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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
"Is not the Church of Rome
the Babylon of the Book of Revelation?"
An Essay by Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.
Sometime Bishop of Lincoln
Bishop Wordsworth wrote an exposition of the whole Bible which was recommended by the great C.H. Spurgeon. The arguments of this book have never been answered by Rome. Instead, Rome has bought up many thousands of this publication and destroyed them. We will be presenting the entire essay illustrated on our website. This is THE Protestant Classic on this topic.

Prefatory Note
A new edition of this most valuable essay will, we feel sure, be welcomed by many readers at this critical time in the history of our National Church.

Chapter 1
Whether Babylon in the Apocalypse is the CITY of Rome.

Chapter 2a, Chapter 2b, Chapter 2c
Whether Babylon in the Apocalypse is the CHURCH of Rome.

Chapter 3
Reflections On The Prophecies Concerning Babylon In The Apocalypse

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