As we go to press British Forces are in action against the forces of the Argentine Fascist Dictators in the island of South Georgia.

This island was stolen from British jurisdiction by an act of naked armed aggression by Argentina shortly after they had occupied, in the same manner, the Falkland Islands which are also British Sovereign Territory.

Messrs. Haig and Clark of the U.S.A., both Roman Catholics and well known for their anti-Protestant anti-British influence as far as Northern Ireland is concerned, have sought to keep the U.S.A. from carrying out a clear condemnation of the Fascist murderers of Argentina.

Both Clark, a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Haig, whose brother it is reported is a Jesuit priest, used their influence to have my visa cancelled so that as Moderator I could not speak in the pulpits of the churches of the Free Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

The future of our nation is all important to us all. We cannot nor would we want to divorce ourselves from it. Our own well-being and future, as well as the well-being and future of our children, are tied up with it.

Now the Bible makes it perfectly clear that, "RIGHTEOUSNESS EXALTETH A NATION BUT SIN IS A REPROACH TO ANY PEOPLE" Prov. 14:34. We learn from this three great truths:-

1. The Standards of God are the same for the Nation as for the Individual. God demands righteousness of the individual and condemns his sin. God demands national righteousness and condemns national sin.

II. The Standards of God demands obedience from the Nation as well as from the Individual.

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A Sermon Preached by Dr. Paisley at Martyrs Memorial Church

We are reading the great seventeenth chapter of the Book of the Revelation - a chapter that draws the picture by God Himself of the Roman Catholic apostasy and the great Church of the Antichrist.

Verse 18: "And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth". Of course in John's day the great city that reigned over the kings of the earth was none other than the city of the seven hills - the city of Rome.


Mrs. Thatcher has been telling the nation of the friendship that Pope John Paul II has for this United Kingdom, and according to Downing Street she has assured the Pope of a personal and very warm welcome. She, of course, has advised Her Majesty the Queen to receive the Pope officially when he comes, and she has also raised the status of the relationship between the Court of St. James and the Vatican by appointing and receiving full ambassadors.

There has been an ominous silence from the Vatican about the naked aggression of Roman Catholic Argentine against our sovereign territory in the Falkland Islands. So quick to condemn aggression when it affects Roman Catholic countries, for example like Poland, the Pope is strangely tight-lipped over this Fascist aggression in South America. Why? The British people have the right to demand that the Pope forthrightly condemns the aggressors and calls for immediate withdrawal from British sovereign territory. While the Falklands are under Argentinean control the Government has a duty to tell the Pope that he should call off his visit and not come to our Kingdom at this time.

The seventeenth chapter of the Book of the Revelation and verse 5, "And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH". Verse 6, "And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration".

'The Reformation in reverse- The de-Protestantising of Protestantism. The Anglicans headed by the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, [4] Dr. McAdoo, accept the Pope as the Head' of a united Church' - That is my subject this evening.

Anglicans and other apostate Protestants are on the road to Rome. I made that statement over thirty years ago, and I was laughed to scorn. The Ecumenists said, "It is not so", and I remember a prominent Irish Presbyterian minister who said, "We are not going to Rome, but we are going to convert Rome, and Rome is going to come to us".

"A prophet", saith the Book, "is known for his truthfulness, if what he says come to pass", and what I said thirty years ago is coming to pass and the lies and the deceits and the falsehood of the Ecumenists now stand exposed.

This morning, on Sunday Sequence, we had an Irish Presbyterian minister telling us of his special services over Easter, when they have all the candies lit in their Church, and one by one they put them out. And the priest on the programme said, "We do that and then we light the great candle", and the Presbyterian minister said he was interested to see how close they were in regard to their services and their symbolism in those services over Easter. On the road to Rome!


That pilgrimage to Rome is now seen and stands exposed by the final Report of the Joint Anglican/Roman Catholic Commission. What is this Commission?

Away back in March, 1966 for the first time the Pope of Rome and the Archbishop of Canterbury got together - old Archbishop Ramsey, (do you remember him? "The wolf in the ram's skin", as John Wylie used to call him) and they decided that they would set up a Joint Commission to study the points of disagreement between them in order that they might get agreement, and in order that they might come together in unity - 1966, and the pilgrimage started.

In 1967 a special meeting in Gazada, Italy: 1970 a special meeting in Windsor in England. I had the joy of picketing that particular meeting. 1970 in September they were in Venice and back in Windsor. August 1972 back at Gazada, Italy. 1973, August, they were in Canterbury. 1974 back in Italy. 1975 in Oxford. 1976 back in Venice. 1977 in Chichester. 1979 in Salisbury. 1979 back in Venice. 1980 back in Venice, and in 1981 in Windsor, and then the final Report of their deliberations. What did they deliberate about? They deliberated, first of all, about the Eucharist or the Mass - the most cardinal doctrine of difference between Bible Protestants and Roman Catholicism. What is it? Rome teaches that when her priests lift up the wafer - the pancake at the altar and offer the prayer of consecration that that wafer becomes the actual body, bones, blood, nerves, sinews and Godhead of Jesus - 'It is the whole Christ, and as such is to be received as the whole Christ'. What happened? Did the [5] Anglicans stand for Reformation principles? No, they capitulated, and the Joint Report on the Eucharist states that, "the bread becomes the body, and the wine becomes the Blood of Christ after the offering of the prayer". So Anglicans went over to Rome in the Report on the Eucharist.

My difference with Popery is nothing to do with mixed-marriage. Before or after the Reformation mixed-marriage didn't come into it at all. Its deep doctrinal difference is not other differences of society and domestic differences that make the unbridgeable gulf between Romanism and Protestantism.


Then they had a discussion on the ministry and ordination, and they were in great difficulty on this particular one, because that is one where the Church of Rome has made a very serious statement concerning Anglican Orders, and it may interest you to know that Pope John Paul doesn't believe that Archbishop Runcie is an ordained priest. He believes he is only a layman masquerading as a clergyman. That is the official teaching of Rome. In the year 1896 the Pope declared, "We pronounce and declare that Ordinations performed according to the Anglican rite are utterly invalid and altogether void", and the Joint Anglican/Roman Commission didn't even talk about that. That was too delicate to talk about. Bishop McAdoo didn't make any McAdo about it, he conveniently left it aside, because there is no reconciliation on that one, and so their agreement on authority and the ministry was a cleverly camouflaged piece of work.

Then they discussed Pa Pa himself, and then we discovered what happened. The Anglicans agreed that the Church must have a Universal Head, and they agreed that the only Head of that Church could be the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, and in their final agreement which I have here with me as published in the Roman Catholic 'Universe' of last Friday, 2nd April, 1982, we see what they say about why they accept the Pope to be the Universal Head of the Church.

There are three things in this Document, and I have been most interested in the spate of propaganda that has come from Church of Ireland Bishops. There has been a great attempt by these Bishops to tell their people, "Don't be alarmed. We are not going to Rome at all. Bishop McAdoo is not speaking for us. He is speaking for himself", and so on and so forth, but when we come to the Document we find, first of all, that Bishop McAdoo was officially appointed to this Commission.


The Anglicans agreed that there must be a Universal Head and that [6] Universal Head must be the Bishop of Rome. Then they go on to say that, "The Church needs a Universal Primate and that it inheres in his office that he should have a divine teaching responsibility and appropriate gifts of the Spirit to enable him to discharge it", and there we are coming into the sphere of Papal Infallibility - 'that inherent in his office is a divine teaching responsibility'. This Document is a complete capitulation by the Anglicans of the Reformation.


Before I come to the heart of the Document let me tell you, the first thing it does, it elevates Mary, and it says that "Mary has to have a special place in the Church", and it talks about the two Dogmas that Rome holds - the Marian Dogmas, what are they? 'The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin and the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin'. What are they? The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin is a Dogma of Rome comulgated by Pope Pius IX in 1854 in which he stated: "To the honour of the Holy and undivided Trinity, to the glory and adornment of the Virgin Mother of God. To the exaltation of the Catholic faith and the increase of the Christian religion, we with the authority of our Lord Jesus Christ; the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, and with our own, do declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the Virgin Mary was, in the first instance of her conception, preserved, untouched by any taint of original sin by a singular grace and privilege of Almighty God. In consideration of the merits of Christ Jesus the Saviour of mankind, that this doctrine was revealed by God and therefore is to be firmly and steadfastly believed by all the faithful".

The Bible says, "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God", and Mary herself said, "My spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour". So Mary knew she was a sinner and she knew she needed to be saved. Mary was not immaculately conceived, she was a sinner like anyone else. Don't mix up the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin with the Virgin Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is a different doctrine altogether which holds to the Sinlessness of our Lord in His Birth that He had no natural father. But Rome holds that Mary had a natural father and yet she was conceived without sin. That is the first doctrine.


The second doctrine is the doctrine of the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin, and the Church of Rome, in November 1950, the then Pope declared, 'the Dogma of the Bodily Assumption of the Virgin', what is that? Rome teaches that when Mary died she was prepared for burial, and the apostles carried her out to be buried, and suddenly she just shot up into Heaven - 'the Bodily Assumption, She just disappeared right up into [7] Heaven, and that that is a doctrine revealed by God and if you don't believe it you will be anathematised, you will be damned in Hell, because an Infallible Pope has promulgated that doctrine'.

This is what this Document says, "Anglicans and Roman Catholics can agree in much of the truth that these two dogmas are designed to affirm". There is not a shred of truth in either of them, but the Anglicans have now agreed that there is truth in these dogmas and that they can affirm that truth with their Roman Catholic counterparts. Then they go on to say that we ought to observe the Festivals to Mary".

What are the Festivals to Mary? I looked them up in a dictionary tonight. There is 'The Immaculate Conception' on the 8th December. There is 'The Nativity' on the 8th September. There is 'The Annunciation' on the 25th March. There is 'The Visitation' on the 2nd July. There is 'The Purification' on the 2nd February. There is 'The Festival of the Seven Dolours' instituted on the 15th September and is to do with the loss of the child in Jerusalem; the sight of Jesus bearing the Cross; the sight of Jesus on the Cross; the descent from the Cross and the entombment. Then, 'The Assumption of Mary' on the 15th August. We are all to accept those Festivals in the future. So put that in your calendar along with the 12th July and remember all those Festivals that you need to keep!

Do you see how the Anglicans are going over to the Church of Rome? Accepting these two Dogmas which are unscriptural; which are an insult to God and His Revelation, and then to say we should observe these Festivals!


They go on to tell us that 'Peter is the Rock'. Well, of course, we all know that Scripture, and if you look in your Bible you will find it in Matthew chapter 16:18, "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it". Rome says, "Oh, Peter is the Rock. The Church is built on Peter". No such thing, because there are two words used in that Scripture, "Thou art Petros" is the Greek word for a 'stone', a 'pebble'. "But upon this Petras - this solid Immovable Rock - I will build my church". You know what happened a few verses further down in that chapter, Christ turned to Peter and said, "Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan" (verse 23). "Get behind me, Satan". I said that to a Roman Catholic one day, he said, "My Church is built on Peter". I said, "Then it is built on Satan", and he was very angry, but I said, "Let us look at the Scriptures", and I turned up the Scripture and I said, "Christ said, 'Peter, get thee behind me, Satan'," so I said, "Your Church is built on Satan". The Church of Jesus Christ is built on the Rock, what is the Rock? The profession of Christ as the Saviour of the world. "Thou art the Christ the [8] Son of the Living God". Christ is the Rock of Ages, not Peter. Upon Christ and upon Christ alone - the Rock we are built.


Of course the Church of Rome doesn't depend on Scriptures. She depends on tradition, and in this final Report they admit that there is no Scriptural authority. "The New Testament contains no explicit record of a transmission of Peter's leadership, nor is the transmission of apostolic authority in general very clear. Yet the Church at Rome, the city in which Peter and Paul taught and were martyred". (There is not a scrap of historical evidence that Peter ever was in Rome, and there is not a scrap of historical evidence that he ever was martyred in Rome. In fact the New Testament shows that he was not near to Rome when he wrote his epistles.) Let me read on, "Yet the Church at Rome, the city in which Peter and Paul taught and were martyred come to be recognised as possessing a unique responsibility among the Churches. Its Bishop was seen to perform a special service in relation to the unity of the Church, and in relation to the fidelity to the apostolic inheritance. Thus exercising among his fellow Bishops functions like those ascribed to Peter whose successor the Bishop of Rome was claimed to be. Yet it is possible to think that a Primacy of the Bishop of Rome is not contrary to the New Testament (although there is no evidence in the New Testament, which they admit) but is part of God's purpose regarding the Church's unity and Catholicity". While admitting that the New Testament texts offers no basis for this, no sufficient basis for it, what have they done? They have thrown overboard the Bible. When you throw overboard the Bible you are on your way to the darkest Dogmas of the Church of Rome. They admit freely in their Document, "We cannot find it in the Word of God. There is no basis for it, but we are going to accept it and believe it". When the Bible is rejected and the Word of God is rejected then the foundation of our faith is gone, and we are in the sinking sands of the darkest and the deepest apostasy, and that is what has happened in our land this week.

It is no coincidence that while the Church of England was vowing its submission afresh to Rome that a Roman Catholic country was taking over our sovereign territory in the Falkland Islands. It was no coincidence, because every time our nation has gone a-whoring after Rome its greatness has decayed. But every time this nation has reaffirmed its Protestant principles this nation has prospered. May God get us back to old-fashioned, Bible-believing Protestantism as quickly as we can! [9]


What does Dr. Runcie say? He says that "The monolithic institutional ecclesiology of the past, we have to forget about it, and that this Report gives us all room to breathe". He must have been asphyxiated, he couldn't get a breath but now he has got room to breathe! Then he goes on to tell us, listen to this, he says, "Instead of the single barque of Peter sailing the ocean of history, we are now given the picture of a whole flotilla of vessels". (It is not just one barque of Peter sailing the sea. There is a whole flotilla of vessels). Listen to it. He says, "Admittedly the flagship flies the Papal Arms". So the flagship of Rome leads the way, and Bishop Runcie rejoices that all the little ships are going the same way. No wonder they call it 'The See of Rome'- a most appropriate name for this ocean on which they are floating! Tell me, where are they going? The woman rides upon the beast, where does she ride to? She rides into the judgments of Almighty God. And I say from this pulpit tonight, the time will show this nation and the day shall declare it that when the Anglicans of this land and the World Councillors of this land, (at the meeting there was an official observer from the World Council of Churches, because the World Council of Churches are deeply involved in this whole Commission) and let me repeat it, the time will declare it and the day will show it that when these Ecumenists get together with Rome, then upon the lands where they give leadership will be poured out the vials of the wrath of Almighty God. This is a dark day, but darker days are ahead of us.

Is there a message for God's people in this dark day of compromise? There is! If you open your Bible at Revelation chapter 18 you will get the message for God's people there. Revelation chapter 18 and verse 4, "And I heard another voice from heaven say, Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues".

If you are in a Church that is in the World Council of Churches; if you are in the Church of Ireland; if you are in the Irish Presbyterian Church which although they are not now in the World Council of Churches but still in the British Council of Churches and in the Irish Council of Churches, and still taking part in the Ballymascallon talks with Rome; the Methodist Church and those other denominations in Ireland and across the world that are engaged in this dialogue with Rome, and going on this road to Rome, then God says, "Come out of her, my people". The language of the Bible is clear, and if you don't come out, (and there are Christians within this system, that is clear from the Bible), if you don't come out, God says, you will be 'a partaker of her sins, and you will receive of her plagues', and the plagues that fall on Rome in judgment will fall upon you and upon your family. That is the message of God. That is why there is a Free Presbyterian Church. That is what this battle is all about. [10]

Dr. AcAddo, he said, "Let me pose a question". He said, "Who are really doing God's work? Those that divide and separate? Or those that unite and reconcile?" He said, "Who are doing God's work?" I immediately remembered the Saviour. What did the Saviour say? "I came not to send peace but a sword". "There was division because of Him", and that great writer writing in his book - the Book of James - had something to say to Bishop McAddo. Let me give you this text, it is a very important one, James chapter 3 and verse 17. (Mark it in your Bible. Archbishop McAdoo says, "Here is wisdom, listen to me, who is doing God's work? The divider; the separator? Or the uniter and the reconciler?) Here is what God says, "The wisdom that is from above", verse 17, "is first pure, then peaceable". And as old Bishop Ryle said, "From peace bought at the expense of truth, good Lord deliver us". The wisdom that is from above emphasises purity first. There can be no reconciliation. There can be no uniting with Hell, and with the doctrines of Hell, and with the Roman Antichrist.

A few weeks ago I was in Oxford, I stood at the very spot where the martyred Bishops burned, and I thought of great Archbishop Thomas Cranmer standing there in St. Mary's Church on that platform of wood and he raised his hand to Heaven and he said, "As for the Pope, I refuse him as Christ's enemy and Antichrist". They dragged him down and took him to the fire and burned him alive. He was the first Protestant Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury. In 400 years the Anglican Church has destroyed its glorious history. There is only one thing God's people can do, and it is to separate from this great apostasy.

If you are in this meeting tonight and you are not born again, I have a word to say to you, the Coming of the Lord draweth nigh. The Bible tells me, "When we see these things begin to come to pass, look up for your redemption draweth nigh", and I tell you, the drunken woman rides upon the beast. The beast is Babylon politically. The woman is Babylon religion, and we can see Babylon political and Babylon religion riding together across the arena of this world. What shall I do? I shall come out from among her, I shall be separate, I shall touch not the unclean thing, and the Lord shall receive us. We shall be sons and daughters of the King.

Dear unsaved person, come to Christ. Trust in the precious Blood of the Lamb. Take the Saviour into your heart and leave this meeting with Christ within you the hope of glory. If I can help you with God's Word tonight, to point out the promises of God, meet me afterwards in the Kirk Session room of the Church, I will be only to glad to kneel with you and pray with you, and point you to Jesus Christ Who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.

If 20 years ago that Report had been published, what a furore there would have been, but in the 20 years Rome has almost destroyed the power of Protestantism to make a protest. A conditioning has set in, and I suppose in this city there is not a preacher, except my own colleagues in [11] the Free Presbyterian Church, who will be making even a mention of this terrible betrayal that has taken place.

Brethren and sisters, we have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this. By God's grace let us be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might, and with the strength of the Holy Ghost let us cry on the ramparts of the church, "No peace with Rome "till Rome makes peace with God", and let us be faithful unto death and then Christ will give us the crown of life. May God bless His Truth and keep us faithful.

If I should no longer climb these pulpit stairs in coming days to preach these truths for which I have contended all the thirty-six years of my ministry among you, let me put upon you all a solemn charge, that if any man should walk up these steps and stand at this desk and attempt to dilute the Bible Protestantism for which this Church is built, I lay upon you the solemn charge to heed and hear him not but tear him from the pulpit, cast him out from this building and let this building always be a sounding board for the Bible - the Bible only - the religion of Protestantism. Let us stand no matter what the sacrifice may be, and I believe there are people in this Church who shall stand, and God shall see a people who shall never bow the knee to the Roman Baal. May God save us from Popery! May God save our Royal House from Popery! May God save our nation from Popery, and may God return us to the only true Christ - the Lord of Glory, for His great Name's Sake!

National Anthem

God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen;
God save the Queen!
Send her victorious,
Happy and glorious;
Long to reign over us;
God save the Queen!

O Lord our God arise,
Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall:
Confound their politics,
Frustrate their popish tricks,
On Thee our hopes we fix:
God save us all!

Thy choicest gifts in store
On her be pleased to pour;
Long may she reign;
May she defend our laws,
And ever give us cause
To sing with heart and voice,
God save the Queen!


The Rev. Fred Buick, Free Presbyterian Minister of Port Lincoln, has taken up an Anglican priest's falsehoods and exposed them for what they are.

The Editor,
Adelaide Advertiser,
King William Street,
South Australia.

Dear Sir, 24th March, 1982

Will you please permit me to reply to the article "Protest not popular" by the Rev. John Fleming in Tuesday's Advertiser? Some things need to be clarified to the public.

1. Mr. Fleming is arguing from a completely wrong context. I quote, "Mr. Paisley is not an Anglican. It is curious that he sees no irony in the fact that he, a non-Anglican, is interfering in the affairs of the Church of England to protest against another non-Anglican, the Pope, whom he alleges is interfering in the Church of England."

The issue at stake in this controversy is not non-Anglican against Anglican. It is the historic faith of the entire Protestant Church of England which involves multitudes of people that is at stake. The Church of England has in its 39 Articles of Faith stated that it believes the Holy Scriptures to be the Word of God, ". . . of whose authority was never any doubt in the Church." (Article 6). Now, those same scriptures in various places in fact exhorts all Christians to do what Dr. Paisley and the people in Liverpool did. "Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." (Eph. 5:1 1). "Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye withdraw yourselves from every brother that walketh disorderly, and not after the tradition which he received of us." (2 Thess. 3:6). "These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority." (Titus 2:15). "Earnestly contend for the faith once delivered unto the saints." (Jude 3). We could quote many more such God-given commands, but these will suffice to show how far Mr. Fleming is from the Word of God.

2. Mr. Fleming says, "The fact is that Mr. Paisley and his Orange men have abused the hospitality of another Church WHICH LEAVES ITS DOORS OPEN TO ALL MEN."

How misleading this statement is! The Pope of Rome is the centre of the entire controversy. He represents the very system which the 39 Articles condemns in several ways.

THE CHURCH, Art. 19: ".. . so also the Church of Rome hath erred, not [13] only in their living, and manner of Ceremonies, but also in matters of Faith."

PURGATORY, Art. 22: is a fond thing vainly invented, and grounded upon no warranty of Scripture, but rather repugnant to the Word of God."

THE MASS, Art. 31: ". . . Wherefore the sacrifices of Masses . . . blasphemous fables, and dangerous deceits."

THE POPE OF ROME, Art. 37: ". . . The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England."

No, Mr. Fleming, the historic Church of England established by law does not open its doors to all menespecially the Roman Pontiff. What is happening in the Anglican Church today is a complete disgrace, and a break down of English law, therefore the spirit of the Ecumenical Movement has led the British Government astray in religious matters.

Furthermore, Mr. Fleming writes, "Every speech delivered and questions made by both sides will be subject to immediate scrutiny as to its significance for England, RELIGIOUSLY AND POLITICALLY, and also to the Anglican Church throughout the world."

English people need to know that the Pope is not coming to their country as a religious leader only, but as the political head of the Vatican also. The Roman Catholic Church has her hands upon the political affairs of many countries today, and the proposed visit of the Pope will no doubt have some very important political significances in the British nation.

Many Protestant people in the Anglican Church today want to know when English law was changed so that the Anglican Church can somersault and now take sides with Romanism and apostate Protestantism, and welcome to their shores the very man whom their Church has from its beginning rejected. Nothing less than an Act of Parliament can alter those laws of the established Church of England. Again we ask - when was this done?

3. Again, Mr. Fleming says, "There is no doubt that if the Pope gives an indication that the unity talks of the two Churches are heading in the right direction it will have far-reaching consequences for the whole Anglican Communion and the Roman Catholic Church."

It is abundantly clear that as long as the Pope is happy that everything is falling into his hands, it matters nothing what the concerned Protestant people within the Anglican Church think. What good can the visit of the Pope do in Britain in the light of these teachings of the Anglican Articles of Faith?

Another important matter is the financing of the Papal visit. Who will pay for it? Will the wealthy Church of Rome pay for it, or will that burden fall upon the already over-taxed tax payers? It ill becomes "father" Fleming to go to such pains to defend the Roman antichrist in his self-inspired world travels, and deceive the Protestant people in the Anglican Church of Australia. Yours in defence of the Christian faith,

Fred J. Buick.


On Wednesday, 31st March, 1982, the Protestant Reformers' Memorial Church, Liverpool, was constituted as a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster; the first such church to be established in England. Initially, the Martyrs Memorial Church, Belfast, will be responsible to the Presbytery on her behalf and Dr. Paisley will be the Senior Minister.

The Protestant Reformers' Memorial Church has a long and glorious history. Founded in 1903 by Pastor George Wise, the church maintained a sound uncompromising Protestant Evangelical Witness. From her inception enemies constantly prophesied her early demise but under God the work begun by Pastor Wise was faithfully carried out by his successor, Rev. H. D. Longbottom, who died in 1962; followed by Pastor George H. Mason who died in 1981.

The church, determined to maintain a strong fundamentalist and separated witness, sought a union with the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster and it was with great joy we learnt of her acceptance as a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church.

The Constitutional Service was conducted by Rev. John Todd who led a time of prayer. This was followed by a stirring sermon preached by the Rev. David McIlveen, an associate minister with the Rev. Ian R. K. Paisley.

This was an historic event and the solemnity of the occasion was deeply felt. Mr. McIlveen took as his text 1 Samuel chapter 17, verse 29. "is there not a cause?" and drew attention to three important features in the boy David's question "is there not a cause?" First there is a cause to be defined, then a cause to be defended and finally a cause to be determined. In the course of his sermon, Mr. Mcllveen emphasised the necessity of standing fast in the defence of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to resist the proposed visit of the Pope to this country.

Following the sermon, Rev. David McIlveen proceeded to welcome the Protestant Reformers' Memorial Church into the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster by extending the righthand of fellowship to the church secretary, Mr. R. F. Henderson as representing the Protestant Reformers' Memorial Church. It was a dramatic occasion. Mr. Henderson referred to the need to keep the lamp of undiluted Protestantism burning saying that this merger of the two churches was the receiving of a fresh supply of oil. Together we shall go forward in the name of Christ, spreading the gospel of salvation, not only in Netherfield Road, but across the city of Liverpool and throughout the land to the honour and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Behold, the fields are white unto harvest.

R. F. Henderson


A new Free Presbyterian Church has been completed in Ballygowan by Tandragee builder Robert Heak Ltd.

Situated on the Belfast Road on the outskirts of the village the new church is comprised of a main worship area, kitchen facilities, committee room and an upstairs room to the rear that will be used as a Sunday School. Finished externally in dark brown Tyrone Brick and marble chip the appearance is simple but attractive.

All the Church furniture has been manufactured by Heaks in their Tandragee joinery workshop. A combination of timber finishes have been used internally. The pews are mahogany while the pulpit has been made from oak and contrasting with this is a paranna pine ceiling.

The grounds, which are relatively extensive, are expected to be landscaped and provision is presently being made for car parking. The overall cost of the scheme is approximately 10,000.


An overflow congregation enjoyed the bright sunshine last Saturday as Dr. Ian Paisley M.P., Moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, performed the opening ceremony of the new church building for the Ballygowan congregation of the Church. The key to the new building was presented to Dr. Paisley by Mr. Robert Heak, the main contractor, and in declaring the building open Dr. Paisley said that the erection of such a beautiful edifice costing some 110,000 at a time of economic recession was proof that God still performed miracles. He said there was ample evidence that Biblical Protestantism was on the march and referring to the fact that a new congregation had recently been formed in Liverpool Dr. Paisley said he was greatly encouraged by the recent advances of the Free Presbyterian denomination. It was his earnest prayer that the new building in Ballygowan would be a place where Christ would be continually and constantly glorified.


At a special service to mark the occasion of the opening of the church the special speakers were Dr. Paisley and Dr. Rodney Bell, President of the Fundamentalist Baptist Fellowship, a fellowship of some 10,000 Baptist Churches across the U.S.A., and the Rev. John Douglas. The Rev. David McIlveen, who was instrumental in forming the Ballygowan [16] congregation presided at the service and the Rev. J. Hartin, minister of Portavogie Free Presbyterian Church, led in the opening prayer.

Dr. Bell, who was visiting Northern Ireland to fulfil a number of preaching engagements which included speaking at the Annual Easter Convention at Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, paid tribute to the worldwide influence and leadership given to the Biblical fundamentalist cause by Dr. Paisley. Referring to the remarkable progress of the Free Presbyterian Church he urged those present to never lose the pioneer spirit or the fire of evangelism.

Taking as his text 2 Timothy ch. 2, v. 2, Dr. Bell emphasised that the great commission of the Church was to "preach the Word" and he charged the congregation as they entered their new church building to remember that top priority must always be given to the preaching of the great doctrines of the Scriptures and to passing the message of the Gospel on to others. The duty of the Christian Church was to disseminate the Word of God and that must always remain the prime objective of the true Church of Christ.


The Chairman, the Rev. David McIlveen, in his remarks welcomed all those who had gathered and mentioned in particular other ministers of the Church who were present for the opening service. Tracing the history of the congregation Mr. McIlveen recalled how in 1975 he had conducted a Gospel Mission in the area. At the request of a number of local people he had continued to conduct weekly meetings each Sunday afternoon following that campaign. They had met first in a portable hall, then for a period in Ballygowan Bandsroom which had been kindly granted by the Bandsroom Committee and finally in another portable building at the site of the new church.

Recalling some of the opposition which the new congregation had faced Mr. McIlveen referred to difficulties with the planning authorities over the portable building which led to Court proceedings against himself and the church committee. Thankfully the Lord had over-ruled on that occasion and following a preliminary hearing the case was dropped.

The support for the Sunday afternoon services grew to such an extent that the people had decided to form themselves into a congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church and in April 1979 the congregation was formally constituted. Such was the blessing of God and the enthusiasm of the people that in the Spring of 1980 a decision was taken to erect a permanent church building. It was a testimony to the continued blessing of God and to the generosity of the people that the new church was being opened just two years later.

Mr. Mcilveen also expressed appreciation of the generosity of the [17] Hutchinson family who donated the spacious site on which the new church is situated.


During the service the Clerk of Presbytery, the Rev. J. Douglas, conveyed greetings from the Ulster Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church. He said that he rejoiced in seeing new congregations established and he assured the Ballygowan congregation of the support and encouragement of all the other member churches. The magnificent building was a credit to all members of the congregation and it gave him great personal pleasure to see such a building erected for the proclamation of the Gospel in the district where he had spent his early years. Recalling that virtually every new congregation of the Free Presbyterian Church had faced opposition Mr. Douglas said that they had proved over and over again the great promise of Scriptures - "On this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." "If a work is of God no opposition can destroy it," Mr. Douglas declared.

In the closing address Dr. Paisley took as his text Isaiah ch. 27, vs. 23, and said that it was his desire for the Ballygowan church that in the words of the text it would be "a nail fastened in a sure place" which no claw-hammer of the devil would remove. He then traced seven different places in Scripture which made specific reference to the word nail and applied the lessons of these various references to the congregation so that they might ensure that in the days ahead the witness and testimony of the church would indeed be as "a nail fastened in a sure place".


During the service presentations, to mark the occasion of the opening of the church, were made to the visiting speakers by the Rev. McIlveen. Bibles were also presented to the builder, Mr. Heak, in recognition of his helpfulness and ready co-operation with voluntary workers from the congregation and to Mr. Albert Clarke and Mr. Cecil Lancaster, two members who had worked tirelessly in a voluntary capacity during the erection of the church. A presentation was made to the Rev. David McIlveen in recognition of his leadership and guidance of the congregation since its formation.

A collection towards the church building fund, which was taken up from the 600 strong congregation, amounted to 5,135.

Next month's issue will contain photographs of the Opening Ceremony of the new Church.



The Roman Catholic Church is probably the most extraordinary institution existing on earth today among men. It came into being in the very early centuries of our era, through the inevitable corruption of a divine revelation into a human religion. This is what has happened to every breaking forth of the Divine, every revelation of God to man: man seizes upon it and makes it the basis of yet another religion, another barrier between the human soul and God.

Its continued existence through the centuries till now can only be explained by that ineradicable demand of the human heart for religion. Man is a religious animal; and, through this deep-rooted instinct, he finds an outlet and channel of expression for all that is best in his nature, as well as for all that is worst. Any moral content there may be in a religion has little or nothing to do with its survival.

Speaking broadly, there has probably been more evil - certainly more bloodshed and cruelty - perpetrated in the name of religion, than by any other human institution. And let it be stated with the strongest emphasis that Christianity, in the sense of the Gospel of Christ and the revelation of God in Christ, is not a religion. It rapidly degenerated into the "Christian Religion", and later, under the patronage of the Roman Emperor Constantine, and the overweening pride and ambition of the Roman Church, became the Roman Catholic Religion, which, in spite of retaining the ancient creeds, has today in its practice and teaching little or nothing in common with the teaching of Christ and His Apostles. Professor Karl Adam, in his authoritative Catholic work, The Spirit of Catholicism, openly declares:


"We Catholics acknowledge readily, without any shame, nay with pride, that Catholicism cannot be identified simply and wholly with primitive Christianity, nor even with the Gospel of Christ . . . And we go further and say that thousands of years hence Catholicism will probably be even richer, more luxuriant, more manifold in dogma, morals, law and worship than the Catholicism of the present day. A religious historian of the fifth millennium A.D. will without difficulty discover in Catholicism conceptions and forms and practices which will derive from India, China and Japan."

But even the fact that the Roman Catholic Church threw wide its doors to the heathen mobs who followed their emperor, bringing their pagan [28] deities with them, and increasingly pandered to every instinct of fallen man, would not explain the survival of this institution, with its truly appalling history of evil, of cruelty, of merciless massacre and pitiless tyranny, even to our own day.

Any merely human organization with such a record of infamy would have perished long ago from its own rottenness, or have been swept from the earth by the enlightened judgment of humanity. Even its own historians and defenders claim this very record of unspeakable iniquity as a proof of supernatural protection, on the ground that otherwise must have perished They, however, with characteristic blindness or effrontery, claim God as its protector. Ordinary human reason would suggest a very different patronage; and the student of Scripture will recognize, with St. Paul, "the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders."

Not the least of the wonders of this world-wide system is its success in wrapping itself in a mantle of religious mysticism, of devotion, of concern for the souls of men. It claims a long list of saints and martyrs, most of whom, however, it disowned, frowned upon, or even destroyed, while they lived: and, in most cases, it took a century or two to discover that they were saints and worthy of canonization.

It uses its inexhaustible wealth, and contributions of the faithful, to cover the land with its gorgeous temples, to stage -especially among those peoples who love colour, pageantry and ostentation - the most spectacular attractions, Eucharistic Congresses, miraculous shrines, and places of pilgrimage. And it throbs at the heart of the whole system, in a palace into which has been poured the treasures of the nations, a being who claims equality with God, demands the homage of kings and rulers, professes to speak with infallible truth, and - unlike the Christ whom he professes to represent - dwells aloof from men in a golden splendour to which no pomp of any earthly court could even be compared.


In this land of ours, where kindliness and tolerance are in the very air we breathe, this system has profited by these national characteristics. It has crept into high places, into key positions of authority, and has come to exercise an influence in religious, educational, political and social affairs, far beyond anything that its numerical strength or its moral worth would justify.

It exercises a powerful censorship on the Press, and made a bold, albeit very secret, attempt in quite recent years, to have the history-books used in the elementary schools of the London County Council re-edited from the Roman Catholic standpoint. It even attempted the exercise of the same censorship over the Encyciopaedia Britannica. It demands [29] privileges in the matter of schools and education at public expense that no other minority group in the country would dream of demanding, and such is its mysterious power and influence, has obtained its ends in Scotland, and continues to press for them in England and Wales.

It defies the law of the land and openly insults the King's Majesty by appointing territorial dignitaries under the seal of a foreign potentate, in this land of Britain. In 1850, Pope Pius IX parcelled out England into Roman Catholic dioceses, and in his "Letters Apostolic" said:

"We reserve to ourselves and our successors., the Pontiffs of Rome, the power of again dividing the said Province (England) into others and increasing the number of dioceses as occasion shall require."

This has since been done, till now, this alien power has its five Archbishops, a Cardinal, and some thirteen Bishops, with their assumed territorial jurisdiction in England and Wales: and this in flagrant violation of the law which expressly forbade any foreign interference with the King's sole prerogative to confirm any such appointments.

In the storm which followed this presumptuous insult, even the then Roman Catholic Duke of Norfolk, Premier Peer of England, wrote: "These ultramontane opinions are totally incompatible with allegiance to our Sovereign and with our Constitution." And there followed the "Ecclesiastical Titles Act" in 1851 re-affirming the earlier act of 1829, and stating that "ALL such Briefs, rescripts or Letters Apostolical . . . shall be deemed unlawful and void."


With what effect? The law was set at defiance, openly and flagrantly.. The Tablet of 26th July of that same year said: "Neither in England nor in Ireland will the Catholics obey the law of Parliament." Nor did they. Another Roman Catholic paper, the Weekly Register, said plainly . . . "if we like the laws, we obey them; if not, we defy them." And they have continued to defy them till the present time.

And such is the tolerance of this Protestant land of ours that these violations of our very Constitution not only go unpunished, but become accepted as matters of fact: so that everywhere, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, the Bishop of this and that and the other, is accepted and given his utterly illegal title, and even precedence over legitimate clergy: while the great pronouncement in our English Prayer Book still stands: "The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm of England."

Space forbids the quotation at length of the most solemn oaths and promises sworn to by the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, that they had neither desire nor intention to interfere with the Protestant Faith established in this land, nor to attempt to supplant it by their own: and it was on the basis of these sworn assurances that the Roman Catholic Church obtained the passing of the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829. [30]

But they had their tongue in their cheek all the time, for when every promise was broken and every oath foresworn, Cardinal Newman glibly announced that "No pledge from Catholics is of any force to which Rome is not a party." And Cardinal Manning, showed his contempt for all such solemn oaths by declaring to a gathering of Roman Catholic clergy in London:

"It is yours, right reverend fathers, to subjugate and subdue: to bend and break the will of an imperial race . . . England is the head of Protestantism, the centre of its movements and the stronghold of its powers. Weakened in England, it is conquered everywhere throughout the world: once overthrown here, all else is but a war of detail."

And the war continues without respite, while we its victims sleep and dream, talk of tolerance and charity, and send our children to be educated in the schools and convents of "our Sister Church of Rome."

(Reproduced from the Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/3/82)

Greenville S.C. - The Chancellor of the fundamentalist Bob Jones University has urged students to pray, that the Lord "smite" Secretary of State Alexander M. Haig Jr. and "destroy him quickly and utterly."

"I am going to pray that God will get rid of that man," Chancellor Bob Jones Jr., son of the school's founder, said Thursday after the United States had rejected a request by Northern Irish Protestant leader Ian Paisley to enter the country.

Paisley, a militant minister, was to have spoken at the fundamentalist Christian University this week and at churches in Ohio. A State Department spokesman quoted in the Greenville Piedmont newspaper said Thursday that Paisley's application for a visa had been denied on the grounds that his presence would be "prejudicial to the public's best interest."

At a University chapel service Thursday, Jones called the State Department's action "Catholic bigotry" and described Haig as a "monster in human flesh and a demon-possessed instrument to destroy America."

"I hope you'll pray that the Lord will smite him, hip and thigh, bone and marrow, heart and lungs and all there is to him, that he shall destroy him quickly and utterly," Jones said.

Paisley, the founder and moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church, has stirred controversy with his position that Northern Ireland should remain a part of the United Kingdom and not become annexed to Ireland.

He applied for a visa on March 19 to speak at Bob Jones University. [31]

Editorial (continued)

III. The Standards of God bring blessing to the Nation as well as to the individual.

How we must repent of not only our individual sins but our national sin. How we must seek not only individual righteousness but national righteousness.

Writing over a century ago Charles Bridges stated:-

"Beloved, Britain! nation highest in the profession of righteousness! For thee we 'rejoice with trembling.' The combined effort of a little band, to promote the honour of the Sabbath; to resist the encroachments of Popery; to enlarge the usefulness and efficiency of the Church; to train the young in the sound principles of the Gospel; to circulate the word and preaching of the gospel to the ends of the earth - this is thy national exaltation. But the evil example among the Heathen, the accredited influence of Romish heresy: the flood of infidelity, lawlessness, and ungodliness; the want of a full recognition of God in thy public acts - this is thy reproach. 'Let the little remnant in the midst of thee remember their high responsibility'. (Matt. v. 13). Let them take care, that their personal and relative profession add to the righteousness, not to the sin, of the nation. Let them plead for their country's true prosperity with humiliation, faith, and constancy. Let them labour for her exaltation with more entire union of heart."

How appropriate are these words for today!