the Irish Presbyterian Church has proved that she will adopt every measure to see that such will not happen, and clear-thinking Christian people are beginning to realise that the only course to pursue is to save that which is worth saving, and like Sodom and Gomorrah, leave the rest to the flames of God's wrath and judgment.

After prayerful consideration, we feel that the real need is the rekindling of the embers which for years have been smouldering under the damping and deadening effects in our Church. In this effort I am proud to say that Crossgar has raised a leading hand, and happy to relate that she is already being joined by other congregations, now in the process of being formed. These will form what will be known as The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. Free because it has struggled out from under the heel and tyranny of the Church which sails under the flag of Presbyterianism, but which is in reality Unitarian; Presbyterian because in constitution, government and worship it will be identical with that of our Presbyterian forefathers.

We believe that under the wind of heaven these embers will once again be fanned to a mighty flame all over our beloved province, and that this Free Presbyterian Body will lift again the Banner of the Cross, which has been dragged in the gutter of heresy and modernism.

This letter sets out briefly the reasons for our secession from the Church which has betrayed us, and the reason for our establishing in Crossgar a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, which will by God's grace bear on the Banner of Truth carried aloft for centuries by our Presbyterian forefathers.

The Crossgar congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster is being officially constituted on Saturday, the 17th March, in the Killyleagh Street Hall, which is being extensively renovated to serve as a temporary worshipping place. Five members of the Lissara Session will [31] be installed as the Session of the Free Church. The opening services will be conducted on the Sabbath following (18th March) at 12 noon and 7 p.m., with a Morning Sabbath School at 10.30. The youth organisations will be carried on under the care of the present leaders, and these will be announced at the opening services.

This letter comes to you as the first official communication from the Free Church, and is approved by the following, who will constitute the Kirk Session:

James Morrison (Clerk)
Wm. Miscampbell
Hugh J. Adams
Cecil Harvey
George K. Gibson

Yours for Christ and the Truth,

(Signed) George K. Gibson,

Church Secretary.

These Thirty Years

'Tis thirty years since God called out
A people for His name
To stand against deceitful men
Who gloried in their shame.

These bloody and deceitful men
Who crept in unawares,
To sow among the precious seed
Their vile destructive tares.

They burned the Bible in their wrath
They spurned the precious Blood
And laughed to scorn the miracles
Wrought by the Son of God.

They called the fall of man a myth
And said no sin was there
And Darwin's theory of the ape
Replaced the Gospel fair.

So in the year of fifty-one
The Cross was raised on high
And multitudes of sinful men
Were pointed to the sky.

And many battles have been fought,
And many victories won
And 'preaching houses' have been built
The number fifty-one.

Now looking back these thirty years
Their hopes afresh do rise
It is the Lord's own doing
And it's marvellous in their eyes.

And pressing forward with fresh zeal
They see the future bright
They know the Lord is on their side
That victory is in sight.

They know the Lord will surely come
And popery will fall
And all who court her favour
Will be cast into Hell.

All glory to our Father God
All glory to the Son
All glory to the Holy Ghost
Jehovah Three in One.

J. Wylie, Jan. 1981