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Presbytery Statement


The General Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, meeting in Crossgar 6th December 1985, issued the following Statement concerning the Anglo Irish Agreement.



The Office of Government and Chief Magistrate is one that is divinely ordained and those who fill that Office have certain solemn and Godappointed responsibilities.  They are not merely accountable to the people from whom they receive their individual power, but are responsible to God, from whom their moral and ultimate power stems.  When He was on trial before the secular authority, Christ said to Pilate: "Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above".  Every Government has God-ordained responsibilities and God-ordained duties whether its members believe in God or not.  That happens to be the clear teaching of the revealed Will of God in the Holy Scriptures.

The Office of Chief Magistrate is divinely ordained though that does not mean that everyone who fills it is divinely ordained.  The office of a father is a sacred office; it has relationships which are very important and they are all divinely ordained - God-ordered relationships.  But that does not mean that a father who violates those relationships - who threatens his wife, threatens his family and helps wreck it - is divinely ordained.  The office of parenthood is sacred.  The abuse of that office has to be condemned.  The Scripture tells us, "The powers that be are ordained of God", but that does not mean that every Government, every Dictatorship and every Parliament in the world, and every member of those legislative and administrative institutions are ordained of God.  The office is ordained.  The people who fill it have responsibilities.  If they fail to discharge those responsibilities they are to be condemned, and if they continue to insist that those under them walk a road contrary to God's law and to freedom they must not only be rejected but resisted by all lawful means.

That has always been the clear teaching of orthodox Protestantism.  In fact that great truth is posited at the very centre of the Reformation struggle, a struggle between liberty of the person and priestly tyranny, between those who think and decide for themselves under conscience directed by the Word of God, and those who are prepared to be dominated in a system of tyranny which has deteriorated into one of priestly superstition.  When the magistrates of Jerusalem said to the Apostles that they must go to a particular road and when the Sanhedrin of the Jewish people said, "This is the road you walk", the Apostles replied, "We ought to obey God, rather than men".  It is upon those principles that we take our stand and we believe that, guided by them, the people of Ulster will weather this terrific


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storm and return to safer waters and to days of peace and prosperity once again.

We believe that the Government has three duties.  First, the task of defending its citizens.  Secondly, the task of defending its territory, Thirdly, the task of bringing evil doers to justice.  Those are the three fundamental responsibilities of Government.  On all of these three counts the British Government has totally and utterly failed.

Firstly, their failure to protect their citizens.  The breakdown in law and order over the past fifteen years does not need to be enlarged upon.  The many newly opened graves, the thousands slaughtered and tens of thousands maimed, and the millions of pounds worth of damage done give eloquence and poignancy to a terrible indictment of the Government.  They have not discharged, nor have they attempted to discharge, their God-given responsibilities in this field.

Secondly, the task of defending its territory.  Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom and its territory is as much the dominion of Her Majesty the Queen as any other part of the United Kingdom.  The Government has failed to protect the borders of Northern Ireland and through the Anglo-Irish Agreement has given jurisdiction over Ulster to an Anglo-Irish Conference which has equal representation and power vested in Dublin.  Every aspect of the lives of the citizens of Ulster is now partly under the control of Dublin.  The Government's systematic campaign ol lies and deceit concerning the Anglo-Irish Agreement, and highlighted at its zenith by the Secretary of State having to grovel to his Dublin masters and apologise for asserting that Northern Ireland was part of Her Majesty's dominions in perpetuity, exposes the all too evident fact that Government has lailed and is failing to defend the Queen's dominions.

Thirdly, the task of bringing evildoers to justice.  The Word of God states, "For rulers are not a terror to good works but to the evil.  Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power?  Do that which is good and thou shalt have praise of the same.  For he is the minister of God to thee for good.  But if thou do that which is evil be afraid: for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil." (Romans 13, verses 3 & 4.) The present Government instead of being a terror to evil doers has turned to be a terror to those who do good works.  The majority of law abiding citizens have no security whatsoever while murder gangs roam our streets and wage violence against our populace.  The will to win the battle against them is nowhere evident.  Furthermore the Government has not used the power of the sword.  The Word of God makes it clear that those that take life have forfeited their own right to live.  In refusing to introduce the death penalty for capital terrorist offences the Government is found to be a rejector of God's law.  Further, in refusing to let the people say whether the death penalty should be introduced adds to their guilt.

In the light of these circumstances it is obedience to God's Word and Will which calls us to refuse, repudiate, reject and resist the road down which


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the Government would force us.  Obedience to God's Will and Word is the

only true manifestation of love.  To obey is better than sacrifice and to

hearken than the fat of rams.  Those ecumenists who pretend that they have

the sanction of Christ for compromise and surrender to our enemies are in fact in direct violation of God's revealed Will and Word and fly in the face of their own doctrinal standards and teachings.  The Law of God is king.  Disobedience to that law indicates not love but rebellion.  Ulster must turn to God in prayer.  The arm of flesh cannot save but our weakness can be transformed into strength through Divine intervention.  In the midst of our crisis we must ever show compassion and love to those who reject the Gospel, earnestly desiring their deliverance and their turning in repentance to the God of Grace.  The Word of God knows nothing about an experience of forgiveness except it is preceded by repentance.  Where there is no repentance there can only be God's wrath.  A turning to God and trust in Him can bless our puny efforts to bring about a great and glorious deliverance.

Sacrifices will have to be made.  Hard times will have to be faced.  But all these will be in vain if the God of our fathers goeth not forth with our armies.  We would exhort our people and all whom they can influence to be diligent at the Throne of Grace where the Sovereign God can be entreated and where His Divine Aid can be obtained.

It is our duty to explain to all those who ask of us the reason for our conduct and to see to it that that conduct is ever in conformity with God's Word.  This is the way.  We must all see that we walk therein.


Ian R. K. Paisley - Moderator

John Douglas - Clerk


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IFIFSUmmits, Somersaults


and Sellouts


A Sermon preached by Dr. Ian Paisley

in the Martyrs Memorial Church, Be fast

on Sunday 17th November 1985

(Electronically Recorded)


Scripture Reading: Isiah chapter 37.

I call on all Bible-believing Protestants to set aside next Lord's Day the 24th November 1985 as a special day of prayer for our beloved Province.  A base betrayal has taken place, the right of the majority to have any say in the Dublin/London joint rule of our Province has been denied, and the use of the


ballot box stopped.

We must turn now to God - the God of our fathers.  The Word of God promises that when we are at our wits end and cry unto the Lord in our trouble, He will bring us out of our distresses, Psalm 107, verses 27 and 28.  Let Ls next Lord's Day especially at our bedsides, with our families, in our Churches and in our Halls, fervently, simply and sincerely call on our God.  'For without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a Rewarder of them that diligently seek Him,' (Hebrews 1 1 : 6).


I want to take for my subject this evening, "Summits, Somersaults and Sellouts".


Historical Parallel


If you look with me at this great thirty-se\ienty chapter of Isaiah's prophecy you will find a most interesting, informative and instructive period of lsrael's history - a period that we can parallel with our present crisis and situation.

Israel is surrounded by what humanly speaking is an unconquerable foe.  If you look with me at verse 3 you will find a description of that day.  It was a day of trouble, and this is a day of trouble - a day of intense and terrible and


serious trouble for our Province.

It is a day of crisis and the worst crisis that Ulster has ever faced, for in 1912 Lord Carson had not only the British Conservative Party with him but he had the total United Kingdom in public opinion marshalled for him, and in 1914 he had an Army trained and one hundred thousand men.  So the situation in our


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day cannot be paralleled to 1912 or 1914, for we are in an entirely different situ-

ation.  We have no Army, the British Conservative Party has betrayed us.  The Prime Minister has brought forth a concord with Dublin begotten in the womb of lies, and brought forth by the power of deceit.  When she took her pen and signed that Document she reversed history going right back to the turn of the century, the ushering in of the nineteenth century.  It was in 1800 the Act of Union was signed.

Let me just say in passing, the Act of Union is now fractured.  As Mr.

Robinson, my parliamentary colleague, said, "We have been pushed onto the window ledge.  That does not mean we should jump off.  It means we need to get back through the window and get back into a firm footing within the United Kingdom".  We are in a position that we have never been in before, it is a day of trouble.



A Day of Rebuke


It is a day of rebuke.  How we are rebuked by our enemies!  If ever the Ulster people were humiliated they were humiliated on Friday last.

Mr. King, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, is telling the world, "These men did not read this document".  That is the only argument he can put.  But I must say to you that we asked for the document and we had no end of trouble to get it.  In fact, at first we were told that it was going to be posted, and we would have to wait until the postman delivered it the next day to us.  They said it was not possible to do it any other way.  Then we said, 'We will stand outside Hillsborough House and you can come out and give it to us'.  They said, 'No, that would cause great diff iculty'.

So here we have a man who says we did not read the document, and he himself connived to keep us from even seeing it.  But, of course, the Irish Press published the document the day before because Mr. Haughey was given the document as the Leader of the Opposition in the Republic.  He took it to his own newspaper and Tim Pat Coogan the editor published it almost word for word.  In fact, if you compare the two you will find that sentences were lifted completely from the document.

To argue that we did not see the document, 'and that is why we should not have protested', is nonsense.  We all knew months ago what was happening.  I have made statements and every allegation that I made was denied - denied by the Northern Ireland Office.  If ever an Office needs an accolade from the devil, the father of lies, it is the Northern Ireland Office.  They certainly deserve that.  I said that a Regiment - the Spearhead Regiment was poised to come into this Province.  It has now been announced that it is ready to come.  When I said it, they denied it.  I said also that the Royal Ulster Constabulary would come under this new joint body.  Mr. Hurd said to me, in Mrs. Thatcher's presence, 'There is no such proposal'.  I said, 'There is not only a proposal but it is on a Document, and on the Document that I eventually received from the Secretary of State, Tom King, are those very words.


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The Document is worse than I ever thought it would be.  I will tell you something, when you read it remember it is only the tip of the iceberg, because one Mr. Manning today on the media admitted that other decisions have already been made.  What are those?


Replacing the Union Jack


Could I illustrate it to you simply.  A great row broke out at Hillsborough, 'Should the Union Jack fly?' and it was decided to fly both the Tricolour and the Union Jack at Hillsborough.  There was such a row over that, that they decided instead to pull down the Union Jack.  So they met under the bare flagpole.  I understand that those that protested at Hillsborough are now going to be sacked because they were not prepared to fly the Tricolour.  I say, thank God there are some Ulstermen left in this Province!  A day of rebukel

Mr. Nick Scott, Parliamentary Under Secretary, says, 'The woman is not for turning'.  Well she has turned many times before.  She sold our Rhodesia colleagues down the river.  She is going to sell very shortly the Falklanders down the river.  When they see what has happened in Ulster, I think they should take Mr. Molyneaux's advice, 'They should take to the boats immediately for it will not be long before the Argentinians will be in celebrating their victory in the Falkland Islands'.  She is going to sell us and she is going to sell us in the worst possible way by lies and deceit and insults and falsehoods.


Deep Insult


There is one thing I deeply resent.  It was her turning on one of the questioners, Mr. Stockton, at the Press Conference.  She said, "Do we not owe it to the gallant men who have died to go ahead and support this Document?"

Tell me, what did these men die for?  They died to keep us f rom under Dublin Rule.  They died that Dublin would have no role and no say in the Government of Ulster.  Here we have a perfidious woman (the only character in the Bible I can liken her to is Jezebel), this Jezebel prepared to resurrect the blood of those that have been martyred to keep us out of the Republic, and use that blood as a smokescreen to cover over her own awful and terrible treason.  A day of rebuke!


A Day of Blasphemy


A day of blasphemy.  And I know no greater blasphemy than the blasphemy of telling a people, 'Your birthright is more sure than ever.  Your place within the United Kingdom is more sure than ever', when actually that very heritage has been sold and virtually destroyed.  That is blasphemy indeed!

Well, I think we better waken up to understand just the power that is now


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vested in Dublin.  The real ruler of Northern Ireland tonight is not Mrs. Thatcher.  The real ruler is one Garrett Fitzgerald.  He stepped off the plane, arriving in Dublin, and here were his first words, 'In future the U.D.R. will operatedifferentlyfromthewayinwhichithasoperatedforthelastl2years'.  Note, the Prime Minister of the Republic is virtually the Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in Ulster.

He went farther than that.  He said, 'That means that from now as soon as this can be put into effect the position at present where the U.D.R. can hold up people on the road; stop them; search them; question them, will no longer operate'.

That is the end of the U.D.R. I hope you understand thatwhat they did with the Ulster Special Constabulary they are now doing with the Ulster Defence Regiment.  What is more, in my own constituency they are calling in the personal weapons of all the U.D.R. men.  What are these personal weapons issued for?  For their own defence when they leave their place of duty and go


to their homes and about their daily business.

Why is the Government taking their personal weapons from them?  Because the Government wants them to be an easy prey to the I.R.A. assassination and murder gangs.  Why?  Because they want resignations from the U.D.R.,


that is why.

The deal is already signed that the entire U.D.R. part-timers will go, The only U.D.R. thatwill be leftwill bea full-time small Regimentwithin the British Army.  That is what is happening.


Lies, Lies, More Lies


Then the Army, when I made that announcement, what did they say?  'Oh, we always review the personal weapon situation, and we are just reviewing it'. it reminds me of what Chichester Clark said about the guns of the Ulster Special Constabulary.  Remember it, 'They were all being brought in to be cleaned and oiled'.  Do you remember that?  I said, 'After 25 years why did you never bring them in before for oiling?' I have an old newspaper at home.  I said, 'The Ulster Special Constabulary will go', and my photograph is on it.  It is a Daily Mirror.  On the other side is Brian Faulkner, and he is saying 'Ian Paisley is lying'.  Who was right?  I prayed in this pulpit a prayer concerning Brian Faulkner, and I walked out of the pulpit and my wife said to me, 'Do you know what you prayed?' I said, 'Yes'.  She said, 'Thatwasan awful prayer'.

Brian Faulkner is no more.  It was at the entrance to a Free Presbyterian home that he died.  The man that said that I was a doctor of demons.  The mills of God grind slow, but they grind exceeding small


Mrs. Thatcher Doomed

I want to say something from this pulpit tonight.  God never sent me as a


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preacher if this woman prospers.  You will know that God never sent me.  I want to tell you that this woman will not prosper.  You mark her career and I tell you, before many days you will see what God will do to this lying


woman, who has betrayed this Province.

Only God knows the uncharted waters we will have to sail through, and how many graves will be dug and how many Ulster homes will have vacant chairs and how many mothers' hearts will be broken, and how many bitter tears we will all have to shed in the awful reaping of this treasonable act of this wicked Jezebel.  She came to our country to sell us down the river and then she tells us she did it because it was the way of preserving our Province!

Yes, it is a day of blasphemy, it is a day of rebuke, and there is not much strength left.

Oh, they think that the Protestant people are weak.  One of the commentators said, 'You are weaker than ever you were'.  Well, it will be a greater victory! it will be a greater victory!


I profess and confess to you I have no faith in myself.  I have no faith in the arm of the flesh, but I have total and absolute faith in God.  I say from this pulpit tonight, confidently with God's Word lying before me in my very hand that you will see a day when this little Province will be completely and totally delivered.  I do not say that some of us will not fall before that victory es. I do not say that there will not be great sacrifices demanded of us.  I corn


do not say it will be an easy road.  I do not say we will not have to carry


many a bitter and terrible cross.

But this I do say that at the end of the day this Province will be delivered, not by the hand oi'man but by the hand of God, and the world shall know


that there is a God in Heaven.

Hezekiah did something.  He did not marshal his army.  He did not call for his generals.  He did not say, 'Let us have a strategy'.  He took the challenge


and spread it before the Lord.


Divine Intervention


ervention will meet our need I want to say something tonight, only Divine int

and deliver us, and that Divine intervention will only come when we call


upon our God.

In this congregation tonight there are those that know God and are saved by His grace.  If you are going to be a successful and rewarded intercessor then you need to see that your life is right with your God, that your heart is in tune with Heaven, that your conscience is void of offence toward God and man, and that there is a dedication and an inspiration within you to pray this matter through.

I would make a plea for praying men and women to leave aside the frivolity of the world, to leave aside the attractions of the world's pleasures and the world's privileges, to leave aside all the enticements of the world,


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and give themselves to real heartfelt Bible-based praying to God.

If there goes up to Heaven a cry from distressed souls, God will hear that prayer and God will answer it after His usual bounty above all that we can ask or even think.


Then there are those in this House tonight who once walked the paths of righteousness, who once knew the thrill of sins forgiven, who once enjoyed the tranquillity and quiet of peace with God through the applied Blood of Christ.  Tonight, however, they walk sadly in bypath meadows.  They have sought to slake their thirst at the muddy pools of pleasure and of the world.  They have forsaken the prayer meeting, the House of God, the means of grace, the reading of the Scriptures.


They have caused the family altar in their home to be broken down, and their children are no longer guided in the paths of righteousness, nor in the vyay of righteousness.


I make an appeal to every backslider in this meeting, Where art thou?  Where art thou as far as God is concerned?  Wandering away in a useless life - a life that could be used by God, made useless by the deadening effect of sinning and backsliding and worldliness and prayeriessness and neglect of God's Holy Book.  If every backslider in this House would come back to God tonight, what a change would result!



An Invitation to Sinners


Then there be those sitting in this House and they have heard the Gospel of


this Book from their infancy.  They know the Truths of the Gospel.  I could repeat to them,


'All have sinned and come short of the glory of God', and they know it.  They know that before a Holy God they are sinners condemned, unclean.  They walk the road to Hell and they know they walk the road to Hell.  If death should strike them it would be the darkness of eternity forever and they know it and they know it well.  They know of that place somewhat ascending.  They know the story of the Cross.

Did not their mother teach it to them from their earliest days?  Did they not sing, 'Yes, Jesus loves me!  Yes, Jesus loves me!  Yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so'.  Did they not sing with infant lips in Sabbath School Mrs. Alexander's famous Hymn, 'There is a green hill far away, Outside the City Wall, Where our dear Lord was crucified, He died to save us all.  He died that we might be forgiven, He died to make us good, That we might go at last to Heaven saved by His Precious Blood'.  They know it, yet they have never come to the Cross.  They have never knelt at the place of pardon.


They have never washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb.


Dear friend, the best thing you could do for your soul's sake and for your family's sake and for this Province's sake is this very night get right with God, for it is only as we repent and turn to God that God will hear our prayer.


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The End of the Story


What is the end of the story?  God answered and God said, 'The bow of the enemy shall not come upon this city, nor will the sword of the enemy strike this city because I will deliver this city'.  How could that be?  That night the messenger of God went out among the great army of Sennacherib, and as the poet puts it so well, 'God breathed, and Sennacherib's hosts breathed no more'.  And all that were alive and strong and well armed perished in a massacre of God's doing.  The man that was to do everything, bring about the total annihilation of the city of God, was slain by the hand of his own sons and fell a victim by an uprising of his own family.  Mark it well, an uprising in his own family shall destroy him.  I believe history will repeat itself.

I trust that this night some word of mine will reach some sinner.  Some word of mine will reach some backslider.  Some word of mine will reach some saint, and out of this meeting there shall be welded together a body of sinners saved, backsliders restored and saints revived, who shall kneel before God, cry unto God and never let go of the horns of the altar until there is an answering cry from Heaven.  The God that answers by fire let Him be God!



Pray!  Pray!  Pray


I trust that you will pray especially for those of us in the front line.  There is one text of Scripture which has greatly encouraged me, 'if any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God Who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not'. ! am asking God for wisdom that whatever my contribution may be in High - a wisdom that shall be a wisdom that will know what Israel ought to this hour of my Province's crisis I shall have a wisdom which comes from on


do in this day of crisis and calamity.

Let us renew our vows!  Let us turn to our God!  Let us repent of our sins.  We need to repent.  This Province needs to repent.  Our Churches need to repent.  Our people need to repent.  This preacher needs to repent.  This people needs to repent.  If we turn in repentance to God He will deliver us.


Roman Catholics


I must say something to some Roman Catholics who are amongst us.  I want to say to them.  We have no hatred in our heart for you.  We do not want to see you slain or murdered or, your home plunged into sorrows.  There are Roman Catholics who have phoned me during this time.  They said, 'We are in an impossible position, our Protestant friends must hate us.  They must hate us with a deep hatred because of what has happened.  We are terrified


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for our families in our places of work'.  I have replied, 'You need not be


terrified.  The mass of Protestant people have no hatred in their hearts to                                                Dr.  Paisley's Speech


you.  They only want to live their lives without any special privilege.  They

want no privileges over any one.  They want all men equal under the law and                                                                 City Hall


all men equally subject to the law.'

That is our principle.  We believe in civil and religious liberty for all men.                                          23rd November, 1985


We say to you, as Protestants, dear Roman Catholics we believe in civil and

religious liberty.  We would take from you no privilege but we cannot allow                                              (The Army estimated the crowd at 203,000)


you to take from us our liberty.  I have to say that that is what it is about.                                We stand here today in the heart of Belfast which is itself the heart of


I pray for you, I pray for my Roman Catholic fellow countrymen that the                                   Northern Ireland.  The heart pulsates with the throb of life that is symbolic.

Light of this Bible might shine into their hearts; that they may be delivered


from the suppression and superstition and priestly tyranny of Popery, and                                   For I want for a moment to examine the heart of Ulster, the heart of its

brought into the glorious Light of the Gospel.                                                              people, the heart of its life, the heart of its history and the heart of its

Hear it tonight dear Roman Catholic man, dear Roman Catholic woman.                                       destiny.

There is one Mediator between God and man the Man Christ Jesus.  You do                                             1. THE HEART OF ULSTER HAS BEEN STRICKEN


not need the Pope.  You do not need your priest.  You do not need your

Masses.  You do not need your 'holy wafer'.  You do not need your crosses.                                                      WITH THE DEEPEST OF SORROWS


It is Christ you need.  And if you receive Christ He will save you                                           Our bravest and best have been slain by our enemies.  Thousands of newly

instantaneously without money and without price, and you will go home                                       open graves and tens of thousands of maimed bodies and broken hearts

rejoicing in the fullness of Gospel Truth.                                                                  bear grim and terrible witness to the carnage which we have endured.  What

May God keep us!  May God preserve us!  May God strengthen us and may                                       is more the Republic, which is now to be put in part control over us, has

God help us all to be in step with Him as we go down this road which may                                    allowed its territory to be the launching pad for these attacks and the

be very dark at the moment, but there will be a day-break, a silver lining in                               sanctuary for their perpetrators.  Already since the signing of this Agreement

every cloud.  Behind the cloud the smiling face of Everlasting Providence!                                   three more victims have fallen in the conflict brutally done to death by those

AMEN AND AMEN!                                                                whom we are told will be destroyed by the so-called Agreement.


Martyrs Memorial Free

Presbyterian Church

Annual Meeting

for Northern Ireland (DV)

of British Council of

Protestant Christian


Wed. 8th January 1986

DR. PAISLEY, National Chairman

will preside

Special Preacher:


Revs.  Brian Greene (London) David

Cassels (Glasgow), S. Scott-

Pearson (Bedford).



Two Great Services DV in                                            2. THE HEART OF ULSTER HAS BEEN SUSTAINED BY

Martyrs Memorial Church                                                                THE MOST JUSTIFIABLE OF PRIDE

Saturday 28th Dec. at 8 pm                                          We are proud of those who have paid the supreme sacrifice to keep Ulster free.  We are proud of the attainments and achievements of our people.  We are proud of our history, proud of our solid work, proud of our liberties and

Great Praise Service                                                     our dedication to democracy, justice and peace.  Because of that we this day

to finish 1985                                                                in spite of all our troubles can lift up our hearts in justifiable pride.


with many musical items and vocal                                                                 3. THE HEART OF ULSTER HAS BEEN SAVED BY

contributions                                                                                                              THE DIVINEST OF FAITHS


Dr.  Paisley will preside.                                                                     In our sorrow we have been driven back to the God of our fathers.  In our

Preacher: REV: ERIC STEWART                                                      wounding we have been driven back to the one who is the balm of Gilead


and the grea+ ph ysician of our souls.  In our perils we have been driven back

Watchnight Service                                                       to the foundation truths of the Bible, to that belief of which our founding

Tuesday 31st Dec. 1985                                               father, Lord Carson, spoke to the Primate when he was on what seemed his deathbed.

at 11 PM.                                                                     "At the beginning of June, 1935, Carson caught bronchial pneumonia.  To

Preacher: DR.  IAN PAISLEY                                     this attack it seemed that he must succumb, but he put up a vigorous fight, as ever, and eventually pulled through.  Among those who visited his sick-


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room was Dr. Charles D'Arcy, the Protestant Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of all Ireland.  'I have seen much to shake my faith,' said the invalid to him, 'and what remains with me is no more than I learned at my mother's

knee:       "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son . . ." ' 'it

is enough,' said the Primate."            "Carson" - H. Montgomery Hyde

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that

whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

(John 3:16).  Only the saving power of that faith will see us through.




The light of hope has always burned in Ulster's breasts.  We have looked for


The Revivalist 17









better days.  We have hoped that our overlords in Westminster-would one day really seek to defeat terrorism and respect the ballot box.  I believe that God has permitted those hopes built on the sands of human dependence to be shattered so that our hopes might rest upon something really unpregnable - true hope and Divine Spiritual Grace.






Friday 15th November was not a day of shame for Ulster but a day of shame for Margaret Thatcher.  With a stroke of a pen she signed away to Dublin


18 The Revivalist


our inalienable right to equality of citizenship with the United Kingdom.  I

must quote to you Lord Carson's words:

"Our demand is a very simple one.  We ask for no privileges, but we are determined that no one shall have privileges over us.  We ask for no special rights, but we claim the same rights from the same government as every other part of the United Kingdom.  We ask for nothing more; it is our inalienable right as citizens of the United Kingdom, and Heaven help the men who


try and take it from us."

What makes it worse Mrs. Thatcher affirms things that are not even mentioned in the document and denies those things that are blatantly stated

in the act of betrayal.




Our Parliamentary Parties have agreed as a first step to withdraw all support and co-operation from the present Government.  We will neither offer to advise, or enter into communication with those Ministers who are in harness with Dublin to rule over us.  This will also apply at the Assembly and local council levels, members of which will withdraw from every post or position on boards and agencies set up to assist or advise Northern Ireland Ministers.  True Unionists will not collaborate in Ulster's destruction.  Anyone who collaborates with them can expect to be expelled from the Parties immedi-



To those Unionists outside the Parties we urge a similar withdrawal, recognising that society will ostracise them if they serve as agents of this treacherous administration.  At every level in public life Northern Ireland

Ministers will be shunned.





We will not have Dublin rule, we choose the Union.  We will not have tyranny, we choose democracy.  We will not have secrecy, we choose the light.  We will not have this discord of war, we choose the accord of true



John Cushnahan is the modern Chamberlain, The paper he received is as valueless as the Munich Agreement.  We tear it up as a mark of our disgust


and revulsion.

Our answer to Dublin Rule is NEVER!  NEVER!!  NEVER!! 1 NEVER!!!!



We the people of Northern Ireland assembled at Belfast this 23rd November 1985 do solemnly declare our unyielding opposition to the Anglo-Irish Agreement being a violation of our fundamental rights as citizens of the United



We call upon our Parliament not to endorse this Agreement without the approval of the people of Ulster expressed through the democratic process.


I m