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Monday, September 25, 2017
EIPS Lectures

From time to time, the European Institute of Protestant Studies holds lectures and seminars in the Paisley Jubilee Complex. This section will contain the lecture material that was presented on those occasions.

Feature Article

The Jesuits and their Strategy to destroy Britain
by Professor Arthur Noble, 3/11/2000
The whole system of Jesuitism remains unchanged today and is well summed up in the words chosen by the French Parliament as the inscription on a column erected in Paris in commemoration of the Jesuit plot against the life of King Henry IV. It declares the plot to have "sprung from the pestilent heresy of that pernicious sect the Jesuits, who, concealing the most abominable crimes under the guise of piety, had publicly taught the assassination of Kings […]".

Other Articles

Romanism, Mary and the Holy Spirit
by Professor Arthur Noble, 1/21/1999
The previous two lectures at today's seminar have dealt with the Mariolatry of Romanism in relation to God the Father and God the Son respectively. My task is to examine the subject "Romanism, Mary and the Holy Spirit". This is an extremely difficult undertaking, not least because it has never been systematically attempted before; but with the Bible as my infallible guide to eternal truth I have the means of exposing yet another blatant falsehood of the Roman Church.
Rendering Powerless Rome's Greatest Weapon
by Rev. Larry Powers, 10/10/1998
Now Dr Paisley has given me the subject to speak on today and that subject is "Rendering Powerless Rome's Greatest Weapon". Now we must, at the very outset, define what this weapon is, because something which is capable of holding thousands and hundreds of thousands and even millions of its subjects in bondage, and holding them under its sway, is undoubtedly a mighty weapon.
The Irresistible Weapon of our Warfare in the Battle for Souls Chained by Rome
by President of the Institute, Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley, M.P., M.E.P., 9/9/1998
The greatest work to which a human being can possibly be called is the winning of a precious soul to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is the highest summit to which human wisdom can ascend, and it is a work which ensures the eternal shining in the never-ending eternity of God.
Demolishing Rome's Five Fallible Infallibilities
by Professor Arthur Noble, 7/8/1998
Infiltration By The Church Of Rome
by By Dr Brian Green, London
President of the British Council of Protestant Christian Churches, 4/1/1998
The Significance of the Williamite Revolution Settlement
by Professor Arthur Noble, 3/24/1998
The Battle Cries of the Reformation
by President of the Institute, Dr. Ian R.K. Paisley, M.P., M.E.P., 3/4/1998

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