Editorial: Mitred and Gaitered Infidels

Out of 39 Bishops in the Church of England questioned about fundamental Christian beliefs only eleven of them declared that they believed that Christians must regard Christ as both God and man.

These mitred and gaitered infidels also denied the miracles of Christ and the supernatural elements in the Bible.

So much for all the vows which these bishops take at their consecrations. They are in plain terms religious perjurers and ecclesiastical scoundrels with not a shred of honesty about them. Their publicly declared adherence to the 39 Articles of the Church is nothing better than a ceremonial farce, an act of the basest treachery played out in religious surroundings.

They have turned the church into an infidel club wherein each falsifier can parade his unbelief in mitre and gaiters to the applaud of his fellow deceivers.

The Word of God foretold that such a day would come. "Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the later times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having a conscience seared with a hot iron." Tim. 4:1&2. The Bible also describes these men in the following passage.

If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to the doctrine which is according to godliness, He is proud, knowing nothing, but doting about questions and strifes of words, whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings, Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself. 1 Tim. 6:3 - 5.

The Word of God is plain and clear: "From such withdraw thyself". It is the duty of believers to withdraw immediately from all such religious fellowship and association with such blasphemers of Christ.

The Apostle John states: "When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom. And said unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine, and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now. This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory, and his disciples believed on him. John 2:9-11.

To disobey these clear commandments of Holy Scripture is to sin against God.

N B. The larger churches in Ulster are linked in ecclesiastical fellowship with the Church of England in the British Council of Churches. [3]

"A REMARKABLE PROPHETIC FULFILMENT": The E.E.C. Prophetically Considered
A Sermon preached by Dr. Paisley on the Lord's Day 10th June 1984 before the European Elections

The Word of God is a light shining in the midst of darkness. It casts its light downward so that we can behold and take heed to the pitfalls and the temptations of life's pilgrimage. It casts its light upward so that we may behold the Wonder of God upon His Throne, and can look above the storm clouds of earth to the One who directs all things after the counsel of His own will. It also casts its light backwards so that we can come to a better understanding of the past, for as we understand what God has done in the past, so we can expect God to do the same in the future.

The Bible also casts its light forward, and amidst the encircling gloom of this final Gospel Age as the storm clouds of final judgment approach, and as this world staggers towards its climax and its conclusion, the people of God are given the privilege to understand the things that are going to take place. They can then nerve themselves for those great calamities which are approaching this world and they can have, like the men of Issachar, understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do.

We Must Understand

We are in the midst of this Second European Election. I delivered a series of messages during the first European Election, and I pointed out that the prophecy of Daniel and the prophecy of Revelation chapter 17 should be carefully studied in this connection. The great world kingdom of Babylon has long since disappeared. The great world kingdom of Media Persia has long since disappeared. The great world kingdom of Greece has long since disappeared, and the great world kingdom of pagan Rome has long since disappeared.

The toes, however, of the image that Nebuchadnezzar saw, which grew out at the bottom of that Roman Empire, being its final manifestation, [4] represent ten kingdoms which will be in existence, with tremendous political power in Europe, when the Lord Jesus Christ comes. The stone cut out without hands will smash the image on its feet. So it is quite clear that when Jesus Christ comes, there will be a ten kingdom confederacy controlling and dominating the era in Europe, and in that way controlling and dominating world affairs.

The Update of Antichrist's Kingdom

When we turn from Daniel chapter 2 to Revelation 17 we have an update of the kingdom of the Antichrist. We find that as the first kingdom was known as Babylon, the final manifestation will be known as Babylon. In the seventeenth chapter of Revelation we have a vision of that kingdom. The ten horns of the beast are the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image, the ten kingdom confederacy. Now we see something more, we see that the beast with these horns is controlled by a woman that sits astride the beast, and the woman is named in Revelation chapter 17, verse 5, "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH".

What Is Happening

We need to keep our eye upon Europe and find out what is happening, and we have discovered that the European nations have been coming together in, what has been called, the E.E.C. or the European Economic Community. Slowly it has evolved.

First of all it was really an effort by Western Germany and France, and then Italy and the Benelux countries, but slowly we have seen the evolution in Europe of this great Common Market confederacy. Of course, it is spreading, it now includes Greece and it is stretching out to embrace Portugal and Spain, and before very long you will have in Europe a ten kingdom confederacy. We haven't seen the final draft of that confederacy at the moment, it is just evolving. It will all work out according to this Book, you can be absolutely sure about that. Astride that beast in Europe is the woman - the woman of Babylon - the bride of the Antichrist, the Church of Rome herself.


The Reformers away back in the 16th century had the vision, they saw the woman astride the beast. Then, of course, the Church of Rome started to sow her message of unbelief, and Protestant Churches that always held that Revelation chapter 17 was an exposure of Rome weakened their stand, [5] diluted their message, and so it is very unpopular for any preacher tonight to dare to tell a 'modern, well educated congregation' that the Church of Rome is described in Revelation 17. It is not the done thing, but as I read that Book I can see the Church of Rome in that chapter. I see her carefully, minutely portrayed by the penmanship of the Holy Ghost. Yes, and how accurately does the Holy Ghost portray Rome in that chapter!

A Startling Example of Fulfilled Prophecy

I never thought I would see it in this fashion, as we have seen it in the past weeks, for in the past weeks there has been issued a special stamp by Her Majesty's Government.

I was putting a stamp on a letter the other day, I don't often do that, because I have other people who lick my stamps for me and send out my mail, but I had to do it one night and I looked at the stamp bearing the inscription, 'Second Election European Parliament', and what did I see? I saw the seas with a fish swimming in them (Look at Revelation 17, verse 1 'The great whore that sitteth upon many waters').

When I looked at the stamp I saw a careful portraying by the artist of the many waters, one flowing one way and one flowing the other way, and then on the top of the seven waves of the sea (remember the seven hills of Rome - see Rev. 17:9) and over the fish that is in the sea there is the beast, carefully portrayed. The beast has upon its horns the insignia of sovereignty. It is decorated with the insignia of sovereignty.

The Harlot

Ah, but there is something else, the woman is sitting upon the beast, and the woman is not a pure woman. The woman is an evil woman. The woman is an unclean woman. The woman is a brazen woman, because her garments are 'see through' garments showing her naked breasts and naked legs. It is a whore that is upon the beast. The key to the stamp is the child, for this is the Madonna that is riding upon the beast.

I suppose about A.D. 90, sitting in the Isle of Patmos there in exile, John took up his quill and wrote Revelation 17, moved by the Spirit of God. He said that he saw the great whore sitting upon many waters. He saw the woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast. He saw that the woman was a harlot, and he wrote it down, and, bless God, the old Book is true, and men [6] preached about it and the world laughed, but I want to tell you, the world itself has confirmed the Bible message, and this night this Scripture is fulfilled in your ears.

The Fish and Its Meaning

There is something else that we must note. There is a fish beneath the beast, and the woman is astride the beast. What does the fish represent? Well, you know that the Pope wears a mitre, you know what the mitre is? It is the replica of the fish's tail, it is made to symbolise the fish's tail. You say, 'Well, that is very strange, preacher, I thought that it represented the cloven tongues'. Don't be deceived, Rome says it represents the cloven tongues, but it came from Babylon, it came from the old pagan religion.

And I'm glad I've got my Bible, and I turn in my Bible to the fifth chapter of 1 Samuel, and I learn why the fish is on this stamp. Do you remember that the ark of God was taken, and when the ark of God was taken the Philistines were worshippers of the god Dagon - a Babylon deity. They brought the ark of God into the house of their god Dagon, and what happened?' Verse 3, 'And when they of Ashdod arose early on the morrow, behold, Dagon was fallen upon his face to the earth before the ark of the Lord. And they took Dagon, and set him in his place again. And when they arose early on the morrow morning, behold, Dagon was fallen upon his face to the ground before the ark of the Lord; and the head of Dagon and both the palms of his hands were cut off upon the threshold; only the stump of Dagon was left to him". If you have a marginal Bible you will find 'the fishy part'. The replica of the fish's tail in the mitre which crowns the head of the Roman Pontiff.

Understanding of the Times

He that has understanding of the times will understand what this stamp is about. That fish is going through the seas, and this trend of Paganism and Popery is polluting the people of the world. You are not supposed to say anything about it. I told, in an advert this past week that the Pope had made Mary the Madonna of the Common Market. I didn't ask the Pope to do that, he did it, and I pointed that out. John Hume took the rickets, he said, 'It is terrible, Paisley is a sectarian bigot telling the people that'. I'm just telling them the truth, and Sinn Fein said, 'It was an awful advert, for this man Paisley to say that about the Common Market'. It happens to be the Pope that did it, I didn't ask him to do it, the Pope did it. They don't want the Protestants to know what is happening, they don't want anybody to stand up and expose it. [7]

A Protest

We had a visit from President Sadat. He came to visit the Parliament - the European Parliament from Egypt, and there was a Communist fellow there who was a supporter of the P.L.O., and he didn't like Sadat so he got up and he had a whole row all the time Sadat was speaking. He had a placard. He waved a banner. He yelled. He screamed. He shouted, and they couldn't do anything on him because they had no rule in the Parliament to do anything on him. He went on making his protest, but after President Sadat left there was a whole row and people got up and said, 'This is an awful thing that happened, we must have some rule to silence members, so that when we bring distinguished guests, nobody will be allowed to make any protest'.

At that time they were considering to bring the Pope to the European Parliament. I got up and I made it clear that I would be doing, when the Pope came, exactly what that fellow did when President Sadat came. I made it clear, "you'll not be silencing me, I'll be having my protest". The Pope never came.

I have a bad image in Europe, a very bad image. I don't believe in images, I believe in breaking images. I make that clear tonight!

They Changed Their Mind

Let me tell you, one of my canvassers was around canvassing and he came to a Presbyterian manse this week, and the minister came out and he said, 'Well, to tell you the truth my wife and I weren't going to vote for anybody, but we got the record in the European Parliament on the Abortion issue, and we discovered that Mr. Paisley was the only man who stood up and voted the right way, and my wife and I said, 'We are going to vote for Paisley at this Election'. Yes, on the moral issues in Europe and in every issue I have been battling for what God sent me there to battle for. I'll still be doing that.

I'm not there to get a cheap clap at the end of the debate, I'm there to speak God's truth. I'm there as God's ambassador, and as long as I'm there I'll be speaking by the grace of God.

Daniel in Babylon

People say, "Should you be there?" Yes, Daniel was in Babylon. What was he in Babylon to do? To raise a standard for God. The three Hebrew children were there to raise a standard for God. The saints in Caesar's household were there to raise a standard for God, and, please God, I'll be back there to raise a standard for God. If ever the standard needed to be raised, it needs to be raised today. We need a Luther in Strasbourg. We need a man who will cry aloud and spare not. We need a free unfettered Protestant to be there to speak God's truth in God's way. May God give us that privilege once again! [8]

Hyslop's Two Babylons

The identification is the Mother and Child of pagan Babylon. Baal, Ashtoroth and the Child - the Satanic trinity of pagan Babylon. You know what everybody in this house should buy? They should buy a copy of the book Hyslop's Two Babylons. Yes, you should read it, and after you read that book you will realise what Romanism really is about. (Brother Ian can supply you with a copy down in the Bethel Bookshop.) This is a book that every Protestant should read and study and inwardly digest, and after you read that you will see what Romanism really is about, and what this battle is really about.

The Accuracy of the Bible

Today this Scripture in Revelation chapter 17 is fulfilled before our eyes. I'm glad I've got the Bible. Let me say something. If the Book is so accurate about world affairs, and it is, then it is reliable when we come to the affairs of the heart and of the soul. This Book tells me that the only way to salvation is in Christ and in Christ alone. Friend, you better get to Christ and to Christ alone for your salvation. We are heading up to the end of time. This is a most thrilling time to be alive. I thank God day and daily for the privilege of being alive in this generation. Two things are going to happen, the apostate Church is going to get worse and worse.

Think of it, the Irish Presbyterian Church is voting by 104 votes to 100 to go on in talks with the Church of Rome. There is going to be two of them in this ecumenical dialogue against the weight of Roman Catholic delegates. I'm glad this Church is not conniving with the Pope and the priests. I'm glad we are outside the camp. I'm glad we stand separate on these ecumenical talks.

Yes, there will be darkness, but I want to tell you, there is going to be a great deal of light in the last day.


God is going to send a great purifying revival on His church, and He is going to fit the true Church to meet her Lord. I believe that revival is on the way, and we are going to see great days of blessing as well as great days of battle and great days of darkness.

May God prepare us, and may God preserve us and may God bless us in the battle.

If you are not saved, sir, come to Christ tonight, call upon His name. If you are not saved, madam, forsake your sin and hasten to the Cross. Oh, the wonder of the invitation of Christ! "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me, and Him that cometh unto me, I will, in no wise, cast out." May the Lord help you to come, and welcome to Jesus!


(Six precious souls responded to the gospel invitation. Hallelujah!) [9]

"'LIVING ROOM": A page for women, presented by Eileen Paisley

Some of my children and I were driving through town recently and I had to bring the car to a halt because a blind man wanted to cross the road in a place where there was neither pedestrian crossing nor traffic lights. This incident led us to discuss which affliction we would choose if we had to choose - would it be blindness, or would we prefer to be deaf, or left without speech. I said to my family, 'Let's just pray we will never have to make such a choice', but we were all of the opinion that blindness is the worst of these afflictions.

All the beauties of God's creation, His works of nature, in the earth around us, mountains and valleys, flowers and trees, sea and sky, the glory of a sunset, we could go on enumerating all the things our eyes behold. May God make us truly thankful for His great mercy to us.

We ought also to thank God for all that is being done to alleviate the physically handicapped. I had the honour and privilege to serve for some time on the boards of two schools for physically handicapped children and was thrilled to see all that is being done to render them independent and self-supporting.

How marvellous it must have been when our Lord Jesus was on this earth, for someone who was born blind, to hear about the One who could give them their sight. We read of some such cases in the New Testament. Our children learn about them in Sunday School as we ourselves did.

But I want to look at four instances in the Old Testament where people had their eyes opened. Genesis 3:7 'And the eyes of them both were opened'. Here we have Adam and Eve, our first parents. Think of all the [10] happiness they had known in the Garden of Eden, the life they shared in innocence and the joy they had in caring for God's creation. They enjoyed fellowship with God Himself in the Garden where He had placed them.

Then Sin made its entrance in the form of a serpent. You know the sad story well, how first Eve, then Adam, yielded to temptation and disobeyed the commandment of their Creator.

'The eyes of them both were opened'. The eyes of their minds, the eyes of their consciences, the eyes of their memories. They saw themselves as they really were - naked, uncovered. We all need to see ourselves, as God sees us. What folly it is to disobey God. Their happiness had gone. Their fellowship with God was broken. Their Garden which had been without a weed, would now bring forth thorns and thistles. Their joy was lost. They tried to hide themselves from God, but there was no hiding place for them.

They made aprons for themselves from fig leaves, but they discovered the inadequacy of such a covering. There was no warmth in fig leaves, there was no comfort in such clothing.

Aren't we just like our first parents! We disobey God's commandments then try to hide, and cover our sin, but Hebrews 4:13 tells us, 'All things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do.'

Thank God, He is full of compassion and mercy, and He loves us with an everlasting love. He planned our redemption from all eternity, and there in the Garden of Eden, we see the first shedding of blood in order that man's sin might be covered. In Genesis 3:21 we read that the Lord God made coats of skins, and clothed them. Their covering was a gift from God - He made the coats and He clothed them. Innocent creatures - probably lambs - had to be sacrificed.

It cost God infinitely more to cover our sins. 'He gave His life a ransom for many'.

The wrath of God that was our due
Upon the Lamb was laid,
Who, by the shedding of His blood,
For us the price has paid.

If you have never come to Christ ask God to show you yourself as you really are, and then to show you Himself and ask Him to cleanse you and clothe you in the covering He purchased for you at Calvary.

In Genesis 21:19 we read, 'And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water'.

This is the story of Hagar and Ishmael, but we have to go back to chapter 16 to get the background of the story. Sarah, Abraham's wife, had no children of her own, and instead of taking her problem to the Lord and waiting for Him, she took matters into her own hands and urged Abraham to take her Egyptian maid Hagar to be his wife and perhaps she would have a child by him. I think, from reading the story, Sarah had 'nagged' Abraham for ten years, until he eventually gave in to her suggestion.

As surely as night follows day, trouble always follows wrong-doing, and in the home of Sarah there was unhappiness and friction. [11]

Then you will recall how God miraculously gave Abraham and Sarah a son when Sarah had given up all hope of having a child, but once again there was more unhappiness and jealousy. Again Sarah urges Abraham to obey her orders and send Hagar and Ismael away. Poor Abraham! He had obeyed Sarah before and suffered for it. But God showed him that this time it would be alright.

Can't you picture the little gathering in the early morning, Abraham giving Hagar the food and the water and saying farewell to Hagar and Ishmael as they left the place they had called home.

Now we see them wandering about in the wilderness, rationing the food and water until at last the basket and bottle are empty, and the boy is parched and crying for water. In despair, Hagar puts him under a shrub to make him as comfortable as possible and to shade him from the glare of the sun, and she walks away some distance, because she couldn't bear to watch him die, nor hear him calling for something she couldn't give him. She sits down and weeps, and I'm sure she wished she could die.

But God saw her tears and heard the boy's cries, and came to their deliverance. He spoke his 'Fear not' to her and then he opened her eyes. What a sight she beheld - a well of water! A bottle of water would have sufficed, but a well of water! That's what God does for us - 'Exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think' - (Ephesians 3:20).

Perhaps you are like Hagar, at wits end corner. You have some sore trouble, and don't know which way to turn. God knows all about it. He cares for you. He is planning your way in love and mercy. There is a well close by, a well of supply for all your needs. 'My God will supply all your needs' - Phil. 4:19, a well of strength for your weakness - 'My strength is made perfect in weakness' - 2 Cor. 12:9, a well of comfort in sorrow lsa. 61:2, "to comfort all that mourn".

God can open your eyes and show you His provision.

In Numbers 22:31 we read, 'Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam'.

Israel had been at war and had utterly destroyed the Amonites, and had come into Moab and pitched there. Balak, King of Moab was very worried and sent for Balaam and asked him to curse the Israelites for him. God forbade Balaam to do such a thing, and he sent Balak's princes back to him, saying the Lord refused to give him permission. but Balak sent more princes, and promised Balaam promotion and honour. Instead of sending these men straight back to Balak, he entertained them, and when God told him if they came and called him he could go, he didn't wait for them to call him, he rose up and went with them. God was angry and sent His angel to stand in the way. The ass saw the angel and tried to turn away and Balaam was angry and beat her. Then God opened the ass's mouth and Balaam is in such a furious temper he doesn't even appear to be shocked when the ass spoke to him.

Then the Lord opened Balaam's eyes, and he saw the angel with the drawn sword in his hand. He knew God was angry with him.

Balaam resented God's interference in his life, and like all of us who [12] refuse to listen to His pleadings, he suffered the consequences.

What a difference when we submit ourselves to God's will, and say, 'Not my will, but Thine be done'. God's obstacles in our way are always for our good.

2 Kings 6:17 - 'Elisha prayed and said "Lord I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see" '. Israel is again at war, this time with Syria; God's man Elisha was able to tell the King of Israel where the enemy was, and so the Syrian army's plans were thwarted several times. Their King thought he had a spy in his camp, but one of his servants told him that it was Elisha the prophet who was telling the King of Israel the words that he spoke in his bedchamber. He in turn sent a spy to discover Elisha's whereabouts, and when he found out he was in Dothan, he sent a great number of horses, chariots and soldiers and surrounded the city.

Elisha's servant went out early in the morning and was distressed when he saw what had happened during the night. He rushed back to Elisha and said, 'What are we going to do?'.

Elisha's reply was, 'Fear not, we have much more than they.' Then he prayed, 'Lord - open his eyes, that he may see.' The Lord answered that prayer and when the young man looked he saw the mountain full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.

He now saw God's protection where previously all he had seen was danger.

We are all confronted with times of danger and fear, we all have those times when human strength fails us. Next time, remember to ask God to open your eyes and show you His protecting care over you, His prevention on your pathway, and His provision for all your needs.

BELIEF IN JESUS AS GOD - Christians Don't Need to Believe It According
to More Than Half The Bishops of The Church of England

The apostasy of the Church of England has once again been exposed. Prof. David Jenkins, the bishop-elect of Durham, has made clear his infidelity and his denial of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. Amidst a protest against Mr. Jenkins' consecration, the infidelity of more than half the other bishops of the Church of England.

The following report is from the Daily Telegraph of 25th June 1984:

Christians need not believe that Jesus Christ was God, according to more than half of England's Anglican bishops.

Many say that Christ's miracles, the Virgin Birth and the Resurrection might not have happened exactly as described in the Bible, a poll announced [13] yesterday.

The poll shows that many bishops share the controversial views of Professor David Jenkins, the man appointed as the next Bishop of Durham.

Eleven senior churchmen have called for Prof. Jenkins' consecration at York Minster on July 6 to be deferred until after the General Synod of the Church of England meets next month.

They are angry about remarks made by Prof. Jenkins during a television interview two months ago when he publicly expressed doubts over basic Christian doctrines.


His views are not, however, unusual among churchmen, according to a poll by London Weekend Television's "Credo" programme, which questioned 31 of England's 39 bishops.

Only 11 bishops felt that Christians must regard Christ as both God and man. Nineteen said it was enough to look on Jesus as "God's supreme agent". About half, 15, said miracles in the New Testament were later additions to the story of Jesus. Ten shared Prof. Jenkins' view of Christ's birth.

Most bishops said that Jesus came back from the dead, either as flesh and blood or a spirit in human form, but nine said the Resurrection was a "series of experiences" after Jesus' death that convinced his followers "he was alive among them'.


The programme also said that students at theological colleges were taught both the traditional and new approach to Christian doctrines.

During the programme, Dr. Robert Runcie, Archbishop of Canterbury, rebuked theologians who "water down" the historic faith. "It won't do for us as Christians simply to think of the stories about Jesus as beautiful or helpful or meaningful", he said. "The Christian faith is fundamentally a historic faith and therefore the historic memories are of great importance within it.

"It won't do for us to strain out of the stories all that we find difficult because it has an element of miracle or mystery about it," he added. "In that way we shall erode, adulterate and water down faith to our own 20th century level of insight."


Dr. John Habgood, Archbishop of York, has also been drawn into the controversy. Next week he will receive a petition signed by about 1,000 people calling on him to invite Prof. Jenkins to affirm publicly that he believes in the Creeds as the Church has consistently interpreted them.

If Prof. Jenkins refuses, the Archbishop should seriously consider whether [14] it would be right to consecrate him Bishop, says the petition.

The row began when Prof. Jenkins said he did not believe that the Virgin Birth and Resurrection were historical events. He said that a person could be a Christian without accepting Jesus as divine.

Prof. Jenkins, who preached at Worksop Priory church yesterday, said he was looking forward to his new appointment. "I have no doubt that the consecration will go ahead as planned," he said. "I look forward to developing a positive teaching and pastoral ministry which will build on the great opportunities which this controversy has already opened up," he said.


The Synod of the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland, met at Glasgow on 23rd May, 1984, wishes anew to express its sympathy with the Protestant community in Northern Ireland in view of the continued state of unrest there. We deplore the murderous attacks made by the I.R.A. on innocent civilians and on the forces of law and order, and the failure of the Roman Catholic Church to dissociate itself totally from the fomenters of unrest. While conceding to the Protestant community the right of self-defence against such attacks, we urge the Protestants in Northern Ireland to continue to show the restraint which has so largely governed their actions until now, and not to be provoked into retaliation in kind. The situation, we believe, calls for an uncommon measure of that grace so conspicuously exemplified in the Divine Redeemer, "Who, when He was reviled, reviled not again; when He suffered, He threatened not, but committed Himself to Him that judgeth righteously." 1 Peter, 2:23.

Our prayer for Northern Ireland is that the enemies of liberty and of truth and righteousness may be overthrown; that a just, equitable and honourable settlement may yet be arrived at which will leave the Protestants in possession of their dearly-bought civil and religious liberties, and Northern Ireland preserved as an integral part of the United Kingdom and under our Protestant throne; and that meanwhile the forces of law and order may be sustained in their arduous task until complete victory is ultimately obtained over the disturbers of the peace in Northern Ireland.

Finally, we would remind the Lord's people in that troubled land of His own promise to them in their time of need - "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; Yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." Isaiah, 41:10. [15]

INSIDE INSIGHT: a page of inspirational poetry presented each month by Rhonda Paisley

 A Ballad of Trees and the Master

Into the woods my Master went,
Clean forspent, forspent,
Into the woods my Master came,
Forspent with love and shame.
But the olives they were not blind to Him;
The little gray leaves were kind to Him;
The thorn-tree had a mind to Him
When into the woods He came.

Out of the woods my Master went,
And He was well content.
Out of the woods my Master came,
Content with death and shame.
When death and shame would woo Him last,
From under the trees they drew Him last:
Twas on a tree they slew Him - last
When out of the woods He came.

Sidney Lanier 

"Let Me Walk In The Field"

I said: "Let me walk in the field";
God said: "No, walk in the town";
I said: "There are no flowers there";
He said: "No flowers, but a crown." [16]

I said: "But the sky is black,
There is nothing but noise and din";
But He wept as He sent me back,
"There is more," He said, "there is sin."

I said: "But the air is thick,
And fogs are veiling the sun";
He answered: "Yet souls are sick,
And souls in the dark undone."

I said: "I shall miss the light,
And friends will miss me, they say";
He answered me, "Choose tonight,
If I am to miss you, or they."

I pleaded for time to be given;
He said: "Is it hard to decide?
It will not seem hard in Heaven
To have followed the steps of your Guide."

I cast one look at the fields,
Then set my face to the town;
He said: "My child, do you yield?
Will you leave the flowers for the crown?"

Then into His hand went mine,
And into my heart came He;
And I walk in a light Divine,
The path I had feared to see.

George MacDonald


There is a peace that cometh after sorrow,
Of hope surrendered not of hope fulfilled;
A peace that looketh not upon tomorrow,
But calmly on a tempest that it stilled.

A peace that lives not now in joy's excesses,
Nor in the happy life of love secure;
But in the unerring strength the heart possesses,
Of conflicts won while learning to endure.

A peace there is, in sacrifice secluded,
A life subdued, from will and passion free;
'Tis not the peace that over Eden brooded,
But that which triumphed in Gethsemane.

Author Unknown [17]

Great Election Victory

Dr. Paisley can rightly claim to be the leader of Northern Ireland's Unionist population after his massive victory in the European Election.

With a massive 230,251 first preference votes he was the only candidate to be elected on the first count so repeating his performance in the 1979 Euro-elections and once again confounding his critics, opponents and the political pundits.

His majority over his nearest rival John Hume of the S.D.L.P. was 79,000 and John Taylor in third place was 83,000 votes behind. In total Dr. Paisley took 59% of the Unionist vote so silencing John Taylor who claimed that he was Ulster's No. 1 man in Europe but who had to be content with winning his seat on D.U.P. transfers.

Danny Morrison of Sinn Fein - the gunman's representative - was stopped in his tracks. Dr. Paisley had two and a half times as many votes as him and the D.U.P. campaign slogan of Smash Sinn Fein was well and truly achieved. The onward march of the political mouthpieces of the murderers has been stopped.

The D.U.P. percentage of the total poll was 33.6%, the highest ever achieved by the party and the Official Unionists who campaigned on an anti-Paisley ticket and spent most of their time in vicious attacks against Dr. Paisley sank to 21.5%, the lowest percentage of the poll which they have ever obtained.

The usually critical Belfast Telegraph had the following to say in its editorial, "He (Dr. Paisley) is a remarkable candidate, in a remarkable province wide test of public opinion. He fought a vigorous campaign on two simple slogans "Smash Sinn Fein" and "Ulster is British" so that the only conclusion can be that the Unionist population saw him as the best vehicle to achieve and consolidate both objectives". No other comment is needed!

The result was nothing short of a miracle and in his acceptance speech Dr. Paisley told the world's press gathered in Belfast City Hall that it was primarily to God that the glory of this victory had come. The D.U.P. supporters gathered in the City Hall sang their tribute with great gusto as the Rev. William McCrea led them in the singing of the Doxology. As the corridors rang with the enthusiastic singing of "Praise God from whom all blessings flow" no better testimony or evidence of the deep seated faith in God of Dr. Paisley and many of those who supported him could have been given. As one bemused English reporter said, "Elections in England just aren't like this."