Speaking at the funeral service of yet another Ulster Defence Regiment soldier Pastor McComb the Superintendent of the Elim Churches in Ireland rightly called Cardinal O'Fiaich, "the Sinn Fein Cardinal".

Cardinal O'Fiaich had been challenged, not by the British Government, nor by a Protestant politician from Ulster but by none the less, than the Dublin Government, to denounce unequivocally those who voted for the IRA gun men in their Sinn Fein election suits.

The Cardinal refused to do so. With the Jesuitical cunning characteristic of his office and church he sought to justify those who cast their votes for the murderers and their campaign of blood.

It is as true today as in the days of John Huss that the Cardinals' robes are red, dyed red with the blood of the innocent.

Notwithstanding the Cardinal's statement he is still welcomed with open arms by his ecumenical brothers, those traitors in the Protestant churches.

An ecumenical service held in St. Anne's Cathedral on Wednesday 25th January had the Cardinal as a special guest. Here in ecumenical fellowship the official representatives of the Church of Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Methodist Church all united to embrace the Sinn Fein Cardinal. No more carefully studied insult could be offered to the memory of those who have fallen victims by the murder weapons of members of the Cardinal's flock. We have often warned of the treachery of the ecumenical movement. It is the ally of the terrorist-movement throughout the world. It supports them with money and provides religious cover for their atrocities.

Now we have this demonstrated before our very eyes. The Cardinal publicly justifying votes for the IRA candidate and a few days afterwards is embraced at a ecumenical get-together in the Church of Ireland Cathedral. The audacity of these clerical traitors really takes the biscuit.

The Free Presbyterian Church staged a most effective protest at this ecumenical sell-out indicating in a positive manner that God has today as in Elijah's day seven thousand who have not bowed the knee to Baal. [3]


News items exposing ecumenical apostasy gleaned from religious publications.


In announcing this new publication, a full page ad is appearing in a number of publications calling this joint effort of the B.B. Kirkbride Bible Co. and Zondervan Bible Publishers "the most significant publishing event of this decade." Since the New International Version, like all other modern Bible versions is based upon the corrupted Westcott-Hort Text, the significance of this event is that it marks another step in Satan's programme to produce confusion concerning the reliability of the Word of God. Huge sums of money are being spent in promoting the new polluted versions of the Bible and we warn God's people not to be deceived by them. Stay by the King James Version and you won't be swept into the growing confusion which results when differing versions all claim to be the inerrant, infallible Word of God.


Perhaps the shooting down of a Korean Airlines commercial flight came as a timely warning that the Communists cannot be trusted as the world and the church clamour for disarmament. We should have learned by now that the Reds will stop at nothing to gain their ends. Yet, Ecumenical Press Service of July 11-15, 1983, reported that one of the major calls from the European Baptist Peace Forum was "to dare to trust each other in negotiations concerning disarmament and to be willing to take risks in order to create a more secure future for mankind." Trusting the Communists, for whom lying and murder are justifiable steps in world conquest, will not lead to a more secure future - but could bring a quick trip to no future!


In a full-page paid advertisement in the L.A. Times of September 9, 1983, this child of the Devil even went so far as to suggest that [4] Congressman MacDonald, working with CIA operatives and the John Birch Society, could have deliberately forced the plane off its course, even being willing to become a martyr in his efforts to eliminate the "greater evil" of communism. Flynt then closed his defence of the USSR and his diatribe against the USA by saying, "There is only one hope, and that is for the people of the earth to get together and form some kind of mechanism which would guarantee an end to any threat of war and nuclear annihilation." God says, "There is no peace to the wicked." Since Larry Flynt and the USSR leaders clearly fit God's description of the "wicked", their words and actions only serve to confirm the fact that they are the messengers of Satan sent to deceive.


At the Billy Graham Conference on Itinerant Evangelism in Amsterdam, there were many Charismatics present and they held a special meeting during the conference at which a student from Fuller Seminary gave the following verbatim report: "I am at the moment finishing my doctorate programme at Fuller Theological Seminary. When I contemplated entering Fuller Seminary, there were many voices. Some of them said, 'Are you going to a liberal, non-charismatic, non-pentecostal seminary?' However, I felt it was the will of the Lord and I went in and walked on the campus, praying that God would send His Spirit upon the campus, and the last two years some phenomenal things have taken place in Fuller Seminary. They have now started offering a course called 'Signs, Wonders and Church Growth'. This course has the largest attendance in the history of Fuller Seminary. The president, David Hubbard, normally draws 150 students and that's very high. But this particular course drew 350 students and there were so many that there was hardly any room to accommodate all of them. What is unique and so extraordinary that is happening at Fuller is the genuineness, the spontaneity of the power of God. The two professors who teach this course are Peter Wagner and John Wimber. John has a church of 5,000. He comes to class and after 2-3 hours of lectures, he says, 'Relax. Don't close your eyes. Don't get religious. But see what God is doing'. And, in a few minutes the Holy Spirit starts working. Psychology students, theology students - they all come under the power of God and they start shaking. I have never seen such genuine shaking in all my life. And some of them come under the power of God - they fall down without anybody pushing them and they are slain in the Spirit, they speak in tongues, people are getting healed, and I have never seen so many manifestations of the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom as I saw in Fuller Seminary last year. Many students are beginning to manifest the gift of the Holy Spirit and what is happening I would say is phenomenal at the seminary. Also, Fuller is contemplating to have a chair of Dr. David du Plessis and this will integrate the entire charismatic movement that is [5] taking place in the world today. So, thank God for an institution like Fuller that is on the cutting edge of God's Word. And now they are planning to have this chair of David du Plessis and I believe this will bring - it will influence missionaries and pastors and the 2500 students who are studying at Fuller Seminary."

Fuller Seminary has repudiated the position and message of its founder, the late Dr. Charles E. Fuller, and has become pro-ecumenical, pro-Catholic and pro-charismatic. Those who love the Lord and who still cherish the old-fashioned Gospel message which its founder preached should refuse financial support of any kind to this seminary which is influencing so many to embrace unscriptural positions.


This was the title of an article in Ecumenical Press Service for May 21-31, 1983, which read: "The British Council of Churches has announced two further steps in ecumenism - a day of discussion next January to consider the question of strengthening the future association of English and Welsh Roman Catholicism with the BCC, and a three-day meeting of church leaders later in 1984 at Canterbury for a time of prayer and reflection on the time of unity." Unity with Rome? As the British Council of Churches, of which the Irish Presbyterian Church is a member, has forsaken the Word of God, what else can we expect?


In a recent speech he gave when he was awarded the Templeton Prize, Solzhenitsyn, who knows communism from the inside out, spoke clearly about the way in which many Western peace movements are influenced by communism and strongly rebuked the World Council of Churches which he said: "seems to care more for the success of revolutionary movements in the Third World while remaining blind and deaf to the persecution of religion where this is carried through most consistently in the USSR." Solzhenitsyn also pointed out that Billy Graham's statements last year during his trip to the peace conference in Moscow gave public support to communist lies."

Those who have had to live under communism like Solzhenitsyn, are obviously better qualified to know what communism is really like rather than ecumenical or new-evangelical leaders who accept uncritically the lying propaganda of church leaders behind the Iron Curtain who have sold out to communism.


Billy Graham was invited to speak during the World Council's Sixth Assembly in Vancouver, but declined. In some circles, Graham has gone [6] out of his way to give the impression that his declination implied a protest and/or an occasion to urge the WCC to a greater emphasis on evangelism. To clarify the actual situation, and to provide facts for those who really want to know Graham's attitude towards the apostate World Council of Churches, we quote herewith in full Billy Graham's telegram to Dr. Philip Potter, General Secretary of the WCC:

"Dear Philip: Your gracious and generous invitation to speak twice at Vancouver was deeply appreciated. Thank you for seeing my representatives, Dr. Smyth and Dr. Haraszti. They impressed me with the importance of the opportunities which you offered me, and also conveyed your personal greetings. I have tried to juggle my schedule but it is just too heavy at this late date for me to make the drastic changes that would be necessary for me to be in Vancouver. This will be only the second general assembly of the WCC that I have had to miss. I will certainly miss seeing you and many other old friends and fellowshipping with those from all over the world. We have 4000 delegates coming to Amsterdam and have had to turn away 2000 applications. There seems to be a growing grass roots desire for renewal within the Church and emphasis on evangelism and service. It is my prayer that Vancouver and Amsterdam will both experience Pentecostal blessings that could possibly bring about the extension of the Kingdom of God In a world so filled with danger. May God grant you personally His wisdom as you lead this Sixth Assembly. Billy Graham."

This telegram clearly reveals that Graham is not anti-ecumenical but pro-ecumenical. He will no longer criticise the WCC no matter how radical it is both religiously and politically. Instead he gives aid and comfort to the enemies of the Lord.


Dr. Falwell claims to be a champion of Fundamentalism yet he consistently shares platforms with those who are chief exponents of compromise. Both Falwell and his song leader, Don Norman, were listed as participants in a Pastors' Congress on Church Growth, held March 28, 1983 at the California School of Theology in Glendale, California. All of the other speakers were new-evangelicals. Dr. Edward V. Hill, who is a member of a denomination which is part of both the World and National Councils of Churches was on the same platform. The California Graduate School of Theology was founded by Dr. J. S. McBirnie and is now headed by Dr. Holland London, both of whom are chief promoters of religious compromise. If Falwell were a consistent fundamentalist, he could never appear on such a platform but would instead be warning about its disobedience to the Word of God in position and practice. [7]


Pat Robertson of CBN-TV fame was the charismatic. Bob Hope was the comedian. Hope's closing words were, "God bless you" - strange words indeed from the lips of one whose ordinary language is often vulgar and blasphemous. ORU and its leaders mock the Word of God even while claiming to follow it. Read 1 John 2:15-17 and obey God instead of men!


The 12th International Lutheran Conference on the Holy Spirit was held in Minneapolis in August 1983. This represents a continuing effort on the part of some Lutheran Charismatics to infiltrate and indoctrinate Lutheran Churches with their unscriptural teachings. Speakers listed at this Conference include: Larry Christenson; Rev. Ern Baxter; Ollie Valtonen, charismatic leader from Finland; and Ralph Martin, coordinator of the Word of God Ecumenical Christian Community and Director of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Office. There is a great need today for true believers to study the Bible concerning the ministry of the Holy Spirit so that the false teachings of the Charismatic Movement can be separated and distinguished from the wonderful and true ministry of the Holy Spirit in this Age of Grace.


The American Baptist Charismatic Fellowship is an organised fellowship within the American Baptist Convention/USA, its stated purpose being, ". . . to be a loyal presence within our American Baptist Family." A motion was presented to the General Board of the ABC/USA at its Sixth Biennial Meeting to officially recognise the Charismatic Fellowship as a "Special Interest Group" of the ABC. The motion was narrowly defeated, (86 no, 56 yes, 18 abstentions), not because of the false teaching and practices inherent within the Charismatic Movement, but because the "American Baptist structure had already made provisions for every church and every member to express in ways satisfactory to the individual believer his or her relationship to God and Christ."

This was an attempt to avoid acting on an issue which to some ABC members would be "controversial in their regions." This is another example of a liberal denomination's desire to be inclusive and to accommodate differing theological positions rather than being true to the Word by denouncing error and warning member churches of its danger. [8]


The United Church of Christ gave official approval to a report in which it was stated that sexual orientation is not a moral issue, and that candidates for UCC ordination should not be refused on the grounds of being homosexual.

This official action took place at their recent biennial general synod and received an overwhelming vote of approval. Sin in the pulpit will only serve to encourage sin in the pew. The gay movement inside the churches is certainly gaining strength, but it will inevitably come under the judging hand of God.


A recent report of the Rome-based Center for Unity says they have compiled a list of 119 official and international dialogues currently taking place between representatives of Anglican, Baptist, Disciples, Evangelical, Lutheran, Methodist, Eastern Orthodox, Old Catholic, Oriental Orthodox, Pentecostal, Reformed, Roman Catholic, United and World Council of Churches.

This list, of course, does not include various so-called "inter-faith" dialogues which are on the rapid increase also. Instead of a witness to the truth which Christians are commanded to give, dialogue involves "a search for truth" and requires a "genuine respect" for the views of others even when those views are diametrically opposed to the Word of God.


The Vancouver Gay Community Centre Society publishes a monthly 56-page magazine called VGCC NEWS. Their issue, Vol. 4 No. 7 for July 1983, featured an article, "The Church in Gay Society" and listed a "Gay Interfaith Directory" as follows: "Dignity-Vancouver (Roman Catholic); Integrity-Vancouver (Anglican); Metropolitan Community Church of Vancouver (Protestant) and Sha'ar Hayam (Jewish)."

In the same magazine were listings of gay bars, baths, hotels, restaurants, escort services - and a full-page announcement of the "Vancouver Gay Summer Games". The plea is made for all gays to stand together as oppressed minority groups.

Isaiah 5:18 expresses God's view of this iniquitous movement: "Woe unto them that draw iniquity with cords of vanity and sin as it were with a cart rope." [9]


Literature distributed by various gay religious groups follows the same pattern as we have observed in the U.S.A. The contention is made that homosexuality and lesbianism are not sin but are Scriptural manifestations of love. The Bible is either denied or twisted in an attempt to support and defend their sin, but all such actions can only lead to God's judgment.

A gay group in the Roman Catholic Church called "Dignity" and one in the United Church of Canada called AFFIRM are especially active in trying to justify their sinful behaviour. Though it is not popular to speak against sin in our days, we dare not remain silent. True salvation delivers people from sin but it never ignores or justifies sin.


"10-year-old Temple Hires Its First Rabbi - A Woman". This was the caption of a report in the L.A. Time of September 4,1983. Surprising? Not really! The changes which are taking place in most religious groups today simply reflect the fact that unless a person's beliefs are founded on the unchanging Word of God, and remain upon that foundation, change is inevitable. In accepting this new position as a rabbi in a Jewish congregation composed of "140 homosexuals", this woman reported that this fact was "only the most minor of considerations" in her decision.

Proverbs 14:9 explains that "fools make a mock at sin . . ." The Bible also reminds us that "sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death" James 1:15. The cure for sin is not to change the definition of sin, but to trust in Jesus Christ Who can and will wash us from our sins in His Own Blood. Revelation 1:5.


This astounding caption headlined a recent AP report from San Francisco. It tells of an admitted atheist who continues to call himself a rabbi within Judaism, even though he "ministers" to a group of "like-minded Jews who believe it's better to be a good person than pray to a God who doesn't exist."

This atheistic "rabbi" explained that he had broken with traditional Judaism several months ago and now holds views similar to those held by the Society for Humanistic Judaism. He further explained that because Jews do not excommunicate faith-breakers, he hasn't been formally shunned. Humanistic philosophy is godless philosophy. It is winning converts to its principles from all religions but it is an enemy of the Gospel and unites people as children of the Devil rather than as children of God. [10]


A Sermon preached by Dr. Paisley in the Martyrs Memorial
Church the Sabbath after the murder of three church elders in Darkley Independent Elim Hall by Roman Catholic Republican gunmen.

Revelation chapter 6, verses 9-11

Keeping our Bibles open at this portion of Scripture I want this evening to emphasise the importance of a careful and constant and continual study of the Book of the Revelation, because this Book is history written before it takes place, and that is what prophecy is. In this passage of Scripture you will notice that the martyrs in Heaven were told of what was going to unfold for the church in the coming days. They were told that their fellow servants and their brethren should be killed, as they were. In other words the Roll of the martyrs is not complete, and as this age of grace climaxes towards its conclusion, as we approach the Second [11] Advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, there will be poured out upon this earth satanic fury directed against the people of God. Target number one will be the church of Jesus Christ. Target number one will be the born-again, Spirit-indwelt people of God.


Look at this passage of Scripture and you will discover that there are seven things noted here about these martyrs. Notice, first of all, you have their position. Where are they? "I saw under the altar". That is a very important statement, one of the most important statements perhaps in this whole Book of Revelation. God puts on record the position of the martyrs in Heaven. "Their souls are under the altar of God". We will come back to that.


Secondly, you will notice their principles. What were the principles for which the martyrs contended? They were not denominational principles. They were in no way connected with what Rome calls 'sectarianism'. These principles were two-fold, number one, the Word of God and, number two, the testimony which they held. Those were the principles for which they were put to death. Not the Word of God alone, not their testimony alone, but the Word of God plus their testimony which flowed from their experience of God's Word. When the Word of God becomes a living part of the individual then that individual becomes a target for Satan, for that man is a living testimony to the Authority, Veracity, Integrity, Infallibility of God's Word. Every believer is a monument to the power of God's Word.


Thirdly, we find their persecution; they were slain for the Word of God. The attack of Satan was to wipe out these people; an attempt to silence their testimony and destroy the banner that they had unfurled.


Notice, fourthly, their prayer. You will find a great difference between this prayer and the prayer of this ecumenical age. We are told today that our prayers should be prayers of love. I don't find any love mentioned in this prayer of the martyrs. We don't have one word, in this prayer, of forgiveness, and yet this is a prayer in Heaven, and these men and women in Heaven knew more about the mind of God than the so-called [12] ecumenists on earth. What did they pray? They prayed for judgment and vengeance upon the persecutors, that is what they prayed; for judgment upon the persecutors.


Then you will notice, fifthly, their privilege. They were given white robes; they were robed in robes of white.


Then you will notice their prospect, that others were going to join them by going the same way of martyrdom; their fellow servants and brethren would be slain in the same way as they were slain.


Last of all you will notice their patience, they are to rest for a little season.

Tonight I want to build my message around those seven great things in this passage of Scripture.

It is time that someone said, in Ulster, and said it very loudly and uncompromisingly and unapologetically that the troubles we have in this land flow directly from the machinations and conspiracy and false doctrine and indoctrination of the Roman Catholic system. That needs to be said today, said loudly and clearly.

Mrs. McGlinchy tells us on our media that if her son has done anything wrong, may he ask God's forgiveness. But her son tells the world that he has taken part in at least 30 murders, and then she says, "If he has done any wrong", she hopes he will ask God's forgiveness.

Let me say that if Dominic McGlinchy tonight approached Cardinal O'Fiach and asked him to hear his confession, Cardinal O'Fiach would hear his confession and Cardinal O'Fiach would give him the absolution of the church, and if the Security Forces of Northern Ireland got McGlinchy and shot him dead, he would have the full rights of the Roman Catholic Church in his burial. Let us get away from the hypocrisy that we have heard during this past week. Let someone have the guts and the courage to tell the people of this Province the truth and what the truth is.

Hughes was on a par with McGlinchy, a murderer many times over, and when he was dying by a self-inflicted decision, what happened? The Pope of Rome sent him a special golden crucifix, and when Mrs. Hughes was interviewed she said she was so glad that her son Francis was dying in peace with the Pope's crucifix held before him. That, my friend, is the deception of Romanism, and I want to tell you, if you want somebody to [13] blame, don't blame the terrorist, blame the system that made the terrorist, blame the system that produced the terrorist, blame the school teachers that indoctrinated these men from earliest days with the bitter undying hatred of Protestantism.


Let me say something else from this pulpit tonight, that you will notice that Dominic McGlinchy had nothing to say about my politics, but he had everything to say about my sectarianism. That is what the Church of Rome calls Protestantism, "sectarianism". They believe that they are the universal church and that Protestantism is only a splinter or a section, and, therefore, they are sectarian. When the Church of Rome uses the word sectarian it is synonymous with Protestantism. Mr. McGlinchy tells us that I will probably be wiped out because of my Protestantism. I have known that for a very long time. It is not because of my political principals that I espouse, but it is because of the foundation upon which those principles rest.


Let me say from this pulpit; is it not a strange thing in the twentieth century that a so-called civilised country like the Republic of Ireland, as it claims itself to be, a member of the Common Market and so gives sanctuary to a self-confessed murderer. That a very well known journalist, Mr. Brown, who used to own Magill Magazine in Dublin and now edits the Tribune, can go and meet with this man and have a long conversation with him, and as a result this man's evil, iniquitous, filthy, bloodthirsty propaganda can be poured out and be taken up by the media throughout the world. This man can say, "We have in the sights of our gun a Protestant minister"? Then the South of Ireland would tell us, "We are your friends. We want to do everything to help you. We love Northern Ireland." I want to say, my friend, if the Church of Rome had a united Ireland tomorrow it would be the end of freedom for Protestants, and the sooner you wake up to that, the better.

I have been warned that I will make it difficult for my brethren across the Border. God forbid that I should! I cannot and I will not be silenced at this time. I must speak and I must speak loudly, and I will speak loudly, and no brats from any terrorist Organisation will silence my testimony. And when a responsible Government in Dublin, so-called, can allow that to take place then you will know just what this battle is about. This is no new thing. To hear some people talk one would think that these things never happened before, but they did.

In the early days of the Plantation Settlement similar massacres took place. A Presbyterian minister was crucified on his Church door, his only fault was he was a Protestant minister. Another Presbyterian was tied with a cord round his throat until his tongue protruded, and then they cut off his tongue, because they said he was teaching heresy. Let me tell you, [14] the records of Irish history in the Library of Trinity College contain thousands and thousands of affidavits sworn by people who were tortured and who saw hundreds slaughtered in the name of Mother Church. "Semper Eadem" - "Always the same".

If ever ecumenism stooped so low it stooped low this week when the Cardinal became the spokesman - the spokesman for the Irish Presbyterian Church, the Irish Methodist Church and the Church of Ireland. I said, "Thank God I'm outside the Irish Council of Churches. I'm glad I'm outside the British Council of Churches. I'm glad I'm outside the World Council of Churches." I want to thank God for the day that this Church was called into existence. Thank God for the Free Presbyterian Church and for those who take a stand against Popery and ecumenism in this day! God saw it coming and God prepared a remnant testimony, and the day in Crossgar in 1951 when a few 'headcases' as we were called, when a few 'lunatics' as we were called, walked up that street, was God's day. We did not know what we were doing, but God knew. You think of Ulster without a Free Presbyterian Church and I tell you the voice of protest would be completely and totally silent, and you know that and so do I! Even my enemies say that, "if we rid ourselves of Paisley and the Free Presbyterians what a happy little place it would be for the Pope and the ecumenists. "Well, they haven't got rid of me and I intend to be around for a very long time yet. Take notice, Dominic McGlinchy! Take notice Church of Rome! Take notice those that would do down our Protestant faith! The God of Luther still lives! The God of Calvin still lives! The God of Cromwell still lives! The God of our Lord Jesus Christ still lives and He will do His work and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against Him!


"Under the altar", that is the position of the martyrs. The word "altar" occurs only three times in the Book of the Revelation. On the other two occasions it is a golden altar, but this time it is an altar that is a refuge.

I was there thirty years ago when dear Mr. Brown found that altar was a Refuge for his soul, and he and his brethren could say, "Hiding in Thee, Hiding in Thee, Thou Blest Rock of Ages I'm hiding in Thee". Before these men were in Heaven under the altar they had found the Rock of Ages down here on earth, and they had fled for refuge to lay hold of eternal life. I was noticing in the Book of Leviticus the bottom of the altar. And it says here that these men that were slain for the Word of God, were under the altar. They were at the bottom of the altar. What was that place? Look at Leviticus chapter 4 and verse 7, it was 'the place where all the blood was poured'. Hallelujah! It was the place of the blood. It was the place of the blood!

"Have you been to Jesus
For the cleansing power?
Are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb?"

Friend, there is no salvation at a baptismal font or in a baptismal tank. [15] There is no salvation at the Lord's Table. There is no salvation through ordinances and ceremonial of man. Salvation is through the Blood of Christ.

"On the golden streets of Heaven,
All men hope to walk some day
But so many are not willing to accept the narrow way;
But while others build on good works
Or opinions if they may,
Hallelujah! I'm depending on the Blood."

Tell me, are you depending on the Blood tonight? Thank God those three men were depending on the Blood of the Lamb, and, tonight, thank God their souls are under the altar of God in Heaven. Safe, safe are they upon that happy shore, singing "Washed in the Blood of the Lamb". "These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb."


What are the principles of the martyrs? The principles of the martyrs are the Word of God and the testimony which they hold. If there is anything Rome hates, it is this Book.

I heard a stupid woman, so-called Protestant, this morning on 'Cardinal' Trevor Williams' programme on the radio, saying, "We read the same Book". No we don't! The book that the Roman Catholic Church reads is not an Authoritative Book, for the Church of Rome believes that oral tradition and the Bible are on the same level. The Book I hold in my hand is the only Book, we need nothing else, that is the first thing.

Secondly, the Church of Rome says this Book can only be interpreted by the teaching authority of the Church. My Bible tells me - I need no man to teach me, for I have an Unction from the Holy One - the only Person that can teach you the Bible is God the Holy Ghost. The Church of Rome believes that this Book teaches Popery. This Bible condemns Popery, right from its first page to its last page. You will not find the Mass in this Bible. You will not find the Confessional in this Bible. You will not find counting your beads or Purgatory in this Bible. You will not find cardinals, popes, friars, monks or nuns in this Bible. You can read it 'till you are blue in the face and you'll not find Popery in this Bible. I'll tell you what you will find in this Bible - that salvation is not of works but of the free grace of God alone, without money and without price. Rome wants money, money, money, money. "You will get the soul of your dear one out of Purgatory if you pay up, but you must pay." Much money - high Mass. Little money - low Mass. No money, no Mass. That is the teaching of Rome. Rome bleeds her people. Go to the South of Ireland and have a good look at the beautiful chapels and have a look at the conditions in which the people live, and go to Spain and go to Italy, go to any Roman Catholic country. In Italy under the very shadow of the great Vatican [16] you'll see abject poverty, for Popery breeds poverty. Why? Because it knows nothing of the Gospel. Thank God we are saved by the grace of God. That is the Bible I read!


That poor, deluded Presbyterian has now put herself under 'Father' Hurley. Who is he? Well, he is not a married man, so he shouldn't be a father to start off with. If he is, he is a very bad fellow. Let me tell you this, he is a Jesuit, S.J. When you see those letters after a priest's name you know he is in the gestapo of the Pope. That is right, the secret society of the Pope. Those are the men behind the Pope's Mafia dealings with the underworld. It is all coming out in the wash now, yes! Hurley was the man that attacked this Church years ago, yes! He attacked this preacher years ago, but, praise God, we are still going and he is up there with his silly women. The Bible talks abou t'silly women': "they lead silly women into houses". That is what the Bible says. Let me say this to you tonight, the Lord has already exposed this thing. The Book has already exposed this thing in the Book of Timothy.


The men under the altar have a testimony. Thank God these men that died had a testimony. You know, it is not a coincidence that that young woman that was saved out of Popery (you remember all the trouble that there was at that time. How the radio and the news were giving it that that young woman had worshipped in that Hall), it is not a coincidence that this Hall was a place where Roman Catholics saved by grace attended. They had got out of the Roman Catholic Church. Don't you think that those men were just passing and thought they would shoot at that Church. That was a well planned and a well carried out offensive. The only thing that made the Cardinal mad was that they called themselves Catholics. My, once they did that the poor old Cardinal lost his head and said, "Oh, don't tell what you are".

It is impossible to ask a question in the British House of Commons if you call the I.R.A. the Roman Catholic I.R.A. I was so mad when I saw questions down about the Protestant U.V.F and the Protestant U.D.A. I went into the Table Office and I said, "I see these Labour people are asking questions about the Protestant U.V.F. and U.D.A., so in future all my questions will call the I.R.A. the Roman Catholic I.R.A." They said, "We can't do that sir, we are not permitted." I said, "if I see another question with Protestant before it, I will protest most strongly." Then they made a rule that they couldn't use either Protestant or Roman Catholic in written questions on these subjects. That is the British House of Commons! There is a betrayal all around. I haven't seen one I.R.A. man [17] who has been shot by the Security Forces that didn't have a full Roman Catholic burial. Every one of them are so honoured by the church.

These men in the Book of the Revelation had principles, and what happened? They were slain, they were cut down, no mercy was afforded them.


I have visited all those people that were shot down with our three brethren, and it is only the mercy of God that there were not thirty or forty people. There was a little tiny girl and she was standing right up on the seat all the time the shooting was going on, and all the people were on the floor. She could have been plunged into Eternity. Some of those victims have suffered terribly. One young woman I saw had part of her nose shot away. Another young man had a very severe injury on the knee. Another man had his bowel ruptured with one of the bullets. Oh, there are some serious injuries. Thank God they are out of the wood, but they will suffer for a very long time. If those terrorists had had their way they would have murdered perhaps the entire congregation, but, thank God, there is protection by the power of God. Let me say this, the enemy can only go so far and no further, for God is never asleep, and God overrules these things for His glory. I want to tell you tonight, the massacre of Protestants at Darkley has done more for the cause of Ulster in America than anything else. I had news back from Dr. Rod Bell, and he says, "Ian, the people in my city have got their eyes open at last." That tape of those people singing "There's power in the Blood", and then the gunfire, that was played throughout the world, has done more to put the I.R.A. and the Republicans in the dock of public opinion than anything else that has happened. Why? Because God overrules all things, and the wrath of man shall praise God. That is what the Book says, and the remainder of that wrath He will restrain.


I have already referred to the fact that these people prayed.

Harold Brown, Brother Cunningham and Brother Wilson, they are praying in Heaven, and they are not praying an ecumenical prayer. They are praying to God Who is Holy and Just, and they are praying that God will avenge their blood upon the earth. I tell you, if our prayers will not be answered, their prayers will be answered, and God Almighty will take in hand their chastening and what a chastening it will be when God rises up in Judgment against them! [18]


In the Wardrobe of God there is a special garment for the martyr. There is a special white robe for the martyrs of God. From that Wardrobe God has taken out three white robes, and draped them over the shoulders of these three dear men, and with the eye of faith I take up the telescope of God's Viewpoint tonight. I go past the stars and past the sun and past the planets, I look into the very Throne of God. Who are those three bright shining spirits around the Throne of God tonight that have recently joined that company which no man can number? Bless God they are the spirits of our brethren. Their warfare is accomplished, their pilgrimage is past, their labours are over, and they are before the Throne of God forever, and as they sang down here about the Blood of the Lamb so they are singing the same song in Heaven about the Precious, Precious Blood of Jesus.


What is their prospect? Their prospect is that more from Ulster will join them. I wish that I could say to you tonight that those are the last of God's people that will be murdered, and that is the final act of desecration and blasphemy that we shall see. I tell you, except God rises up for us, this will become just a weekly occurrence in our land, and it will be so repeated that it will become a usual occurrence to destroy the Protestant people as they attend their places of worship.

We have met in the quiet of this city to worship God, but I think of those little Meeting Houses that stretch from Newry to Londonderry along the Border, isolated, sparse congregations, few to attend, and those people tonight are waiting for the knock of the gunman on their door, waiting for the attack of bullets through their windows, waiting to hear the scream on their doorstep of a loved one shot down in his blood. What an evil day this is! God said, "You have got to wait a while, it is not over, a little season in the clock of prophecy has still to tick by, but between that time and this you have to rest."

"Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord, yea, saith the Spirit, they rest from their labours". "There remaineth therefore a rest for the people of God." I'm glad tonight that those brethren are resting and they are awaiting that day when God shall rise up and pour His wrath and fury upon the adversary. May God speed that day, for Jesus' Sake!



by Prof. William Cunningham (the famous Scottish Theologian)

The Romanists are accustomed to dwell much upon the practical utility of images in religious worship, in aiding the mental operations, and guiding and elevating the feelings, especially of ignorant and uncultivated men, in their religious exercises; but the conclusive answer to all they allege upon this point is to be found in the following considerations, which we can merely state without illustrating them. First, the whole history of the world fully proves that the tendency to introduce images, or visible representations of the object of worship, into religious services, is one of the most strongly marked features in the character of fallen and depraved man; and that this tendency, in its manifested results, has ever exerted a most injurious influence upon the interests of religion and morality: and, secondly, that God - who alone is entitled to regulate how He is to be worshipped, and who best knows what is in man, and what is best fitted to form man to the right worship and the full enjoyment of his Creator - has given a positive law, expressly prohibiting the making of images or visible representations of any objects, with the view of employing them in religious worship, and the rendering to them the outward marks of religious honour and veneration; while a great deal may be derived from the history and condition of the Church of Rome to establish the wisdom of this explicit and unqualified prohibition, in its bearing upon man's highest interests - his spiritual welfare.


We might have exhibited the current views and practices of Papists on the subject of the worship of saints and images, and have given practical illustrations of the undoubted polytheism and idolatry that commonly obtains in Popish countries, especially in regard to what is sometimes called Mariolatry, or the worship of the Mother of our Lord, who is practically, to the great mass of Papists, the only deity, the only real object of religious worship. It is right to know something of the current views and practices of Papists upon these subjects, to have just impressions of the real tendencies and results of Popery, wherever its influences are fully developed, and to cherish due compassion f or its unhappy victims. But we have thought it better, upon the whole, to direct attention to the unquestionably authorised doctrines to which the Church of Rome is pledged, which cannot be denied or explained away, and which cannot be set aside as the misrepresentations of adversaries, or the errors and excesses of injudicious friends, or as mere abuses which may be occasionally exhibited in connection with any system. We have explained the undoubted doctrines of the Church of Rome from her acknowledged standard books, and as they are stated and defended by her most skilful champions. We have charged them with nothing which they can deny honestly, and have [28] endeavoured to show that these acknowledged doctrines, with all the care and caution with which they can be defended, are not only unsupported by Scripture, but opposed to its statements; and that the practice that is based upon them is forbidden by God, and must be displeasing and offensive to Him - fitted not to procure His favour, but to call forth His indignation; that it is a mode of acting which He will not only not receive as acceptable service rendered to Him, but which He will visit with tokens of His displeasure. This mode of discussing the subject not only avoids misunderstanding and misrepresenting the authorised doctrines and practices of the Church of Rome on these subjects, but prevents attempts to explain away or to gloss over the real practices and doctrines of that Church; and, especially, it serves to prove, that although the authorised doctrine and practice of the Church of Rome on these points may not go quite so far as is sometimes supposed, both by ignorant Protestants and by ignorant Papists, yet that that church is, beyond all question, pledged to doctrines which are opposed to the teaching of Scripture, and to practices which are condemned by the Word of God - that there is a clear course of conclusive scriptural argument which bears full and direct against her doctrines and practices, however cautiously and carefully stated, and however skilfully and dextrously defended. - (Vol. i. pp. 383, 384.)


The leading features of heathen polytheism and idolatry stand out palpably to our observation, even upon the most cursory survey. No one can mistake them. They are manifestly these two, viz., first, the giving of religious worship and homage to a number of inferior beings along with the one Supreme God; and, secondly, the use of images, or outward visible representations of these beings, supreme and inferior, in their religious worship and homage which are rendered to them. These two features of the common heathen idolatry, as thus generally stated and described, manifestly apply to the doctrine and practice of the Church of Rome, with respect to saints and images; and her advocates have, in consequence, felt the necessity of pointing out clear distinction between their case and that of the heathen, in order that they may escape from the charge of idolatry - a crime so frequently and so severely denounced in Scripture. They are the more anxious to effect this, because it is undeniable that the fathers, to whom they are so much in the habit of referring as authorities, are accustomed, when they are exposing the idolatry of their heathen adversaries, to make statements which, as they stand, decidedly condemn as irrational and anti-scriptural what is now taught and practised in the Church of Rome. The distinctions which they attempt to set up are chiefly these: First, that the heathen give to these inferior beings the same worship and homage which they render to the Supreme Being - that they worship them all equally as gods; whereas they (the Romanists) give to saints and angels only an inferior or subordinate worship or homage, and reserve to God a higher kind or species of worship that ought to be rendered to no creature; [29] and, secondly, that the heathen worshipped the images of false gods - i.e. of beings who had no real existence, or were not entitled to any religious respect - or worshipped them in the belief that the images themselves were gods, or that some divinity resided in them, which could hear prayer and confer blessings; whereas they (the Romanists) worship or venerate only the images of Christ, His mother, and the saints now reigning in heaven - do not regard these images as possessed of any power of hearing prayers or conferring blessings, and merely employ them as aids or auxiliaries in rendering aright the worship and homage due to those whom they represent - honouring and venerating the images on their account.

SPURGEON ON POPERY - They Are Not Valiant For The Truth

If we grow idle, if the Church of Christ universally shall grow idle, we cannot expect that our enemies will be idle too. Once the Light said to the Darkness, "I am weary with shooting my arrows every morning at thee, O Darkness! I am weary with pursuing thee around the globe continually. I will retire if thou wilt." But the Darkness said, "Nay, it is of necessity that if thou yieldest thy dominion, I shall take it: there can be no truce between thee and me."

Friends, I might address the members of this church as it is said an old Scotch commander once addressed his soldiers when he saw the enemy coming. This was his brief terse speech: "Lads," said he, "there they are, and if ye dinna kill them, they will kill you!" Look, members of the church, if you do not put down lethargy and sloth, if you strive not against Popery, infidelity, and sin, they will put you down. There is no other alternative; to conquer or to die; to live and to be glorious, or to fall ignobly. See, Jehovah lifts His banner before our eyes to-day! Rally ye, rally ye, rally ye, soldiers of the Cross! The trumpet soundeth exceeding loud and long to-day; and the hell-drum on the other side soundeth too. Who dares to hesitate let him be accursed. "Curse ye Meroz, curse ye Meroz, saith the Lord, curse ye bitterly the inhabitants thereof, because they came not to the help of the Lord, to the help of the Lord against the mighty." "He that is not with me is against me; he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad." Out on you, ye indifferent ones! Know ye not ye are either on Christ's side, or else ye are His adversaries. On! the charge comes: forward, heroes of heaven!

What shall become of those that are midway between the two armies! Over ye, over ye; troops shall trample on your bodies. Ye shall be the first to be cut to pieces, ye indifferent ones, who are neither this nor that; and then shall come the charge, and then the shock; and as in that conflict you shall have no portion, so in that great triumph which shall surely follow, you shall have no share." - C. H. Spurgeon, Metropolitan Tabemacle Pulpit, June No., page 546. [30]


"True religion is the true worship and service of God, learnt and believed from the word of God only. No man or angel can know how God would be worshipped and served, unless God reveal it. He hath revealed and taught it us in the Holy Scriptures by inspired ministers, and in the Gospel by His own Son and His apostles, with strict command to reject all other traditions or additions whatsoever. According to that of St. Paul: 'Though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you, than that we have preached unto you, let him be anathema, or accursed.' And Deut. iv. 2, 'Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it;' Rev. xxii. 18, 19, 'if any man shall add . . . If any man shall take away from the words,' etc. And if all Protestants, as universally as they hold these two principles, so attentively and religiously would observe them, they would avoid and cut off many debates and contentions, schisms and persecutions, which too oft have been among them, and more firmly unite against the common adversary. From hence it directly follows, that no true Protestant can persecute, or not tolerate, his fellow Protestants, though dissenting from him in some opinions, but he must flatly deny and renounce these two his main principles, whereon true religion is founded; while he compels his brother from that which he believes as the manifest word of God, to an implicit faith (which he himself condemns) to the endangering of his brother's soul, whether by rash belief, or outward conformity; for 'whatever is not of faith is sin.' I will not as briefly show what is false religion or heresy, which will be done as easily; for of contraries the definitions must needs be contrary. Heresy, therefore, is a religion taken up and believed from the traditions of men, and additions to the word of God. Whence, also, it follows clearly, that of all known sects, or pretended religions, at this day in Christendom, Popery is the only or the greatest heresy; and he who is so forward to brand all others for heretics, the obstinate Papist is the only heretic. Hence, one of their own famous writers found just cause to style the Romish Church 'Mother of error; school of heresy.' And whereas the Papist boasts himself to be a Roman Catholic, it is a mere contradiction, one of the Pope's bulls; as if he should say, universal particular, a Catholic schismatic; for catholic in Greek signifies universal; and the Christian Church was so called, as consisting of all nations to whom the Gospel was to be preached, in contradistinction to the Jewish Church, which consisted for the most part of Jews only. Sects may be in a true church as well as in a false, when men follow the doctrine too much for the teacher's sake, whom they think almost infallible; and this becomes, through infirmity, implicit faith; and the name sectary pertains to such a disciple. Schism is a rent or division in the Church, when it comes to the separating of congregations; and may also happen to a true Church, as well as to a false; yet in the true needs not tend to the breaking of communion, if they can agree in the right administration of that wherein they communicate, keeping their other opinions to themselves, not being destructive to faith. The Pharisees [31] and Sadducees were two sects, yet both met together in their common worship of God at Jerusalem. But here the Papist will angrily demand, What! are Lutherans, Calvinists, Baptists, Socinians, Arminians, no heretics? I answer, all these may have some errors, but are no heretics. Heresy is in the will and choice professedly against Scripture; error is against the will, in misunderstanding the Scripture, after all sincere endeavours to understand it rightly; hence it was said well by one of the ancients, 'Err I may, but a heretic I will not be.' It is human frailty to err, and no man is infallible here on earth. But so long as all these profess to set the word of God only before them as the rule of faith and obedience, and- use all diligence and sincerity of heart, by reading, by learning, by study, by prayer for illumination of the Holy Spirit to understand the rule and obey it, they have done what man can do. God will surely pardon them, as he did the friends of Job; good and pious men, though much mistaken, as there it appears, in some points of doctrine. But some will say, with Christians it is otherwise, whom God hath promised by his Spirit to teach all things. True, all things Absolutely necessary to salvation; but the hottest disputes among Protestants, calmly and charitably looked into, will be found less than such."

Your Mourning Shall Be Turned Into Joy

Are we mourning to-day because our dear ones are I not converted? It is a good thing to mourn on that account, but let us take comfort, for this is an acceptable year, let us pray for them, and the Lord will save them. Are we mourning because sin is rampant in the wide world? Let us rejoice, for our Lord has broken the dragon's head, and the day of vengeance must come when the Lord will overthrow the powers of darkness. Have we been looking with mournful spirit upon old Rome, and the Mohammedan imposture, and the power of Buddhism and Brahminism and other the sway of ancient idolatries? Let us be glad. Behold the Avenger cometh! He comes a second time, and comes conquering and to conquer. Then shall the day of his vengeance be in his heart, and the year of his redeemed shall come. From the seven hills the deceiver shall be torn, no more to curse the sons of men with his pretensions to be vicar of God. In blackest night shall set for ever the crescent of Mohammed, which already wanes; its baleful light shall no more afflict unhappy nations. Then shall fall the gods of the Hindoos and the Chinese, broken like potters vessels by the rod of iron which Jesus wields. At his appearing the whole earth shall acknowledge that he who was "despised and rejected of men" is "King of kings and Lord of lords". Behold, the day cometh on apace, let all that mourn be comforted. The day of vengeance, the full year of the millennial glory, the day of the overthrow of error, the year of the acceptance of creation in all her former beauty, the age when God shall be all in all, is near at hand. Hasten it, O Lord. Amen.