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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Romanism In Its Relation To The Second Coming Of Christ
A Lecture by Rev Robert Bickersteth, M.A., Rector of St Giles-in-the-Fields
(Delivered before the Young Men's Christian Association, in Exeter Hall, November 29, 1853)
The subject on which I have to address you is - The Relation of Romanism to the Second Coming of Christ. I desire to approach the consideration of it with the seriousness and solemnity befitting a theme of such transcendent importance.

Romanism, to be properly understood, must be examined in the light of prophecy; to be successfully assailed, must be fought with the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. I wish it to be understood in the very outset, that in exposing our denouncing the errors of Romanism I am actuated by no spirit of hostility to those whose honest convictions may have led them to adopt these errors. I desire as much as possible to abstain from the utterance of a single expression which might be calculated unnecessarily to irritate or to wound.

  1. The Motivation of Love
  2. Romanism Defined
  3. The Apostle Paul
  4. Rome's Apostasy - Foreseen, Foretold, Foredoomed
  5. The Force of Paul's Language
  6. Apostasy
  7. The Apostasy
  8. The Man of Sin
  9. The Son of Perdition
  10. The Mystery of Iniquity
  11. That Wicked
  12. Called of God
  13. As God - Is God
  14. Doth Already Work
  15. The Man of Sin
  16. Pre-eminent in Sinfulness
  17. Idolatry the Greatest Sin
  1. Worship of Saints and Mary
  2. The Stories of Mary
  3. The Son of Perdition
  4. Rome - the Arch-Persecutor
  5. Papal Decree
  6. Protestantism as a Religion - no Persecution
  7. The Mystery of Iniquity
  8. The Iniquities of Rome
  9. That Wicked One
  10. Acts of Lawlessness
  11. A Replacer of God Almighty
  12. The Employment of Popery
  13. The Inspired Prediction
  14. Rome Is Not Dead
  15. Rome Is Not Asleep
  16. Learn! Learn! Learn!
  17. Neutrality - Treason

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